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The Great Debate

Science, Sales or Superstition?
A look at the vaccination controversy
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Science, Sales or Superstition?
A look at the vaccination controversy

Pro-Vaccine Concepts:
Vaccines have saved millions of lives
and continue to save lives.

Vaccines prevent deadly disease.

Vaccines eradicate diseases.

Vaccines improve the quality of life

Vaccines are rigorously proven to be
safe and effective before marketing.

Vaccines induce natural immunity.

Vaccines produce "herd immunity"
when sufficient percentage of the
community is vaccinated.

Vaccines are perhaps the greatest
medical discovery of all time.

Natural Health Concepts
Sanitation, nutrition and hygiene
saved and continue to save millions of

Lifestyle factors including a well
nourished and clean blood stream
create health, an absence of disease!

Only removing the causes of disease
can eradicate disease. Toxicity,
including toxic vaccine ingredients,
causes disease!

Sanitation and improved nutrition
create declines in incidence and
disease severity! Factors that improve
the quality of a child's life are: Love,
healthy parents, clean environment,
breast feeding, good nutrition, and
NO vaccinations!

Valid vaccine testing requires an
independently supervised, long term,
double blind, placebo controlled
comparison of a vaccinated to an
unvaccinated population!
This is not
how vaccines are tested!

Natural immunity is a state of health
characterized by an internally clean
(detoxified) body!

The percent of community vaccination
to create "herd immunity" is
ZERO PERCENT! (Scarlet Fever,
Plague and all others!)

The first requirement to make
vaccination a medical procedure is to
prove that a vaccine has passed an
adequate scientific trial - none have

The Great Debate

A radio discussion of both sides of the vaccination controversy took place on KPBX Spokane Public radio, April 24, 2003 on the 'Growing Up Healthy' hour. This was a pioneering broadcast as it was the first time this important controversy has been aired in a debate.

The Pro Vaccination position was given by Dr. Kim Thorburn, medical director of Spokane Regional Health District. A condensed version of pro vaccine statements is in column 1 of page 1. In rebuttal, Dr. Rick Thomas of Coeur d'Alene pointed out that historical evidence does not support claims for vaccine effectiveness, safety or the creation of immunity.

Both sides agreed there was a great disease decline prior to vaccine introduction, also that the immune system is very complex and large but time prohibited detailed discussion of the latest scientific advances in understanding the immune system. Detailed data about the decline in smallpox, polio and other diseases could not be given in the time allotted.

Addressing the vaccination controversy requires answering several questions:

Did vaccines save millions of lives and thus make a major contribution to the well being of society?

Are vaccines safe and effective?

Are vaccines tested in an adequate scientific procedure?

Do vaccines immunize by correcting a deficiency, removing an excess which would have led to disease, educating the immune system or simply not at all?

What are the true causes of contagious disease?

What are the true causes of susceptibility and immunity?

Are vaccines necessary or is natural immunity sufficient or even preferable to vaccination?


Ingredients of the 'Great Vaccine'
protecting public health from communicable diseases

Positive Expectations
Rational scientific attitudes and lifestyle - otherwise known as 'Godly Living.'
Insect control

The first 6 ingredients are the great protectors of health and thus may be labeled the 'Best Vaccine' meaning the best of health which also means the best immune system function. Can certain products be considered 'immune boosters'? We believe any combination of ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and herbs which correct nutritional deficiencies and thus bring about better functioning to the body may be considered 'an immune system enhancing product.'

Vaccines are made of virus plus the 'rotting' material in which the virus is grown. Frequently are added cancer causing compounds like embalming fluid as well as nerve and brain poisons such as aluminum and mercury compounds.

The central question:

Can such a mixture of materials (vaccines) so foreign to the normal needs of the body act as an immunizing agent or immune system enhancing product? This is the question which we will attempt to answer in this article.

Understanding many interlocking factors is necessary in order to make good health choices. These factors include the power of the mind to affect health and immunity, the natural power of the immune system, which lifestyle choices boost immune system function and the fact that what are called disease symptoms may in most cases be labled as healing symptoms which are beneficial and not to be feared.

The power of the mind to affect health and healing is often referred to as the "Placebo Effect." The negative beliefs including Fear of disease and the belief that one is susceptible to disease are immune system suppressing. Positive beliefs including believing that one is immune to all contagious disease are immune system enhancing. Ideally, the scientist must determine what part belief plays in the action of any medical product. The educator must present facts in a way that leads to more positive beliefs rather than scaremongering. Unfortunately, manufacturers of vaccines have difficulty selling vaccines by implying that their product will enhance the sex appeal of infants, so fear of immune system inadequacy, and fear of disease outcome is substituted for the truths which are that natural immunity is quite adequate to deal with contagious disease, natural immunity is the only immunity, simple if unglamorous methods are the best immune system boosters, and vaccines are not needed. Simple methods to ensure immunity include sanitation, better nutrition, hygiene, and a non-polluted environment, all things which cannot be delivered in a needle and thus charged for by the dose.

In order to better understand the vaccination debate, consider the following two theories of immunity:
1. The immune system is digital,   static     and dependent upon specific antibodies.
2. The immune system is analog, dynamic, and dependent upon a clean and well nourished blood stream.

Both statements are oversimplified but will reveal the essential differences. The term digital here means that immunity is conceived of as being either 100% on, that is immune, or 100% off, that is susceptible, not immune. Static means that once immunity has been achieved either through disease recovery or vaccination, the immunity is constant for years, decades or even a lifetime. Specific antibodies means that immunity is present only if the body possesses antibodies specific to any given disease. This theory has been disproven and modern immune system theory pictures antibodies as a much smaller part of a larger and more complex system where immunity is conceived of as dependent upon whole body health.

The term analog means that immunity may be possessed in any degree between zero and 100%. The term dynamic means that immunity can change widely and very quickly. An immunity which is present may change not merely over decades, years or months but even in minutes. A clean blood stream that is well nourished means that the cell chemistry of the body is in balance, the body is in a 'detoxified' state. Toxicity is seen as the cause of susceptibility to contagious disease. Balanced cell chemistry, a natural state of health, is seen as the key to immunity. "Unfriendly virus" cannot grow in the cell which are in a balanced state but can only grow in a toxic state. This balance may be disturbed very quickly by emotional outbursts, eating junk food or taking in polluted air, water or food. Health is seen as equal to immunity to all so called contagious diseases. Previous disease is not necessary for immunity although recovering from a disease is a detoxifying process and will for this reason leave one in an immune state for however long one's lifestyle keeps the body in a detoxified state. Vaccination on the other hand does not generate immunity because vaccines are concoctions of poisons which make one more susceptible to disease.

Summary of immune system enhancing factors:
1. Sanitation. (Includes clean water, clean air, clean food, clean environment.)
2. Quality nutrition, preferably year around and not just seasonable.
3. Hygiene.
4. Belief that one is immune.
5. Joy, optimism, thankfulness and confidence.
Factors that limit exposure to immune system stresses:
6. Insect control.
7. Quarantine.
The first five factors above are Primary contagious disease control measures. The last two factors listed are secondary contagious disease control measures. Where does vaccination belong in the above list? We hope to make clear that vaccination does not promote health and therefore has no legitimate place in any health care procedure.

Millions of Lives?

Until mid 1800's, towns had little sanitation, garbage including household waste, urine, feces, dead animals and even fetuses were thrown in the streets. Water was often polluted, poorer housing was crowded, personal hygiene virtually unknown, and nutrition was poor. (1) Epidemics were common and typically hit cities hard, but hardest hit were the poverty stricken, filthier and more malnourished sections of large cities, while the better nourished countryside's fared best with the least disease incidence. This last fact is often overlooked, therefore 'filth' , the true cause of contagious disease is often displaced by the theory that 'virus' alone causes contagious disease. Equally unfortunate, is the companion theory that antibodies alone are the prevention of contagious disease without considering overall health of the individual in questions of immunity and susceptibility. (2)

As a result of reforms in sanitation, nutrition, and hygiene, ninety percent of the decline in death from infectious disease occurred before vaccines were used. Mortality decline after vaccine introduction was essentially the same as before vaccine introduction, arguing against vaccine effectiveness in preventing disease. (3) An experiment with mice revealed that over generations, improvement in diet reduced mortality from contagious disease to zero. Essentially, this same thing happens in human populations when sanitation and nutrition are improved. Vaccines and other artificial methods are not necessary.

Was injection of cow pus (smallpox vaccine) into human beings "one of the ten greatest medical discoveries of all time?" Did cow pus, the smallpox vaccine, contribute anything to the decline of smallpox? No, but aggressive and misleading vaccine propaganda takes credit for what reforms in sanitation, nutrition and hygiene accomplished. In fact, smallpox disease incidence and death from smallpox were greater where vaccination was practiced. (13)

Did 'monkey juice' from the rotting kidneys of diseased monkeys eradicate polio? Polio incidence declined greatly before the introduction of polio vaccines, 57,879 cases in 1952 and 38,476 cases in 1954 before the first Salk vaccine was tested. (4) Mortality declined 47% in the USA from polio in 1923 to 1953. (5) Increases in polio incidence temporarily occurred after polio vaccines came into intensive use. There is no evidence that polio vaccines assisted in creating a decline in polio. Polio vaccine ineffectiveness is well described by doctors Salk and Sabine. (6)

"Jonas Salk, inventor of the IPV, testified before a Senate subcommittee that nearly all polio outbreaks since 1961 were caused by the oral polio vaccine."

"Official data shows that large scale vaccination has failed to obtain any significant improvement of the diseases against which they were supposed to provide protection" - Dr. Sabin, developer of Polio vaccine. (7)

The two greatest vaccines (smallpox and polio), upon which general public acceptance of vaccines depend, are worthless, even harmful, concoctions. So scratch the 'saved millions of lives .'

Thousands of Lives saved?

In Dr. Archie Kalokerinos' book, Every Second Child, increasing vaccinations was proven to increase death in infants up 500 per thousand (50%). Granted, the infants were mostly extremely malnourished and living in unsanitary conditions. Yet, these infants are exactly who vaccinations are supposed to immunize, not kill!
In 1975, Japanese doctors in one prefecture went on strike by refusing to vaccinate. When the dust settled, the vaccination minimum age was raised from 3 months to 2 years. The result was a dramatic improvement in infant mortality. Japan saved lives by stopping vaccination under age 2, why does the USA not follow suit? (8)

Vaccinations take lives not save lives!

Are Vaccines Safe and Effective?

Hepatitis B Vaccine: One of the safest or most dangerous?

The CDC states that following the introduction of Hepatitis B vaccine in 1981, Hepatitis B incidence rose. Sometime later when fewer cases were reported among homosexual men and among injecting drug users the incidence decline was likely related to behavioral changes . rather than to vaccine use. (9)

Obviously that vaccine formula had to change. It did. However, testing occurred in a relatively small number and follow-up was for only 5 days. Such testing can not demonstrate effectiveness due to the short time period even though unproven antibody counts can be measured. The short time period hides the true lack of safety.

In the May 24, 1996, New Zealand Medical Journal, J. Barthelow Classen, MD, a former researcher at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the founder and CEO of Classen Immunotherapies in Baltimore, reported that juvenile diabetes increased 60 per cent following a massive hepatitis B vaccination campaign for babies six weeks or older in New Zealand from 1988 to 1991. In the October 22, 1997, Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice, Classen showed that Finland's incidence of diabetes increased 147 per cent in children under five after three new vaccines were introduced in the 1970s, and that diabetes increased 40 per cent in children aged 5 to 9 after the addition of the MMR and Hib vaccines in the 1980s. He concluded that "the rise in IDDM [juvenile onset diabetes] in the different age groups correlated with the number of vaccines given." (7)

The 24,775 hepatitis B adverse event reports (VAERS USA) from 1990 to 1998 show 439 deaths and 9673 serious reactions involving emergency room visits, hospitalization, disablement or death.

In 1999, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, with more than 10,000 members, called for an immediate moratorium on mandatory hepatitis B vaccine. (10)

A few more thoughts on the "Safe & Effective" Hepatitis vaccine. In the age group, 0 to 14 years, in a typical year about a dozen children die of all types of hepatitis according to the CDC. In the VAERS reports for 1990 through September 30, 2002 for the age group 0 to .1 (37 days) there were 84 deaths reported which were associated only with Hepatitis vaccine. Extending the search to .2 years of age (about 73 days), adds 7 more deaths associated only with Hepatitis vaccine. The true number of deaths is 10 to 100 times this 91 total, which means that in a little less than 13 years between 910 and 9100 death reports are associated with Hepatitis vaccine. Many other VAERS death reports will include hepatitis with several other vaccines. The true number of deaths from hepatitis vaccination must be higher than the minimum of 910. Likely, 90 to 450 infant deaths occur annually due to hepatitis vaccine. This sacrifice is made to allegedly "prevent" 10 to 15 deaths per year from all types of hepatitis in children under 14 years of age! (11) Even more absurd, this vaccine is supposedly sufficient in potency to stimulate years of protection against childhood cancer and hepatitis but yet is too weak in potency to cause immediate harm to a newborn. At initial introduction the Hep B vaccine had NO studies to indicate it was safe in newborns. This concept of safety for this vaccine was apparently born in a crystal ball, well wrapped in money. In this age group, serious adverse side effects from hepatitis vaccine numbers higher than the disease incidence cases. Yet individuals with vested interest but little scientific knowledge, continue to recommend another unneeded, ineffective and harmful vaccine to our precious new born babies.

Diphtheria and Tetanus

There is no proof that recovering from either of the diseases diphtheria or tetanus confers immunity. Worse, the vaccine consists not of virus but of toxin created by the virus. Both of these diseases declined prior to vaccine introduction, and there is not even a junk science explanation for how either of these toxin laden vaccines could possibly aid in increasing natural immunity.

Measles, another ineffective and unsafe Vaccine

Death from measles had dropped to insignificant numbers prior to vaccine introduction. Measles incidence had also dropped to perhaps one child in five having the disease, although some claim that the 4 or 5 hundred thousand reported cases were underreported such that we really had 5 million cases. A nice trick of mathematics because with only 4 million births per year this would mean on average every child had the measles once and one child in four had it twice! Records from Lebanon County in Pennsylvania for the nearly 18 year period 1970 through 5 December 1987 showed no cases of measles in a 50% measles vaccinated population. (14) Death rates typically follow incidence rates. These facts plus that in the 1950's, death from measles had dropped to less than 100 per year, strongly suggests that the majority of children in the USA were no longer experiencing measles, or had such mild cases as to not merit reporting, prior to the introduction of a measles vaccine.

It is believed that measles incidence, after vaccination began, was pushed into older and younger age groups versus the pre vaccination era, allegedly clear evidence that measles vaccine works, although not necessarily appropriately. First, as discussed later, there is no scientific proof that vaccines enhance immunity. IF vaccines work at all it is by "Poison Tolerance" and thus the phenomena of teenage measles becoming more common in the teen age years is explained by the typically higher toxic level in teenagers revealed by increasing pimples and boils. Teenagers have more measles, not because the non- existent immunity of vaccine wears off, but rather that vaccine toxicity plus increased natural higher toxicity combine to overload the body and create an unnaturally great need for detoxification. Measles vaccination is associated with higher rates of childhood cancer, asthma, autism, ADD, diabetics, allergies and other diseases which are really the result of unexpelled toxic matter, the direct result of vaccination. Some Measles Vaccine Facts to consider:

"With Vaccinations - The non-efficacy of vaccinations

FACT : In the U.S.A. the measles vaccine has been available since 1957 and the triple vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) has been available since 1975. In spite of all this, from 1983 to 1990 there has been a 423% increase in the number of measles cases.
FACT : In 1985 the American government reported that 80% of notified cases of measles had been vaccinated. In 1986 there was a measles epidemic at Corpus Christi, Texas, in which 99% of the children affected had been vaccinated against measles, and over 95% were supposedly immune.
FACT : According to Dr. Atkinson of the CDC, "measles transmissions has been clearly documented among vaccinated persons. In some large outbreaks...over 95% of cases have a history of vaccination..."
FACT : According to a study by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.), those vaccinated against measles are 14 times more likely to contract the disease than those left unvaccinated. " (15)
Vaccines do not correct essential nutritional deficiencies, but in fact cause the body to use precious reserves of nutritional factors necessary in maintaining immunity.

Many facts can be advanced to show that vaccinations are ineffective in preventing disease.

Are vaccinations safe?

Look in a Physicians Desk Reference for the current ingredients of vaccines in use, Virus, live, dead, fragmented and DNA spliced - rotting culture materials, sometimes embalming fluids, aluminum and mercury compounds which are nerve and brain toxic.

The Federal Tort Law principle, which is paraphrased here: "All medical procedures are inherently unsafe, and by their nature cannot be made safe." This accurate concept is highly applicable to vaccines and the procedure of vaccination.

Then look at the yearly VAERS reports. There are 10 to 14 thousand reports of adverse events per year. The FDA says these reports are 10% of adverse events, but a CDC report says these numbers may be only 1% of the total, an independent survey in New York said only 1 adverse event in 40 was reported, and a small vaccine manufacturer's survey found that only 1 adverse event in 50 was reported. The bottom line is about 300,000 adverse effects from vaccines occur yearly in the USA and include perhaps 3000 deaths in children under age 2 each year from vaccines. Probably 80% or more of the 20,000 autistic children per year can thank the 'beneficence' of vaccines for their life long pain.

Adverse effects from vaccines number greater than the estimated number of adverse effects from what are falsely labeled 'vaccine preventable diseases'.

Multi-phase scientific trial or "Smoke and Mirrors"

The belief that vaccines are 'rigorously' tested prior to marketing and proven to be safe and effective is widely accepted. The facts are, no vaccine has ever been rigorously tested and found safe and effective. The reality of vaccine tests are an embarrassment to science in that the trials are typically conducted in 'healthy populations' only, small numbers of subjects, too short of follow-up time, flawed methodology, missing data, and inadequate or even improper supervision. Almost no vaccine trial tests for 'clinical effectiveness', the actual decrease in disease, but instead test only antibody counts to measure alleged effectiveness ('a laboratory effectiveness versus field effectiveness'). Few people know that, "The fallacy of this (antibody theory) was exposed nearly 50 years ago, which is hardly recent. A report published by the Medical Research Council entitled 'A study of diphtheria in two areas of Gt. Britain, Special report series 272, HMSO 1950 demonstrated that many of the diphtheria patients had high levels of circulating antibodies, whereas many of the contacts who remained perfectly well had low antibody."--Magda Taylor (2) In addition, it was proven that those who were incapable of developing antibodies, once they fully recovered from a disease, remained immune when further exposure occurred.

The 'Gold Standard' of scientific tests is the double-blind, placebo controlled trial. However, such a gold standard would require an unvaccinated population something difficult to find in a society with mandatory vaccination laws. A genuine control substance, that is a harmless inert substance is required for a placebo. Since 1940, control substances commonly used in vaccine trials were usually the non viral vaccine components, and recently experimental vaccines have been used as 'controls' to other experimental vaccines. Comparing two vaccinated populations is flawed methodology. Follow-up studies of only a few days or weeks hides lack of safety. Measuring antibody counts is not a true test of immunity.

Vaccine trials are biased in favor of manufacturers propaganda and to the detriment of accurately informing consumers!

Does Vaccination create or stimulate Immunity?

Since about 1990, advances in immune system theory not only state that immunity is a large and complex matter but support the concept that immunity is due to 'whole body health' not any small part of the body, not even antibodies. Worse, for the pro vaccine position, modern immune system theory claims that a healthy immune system is characterized by a high Th1 (Killer) cell count compared to Th2 (Memory) cell count. Vaccines bias the immune system to Low Th1 and high Th2 ratio, a bias away from health and toward poor heath characterized by asthma and allergies. Perhaps this is why neither government nor the pharmaceutical industry will spend money advertising this more modern theory. (2)

Science magazine 1999 stated that once the memory cells recognized an antigen, the memory was permanent. This would prove that booster shots would be unnecessary if vaccinations worked on the immunity principle. Immunity for life would occur with one vaccination. Of course, vaccinations do not work on the immunity principle, but if they work at all it is by biasing the bodies response to toxicity, from "a natural acute, vigorous, beneficial detoxifying and healing episode" (I.E. fever, rash, mucous, etc.) to a "chronic debilitating disease state" (tiredness, allergies, etc.) so common in heavily vaccinated populations and becoming more common with 1 in 150 children suffering from autism today.

No vaccine has ever passed an independently monitored or verified, long term, double blind, placebo controlled adequate scientific test. Collected available information shows clearly that vaccines cannot pass such a test if one were conducted.

Vaccines do not create immunity. An unvaccinated population will always be healthier than their vaccinated counterparts if both groups live in the same time, general area and have otherwise the same life styles. (12)

Herd Immunity? [Moo!]

As with all things, the counterfeit coin argues the existence of the real. There is a real 'herd immunity' which originates in the richness and balance of the soil which is absorbed by plants, which in turn makes healthy animals and the potential for healthy humans. Scarlet fever ceased to be a significant problem with out a vaccine ever being developed. This also happened to many other diseases, even those whose decline is credited to vaccination. The plague ceased to be a significant problem and only a little modern use was made of a plague vaccine. Cessation of smallpox vaccination brought no problems and indeed an improvement due to less vaccine adverse effects Typhoid fever received no widespread vaccination. One hundred percent vaccinated populations have epidemics. On the other hand, genuine herd immunity occurs at ZERO percent vaccination levels. The counterfeit concept of herd immunity is that if most individuals in a community are immune, the non- immune will not get exposed to the 'cause of disease', the virus, and thus will escape infection in spite of lacking immunity. With real herd immunity which comes from a healthy lifestyle, no individual need fear exposure because true immunity is possessed and exposure to the virus is powerless to cause disease. Vaccination never achieves epidemic free states. Not only do epidemics occur in highly vaccinated populations, but the epidemic may originate in the vaccinated, indeed sometimes from the vaccination and often the vaccinated are affected more severely and in greater numbers than the unvaccinated. A lesson from history, "It is often alleged that the unvaccinated are so much inflammable material in the midst of the community, and that smallpox begins among them and gathers force so that it sweeps even the vaccinated before it. Inquiry into the facts has shown that at Cologne in 1870 the first unvaccinated person attacked by smallpox was the 174th in order of time, at Bonn the same year the 42d, and at Liegnitz in 1871 the 225th." (16) This is not surprising, for when sanitation is introduced, disease incidence begins to drop. When adequate nutrition is introduced, case mortality drops as does the severity of cases. Introduction of vaccine has never succeeded in bringing about an improvement of health or mortality.
The only thing which can eradicate a disease, is the removal of the causes of a disease. Establishing adequate sanitation, and establishing adequate diet are two examples of creating health by removing disease cause and supplying health needs. Filth injections, a correct term for vaccinations, can never balance a diet, supply nutrition, detoxify a body or balance a body's chemistry.

Vaccinations do not create 'herd immunity because health does not come from its opposite, disease or injections of diseased matter.

Jenner's Discovery?

Did Dr. Jenner really discover vaccination about 1796? No, the first historical mention of both vaccines (product from a cow) and Variolation (inoculation of human waste materials) comes from India in about 1500 BC, 3500 years ago. Mention is made of grinding smallpox scabs to make an inhaled power used as a smallpox 'vaccine' in China from prior to the birth of Christ to about 1100 AD. Inoculation was practiced in many parts of the world prior to "Jenner's discovery" and was typically associated with sacrifice to appease disease entities. Inoculation using human smallpox waste matter came to England about 1717. Various practices relating to inoculation, the forerunner to Western vaccination practices are on record.

Since no long term, adequate scientific evidence has ever been produced to show that vaccinations actually immunize, this practice remains to this day a superstition. Accumulated data gives certainty to the understanding that vaccinations do not work naturally and correctly but are actually adverse to a healthy immune system. The practice of vaccination is not the 'greatest of medical discoveries' but rather the greatest of frauds. The time is soon coming when children's health will be greatly improved by the simple act of stopping the superstitious practice of vaccination.

A guide: To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate, that is the question

Vaccination decisions may be decided upon religious grounds, philosophical principles, morality, aesthetics, advice of a physician, superstition, science or other basis. Federal law requires that either a vaccine recipient or guardian make an informed choice before vaccination. We suggest you answer the following questions to your own satisfaction before making this decision.

Assume all questions are in reference to the USA, current year (although by necessity we will give our answers based recent data and estimates), exactly 4 million children born per year. The '4 million unvaccinated' column is a "what if" scenario where all the children born in the USA for 1 year are not vaccinated. The '4 million vaccinated column' can be answered by current statistics given that about 99+ percent of children are vaccinated in the USA prior to age 6 years.
Question4 million unvaccinated4 million vaccinated
Number alive at age one? - 24,000 = 3, 976,000 -27,000 = 3,973,000
Number alive at age five? -29,000 = 3,971,000 -31,000 = 3,969,000
Number who died from vaccine adverse effects? Zero 3000
Number living long enough to die naturally by age five with infectious contagious disease? 500-1500 50 to 500 ?
Disease death plus vaccine death: 500-1500 3050 to 3500
Autism 500-2000 20,000
Asthma  Twice unvaccinated
Diabetics  1.7 times unvaccinated
Childhood cancer  Higher in vaccinated
Adult cancer  Higher in vaccinated
Normal 98% 79 - 90%

If these figures are understood correctly, then the incidence of childhood diseases is seen primarily as factors of sanitation and nutrition. Vaccination is an unnecessary, harmful and ineffective procedure which is not in the best interest of children.


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