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Affidavit for refusing TB tine test
or Vaccinations

Due to the difficulty many people are having in obtaining a legal exemption to vaccinations or the TB tine test for employment, we have recently recommended filing a notarized affidavit at your county's courthouse for those people who have strong moral or religious convictions that prohibit the purposeful introduction of foreign proteins (pathogens) and known neurotoxins and carcinogens into the body via injections or the TB tine test. You can then take the original document that has now been stamped as appropriately filed with the court (and will be mailed back to you) and have a copy placed in your personnel file. In this way, if they tell you down the road that you must have a flu shot or risk being fired, you will have leverage in court for a wrongful termination lawsuit.

While recommending the above tactic as a means of protecting our right to be free from coerced medical experimentation, a committed young Christian man in prison was applying this same tactic in asserting his fundamental human right to abstain from the annual TB tine test administered to all prisoners in this country. Imagine my elation when I received in the mail his handwritten affidavit, letter to the warden, and all his Exhibits in January 2009! He also told me that this was the first year they simply bypassed his cell when administering the TB tine test to all of the other prisoners.

    The following link(s) will take you to the skeleton of his affidavit, the letter to the warden and medical staff, and his Exhibits. Please remember that what he has written is simply an example of what one man was able to accomplish. In order for you to be successful,
  • you will need to spend some time researching the topic,
  • write up your own affidavit,
  • have it notarized
  • and file it with your county's courthouse.
  • This is just the first step. The other steps you take will depend upon your situation. We advise that you pray about your particular circumstance and seek courage, strength and guidance as you proceed forward in faith.
MS Word Document that you can modify for your situation, print and file.

PDF Document that you can print

Note: if you have difficulty with the .DOC file, the PDF contents may be highlighted and copied to a word processor.