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New York Legislation
Email received 10 May 2006.

Greetings again!

The world's 2 leading authorities on veterinary vaccines -- Dr. W. Jean Dodds of Hemopet and Dr. Ronald Schultz of the University of Wisconsin's School of Veterinary Medicine -- have contacted New York's legislators urging them to VOTE NO on Senate Bill S02164 and Assembly Bill A04253 (see e-mails below sent with permission) which would require boarding kennels and groomers to obtain proof of vaccination within the previous year (annual vaccination) with vaccines which have been scientifically proven durations of immunity of more than 7 years to provide services to New York's cats and dogs. To require pet owners (consumers) to pay for redundant vaccinations from which their animals derive no benefit runs contrary to consumer protection laws. These bills appear to promote veterinary medical malpractice by putting veterinarians in the untenable position of having to give animals drug overdoses (vaccines are biologic drugs) in order for their owners to be able to board or groom them.
Passage of unresearched, non-scientifically supported legislation like this will have a profound impact on the health of companion animals and their owner's finances. Please do not allow these bills to pass through inaction. Your pets need you to fight this for them, and these legislators need more than a whimper from pet owners, they need a resounding roar to vote AGAINST these bills ( insert S02164 in the box at the top after "Bill No.", click "2006" and check the "text" box to read the text of the bill). To contact the appropriate New York legislators, even if you're not a New York resident, copy and paste the e-mail addresses below.

Kris L. Christine
Co-Trustee, Co-Founder -- The Rabies Challenge Fund Charitable Trust

Wyoming’s New Euthanasia Rule
[Note: We at VacLib believe immunity is natural, does not depend upon pre-existing antibodies, and that good health is the only immunity. Vaccinations are not necessary or beneficial. However, until this knowledge becomes wide spread we must assist individuals working within the belief system that vaccines "immunize".]

May 10, 2006

Dr. Jamie Snow
Wyoming Department of Public Health

Re: Wyoming’s New Euthanasia Rule

Greetings Dr. Snow:

In light of current scientific research, Wyoming’s rabies rule requiring mandatory euthanasia for cats and dogs deemed “unvaccinated” is unjustified. While I recognize that you have a mandate to protect public health, your new rule will needlessly take the lives of countless pets which are actually immune to rabies despite being overdue for or medically exempt from rabies boosters.

Under the new rule, it appears companion animals overdue for a rabies booster by a week or month (according to vaccine manufacturer’s recommendations) would be deemed “unvaccinated,” disregarding the fact that study results published in 1992 by Michel Aubert’s research team demonstrated that dogs were immune to a rabies challenge 5 years post-vaccination (see text of that study below). Serological studies done by Dr. Ronald Schultz of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine show that dogs have antibody titer counts at levels known to confer immunity to rabies 7 years post-vaccination. Based on the scientific research, any dog euthanized in Wyoming under this rule within 5 to 7 years of rabies vaccination will die needlessly.

On Page 13 of the The American Animal Hospital Association's (AAHA’s) 2003 Canine Vaccine Guidelines (accessible online at Leeburg Training, it states: “The minimum DOI for killed rabies vaccine based on challenge studies is 3 years; based on antibody titers, it is considered to be up to 7 years [Table 2].” Vaccine manufacturers are not required by FDA to demonstrate long-term duration of immunity in order to license their products. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Principles of Vaccination (, “..revaccination frequency recommendations found on many vaccine labels …does not resolve the question about average or maximum duration of immunity [Page 2] and.may fail to adequately inform practitioners about optimal use of the product…[Page 4] .” This holds true for rabies vaccines, as Aubert’s and Schultz’s studies demonstrate that rabies vaccination confers minimum duration of immunity in dogs far beyond vaccine manufacturers’ 3 year booster recommendation.

In conversations with rabies vaccine researchers, I have been told that the Center for Disease Control has no recorded cases of any dog contracting rabies after receiving 2 rabies vaccinations. The implication is that 2 rabies vaccinations confer a lifetime of immunity. As a veterinarian, your own experience being vaccinated against rabies indicates the same. The Populations at Risk for Rabies sheet from Chiron Corporation, manufacturers of the RabAvert rabies vaccines for humans is accessible at Their pre-exposure vaccination recommendation for veterinarians, who are at greater risk than the general population for contracting rabies because their profession brings them into physical contact with potentially rabid animals, is for a “Primary course. No serologic testing or booster vaccination.” In other words, after the initial series of rabies vaccinations, it is not recommended that veterinarians receive further boosters or serological testing, they are considered to be immune to a challenge. AAHA’s 2003 Canine Vaccine Guidelines (accessible online at Leeburg Training states on Page 18 that “There is no indication that the immune system of canine patients functions in any way different from the human immune system. In humans, the epidemiological vigilance associated with vaccination is extremely well-developed and far exceeds similar efforts in animals whether companion or agricultural. This vigilance in humans indicates that immunity induced by vaccination in humans is extremely long lasting and, in most cases, life-long.” This strongly suggests that, like the human rabies vaccine, the canine rabies vaccine also provides life-long immunity.

The science reflects that Wyoming will be euthanizing immune dogs under the new euthanasia rule. I strongly urge you to re-examine this policy and consult with the world’s leading authorities on veterinary vaccines -- Dr. W. Jean Dodds of Hemopet and Dr. Ronald Schultz of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine -- about modifying this scientifically unwarranted euthanasia rule.

Ensuring that Wyoming’s beloved companion animals are not needlessly euthanized justifies closer scrutiny of this rule.


Kris L. Christine
Co-Trustee, Co-Founder
The Rabies Challenge Fund Charitable Trust
Alna, ME 04535
It needs to be understood that disease in humans and animals is caused by unnatural lifestyle elements.

Lack of sanitation and malnutrition are two common causes of disease. Today malnutrition is common in our companion animals both because the diet is unnatural and in addition commercial food frequently is loaded with toxic chemicals. Vaccinations are a violation of internal "sanitation" in that poisons are introduced directly into the animals body. Keep your animals away from poisons and feed them healthy diets and their health will outshine our own.

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  **Science of Vaccine Damage [Archive on] by Catherine O'Driscoll
In vaccinated animals, parvo is being replaced with "... cancer, leukaemia and other inflammatory or autoimmune (self-attacking) diseases ..."

An important weblink for the study of vaccine damage is here -
Russell Swift, DVM, Fort Lauderdale, USA, said: "I believe that poor diet and vaccinations are responsible for most chronic diseases. Acute 'diseases' are discharges of toxins and energy from the body. The 'causative' germs assist by breaking down toxins and stumulating cleansing. By preventing these discharges, vaccines result in chronic disorders. Injected vaccines preservatives. They implant mutated microorganisms, preservatives, foreign animal proteins and other compounds directly into the system. This is done in the name of 'preventing' a few syndromes. If an animal is in an optimal state of health, he or she will produce the strongest immune response possible. This response offers protection against all NATURAL challenges. The irony is that vaccine labels say they are to be given only to healthy animals. If they were truly healthy, they would not need them. Those who are not healthy are the most severely damaged".

See the section above in this page about the dangers of vaccination.

See Shirley's Wellness Cafe for articles on parvo: Enter Parvo in the search box on the right of the page.