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[NVICL] Forced vaccination & list of lawyers

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Finding Lawyers
These links are provided for your convenience. With a few exceptions, we do not have personal knowledge of the firms listed.


See Attorneys for list of firms who may help with vaccine injury or exemptions.


A website with Liability Assumption letter, Protestant Vaccine Exemption and Catholic Vaccine Exemption to vaccination.
" ‘Form Examplars’ for you to use or to consult with an attorney. "
[You can also ask this site to refer you to an attorney. Or if you are an attorney you can offer your information so that it may be passed on.

Free, donations accepted, Legal forms "Premium Legal Forms Library

links to Forms, Letters and Misc.

100 Resources for Nursing and Medical Law
Legal nurse consultants, nurse lawyers, medical malpractice lawyers, and general medical-legal consultants, offer information on how to deal with legal accusations of wrongdoing in the medical world.

Avvo - - Questions, Finding Lawyers and Legal Advice

FAQ for Vaccine Injury Claims

Vaccine Injuries and Vaccine Court at the Federal Court of Claims

Compensation for Vaccine Injuries

Vaccine injury medical malpractice

How to Win in Court
Without a Lawyer

Case-Winning Court Tactics ... Made Easy!

Attorney/Lawyers: These links are provided for your convenience. With a few exceptions, we do not have personal knowledge of the firms listed.

Siri & Glimstad
Among other fields of practice:
Vaccine Exemption/Mandate, Vaccine Injury and Whistleblower/Qui Tam
Nationwide with offices in: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, Detroit and Denver

Vaccine Attorneys - List
... list of attorneys have agreed, upon request, to accept referrals in certain vaccine injury cases ...
Sept 2021: Archived from May 2014:

Educating the public about hiring a personal injury attorney.

Robert T. Moxley Law, P.C.
Vaccine Program Cases handled (top of page)

Meet Attorney Ed Kraus
Chicago Vaccine Injury Attorney Edward Kraus is a Clinical Professor of Law at the Chicago-Kent College of Law. Professor Kraus provides a wide range of legal services in the areas of health and disability, including handling compensation claims for victims of vaccine injuries.

A current listing of law firms taking vaccine injury is maintained at
^ Vaccine Lawyers:

^ Vaccine Injury:
Maglio Law Firm: Mercury, Hep B, MMR and DTP

^ Shaken Baby Syndrome Defense,
a group of consultants, doctors and legal experts
2nd Chair Services
Jury/Trial Consultation
Toni M. Blake, JD, MA
Shaken Baby Syndrome Defense
Under current reporting laws, when a child shows up to an emergency room with subdural hematomas and retinal hemorrhages there is an immediate referral to child protective services and a default diagnosis of Non-accidental Trauma (NAT) or Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS).

Did your doctor fail to warn you about possible vaccine injury?
If you or your child have been injured by a vaccine and your pediatrician or physician failed to warn you about the potential for injury, Aaron Siri, Esq. at (212) 532-1091 may be able to bring legal action on your behalf on a no-fee basis. Siri is the attorney who won a permanent injunction to stop mandated flu shots for preschoolers in New York City.
posted here by Autism Action Network:[capwiz:queue_id]

Yurko Project Consultants
Offer Help in SBS cases and related issues.

Attorney_resource_guide.htm E-mail from NY-NVIC research
- (New York, New Jersey and many other states)

Dangerous Medication
THE LAW FIRM OF ALLEN L. ROTHENBERG Specializing in Pharmaceutical Product injuries.
^ General Products  |   ^ Gardasil

Archived at:

Vaccine Injury Alliance: 10August01 leading law firms and NVICP awareness.

Nursing Home Abuse Guide - Attorneys Paul + Perkins

Vaccination Liberation - Idaho Chapter
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