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Immunization Registry Information Page

Immunization Registry Information Page

Have you wondered, as I did recently, how the "Immunization Registry and Tracking" in your state is proceeding?

Quite well, according to the CDC. There are of course a few problems.

  • 1. The registry is for Vaccination rates, not immunization rates. The non controversial fact, that at least 90% of the decline in infectious disease occurred before specific vaccines were introduced, tells us that at a minimum, 90% or more of the immunity we enjoy today is due to factors other than vaccination. Thoughtful researchers know that vaccination is NOT immunization.

  • 2. The purpose of the registry is to increase sales of vaccines and thus is a sales tool at best and a tool of coercion at worst. The right of parents to opt out of these registries needs careful protection.

  • 3. Need for Immunization is defined by ACIP recommendations. ACIP is composed of pharmaceutical company employees and others who benefit from the sales of vaccines. ACIP recommendations are thus SALES recommendations. No state or other agency should treat these recommendations as medical or scientific.

    We at Vaccination Liberation believe that not registering children in any government registry is best, but for those who disagree, the 'Immunization and Tracking Registry' should be made to serve legitimate ends.

  • 4. A legitimate registry would track disease incidence in both vaccinated and vaccine-free individuals. Likewise, a mechanism can be build into a legitimate registry to track all adverse events from which a child suffers and allow the charting of adverse events relative to vaccination schedules as well as compare to those who do not vaccinate. This of course would soon give proof that vaccines do not immunize but rather do harm the recipients. A simple comparison of dollars spent each year on the medical costs for vaccinated children versus vaccine-free children would be eye opening. If Immunization Registries are going to exist, why not require the 'Immunization Record' to be attached to each Death Certificate?

    Removing 'Immunization and Tracking Registries' now, will be extremely difficult as long as the superstition of disease prevention through vaccination continues in full force in the public mind and profit through vaccination dominates the pharmaceutical industry mindset. In Progress in Development of Immunization Registries—United States, 1999 it is stated,
    "Since 1994, more than $178 million in federal funds have been awarded to state and local health departments to support the development and implementation of immunization registries." Read the rest of the article at:

  • CDC
    Find registry contact information for your state:

  • American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA)
    Registry Profiles. Click on your state in the Map.
    In addition to the Programmatic and Technical Registry Contact Information for your state, this site provides a summary of Registry Specifications and Functionality for each state.

    NIP Immunization Registry Clearinghouse - Index page for CDC/NIP information.

  • Immunization Registry Progress --- United States, January--December 2002

  • Progress in Development of Immunization Registries -- United States, 1999 (history of IR)

  • Measuring child participation in Immunization registries: two national surveys, 2001
    Hand out in PDF format.

  • Methodologies to Measure Provider Participation and Attitudes Toward Immunization Registries

  • Secrets to Success - Linking MCIR, Private Physicians, and Local Health Departments March 18, 2003

    Using the Monroe County Health Department in Monroe, Michigan as a case study, present information to identify the following:
    1. Assessing the community immunization practices
    2. Creating a plan of action for increasing participation
    in submiting data into the registry
    3. Implementation of the plan of action

    The number of children in the Michigan Childhood Immunization Registry who are up-to-date on immunizations has significantly increased. Private providers and a local health department have formed a successful partnership to provide and share immunization data.

    A statewide immunization registry can work - it takes collaboration on a local level to achieve success
    1. Understanding an immunization registry
    2. How to get physicians to buy into the registry
    3. How to get parents and the community involved
    4. Making immunization strategies work
    5. The role of the local health department
    6. Tracking immunization levels in your community through
    the registry.

  • Funds:
    CMS - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
    (formerly HCFA) HCFA = Health Care Financing Administration Medicaid

  • DRAFT Strategic Plan
    Immunization Registry Clearinghouse
    DRAFT Strategic Plan
    2002 - 2007

    June 2002
    In July 2001, the National Immunization Program (NIP) committed to the development of a 3-5 year strategic plan to ensure reaching the 2010 immunization registry national objective — to increase to 95% the proportion of children (ages 0 - <6 years) participating in a fully operational, population-based immunization registry . Although the dedication and hard work of public health professionals throughout the U.S. have resulted in immunization registry progress in every state, only 24% of children are participating in population-based immunization registries.

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