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Forced Vaccination & Plea for Help

For Immediate Release: November 10, 2004

Arizona judge amends parenting plan, orders vaccinations

Can a judge be unbiased when forced to rule whether or not his own order caused permanent injury to children?

By Don Harkins

In their efforts to protect two children from family court-ordered vaccinations, Janet and John Burton of Tempe, Arizona, find themselves at center stage in a precedent-setting child custody case. At issue is plaintiff/parent Steven Hutchinson seeking a court order awarding him full custody of two children based on the mother's insistence that they be lawfully exempted from vaccination.

This case is exemplary of a national trend where hundreds, possibly thousands of divorced parents are punished by the state because their ex-spouses choose to use the vaccination issue as a means to gain the custodial upper hand. In many cases, as in the Burton case, one parent may be on record as agreeing with the other parent's non-vaccination position but changes their mind to enlist the court's help in undermining the other's access to the children.

Arizona District Judge Larry Grant of Maricopa county has ignored the Burton's evidence regarding the dangers of vaccines and upheld Hutchinson's desire that five-year-old Greyson and seven-year-old Gwyneth be vaccinated. Judge Grant further defied Janet's well-founded concerns by ordering that Hutchinson may determine what vaccines his children will receive and choose the practitioner who will deliver them.

Judge Grant's order was carried out May 12, 2004. The children were, “...physically restrained and forcefully vaccinated by a reckless, unprofessional 'health practitioner' who administered to them 21 vaccines in less than an hour. This 'kiddie cocktail' of mercury, aluminum, pathogenic viruses and more may have changed the course of my children's lives forever,” Janet Burton explained.

Neither Hutchinson nor Judge Grant are licensed to prescribe medication in Arizona or any other state. However, armed with Judge Grant's court order, Hutchinson “prescribed” seven shots (DTaP, IPV, MMR, Hib, Hep B, Varicella and PCV—for a total of 21 vaccines) each for his children.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and its “catch-up” schedule, Gwyneth and Greyson should not have received the Hib and PCV shots because they were both past the age of five years. The osteopath Hutchinson used (who is licensed to prescribe medicines) administered the contraindicated vaccines per the judge's order.

Arizona VacLib Chapter Director Kim Medlin has conducted further research into the vaccines administered to Gwyneth and Greyson on May 12. Medlin has found that four of them came from what are called “hot lots”—batches of vaccines known to be causing unusually high numbers of adverse reactions. One of the vaccines is known to be contaminated with bovine spongiform encephalitis—also known as “mad cow” disease.

The Burtons have noticed that Gwyneth and Greyson's personalities have changed since the severe assault of 21 vaccines May 12 and that they are both more sickly. Janet believes the court is getting ready to order that her children be subjected to another round of vaccinations. Several qualified physicians have commented that the first round of vaccinations appear to have caused damage to these two children and concur that additional vaccinations at this time would do more harm than good.

Since this case was initiated by Hutchinson last March, Janet has forced the court to review much evidence regarding the dangers of vaccines. They have also enlisted the support of Drs. Muhammad Al-Bayati, Russell Blaylock and William Rae. Judge Grant has demonstrated that he has considered the information provided by Janet when stating for the record that he could not support their position because it would be an admission that, by recommending and ordering vaccines as a policy, the state of Arizona has been engaging in child abuse for decades.

The evidence supports Janet's claims that Hutchinson's actions are purely vindictive and that he is using his children to punish his former wife for divorcing him last year. “This is the same man that just a few years ago sat me down in front of a computer monitor and proceeded to navigate around various websites in an effort to educate me on the hidden truths about all the risks and cover-ups associated with the 'experimental' surgical procedure we all loosely refer to today as childhood immunizations. Of course, as informed, responsible co-parents, we jointly agreed not to vaccinate our children. We made this decision and many other decisions such as birthing our children at home, breastfeeding each baby for a full year and a half and following up with a healthy, organic food plan thereafter. We also agreed that no pharmaceutical medications were to be given and, for certain, we would not mindlessly entrust our children to ignorant, drug-pushing doctors. All of these decisions seemed to serve our two children well as they truly epitomized wellness, vitality and brilliance. Both their father and I were proud of the positions we had taken on issues that pertained to our children's health and well-being and agreed to continue with what had worked (holistic methods of treatment) for our perfect children when we divorced. Together we outlined our beliefs concerning alternative methods of treatment for our children and made this part of our Parenting Plan—which is on file with the courts to this very day,” Janet explained.

Among the documents before Judge Grant are reports of increased risk of adverse reactions in children who receive multiple antigens and letters stating that Gwyneth and Greyson are showing signs of vaccine damage. The Burton's attorney Wallace Nichols is orchestrating a legal strategy intended to spare Gwyneth and Greyson another round of court-ordered vaccinations.

In the process of this child custody case being decided by Judge Grant, the court will be forced to consider the validity of state-recommended vaccination schedules against published science and the expert testimony of qualified neuroscientists, pathologists and medical doctors. And, if the Burtons are able to arrange for her children to undergo a full medical and biochemical analysis by Dr. Rae at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas (EHCD), Judge Grant will be forced to consider the possibility that vaccinations he ordered to appease the wishes of a man seeking retribution on his former spouse have caused two innocent children to suffer permanent injury.

The move will also force Hutchinson to legally “trump” the Burton's medical evidence of vaccine damage by entering into the record an expert second opinion contradicting the findings of Dr. Rae's EHCD. Burton supporters believe Hutchinson will not be able to discredit the pending EHCD report.

“I will take this case as far as it will go,” commented Janet who understands the huge implications this case will have in child custody disputes all over the nation.

The EHCD and the work of Dr. Rae in the field of environmental toxicology has come highly recommended by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and others. The cost for the series of tests to be run on both children is estimated at $3,000. Supporters are willing to supply room and board for the Burtons during the four days they will be in Dallas. The Burtons can use our help in this matter as attorney fees and lost wages are causing them to experience a significant degree of financial hardship.

Dr. Rae and the staff at EHCD have excellent credentials and utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and procedures to arrive at scientifically sound conclusions that stand up in court. To find out more about EHCD, the services it offers and references, go to

Vaccination Liberation, a national grassroots volunteer association, sees the huge implications of this case and has forwarded a $100 donation to the Burtons to help cover the cost of testing. Vaccination Liberation also requests that medical practitioners nationwide match their donation to this worthy cause.

For more information, contact Janet Burton at 480-785-4846.

The mailing address for donations and correspondence is

Janet Burton
P.O. Box 12042
Tempe, AZ 85284

If you wish to contribute using Paypal, go to this site.
Also, there is a link to Dr. Blaylock's testimony in July 8th 2004 Court hearing with audio.

Background of case—from Janet Burton

Last March, my former husband Steven Hutchinson, the father of Gwyneth and Greyson, hired legal counsel who announced to the court that his client had a recent change of heart regarding the subject of childhood vaccinations. They asked the judicial 'system' to assist Hutchinson in carrying out an act of medically-induced child abuse. And so they did.

Though we spent nearly $30,000 on legal fees and were able to generate considerable sympathetic local media coverage, Hutchinson prevailed and was given the opportunity to vaccinate the children with the vaccines of his choice by the health care provider of his choice. This decision was based upon what a judge proclaimed to be a 'Public Policy' in the state of Arizona to vaccinate all children. The judge also stated that to rule otherwise would be to admit our government has committed child abuse for decades.

With a newly-obtained court order in hand and accompanied by three police cars, Hutchinson and a female accomplice whisked Gwyneth and Greyson away from their school and drove them to a nearby emergency health care clinic. Hutchinson tricked my children by telling them they were only going in for their first check up. Once inside, Hutchinson, along with a woman posing as my children's mother, authorized a health practitioner (D.O.) to administer cocktails of poisons into Greyson and Gwyneth's lymphatic systems. This 'cocktail' included the DTaP, IPV, MMR, Hib, Hep B, Varicella and PCV vaccines and were given to both children within less than an hour. These vaccines were recklessly combined and, adding insult to injury, two of the vaccines were age inappropriate and one vaccine was from a contaminated lot now known to be infected with BSE or mad cow disease. Virtually no consideration was given to our children's medical family history, which includes a primary family member (half-sister) who suffered from grand mal seizures for four years after being vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. This family history of seizures puts both of my children at a much greater risk of experiencing seizures than the general population.

It is beyond most people's comprehension how a few unqualified and grossly misguided people can persevere legally to have these toxic vaccines (that are non-emergency medicine) forced upon my children - literally gambling with their lives. And for what medical justification? None was provided. Our five-year-old son and nearly seven-year-old daughter are well past the ages of life-threatening consequences from any of the diseases these CDC-recommended vaccines were supposed to 'protect' them from. Greyson and Gwyneth had everything to lose by this insane proposition and nothing to gain.

Immunizations (an inaccurate term that leads one to believe that these vaccinations do something to safeguard our little ones from contracting 'scary' childhood diseases) are just one grand medical experiment. Time and again, vaccinations have been proven by researchers and non-special interest groups to be ineffective in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and unsafe with consequences ranging from minor irritation at the injection site to death. As a mom, I declared to the children's father and to the presiding judge that no one was going to subject my children to such a barbaric, unfounded experiment.

The judge exercised his authority to rule otherwise and with the slamming of a gavel, he delivered a ruling for which our children would pay dearly.

Approximately 48 hours after the hideous vaccination event May 12, 2004, I was finally able to see my children. I was overwhelmed at the sight of my two children completely dazed and suffering adverse effects such as dehydration, lethargy, dry heaves, headaches, burning eyes, sore throats and, of course, aching thighs with 'battle scars' from where needles were drug along my son's tiny legs as he fought to resist the poison that was being forced hypodermically into his body. Four months later, both Greyson and Gwyneth still show obvious signs of being vaccine damaged. Especially tragic for me is what I witness each day in our son, whose overall health and personality has changed dramatically. It is obvious to me that our son Greyson has been neurologically impaired as a result of being over-vaccinated and is in dire need of diagnostic and remedial care.

Instead of a ruling in favor of our motion requesting an “Emergency Stay” be put in place to prevent future vaccinations until I had the opportunity to get both children evaluated and treated for injuries from which they are still suffering, I am instead faced with obstacles placed before us by a judicial system that makes it nearly impossible to get my children medical care and, worse still, appears determined to order our children be re-vaccinated. To date, the court is ignoring the pleadings from several medical experts such as Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati, Dr. Doris Rapp, Dr. Stuart Lanson and Dr. Rae – all who have testified that the odds of our two children suffering even more devastating consequences from additional vaccinations would be great and certainly a risk not worth taking.

Adding to the absurdity of my family's case, in July 2004, Hutchinson took me to court in an effort to find me in contempt for not allowing our children to leave with him on a cruise ship to some undisclosed destination off the continental U.S. just 72 hours after receiving 21 vaccinations—while both children were still obviously struggling with the physical and emotional aftermath of this traumatic event. The ruling was handed down three months later that I was indeed ruled to be in 'contempt' for my decision to follow my heart, good sense, the advise of medical experts and the recommendations of the CDC suggesting that long distance travel is not a prudent choice for at least three weeks following a child being vaccinated. This recent ruling will cost me upwards of $20,000 once all fines and fees have been paid. We are left with no choice but to appeal this decision to the Court of Appeals or higher. My attorney is confident that we will prevail once a reasonable judge who knows and enforces the laws of our state hears this case.

The injustices Greyson, Gwyneth, John and I have suffered are beyond anything I could have dreamed of. Now $30,000 later (my initial attorney fees) and six months down the road, the picture I see of the foreseeable future includes courts, attorneys, doctors and a strangely smirking man who used to be my husband; it also includes two children who have been needlessly damaged at the hands of a judge who empowered their reckless, malice-intending father to carry out the heinous act of forcing an overdose of contaminated and dangerous vaccines on our once perfectly healthy and bright children.

It is important to understand that our particular case here in Arizona is one of hundreds all over the country. This same plot is playing all over the nation and those who decide to make the informed choice to abstain from vaccination are subject to having their decision challenged in court by a non-custodial parent, legal guardian or a social worker. And, because the court is the state and the state is recommending the vaccines you wish to avoid, it is not difficult to predict which party will prevail in a child custody dispute where unvaccinated children and family court are involved.

We are laying a legal foundation that will allow this case to be heard in the Supreme Court of Arizona. If needed, we are prepared to go all the way to D.C.

But, more pressing on my heart today is the children's need for immediate medical attention. Dr. Rae in Dallas, Texas, has agreed to examine and treat both of my children in an effort to help them recover from the damage that has already been caused and to help ward off the potential for future health-related events and consequences. Dr. Rae is one of only three physicians who are equipped with a special piece of machinery that can efficiently diagnose the mechanisms in my son's brain that have been damaged. This vaccination related injury prevents Greyson's pupils from constricting naturally to light. The degree of immune compromise can also be determined and the appropriate remedial measures can be put in place.

If you are passionate about the rights of parents and children to abstain from state sanctioned medical experimentation and are in a position to contribute financially to our family's case/cause, make your check or money order payable to Wallace R. Nichols. If you prefer your donation be allocated towards the medical expenses involved in my children's aftercare, please indicate so in the memo area of your check or money order.

From the bottom of our hearts - Greyson, Gwyneth, John and I ..... THANK YOU.

In Unity there is Strength,

Janet Burton
P.O. Box 12042
Tempe, Arizona 85284

If you wish to contribute using Paypal, go to this site.
Also, there is a link to Dr. Blaylock's testimony in July 8th 2004 Court hearing with audio.

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