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Three Autism News Articles
[25Feb02 2002]

Dear Members and Friends -
Please read the following three pieces...
It should be REAL clear why the concept of "safer" vaccines is an oxymoron
(2 words that basically are recited together that are oppositional and "make no sense'. Like military intelligence.)
We need to be clear when we communicate to others that:

1. all "vaccine preventable" disease are not scary; most children and adults recover from them with natural immunity (immunity that lasts a lifetime) provided they are not already "immune compromised".

2. Most vaccines use thimerosal in the manufacturing process and it is not necessarily put into the package insert of ingredients. In fact, if the vaccine is thimerosal-free, they often double the amount of other adjuvants such as aluminum phosphate (or other "activating" ingredients which are often heavy metals.)

3. Vaccines are toxic and we are experiencing a much worse epidemic of disabled and neurologically impaired children than any other generation in history. ~The damage to the entire human genome of this grand and coerced medical experimentation is unparalleled in history and catastrophic to our survival as a species (...never mind that we are evolving spiritual beings)


California has just experienced the largest quarterly increase in the number of new cases of level one autism in it's history. According to DDS, between July 6, 2001, and October 4, 2001, a record number 705 new cases of DSM IV autism entered California's developmental services system. As with all of DDS's autism case growth reporting, the 705 new cases do NOT include other autism spectrum disorders such as PDD, NOS, Asperger's, etc. The 2001 Third Quarter report represents a 54% increase over year prior, and shows that autism accounts for 8 new children entering the system PER DAY.

In October 2000 level one autism accounted for 28% of the total number of all new intakes (autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, epilepsy, and conditions similar to mental retardation). Now in October 2001 level one autism accounted for 36% of all new intakes.

California's numbers are significant because they are one of the few states to actually track, record and report. Source: California Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

read the full text at [Continued]

A leading vaccine injury law group announced today that their firm is now in possession of an unreleased confidential report authored by Centers for Disease Control scientists which studied autism as a potential neurological injury caused by mercury in children's vaccines. An announcement was made by the law firm of Waters & Kraus, the firm that filed the first known lawsuit alleging that a mercury preservative in children's vaccines caused neurological damage to an infant ultimately diagnosed with autism. Andy Waters, the lead attorney in the firm, warned that a different version of the report was eventually made public and has been cited by the recent Institute of Medicine study as inconclusive on the issue of whether the mercury-based vaccine preservative known as thimerosal has contributed to cause a nationwide epidemic of regressive autism and other neurological disorders in small children. The confidential version of the study, however, clearly demonstrated that an exposure to more than 62.5 micrograms of mercury within the first three months of life significantly increased a child's risk of developing autism.

Specifically, the study found a 2.48 times increased risk of autism - that is to say, children with the exposure were more than twice as likely to develop autism as children not exposed.

For your own copy of the new report, please email Claire@ASBESTOS-LAWYER.COM. (at Waters & Kraus.)

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We should be past the point of wasting time with claims that the amount of mercury in shots is "miniscule."

Study Finds Excessive Mercury in Hair of Infants: 'Cause for Concern'

1: Neurotoxicology 2001 Oct;22(5):691-7

Mercury (Hg) is considered one of the world's most toxic metals. Current thinking suggests that exposure to mercury occurs primarily from seafood contamination and rare catastrophic events.

Recently, another common source of exposure has been identified. Thimerosal (TMS), a preservative found in many infant vaccines, contains 49.6% ethyl mercury (EtHg) by weight and typically contributes 25 microg of EtHg per dose of infant vaccine.

As part of an ongoing review, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced in 1999 that infants who received multiple TMS-preserved vaccines may have been exposed to cumulative Hg in excess of Federal safety guidelines.

According to the centers for disease control (CDC) recommended immunization schedule, infants may have been exposed to 12.5 microg Hg at birth, 62.5 microg EtHg at 2 months, 50 microg EtHg at 4 months, 62.5 microg EtHg at 6 months, and 50 microg EtHg at approximately 18 months, for a total of 237.5 microg EtHg during the first 18 months of life, if all TMS-containing vaccines were administered. Neurobehavioral alterations, especially to the more susceptible fetus and infant, are known to occur after relatively low dose exposures to organic mercury compounds.

In effort, to further elucidate the levels of ethyl mercury resulting from exposure to vaccinal TMS, we estimated hair Hg concentrations expected to result from the recommended CDC schedule utilizing a one compartment pharmacokinetic model.

This model was developed to predict hair concentrations from acute exposure to methymercury (MeHg) in fish. Modeled hair Hg concentrations in infants exposed to vaccinal TMS are in excess of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) safety guidelines of 1 ppm for up to 365 days, with several peak concentrations within this period.

More sensitive individuals and those with additional sources of exposure would have higher Hg concentrations. Given that exposure to low levels of mercury during critical stages of development has been associated with neurological disorders in children, including ADD, learning difficulties, and speech delays, the predicted hair Hg concentration resulting from childhood immunizations is cause for concern.

Based on these findings, the impact which vaccinal mercury has had on the health of American children warrants further investigation.

PMID: 11770890 [PubMed - in process]