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In Memory of Sallie Elkordy
(15 May 1960 - Novemeber 22, 2020 - 2:30 PM EST.)

Source: Sallie Elkordy

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Here are links to audio recordings of the tribute to Sallie Radio shows with LOTS of her fans. Great stories. RBN skipped the commercials for the first hour and most of the 2nd hour.

First Hour of Tribute: vaccine-free-america-w-sallie-elkordy-nov-28-2020

Second Hour of Tribute: immunize-wizely-with-ingri-cassel-nov-28-2020

In Loving Memory of Warrior Sallie O. Elkordy who was one of a kind!
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   Eileen Danneman
Goodbye, Farewell to a real champion.
Having sloughed off the density of this harsh reality may her journey into and through the subtle realms of reality be superfluid, stunningly brilliant and amazing, Free at last.

I have always supported Sally though so many politically correct “others” in our movement thought she was too outrageous. Yes, out-rageously raging against the abuse leveled on us by dwarf minded authorities.

In your face, she was! On her shoulders - destiny of all the little children. Protecting them from the totalitarian grip of authorities uneducated. I stepped up to be her champion, no matter what, because few people have the righteous passion that Sally had. Few people walk the walk, as tirelessly as she had. She was my outer self, going from rally to rally, standing alone on the steps of justice whereas I execute from behind my computer. She was our brave frontline worker.

The metaphysical minded know that after passing out of this plane of existence, that we still do our work albeit on more subtle levels of duality. Scientists project ideas from this realm to researcher’s on this planet, received as mere inspiration. Surgeons who have passed use their earthly skills imbedded in their being as medicants to the transitioning travelers.

Opened to her insightful downloads, Sallie is still working although now behind the scenes. Sally will not rest in peace. Not for that energy bunny! Rooted now in a peace that surpasses understanding, she continues on. Good by dear!

Eileen Dannemann founder, Vaccine Liberation Army.

   Alfred Lambremont Webre
News, comments and memorial
Was Judge Sallie Elkordy the target of a targeted assassination by 5G so as to prevent her from testifying in the Tribunal Trial on Sunday Nov. 29, 2020?
November 24, 2020 By Alfred Lambremont Webre

EXPERT PANEL: By Alfred Lambremont Webre
VANCOUVER, BC – An Expert panel of American Sallie Elkordy, director of Vaccine Free New York and Shiv Chopra, formerly of Health Canada, conclude that forced adult vaccinations are a component of an intentional depopulation program, and urge the public to refuse all vaccines for themselves and their loved ones.
Shiv Copra   |  Sallie Elkordy

Donate to Tribunal via GoFundMe

   Judge Karen Holton (Canada)
Just a note to say how very sorry I am for the loss of Judge Sallie Elkordy. She will be greatly missed.

Judge Karen Holton (Canada)
[Member of Tribunal mentioned above.

   Rob Potter
Though I did not know Sally personally I have followed brilliant and her work for many years. Her death under suspicious circumstances underlines in bold the divine nature of her contribution to the Vaccine Liberation Army the world over. This Angel Force of intelligent people who now know the dangers of Vaccinations - 5G Radiation on the human being and more owe a debt of gratitude to the tenacious Sally who as a concerned citizen contributed so much to help people to realize an insidious threat to life on earth.

She may be gone but this Magnaminous soul now martyred is not forgotten and her spirit is a beacon that is lighting the way into the Whole Truth that will set us free to reclaim our sovereignty. She bravely bared her valiant heart to boldly state her warning to the people of an unimaginable conspiracy foisted on an innocent and unsuspecting public. I know today many are mourning the loss of her brilliant presence in the world.

I know she is here from beyond the other side of life cheering on those who carry on her work with dedication and humility against the tide of manipulated public opinion. I send my deepest condolences to her family and close friends with the assurance that she has nobly fulfilled her life purpose and is at peace in a better place.

Warm Regards
Victory To The Light
Rob Potter

   Dr. Dena G Churchill BSc., DC.
RIP Sallie Elkordy
. I very much value your lifetime work. In our interview a month ago you talked about being followed home and having a few close calls with the pharmaceutical mafia. You were a courageous lady and I still believe your sudden death is also part of a greater plan. Perhaps others see the desperation and level of intelligence of those in the chemical business. Even though I am so saddened by your physical passing, I trust in eternal love and wisdom. You join the other heroes and friends Jeanne Ohm, Toni Bark, Jeff Bradstreet and the 90 other holistic doctor friends in a higher plane of existence. Your legend and vision of a vaccine-free world is alive and well.

I love you Sallie. You have touched my soul and inspired me deeply to see your dedication and humanitarian service.

Dr. Dena G Churchill BSc., DC.
Innovator in Women’s Health. .
Atlantic Common Law Assembly.

   Viera Scheibner
I am devastated beyond words. I will never wake up to Sallies' email message again. Never see her characteristic beautiful face framed by her long beautiful hair.and smiling kind face. I printed her last photo she sent of herself to me. It just started raining soft warm rain. As if it was a message from beyond from dear Sallie.
Very sad. Well, we shall all meet again, some sooner some later.
\With love,
[Viera Scheibner]

   Kathleen Seravalli
I met Sallie about 9 years ago. We became good friends and shared many memories within that time. My son was diagnosed with Autism shortly after after 4th Birthday. I would go to NYC for his Homeopathy Appointments and Sallie would always make the effort to travel from her home in Queens, NY and meet us for dinner at Dock's Oyster House...where we would share a nice dinner and enjoy some pink champagne. I stayed at her house several times and we would sit up and talk into the wee morning hours. We'd discuss everything from our families to politics, but our conversations never ended without talking about what was most near and dear to our hearts..Vaccine Injured Children. She never got passed as to what happened to her beloved sister and the million of other children, including my son, who suffered the fate of vaccine injury.

On January 13, 2020, Sallie found her way to the State House in Trenton, NJ. She cheered us on as we fought to protect our Precious Religious Exemption. That night, after we won, Sallie came back to my house and spent the night. I felt like I had won the lottery..and who better to share that joy with..if not Sallie!

She never stopped advocating for our children. She was a great friend and showed me a strength in myself that I never knew existed. For that, I will be forever grateful. She will be missed more than words could ever say. Forever in my heart.

Kathleen Seravalli

   Ingri Cassel
The news of Sallie passing on Sunday was an incredible shock for me. I felt so close to her even though we lived across the country from one another. I always looked forward to talking to Sallie weekly. From my viewpoint, I had finally met an incredibly illuminated being who had the correct (but politically incorrect) spin on the vaccine issue: OUTLAW VACCINES! BAN VACCINES 2020!

Coming from a non-vaccinating family and having researched this topic thoroughly after being assaulted in an emergency room with an unwanted DPT injection as a teenager, there is no other way for me to see this issue. From our perspective, required vaccines for daycare or school is a form of state-sponsored child abuse. Sallie was one of the few in our movement who shared my 'radical' viewpoint. Over the years, Sallie and I had a few phone conversations and she had me on her blog talk radio show, The Mary & Sallie Show. I was always inspired with renewed commitment to the cause after talking to Sallie. She never tired of creating new ideas for getting the word out about vaccine dangers and the fact that vaccine injuries are common.

In June 2019, soon after AL Whitney passed and I inherited the radio slot we had together, I discovered that the hour before my show was in need of a host. I got so excited and called RBN owner John Stadtmiller immediately, asking him to hold the spot since I had someone in mind. I called Sallie and she was thrilled to take the spot even though it was on Saturday nights every week. I was so excited to be teaming up with Sallie - a real kindred spirit at last! I told her exactly what to do, wrote the RBN an email of recommendation and Sallie did her first show the following Saturday. A few weeks later, John Stadtmiller asked listeners to call in with what they liked and didn't like about the various radio shows on the RBN network and one caller showered praises about our two shows but especially for Sallie's show. Yes!

Sallie was the premiere networker of the many families touched by vaccine injury, whether their child was mildly injured, severely injured or had passed due to vaccines. This amazing woman had the compassion and will to move mountains and never gave up the torch to save more and more children from vaccine injuries. Her journey of discovery started when she took her daughter to a doctor's appointment for a check up and they wanted to administer a hepatitis B shot to Mary Elizabeth. Not knowing enough at the time, she responded by agreeing to that shot but told the nurse that she absolutely did not want her daughter to receive an HPV vaccine since she had heard horrible stories of the side effects of the new cervical cancer vaccine. Imagine Sallie's horror when she found out that they ignored her wishes and administered both shots - Hepatitis B AND Gardasil vaccines. Mary Elizabeth did have an adverse reaction to the combination of these two shots and Sallie began to research more in-depth about vaccines in general. What she discovered turned her into a full-time vactivist, advocating tirelessly for parental rights and our fundamental right to keep ourselves and our children from this form of medical experimentation. With more research, she realized that her entire family had been adversely impacted by routine vaccines. Her sister had been permanently injured from her childhood shots leading to mental retardation and both parents passed soon after flu shots.

Sallie frequently traveled to rallies in front of New York's capitol in Albany as well as the state capitol in Trenton, New Jersey and Washington DC. She hosted many events for New Yorkers - indoors with noteworthy speakers and outdoor protests to wake more people up on vaccine dangers. Sallie also assisted in creating made for television productions for public access TV and posted the same to YouTube. She carried flyers wherever she went and never missed an opportunity to educate someone at a restaurant or any place where people were gathered. Sallie was the most fearless warrioress I have met - never backing down when she was attacked but also never stooping down to the level of spewing venom back at her attackers. She kept to her life purpose of bringing good cheer to all she meets, patiently educating those around her to what she had learned about vaccines and the devastation around the world this massive medical experiment has wrought on our children.

Sallie is best known for her compassion, generosity, big heart and cheerful spirit. May her memory inspire you to carry on her work waking up more people to the dangers inherent in all vaccines and having the courage to stand out and NOT consent to any form of state-sanctioned medical experimentation.

To Sallie - My dream was to be able to fly out to visit you AFTER the TSA is no longer at our airports violating people's bodily boundaries. This dream has now changed to you still being there on the other side to greet me when I, too, pass from this physical existence. I miss you terribly and can only hope that your friends will do your memory justice by carrying your torch proclaiming what we all know needs to happen in a sane world - BAN Vaccines! Vaccines are not healthy for children and other living things. Until we meet again, I will carry your memory in my heart and aim to be an example of fearless determination that you taught me, Sallie.

~Ingri Cassel
Hayden, Idaho

   Poem, ~ Author Unknown
Click to see Poem, 170KB JPG

   John Wynne

Thank you Sallie, for all you did for the children. Your fight for truth has brought great results. You will always be remembered as a great warrior who tirelessly exposed the truth about vaccine injury and death, with love and compassion.

John Wynne,
Against Vaccination Agenda
Against Depopulation Agenda
Headline Truth News.

   Janice Hicks


Thank you Joe Jones and Ingri Cassel for holding this time for some of us to a few words of Tribute to Sallie.

Sallie studied , researched , interviewed 100's of victims and knowledgeable awake doctors and nurses and other holistic and Naturopathic , Homeopathic Doctors ...

Sallie, worked tirelessly to put a Moratorium on these harmful vaccine ingredients called Adjuvants ......Every year she listened to the parents share with her their own child having died after vaccinations ....Sallie was a true Empath knowing that more and more children were being harmed and passing away shortly after having been vaccinated......... While the world watched too in our disgust and disappointment in the Medical System ......Sallie marched , she wrote letters to her congressmen and woman and to the President of USA even to President Trump.

Sallie ran for Mayor of NYC to see if Government power worked for the good of the people .......which we know it doesn't not when it comes to how much money they can make to fund their Retirement Funds from mnay of us who will sacrifice their lives for the Men behind the curtain.

The parents of our country have been grieving over their children that the Pediatricians have done to their poor babies since the Salk Vaccine....this Covid -19 has stirred the pot for millions if not billions of us throughout the world ......OH NO YOU DON'T INJECT US WITH THAT mRNA insane A.I. destroyer vaccine ....never before GIVEN to we human's in our entire history .....

I will miss Sallie, my heart and condolences go out to her and her husband Mohamand and their two awesome children ..I am so sorry for the loss of your mother ..It is a most sad time for you I am sure....Sallie will be Spiritually blessing many in heaven right now as we speak......

But you will have 540 radio shows to listen to her speak again and again.

Sallie touched so many peoples lives and all of us will always hold her dear to our hearts and in our memories forever. God Bless everyone with more activism to Save The Children.

Janice Hicks

   Yuka Azuma
For Sallie Elkordy

Sallie was very very important to me and for the world. She was my dearest friend whom I love and respect with all my heart. She was passionate, smart, caring, kind, generous, courageous, full of wit and knowledge, and her beautiful smile and her beautiful family always made me feel welcome and warm.

I was introduced to her by a peace activist friend in January 2012. She told me there's someone all for peace whom I should vote for if I lived in the New York City district she represents. Sallie turned out to be more than a peace advocate, she was aware of everything, she knew the truth. She knew how this society is constructed, issues on geoengineering, GMOs and vaccines. She became my mentor and I learned a lot from her.

We first met in person in Dec 2012 when she held the “Truth gathering” in NYC and screened Clint Richardson’s documentary “LETHAL INJECTION - THE STORY OF VACCINATION”. Our friend Michael Irving in other part of the world told us, Sitting Bull was at present dancing as he was pleased with our truth gathering. Indeed, I felt something significant about our first meeting, and I guess we joined the dance! Sallie and I became great friends ever since.

She was conducting "Billions Toddlers March For Survival" back in 2013. Though we couldn’t get enough people to march with us, she never got discouraged and moved on to create more events, and has interviewed more than 1,000 vaccines victims over the past 8 years on her radio & TV shows. She ran for NY Mayor just so she can ban vaccines! She cared deeply for the injured children. I remember her tears when she spoke about them. She puts her heart in her cause and told their stories, so that there will be no more vaccine injured children for the future.

Every Halloween, every St.Patrick Day, every conversation with strangers, she planted seeds in people’s mind. I miss her deeply, I miss her smile and her hugs. I will take her spirit with me and continue to honor her work. Her legacy lives on. Thank you Sallie for all you do. I love you deeply.

Yuka Azuma

  Tracey Northern

What will we do without Sallie kicking us up the butts to get things done. She kicked me up my butt to get me to talk on her radio show. I was so nervous and we recorded a first attempt which her dog kept interrupting so she decided to do it all over again being a perfectionist. I wish I could get the tape of our first attempt it would cheer me up as it was comedic I’m sure. She was and still is a force to be reckoned with and the movement will certainly miss her.

God obviously thought her work was done. Maybe it is. Maybe we will win this battle soon. I hope so and I hope, as others have said, she is watching and working in the background from a better place. I hope also someone will please take good care of her dog who she loved. Thankyou Sallie for all that you did and inspired others to do.

Northern Tracey (Tracey Northern)

We have lost a great spirit! She will be missed by all the dedicated warriors fighting for our health freedoms.

Sally Fallon Morell
President, The Weston A. Price Foundation

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Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy
From Republic Broadcasting Network

Sallie O. Elkordy has been hosting radio programs solely about vaccination since 2011. Vaccine-induced injury and death have been the topics of conversation for the purpose of preventing more of the same and she has interviewed 1,000 victims over the past 8 years. The bumper music for this program, “Word to the Wise” is by recording artist Daz Nez and the artwork is by Joe Jones. Gratitude extended to fellow RBN show host Ingri Cassell for recommending Sallie for this opportunity. Contact Sallie here: and follow her on Twitter as “OUTLAWvaccines” @OWvaccines

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