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Subject: info for letters to legislators
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002

Feel free to modify this petition for your own message.
1): Copy message below.
2): Open page in word processor. Paste letter there.
3): Add the name of the chosen legislator from following list.
4): Add your name at the bottom of the letter.
5): Modify as you wish.
6): Print and mail. If you wish to email, then select email address, copy and paste your message into the email body.

Note: the process of copy can often be done by:
highlighting the text with your mouse, press CTRL/C, then go to desired paste area and press CTRL/V.

The list has been expanded to included legislators in District 3. It would be good if you could send a message to each of your three local representatives, plus one to each of the 18 people on the Health and Welfare Committee. You can copy the message below in large font (16 font) then fold it in three and staple it. This can be addressed and stamped and mailed without an envelope to save time and money. Post cards are also good for hand-written messages.

Several of us working together intend to paste the statement on the back of a manilla envelope so that it can be read by anyone who handles it. Inside the envelope we will have a brief letter with information on how to find MSEHPA on the web. We will attach a short collection of government and media documentation on how dangerous both the anthrax and smallpox vaccines are, plus an excellent overview on the totalitarian powers promoted by MSEHPA. We may also include info from government sources on how mailed anthrax came from U.S. government labs connected to those who have much to gain from anthrax medication and vaccine. (See p.12 of January Idaho Observer for fantastic flow chart on these connections.)

Good luck with getting your messages mailed THIS WEEK!. Time is of the essence because the Division of Health is "working on a plan" to bring us to heel with forced quarantine and other noxious mandates, as verified by Dr. Hahn, quoted in the Coeur d' Alene Press, Jan. 9, 2002.

[Signed] P. Morgan

P.S. Don't forget to read Don Harkins' dynamite article on smallpox vaccine coming our way with our name on it, Idaho Observer, January issue, page 13. Great tips for how to keep well.



During a real or contrived public health emergency, the people of Idaho will not forfeit our human rights and civil liberties.

*We will not be rounded up by the National Guard, then transported to detention centers or quarantine facilities.

*We will not be forcibly drugged, medicated and/or vaccinated by the "public health authority" at the point of a gun.

*Government officials would not enjoy zero liability in the event that citizens are injured/killed by compulsory medical treatment.

*We will not allow private property confiscated by the state, especially without compensation.

*We will not undergo mental health "re-education" for objecting to all of the above.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has released model legislation which proposes these provisions and more! It is called the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA). MSEHPA is now being pushed on all state legislatures. We understand that the Idaho Division of Health-- under guidance of Dr. Christine Hahn-- is developing a radical "emergency" plan that could incorporate many of the odious provisions found in MSEHPA.

We fear that legislative rules may be suspended, committees by-passed and an "health emergency" bill will be brought to the floor for quick passage without proper scrutiny from you. We ask you to reject and block MSEHPA's totalitarian proposals, which crafty manipulators at the federal level wish to force upon us under guise of "public health."

We anxiously await your reply! Please understand-- citizens of Idaho are watching you very closely on this one!

Sincerely yours,

Address for mail contact:

Idaho State Legislature
State Capitol Building
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, Idaho 83720

Phone: 208 332-1000

Legislative website:

District 1
1. Senator Shawn Keough
2. Rep. John Campbell; none
3. Rep. George Eskridge

District 2
1. Senator Clyde Boatright
2. Rep. Hilde Kellogg; none
3. Rep. Wayne Meyer; none

District 3
1. John W. Goedde
2. Jim Clark
3. Kris Ellis

Health and Welfare

1. Senator Grant Ipsen; none
2. Senator Patti Anne
3. Senator Denton Darrington; none
4. Senator Moon Wheeler; none
5. Senator Robbi King-Barrutia; none
6. Senator Skip Brandt
7. Senator Clint Stennett
8. Rep. Thomas Loertscher; none
9. Rep. Bill Sali; none
10. Rep. Mike Moyle; none
11. Rep. Bev. Montgomery; none
12. Rep. Larry Bradford; none
13. Rep. Kris Ellis
14. Rep. Dell Raybould; none
15. Rep. Sharon Block; none
16. Rep. Janet Aikele;
17. Rep. Margaret Henbest; none
18. Rep. Wendy Jaquet