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A short Introduction:
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Vaccination is a complex subject. In order to determine its true value, several inter-locking ideas must be explored and understood. Basically, these ideas are as follows:

    Millions of lives saved from about 1800 to 1950?

  • What part did sanitation, nutritional changes, hygiene, cleaner water, less crowded houses, medical reforms, and vaccination play in the 1800-1950 decline in mortality?

  • The decline of disease prior to the introduction of various vaccines.

  • The decline of disease after the introduction of each vaccine.

  • The relative inaccuracy of disease incidence figures versus death incidence figures.
  • The testamony of antedotal vested interest - versus - science.
  • What constitutes immunity?

  • Can you be immune to an contagious disease if you have never had neither the disease or the vaccine?

  • Does having a disease confer future immunity to that disease?

  • Does receiving a vaccination confer future immunity to the disease of target?

  • The rate of failure of vaccines.

  • Can a vaccine be safe?

  • Are vaccines tested 'rigorously' or even 'adequately' before marketing?

  • How many vaccine adverse events occur per year?

  • How many millions of dollars are paid each year for claims of vaccine adverse events?

  • The rate of vaccine adverse effects.

  • Germ theory of disease versus Territory (inner state of tissue) theory of disease.

  • The effect of fear and the effect of confidence in health.

  • The 3500 year history of vaccines.

  • The truth about disease erratication programs.

  • The 4 aleged methods by which vaccine may "benefit":
    " Placebo.    Immunization.    Symptom suppression.    Vibrational effects. "

  • Who is healthier, the vaccinated or the un-vaccinated?

  • Ancient and modern concepts of the immune system.

  • Science versus superstition, fear, assumptions and greed. In other words, accurate, adaquate and scientific testing.

  • Elastic connection between Disease occurrence, diagnosis and confirmation.
  • Lying with 'facts and figures'.

  • Vaccine theory versus disease experience. .

  • Epidemics in 100% 'fully' vaccinated populations. .

  • How many billions of dollars of vaccine sales do pharmaceutical companies make per year?

  • The purpose of this Q & A is to create understanding and insights into a complex subject. Thus we will not attempt a rigorous proof of each point. To do that would require hundreds of pages and a duplication of many others' efforts. Links to articles will expand on our quick 'proof' and also refer to excellent books and other web sites devoted to bringing the whole truth of this subject to your attention.
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50+ Q & A: Click on the links (underlined words) to see our answers:

  1. What is the value of confidence in health?
  2. Confidence vs Fear
  3. Do you want to review the "Party Line" on vaccines? Party_Line
  4. Why is a "nearly perfect product" sold over the barrel of a gun? Mandatory Sales
  5. If your doctor advises, "Vaccines are no dam'n good", are you entitled to a second opinion?
  6. If your doctor advises, "Vaccines are safe, effective and necessary," are you entitled to a second opinion?
  7. If our anti-vaccine position is correct, then the majority of the public, as well as doctors, nurses, veternarians and public health officials are mis-informed about vaccines. How can this be?Informed or Indoctrinated?
  8. What are the common viewpoints on vaccination? Viewpoints?
  9. Should vaccinations be called "immunizations"? NO
  10. How long has human originated vaccination been practiced? 3500 Years or more!
  11. What success stories are connected with historical vaccination/innoculation? --none?
  12. How long has non-human originated vaccination been practiced? Fleas, ticks, ..?
  13. Is there a difference? Which is best?
  14. How many lives could the plague vaccine have saved in 1300? Less than nothing?

    [Note: the questions which follow are oriented to the United States of North America.]

  15. How many 'millions' of lives did vaccine save historically speaking? Millions, thousands, none?

    Imagine you visit a 'witch doctor' living in a village which observes ancient traditions but is located near to modern culture and civilization so it has some modern influences.
    The babies are randomly divided into two equal sized groups.
    One group is periodically given a 'magic formula' drink consisting of cow pus, rotting flesh of a sacrificed baby, aluminum beer cans and embalming fluid.
    And the other group is given equal opportunities for life except for no 'magic formula'.
  16. After observing this village for 6 years, which group will have the largest population?
  17. Which group would have the best health? Do we really need to answer these two?
  18. How are vaccines made and what are the ingredients of vaccines? Ingredients?

  19. What part did vaccine play in the erratication of Smallpox? Smallpox
  20. What part did vaccines play in the erratication of Polio? Polio

  21. How many lives would be lost annually to 11 infectious diseases if we did not vaccinate?
  22. How many lives are lost to vaccine annually in the USA?
  23. How many serious complications of 11 infectious diseases occurred before vaccination?
  24. How many adverse events associated with vaccine occur annually in the USA ?

  25. What percentage of SIDS are actually vaccine related deaths?
  26. What percentage of Respiratory Failure deaths are actually vaccine related deaths Uncertain
  27. What percentage of Autism is due to vaccine involvement? Autism
  28. What percentage of ADD/ADHD is due to vaccine involvement? Autism/ADD/ADHD
  29. What percentage of Diabetes is due to vaccine involvement? 60% increase
  30. What percentage of Asthma is due to vaccine involvement? 50% ?

  31. What child is susceptible to dying or being seriously damaged by mild childhood diseases?
  32. What child is susceptible to dying or being seriously damaged by vaccines?
  33. Are the children in the above two groups the same children?
  34. What may be done to reduce either disease or vaccine deaths?

  35. What percentage of effectiveness do vaccination programs give due to each of the 3 following factors:
    • Placebo effect?
    • Immunization?
    • Symptom blocking or suppression/[the poisoning effect]?

  36. What did the "Great Sheep Killing" experiment of Louis Pasteur prove?
  37. What did the "Great Sheep Killing" experiment of Louis Pasteur demonstrate?

  38. How would one test a vaccine 'Rigorously' according to modern science?
  39. How would one test a vaccine 'adequately and scientifically' according to modern science?
  40. How many of the presently marketed vaccines have been adequately and scientifically tested for either safety or effectiveness prior to marketing?
  41. How many of the presently marketed vaccines have been adequately and scientifically tested for either safety or effectiveness after being put on the market?

  42. What percentage of effectiveness does natural immunity have?
  43. What percentage of effectiveness is claimed for vaccine by the sellers/manufacturers?
  44. What percentage of effectiveness is measured [buyers effectiveness] for vaccine?
  45. Can the health of a vaccinated group ever be as good as that of an unvaccinated group? No?

  46. Do unvaccinated children pose a threat to the vaccinated? Unvaccinated last?

  47. Do safe effective alternatives exist to replace vaccines?
  48. What constitutes a vaccine expert? E X P E R T

  49. Are there exemptions to "mandatory" school and travel vaccinations? Yes

  50. What government board recommends vaccines for licensing? See next.
  51. Who sets on this government board?Article on conflict of interest

  52. If you believe your child is vaccine damaged, where can you obtain help and what kind of help for correcting the vaccine induced condition?
  53. What agency collects the reports of vaccine damage? --See next Question--
  54. How may you or your doctor report vaccine damage? Reporting Adverse Reactions following Vaccination

  55. How may you make a claim for vaccine damage?--See next question--
  56. What agency is the insurance company for vaccine damage?
    (Govt WebSite) National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP)

  57. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) receives 10,000 to 14,000 reports yearly in the USA since 1990. A 23 month period of the VAERS Database can be found Where?
    FDA's VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) DATABASE AVAILABLE ON FEDBUZZ.COM.
    This database contains VAERS data reported between January 1, 1998 and November 30, 1999. (about 24,000 or 25,000 reports approx.)

  58. Want to see a sample (70) of VAERS reports for Idaho?
  59. Want to see a sample (98) of VAERS reports for Montana?
  60. A review of vaccine claims versus reality. Compare: