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Vaccination Liberation's affliation with other organizations
Questions Answered Regarding
The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)
and Vaccination Liberation

Many of you have inquired about our relationship with NVIC. In fact, some of you have not joined our organization since you have assumed that Vaccination Liberation is an NVIC chapter and we will benefit when you send your annual dues to NVIC. In order to clear up any misconceptions regarding our relationship with NVIC, answers to the most common questions are below:

Q: Is Vaccination Liberation an NVIC chapter or affiliated with NVIC in some way?
A: Vaccination Liberation chooses to pay annual dues to NVIC because we believe in the educational work NVIC performs. However, NVIC has not joined our organization nor supports our efforts financially. Many of VacLib's members are also members of NVIC unifying our support of their efforts. In the Winter of 1999/2000 Ingri Cassel approached Kathi Williams, director of NVIC, about becoming the Idaho chapter of NVIC, noting that we were 70 members strong and would be an asset to NVIC. Kathi replied that one of the criteria for chapter leaders was that they not be anti-vaccination but pro-choice. This represented a philosophical difference between NVIC and Vaccination Liberation, propelling our Idaho Chapter of Vaccination Liberation to launch an effective national grassroots association. Our belief is that once someone is thoroughly educated on the topic of vaccines, they would never let anyone inject themselves or their children with such poisonous, immune system depressing substances. Our belief is more than pro-choice ; it is truly anti-vaccination.

Q: How does Vaccination Liberation differ from NVIC?
A: Vaccination Liberation means just what our name implies: freedom from the vaccination mindset that blindly believes an injection of substances known to be toxic can enhance the body s ability to ward off infectious diseases. We advocate the naturopathic paradigm of health and disease, and encourage our membership to explore non-conventional health care modalities. Please view our mission statement and explanation of Vaccination Liberation on our website
     NVIC, on the other hand, honors everyone's right to choose whatever health care modality best fits their mindset. It is for this reason that we often refer people who are looking for a safer vaccine , or single antigen vaccine such as tetanus or measles, directly to NVIC. Although our organizations differ in many ways, we can work together and compliment each other's mission statements.
     NVIC, located in Virginia near our nation's capital, has been involved in developing our current national vaccination policies and is represented on the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). NVIC's focus is to be the leading watchdog consumer advocate group at the top of the pyramid representing the consumer's cry for vaccine safety.
    Vaccination Liberation considers itself an activistic organization as well as an educational organization. VacLib holds monthly meetings and semi-annual workshops, engages in mass dissemination of literature, sends letters to newspaper editors, provides email and phone support, and preserves our right to abstain from this experimental medical procedure by working with local legislators.
     Our website has a wealth of information for activists to utilize and is considered by many to be the most comprehensive website on vaccines available. We believe that our nation's vaccine policies will not change until more than 50 percent of the population has become aware of the real dangers of vaccines and are willing to protect the most fundamental of human rights: the right to decide what will or will NOT be injected into one's body.

Q: Why was Vaccination Liberation founder Walene James opposed to the 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Act that NVIC was supportive of?
A: Before passage of the national Vaccine Injury Compensation Act in 1986, vaccine safety was not a priority and, as a result, vaccine manufacturers were flooded with lawsuits from families of vaccine-injured children. The expense incurred from covering the numerous lawsuits forced pharmaceutical companies to make a choice: make vaccines safe  (an impossibility), cease production of vaccines, increase cost of vaccines, or shift liability. The passage of the national Vaccine Injury Compensation Act has given the pharmaceutical industry total immunity from lawsuits. If this Act were repealed, the pharmaceutical industry would be forced to assume accountability for their damaging vaccine products, or remove themselves from the vaccine marketplace.

Q: Is Vaccination Liberation supportive of the development of safer vaccines?
A: We are opposed to all vaccines and believe that the concept of developing a safer vaccine is akin to developing a safer gun to play Russian roulette with. We are also opposed to our government s exclusive support of the allopathic health care model. We support and promote non-invasive health care modalities such as chiropractic, naturopathic, homeopathic and acupressure.

Q: It often appears that NVIC is pro-vaccine rather than pro-choice. What are your thoughts on this issue?
A: This issue is best addressed in an article entitled Vaccines: Are We Killing Our Children? By Christine O'Leary-Rockey  available at
In this article, NVIC is considered to be a vaccine awareness group concerned with accuracy and full disclosure versus groups (such as VacLib) that are militantly opposed to vaccines.
NVIC director Kathi Williams is quoted in this article as saying, Most parents I talk to do decide to immunize, and we're all for that. We feel that if people are adequately informed of the safety factors and warning signs to watch for, it would cut the vaccine injury rate by 50 percent.
Vaccination Liberation, on the other hand, would like to cut the vaccine injury rate by 100 percent by educating the masses as to the faulty premises upon which the vaccine paradigm is based, the basis of natural immunity and providing resources on how we can immunize without vaccines.

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