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Iowa First To Ban Mercury From Childhood Vaccines

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UnInformed Consent
Monday May 17, 2004 12:00AM
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IOWA - UNINFORMED CONSENT, — In the first of what promises to be a domino effect of like bans, Governor Thomas J. Vilsack of Iowa set national precedence Friday by signing into law a bill to ban the use of the notorious neurotoxin, Thimerosal (ethyl mercury) still used in childhood vaccines.

Thimerosal (ethyl mercury) used in many vaccines, has been the subject of much angry debate amidst heated allegations by parents, doctors and scientists who claim current epidemic levels of autism and learning disabilities are the result of an overburden of mercury through the administration of mercury containing vaccines, mercury containing amalgam dental fillings and other sources.

A new campaign sponsored by the HHS (US Dept of Health and Human Services), the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics and Medical Home Initiatives (an arm of the AAP), called "Autism A.L.A.R.M." quotes epidemic rates of autism at 1 in 166, the rate of learning-disabled children at 1 in 6 and recommends "early intervention" to doctors. It goes on to recommend testing for lead poisoning (not mercury) much to the dismay of many outraged scientists and parents who claim this is outright deceptive. (See Autism A.L.A.R.M.)

The incestual relationships between vaccine/pharmaceutical manufacturers and government authorities have been called into question resulting in a 3-year ongoing congressional investigation of the CDC, FDA and the NIH (Centers For Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health), the American Dental Association and others. Recent senate hearings are currently investigating a defensive NIH for like practices.

In May of 2003 a scathing report was filed from the Congressional Committee For Government Reform with the Congressional record stating in part "Our public health agencies' failure to act is indicative of institutional malfeasance for self-protection and misplaced protectionism of the pharmaceutical industry." (See Report)

During the July 2000 CGR hearing Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth-Hage (R-ID), is quoted, addressing the governmental agencies present, "You listened to the testimony just as I did and you are willing to, with a straight face, tell us that you are eventually going to phase this out after we know that a small baby's body is slammed with 62 times the amount of mercury that is supposed to have...(sic) No wonder people are losing faith in their government. And to have some of the witnesses tell us it is because mothers eat too much fish? Come on. We expect you to get real...(sic) Just wait until it gets in the courts. This case could dwarf the tobacco case. And we would expect you to do something now before that circus starts taking place."

A recent hearing at the National Institutes of Sciences — the National Institute of Medicine's Immunization Safety Review Committee, (ISRC), was swarming in accusations the CDC (and a fraternity of other government agencies charged with public oversight safety of pharmaceuticals and medical practices), have acted in the best interests of pharmaceutical cartels instead of the public resulting in rumors the hearing was almost cancelled. One scientist commissioned by congress for investigation into CDC's vaccine databases was immediately barred from the CDC after they reported their adverse findings to the ISRC hearing.

(See Hearing Coverage)

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