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Vaccination: Is the customer ever right?
Answer the following questions from a Consumer's point of view:

1. Which company do you want to make your vaccines?
A. A company that makes more money if the vaccine is safe and effective, and which takes full responsibility for any adverse reaction from their vaccines.
B. A company that loses money either if the vaccine fails to cause significant adverse reactions or loses money if the vaccine effectively prevents disease; and federal law has released the vaccine manufacturer of all liability for adverse reactions to their vaccines.
2. Which doctor do you want to administer your vaccines?
A. A doctor who takes full responsibility for any adverse reactions from vaccines administered by themselves and who has been trained to identify and treat adverse reactions from vaccines.
B. A doctor who has full immunity from adverse vaccine reactions administered by themselves and who has been trained only to sell vaccines but has NOT received training in identifying vaccine failure, and who has NOT received training in identifying or treating adverse vaccine reactions.
3. Which insurance company do you want your insurance with in the event you or your child is vaccine damaged?
A. A company which is regulated by consumers and whose policies are in the hands of fellow consumers and parents of vaccine damaged children.
B. A company owned by the government and whose policies are set to benefit vaccine manufacturers.
4. Which policy do you prefer regulatory agencies follow before licensing vaccines for marketing?
A. Strict scientific testing proving that a vaccine is safe and effective by defining both a measured benefit (effectiveness) and measured risk over at least a five year post vaccination period prior to licensing.
B. Licensing of vaccines based on a short period of testing in a small number of healthy individuals with antibody response substituted for measured benefit and safety determined by a two week follow up that compares the passively reported side effects in two groups vaccinated with different vaccines.
5. Which policy is best for recommending vaccine schedules?
A. Individuals trained in science and having no financial or educational ties to the pharmaceutical industry to determine the efficacy and risk/benefit ratio of each vaccine when making vaccine recommendations.
B. Individuals who have graduated from schools funded in part by pharmaceutical companies and who have vested interests in the outcome of their recommendations should be given the authority to make vaccine recommendations.
6. State policies for recommending or mandating vaccines are best if:
A. the vaccines recommended are scientifically proven to be safe and effective, and individual rights to make the decisions about vaccinations for themselves and their children are respected. This policy includes encouraging a significant percentage of volunteers to not vaccinate so effectiveness and long term safety records can be established for any vaccine on the recommended schedule.
B. Pharmaceutical company profits are of the highest priority and vaccines should be mandated even if efficacy and safety have not been determined. Vaccine decisions should never be left in the hands of parents no matter how informed they may be about vaccine benefits or risks.
The correct answer for the consumer in each question above is answer A. However, the actual existing condition in todays society is answer B. Why is the customer always wrong? Why is the pharmaceutical company ALWAYS given the golden end of the stick? If you believe it is time for the people to have power over their own choices, write your state senators and representatives and demand an end to mandated vaccinations. Also demand that the state stop using tax money to promote pharmaceutical products including vaccines. Vaccine manufacturers can advertise for themselves. Alternative products and procedures always exist to pharmaceutical products. Immunizing with diet and lifestyle is far more effective and safe than using toxic and inappropriate vaccines. Present vaccination recommendations are based on maximizing profit for vaccine manufacturers which, unfortunately, means maximizing disease and minimizing health for the consumer.

This document is available in PDF form for easy printing: Click here: Provaccine-questions.pdf

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