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Many web sites have put our URL on their pages to let people know where more vaccine information may be found. In an effort to make sure no one went unknowledged, a search was made using to locate which sites posted our URL or an article containing our URL.

Some of our pages which link to these sites are marked with *.

Note: May 24, 2007 a search indicated 408 relevant results in a search for sites with a reference to

Note: February 6, 2009 a search indicate 10,800 search results. (Not all relevant.)

Update on January 17, 2012: Search [finds] About 46,400 results (0.08 seconds)

Wisely, we decided not to update this page from the google search results. We still DO add sites that make a direct request for a reciprocal link or who inform us they have added a link to their site.
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Oct 17, 2012
Flu Shots
Not Here Today!
Please Research side effects & ingredients before poisoning yourself!
Wake Up Get Healthy
(Links to our exemption page mirror.)

Oct 12, 2012
Advanced Nutritionals has a very interesting site here:

May 17, 2012
We received notice that Kids Party World (Kids Birthday Party Supplies & Adult Party Supplies) had added 2 links on their site to us. Thank You.



January 17, 2012
Health Information

February 2009:
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August 08: Home page: Breathing For Relaxation, Health & Well Being:
Lists in The Relaxation Breathing Resource Directory:
Allergy Page/Links
Liberty Links
Natural Health Links (Not just a \"White\" thang!)
Home Schooling Blog.
A libertarian-leaning edu-blog
Link to the HEM blog.
Has a letter re exemptions:
The Vaccine Machine
some antivax links
Good page of Vaccine articles and links.
Darren Weeks .NET Radio: First Amendment Radio Network.
Georgia Judge Forces Vaccination of Two Children Against Parents' Will
Elementals Conspiracies (M-Z) Directory (or 'The Truth Behind the News')
Page of Links
Vaccine Information - Common myths about vaccines - and links
Pharma Ghostwriting Revealed: How Drug Firms 'Hoodwink' Medical Journals
Victim Families Say Autism-Vaccination Link Painfully Obvious
Vegan Action for people, animals and the Earth - for a better world
Green Angels
Welcome to the Genuine Profit of Home Sweet Home. Must Read Sites:
Health concerns.
Political Internet Links & Health Related Sites"
Health and Wisdom Inc.
Products: Dr. Christopher's herbal combinations, Living Fuel, Magnesium and Laminar Mica, and books.
health Links
* Our favorite source of Graphs - Six pages contain this sites links.
The Informed Parent
Know Vaccines Recommends These Websites
Association for freedom of choice and correct information
Carbondale Center for Macrobiotic Studies
* Links page
Vaccination Websites
Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines
Moms for Options to Treat and Heal Autism and Related Syndromes
Subject: 20 Reasons Not to Take Smallpox Vaccine
Networking For A Better Future - News and perspectives you may not find in the media
Options for Autism: An ABA Provider
Links & Other Useful Information

This page contains links to websites and documents that we feel offer at least a starting point for finding more information regarding dietary and other interventions. All children are different, therefore we do not endorse any intervention other than ABA. However, multiple simultaneous interventions have been shown (through mostly anecdotal evidence) to yield positive results.
Idaho Observer * has links in about 14 pages to I.O.
Victim Families Say Autism-Vaccination Link Painfully Obvious
Page of Links, Health and Vaccines.
Portugese [basic facts about vaccines]
Vaccines, Mercury Toxicity and Skyrocketing Autism: 2002 Update Report by Ingri Cassel-Harkins
*About 14 links on
Archives of the Georgia Guide Stones
Recommended Products and services
Links [The Power Hour, Focus on subjects that inform and educate people every day to the real challenges that face this country. Help us restore the Constitution to its rightful place of importance in the United States.]
Vaccination Information Service. Whom do you trust, nature or man?
Links to Other Vaccination Information Sites

Georgia Judge Forces Vaccination of Two Children Against Parents' Will
Tetanus: the disease versus the vaccine By Ingri Cassel
(Reprinted from the Fall/Winter 2001 VacLib Letter) Walene James, the founder of Vaccination ...

*About 71 pages with links.
Zeus Information Service - - Alternative Views on Health

Vaccination Liberation - Idaho Chapter
Contact: Vaccination Liberation

"Free Your Mind....From The Vaccine Paradigm"

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