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Soldier faces threats from military after refusing anthrax vaccine
Julie Weisberg [17Sept07]

A soldier serving in Iraq who is stationed in Baghdad says he has faced "threats" and "intimidation" from his Army superiors - including the possibility of forced inoculations - after he refused to take the military's controversial anthrax vaccine.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, July 25, 2006,


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Thursday, November 01, 2007
New Tactics by Pediatrician Bullies
from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's

New Tactics by Pediatrician Bullies

"So my pediatrician just instated a rule that they are now going to charge a $20 fee for 'delaying' or opting out of any vaccinations for inconvenience. Neither of my kids have received any their 4-year old shots and some we have passed up completely, so I would have to pay the$20 for both kids at each check-up. Of course, insurance would never pick that up..."

COMMENT: Health care consumers are becoming more savvy and more independent. With the plethora of books, CDs, Internet sites and TV programs teaching people about their bodies,m parents are learning how to take care of themselves...and their kids. Many parents I know are becoming extremely skeptical of the need the so-called "well baby visits." The primary purpose of the doctor appointments is not to teach new-moms about feedings, sleep issues, and what to expect. These "visits" are nothing more than an opportunity for rabid vaccinators to pop their babies full of chemicals, killed viruses and bits of bacteria. Now, if they don't comply or even question the need for so many vaccines all at once, it looks like there is going price. In real dollars.

Moms know when their kids are sick and need attention. They intuitively know when something "isn't right." With the strong arm tactics of doctors who are supposed to take care of families and babies, parents need to start boycotting their offices. Picket, hand out letters, send letters to the editor of your local paper exposing what they are doing. This type of action needs to be exposed for what it is: Coercion of the worst kind.

The only way to get what you want from your doctor is force him/her to comply with your wishes for your child. If you CPA or banker were not serving you well, you'd get another one. A physician is a paid consultant. Get one you like...and respects your wishes for your child...or get another one. What else can you do?

  • Read some books--there are many out there about how to raise a healthy child without vaccinations
  • Join the Holistic Mom's Network locally and online
  • Take an online class about homeopathy
  • Put together a network of like-minded parents in your neighborhood for a support group.
  • Find a naturopathic physician, acupuncturist, doctor of oriental medicine, open-minded osteopathic physician or nurse practitioner. They're out there... you need to ask.
  • Do you think your mom...or your grandma...had a "pediatrician" for every sniffle or fever you had? Talk to the elders in your community, church or synagogue. They have years of wisdom to share.
Parents need a health care provider and advisor when their child is sick. They do NOT need a Medical Parent that scolds, shames or strong arms them into compliance. I urge and hope to empower parents to take the initiative so you don't need a Medical Parent telling you to inject your child against your better. Tactics like those stated above make doctors as whole...and pediatricians in particular...less desirable all the time.

Start a revolution: Boycott Pediatrician Bullies.

Posted by Dr Sherri Tenpenny