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Smallpox Questions and Answers
  1. Is it possible this madness [Mandatory/coerced smallpox vaccination] will pass if we quickly educate people on this issue?
    This is the reason we put Smallpox Alert! together. We feel that it has been effective along with countless other voices in the healthcare community. I will be picking up a videotape tomorrow night that came from the CDC concerning smallpox vaccine. In it, they tell public health officials that the smallpox vaccine will accelerate any cancerous or precancerous condition. Our local paper reported that only 687 healthcare workers in 16 states had agreed to receive the vaccine -- this is a fraction of the numbers they were wanting. The excuse is liability but there are obviously many other issues here as we raised in the Smallpox Alert!
  2. Will colloidal silver help prevent or reduce the side effects of the smallpox vaccine? This is uncharted territory. We simply do not know how the vaccine will react on numerous different biochemically imbalanced individuals with diverse genetic profiles. Our advice? Avoid the smallpox vaccine like the plague. Even the CDC has said that by taking this vaccine, it will accelerate precancerous and cancerous conditions -- and nearly the entire population fits into this category!
  3. Will they really incarcerate us if we refuse the vaccine? Not likely, especially in light of the already mass resistance among healthcare workers. Better to focus on impeaching Bush.
  4. Which is the lesser of two evils -- vaccination or being arrested? Are we not going to be forced to take the vaccine anyway if we are detained? We believe that there is a mass awakening at this time and that WE are part of it. This is what grassroots efforts like VacLib is all about. Duplicate the information sheets I sent you and get those Smallpox Alerts out to key people in your community who are part of the infrastructure implementing your state's smallpox plan. Focus instead on the positive outcome and then there will not be a need for such a "tough" decision.
  5. My son does not understand why the government would want thousands brain damaged, blind, seriously ill, etc. I did not know how to answer him. Why do they? For control purposes? Have your son read Len Horowitz's Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism, and Toxic Warfare. For many years now, the global elite have been meeting to figure out how to effectively reduce the burgeoning population of this planet. If we aren't all sick or dying from vaccines, at least we will be "chipped" so we will be obedient Manchurian candidates. Control of the masses and reduction of useless, genetically deficient eaters has always been part of the Illuminati/ New World Order Plan.