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expert, adj. Skillful, through practice or experience: adroit; dexterous;
n., one who has special skill or experience in some branch of knowledge; a specialist.

Suggested definition:
expert in vaccines:
Graduate of standard
Allopathic Medical school:
1. Has studied both sides of question. 1. Studies only Pro Vaccine, primarily the 'Sales' view point which contains major flaws. (I.E. 'saved millions', 'safe' and 'effective'.)
2. Has experience following-up vaccine effectiveness and safety. 2. No experience. (Injections do not count as experience; only follow-up studies count as experience.
3. Has mentally 'digested' experiences and studies. 3. May have mentally 'digested' one side of argument; so may be called 'highly knowledgeable' about this one side of a highly controversial subject.
4. Can speak the truth without severe repercussions from legal, social and financial pressures. 4. Doctors typically live in a 'medical straight jacket', thus they are not really free to speak if they do learn the truth about vaccines. Legal pressures can consist of former patients and licensing boards. It is a disadvantage to be on the 'outs' with the medical supply firms.
Unless doctors gain research experience after leaving medical school, they are not experts. Unless a doctor either 'retires' or becomes someone who makes a living from research, they lack the freedom to freely speak the truth about vaccines.

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