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What is the position of Vaccination Liberation on Vegetarian issues?

What is the position of Vaccination Liberation on Vegetarian issues?

Our organization, Vaccination Liberation, is anti vaccination because the attempt to create health by injecting virus, rotting matter and poisons is fundamentally unsound, ineffective and always harmful. In addition, we seek to repeal the laws which promote vaccination. Our membership contains individuals making a full spectrum of dietary choices so we are not a vegetarian organization. None the less, vegetarian issues and vaccination issues have some common ground.

In order to understand where we are coming from, it is well to note that there is an abundance of evidence showing that smallpox was defeated by sanitary and nutritional reforms not the taking of pus from the sores of sick cows and inoculating this waste matter into human beings. There is sufficient evidence to say that the polio vaccine had nothing to do with the decline of polio.

In short, the vaccine industry is founded on superstition, mistakes and fraud.

The main reasons for being a vegetarian are religion, health, compassion for animals and to minimize one's impact on the earth. These motives are interrelated, although individuals resonate more to one motive than another.

Vaccination is a procedure which violates all four of these motives for being a vegetarian.

A religious person, may be allowed to eat flesh but will still abhor the blood pollution of vaccination (religious prohibition and violation of spiritual science) as well as the cruelty to animals (compassion) involved with vaccine creation. Today of course, the ethical questions surrounding the use of cells from aborted babies to culture vaccine virus adds to this situation. Even if one is not opposed to abortion, the taking of human cells into ones body is akin to canabalism, a practice which we assume is even more abhorant to most vegetarians than the killing and eating of animals.

Anyone grounded in the fundamentals of health will naturally not want to take vaccine ingredients into their body. These ingredients include heavy metals like mercury as well as aluminum which is light in weight but very difficult to eliminate from the body. Other chemical ingredients include formaldehyde, Phenoxyethanol (a component of antifreeze) and antibiotics. Animal ingredients include monkey cells, eggs, chick embryos, pig pancreatic cells, sheep red blood cells, gelatin from cow and pork sources. This list should not be considered complete. Also, we look at immunity as the natural result of health, that is immunity is created by a clean blood stream that is well nourished. Where there is health, there is no need to stimulate the immune system with concoctions made of waste matter and poisons. Besides the procedure is ineffective, Pediatricians, who have both vaccinated and unvaccinated children in their practice, know firsthand that unvaccinated children are healthier. A proper vegetarian diet promotes health and thus is of benefit to one desiring immunity. Health is the only real immunity.

The increased burden upon the earth in order to create vaccines is something which we have not researched but the large decline of African Green monkeys comes to mind. Of course, the millions of eggs used in making each years flu vaccine is not insignificant. Vaccines increase cancer incidence, the products used in connection with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery may also be a significant burden on the earth.

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