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In Memory of Susan Kreider, RN, CPC, CNOP
(May 23, 1957 - Novemeber 10, 2016)

Left to Right:
Walene James, Susan Kreider, Don Harkins, Ingri Cassel, Lisa Mullenax
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It is with deep sadness and loss to our movement of a light bearer - Susan Kreider. She was a strong supporter of Vaccination Liberation and our message, being our Pennsylvania chapter leader along with Louise Francis. Susan suffered from an intense vaccine injury in October 1990 - 26 years ago. Her injury was from the mercury in the Hepatitis B vaccine series she was compelled to take to complete her nursing degree and get a job. After consulting with Dr. Harold Buttram and becoming one of his patients, she discovered that the mercury amalgams in her mouth were a key factor in her severe injury. You can read her story here A Nurse is Mercury Poisoned from Hepatitis B Vaccines

Her website with a Glossary of Vaccines is here:
Advocating informed choice in vaccine administration in a biologically-vulnerable global society.

In Fall 2002, I remember when we went across country to join others in a 50-state nationwide "We The People" protest regarding government accountability. I wanted to meet Susan for the first time and was quite disappointed it didn't happen then. We were both in Washington D.C. but she was at a Congressional hearing on mercury in dental amalgams and was part of a group from DAMS testifying. Fast forward to Summer 2004 - Alan Yurko, a man falsely-accused of SBS, was gathering activists from around the world to testify at his Evidentiary Hearing in August 2004. Many of us wanted to go but the expense and distance to go to Florida was a deal breaker until Archie Kalokerinos from Australia was flying out to Florida for the Hearing at his own expense. Everyone reset their priorities at that point and Susan Kreider, Lisa Mullanex and Dr. Harold Buttram all came down from Pennsylvania for the Hearing. (Lisa's husband was in prison at the time for SBS and she was in the heat of publicizing her story of vaccine-induced SBS.) Susan found some time-share condos for us to stay in and we all had quite the meeting of minds -- quite a list of who is who in the movement showed up and it was an incredible blessing to be able to hug Susan for the first time!

Prior to our meeting, in November 2002, Susan had authored with Dr. Harold Buttram and Alan Yurko one of the very first exposes on vaccines causing genetic mutations. This one article made the rounds and was reprinted in newsletters: "Vaccines and Genetic Mutations". Thanks to Lisa Jillani of PAVE in North Carolina for continuing to maintain Alan Yurko's website -- a virtual treasure trove of very important information. See VACCINES AND GENETIC MUTATION by Harold E. Buttram, MD; Susan Kreider, RN; Alan R. Yurko October 11, 2002.

Please note the addendum by Edda West of Vaccine Choice Canada -- breastfeeding is so very important!!!

Fast forward to Fall 2014. I am talking to Susan regularly since she wanted help with a letter she was composing to Lisa Blake, director of GBS/CIDP Foundation International regarding their upcoming symposium: ‘Immunizations and Vaccinations, by Peter Donofrio and David Cornblath’ were among the overviews of Symposium Topics. They were scheduled to devote a half-hour to “…discuss the lack of any significant evidence relating to flu vaccinations and Guillian-Barré Syndrome after 1977 and will emphasize the higher incidence of Guillian-Barré Syndrome after natural influenza illness…” Further, “They will review the flu vaccination guidelines which have been proposed by the GBS|CIDP Foundation International, the Neuropathy Association, and the CDC, then will conclude the lecture by contrasting the morbidity and mortality of the natural influenza compared to complications of flu vaccination.” A couple of you on this group offered to help and the final letter was sent to the director with copies to all the chapter leaders, who agreed with Susan but weren't willing to rock the boat! At the time, Susan related that she was ill for the last 15 months with headaches, heart palpatations, high blood pressure, insomnia and other symptoms that were identical to someone suffering from 'smart meter syndrome'. I asked her where her electric utility meter was and she drew a blank, never having a reason to check it. I asked her to look outside and locate it, letting me know if it had little clock dials on the face (an analog or 'turtle' meter) or if it had a digital read-out (a smart meter). When she called me back she confirmed that she had a smart meter and it was on the outside wall of her condo just outside her bedroom window -- which confirmed for me that she was indeed suffering from 'smart meter syndrome'. I gave her some websites, especially
   or Click here for promo art graphic.
Get connected in this overview guide, ask the right questions, and provide letter templates to prevent or remove a 'smart' meter from your home.

She proceeded from there, buying an analog meter online from Jerry Day and switching out the meter herself. What followed was an unbelievable battle with PECO, Pennsylvania Electric Company. In fact, I have an entire folder dedicated to the documents in her case before the Pennsylvania Utilities Commission. Where others had failed in obtaining accommodation for an analog meter, she was prevailing due to her use of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Susan was getting advice from Catherine Frompovich and others who were hot on this issue but she didn't hire an attorney and prepared all her paperwork herself for each hearing before the Commission. Susan was amazing strong and resilient but the pressure she was under was intense - a veritable David and Goliath kind of battle ensued.

So what happened?

Fast forward to October 2016 - Susan ... was considering unplugging and going solar. The estimate she received for doing this was $60,000. Then she took a fall in her home - breaking or fracturing her leg (forget which). She ended up at the hospital where she was put under anesthesia for surgery. She had a stroke and was then put into ICU, She was weak and recovering but had lost some of her memory.

[For more about the appeal with the utility company, see Louise Francis comments below.]

The rest is too painful for me to recount. Louise Francis has been gracious enough to forward emails from a list that formed of Susan's friends who were taking turns visiting her in the hospital.

At one point she was taken from the hospital and put in a recovery facility but had a second stroke and ended up in ICU again where her brother had to make the decision, at some point, to unplug her. Many of us would like to see her medical records but this likely won't happen since her brother, Ben, is married to a woman who works for Big Pharma. They believe that Susan should have been on pharma blood pressure meds and, if she were, she would be alive today.

In Memory of Susan Kreider, a beautiful and powerful activist

Susan was kind, gentle, generous, feminine, gracious, thoughtful, compassionate AND passionate. I would always tell her how much I wished that she lived closer to me! She was a joy to work with on any project and had no ego trips to deal with. We all had the same goal in mind and would discuss how to go about the next step with ease and comradery. She used her own vaccine injury to warn others about the dangers of vaccines and would also share with them the dangers of mercury amalgams, and more recently 'smart meters.'

Susan will be sorely missed -- we need more courageous women in this battle against Goliath!

May she find peace on the other side and understand the impact her life has made on so, so many families.

And may Susan's gentle spirit continue to inspire all of us.

In the Spirit of Truth,

Ingri Cassel, director
Vaccination Liberation

[Thank all of you who contributed photos and comments.]

Comments by Louise Francis, FCAS, MAAA

Susan devoted a lot of time in the last couple of years of her life to fighting the utility over their attempt to force a smart meter on her. I offer a few additions to the description of her case: At the end of September, Susan was notified that the Public Utility Commission decided against her in what they termed a "preliminary" decision. A brief story appeared in the local newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Smart meters are not unsafe, two PUC judges rule -

The installation of a smart meter on the house of a Philadelphia customer who complained the device made her sick did not constitute unreasonable or unsafe utility ...

Susan was not done with her case. She filed a kind of appeal (called an exception) in the week before her accident. Part of her filing addressed evidence of corruption she had that involved outside interference in her case by a Pa politician whose son works for the utility. She also contacted her state senator who was very supportive and might have been able to served as a last ditch defense against the utility.

There is a more complete write-up of Susan's case that was reviewed by Susan before posting. It is at the bottom of this page: Smart Meters – The Health Harms, Other Harms, and Resources . 10/25/2016: Pennsylvania PUC Shows its Bias in Smart Meter Case

Contributed by Louise Francis, FCAS, MAAA

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Email: Dewey <>

Name: Violet
Date: 11/15/2016
Thank you for sharing all this information about Susan, Ingri. What a great, courageous lady.

Name: Dewey
Date 11/16/2016
I never met Susan but her name was instantly recognized when it crossed my email desk. Her insights and help in opposing the fraud of vaccination will be missed.

Name: Lisa
Date: 11/17/2016
Susan was one of the early warriors for the cause of truth and will be missed. So glad I got to meet her.

Lisa Jillani, founder/director, PAVE