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The Party line
Or "A Box of Lies"
The Party Line
  • Vaccine has saved millions of lives and continues to save millions.
  • Vaccines are    safe and effective.
  • Vaccines have erraticated several 'Vaccine Preventable Diseases.'
  • Vaccines create herd immunity.
  • Vaccinated individuals are "protected".
  • Unvaccinated individuals are "unprotected".
  • Vaccines are tested 'Rigorously' before being put on the market.
  • No safe effective alternatives exist to replace vaccines.
  • Vaccination is a complex subject which should be left to experts.
  • Unvaccinated individuals pose a threat to vaccinated individuals.
  • The above table describes a 'nearly perfect product', does it not? Then why the next question?

    Q. Why is a "nearly perfect product" sold over the barrel of a gun?
    The above table of attributes for vaccines is a collection of "sales" ideas which are commonly heard, read and believed by the general public. While no sales person would tell you that everything in the above box is true, none the less these ideas pass for "Scientific Gospel". So why are these products (vaccines) sold over the barrel of a gun? That is, vaccinations are mis-called "immunizations" and are required to enter a child in school, required for college entry, military service, medical or food services industries.

    A medical doctor has pointed out that when the public is "educated" into accepting vaccines only about one fourth (25%) of the people accept the vaccines as necessary. When "mandatory" laws are enforced then four times as many vaccines can be sold.
    [See Q & A for discussion of exemptions from vaccination requirements.]

    Following quote from: Lots of GREAT Vaccination Quotes

    "I think that no person would permit anybody to get close to them with an inoculation if they would really know how they are made, what they carry, what has been lied to them about them and what the real percent of danger is of contracting such a disease which is minimal."---Dr. Eva Snead

    Second Opinion

    Q. If your doctor advises, "Vaccines are no dam'n good", are you entitled to a second opinion?
    Q.If your doctor advises, "Vaccines are safe, effective and necessary," are you entitled to a second opinion?
    If there is anything that we hope our readers will agree with us about, it is the right of every adult to determine what medical treatments he or she receives, what products, if any, go into their bodies. It is the right of every adult to know and to chose. The right of every parent to decide upon medical treatment for themselves and their children. This includes the right to as many medical or non-medical opinions as is necessary in order to make an informed and comfortably certain decision.

    Following from: Lots of GREAT Vaccination Quotes

    "There has been a tendency (by doctors) to play down the likelihood of common adverse reactions...Immunisations are thus commonly given without the informed consent of parents. When problems arise after vaccination, these doctors tend to play down the severity of the complaints and will often deny a connection with the vaccination." - MJA (Medical Journal of Australia) Submission on Vaccination. Dr. Mark Donohoe MB BS. Submitted to the Medical Journal of Australia, Feb 97 rejected May 97, then published in Australian Vaccination Network, "Vaccination Roulette" 1998.

    "Our children face the possibility of death or serious long-term adverse effects from mandated vaccines that aren't necessary or that have very limited benefits" --Jane M. Orient, MD, AAPS (Association of American Physicians and Surgeons) Executive Director.

    "There is insufficient evidence to support routine vaccination of healthy persons of any age." --Paul Frame, M.D., Journal of Family Practice

    "My data proves that the studies used to support immunisation are so flawed that it is impossible to say if immunisation provides a net benefit to anyone or to society in general. This question can only be determined by proper studies which have never been performed. The flaw of previous studies is that there was no long term follow up and chronic toxicity was not looked at. The American Society of Microbiology has promoted my research...and thus acknowledges the need for proper studies."
    --John B.Classen, M.D., M.B.A.

    Viewpoints on Vaccination.

    1. Religious: the viewpoint that pollution of the temple of the spirit is ungodly.
    2. Philosophical: the viewpoint that vaccination is unnatural.
    3. Moral: the viewpoint that making animals sick to obtain vaccine ingredients is immoral.
    4. Ascetics: the viewpoint that it is repulsive to put cow pus, rotting material, etc. in the body.
    5. Science: seeking answers, can health be improved or protected by putting poison in the body?
    6. Health: the viewpoint that better ways than vaccination exists.
    7. Sales: the viewpoint that Billion dollar profits are good.
    8. Superstitious: the viewpoint that a few children must be sacrificed for the good of all.