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Merck Sued Again for Gardasil Vaccine Adverse Events
     by Carolyn Hendler, JD, Published April 29, 2024
The number of lawsuits filed in North Carolina against Merck for its HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine, Gardasil, continue to mount and allege the company did not prove the vaccine was safe and effective before marketing it as an anti-cancer vaccine. Since 2022, almost 200 lawsuits alleging serious injury after receiving Gardasil have been consolidated in the Western District of North Carolina, Charlotte Division. The injured Plaintiffs come from across the country stating that the vaccine caused serious injury and chronic poor health, including autoimmunity, encephalitis and neurological dysfunction, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), development of diabetes, premature ovarian failure and infertility, and death.

The lawsuits allege manufacture defect, failure to warn and negligence. They have been consolidated into one class action.

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Documentaries that Include 100’s of Health Professionals WARNING The Public About The Dangers of Vaccination

[34 links to videos on vaccines. And a list of 110 Books about the dangers of medical injections.]

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Merck’s Gardasil vaccine crippled a young man – an ongoing medical tragedy that must be stopped
January 26, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson
(Natural News) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Baum Hedlund Law Firm from Los Angeles, California have filed their fifth lawsuit against Merck, taking on the drug company’s dangerous and deceptive Gardasil vaccine, and standing up for innocent young people who have been disabled by the vaccine. The law firm is taking on Merck and the grander kangaroo court system, which has shielded vaccine makers from liability for over thirty years.

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Young man injured by Gardasil files lawsuit against Merck as cases pile up
September 22, 2020 by: Cassie B,
(Natural News) A lawsuit was filed last week against pharmaceutical firm Merck on behalf of a young man who was injured by their HPV vaccine Gardasil. The suit, which was filed by Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman, seeks punitive damages for their negligence along with liability for failure to warn and a manufacturing defect, common law fraud, breach of warranty and other charges.

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New Study Explains Why It’s “Uncertain” If The HPV Vaccine Even Prevents Cervical Cancer
February 7, 2020, By Arjun Walia
In Brief

   The Facts: A new study raises concerns and questions about the effectiveness of the HPV and if it really plays any role at all in preventing cervical cancer.

   Reflect On: Are vaccines as effective as they're marketed to be?

A new study published in The Royal Society of Medicine is one of multiple studies over the years that has emerged questioning the efficacy of the HPV vaccine. The researchers conducted an appraisal of published phase 2 and 3 efficacy trials in relation to the prevention of cervical cancer and their analysis showed “the trials themselves generated significant uncertainties undermining claims of efficacy” in the data they used. The researchers emphasized that “it is still uncertain whether human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination prevents cervical cancer as trials were not designed to detect this outcome, which takes decades to develop.” The researchers point out that the trials used to test the vaccine may have “overestimated” the efficacy of the vaccine.

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