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Divorced parents head to court over vaccines
Detroit Free Press Published Oct. 9, 2017
Less than a week after jailing a mother who refused a court order to vaccinate a child, Oakland County Circuit Judge Karen McDonald must decide another case of divorced parents who can't agree on whether to vaccinate.

Lori Matheson of Walled Lake doesn't want to vaccinate her 2-year-old daughter, citing health concerns and religious objections. She's asked the court to delay any ruling until she's had the chance to have genetic testing done to see if her daughter could be predisposed to vaccine injuries.

Matheson's ex-husband, Michael Schmitt of Troy, wants the girl immunized. The two have disputed the case for months and now are before McDonald seeking a resolution.

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Confusion continues in Michigan anti-vax case over mother's religious concerns
November 14, 2017
PONTIAC, Mich. - A Metro Detroit mother was in court Tuesday fighting her divorced husband for the right to decide if their child should be vaccinated after her attorney failed to qualify an anti-vaccination doctor as an expert at a hearing last month testing a judge's patience.

Lori Ann Matheson says she has religious objections to vaccinations and does not want her 2-year-old daughter vaccinated. Her former husband, Michael Schmitt, doesn't believe she does.

The judge heard testimony last month and was forced to stop the mother from testifying about expert medical needs. The case continued a week later with testimony derailing from the focus of custody. Tuesday's hearing began in much the same way.

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Expert in pediatrics takes stand in Michigan anti-vaccination case
Mother cites religious beliefs for anti-vaccines stance
February 26, 2018
PONTIAC, Mich. - A controversial vaccination case was back in the Oakland County Circuit Court with an expert in pediatrics Monday.

Lori Matheson is fighting her ex-husband Michael Schmitt for the right to decide if their 2-year-old daughter should be vaccinated. Matheson does not want her child to get vaccines. She said autoimmune disease runs in her family and she believes vaccines lead to autism.

"When I started reading ... that's when I found out that there are some vaccinations that are cultured in aborted fetal cells," she testified.

Schmitt does not agree. He wants the court to order vaccinations for his daughter.

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