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Scientific Value of Vaccines?
    O.K. lets take a 'short' airline trip.
    Imagine we visit a 'witch doctor' living in a village which observes ancient traditions but is located near to modern culture so some modern influences and technology are present. The witch doctor 'milks' some sores on a sick cow. Then proceeds to sacrifice a baby. The baby's flesh is mixed with the cow pus. Then the witch doctor visits a cousin living in the city who works at a mortuary. Some containers of embalming fluid are borrowed and mixed into the rotting mix. As beer is magic, a couple aluminum cans are added to the mixture.

    The babies are randomly divided into two equal sized groups.
    One group is periodically given a 'magic formula' drink consisting of cow pus, rotting flesh of a sacrificed baby, aluminum beer cans and embalming fluid.
    And the other group is given equal opportunities for life except for no 'magic formula'.
  • After observing this village for 6 years, which group will have the largest population?
  • Which group would have the best health?
If you believe that the group without the benefit of the 'magic potion' is the group that will be largest in number and best in health then you are in a very select group of thinkers who dont believe in vaccines mis-called 'immunizations'. If you think I'm being unfair in comparing this 'magic formula' to a modern vaccine then check out the following:

The following links will answer what ingredients modern vaccines contain

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The making of vaccines: from page 95 of:
IMMUNIZATION The Reality Behind the Myth, by Walene James

Because many early opponents of vaccination, including some doctors I've already mentioned, referred to vaccinations as injecting pus into the body, let's look at the production of the vaccine to which they refered. This is the smallpox vaccine that today is used for research on AIDS and the new genetically engineered recombinant vaccines.40
  1. A young calf has his belly shaved.
  2. Many slashes are made in the skin.
  3. A prior batch of smallpox vaccine is dropped into the slashes and allowed to fester over a period of days.
  4. During this time, the calf stands in a headstock so that he can't lick his belly. The calf then is led out of the stock to a table where he is strapped down.
  5. His belly scabs and pus are scraped off and ground into a powder.
  6. That powder is the next batch of small pox vaccine.
Besides dried pus and scabs in the smallpox vaccine, incidental viruses that the calf was carrying could be contained in this preparation. 41
Other animals have similarly been used for the production of vaccines. For the production of diphtheria antitoxin, a horse is generally used and the process is similar. ...Two or three gallons of blood are drawn off...[Ug as in ugly]

Source for this book: VacLib products

[Keep in mind that the 'original' vaccine was probably made by taking smallpox waste matter (pus) from a human suffering from smallpox and rubbing this into the belly of a calf. The smallpox vaccine may contain a live smallpox virus, or as the newspapers today cautiously describe it, "a near relative" of smallpox.]