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Subject: Letter to Ed #1 - MSEHPA
2184 Hwy 14
Banner, WY 82832-9709
December 5, 2001

The Editor
The Sheridan Press
P.O. Box 2006
Sheridan, WY 82801

Dear Editor:

On October 23, the Centers for Disease Control recommended that all fifty states adopt the "Model State Emergency Health Powers Act", an act which is one of the most destructive of our civil rights that Americans are likely to encounter. For a view of all forty pages, go to .

An excellent evaluation of this act can be seen at . My comments and quotes are from that site and from the Act itself. The AAPS article I used is called "AAPS ANALYSIS (DRAFT): EMERGENCY HEALTH POWERS ACT TURNS GOVERNORS INTO DICTATORS"

The AAPS is the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, of Tucson, AZ. This group of medical professionals is disturbed by the Act for many reasons. It grants governors and public health authorities unprecedented and unchecked powers in the event of an emergency.

Such an emergency would allow officials to force you and me to accept any medical treatments or vaccinations that the health authorities said were necessary. People who would refuse such treatment would be liable for a misdemeanor. If the health authority believes the person who refuses is a threat to "public health, he or she may be subject to isolation or quarantine pursuant to the provisions of this Article." Article V, Section 504 (b)

It would be reasonable in some circumstances to quarantine a person with an infectious disease. However, causing a person who refuses vaccination or treatment to be liable for a misdemeanor is unacceptable.

A person who declines medical treatment or vaccination may be isolated or quarantined. The person has the right to a hearing that will be held within 72 hours of receipt of his written request of the hearing, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays. In the meantime, while awaiting the hearing, he will stay in isolation or quarantine.

AAPS quotes Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation. He said, "Tommy Thompson, whom I have considered a friend for thirty years, should be ashamed of himself for advocating this kind of Big Brother legislation. This is not the Tommy Thompson we knew as a four-term governor of Wisconsin." Health and Human Services is using the September 11 attacks as an excuse to promote an act that has been "in the works" for over one year. The main author is a man named Lawrence O. Gostin, who was a member of Clinton's Task Force on Health Care Reform. According to the AAPS article, it is strange that Secretary Thompson should urge states to adopt a plan that comes out of the most radical left wing of Clinton's Health Care Task Force.

"This law treats American citizens as if they were the enemy," says George Annas, who is chairman of the Health Law Department at the Boston University School of Public Health (San Francisco Chronicle, 11/25/01).

Paul Weyrich said, "If protests are sufficient and if conservative legislators in state legislatures are properly alerted, perhaps there is a chance to beat back this monster."


      Susan Pearce
      Banner, WY