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Autism/MMR Resources, 60 Minutes TV show.

Wed, 15 Nov 2000 12:38:10 -0800

Attention Members and Friends -

The following internet resources for the MMR and Autism Link are excellent for further research. I have followed these resources with the latest commentary resulting from the 60 Minutes show on 11/12/00 which discussed the MMR/Autism controversy. Please share the following with others who may be unaware of this suppressed information.

Dawn Sweeney posted these wonderful links!

Autism: A Unique Type of Mercury Poisoning Sallie Bernard*, Albert Enayati, B.S., Ch.E., M.S.M.E.**, Teresa Binstock, Heidi Roger, Lyn Redwood, R.N., M.S.N., C.R.N.P., Woody McGinnis, M.D.

So What's Not to Like About Andrew Wakefield?

[Media article] Secrets and lies: Is the astonishing rise in autism a medical mystery or a pharmaceutical shame? By Lesli Mitchell

Childhood jab linked to rise in cases of autism (Daily Express May 23, 2000)

Ted Koren, D. C.

Vaccines-Trigger for Autism?

Why Does The MMR Vaccine Need To Be Suspended?

Autism : Is there a vaccine connection? Part I. Vaccination after delivery.------ F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP.
Pt 2


IMMUNE RESPONSE TO BRAIN MYELIN IN AUTISTIC CHILDREN by Vijendra K. Singh, Reed P. Warren, Dennis Odell Utah State University, July 1992

Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) Vaccine as a Potential Cause of Encephalitis (Brain Inflammation) in Children by Harold E. Buttram, MD Townsend Letters Dec. 1997

The Autism Explosion by Dr Rimland (with graph showing rise in autism since MMR vaccine)

AUTISM RESEARCH REVIEW INTERNATIONAL Vol. 12, No.1, 1998 EDITOR'S NOTEBOOK Bernard Rimland. Ph.D. ---- Vaccinations: The Overlooked Factors

The Role of Vaccines in the Causation of Autism and Related Disorders---Paul Shattock and Dawn Savery, Autism Research Unit, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, UK.1997


Autism 99 A National Emergency

Dawbarns solicitors vaccine fact sheet also here: Society For The Autistically Handicapped

MMR Vaccinations and Interferon-Gamma possible sequelae: neurologic and/or gastrointestinal by Teresa Binstock

VACCINATION-INDUCED NEUROPATHIES Infection, Autoimmunity, and Autism by Teresa Binstock

Binstock, T. Hypothesis: Infection, antibiotics, vaccination-induced neuropathies: Mechanisms of pathogenesis in some cases of autism, ADHD, Tourette's, OCD, and other neurological disorders. Bit.listserv.autism January 3 1997.

Complete articles at:

From Robin Goffe......

I have some information on the measles 'epidemic'. Of course it was not the numbers that Katz quoted... but I guess if you say it on Television then it makes it so!!I get very tired of all the lies...

Here is what I have through the cdc.government Data page 133 cause of death through measles in the United States year -1990: 64 deaths (11 under one year of age, 29 in 1-4 years of age, 4 in 5-14 years, 7 in 15-24 years, 10 in 25-34 years, 3 in 35-44) gee didn't Katz say 132? How many of these folks were already vaccinated for measles? How many actually died from the treatments?

I still feel that we are making small strides. I liked the part about autism outbreaks in US after the MMR mandates in the 70's , then the mandates ten years later in England and then THEIR autism epidemics. Does any one have the scoop on Katz? Does he get funding from somewhere?

Robin Goffe

I think 60 Minutes did an excellent job on letting parents know there is a problem with the MMR vaccine and autism. Dr. Andrew Wakefield's words, the Wildman family (the video of a normal child before the MMR vaccine)and the parents out in CA had an effect, not withstanding Samuel Katz's propaganda that it isn't an epidemic and that parents are playing roulette not getting the MMR shot.

I think this will generate more news stories on this subject down the line and create enough doubt that parents will investigate on their own.I will let 60 Minutes know that CBS should do more stories like this.

Ray Gallup

-----Original Message-----
From: Larry []
Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2000 4:34 PM

I watch the piece on the MMR vaccine and the possible relationship with autism. I was disappointed. It did not include the more recent research by Wakefield (that was independently verified) that indicated a definite concern.

Also, they failed to ask the pro-vaccine doctor whether the people impacted by the recent measles outbreaks were vaccinated (which the majority where).



-----Original Message-----
From: Stephen De Leo []
Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2000 4:48 PM

This letter is in reaction to the 60 Minutes show "Vaccines and Autism" Please forward to 60 minutes

Dear Sirs:
I am horrified at the way the MMR vaccine controversy was presented tonight. It seems to me that you left out MOST of the story and MOST of the facts! Had you attended any of the Autism Conferences for more than a few minutes you would realize that this controversy is real!!! The argument that autism is diagnosed around 16 months doesn't say anything to many of the parents whose child became autistic within 24 hrs. of the MMR vaccine. Are you saying that exactly at 16 months children normally become autistic? Don't you think that it is more than a coincidence that it is occurring within 24 hrs after receiving a vaccine?
What about the study that was just published from Ireland that backed Dr. Wakefield's work? What is the British government afraid of? Another BSE outbreak again? Wake up...
If you have ever attended these conferences, you would see the real science that is involved. I have laboratory tests that show many of the abnormal metabolites etc. that exist in my child's body. What about all of the other vaccines that contain thimerasol? Maybe you should look at the recently published articles that were presented this past summer in Congress that show the similarities between autism and mercury poisoning - THEY ARE IDENTICAL! I am in the process now of proving that my child's autism is the result of the many doses of mercury that was given to him in vaccines. There has be NO SAFETY STUDY DONE ON THIMEROSAL SINCE 1930's!!! Wake up! We're trying to help children here, not harm them. Don't you think as reporters that it's more than a coincidence that this rise in autism occurred shortly after the introduction of vaccines in our country?? I have been teaching for more than twenty five years and I don't care that it was said that "the diagnosis has improved". If there was a child in my classroom twenty five years ago that was spinning and flapping his/her hand, I think I would notice it no matter what the diagnosis was!!

I truly feel that this portrayal of autism and the possible connection to vaccines was very poorly done and one-sided. You DID NOT DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Ginny DeLeo - Mother of a 7yr old autistic boy

-----Original Message-----
From: Murray and Gloria Dollinger
Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2000 5:26 PM

Just want to thank CBS (60 Minutes) for their program on Autism which was aired Sunday evening (Nov.12th) but thought it should have been a longer segment and a bit more informative.
No doubt, Autism is spreading very quickly but before it gets MUCH worse we should start working on individual shots now.
More programs as the one 60 Minutes presented tonight would be in the best interests of future generations and in the best interests of our infants today before the MMR shots are given to them.
Thanks again to 60 Minutes and a special thanks to FEAT and to Lenny Schafer (Editor of FEAT).

-- Gloria Dollinger

We have a seven year old son that has autism. before he had the MMR shot. he was very normal as a boy can be. he spoke words, never waved his hands in the air and got a good nights sleep. always had eye contact, cried very little. at almost three years of age we were told that he had to have his MMR shot. about three weeks later we did not know who he was. he crien out in anger. could not speak was on the move from the time he got up to the time he went to bed. would not make eye contact. ever since the MMR shot we have been living in hell because our little boy has autism. and yes. we do believe that the MMR shot did it. I have videos of him before and after and anyone can see the difference.
We would like to thank CBS for theur story but I don't feel that they went far enough. just my opinion. Lester Starnes

From Sheri Nakken:

I have mixed feelings about the 60 minutes MMR story. On the one hand they did a good job here:
1. Showing a family and video of their child before and after MMR - devastating and really seemed to get to Ed Bradley
2. Showing the conference in San Diego and people standing who believe MMR is the culprit (Rick Rollens at the podium!)
3. Andrew Wakefield - very clear, calm and decisive without appearing radical (which he isn't). Also appeared more open minded than Katz and concerned. He explained the situation extremely well - a complicated subject to get across in a few minutes
4. Clearly showed the stupid British position of no separate vaccines allowed
5. Good footage of autistic children

On the other hand:
1. Too much time for Katz - but he did look a little fanatical to me and not too open minded. He appeared threatened.
2. Didn't explore who got measles in the 1990 outbreak - were they vaccinated or not?
3. Too many injections given throughout the show - there were over a dozen video shots of children getting injected with the vaccine - horrifying to many of us
4. Katz and others bad-mouthing Wakefield over and over - in my opinion that made them look bad - Wakefield never mentioned them
5. 60 minutes accepting the statement from Merck that majority of LARGE body of studies showed no connection - WHAT studies?? 60 minutes should have questioned this more
6. 60 minutes accepting what was Taylor's 'non-study' (didn't mention Taylor's name)
7. Katz correlating autism with 'its just the age they get it' - give me a break.

But generally I give it a good review - should have been longer and should have been more intense questioning of Katz. Thanks to Rick Rollens and all of those that I don't know that made this happen. Hopefully it will get others questioning and open more dialogue.