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Party line Versus Reality

The Party Line Readily Provable Facts
Saved Millions of Lives. Mortality impact insignificant. See Mortality information.
Highly effective at reducing disease. Ninety % of disease reduced prior to vaccine introduction.
Very Safe Cowpus! + Rotting material + Embalming Fluid is Safe? 12,000-14,000 Vaccine Adverse Events reported yearly! FDA admits this is less than 10% of total adverse events.
Creates herd immunity. MOO! Epidemics occur in 100% Vaccinated populations.
Complex subject. Leave it to the Experts. NO! Every parent has the right to know. The right to decide for their children. Doctors taught only one side of this controversary.
Vaccines are necessary to public health. NO! Doctors have noted that unvaccinated children have less colds, flu other doctor visits.

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