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Special Announcement - Good News
declare all state laws that mandate vaccinations unconstitutional.
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 22:48:13 -0700
From: "Newsletter - Koren Publications, Inc." <>
Subject: Special Announcement - Good News

Dear Colleague,

Here is a special Thanksgiving announcement I'm very happy to make. A few months ago I (Tedd Koren) was contacted by the president of the Arkansas Chiropractic Association. He was very upset. A federal judge had just declared the Arkansas immunization exemption laws unconstitutional! Arkansas law does not permit philosophical exemptions so by losing religious exemptions it was "roll up your sleeves" time for chiropractic kids and others who didn't want to get shot up with 77 vaccines by age 5. I called Jim Turner, Esq. to discuss this being a battle the new Foundation for Health Choice could take on for health care freedom.

Jim agreed - we are in our first battle. Although we are very new with supporters just beginning to help, we've fired the first shot in the battle to reclaim our health care freedom, and this first shot is no pop-gun, it's a FEDERAL CASE.

Now here's the GREAT NEWS! The Foundation for Health Choice has filed an amicus brief in 8th circuit Federal Court of Appeals challenging the Constitutionality of mandatory vaccinations. This is an historic document that has the potential to declare all state laws that mandate vaccinations unconstitutional.

This brief is an opening move in an entire campaign for fight for health care freedom. Please let us know of any legal battles you know of so we may continue this work in the legal arena. We are fighting for freedom in the US (and Canada and Europe).

Here is the actual press release that is going out to all the wire services. If you'd like a full copy of the entire historic brief see the bottom of this post:


Petitioners cite risk to life without due process

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - The constitutionality of mandatory vaccines, based on the expectation they will kill a certain number of children and substantially harm others, is now being challenged in federal court.

"The lives that are lost by this program are lost without even a pretense of due process," states the "friend of the court" brief filed in conjunction with an Arkansas case being heard by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis. The brief, submitted jointly by the Washington, D. C.-based non-profit consumer groups Foundation for Health Choice and Citizens for Health, also cites a recent federal court ruling against the death penalty.
In that decision last April, a judge for the Southern District of New York found the federal capital punishment law unconstitutional based on findings that some of the people facing execution were actually innocent of the crimes for which they had been sentenced.

That same case logic should now be applied to the current situation that is bound to result in the deaths of innocent children, according to the brief.

The vaccine case, as originally heard in two federal district courts, involves some 125 children whose exemptions from inoculations on religious grounds were at issue, with a lower court judge ruling that the exemption was too restrictive. Through their intervention, the two health organizations have sought to broaden the significance of the case to that of a life-and-death issue - the first time such an argument against immunization has been raised in the courts, according to James S. Turner, the Washington, D.C. attorney who submitted the brief.
Mandatory immunizations are a routine requirement for attending school, but without any procedures in place for parental participation in determining the need for such shots or the adverse effects they might have on certain children..

The brief contends that "the body of law justifying mandatory vaccine programs contains limitations on the state power to force vaccination." It refers to the need for a demonstrable emergency (e.g., a threatened or actual epidemic); requires a medical opt-out for vaccine-endangered individuals, and recognizes conscientious objecting.

The petitioners also call for "interested families" to be involved in a procedure for determining who is likely to be harmed by each vaccine, and "a way of prioritizing which of the nearly 20 vaccines currently administered to each child and at what age ... will most protect the community at the least health cost."

Is This Freedom?

  • Parents cannot decide what's best for their children. By the time most children are 5 they are must be injected with 77 vaccines; over 200 new vaccines are in production, and many will become mandatory. Your children may not enter public school/many private schools and colleges unless they are vaccinated while MDs, school and health care workers don't inform people of their legal exemption rights.

  • Laws are being proposed making vaccines mandatory for adults; if your "vaccine papers" are not up-to-date won't be able to travel by plane, rent a hotel/motel room or a car according to proposed new legislation.

  • Bureaucrats can take your children from you if you don't vaccinate them; if your newborn doesn't have synthetic Vitamin K injections or nitrous oxide in their eyes.

  • Autism spectrum disorder, allergies, asthma, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, dyslexia, vision and hearing deficits, pervasive developmental disorder, cancer, arthritis, diabetes and many other conditions that were rare are increasingly being linked to mandatory childhood vaccinations.

  • Doctors who use safer alternatives may be fined, lose hospital privileges, arrested, and lose their license to practice.

  • Medicine is at least the 3rd and quite possibly the leading cause of death in the US. Medical care may bankrupt this country by 2040. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from Adverse Drug Reactions of properly prescribed FDA approved drugs, medical mistakes, malpractice and hospital infections while AT THE SAME TIME...

  • Alternative health care providers' freedom to practice and teach is restricted; many Americans are forced to travel to foreign lands at great expense and risk to avail themselves of less toxic health care that is illegal in the US;

    Organized medicine, the pharmaceutical companies and government agencies not only refuse to change this state of affairs, they support it.

    Had enough? Want to go on the offensive?
    We're the Foundation for Health Choice.
    We're organized medicine and the pharmaceutical industry's worst nightmare!

    We'll fight for your children's freedoms! For your professional freedom! For your personal freedom!

    Please go to for information on donating. All donors at supporter level ($40/month or $480/year) and higher will receive a copy of this historic amicus brief. Please write to me at to request it and we'll upload it to you.

    We're serious in our fight for freedom. Are you? Do you really want freedom? You've got to fight for it. Want to donate your time and energies? Please write to me at the above address. We need you to donate funds, at any amount, to keep this battle alive. Would you like to see your children living in a freer world? We'll do the fighting, we need the ammunition from you. Will you help? Call me at 215-699-7906 for information.