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Medical Records, School and Idaho State Law

By Ingri Cassel

Anyone who registers a child in our public school system is asked to bring a copy of their child's immunization record. If you are among the thousands of parents across Idaho that will be registering a child for school this fall, you should know that Idaho Statutes give parents the option to claim one of three exemptions, allowing children to attend school without the CDC recommended vaccines.

Idaho Statute 39-4801 requires that parents present school officials with "a statement to the school authorities regarding the child's immunity to certain childhood diseases. This statement shall provide a certificate signed by a physician or his representative, that such child has received, or is in the process of receiving immunizations as required by the board of health and welfare, or can effectively demonstrate, through verification in a form approved by the department of health and welfare, immunity gained through prior contraction of a disease."

Idaho Statute 39-4802 states "Any minor child whose parent or guardian has submitted a signed statement to school officials stating their objections on religious or other ground shall be exempt from the provisions of this chapter." A signed statement stating your objection to any one or all of the required vaccines for any reason must be accepted by school officials in lieu of your child's immunization records.

The recently added Idaho Statute 39-4804 states that "Before an immunization is administered to any child in this state, the parent or guardian of the child shall be notified that 1) Immunizations are not mandatory and may be refused on religious or other grounds; 2) Participation in the immunization registry is voluntary; 3) The parent or guardian is entitled to an accurate explanation of the complications known to follow such immunizations."

More shots are added each year to an ever expanding list of vaccines being required, not by your doctor but by the school district and state. As questions of vaccine safety and conflicts of interest are being debated in congressional hearings, hundreds of parents tell stories of being denied compensation for vaccine injuries by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. As autism and learning disabilities such as ADHD are increasing at an alarming rate, so too are the reports of changes in children's personalities soon after receiving a triple antigen vaccine such as the MMR or DTaP. As a result, more and more parents have decided for themselves that the risk of some childhood diseases is less than the risk of the numerous vaccines now mandated. It is important to remember that parents are responsible for the healthcare of their children and must have the choice whether to vaccinate or not.

Ingri Cassel, Director
Vaccination Liberation - Idaho Chapter
P.O. Box 1444
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816
Page 8, North Idaho Family, Fall 2001
[North Idaho Family Magazine Fall 2001 issue.]

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