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Vaccine "science and adverse reactions" News related items
CDC Refused to Issue Alert About COVID Vaccine and Heart Inflammation for Fear of Causing Public Panic
     by Amber Baker, Published February 12, 2024
An e-mail recently obtained by The Epoch Times reveals that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) drafted, but never sent, an alert to the U.S. public about the link between COVID-19 vaccines and myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) because CDC officials worried that people would panic. The e-mail, dated May 15, 2021, eight months after the CDC identified myocarditis as an adverse event of special interest or a potential side effect, contained conversations between CDC officials and pharmaceutical industry representatives about why an alert should not be issued.

CDC internal documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) also revealed that officials prepared to release an alert to the public, but the alert was never finalized or dispatched. Instead, the CDC sent alerts encouraging people to get vaccinated.

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The FDA and Vaccine Manufacturers Refuse to Show Us Their Work
     by David Gortler | Guest Writer | Published February 12, 2024
When it comes to mRNA injections for Covid, Americans are 100 percent dependent on the FDA and vaccine manufacturers to assess and confirm purity and consistency. That might be okay if the testing methodologies that manufacturers and the FDA were still fully transparent, but they’re not anymore.

Not only are the test results confidential, even the methodology used hasn’t been made public. The world just has to take manufacturers’ word that there’s no contamination or variability with the mRNA sequence or its lipid nanoparticle components—even though published epidemiology data indicate otherwise.

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CDC releases V-safe free-text data because they want everyone to know just how unsafe the COVID vaccine really is
     Steve Kirsch, Feb 19, 2024
Executive summary
The CDC has released the first drop of the V-safe free-text comments so everyone can see for themselves that the COVID vaccine has extremely serious safety problems.

There are nearly 400,000 comments in this release.

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ICAN V-SAFE DATA for download

New Zealand OIA request reveals the COVID vaccines increased your risk of dying
     Steve Kirsch, Feb 18, 2024
Executive summary
New Zealand resident Chris Johnston submitted an OIA request (similar to a FOIA) to the New Zealand health officials.

I analyze the results in this article.

Short story: The data they returned shows that the COVID vaccines didn’t save anyone from dying from COVID. They did the opposite: they increased mortality. Even worse, when COVID deaths peaked in July 2022, the vaccinated were disproportionately affected.

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CDC Reports Errors in RSV Vaccines Given to Pregnant Woman, Monoclonal Antibody Shots to Children
     by Rishma Parpia, Published February 5, 2024
A new problem involving the RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) vaccines given to adults over age 60 and monoclonal antibody shots given to infants and children has been highlighted in a recent emergency newsletter called the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity, which is distributed to health care providers.

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Health Care Workers At US Hospital Given Live Ebola Vaccine That Sheds
     by staffwriter, February 3, 2024
Bill Gates secret ebola vaccine program is now out in the open.

Denver Health in Colorado, has given healthcare workers an Ebola vaccine with a 31% shed rate

The shedding refers to the vaccine virus’s ability to be transmitted to others, including family members or casual contacts.

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Dr. Mike Yeadon: “Pandemics are Not a Thing.”
     By Patricia Harrity on February 2, 2024
“Pandemics are not a thing. Think back through your life. How many pandemics have there been? Covid wasn’t one…I don’t believe there has ever been even one” argues Dr. Mike Yeadon.

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One in Four New Jersey Teens With Autism May Be Undiagnosed
     by Rishma Parpia, Published January 22, 2024
A 2023 study published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders found that despite advances in screening and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), one in 55 teenagers met the criteria for ASD; however, one in four 16-year-olds on the autism spectrum had not received a formal diagnosis.

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File# 6617autsci.php

Study: Children at Increased Risk of Serious Adverse Reactions to COVID-19 Shots
     by Amber Baker, Published January 14, 2024
According to a new study conducted in Norway, children face an increased risk of serious adverse reactions following receipt of mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) COVID-19 shots. The study, which is awaiting peer review, found that children 12 years of age and older, who received the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna/NIAID mRNA COVID shots, are at higher risk of developing a number of adverse reactions, including anaphylactic shock, lymphadenopathy, heart inflammation, acute appendicitis, epilepsy, facial nerve palsy, convulsions and more.

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File# 6621corsci.php

Vaccine Evangelists, Apostates, and Apologists: Part 1 - The Evangelists
     Jordan Henderson, Jun 30, 2023
Part 1 – The Evangelists

This essay series is a deep dive into the vaccine conflict: the preaching of the Vaccine Evangelists, the refutation of that preaching by the Vaccine Apostates, and the protection of the Vaccine Evangelists by the Vaccine Apologists.

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PArt 2  |   PArt 3

Education: DTaP Vaccine, Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis
Assess the risks of diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis compared to the risks of the DTaP vaccine.

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File# 6624sci.php
(PIC) DTaP – Vaccine Risk Statement (VRS)

The Psychological Playbook: Brainwashing Techniques to Increase “Vaccine” Uptake
     By Patricia Harrity on November 1, 2023
Dr William Makis has reviewed 8 published papers that clearly show the techniques employed by governments world wide to ensure vaccine uptake. From punishments and threats to employment and reputation, to rewards for complying, studies show that the Covid vaccine rollout was aided by the the greatest psychological fear campaign in human history using tried and tested brainwashing techniques.

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File# 6626corlegsci.php

PIC Releases Educational Documents Showing Chicken Pox (Varicella) Vaccine Has Not Been Proven Safer Than Chicken Pox
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., October 24, 2023 – Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC) has introduced two new educational documents, “Varicella (Chicken Pox): What Parents Need to Know” and “Varicella Vaccine: Is It Safer Than Chicken Pox?” The educational materials include key scientific data on the risks of chicken pox as well as the risks of the varicella vaccine, assisting parents in making a more informed risk-benefit calculation for vaccination.

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File# 6627sci.php

THE DEFENDER:French Researchers Identify ‘Improbably High Rate of Deaths’ in Newborns Who Received New RSV Shot
     James Lyons-Weiler, Jan 2, 2024
By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

French researchers identified possible safety signals in babies coinciding with the rollout of Beyfortus, a recently approved monoclonal antibody treatment for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in newborns.

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File# 6629sci.php

Dr. Douglas Hulstedt: 40%-50% of autism cases are caused by childhood vaccines
     By Rhoda Wilson on December 27, 2023
Although Dr. Douglas Hulstedt himself is without a doubt that vaccines caused 40%-50% of the autism cases he saw in his practice, he told Steve Kirsch during an interview that vaccines cause up to 90% of the autism cases according to a doctor practising family medicine in Louisiana who has treated over 8,000 cases.

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File# 6631sciaut.php

Torsion Spectroscopy Analysis Of Dental Anestetics And Vitamin B12 Injections By Diana Wojtkowiak PhD - 10 Out Of 13 Batches Contain Graphene
     Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD, Jan 9, 2024
Many people ask about nanotechnology in dental anestetics. I hear of some people who ask their dentist and are told there is no mRNA in the anestetics. Yes, that is correct, but that is not what we are concerned about. We are concerned about self assembly nanotechnology that can create a human machine interface. Its components are hydrogels made from many different chemical compositions, quantum dots, micro robotics for biosensing applications, toxic heavy metals, graphene, polymer plastics and more. Remember many teams did not find mRNA in the C19 shots. But we did find self assembly nanotechnology.

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File# 6632corsci.php

Only Remaining HIV Vaccine Efficacy Trial Fails in Africa
     by TVR Staff, Published January 7, 2024
The latest effort to develop an HIV (human immunodeficiency viruses) vaccine in Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa was halted on Dec. 6, 2023 after preliminary data showed that the vaccine would not be effective at preventing HIV infection. The PrEPVacc (pre-exposure prophylaxis vaccine) phase 2b trial was testing two different combinations of experimental HIV vaccines, including AIDSVAX, a DNA vaccine and CN54gp140.

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File# 6633sci.php

Evidence of DNA Contamination in mRNA Shots Prompts Call for Halting Their Use
     by Marco Cáceres‎, Published January 7, 2024
On Dec. 6, 2023, Florida’s Surgeon General, Joseph Ladapo, MD, PhD, wrote a letter to the commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Robert Califf, MD, requesting that an investigation be launched into the alleged DNA contamination in Pfizer/BioNTech’s Comirnaty and Moderna/NIAID’s Spikevax mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) COVID shots. Not satisfied with the answers he received, Dr. Ladapo followed up his letter with a Jan. 3, 2024 public call for people to stop getting the shots.

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File# 6634corlegsci.php

Exclusive: ICAN Obtains Critical Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Lot Information
     ICAN, July 17, 2023
A year ago, ICAN announced it obtained lot, dose, and distribution information for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. ICAN is pleased to announce that, after a full year of legal battles, its attorneys have also obtained lot, dose, and distribution information for Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. As with the Pfizer data, this data will help enable analyses to determine if certain lots were “hot lots” that resulted in more severe and/or numerous adverse event reports.

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File# 6636corlegsci.php
Pfizer vaccine Lot, Dose, and Distribution Data

OpenVAERS: Pfizer and Moderna COVID Vaccines with the HotLot Data

Denis Rancourt - There Was No Pandemic! COVID-19 Vaccines Are A Toxic Substance!
     January 1st, 2024.
9 Minutes 28 Seconds. Video on BitChute

Watch here:
File# 6637corsci.php

Trump Said It In April 2020, Was Ridiculed, Now It’s True
     by Johnny Merchant December 21, 2023
Well, this is a fascinating little tidbit.

On April 24, 2020, CNN “fact-checked” then-President Trump over a claim about COVID and the use of UV light.

The CNN report claimed, “Trump dangerously suggests sunlight could help cure coronavirus.”

“So supposing we hit the body with tremendous – whether it’s ultraviolet or just a very powerful light – and I think you said that hasn’t been checked because of the testing,” Trump said during a briefing. “And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or some other way, and I think you said you’re going to test that, too.”

CNN noted that “Birx told Trump directly, and as medical experts said after the briefing, sunlight isn’t a potential treatment for coronavirus.“

Well guess what?

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File# 6638corsci.php
More: NIH/PMC PubMed Central
SARS-CoV-2: Can sunlight exposure reduce the risk of developing severe consequences of COVID-19?

Top 12 Videos in 2023 Proving COVID Vaccine Fraud
     Jason Christoff, Dec 12, 2023
I get hundreds of videos every month to comb over, regarding what's really going on in the world today. I don't have all the answers but I have been researching in this capacity for 25 years. After 25 years, certain patterns become very obvious and I write about those patterns often. The videos I receive cover a wide range of topics. I know my 250,000 readers across all social media, trust me enough to filter these videos for them, in order that only the most accurate and hard-hitting information makes it into my publications.

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File# 6640corlegsci.php
99 More - Mostly news
Documentaries That Prove COVID Fraud

CDC Has No Data to Support its Tweet Telling America that it is Safe to Give the Monkeypox, Flu, And COVID Shots Together
     ICAN - Informed Consent Action Network, 18 December 2023
In response to a FOIA request by ICAN’s attorneys for studies and data supporting CDC’s claim that it is safe to give the monkeypox vaccine at the same time as both the COVID and Flu shots, CDC comes up with nothing but its own statements.

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File# 6641sci.php
ICAN Video Legal Update

SHOCKING: BBC Unwittingly Exposes COVID Vaccine’s Part in Historic Death Spike
     By The Exposé on December 14, 2023
Information that reveals the UK suffered the highest number of excess deaths throughout 2022 in over half a century.

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File# 6644corsci.php

COVID Nurse Exposes Deadly Hospital Protocols.
     By Patricia Harrity on December 13, 2023
The Children’s Health Defense interviewed, Gail McCrae who was a nurse during the COVID times and worked in the Bay area of California, which was notoriously one of the most strictly compliant populations in the United States. As Gail says, “We were compliant, not just with the lockdowns and the masking, but also the Covid injections.” As a nurse, she could see that we were being lied to when COVID was first announced, because, the hospitals were locked down, elective surgeries were stopped, and the hospital she worked in became completely empty, but the news broadcasts were telling the public that they were full and overwhelmed.

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File# 6645corlegsci.php

The CDC Stopped Tracking Excess Deaths Linked to the COVID Vax Despite High Death Rate
     December 14, 2023
Dr. Pierre Kory has written about unexpected or ‘excess’ deaths in young, healthy adults since the vaccines were pushed on the general population in 2021. He revealed that the CDC announced recently it will no longer track the excess deaths associated with COVID-19 and the vaccine. Life insurance companies say that excess deaths claimed 158,000 more Americans in the first nine months of 2023 than in the same period in 2019. ...

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File# 6646corlegsci.php

The NZ data is crystal clear evidence that the COVID vaccine is deadly. A simple, stunning example.
     Steve Kirsch, Dec 14, 2023
This one chart is all you need to know. Deaths go UP. They are supposed to go DOWN.

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File# 6648corsci.php
Yet another flawed "fact check" on the NZ data

Will mRNA Drop Out of the Running as a Flu Vaccine?
     Karen Kingston, Dec 12, 2023
December 12, 2023: STAT+ reported that the mRNA flu vaccine doesn’t look like a ‘slam dunk’ anymore. Why? Well per the article, “When mRNA COVID vaccines became available in the winter and spring of 2021, people started swapping side effect stories.”

“The reputation for reactogenecity, as the likelihood of unpleasant side effects is called, will probably turn some people off of the idea of mRNA flu shots.” - Dr. Ben Cowling, Hong Kong University, Head of Epidemiology

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6650corsci.php

Newly Leaked Data Shows Just How Dangerous the COVID Vaccines Are
     A Midwestern Doctor, Nov 30, 2023
Throughout my lifetime, I have heard people claim that the future will bring better technology and that science will make the world a better place and solve all our problems. Yet, again and again, these promises fail to materialize, and we are perpetually stuck waiting for science’s promised future.

In many cases however, the technology was in fact developed. The problem however was that the technology’s development threatened someone’s ability to make money (or gain power) so the technology was buried and never saw the light of day. For example, throughout COVID-19 we heard numerous promises that a solution to the pandemic was around the corner (e.g., the miraculous vaccines) yet each time an un-patentable solution (e.g., ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine) was found, the pandemic-industrial-complex ruthless suppressed it to ensure their grift could continue.

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File# 6653corsci.php

Censored – The Study That Shows a Staggering 17 Million Deaths After Covid Vaccine Rollout.
     By Patricia Harrity on December 8, 2023
A groundbreaking study found that 17 million people died worldwide after the Covid “vaccine” rollout and therefore should be garnering worldwide attention and calls for an immediate cessation of all Covid vaccines. Instead, it has been CENSORED! The shocking study, COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere, by Drs. Denis Rancourt, Marine Baudin, Joseph Hickey and Jérémie Mercier was published September 17, 2023, yet, also shockingly the study has not had the attention it deserves, but, has met only censorship and narrative-confirming “fact-checks” on the safety and effectiveness of the as-yet untested Covid-19 “vaccines.”

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6655corsci.php

he Infectious Myth Busted Part 1: The Rosenau Spanish Flu Experiments (1918)
Here is something you will never see in the mainstream news. During the 1918 Spanish Flu, which is considered to be the most contagious “virus” of all time, researchers for the Public Health Service and the U.S. Navy tried to determine what caused the flu and how infectious it truly was. However, the results of their experiments proved that the flu is not infectious at all. Here is a brief overview of what took place during the studies:

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File# 6656flusci.php

DEATH SENTENCE: 1 Million COVID Vaccinated have died in England compared to just 61k Unvaccinated in 2 years; despite 30% of the Population refusing a single dose of the COVID Injection
     By The Exposé on December 5, 2023
Shocking data released by the UK Government shows that over the past two years, the vaccinated population in England have suffered an outrageous number of deaths compared to the unvaccinated population despite the fact approximately 30% of the population has not even had a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6658corsci.php

NEWSMAX: Aluminum Labeling in Vaccines Often Wrong
     James Lyons-Weiler, Dec 6, 2023
12/5/2023 on NEWSMAX
Aluminum salts are the most common adjuvants used in childhood vaccines. An adjuvant is a substance that provokes an inflammatory response that results in a more robust immune reaction.

Every vaccine manufacturer that uses aluminum as an adjuvant is required to properly report the aluminum content in the package insert. In the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, researchers compared their measures of aluminum with manufacturers’ data. Out of 13 vaccines tested, only three contained the amount of aluminum indicated by the manufacturer. Six vaccines contained significantly larger amounts of aluminum, while four contained lower amounts of aluminum.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6659legsci.php

Only 14 Percent of American Adults Have Received Updated COVID Booster Shots
     by Amber Baker, Published December 4, 2023
Only 13.9 percent of the U.S. adult population have rolled up their sleeves for the updated COVID-19 shot, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The mRNA monovalent COVID booster shot, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Sept. 11, 2023 despite only being tested on mice, was designed to target the Omicron variant XBB.1.5—a strain the CDC confirmed months ago was already declining in the U.S.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6660corsci.php

Influencer who mocked unvaccinated confused by sudden blood clots
     Posted by Yudi Sherman, November 28, 2023
A woman who mocked people for questioning the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine is confused by the sudden appearance of blood clots in her lungs.

Jamaican influencer Abi-Gaye Smythe promoted the vaccine in 2021 when she wrote, “Hospitals are filled with people suffering from effects of Covid-19. Hospitals aren't filled with people suffering from effects of the vaccine.”

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6661corsci.php

Data from US Medicare and the New Zealand Ministry of Health shows, beyond any doubt, that the COVID vaccines have killed millions
     Steve Kirsch, Nov 30, 2023
It's finally here: record-level data showing vaccine timing and death date. There is no confusion any longer: the vaccines are unsafe and have killed, on average, around 1 person per 1,000 doses.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6666corsci.php

Were Children Capable of "Protecting Their Grandparents" from COVID-19?
     Karen Kingston, Nov 30, 2023
Did COVID-19 Devastate the Elderly Population in 2020?

For more than 10 years in a row the life expectancy of Americans and many global citizens was increasing, including in 2020. Fast forward to the October 2020, the CDC reported nearly 200,000 excess deaths in 2020 due to COVID-19. Do these numbers prove that because you and your children wore a mask at all times, especially when visiting grandma, you saved her life? Not exactly

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File# 6667corsci.php

Spanish Death Data – Part 4 of Vaccine Evangelists, Apostates, and Apologists
     Jordan Henderson, Sep 16, 2023
Brief recap
We’ve reviewed in this essay series historical infectious disease mortality, and the introduction (or lack thereof) of widespread vaccination for various diseases in England and Wales, in Australia, and in the USA (we reviewed this in Part 2: Apostasy).

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6669sci.php
Part 1  |   Part 2  |   Part 3

What is in the so-called COVID-19 “vaccines”? Evidence of a Global Crime Against Humanity - My Interview with Dr. David Hughes
     Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD, Nov 8, 2022
* An attempt to synthesize and make publicly available all existing independent investigations into the COVID-19 "vaccine" contents (beginning in July 2021)

* The is by now sufficient evidence to demonstrate that the world has been lied to rearding the COVID-19 "vaccine" contents

*No informed consent = violation of the Nuremberg Code. 5.4 billion people jabbed = arguably the biggest crime in history

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6670corsci.php

Adverse events following COVID-19 mRNA vaccines: A systematic review of cardiovascular complication, thrombosis, and thrombocytopenia
     Free PMC article, Immun Inflamm Dis. 2023 Mar;
Background and objectives:
Since publishing successful clinical trial results of mRNA coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines in December 2020, multiple reports have arisen about cardiovascular complications following the mRNA vaccination. This study provides an in-depth account of various cardiovascular adverse events reported after the mRNA vaccines' first or second dose including pericarditis/myopericarditis, myocarditis, hypotension, hypertension, arrhythmia, cardiogenic shock, stroke, myocardial infarction/STEMI, intracranial hemorrhage, thrombosis (deep vein thrombosis, cerebral venous thrombosis, arterial or venous thrombotic events, portal vein thrombosis, coronary thrombosis, microvascular small bowel thrombosis), and pulmonary embolism.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6673corsci.php

The Vaccine Study that should have brought down The Empire
     Jon Rappoport, Nov 13, 2023
When I discovered this study several years ago and wrote the following extensive piece on it, the study was a bolt from the blue, a complete devastating shocker.

It still is.

It is more than enough to topple the whole vaccine empire.

Honoring the work of the study co-author, Dr. Antonietta Gatti, Catherine Austin Fitts wrote, “Not long after the publication of this revolutionary study, tax authorities raided and investigated Dr. Gatti’s and [her husband] Dr. Montanari’s laboratory and private home—an all too usual method of intimidation.”

THAT was the “scientific follow-up.”

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6679scileg.php

Vaccination: the craziest idea ever conceived?
     Jon Rappoport, Nov 9, 2023, Paid
Prior to any discussion of vaccines, you would have to establish that many germs do, in fact, cause disease.

Some of the most important work on that issue is being done by Christine Massey.

For years, she and her colleagues have been sending Freedom of Information requests to public health agencies all over the world, requesting evidence proving viruses exist; and evidence proving other types of germs exist or cause disease.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6680sci.php

BREAKING: Israeli MoH data released in March 2023 proves the vaccines are killing people. How come nobody noticed?? Hello!?!?
     Steve Kirsch, Nov 5, 2023
In March 2023, MIT Professor Retsef Levi disclosed a troubling figure produced by the Israeli Ministry of Health. This is unassailable proof the vaccines are killing people. Nobody noticed.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6681corsci.php

Cochrane review of COVID vaccines under the microscope
     Maryanne Demasi, Nov 02, 2023
There has been little attention paid to Cochrane’s review of covid‐19 vaccines, in stark contrast to the world-wide media attention paid to its review of face masks.

Since Cochrane reviews have been lauded as “rigorous” and “trustworthy,” it is prudent to apply equal scrutiny to the latest update of the “Efficacy and safety of COVID‐19 vaccines.”

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6682corsci.php

The Psychological Playbook: Brainwashing Techniques to Increase “Vaccine” Uptake
     By Patricia Harrity on November 1, 2023
Dr William Makis has reviewed 8 published papers that clearly show the techniques employed by governments world wide to ensure vaccine uptake. From punishments and threats to employment and reputation, to rewards for complying, studies show that the Covid vaccine rollout was aided by the the greatest psychological fear campaign in human history using tried and tested brainwashing techniques.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6684corsci.php

Viruses never proved to exist: still the greatest suppressed story of our time
     Jon Rappoport, Oct 31, 2023
As soon as I began writing about COVID in the spring of 2020, I made the case that SARS-CoV-2 hadn’t been proved to exist.

I then met Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, and Christine Massey. I became aware of the work of Stefan Lanka. They were making a wide challenge about viruses in general:

No actual isolation; no proof of existence; instead, a parade of false claims and obfuscations from official sources.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6686corsci.php

The vaccine fallacy almost no one mentions
     Jon Rappoport, Oct 30, 2023
THE fallacy stems from the fact that the viruses vaccines are supposed to protect against don’t exist. The viruses are fairy tales.

I’ve spent much time proving this over the years.

But for the purposes of this discussion ONLY, let’s assume the viruses do exist and do cause disease.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6687sci.php

CDC Recommends SIX Vaccines During Pregnancy But Fewer Women are Complying
     by Rishma Parpia, Published October 22, 2023
Fewer women in the U.S. are complying with CDC recommendations to get vaccinated during pregnancy according to a report about an Internet panel survey published on Sept. 29, 2023 in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). CDC officials analyzed data from the survey assessing the uptake of influenza, Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis) and COVID-19 vaccines among women pregnant during the 2022–2023 influenza season. They found that more women are resisting recommendations by public health officials and doctors to be injected with multiple vaccines during pregnancy.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6688sci.php

The "died suddenly" vax vs. unvaxxed statistics tell you everything you need to know
     Steve Kirsch, Oct 18, 2023
The vaccine advocates claim that people have been dying suddenly throughout history and it's nothing unusual. But they aren't telling you that nearly all the "died suddenly" were COVID vaccinated.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6689corsci.php

Answering Offit: Kennedy is Right on Thimerosal, Offit's Conflicts of Interest Are Real
     James Lyons-Weiler, Oct 17, 2023
In a recent opinion piece, Dr. Paul Offit, the Merck-endowed Director of Vaccine Education at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), continues in a conversation with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., discussing the safety and efficacy of vaccines. While Dr. Offit is considered an authority in the field, it's crucial to scrutinize the evidence and arguments he presents. In this article, I provide a comprehensive, evidence-based rebuttal to Dr. Offit's claims, focusing on the science, logic, and reason that should underpin any discussion about vaccine safety.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6690sci.php

Professor Rancourt | Let The Math Speak
     Dr Mark Trozzi, October 8, 2023
Canadian Prof Denis Rancourt PhD is a physicist, interdisciplinary scientist, and a former professor of physics at the University of Ottawa. He is currently focused on helping solving major world problems as an associate researcher with the non-profit organization Correlation Canada.

He has applied his mathematical skills to analyzing all cause mortality data from around the world. All cause mortality analysis circumvents all the statistical shenanigans that have been used to deceive us throughout the covid agenda and era. It allows the math to reveal some solid truths.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6691corsci.php

Total Success in Full Vaccination Against Monkeypox Would Lead to Nearly 2 Million Cases of Myocarditis or Pericarditis and 4.3 Million SAEs
     James Lyons-Weiler, Oct 7, 2023
With 58 deaths of just over 33,000 cases in 18 months, the CDC seems to think 1.9 M new cases of myocarditis and pericarditis and 7M SAEs are just fine

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6695sci.php

America’s Frontline Doctors White Paper On Experimental Vaccines For COVID-19
     Executive Summary
This document represents the preliminary findings of an investigation conducted by the member-physicians of America's Frontline Doctors.

We are recommending caution for patients and policy makers and employers. Additional transparency and more research are needed before we ask Americans to embark on the largest experimental medical program in US history. The unknowns must be addressed through a scientifically rigorous process.

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File# 6696corlegsci.php

U.S. Vaccine Industry Harvesting Blood from Horseshoe Crabs
     by Rishma Parpia, Published October 2, 2023
For many decades, the blue colored blood from horseshoe crabs has been harvested for purposes of medical research and for quality control and safety testing in vaccines, prosthetics and intravenous drugs. Their eggs are also a staple food for a shorebird bird known as the red knot, which is listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Fishermen also use horseshoe crabs as bait. The vested interests between the pharmaceutical industry, fishermen and environmentalists have resulted in new guidelines on how to preserve and handle horseshoe crabs.

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File# 6697sci.php

Study Links COVID Shots to Unusual Vaginal Bleeding in Women
     by Amber Baker, Published October 2, 2023
A few years after reports began to surface of women around the world experiencing menstrual changes after being vaccinated for COVID-19, the Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna/NIAID and AstraZeneca/Oxford University COVID shots have been officially linked to unexplained vaginal bleeding—even in women without regular periods—according to a new study published in Science Advances last week.

Read rest of original story here:
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The RSV scam
     Meryl Nass, Sep 23, 2023
NIAID invented the antigen, licensed it to Pfizer, GSK, Moderna, guarantees approval despite risks and negligible benefit, and collects the royalties. What's not to like? One hand washes the other

I gave a presentation about the new RSV products and the scams with Brian Hooker on CHD-TV a couple of weeks ago. It was a very good presentation

But for those who don’t have 45 minutes to watch it, here are my slides. The scale of the corruption is best described in the video, but the slides will hopefully give you a sense of it.

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Disgusting Chemicals in vaccines: MF59
     Dr. Tenpenny's Eye on the Evidence, Sep 23, 2023
An adjuvant is a substance added to produce a high antibody response using the smallest amount of viral-containing (antigen) solution possible in the shot. By definition adjuvants are considered to be “pharmacologically active drugs.” They are designed to be inert without inherent activity or toxicity on their own yet they are required to “potently augment effects of the other compounds” in the vaccines. It is difficult to explain how a substance can be defined as “pharmacologically active” and at the same time, be described as “inert and have no activity or toxicity.”

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RFK Jr. interview with Leah Wilson of Stand for Health Freedom is explicit about his views on WHO. And DTP increases deaths in African babies.
     Meryl Nass, Sep 25, 2023
“I won’t let that happen… I will defund the WHO… The WHO used to do useful things… That is what it should be doing… It will become a health organization again, otherwise I won’t fund them.”

Then he speaks about the Peter Aaby MD, PhD studies in Guinea Bissau, Africa in which vaccinated babies had much higher overall deaths than unvaccinated children. In one study vaccinated girls had 10x the mortality rate of unvaccinated girls. There were a series of studies conducted over 40 years at a site sponsored by the Danish government. All showed higher mortality in the vaccinated cohorts. Here is something I wrote in 2019 about these studies:

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"Pharmacovigilance and Biostatistics" for vaccines at FDA: 7 of 18 positions are vacant. And desperately [not] seeking Myocarditis.
     Meryl Nass, Sep 23, 2023
Is this the excuse for not looking at all their databases on COVID vaccine safety? Who is looking at the info on over 100 million Americans allegedly collected to assure vaccine safety?

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Kevin McKernan Talks COVID Vaccine DNA Contamination, the Monkey Virus SV40 Promoter, and What’s Actually in the Vaccines - American Thought Leaders
     Aug 29, 2023
Some Text and one hour audio

"There was a case where Dr. He in China did some genome edits on two children—on two babies. He made two CRISPR babies. That guy went to jail, all right? Suddenly, fast forward to today: we're willing to take that risk on billions of people."

Kevin McKernan worked at the Human Genome Project at MIT as manager of research and development. Today, he is the chief scientific officer and founder of Medicinal Genomics, and is researching DNA contamination in the COVID-19 genetic vaccines.

Text + 1 hour autio here:
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Text + Video and Transcript here

Autopsy Confirms Infant Died From Over-Vaccination
     Jennifer Margulis, Sep 9, 2023
A toxicology report shows that a new mom in Maine was right. Her baby, Sawyer, died when he was just eight weeks and six days old, just 34 hours after being vaccinated.

On October 20, 2022, Melissa, who herself is a registered nurse, took her baby to the pediatrician. Baby Sawyer had a rash around his torso that just wouldn’t go away. The pediatrician diagnosed him with a viral infection, which was causing the rash.

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A response to Robin Monotti's "NOTICE" to no-virus "theorists"
     Christine Massey FOIs, Aug 21, 2023
No-virus is not a theory, it's refutation of virus "theory".

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Shock: Scientists Prove Clear Differences between Covid and Flu
     By Rhoda Wilson on August 23, 2023
By Dr. Vernon Coleman

Below, to prove the point I have reproduced the official list of common symptoms associated with the new, scary variant of covid. ...

Symptoms associated with
new variant of Covid  - - Flu

1. Sore throat - - 1. Sore throat

2. Runny nose - - 2. Runny nose

3. Blocked nose - - 3. Blocked nose

4. Sneezing - - - - 4. Sneezing

5. Dry cough - - - - 5. Dry cough

6. Headache - - - - 6. Headache

7. Wet cough - - - - 7. Wet cough

8. Hoarse voice - - 8. Hoarse voice

9. Muscle aches - - 9. Muscle aches

10. Altered smell - - 10. Altered smell

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Vitamin K for Newborns: A Necessary Risk or a Revenue-Driven Practice?
     By Ty & Charlene Bollinger, August 22, 2023
An issue simmering beneath the surface of standard medical procedures for newborns is the widespread administration of Vitamin K shots immediately after birth. These shots, far from being a harmless vitamin, are a synthetic formulation many times more potent than what a child would receive naturally. Despite the well-documented side effects—shock, jaundice, and cardiac or respiratory distress—medical professionals persist in pressuring new parents to agree to this intervention, often neglecting to disclose these potential risks.

This begs the question, is the healthcare industry primarily concerned with the safety and health of our newborns, or is revenue generation the driving force behind such practices?

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Important Reads: Will HPV Vaccination Prevent Cervical Cancer?
     James Lyons-Weiler, Aug 21, 2023
It’s been 17 years since the first human papillomavirus vaccines came out. Claims that the vaccine reduces cervical cancer are misleading, for the following reasons:

1. The reports of reductions in “cervical cancer” did not measure cervical cancer.

2. The reported reductions were most frequently reductions in vaccine-targeted HPV types, not “all HPVs” (This has been the pattern in all of the studies!).

3. Available data conclusively now support type replacement (the replacement of vaccine-targeted types with rarer, potentially more aggressive types of HPV).

4. Data show increases pre-cancerous conditions in younger groups and no change in older women.

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New police testimony + peer-reviewed literature both show vaccines ARE causing SIDS: No doubt about it!
     Steve Kirsch, Aug 17, 2023
A police officer in a town of 350,000 investigated 3 to 4 SIDS cases a month for the past 7 years. She realized early in the process that gathering vaccine data was useful. So she has 7 years worth of data and it shows that over half the cases happened within 1 week from a vaccine.

That is statistically impossible if the vaccines are not causing SIDS.

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Scientific Review Reports Onset Or Worsening of Psoriasis Following COVID Shots
     by Rishma Parpia, Published August 14, 2023
A 2023 scientific review published in the journal Biomedicines reported cases of new onset or worsening of psoriasis following COVID-19 shots. Patients in the scientific review either received mRNA-based biologics, including Pfizer/BioNTech Comirnaty or Moderna/NIAID’s Spikevax, or viral vectored vaccines that included AstraZeneca/Oxford University’s Vaxzevria or Johnson & Johnson/Janssen’s Ad26.COV2.S vaccine.

Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory skin disorder with symptoms that include a rash with itchy and scaly patches that commonly occur on the knees, elbows and scalp.

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ICAN’s Attorneys Uncover Early Pfizer Vaccine Study Revealing Alarming Systemic Reactions in Rats
     ICAN, March 6, 2023
This month, ICAN’s attorneys reviewed a startling 2,237-page report from June 2020 (amended in September 2020) that Pfizer submitted to the FDA concerning its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

The study looked at the toxicity of Pfizer’s vaccine using four different doses (including the one eventually authorized for emergency use, BNT162b2) and involved 255 rats (219 received vaccine, 36 received control) for a test period of 10 to 17 days with “3 additional weeks for the animals scheduled for the recovery period.”

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Thanks to many others for pointing me to these OECD data
     Meryl Nass, Aug 10, 2023 queryid=104676

You need to play with this yourself. You can look at ‘excess deaths’ by country, age group (I chose 0-44 years) and by year, and the chart gives you the excess (#more than the expected number) of deaths and percentage higher than normal, by week. You can then change the year for a comparison. I think these were the US numbers for 2022, and deaths seem to be increased by at least 25% over the baseline.

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VAERS data is crystal clear: The COVID vaccines are killing an estimated 1 person per 1,000 doses (676,000 dead Americans)
     Steve Kirsch, Aug 6, 2023
It takes about 30 seconds to do a VAERS query that shows the COVID vaccines are deadly. The shape of the "onset curve" makes this obvious. An estimated 676,000 Americans have been killed.

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Vaccine victims with no voice (Vol. 24)
     Posted by Yudi Sherman, August 06, 2023
On December 11, 2020, the Food and Drug Administration authorized the first COVID-19 vaccine made by Pfizer-BioNTech.

While the pharma companies and medical authorities have profited from every injection, the shots have injured countless people irreparably and destroyed the lives they knew.

The media will not give voice to these injured whose ranks grow daily.

Here we share some of their stories.

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Doctor call provides even more evidence that vaccines are the leading cause of autism and SIDS
Executive summary
I had a call with over a dozen doctors and holistic practitioners today, all friends of Jason Dean. He chose doctors he knew who would be willing to go on a zoom call; there was no other selection criteria.

While they asked not to reveal who said what for fear of retribution, I will summarize some of the most astonishing statements that were made in the call today.

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It's Time You Read the Truth About Dr. Andrew Wakefield

A Thorough Analysis of the Case Against Dr. Andrew Wakefield by Mary Holland, JD
     James Lyons-Weiler, Jul 24, 2023
If you’ve heard Dr. Wakefield’s name — and you probably have — you’ve heard two tales. You’ve heard that Dr. Wakefield is a charlatan, an unethical researcher, and a huckster who was “erased” from the British medical registry and whose 1998 article on autism and gastrointestinal disease was “retracted” by a leading medical journal. You’ve also heard a very different story, that Dr. Wakefield is a brilliant and courageous scientist, a compassionate physician beloved by his patients, and a champion for families with autism and vaccine injury. What’s the truth?

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Danish Study Shows 71% of COVID Vaccine Injuries Came from Just 4.2% of the Batches
     July 14, 2023,John Campbell
A new study from Danish researchers that was published in a peer-reviewed journal showed that 71% of reported adverse effects from the COVID ‘vaccine’ occurred in just 4.2% of the batches. The lead researcher said that the most serious vaccine adverse effects were recorded early on, when the vaccines were first rolled out.

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One In Three Pfizer Vaccine Shots May Have Been A Placebo
     by Kim Iversen, Published July 11, 2023
There’s new evidence that many of the batches of the Pfizer [COVID-19] vaccine administered to the public, up to the 30 percent, were placebos. And even worse, the evidence points to regulators knowing about it and willingly administering them. Now, either they were actively experimenting on the public or they were covering up for the fact that the vaccines came with numerous side effects.

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Lancet study PROVES covid jabs killed large numbers of people while government covered it up
     07/10/2023 // Ethan Huff
A pre-print study that was published in The Lancet on July 5 proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "vaccines" are overwhelmingly responsible for post-covid injection deaths among the "fully vaccinated."

According to the data, 74 percent of all deaths that occur in people who got injected for covid are deaths caused by the injections themselves. This is a damning indictment of the gene therapy drug products, which were pushed on the masses as "safe and effective" through Operation Warp Speed.

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Meta Review of Autopsies Finds Link Between COVID Shots and Death
Here [NVIC]

Autophagy | Covid “Vaccines” Detox | Part 1
     Dr Mark Trozzi, June 25, 2023
Intermittent fasting and other ways to maximize autophagy
Intermittent fasting is one of the most powerful tools that we have to cleanse our bodies of toxic spike proteins. These toxic proteins are produced by human cells throughout the body following the misrepresented covid-19 genetic injections.

Here is my first in a short series of videos providing tools to detoxify, maximize survival, and minimize suffering and disability. Please share.

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Nattokinase | Covid “Vaccines” Detox | Part 2

Linking Vaccines to Joint disease and hip dysplasia in DOGS
Most people think of collagen as an anti-aging product. You’ll find collagen in cosmetic products and in supplements because it’s the elastic protein that holds skin together.

As we age, the amount and quality of collagen in our bodies starts to diminish. That’s why we can see our skin begin to wrinkle and sag.

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Breakthrough Study Shows Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier
     by Jeremy R. Hammond, Oct 6, 2022
A study by renowned pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas and research scientist Dr. James Lyons-Weiler published in a peer-reviewed journal in November 2020 found that, compared to unvaccinated children, the vaccinated children in Thomas’s practice had a higher incidence of diagnoses for a wide range of health conditions as well as a higher incidence of office visits for those conditions.

Days after that study was published, Dr. Thomas’s medical license was suspended by the Oregon Medical Board on the demonstrably false pretext that his approach of respecting parents’ right to informed consent instead of pressuring them to comply strictly with the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule constituted an “emergency” threat to public health.

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Peter Hotez, the vaccine scientist who refuses to debate RFK Jr., linked to “chimeric” coronavirus creation in Wuhan
     06/22/2023, Ethan Huff
There is a reason why Baylor College of Medicine dean and pediatrician Peter Hotez refuses to debate 2024 presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the issue of vaccines: because he knows he would lose – and because Hotez is directly connected to the creation of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) and other chimeric coronaviruses in communist China.

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If Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism, Then How Do You Explain All This Evidence?
     By Steve Kirsch, Global Research, June 19, 2023
We see an odds ratio of 5 when comparing autism in vaxxed vs. unvaxxed in MULTIPLE studies. The before:after odds are even more extraordinary. How can we ignore all this evidence?

Executive summary

Here’s my favorite short list of evidence that can’t be explained if vaccines don’t cause autism. Does anyone think I’m wrong and can explain the list? Read rest of original story here:
File# 6747sci.php

More U.S. Parents Reject HPV Vaccine Over Safety Concerns
     by Amber Baker, June 5, 2023
A growing number of parents in the U.S. are choosing not to vaccinate their adolescent children for human papillomavirus (HPV), according to a new study published in the June 2023 edition of the journal Pediatrics.1 The study identified HPV vaccine uptake trends in an effort to develop strategies to combat increasing vaccine hesitancy.

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     James Lyons-Weiler, May 26, 2023
They did not stratify the results by gender and dropped 75% of the records due to lack of medical records.

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Former Pfizer VP Dr. Mike Yeadon says COVID-19 pandemic never really happened as was claimed
     May 19, 2023 by: Kevin Hughes
(Natural News) For former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Mike Yeadon, the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic never really happened.

“There never was a viral pandemic of a novel pathogen. I don’t believe there has been a novel cause of significant illness and death, other than our government’s responses to the fake ‘pandemic,'” he said. “The deaths that we saw, I’m afraid, were medical malpractice at best and murder at worst. Basically, we were lied to from the beginning.”

The former Pfizer executive said health authorities have lied about the public health emergency, as well as the necessity and usefulness of the measures to address COVID-19.

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Could the COVID vaccines be causing a rise in heart attack deaths in young people?
     Steve Kirsch, May 3, 2023
One of my readers, a doctor at Kaiser Permanente, brought this video of Celine Gounder to my attention.

In the video, Dr. Gounder discusses a study showing young people are disproportionately dying from heart attacks during the pandemic. The study looked at acute myocardial infarction (AMI) which is ICD-10 code I21. Most people know it as a “heart attack.”

What is stunning is that the authors of the paper never considered the possibility that the COVID vaccines could be causing the effect they are observing.

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ABC News Hit Piece on RFK, Jr. Illuminates the Vaccine Religion
     by Jeremy R. Hammond | Apr 14, 2023
An ABC News article attacking Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. illustrates how his true offense is committing heresy against the vaccine religion.

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File# 6759corsci.php

‘Daily Beast’ Hit Piece on RFK, Jr. Can’t Get Basic Facts Straight
     by Jeremy R. Hammond | Apr 13, 2023
On April 8, 2023, in response to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announcing his candidacy for president, the Daily Beast ran an article titled “RFK Jr. Would Be the Worst Possible President Kennedy”. The article is a disgraceful hit piece whose authors can’t even get basic facts straight. (In case the Daily Beast decides to correct its misinformation, or, more appropriately, retract the article by the time you’re reading this, view archived versions here or here.)

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Dr Trozzi Alert | There’s DNA in the RNA Shots. Lots!
     Dr Mark Trozzi, April 22, 2023
My 15 Minute video explaining very concerning new revelations and implications

View Video here:
File# 6766sci.php
COVID-19 mRNA vaccines contain excessive quantities of bacterial DNA: evidence and implications
by Michael Palmer, MD and Jonathan Gilthorpe, PhD, April 5, 2023
PDF Here.

Comparison Images of Live Blood Analysis and Nanotechnology Coming Out Of The Body With Anti- Nano Devices
     Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD, Apr 10, 2023
In this post, I wish to share some comparison images of nanotechnology that has exited human bodies via anti nano devices and the live blood analysis of C19 unvaccinated individuals in my office. Many doctors and scientists are denying the presence of nanotechnology that has invaded all of humanity. Since they do, no treatments for the nanotechnology removal is recommended in mainstream medicine.

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Why I don’t believe there ever was a Covid virus
     By Dr Mike Yeadon, - March 22, 2023
I’VE grown increasingly frustrated about the way debate is controlled around the topic of origins of the alleged novel virus, SARS-CoV-2, and I have come to disbelieve it’s ever been in circulation, causing massive scale illness and death. Concerningly, almost no one will entertain this possibility, despite the fact that molecular biology is the easiest discipline in which to cheat. That’s because you really cannot do it without computers, and sequencing requires complex algorithms and, importantly, assumptions. Tweaking algorithms and assumptions, you can hugely alter the conclusions.

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IT WAS ALL A LIE: NHS Director confirms Hospitals lied about Cause of Death to create illusion of COVID Pandemic
     By The Exposé on March 20, 2023
Before Covid, four types of pneumonia added together were the highest cause of death in the UK. In a newly implemented Medical Examiner System to certify deaths, the Medical Examiner was certifying all types of pneumonia deaths as covid-19 deaths, a former Director of End-of-Life Care has said.

On Saturday, Sai, a former NHS Director of End-of-Life Care, wrote a Twitter thread which, amongst other things, gave a personal account of the changes to the system of reporting deaths implemented in the NHS:

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Coronavirus Testing Lab Defrauded U.S. Government of $83 Million
     by Rishma Parpia, Published March 19, 2023
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) recently announced criminal charges against Zishan Alvia, owner of Laboratory Elite, a SARS-CoV-2 virus testing laboratory in Chicago accused of a scheme in which Alvia obtained $83 million by fraudulently billing the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Uninsured Program for reimbursement for SARS-CoV-2 tests. HRSA’s Uninsured Program used federal funds to help cover the cost of coronavirus testing for those people without medical insurance.

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Deaths Sharply Increase, Especially in Young Males
     by Carolyn Hendler, JD, Published March 19, 2023
According to a recent study by Cedars Sinai, there was a nearly 30 percent increase in deaths from heart attacks in adults 25 to 44 years old during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first year of the pandemic, the number of deaths due to heart attack increased by 14 percent from the previous year. However, this number skyrocketed to a 29.9 percent increase by the end of 2021. Marty Makary, MD, professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and oncology surgeon believes the sharp rise in heart attack deaths in the second year of the pandemic is due to widespread use of COVID shots and not solely caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself.

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Birth Rates Plummet in Countries Most Heavily Vaccinated Against COVID-19
     by Amber Baker, Published March 15, 2023
A team of European researchers have determined that birth rates in 19 European countries declined sharply toward the end of 2021 following peak COVID-19 vaccine uptake earlier that year in the spring. The research, compiled in August 2022, found that decreased birth rate patterns persisted all of the countries represented in the data, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Montenegro and Serbia.

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Study: More Infant Vaccines Lead to Higher Infant Mortality
     Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, March 14, 2023
Story at-a-glance
* In 2011, Neil Miller, Ph.D., and Gary Goldman, Ph.D., published a paper in the journal Human & Experimental Toxicology showing infant mortality rates correlated with childhood vaccination rates, with high-uptake countries having higher child mortality

* In January 2022, Goldman discussed the CDC’s suppression of undesirable vaccine data in an interview. In December that year, the Miller Lab at Brigham Young University in Utah, as part of the BYU Bioinformatics Capstone course, reanalyzed the Miller-Goldman paper in an effort to debunk it

* In response to the critique, Miller and Goldman conducted their own reanalysis, which was published in the peer-reviewed journal Cureus in early February 2023. The paper confirmed their 2011 conclusion that there’s a positive correlation between vaccine doses and infant mortality rates

Originally posted here, but no longer available:
File# 6788corsci.php

Excess deaths in Australia off the charts following covid "vaccines" – highest in 80 years
     By ethanh // 2023-03-09
One of the most "fully vaccinated" countries in the world for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) has now earned the title of also being the sickest and most death-prone society in the world. That country is Australia, which now has an excess mortality rate that is greater than that of any other country in the world over the last 80 years – and by a longshot. Australia's "reward" for obeying the (mis)guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO) is an extra 174,000 deaths in 2022, which is 12 percent higher than what was predicted by the experts. ...

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File# 6789corsci.php

the greatest lie told during covid
and the one they will undoubtedly try to tell again
     el gato malo, Mar 8, 2023
scott atlas has made a list of the 10 biggest lies told by the misinformation ministries during covid.

you can read it ... .

it’s a good list.

it covers spread, risk, mitigation, far fetched pharma fables, and all the other fabulism with which we have all become so unavoidably familiar.

and indeed, these were all lies told by people who either knew better or should have known better. every actual expert was sidelined and the social contagion of panic took center stage as the drama kids playing at being the science kids took the world on the greatest pseudoscientific joyride in human history. “story” overtook “science” and “epigram” shouted down “epidemiology.” 100 years of evidence based pandemic response programs were defenestrated and replaced with superstition driven diktat that “looked like doing something.”

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6791corsci.php

Over 60 scientists call for an end to covid-19 “vaccines” after documenting foreign toxins that damage the blood and impede circulation
     Friday, February 17, 2023 by: Lance D Johnson
(Natural News) The German Working Group for Covid Vaccine Analysis – which includes over 60 scientists, doctors, lawyers, and journalists – published their “Summary of Preliminary Findings” on the toxic substances they are finding in covid-19 vaccine samples and the changes they are seeing in the blood samples taken from vaccinated individuals.

The scientists “frequently observed an unusually rapid disintegration of the different types of cells in the vaccinated blood” and found concerning rouleaux formations of red blood cells specifically in the vaccinated samples.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6794corsci.php

COVID-19 Vaccines Causing An Alarming Uptick in Cancers | Dr. Ryan Cole
     by The Epoch Times, Published February 19, 2023
In the laboratory, I’m seeing an uptick in cancers that I shouldn’t be seeing, at rates I shouldn’t be seeing, in age groups I shouldn’t be seeing. I’ve talked to colleagues around the world and they’re starting to verify it. But [health authorities] just basically marginalize you and say, ‘Oh, that’s out of the narrative, don’t look at that.’ My point of view is, if we have something novel and new, i.e. these gene injections to stimulate an immune response, we should take this approach as the French legal system… ‘guilty until proven innocent.’ Every adverse reaction, every odd pattern outside the normal after these shots should have triggered a red flag to say, we need to do an autopsy on that death that was proximate to their shot or, gosh, this patient that was healthy and well now is not so healthy and well… we need to investigate is this related to this new experimental modality that we’re putting on to a broad world population.

Video, watch rest of original story here:
File# 6795corsci.php

React19 Research: VAERS Audit
     by React 19 | Dec 3, 2022
November 29, 2022

React19, a patient advocacy organization representing more than 20,000 Covid vaccine-injured individuals, reviewed 126 VAERS report numbers filed by 103 independent Covid vaccine-injured individuals. We conducted this audit due to concerns raised by members that they never received permanent VAERS report Identification Numbers, they could not find their VAERS reports after published on the website, and/or their reports had been altered, combined with previous reports, or removed. The scope of the audit was to understand how CDC and FDA are following up with VAERS reports filed by those who continually suffer after their Covid vaccine injury.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6796corsci.php

Thousands of Cases of Pulmonary Embolism Reported After COVID Shots
     by Rishma Parpia, Published February 5, 2023
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) shows that, as of Jan. 20, 2023, there have been 3,855 cases of pulmonary embolism reported following COVID-19 shots.1 A pulmonary embolism is a blood clot that develops in a blood vessel in the body, often in the leg, and travels to the pulmonary artery in the lungs where it blocks blood flow. This causes lung tissue damage and damage to other organs and can escalate to life threatening conditions and even death.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6797corsci.php

DARPA Hires Pfizer to Perform Groundbreaking Vaccine Research
     By Rich Smith – Dec 5, 2013 at 9:32AM
For $7.7 million, DARPA wants Pfizer to rewrite the rules by which vaccines are created and diseases treated.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) awarded Pfizer (PFE 1.12%) a $7.7 million contract to research whether it might be possible to "identify and subsequently induce the production of protective antibodies to an emerging pathogen directly in an infected or exposed individual."

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6798corsci.php

Digging deeper on ADHD
     What Doctors Don't Tell You (Jan 2023)
Fergus was nine years old when his parents brought him to see me many years ago. He was charming and bright, but wildly hyperactive, and had a diagnosis of ADHD and a possible diagnosis of autism. He knocked a few things off my desk in the consulting room, swung my stethoscope round his head, and generally ran around looking for something to do; bright kids with ADHD cannot tolerate boredom for a second. I tried to interact with him as much as with his parents so he could feel involved and not left out. But the conversation just wasn’t exciting enough for him.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6799sci.php

FOIA request forces CDC to release covid “vaccine” VAERS data – and it’s not pretty
     January 16, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) There is a reason why the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) desperately tried to hide covid “vaccine” data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS): because it clearly shows that the injections are deadly and never should have been authorized or approved.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6800corsci.php

Nothing New Under the Sun
     By John Leake, Dec 28, 2022
Imagine that you and your spouse have a 14-month-old baby in excellent health. Your child is perfectly responsive to mother and father. His cognitive and social development has hit all milestones. He then receives an MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) combination vaccine. A few hours later he is struck with high fever, seizures, and severe gastrointestinal distress.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 6801sci.php

Eating for peace
     Jan 13, 2023 by Lynne McTaggart
That food can cure illness isn’t exactly a new idea.

More than 2,000 years ago, the Greek physician Hippocrates, considered the Father of Medicine, famously wrote, “Let food be thy medicine.”

I’ve just been reading Curing the Incurable (Hammersmith, 2020) by Dr Jerry Thompson, a noted member of the British Society of Ecological Medicine. Thompson offers enormous scientific evidence that plant compounds in certain foods are potent cancer killers capable of inhibiting cancer cell growth or causing cancer cell death, blocking metastasis, protecting DNA, increasing natural killer cells and much more.

But the most interesting aspect of his book concerns the role of bad nutrition on communities. ...

There he witnessed extraordinary differences in health between certain portions of the population. Those in the north of the country enjoyed rude good health, whereas many in the south suffered from tuberculosis, heart disease and cancer.

But even more amazing was the effect on their personalities. ...

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Sir Robert McCarrison
Health of Hunzas and others in India

Book Report on Amazon: Curing the Incurable

Stop World Control
The World Economic Forum and their globalist partners are establishing worldwide tyranny, which gradually removes all rights, freedoms, and possessions from humanity. They claim this will improve the state of the world. It is called the Great Reset, Agenda 2030, Agenda 21, Build Back Better, New World Order, etc. Our mission is to inform you, so you can defend your life.

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CDC Forced to Release V-Safe Data, Excessive COVID Vaccine Injuries Made Public
     by Sunfellow, Published January 11, 2023
Why did it take numerous legal demands, multiple appeals, two lawsuits, in fact, before the CDC finally handed over the V-safe data, which is already de-identified data, for the most part, that they provided just two days ago… a hundred, forty-four million lines of code… that they could’ve provided in a matter of minutes at any point?

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... interactive V-Safe dashboard ...

The pharmaceutical industry is dangerous to health. Further proof with COVID-19
[National Library of Medicine]
     Surg Neurol Int. Published online 2022 Oct 21, by Fabien Deruelle
The COVID-19 period highlights a huge problem that has been developing for decades, the control of science by industry. In the 1950s, the tobacco industry set the example, which the pharmaceutical industry followed. Since then, the latter has been regularly condemned for illegal marketing, misrepresentation of experimental results, dissimulation of information about the dangers of drugs, and considered as criminal. Therefore, this study was conducted to show that knowledge is powerfully manipulated by harmful corporations, whose goals are: 1/financial; 2/to suppress our ability to make choices to acquire global control of public health.

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NY POST: ONCE AGAIN, CDC Places Politics Above Science (and It's Killing Americans)
     James Lyons-Weiler - January 2, 2023
CDC is a partisan agency embedded in the US Government.

Let me say that again: CDC is a partisan (Democratic party, in particular) - agency embedded in the US Government.

CDC’s reputation as a bastion of reliable information is done, and the damage it has inflicted on itself is irreparable.

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Dozens of Scientists around the World claim to have discovered Graphene & Nanotechnology in the COVID-19 Vaccines
     By The Exposé on December 1, 2022
Scientists have published an urgent review of the Covid-19 injections in which they claim to have discovered nanotechnology and Graphene Oxide in both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections, and both the AstraZeneca and Janssen viral vector injections. The new review backs up the findings of numerous other scientists from around the world.

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Is the CDC Deleting VAERS Records?
     by daniel_g, 22 Dec 2022
According to The Vigilant Fox, something strange is going on with VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

“Reports that were present three months ago are now inexplicably missing. And fewer than 4% of adverse events recorded in V-Safe have made their way to VAERS,” The Vigilant Fox noted on DailyClout.

Why is that?

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Germany releases definitive data proving that deaths from “covid” ramped up AFTER the “vaccines” were unleashed
     December 22, 2022 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) It has long been the standard in Germany for the government to report adverse reactions to vaccines. Even when other countries conceal this type of data for political purposes, Germany tells the truth – and what the country recently revealed about covid “vaccines” is no exception.

The most definitive study to date, according to “A Midwestern Doctor,” looked at 35 individuals who died within 20 days of getting jabbed. Lengthy examinations revealed that 10 of them may have died from something else other than the shot(s), so these bodies were excluded.

The remaining 25 bodies died from things that are frequently linked to vaccination while five specifically died from myocarditis, one of the most common adverse events caused by covid injections.

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FDA “turned a blind eye” to “submission of fraudulent data” on covid injections, investigator reveals
     December 15, 2022 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) Documents released as part of a whistleblower complaint against Pfizer reveal that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “turned a blind eye” to the “fraudulent data” that Pfizer submitted alongside its messenger RNA (mRNA) Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine.”

An agent within the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigation (OCI) admitted in an email that the agency knew Pfizer’s data was fraudulent but accepted it anyway, using it to emergency authorize (EUA), then approve, Pfizer’s covid injection products.

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Why the Claim ‘Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism’ Is Disinformation
     by Jeremy R. Hammond - Dec 12, 2022
“Vaccines do not cause autism.” That is what we are continually told by government health officials, the mainstream media, and the pharma-centric medical establishment. It is the official position of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The idea that vaccines can cause autism is just misinformation spread by “anti-vaxxers”, we are told; it is a claim that has been repeatedly debunked by scientific research.

But has it?

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Science for Hire - A Gary Null Production
     GaryNullFilmLibrary - Published October 11, 2022
Science for Hire takes us on a journey through the most critical scientific issues that directly affect our health and well-being, shedding light on the hidden secrets of the scientific, pharmaceutical, and military industrial complexes. Following a long history of systemic corruption across medical organizations and schools, scientific publications and federal regulatory agencies, we enter a world where pseudo-science and misinformation rules. 

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10 Most SURPRISING and DANGEROUS ingredients in vaccines, and the industry’s poor explanations for why they’re used
     December 06, 2022 by: S.D. Wells
(Natural News) Are you aware that blood, cells, and organ tissue from cows, eagles, dogs, ferrets, chickens, and yes, human abortions, are used to manufacture the world’s most deadly vaccines? That’s why they’re called “dirty vaccines.” Most natural health advocates already know about thimerosal, which is 50 percent mercury, that crosses the blood-brain barrier thanks to the inclusion of aluminum (linked to dementia), found in multi-dose flu shots. But it gets much, much worse. What most people are not aware of are the surprising ingredients that, if found in food or beverages, most folks would use common sense and judgment to avoid at all costs.

These scary ingredients and volatile substances are termed “excipients,” “adjuvants” and “preservatives” by the vaccine industrial complex to keep the injected from having well-warranted concern and dismay.

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Died Suddenly – the groundbreaking investigations that made the film possible
     November 26, 2022 by: Mike Adams
(Natural News) Before the film Died Suddenly, there were investigations that received far less attention but were pivotal in uncovering the truth about the “fibrous clots” that are causing people to die.

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Military whistleblowers say cancer, miscarriages and heart disease all up 300% following covid injection mandates
     November 01, 2022 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) Three doctors in the armed forces have decided to blow the lid on the United States military’s open deception concerning the negative outcome of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” on American troops.

According to the three whistleblowers, medical billing code data captured by the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), which is run by the Department of Defense (DoD), shows that rates of miscarriage, myocarditis, cancer, Bell’s palsy, female infertility, and many other health conditions are up big time.

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One in 500 children who gets jabbed for covid ends up hospitalized, study finds
     October 25, 2022 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) just published new research showing that one out of every 500 children who gets “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) ends up suffering injuries serious enough to require hospitalization.

The paper looked at 7,806 children aged five or younger who were tracked for an average of 91.4 days following their first injection with Pfizer’s mRNA (messenger RNA) shot.

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The CDC Is Again Changing Its Tune On What Counts As COVID-19 Misinformation
When COVID-19 vaccines were first rolled out, they were marketed as critical tools that would help people stay safe from the virus and steer clear of getting others sick. People who refused to take this vaccine were therefore labeled as selfish and even excluded from parts of society, due to COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

When various people spoke up and said COVID-19 vaccines didn’t shield anyone from getting sick with the virus or spreading it, this was initially written off as “misinformation.” Some Twitter users even had their accounts penalized for making these claims.

Eventually, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conceded that COVID-19 vaccines don’t block virus infection or spread.

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The Science [Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed]
     Children's Health Defense
[Various studies showing increased risk in the Vaccinated.]

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Germany's Largest Health Insurer Reveals 1 in 25 Clients Underwent Medical Treatment in 2021 for Covid 'Vaccine' Side Effects
     Amy Mek, August 3, 2022
Based on the figures from Techniker Krankenkasse, as many as 1 in 500 covid vaccine injections are expected to cause serious side effects.

The cesspool of vaccine side effects in Germany is finally completely open. According to the Dutch news site, Blckbx, five months after a Wob request, it appears that 437,593 of the 11 million insured persons of the country’s largest Health Insurance fund, Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), had to undergo medical treatment in 2021 for Covid vaccine side effects. That is 1 in 25 and an increase of 3000 percent.

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EXCLUSIVE: Paramedics speak out about empty hospitals, probable vax injuries during COVID
     By Matthew Horwood Jul 11, 2022 27
Paramedics say they transferred few COVID-19 patients during the early stages of the pandemic — despite media claims that hospitals were overwhelmed — but since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines they've seen a rise in heart attacks, strokes, and chronic infections.

"If I hadn't heard about COVID all day, every day in the news, I don't think I would have known that anything was any different," said Greg McTague, a paramedic of 25 years from Penticton, B.C. "It seems clear to me at this point, the vaccines are causing a lot more harm than the actual virus."

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New Research Confirms Link Between COVID Shots and Menstrual Irregularity
     By Charlene Bollinger, July 18, 2022
New research has discovered that COVID shots are causing major disruptions to women’s menstrual cycles. The study, published on July 15th in Science Advances, provides the most comprehensive data on the effects of COVID-19 vaccines on menstrual cycles so far.

The analysis found that 42% of people with regular menstrual cycles said they bled more heavily than usual after vaccination. Meanwhile, 44% reported no change and around 14% reported a lighter period. Among nonmenstruating people — those post-menopause or who use certain long-term contraceptives, for example — the study suggests many experienced breakthrough or unexpected bleeding after their Covid shots.

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Professor Edward Steele: Why The “Vaccines” Don’t Work, They Can’t Work
     By Rhoda Wilson on July 14, 2022
“I’ve got to stress: this is a common cold virus, 99.9% of people get rid of it … How can a jab in the arm vaccine possibly protect you against getting infected with Covid-19? … None of the vaccines put into the arms can possibly activate that immunity. They don’t, they just can’t work just on first principles … They know that, they know the vaccine can’t work,” Professor Edward Steele said during an interview with Asia Pacific Today in September last year.

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Autism Rate Now 1 in 30 Among American Children
     by Marco Cáceres, Published July 10, 2022
A new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics found that the number of children and adolescents diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the United States has risen to 1 in 30. The study, which was conducted by public health researchers at Guandong Pharmaceutical University in China, looked at data from the annual National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) maintained by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It estimated there was a 52 percent increase in ASD diagnoses among children and adolescents in the U.S. during 2017-2020.

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How the Novavax Coronavirus Vaccine Uses Moth Cells
     by The Washington Post, Published July 18, 2022 | Best in Video
As companies like Moderna and Pfizer race to use cutting-edge mRNA technology to deliver the first set of coronavirus vaccines, Novavax took a different approach. The Maryland biotechnology company used insect cells to produce the coronavirus’s unique spiked protein, which can then be introduced to patients to prime their immune systems. This process is known as a recombinant protein vaccination…

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Research Confirms Menstrual Cycle Bleeding Changes After COVID Shot
     by Barbara Cáceres Published July 18, 2022 | Vaccination, Risk & Failure Reports
Last week, University of Illinois researchers published a study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the journal Science Advances on menstrual cycle bleeding changes after COVID shots. The study featured a web-based survey of almost 40,000 individuals and found 42 percent of those who were menstruating reported unexpected heavy bleeding after receiving a COVID shot, while 66 percent of postmenopausal individuals reported breakthrough bleeding.

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Study: Unvaccinated individuals are not a burden to medical systems
     July 15, 2022 by: Belle Carter
(Natural News) A large-scale international study conducted by the Alliance for Natural Health International found that unvaccinated individuals have not been a burden to medical systems, contrary to what the so-called health experts claim.

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The FDA's Infant COVID Vax Fraud - Part I
     Jeremy R. Hammond
On June 17, the FDA updated its emergency use authorization (EUA) for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to include use in children under age five, down to as young as six months old.

According to the FDA's decision memorandum outlining the rationale behind this move, the benefits of vaccinating children this young outweigh the risks.

I'm sure it will come as no surprise to many of my readers that this document is characterized by scientific fraud. However, what is shocking even to me is just how brazenly the FDA is now perpetrating scientific fraud in service to the pharmaceutical industry.

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The Best Mask Study Yet
     By Ian Miller, July 8, 2022
School masking has undoubtedly been one of the COVID’s most infuriating issues.

The case for masking by the general public has quite obviously always been weak, considering there was no pre-pandemic planning that suggested masking would ever be beneficial.

But the case to mask children has always been significantly worse.

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“Monkeypox” is only circulating in Countries where the population have been given the Pfizer Vaccine & is being used to advance a Technocratic Great Reset
     By The Exposé on June 24, 2022
Since around the middle of May 2022, you will have most likely heard or seen the word Monkeypox mentioned numerous times in the mainstream media.

Allegedly, for the first time since its discovery among humans in Africa over 50 years ago, the monkeypox virus is circulating throughout several countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia and most of Europe all at the same time.

But it just so happens that every single country where monkeypox is allegedly circulating is also a country that has distributed the Pfizer Covid-19 injection to its population; excluding some countries in Africa where the disease has been endemic for the past 50 or so years.

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COVID-19 vaccines are reactivating the chickenpox virus in the vaccinated

CDC Director Violates FDA's Emergency Use authorizations for Pfizer and Moderna and Posts Misinformation about COVID-19 Vaccines
     ICAN, Jun 23, 2022
While Twitter has suspended and permanently blocked numerous individuals for posting so-called “misinformation” concerning COVID-19 vaccines, it has not done so to “health” authorities – those who arguably should be held to an even higher standard – when they blatantly share inaccurate information.

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BOMBSHELL: Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children
     Dr. Clare Craig, June 17, 2022
[Video] length 4:39 important information] [Comment] Dr. Clare Craig from the HART group explains the clinical trial used to justify vaccinating kids.

The HART group is a group of highly respected independent doctors and scientists.

In this 4 minute video, Dr. Clare Craig, co-chair of the HART group, explains the clinical trial that was used to justify vaccinating our kids. She was appalled. The only conclusion you can draw after watching this video is that the people running the FDA, CDC and the members of the outside committees approving these vaccines are either completely incompetent or totally bought off.

Everyone should watch this video. It should be required viewing for any parent who is considering vaccinating their child.
Here is the report Pfizer submitted to the FDA referenced in her video. You can see the numbers on page 39 (look in the column headings for the N= numbers).
Down load Pfizer report

Watch 4 minute 39 seconds video here:
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My Feedback to the FDA's Attempts to inject 5 and Under for Covid-19 [Video]
[Open Public Hearing Session, Sam Dodson]
This was my 3 minute speech to Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee in their hearing to approve the Covid19 "vaccines" on babies 5 and under. This is a critical step towards the pharmaceutical cartels gaining immunity for adverse reactions cause by their products.

Watch presentation here:
File# 6891corsci.php
Transcript of 3 minute speech

Fauci finally admits there are NO studies that support COVID boosters being effective for kids
     June 21, 2022 by: JD Heyes
(Natural News) If there is any one person most responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic and the awful policies that were adopted to ‘combat’ and ‘limit’ the outbreak, it is Dr. Anthony Fauci, the ‘lead’ immunologist in America.

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FDA Caught Creating and Using Unreliable and Inconsistent Data to Create An Illusion of COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy as They Attempt to Justify Approval for Use in Infants and Toddlers
     James Lyons-Weiler, Jun 11, 2022
They want the COVID-19 vaccine approval for children so bad, Peter Marks himself and his cronies published the very study he has to use to evaluate for approval.

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5 Unexpected Dangers In Vaccines
     Julia Henriques, 2021-12-10
Vaccination comes with a lot of unintended consequences … even more than you might have thought of.

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Monkeypox is a coverup for damage done to Immune System by COVID Vaccination resulting in Shingles, Autoimmune Blistering Disease & Herpes Infection
     By The Exposé on June 10, 2022
Do you not find it curious how in the space of 50 years, monkeypox has never really gotten off the ground outside of a couple of countries in Africa, but then within two years of the alleged emergence of Covid-19, monkeypox is suddenly in every Western nation and being hyped up by public health authorities, the mainstream media and the World Health Organization?

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Dr Vernon Coleman: “Most ‘Experts’ are ‘Bought’ – and simply say what they’re paid to say”
     By The Exposé on June 9, 2022
It is frighteningly easy to become an ‘expert’. When I was in my 20s and newly qualified I was regularly described as a ‘world famous expert’ or a ‘leading expert’ whenever I was quoted in the media.

At least I was only ever giving my opinion based on the facts which were available – I have never been paid or otherwise bribed to offer an opinion or a particular point of view.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

There is a certain amount of irony in the fact that now I am much older, and I hope wiser and better informed, I am never invited to give my opinion on TV or radio shows or for the press.

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Confidential Pfizer Documents reveal Covid-19 Vaccination is going to lead to Depopulation
     By The Exposé on June 7, 2022
Covid-19 vaccination is going to lead to mass depopulation.

This is a pretty bold claim to make. ‘Your Government is trying to kill you’ is even bolder.

But unfortunately, these bold claims are now backed up with a mountain of evidence, and most of that evidence can be found in the confidential Pfizer documents that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration has been forced to publish by court order.

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File# 6905corscileg.php
BOMBSHELL: Pfizer’s own documents admit that mRNA covid vaccines will result in mass depopulation

Global CV19 Vax Absolute Insanity – Dr. Ryan Cole
     By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post), June 6, 2022
Dr. Cole was one of the very first doctors to come out and question the entire Covid19 narrative and the extreme push for CV19 vaccine injections for all. He has been attacked relentlessly and lost half his medical diagnostic business, but he’s still fighting and telling the truth about the huge lies and deadly mistakes by the medical establishment, especially when pushing the CV19 injections. Dr. Cole says, “I know there was a lot of coercion, which is very unfortunate because it’s not what we do in medicine, yet, for whatever reason, we went into this mass psychosis societally and said, hey, it’s great to experiment on an entire world population, which is absolute insanity. . .

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COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?
     Russell L. Blaylock, 2022: National Library of Medicine
The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.[3,6,57] We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence.

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“Stop arguing about the existence of the virus”
     by Jon Rappoport, May 20, 2022
The headline of this article has become a battle cry among some “alternative journalists,” activists, lawyers, and doctors.

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COVID persists, but the COVID vaccine narrative has taken on so much water, the powers that be have stopped bailing, and are going to let these vaccines slowly sink
Meryl Nass, April 16, 2022
There has been so much bad news about the vaccines in the last few months, it even leaked into the mainstream media. I think the cabal's plan, at least in the US but probably everywhere, is to stop propping the ludicrous vaccine claims up and allow them to die a natural death. I explain why below.

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Why So Many Middle-Aged Deaths in 2021?
By Genevieve Briand, April 19, 2022
Martin Kulldorff recently wrote the following: or the mRNA vaccines, the big question that needs an urgent answer is whether they cause an increased risk of heart attack and/or other serious heart problems. There are many anecdotal reports, especially among young male athletes, and many VAERS reports.

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Venom-Derived Drugs and the Toxin Libraries of Venomtech and ToxinTech
By Rhoda Wilson on April 19, 2022
Our previous article regarding snake venom, spike proteins and Covid injections related to published scientific research, read HERE. This second part relates to the business of animal venoms, in particular snake venoms, and their use in medicine.

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Vax Free Kids Are Healthy!
Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Stories
By the time my Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group with over 200,000 parents in it was shut down in 2020 by Facebook for promoting vaccine truth to the masses I had read hundreds upon hundreds of firsthand accounts by parents in my group who said exactly the same thing about their vaccinated and unvaccinated children: Their unvaccinated kids reached milestones sooner, got sick less often, got over illness faster, were far healthier, and didn’t have chronic health ailments such as ear infections, asthma, seizures, eczema, autism, autoimmune conditions, and other health challenges like their vaccinated siblings did.

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File# 6930corsci.php

Dr. Vanessa Schmidt-Krüger: Inoculation Against Coronaviruses Is Not Required
By Rhoda Wilson on March 15, 2022
“What you should know is we don’t need any vaccination against coronavirus. We all have already a strong natural cross-immunity against all coronaviruses, also against SARS-CoV-2 … The scientific evidence also destroys any narrative of the need for boosters. The pressure that you have to boost again and again because you can no longer find antibodies in the blood plasma is completely nonsense and contradicts any basic knowledge in immunology.” Dr. Schmidt-Krüger said.

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File# 6934corsci.php

The Pfizer Vaccine Only Has 1,291 Side Effects!
Emerald Robinson, March 4, 2022
A judge forced the FDA to release Pfizer's clinical data and it's worse than you can possibly imagine

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File# 6937corsci.php

News Nuggets March 8, 2022 – Top News Items
Compiled & edited by VCC’s Research Team
-- Various stories --

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File# 6938corsci.php

Whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia’s Invasion, the UK Gov. released a Report confirming the Fully Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths in England
By The Exposé on March 1, 2022
The latest data published by the UK Health Security Agency confirms deaths are rising dramatically among the triple vaccinated population whilst declining steadily among the not-vaccinated population in England.

With the most recent figures showing the fully vaccinated accounted for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths over the past month; and the triple vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 of them.

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File# 6939corsci.php

Fully vaccinated individuals are SHEDDING GRAPHENE and infecting the unvaccinated, causing serious health complications
February 25, 2022 by: Arsenio Toledo
(Natural News) A physician has warned the public that the graphene in Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines is transforming within people’s bodies. Worse yet, the fully vaccinated are now starting to infect the unvaccinated with vaccine toxins through shedding.

Dr. Philippe Van Welbergen, medical director of Biomedics Clinic in the United Kingdom, recently demonstrated that the graphene in the COVID-19 vaccines is organizing and growing into large fibers and structures, gaining magnetic properties and becoming more complex.

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File# 6940corsci.php

A Chronicle of Statements about Natural Immunity Once Deemed Misinformation But Now Admittedly True
by Jeremy R. Hammond, Feb 21, 2022
Here is a record of statements about natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 once deemed misinformation but now admittedly true.

As I detail in my most recently published article, the mainstream media are now trying to gaslight us to whitewash the fact that the “public health” establishment, with the media’s help, had from the start been blatantly lying about the protectiveness of natural immunity relative to the immunity induced by COVID-19 vaccines.

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File# 6942corsci.php

New Study Confirms Ivermectin Outperforms Other Options
By Monica Lozano On Feb 14, 2022
Unfortunately, many of the early effective treatment strategies that can be used at home have also fallen victim to censorship. Ivermectin is one of those strategies. In a computational analysis of the Omicron variant against several therapeutic agents, data show that ivermectin had the best results.7

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File# 6946corsci.php

Global cardiac pacemaker market experiencing MAJOR “uptick” due to deadly Covid vaccines clogging blood and straining hearts
February 14, 2022 by: S.D. Wells
(Natural News) Cardiac pacemaker sales are exploding around the world as economists project more than half a billion dollars growth in the next three years, with North America capturing at least 30 percent of that market. Though mainstream media refuses to report on it, Covid-vaccinated people are experiencing myocarditis, irregular heart beats, rare blood clots and neurological impairments that are certainly feeding this pacemaker “installment” beast. One can be sure Pfizer, Moderna and J&J are keeping their finger on that pulse.

Due to the mass increase in the amount of treatments and surgeries over the past two years for abnormal heart rhythms, high healthcare expenditures have skyrocketed, mainly including cardiac pacemakers

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Title: Stillbirths, Miscarriages and Abortions in Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Women
Evidence from an Israeli hospital by Josh Guetzkow, published by Jessica Rose, Feb 13, 2022
Josh Guetzkow is a friend who is also a volunteer Freedom Fighter. He’s a senior lecturer in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology and the Institute of Criminology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He received his PhD from Princeton and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard.1 This is his latest substack. Enjoy.

Stillbirths, Miscarriages and Abortions in Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Women

Evidence from an Israeli hospital

Data from Rambam hospital in Haifa reveal a stillbirth, miscarriage and abortion (SBMA) rate of 6% among women who never received a COVID-19 vaccine, compared to 8% among women who were vaccinated with at least one dose (and never had a SARS-Cov-2 infection).1

That’s a statistically significant odds ratio of 1.36 (CI 1.0-1.9), meaning your odds of having a stillbirth, abortion or miscarriage are 1.36 times higher if you are vaccinated.2

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UK Government Data Proves the Covid-19 Injections Damage the Innate Immune System
February 11, 2022
UK Government data proves that the Covid-19 injections damage the innate immune system to a point where the not-vaccinated populations immune system if far superior to that of the fully vaccinated.

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Idaho pathologist says data show that “cancers are taking off like wildfire” thanks to COVID vaccines
February 07, 2022 by: JD Heyes
(Natural News) An Idaho-based pathologist with decades of experience is warning that he has found a link between increased cancer cases and COVID-19 vaccines.

In a recent interview with New American journalist Veronika Kyrylenko, Dr. Ryan Cole talked of a “pattern” he has seen in recent months between vaccines and dramatically increased cases of cancer and is attempting to sound the alarm.

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Threats, Intimidation Against Doctors, Health Care Workers and Scientists Must End
James Lyons-Weiler, Feb 4, 2022
If COVID has taught us anything, it's that medical boards can be the Taliban of allopathy. As enforcers of the amorphous "medical consensus", they are tools of Pharma Police state I warned against

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AMA story with same title

Pfizer admits in confidential document that COVID-19 vaccine causes Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease (same thing as Antibody Dependent Enhancement)
February 04, 2022 by: Arsenio Toledo
(Natural News) A confidential Pfizer document has confirmed that the company’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine causes vaccine-associated enhanced disease (VAED).

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UK government report reveals that British children, 10 to 14 years old, up to 52 times more likely to die after getting a COVID shot
Steve Kirsch, Feb 3, 2022
New data from the ONS in the UK shows a 52X increase in all-cause mortality if you got two jabs compared to the unvaccinated. Might explain why informed kids aren't rushing to get jabbed.

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The Truth Is Coming Out About COVID Deaths
By Frankie Davies On Jan 31, 2022
Early on in the COVID pandemic, people suspected that the deaths attributed to the infection were exaggerated. There was plenty of evidence for this. For starters, hospitals were instructed and incentivized to mark any patient who had a positive COVID test and subsequently died within a certain time period as a COVID death.

At the same time, we knew that the PCR test was unreliable, producing inordinate amounts of false positives. Now, the truth is finally starting to come out and, as suspected, the actual death toll is vastly lower than we were led to believe.

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They Just Issued Mandatory Ivermectin Use, What Happened Next…

Previously, Dr. Volnei José Morastoni, City Mayor of Itajaí, a southern city in Brazil in the state of Santa Catarina has announced a citywide use of Ivermectin against COVID-19.

NIH Website reported that Mayor Volnei has distributed Ivermectin kits totaling 1.5 million tablets to the residents of Itajaí.

A comprehensive study confirms that regular usage of ivermectin as a prophylactic agent was associated with significantly reduced COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and death rates. The ivermectin non-users were two times more likely to die of COVID-19 than ivermectin users in the overall population analysis.

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COVID vaccines and pregnancy: >416,186 spontaneous abortions due to the vaccine
Steve Kirsch, Jan 28, 2022
A new analysis by Dr. Jessica Rose estimates the number of spontaneous abortions caused by the COVID vaccines. It's over 416,186 to date. I've notified the CDC, but I don't expect to hear back.

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Nearly 35,000 Reports of COVID Vaccine Injuries Among 5- to 17-Year-Olds, CDC Data Show
By Megan Redshaw, January 29, 2022
Originally published on The Defender, Children’s Health Defense’s News + Views website.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today released new data showing a total of 1,071,856 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Jan. 21, 2022, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.

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Lawyer Reveals Vaccine Injuries: Cancer and Miscarriages Up 300%, Neurological Problems Up 1000%
January 28, 2022
During a panel discussion in the US Senate, attorney Thomas Renz, a member of America’s Frontline Doctors’ legal team, revealed alarming vaccine information that was provided by three military doctors, Lt. Col. Theresa Long, Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, and Lt. Colonel Peter Chambers, who have access to vaccination data that has been withheld from the general public. According to the whistleblowers, miscarriages and cancers among members of the US military have increased by about 300% in the past year over the five year average. The doctors said the data shows a 1000% increase in neurological problems.

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2021 09 10
Nobel-Prize-winning virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier understands exactly what is happening.

He knows that this is worldwide bioterrorism.

Which is why he, along with a number of other doctors and scientists, have signed sworn affidavits alleging “crimes against humanity and attempted genocide” and submitted these affidavits to International Court:

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Worldwide Exclusive: Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots
Stew Peters Show Published January 26, 2022
Rumble — In this worldwide exclusive, Dr. Jane Ruby meets with board-certified Embalmer and funeral Director, Richard Hirschman who reveals, for the first time ever, arteries and veins filled with unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials that are completely filling the vascular system. Many of the victims reportedly died of heart attacks and strokes. Mr. Hirschman reports that he found resistance when he tried to embalm these jabbed patients, and then found these strange materials and pulled them from the large vessels of the bodies. He also reported that he has gone from seeing 50% of his embalmed cases with these types of blockages rise to almost 80%.

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Health Officials Deny Even a Single Death From COVID Shots
By Frankie Davies On Jan 27, 2022
As of January 7, 2022, just over a year into the campaign to inject every human being with a gene transfer product to protect against COVID, the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) has received 9,936 reports of death following the COVID jab in the United States’ territories alone.1 When you include foreign reports received by VAERS, the death toll stands at 21,745.

A total of 1,541 miscarriages have also been reported post-jab in the U.S., or 3,594 if you include foreign reports. Despite these shocking statistics, U.S. health officials and “fact checkers” insist not a single death can be attributed to the shots.

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Israel now #1 in covid cases per capita, proving all the draconian vaccinations, lockdowns and restrictions are utterly worthless and stupid
January 26, 2022 by: JD Heyes
(Natural News) Despite the fact that Israel has implemented some of the most draconian COVID-19 pandemic measures in the world, the country is now number one in the world in new cases, according to local reports.

According to the Times of Israel, a leading health expert in the country said that 0.6 percent of the population was testing positive daily for the virus — most likely the latest variant, omicron, which is highly contagious but also very mild.

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Prime age mortality SPIKED by 50% across multiple states during the year of the “life-saving” covid-19 vaccine
January 17, 2022 by: Lance D Johnson
(Natural News) Throughout 2021, people aged 18-49 passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, at rates far beyond years past. In fact, almost every state reported a spike in prime age mortality during the year of the life-saving covid-19 vaccine. Some state-wide mortality increases were greater than 50 percent! Contrary to popular hysteria, covid-19-related deaths were only one small part of these excess mortality statistics.

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More bad news on Covid vaccines and myocarditis in men under 40 - even as more colleges require booster shots for students
Alex Berenson, Jan 5, 2022
A huge new study has found the risk of serious heart problems called myocarditis in men under 40 soars with each dose of a Covid mRNA vaccine - and is sharply higher than the risk from a coronavirus infection itself.

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How much more evidence do you need? Here is a list of over 1100 scientific studies, references and reports linking COVID vaccines to hundreds of adverse effects and deaths. (UPDATED)
6 Jan 2022
List put together with the enormous effort and help from the spanish website Cienciaysaludnatural, go pay them a visit.

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Another Source: "Show Me The Science"

Study: Cannabis compounds block covid from entering cells
January 14, 2022 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) Researchers from Oregon State University‘s Global Hemp Innovation Center have discovered that Cannabis sativa is loaded with healing compounds that ward off the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Two key compounds in particular, cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), were found to block covid spike proteins from entering cells and causing infection. (Related: THC is also beneficial for health.)

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Bombshell Admission — The COVID Tests Don’t Work
By Frankie Davies On Jan 14, 2022
From the earliest days of the COVID pandemic, the PCR test has been a source of unrelenting controversy, with experts repeatedly pointing out that it’s not a valid diagnostic and produces inordinate amounts of false positives.

Importantly, a PCR test cannot distinguish between “live” viruses and inactive (noninfectious) viral particles. This is why it cannot be used as a diagnostic tool. As explained by Dr. Lee Merritt in her August 2020 Doctors for Disaster Preparedness1 lecture, media and public health officials appear to have purposefully conflated “cases” or positive tests with the actual illness in order to create the appearance of a pandemic.

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Elementary, my dear Watson: why mRNA vaccines are a very bad idea
Michael Palmer, MD and Sucharit Bhakdi, MD,
Abstract: Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines have caused injury and death on an unprecedented scale. This short article explains from first principles why adverse events must be expected not just after the first injection of such a vaccine but after each booster shot as well. The argument is not limited to SARS-CoV-2 or its spike protein but applies generally to any non-self antigen introduced in the form of mRNA. Accordingly, not only must the COVID mRNA vaccines be stopped, but mRNA vaccines should never be used again, regardless of the infectious agent in question.

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Leaked military documents show that ivermectin “works throughout all phases” of covid… so why has the medical establishment SUPPRESSED it for two years?
January 12, 2022 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) Another major bombshell has been found by Project Veritas in leaked military documents.

It turns out that ivermectin, which has largely been banned in the United States ever since the plandemic started, is highly effective at treating the Fauci Flu.

A section of the document reveals that ivermectin was “identified as curative in April 2020” because it “works throughout all phases of illness because it both inhibits viral replication and modulates the immune response.”

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SHOCK: German physicians discover “astonishing” impurities in COVID “vaccine”
January 12, 2022 by: JD Heyes
(Natural News) A group of German doctors and researchers have become the latest to find substantial impurities in COVID-19 vaccines as well as the blood of vaccinated individuals.

As reported by the RAIR Foundation, the pathologists presented an analysis complete with video and photos of the vaccine during a shocking but little-publicized press conference in September, a clip of which has been translated for the organization.

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COVID cover-up: UK media refuses to report that 4 of 5 coronavirus deaths over the past month occurred in the vaccinated
January 12, 2022 by: JD Heyes
(Natural News) Over the last several weeks, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, from the well of parliament, implored British citizens to continue doing what they’ve been told to do throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay at home, if possible. Work from home. Mask up. Get a vaccine. Get two. Get a vaccine booster. Etc.

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Perspective: Vitamin D deficiency and COVID‐19 severity – plausibly linked by latitude, ethnicity, impacts on cytokines, ACE2, and thrombosis (R1)
J Intern Med. 2020 Jul 2 : 10.1111/joim.13149.
Regression modelling shows that more northerly countries in the Northern Hemisphere are currently (May 2020) showing relatively high COVID‐19 mortality, with an estimated 4.4% increase in mortality for each 1 degree latitude north of 28 degrees North (P=0.031) after adjustment for age of population. This supports a role for ultraviolet B acting via vitamin D synthesis. Factors associated with worse COVID‐19 prognosis include old age, ethnicity, male sex, obesity, diabetes and hypertension and these also associate with deficiency of vitamin D or its response.

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Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage – Dr. Margarita Griesz-Brisson MD PhD
6th December 2021
“The rebreathing of our exhaled air will without a doubt create oxygen deficiency and a flooding of carbon dioxide. We know that the human brain is very sensitive to oxygen depravation. There are nerve cells for example in the hippocampus, that can’t be longer than 3 minutes without oxygen – they cannot survive. The acute warning symptoms are headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, issues in concentration, slowing down of the reaction time – reactions of the cognitive system.

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Huge Number of Vax Deaths & It’s Getting Worse – Dr. Pierre Kory
By Greg Hunter On January 8, 2022 In Political Analysis
World renowned CV19 critical care and pulmonary expert Dr. Pierre Kory says the data is clear the CV19 injections are “not safe, not effective” and shows they are causing a huge number of deaths. It’s going to get much worse if we don’t stop the shots. Dr. Kory warns, “They already broke death records with these vaccines almost a year ago. Now, you are starting to see it in actuarial data with life insurance companies. The life insurance companies have been paying out claims like they never have before, and they are noticing the deaths cannot be explained by Covid. If you look at the actual morbidity and mortality from the CDC . . . 2019, 2020 and 2021 in the ages of 18 to 64 . . . you’ll see in America, starting in quarter two of the year 2021 (when the vaccines started), the mortalities started to rise, and it rose from 120% above normal to 140% above normal, and it’s far exceeded the death rates in 2020. The difference in 2020 and 2021, we had covid in both years. In 2021, we had the vaccines. They know the amount of deaths they are reporting cannot be explained by Covid. . . . There is something else driving a huge and extremely terrifying mortality signal in the U.S. population. To think that it is anything but the vaccines, if we get this wrong and if you keep saying they are safe, that line which is already in a significant and steep incline will continue the more we boost and the more we vaccinate. . . . This has to stop. We have to stop, people are dying.”

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If the vaccines are "safe and effective," then why do they need liability protection?
Steve Kirsch, Jan 9, 2022
I’m sure you’ve all been wondering, if the vaccines are so safe and effective, then what’s the scientific reason that vaccine manufacturers need liability protection whereas other products (including drugs) don’t need that?

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New level of COVID fakery; I’m doubling down
by Jon Rappoport, January 7, 2022
I’m expanding the claim I’ve made in several recent articles.

I wrote that, by accepting current statistics on COVID cases in the US, you’re committed to concluding that everyone in America is going to be infected.


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Open Letter to Steve Kirsch, January 10, 2022 [virus Isolation]
Christine Massey, 10 January 2022
Hmm. Well I personally don’t rely on other people’s beliefs – especially people with a long history involving many millions of dollars with the so-called “vaccine” industry that claims to protect us from alleged “viruses”.

Now to your credit, you did disclose that “isolate” means different things to a virologist versus a regular man or woman, or a scientist. But you didn’t explain to your readers what “isolate” actually means to a virologist. I think it’s important for the public to know. Don’t you agree?

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There’s something VERY wrong with Dr. Robert W. Malone!
January 6, 2022 by State of the Nation
In view of the confirmed info presented in the PDF posted below, there’s absolutely no question about Dr. Robert W. Malone being controlled opposition…

…nor is there any doubt that Malone has done a LOT of great work educating the public about the extremely dangerous and deadly Covid vaccines.

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Powerful Video by mRNA Vaccine Inventor Gets Him Suspended by Twitter
daniel, January 5, 2022
We’ve been ordered ad nauseam by “The Patron Saint of COVID”, Dr. Anthony Fauci, that we must “follow the science”. If this is truly what Fauci and his corrupt minions believe, one would assume input from the man who invented the mRNA vaccine would be a welcome contribution.

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The misinformation from the CDC keep on coming
Steve Kirsch, Jan 2, 2022
I could spend all day, every day, dissecting the garbage that gets published by the CDC. This paper was a doozy. Fortunately, I get by with a little help from my friends.

Sometimes, the crap coming out of the CDC is too egregious to ignore and litigation is required to fix it.

This is one such case. And credit goes to Del Bigtree, ICAN, and Aaron Siri for both doing the analysis and threatening legal action if they don’t withdraw the paper. This is what I meant in the headline about getting by “with a little help from my friends.”

The paper in question can be found on the CDC website: Laboratory-Confirmed COVID-19 Among Adults Hospitalized with COVID-19–Like Illness with Infection-Induced or mRNA Vaccine-Induced SARS-CoV-2 Immunity — Nine States, January–September 2021

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FDA Now Warns Rapid COVID Tests Might be Invalid
Posted Dec 29, 2021 by Martin Armstrong
It is interesting how the propaganda “fact-checkers” who have NO medical background went into panic mode to claim that the CDC did not mean what they said and desperately tried to spin it around. Claiming the CDC did not mean what it plainly wrote that the COVID tests cannot distinguish between the Flu and COVID was clearly political. Look at all the lockdowns, people forced into home confinement all over tests that are not valid.

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20 Lies
23 December 2021
[Myth #1 through #20]

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Forget about science and safety, CDC Director Walensky dishes Covid advice based on what Americans “would tolerate”
January 01, 2022 by: S.D. Wells
(Natural News) Ask anyone who has received the deadly Covid “vaccines” and they will tell you they are totally pro-science, yet there is NO science behind the jabs to show they stop contraction, transmission or even severe cases of Covid. There is also NO science behind quarantines, lockdowns, masks or isolation, and now comes the admission from the highly corrupt CDC Director herself, Rochelle Walensky. “It really had a lot to do with what we thought people would be able to tolerate,” Walensky said in a recent MSM fake news interview. In other words, it’s all about how much they can manipulate and control the populace, and as that withers away, now it’s time to just save face for the communist Biden Regime.

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Mercola: In Court, Facebook Admits ‘Fact Checks’ Are Pure Opinion
January 01, 2022, Robert Yoho, retired cosmetic surgeon
· “Fact checks” are nothing but a biased censoring mechanism, and now we have proof of this fact, thanks to a lawsuit brought against Facebook by journalist John Stossel

· In court documents, Facebook admits that fact checks are “statements of opinion” and not factual assertions

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Company That Managed Pfizer Vaccine Trial Sites ‘Falsified Data’: Whistleblower
* Ventavia, a subcontractor for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine phase 3 clinical trial, allegedly falsified data, unblinded patients and was slow to follow up on adverse events.

* Brook Jackson reportedly brought these problems up with her superiors – but was fired shortly after she emailed a complaint to the US Food and Drug Administration.

* The FDA didn’t follow up on Jackson’s complaint – and Pfizer, which has known of the problems at Ventavia, has hired the company for four more trials.

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Over 10,000 vaccine deaths in South Korea shortly after vaccination
Steve Kirsch, Dec 29, 2021
The government says it wasn't the vaccine, but is compensating victims in a few serious cases. I'd estimate that that the true figure closer to 40,000 people that have been killed to date.

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Dr. Meryl Nass: It’s Clear the Covid Injections Are Dangerous but The Evidence Showing That Is Being Hidden from The Public
By Rhoda Wilson on December 30, 2021
Dr. Meryl Nass is an internist with special interests in vaccine-induced illnesses, chronic fatigue syndrome, Gulf War illness, fibromyalgia, toxicology and is also a biological warfare epidemiologist. During session 3 of the D4CE Symposium II, Dr. Nass shared her presentation: “How Do the Powers That Be Hide Adverse Vaccine Effects? Myocarditis As a Prime Example.”

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How the Endless Boosters Will Destroy Immune Function
by Dr. Joseph Mercola, December 28, 2021
* The COVID shots reprogram your immune system to respond in a dysfunctional manner. Aside from increasing vulnerability to infections, this can also result in autoimmune diseases and cancer * A paper published in early May 2021 reported the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID jab “reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses,” causing immune depletion * Antigens in vaccines have been shown to induce defects in the immune system that can raise the risk of autoimmune diseases

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Merck’s new “miracle” covid drug found to cause cancerous mutations in hamster experiments
12/22/2021 / By Ethan Huff
New research out of the University of North Carolina (UNC) found that Merck’s new anti-covid drug molnupiravir causes cancer.

The so-called “miracle” drug, which we reported is really just a rip-off of ivermectin, was applied to hamster cells over the course of 32 days. During this time, it was discovered that the drug induces mutations in DNA.

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How Bad is My Batch

Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines

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Regulatory Capture is Killing Us, and We Are Two Steps Away from the Totalitarian Fascist Regulatory States of America
James Lyons-Weiler, Dec 24, 2021
From the EPA to the FDA, the massive influence of corporations on the agencies tasked with regulating them has proven to be a deadly experiment in American-Style Fascism.

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OMG: NYT Casually Admits New COVID Drug Might Mutate DNA, Cause Infertility, Birth Defects, Cancer
Dec 13, 2021
How messed up has the world really gotten that the New York Times can say that a new drug that the FDA approved can alter DNA and cause a host of issues—And no one bats a freaking eye?

If you haven’t seen this you really need to. NYT reported that Merck’s miracle Covid-19 drug could alter DNA, cause male infertility, and cancer and birth defects but still managed to pass through the FDA and into circulation. The report outlined how the drug molnupiravir could mutate healthy cells by accident, but it was ultimately buried in the chaos.

“A team of researchers at the University of North Carolina studied the use of molnupiravir in isolated hamster cells over 32 days and found that the drug did induce mutations in DNA.

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New Study Shows Moderna Vaccine Is Significantly More Likely to Cause Dangerous Side Effect
By Abby Liebing, December 17, 2021
There has been conflicting data concerning Moderna’s COVID vaccine. But a Danish study published in the British Medical Journal this week showed data that found Moderna’s vaccine is more likely than Pfizer’s vaccine to cause inflammation of the heart muscle.

Reuters reported that this study showed that Moderna is up to four times more likely than Pfizer to cause myocarditis or myopericarditis (heart inflammation).

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File# 7037corsci.php

COVID-19 Mortality Risk Correlates Inversely with Vitamin D3 Status, and a Mortality Rate Close to Zero Could Theoretically Be Achieved at 50 ng/mL 25(OH)D3: Results of a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
by Lorenz Borsche, Bernd Glauner and Julian von Mendel
Background: Much research shows that blood calcidiol (25(OH)D3) levels correlate strongly with SARS-CoV-2 infection severity. There is open discussion regarding whether low D3 is caused by the infection or if deficiency negatively affects immune defense. The aim of this study was to collect further evidence on this topic.

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File# 7039corsci.php

If the Vaccine Is So Great, Why Are So Many People Dropping Dead?
Wayne Allyn Root, Dec 12, 2021
he COVID-19 vaccines appear to be causing a global health disaster. There are so many warnings from all around the world. I'll list just a few in this column. But the U.S. media remains silent. They're as quiet as a church mouse. Why?

Japan's Ministry of Health just announced that "the Moderna and Pfizer Covid vaccines could cause heart-related side effects in younger males." Health experts in Japan have witnessed skyrocketing rates of myocarditis and pericarditis in young men and teenagers. And they've seen the same nonstop heart issues with middle-aged and older individuals.

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File# 7040corsci.php

More people died following Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine vs. a placebo during clinical trial
December 10, 2021 by: Mary Villareal
(Natural News)...
On Nov. 8, the Food and Drug Administration published a report updating the clinical trial results of Pfizer’s mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine. The trial included around 44,000 people over the age of 16, equally divided into two groups. One group received the vaccine and the other a placebo.

Page 23 of the report showed that over the course of the trial, there were a total of 38 deaths among participants: 21 in the vaccinated group and 17 in the placebo group. Because the number of deaths in the vaccinated group was not significantly less than the placebo group (but is, in fact, more than the placebo group), the vaccine failed to prove itself by the standard of all-cause mortality.

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File# 7042corsci.php

Top Cardiologist Issues Dire Warning About Covid Vaccine’s Effect on Your Heart … This Is NOT GOOD
Rich Welsh | Dec 2021
Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist, epidemiologist, and top cardiologist is a leader in the medical response to the COVID-19 pandemic, said during a recent interview that myocarditis in young people after getting vaccinated is far more dangerous than the COVID version of the same heart disease.

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File# 7046corsci.php

Over 42,000 Adverse Reaction Reports Revealed In First Batch Of Pfizer Vax Docs
Dec 03, 2021 - 05:11 AM
The FDA's excruciatingly slow release of data related to Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine has already borne fruit, and it's damning despite a trickle of just 500 pages per month out of 329,000 pages - which will take until 2076 to complete.

As first reported by Kyle Becker, there were a total of 42,086 case reports for adverse reactions (25,379 medically confirmed, 16,707 non-medically confirmed), spanning 158,893 total events.

More than 25,000 of the events were classified as "Nervous system disorders."

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File# 7048corsci.php

The epidemic that wasn’t: In 2006, doctors used PCR testing to cause mass hysteria over a “whooping cough” outbreak that didn’t even exist
December 09, 2021 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) It flew under most people’s radar at the time, but 15 years ago there was an alleged whooping cough epidemic that the medical industry warned was a major threat. The only problem is that it did not actually exist, having been the product of false PCR testing.

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File# 7050corsci.php

Japan Health Ministry issues HEART WARNING for Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines
December 10, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson
(Natural News) The Japan Health Ministry has been receiving several reports of young people developing severe heart inflammation after taking the Pfizer or Modern mRNA vaccines. The public health officials recently held a meeting with a panel of experts to discuss the rate of myocarditis and pericarditis in young men and teenagers. All over the world, previously healthy athletes, coaches and referees have been collapsing on the field with heart problems. Japan is seeing similar cardiovascular issues in young and middle aged men.

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File# 7051corsci.php

60,000 scientists call for an end to mass vaccination
5th December 2021 - by FrenchDailyNews
The scientific community speaks out against the health policy of the authorities: the declaration of Great Barrington (USA) against massive injections of mRNA has collected 870.000 signatures.

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File# 7052corsci.php

More Than 400 Studies on the Failure of Compulsory Covid Interventions
By Paul Elias Alexander, November 30, 2021
The great body of evidence (comparative research studies and high-quality pieces of evidence and reporting judged to be relevant to this analysis) shows that COVID-19 lockdowns, shelter-in-place policies, masks, school closures, and mask mandates have failed in their purpose of curbing transmission or reducing deaths. These restrictive policies were ineffective and devastating failures, causing immense harm especially to the poorer and vulnerable within societies.

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Top Ten Reasons Not to Let Your Child Get a COVID Shot
June 14, 2021 (by CHD)
On May 10, 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) extended its emergency use authorization (EUA) for the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to adolescents 12 through 15 years of age, amending the EUA (issued December 11, 2020) that authorized the injection for individuals age 16 and up. Moderna has indicated that it plans to request similar EUA expansion to 12-17 year-olds for its COVID vaccine, and Johnson & Johnson/Janssen is conducting clinical trials in that age group. In giving its green light to Pfizer, the FDA chose to ignore the following facts, all of which make it abundantly clear that vaccinating children and adolescents against COVID-19 is both medically indefensible and unethical.

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Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age
Alex Berenson, Nov 20
And have been for six months. This chart may seem unbelievable or impossible, but it's correct, based on weekly data from the British government.

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Science Behind COVID and Diet-Related Disease Largely Overlooked by U.S.
by Natasha Hobley, Published November 21, 2021
Nations outside of the United States are working to tackle what science has repeatedly shown: there is a link between life-style related disease and the risk of COVID-19 and resulting complications. Meanwhile, the U.S. government and health officials keep the COVID conversation fueled surrounding vaccine mandates and mask enforcement, with little to no mention of or push toward the importance of a healthier lifestyle.

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Covid vaccine safety trials hid reports of serious side effects
What Doctors Don't Tell You
Researchers testing the safety of Pfizer’s Covid-10 vaccine before its worldwide launch had falsified data and hidden some of the worst cases of adverse reactions.

A whistleblower at one of the test centres was fired the same day she alerted the US’s drug regulator, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to the bad practices that were hiding data on the vaccine’s dangers.

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BOMBSHELL: Pfizer lied about death count in key covid “vaccine” clinical trial – fatalities were MUCH higher
November 17, 2021 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) Back on July 28, Pfizer and BioNTech published six-month data on a key Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” clinical trial that claimed 15 participants who received the injections died compared to 14 who did not receive it. It turns out that the pharmaceutical duo lied about the numbers, as there were actually 21 deaths associated with the jabs.

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Judy Mikovits PhD; Antidote for Vaccine Toxin and Warns Against Dangerous Fake One
November 15, 2021
Dr Judy Mikovits joins Ann Vandersteel, who asks her whether COVID-19 is a real virus.

Dr Judy, who worked at Fort Detrick and who worked for years with Anthony Fauci at NIH replies, “No, COVID-19, the disease is not caused by SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus.

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COVID Jab Is Far More Dangerous Than Advertised
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, November 16, 2021
Story at-a-glance
* According to a September 2021 analysis, based on conservative, best-case scenarios, the COVID shots have killed five times more seniors (65+) than the infection

* In younger people and children, the risk associated with the COVID shot, compared to the risk of COVID-19, is bound to be even more pronounced

* Data show higher vaccination rates do not translate into lower COVID-19 case rates

* The COVID shots are an epic failure. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports having more than 30,000 spontaneous reports of either hospitalizations and/or deaths among the fully vaccinated; data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services show 300,000 vaccinated CMS recipients have been hospitalized with breakthrough infections; 60% of seniors over age 65 hospitalized for COVID-19 have been vaccinated

* 50% of reported deaths after COVID-19 “vaccination” occur within 24 hours; 80% occur within the first week. According to one report, 86% of deaths have no other explanation aside from a vaccine adverse event. A Scandinavian study concluded about 40% of post-jab deaths among seniors in assisted living homes are directly due to the injection

[Mercola's articles quickly disappear. Much of the material in his article may be found: Here   |   Or Here
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New COVID Cases Shoot THROUGH THE ROOF in the Most Vaccinаted State in the US
There are a handful of states that have very high vaccination rates in our country and at the top of the list is the state of Vermont.

With that being the case, I have a question…

Knowing this fact, how does one explain the massive surge in new cases in the state of Vermont? And when I say a surge, I’m talking about new highs, even higher than last summer or winter.

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CDC Hits New Lows With Two Manipulated Studies
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, November 10, 2021
* Recent data from the U.K. Office of National Statistics reveals people who have been double jabbed against COVID-19 are dying from all causes at a rate six times higher than the unvaccinated

* In the U.S., meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is propping up the official narrative with two manipulated studies — one suggesting the jab reduces all-cause mortality, and another claiming the shot is five times more protective than natural immunity

* Both studies are of questionable quality and have several problems, including selection of time and date ranges that allow them to pretend that the COVID shots are safer and more effective than they really are

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Vitamin D Papers Top List of Most Popular Studies of the Year
By Anna Mason, Nov 9, 2021
October 31, 2020, I published a scientific review1 in the journal Nutrients, co-written with William Grant, Ph.D., and Dr. Carol Wagner, both of whom are part of the GrassrootsHealth expert vitamin D panel.

This paper, “Evidence Regarding Vitamin D and Risk of COVID-19 and Its Severity” — which you can download and read for free — is the second most downloaded study from this journal in the past 12 months.

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SCIENCE HORROR: Vaccine spike protein enters cell nuclei, suppresses DNA repair engine of the human body, will unleash explosion of cancer, immunodeficiency, autoimmune disorders and accelerated aging
November 02, 2021 by: Mike Adams
(Natural News) This finding can only be described as a true “horror” in its implications. Stunning new research published in Viruses, part of the SARS-CoV-2 Host Cell Interactions edition of MDPI (Open Access Journals) reveals that vaccine spike proteins enter cell nuclei and wreak havoc on cells’ DNA repair mechanism, suppressing DNA repair by as much as 90%.

The research paper is entitled, ‘SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro” and is authored by Hui Jiang and Ya-Fang Mei, at the Department of Molecular Biosciences, The Wenner–Gren Institute, Stockholm University, SE-10691 Stockholm, Sweden, and the Department of Clinical Microbiology, Virology, Umeå University, SE-90185 Umeå, Sweden, respectively.

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One Brave ICU Physician Reporting Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries Leads to a Dozen More
Aaron Siri, Nov 1, 2021
One act of bravery begins to snowball. Dr. Patricia Lee “risked it all” to step forward, after being ignored by public health officials, to reveal the serious series of harms she witnessed from Covid-19 vaccines in her intensive care unit. With that one act, my firm has now been contacted by more than a dozen other physicians. Attached are 11 declarations from physicians across the country attesting to serious harms from Covid-19 vaccines.

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EXCLUSIVE – 100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of the batches produced according to official Government data
By The Exposé on October 31, 2021
An investigation of data found in the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has revealed that extremely high numbers of adverse reactions and deaths have been reported against specific lot numbers of the Covid-19 vaccines several times, meaning deadly batches of the experimental injections have now been identified.

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Children 5-11 do NOT need “unnecessary” covid vaccines, warn experts
October 29, 2021 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) Dr. Meryl Nass, a member of the Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Scientific Advisory Panel, is warning that Pfizer lied about the safety and efficacy data for its Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” trial involving young children.

To make the case to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that children aged 5-11 need to get injected with spike protein poison, Pfizer excluded some of the children who participated in it from the final results.

“Three thousand children received Pfizer’s covid vaccine, but only 750 children were selectively included in the company’s safety analysis,” Nass revealed.

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Australia – vaccinated filling intensive care

Victoria’s Labor Minister for health, ambulances and equality, Mark Foley, gave an update (7 October 2021) on those in hospital and in intensive care. It is totally damning on “vaccination” and the figures speak for themselves.

You do not need to be a mathematician to add the “17% partially vaccinated” to the “78% vaccinated” to realize a whopping 95% of people in hospital are those damaged by the gene therapies. Wake up!

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Nordic Nations Suspend Use of Moderna COVID Shot Over Heart Inflammation Concerns
by TVR Staff, Published October 24, 2021
Following reports of an increased risk of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the lining of the heart) in young adults after receiving Moderna/NIAID’s experimental messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID-19 biologic known as “Spikevax,” the governments of Denmark, Norway and Sweden have suspended the shot or will not make it available for people under 30 years of age (in Norway and Sweden) and under 18 years of age (in Denmark). The restrictions were announced on Oct. 6, 2021.

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FDA Buries Data on Seriously Injured Child in Pfizer’s Covid-19 Clinical Trial
Aaron Siri, Oct 22, 2021
When Stephanie and Patrick de Garay enrolled their 12-year-old child Maddie and her two brothers in Pfizer’s Covid-19 clinical trial, they believed they were doing the right thing.

That decision has turned into a nightmare. Maddie, a previously healthy, energetic, full of life child, was within 24 hours of her second dose reduced to crippling, scream-inducing pain that landed her in the emergency room where she described feeling like someone was “ripping [her] heart out though [her] neck.”

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MIT Scientist on COVID Vaccine: ‘Don’t Go Near It’ + Warnings for Pregnant Women
10/21/21, By Children's Health Defense Team
In the latest episode of “Against the Wind” on CHD.TV, Dr. Paul Thomas interviews a senior research scientist and a medical journalist about a range of topics, including emerging scientific data on the safety of COVID mRNA therapies, with grave warnings for pregnant women and children.

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Evidence suggests COVID-19 vaccines DO NOT WORK
October 25, 2021 by: Arsenio Toledo
(Natural News) More and more evidence is coming out proving that the rushed Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines do not work. A lot of this evidence comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), America’s national public health agency and one of the main federal offices that signed off on the vaccines. (Related: Top scientists release study warning against COVID-19 vaccines, demand an immediate end to vaccinations.)

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New Open Letter Presenting Additional Research and Studies on the Covid-19 Treatment and Vaccine Harms, by the “Okanagan Health Professionals”
October 19, 2021
(Open Letter 2) Published on Easton Spectator by permission of the “Okanagan Health Professionals”

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Covid: There Is No Virus
with Dr. Tom Cowan, October 18, 2021 By Hilda Labrada Gore
Are you willing to consider a completely different point of view of today’s “pandemic”? Many people today are convinced that the coronavirus is contagious, masks are a must and that vaccines are critical to eradicate it once and for all. Sally Fallon Morell, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, and Dr. Tom Cowan today explain, in no uncertain terms, how the so-called coronavirus is not actually a virus, at all, and that because this is the case, our response to the current health crisis has been completely off-base.

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An Epidemic of the Vaccinated: Latest UK Data Shows Rate of Infection Among Vaxxed Exceeds Unvaxxed in Every Age Group Over 30
By Jim Hoft, Published October 10, 2021
The covid infection rates among the vaccinated now exceed the unvaxxed in every age group over 30. you can grab raw data HERE.

This has CLEARLY become an epidemic of the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated.

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Florida COVID cases have plunged 88% in the past six weeks with NO MANDATES
October 14, 2021 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) Barely anyone is getting sick in Florida anymore now that Gov. Ron DeSantis has lifted all Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) mandates and returned the state back to normal.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that the number of new daily cases of the Chinese Virus has plummeted to a three-month low as the state approaches pre-covid levels of illness.

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April Matthews, October 8, 2021
Lifesite News reported:

A Canadian doctor gave a striking personal testimony of how he was removed from hospital duty in a small Alberta town because he used Ivermectin to treat three patients with severe COVID-19, two of whom responded well to the drug.

In an October 1 speech on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery at a rally in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Code, Dr. Daniel Nagase said it “shocked” him at how his COVID patients were being treated in an Alberta hospital.

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Fifth Most Vaccinated Country Reporting Exponential Growth in New Cases
Freedom Wire
The United States has reached a point where approximately 65-70% of the population is now vaccinated against COVID.

That is a significantly high number relatively speaking, but there are still more than a dozen other countries that have higher rates that we do.

The United Arab Emirates is holding onto that lead with around 95% of the entire country being vaccinated already.

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Study concludes women’s fertility harmed in vaccinating countries
posted by Mordechai Sones, October 4, 2021
Microstructure Technology Professor Dr. Hervé Seligmann, previously with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Faculty of Medicine Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases Research Unit, examined fertility in countries that have massively vaccinated against COVID-19 compared to those that have not, and concludes that women’s fertility decreases the more women are vaccinated.

According to the data presented by Shimabukuro et al (2021), of the 127 women who were vaccinated in the first 20 weeks, 82% resulted in miscarriage.

The article by Shimabukuro et al. 2021 presents preliminary safety results of coronavirus 2019 mRNA vaccines used in pregnant women from the V-Safe Registry. These findings are of particular importance, as pregnant women were excluded from the phase III trials assessing mRNA vaccines.

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COVID-Related Resources
overview, by Dr Michael Gaetam, v.4 September 29, 2021
Big Tech, mainstream media, public health departments and conventional medicine have actively been censoring the facts, data and evidence related to the covid fiasco. The censorship has related to these ideas:

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UK hospital data shocks the world: 80% of COVID deaths are among the vaccinated… COVID deaths up 3,000% after vaccine wave
September 28, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson
(Natural News) A deadly combination of science fraud, institutional coercion, bribery, Big Tech censorship, government force and media propaganda are bringing the world to its knees. There is NO real-world data showing that covid-19 vaccines reduce the risk of hospitalization and death. Right now, hospital data from the United Kingdom is shocking the world, providing serious evidence of vaccine failure and vaccine-induced death.

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More Than 726,000 COVID Vaccine Injuries Reported to VAERS as CDC, FDA Overrule Advisory Committees’ Recommendations on Third Pfizer Shot
September 24, 2021 Waking Times, Megan Redshaw, Children’s Health Defense
Data released Sept. 17 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that between Dec. 14, 2020 and Sept. 17, 2021, a total of 726,965 adverse events following COVID vaccines were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The data included a total of 15,386 reports of deaths — an increase of 461 over the previous week.

There were 99,410 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 7,887 compared with the previous week.

Excluding “foreign reports” filed in VAERS, 569,294 adverse events, including 6,981 deaths and 44,481 serious injuries, were reported in the U.S. between Dec. 14, 2020 and Sept. 17, 2021.

Of the 6,981 U.S. deaths reported as of Sept. 17, 12% occurred within 24 hours of vaccination, 17% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination and 30% occurred in people who experienced an onset of symptoms within 48 hours of being vaccinated.

In the U.S., 383.6 million COVID vaccine doses had been administered as of Sept. 17. This includes: 220 million doses of Pfizer, 149 million doses of Moderna and 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson (J&J).

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Removing Spike Proteins, Eliminating Graphene Oxide, Reversing mRNA Damage and More with Dr. Nieusma
September 20, 2021
According to a recent study published by The Lancet, people who’ve recently been vaxxinated carry a viral load that is 251 times higher than those who are unvaxxinated, endangering them and their co-workers.

If you’ve had the vaxxine – or if you’re surrounded by those who have, you’ll want to hear about how to eliminate the toxic graphene oxide and to reverse the mRNA damage that they cause, according to Dr Joe Nieusma, who joins Sarah Westall on Business Game Changers to discuss.

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List of advice on healthly living and recovery methods at bottom of above page

Three States with Highest Vaccination Rates See Shocking Effects of Vaccine
daniel daniel September 23, 2021
As the government, celebrities, and corporations push for the vaccine to be given to all, more and more data is coming out proving that it is not effective against the virus.

If anything, the vaccine seems to be causing some of the current problems with COVID.

Recent data shows that in the states where the highest percentage of their residents received the shot and are fully vaccinated, there were the highest increases in COVID cases.

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House of COVID Cards Collapses: FDA Vaccine Panel Comes Out Against Deadly Injection
September 18, 2021 | by Jamie White
“Bombshell testimony from top scientists at vaccine hearing reveals injections killing more people than saving and driving surge of variants. No wonder the FDA vaccine committee voted 16-2 against rolling out Biden’s COVID booster shot program.

Several doctors from the Food and Drug administration’s (FDA) vaccine hearing on Friday claimed in explosive testimony that the COVID-19 vaccine is killing more people than it’s saving and is driving the coronavirus mutations like the so-called ‘Delta’ variant.

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Israel top health official says 90% of severe covid patients in hospitals are fully vaccinated and vaccine effectiveness is waning/fading: Video
Daniel LeviDaniel Levi Posted On August 7, 2021
Now, the situation in Israel is getting worse for fully vaccinated people. In an interview with Israel Channel 13, Israel top health official Dr. Kobi Haviv, who is also the Director of the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, says:

95% of the severe patients are vaccinated. 85-90% of the hospitalizations are in Fully vaccinated people. We are opening more and more COVID wards. The effectiveness of the vaccine is waning/fading out,” Dr. Haviv said.

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Immunization expert: ‘Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others’
posted by Mordechai Sones, August 17, 2021
World Health Organization European Advisory Group of Experts in Immunization former Vice President Professor Christian Perronne yesterday said that all vaccinated people must quarantine over the winter months or risk serious illness.

Perronne specializes in tropical pathologies and emerging infectious diseases. He was Chairman of the Specialized Committee on Communicable Diseases of the High Council of Public Health.

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Natural vs. Vaccine Immunity: Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Wipe Out Natural Immunity?
James Lyons-Weiler, Sept 20, 2021
One study shows durable and long-lasting active Anti-SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies following natural infection. Another shows loss of Anti-SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies in people with prior infection following vaccination. Del Bigtree and The Highwire Team pointed this out in their latest episode - and it’s worth a closer look.

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EXCLUSIVE – 80% of Covid-19 deaths in August were people who had been vaccinated according to Public Health data
By Daily Expose on September 8, 2021
Further evidence proving the Covid-19 vaccination programme is a huge failure has been released which confirms throughout the whole of August 80% of the people who allegedly died of Covid-19 had been vaccinated against the disease.

We’re living in strange times, and if you believe the Covid-19 vaccination programme is working because the authorities on the television tell you that it is, then you must surely find it extremely strange that the UK is in the middle of a third wave in the middle of summer? Especially when you consider that in summer 2020 Covid-19 deaths flat-lined to zero even though a Covid-19 injection was not available.

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Bombshell: PCR tests can’t identify Delta Variant; it’s all fiction
by Jon Rappoport, August 31, 2021
Oooo. The Delta Variant. It’s everywhere.

Watch out. It’s under your rug. It’s in the clothes closet. It’s on your toothbrush.

And it’s The Unvaccinated who are spreading it. Those devils. We, who are pure, must be protected from the unvaxxed Unclean.

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Idaho doctor reports “20 times increase” in cancer among those “vaccinated” for covid
September 14, 2021 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) Dr. Ryan Cole, a board-certified pathologist and diagnostics lab owner and operator based out of Idaho, has released shocking new information about how Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are causing a massive “uptick” in autoimmune diseases and cancer.

In a video produced by the Idaho state government’s “Capitol Clarity” project, Cole revealed how he is now seeing a 2,000 percent chronic illness increase in folks who took Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections.

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VAX ATTACKS: Singapore seeing chronic illness explosion after reaching 81 percent vaccination rate
September 15, 2021 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) A massive spike in new “cases” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) has struck Singapore, one of the most “fully vaccinated” countries on earth with about an 81 percent compliance rate, according to the latest data.

Surging infections due to mass injection are stymieing efforts to reopen the country as “fully vaccinated” residents flood hospitals in desperate need of oxygen and other treatments.

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Fully Vaccinated Deaths From Delta Variant More Than Double Unvaccinated Deaths – Public Health England
By Gord Parks / September 10, 2021
(Graph and Table)

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Interview: Public Vaccine Policy vs. Public Health
by Jeremy R. Hammond, Sep 11, 2021
In this interview, I explain how the policy goal of maintaining high vaccination rates is contrary to the goal of public health. I recently joined Bretigne Shaffer on her podcast What Then Must We Do? to discuss the topic of my new book The War on Informed Consent: The Persecution of Dr. Paul Thomas by the Oregon Medical Board, which exposes how the medical establishment has been waging an all-out assault on our fundamental human rights and serving the pharmaceutical industry at the expense of public health. Topics we discussed include:

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The COVID-19 injection is not a vaccine. Here’s why
Sep 1, 2021
These following criteria must be met for something to be called a vaccine. The coronavirus shots don't meet any of them.
For something to be a vaccine, several criteria must be met:
  • the injection must provide the recipient antibody immunity to a pathogen (virus or bacterium)
  • the antibodies produced post-injection must be shown to confer protection from that virus or bacterium
  • the injection must demonstrate it reduces hospitalizations or deaths from the pathogen
  • the injection must demonstrate it reduces severe symptoms of the pathogen
  • the injection must demonstrate it stops the recipient from carrying the pathogen
  • the injection must show it stops transmission of the pathogen from the injection recipient to others

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No, you cannot be forced to take the newly “approved” Comirnaty covid vaccine from Pfizer
September 08, 2021 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) As you probably heard, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) supposedly issued “approval” to Pfizer for a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” that goes by the name of Comirnaty. The mainstream media claims that this injection is the same one that is already being widely administered under emergency use authorization (EUA), but is it?

Comirnaty, first off, is not the same as the Pfizer-BioNTech gene therapy drug currently being plunged into people’s arms. Beyond that, nobody can force you to take either of the injections.

Despite what the lying fake news media claims, covid vaccine “mandates” are not legal. The FDA also did not “approve” Comirnaty in the way that people think the agency did, as it is currently limited to adults over the age of 16.

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FACT: Covid vaccine spike proteins are causing heart attacks
September 08, 2021 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) A team of scientists and physicians from the University of Bristol put out a study preprint back in July that received almost no attention, the reason being that it calls into question the safety and effectiveness of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

The paper explains that spike proteins found inside the vials – or that are produced inside the body by the jab if it is an mRNA type – are causing changes to the cells in the small blood vessels of the heart. This phenomenon, they found, is linked to heart attacks and other cardiovascular damag

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AstraZeneca vaccines cause DEVASTATING blood clots, peer-reviewed study confirms
08/25/2021 / By Arsenio Toledo
A new study has confirmed that AstraZeneca’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine causes “devastating” blood clotting complications.

Since the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine was first used in the United Kingdom in January of this year, it quickly became one of the most widely used COVID-19 vaccines in the world.

Unfortunately, the AstraZeneca vaccine has also become well-known for causing blood clots and other severe side effects. (Related: STUDY: Young people are twice as likely to die from AstraZeneca vaccine than from COVID-19.)

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The Official Ignorance of Natural Immunity to SARS-CoV-2
by Jeremy R. HammondSep 7, 2021
To push the political agenda of mass vaccination, the public health establishment has deceitfully ignored natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2.

This is the second of an extensive series of articles about natural immunity to SARS‑CoV‑2 and how it compares to the immunity induced by COVID‑19 vaccines. Links to each installment of the series will be compiled on this overview page as they are published. I highly recommend that you be sure to have read prior installments to get the most out of this one.

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Depopulation by Vaccination- Human Rights Violation
30 August 2021, by MWitt
I have been following this from the get go. I have been correct from the start. Now I am seeing even more stuff to back what I said up but it is faaar worse than even I imagined. So many people just do whatever they are told. They have no idea what their rights are. More and more people are starting to wake up, but should have never been asleep because now times are just plain scary. Let’s take this vaccine mandate. It is 100% ILLEGAL. You cannot be mandated by the govt or anyone else to take something. They can threaten whatever they want, but it is you who has2 to remind them of the simple fact that if you take it and have adverse side effects, it will be them that will be held responsible. There is NO proof that COVID19 actually exists. I have already shown you the proof from the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), that people around the world are using, asking for the isolated covid virus. IT WAS NEVER ISOLATED! Here is another fun fact: The US government, WHO, CDC, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson DO NOT require vaccinations.

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CDC and FDA Admit Their Policies are Based on a “Contrived” Model, not a Virus
September 3, 2021, Jon Rappoport
The CDC may withdraw its request to the FDA for the Emergency Use Authorization of PCR tests to be replaced by a PCR test with a better marker. The CDC/FDA admitted there was a problem with the PCR test, which has been used to detect COVID, starting in February of 2020—right up to the present. The CDC also referenced documents that confirmed it did not have a specimen of the SARS-CoV-2 virus when it concocted the PCR test and that it “contrived” samples of the virus. Therefore, it has no proof that a SARS-CoV-2 virus exists! The FDA document said that it granted emergency approval to 59 different PCR tests since the beginning of the pandemic and it was not feasible to compare them to a reliable standard. -GEG

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Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines
2021, August 20, Author: Robert O Young CPC, MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner
Phase Contrast Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy Reveal the Ingredients in the CoV-19 Vaccines!

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CDC/FDA smoking gun of smoking guns
by Jon Rappoport, September 1, 2021
They confess: they had no virus when they concocted the test for the virus; they “contrived” a model by pretending to find what they wanted to find; it’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy

This is the con and the crime that drove millions of lives, and economies, into ruin

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UK: 2/3 of Covid Deaths Occurred Among the Vaccinated
August 30, 2021
According a report by Public Health England that recorded deaths attributed Covid-19 from February 1 to August 2, 2021, two-thirds of the deaths occurred among vaccinated people. Out of 742 deaths, 402 were fully vaccinated, and 79 had received one shot. Only 253 individuals who died, or 34%, were unvaccinated. Those who were vaccinated were much more likely to die than those who were not vaccinated. The report also showed that CR tests revealed that vaccinated and unvaccinated had the same quantity of viruses in their bodies. -GEG

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New York Times admits the Pfizer vaccine is FAILING in Israel as post-injection infections skyrocket
August 24, 2021 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) You know things are bad with Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” and the plandemic agenda when even The New York Times is sounding the alarm about surging infections due to widespread vaccine compliance.

The more people get injected, the Times now admits, the more they are testing “positive” for Fauci Germs, in many cases requiring hospitalization. How can this be when the jabs are supposed to be the “cure” for covid?

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Millionaire offers $1.2 M reward to anyone providing an isolated sample of the COVID-19 virus
Jose Hermosa | TheBL 04/17/21
Many investigations and reports have been generated around the world concerning the disastrous COVID-19 or CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus; however, for some people and institutions, it has not been satisfactorily proven that it is the one that generates the deaths attributed to it.

After several initiatives that offered rewards to whoever managed to isolate the virus from someone supposedly contaminated with it, the group led by evangelist pastor and journalist Samuel Eckert breaks the record by offering the equivalent of $1.2 million on its website.

“1million € for scientific proof of the existence of a coronavirus, including documented control attempts of all steps taken in the proof,” the page announces.

It should be noted that it is not the existence of the virus in doubt, but instead that it is the cause of death of those infected with it.

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[SHOCKING] Pfizer’s Toxic “Secret Sauce” Revealed!
By Ty & Charlene Bollinger, August 28, 2021
According to the EUA Fact Sheet on the FDA’s website, one of the ingredients in this jab is 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine. See the screenshot below…

This is important to know, since this is a component of the lipid nanoparticles in every Pfizer/BioNTech shot.

So, let’s check out the Cayman Chemicals Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (hereafter referred to as 123-PC).

In Section 1.2, we discover that 123-PC is “for research use only, not for human or veterinary use.”

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'This Ends The Debate' - Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta
by Tyler Durden, Aug 27, 2021
Dr. Anthony Fauci and the rest of President Biden's COVID advisors have been proven wrong about "the science" of COVID vaccines yet again. After telling Americans that vaccines offer better protection than natural infection, a new study out of Israel suggests the opposite is true: natural infection offers a much better shield against the delta variant than vaccines.

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Bombshell: CDC Counts Those who Die within 14 Days of a Covid Jab as Unvaccinated!
August 27, 2021
Mainstream media is frightening people into taking Covid vaccines by promoting a study by the CDC that claims that Los Angeles County residents who are unvaccinated are 5 times more likely to get Covid and are 29 times more likely to be hospitalized than those who took the jabs. However, the definition of ‘unvaccinated’ is deceptive. The study defines unvaccinated as having received a first-dose vaccine up to 14 days prior. That means, if someone was hospitalized, admitted to ICU, required mechanical ventilation or died within two weeks of getting the jab, they are counted as ‘unvaccinated.’ This intentionally misleading data is now being used as justification for vaccine mandates and passports nationwide. It also fraudulently lowers the number of deaths and injuries linked to the Covid vaccines. -GEG

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Japan Pulls 1.6-illion Doses of Moderna after Discovering They React to Magnets
August 27, 2021,
Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare reported that about 1.6-million doses of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine have been taken out of use in Japan because of contamination in some vials. The substance reacts to magnets. Moderna confirmed receiving “several complaints of particulate matter” in vaccine vials in Japan but said it had found “no safety or efficacy issues” related to these reports. A Moderna spokesperson said the drugmaker believed a “manufacturing issue” at a plant in Spain was the cause.-GEG

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Aug 24, 2021, ICAN Legal Update
On May 21, 2021, the attorneys that regularly represent ICAN sent a demand letter on behalf of a group comprising all the families of unvaccinated children in four contiguous school districts in Ulster County, New York (the “Ulster Families”), to Dr. Zucker, the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health (“NYSDOH”), and Dr. Rosa, the Commissioner of Education for the New York State Education Department (“NYSED”). The demand explains that there is an abundance of evidence to support that unvaccinated children have better health outcomes than vaccinated children, but that the most compelling evidence is the health outcomes of the unvaccinated Ulster Families’ children as compared with the health outcomes of the vaccinated children in their school districts.

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News Nuggets August 23, 2021 – Top News Items
August 23, 2021 By Vaccine Choice Canada, Compiled by Edda West
Dr. David E. Martin drops Shocking Covid Info on Canadians! – In this video conversation with VCC’s Ted Kuntz, Dr. Martin reveals shocking information that everyone, especially Canadians MUST act on NOW! He explains the treason, the crimes against humanity, and the violations against bioweapons treaties that have taken place. In his stunning testimony, Dr. Martin lays out an incriminating trail of evidence implicating UBC (University of British Columbia, Canadian bio-tech companies and the Canadian government for their role in developing the lipid nano-technology that delivers the piece of mRNA into the body which then instructs our cells to manufacture the toxic ‘spike protein’ now known to travel through the body and cause damaging and deadly blood clots, excess bleeding, injury to the heart muscle, the brain and other organs.

In the development of the mRNA vaccine technology, David Martin says all the anti-trust laws have been violated which means that criminal charges can be laid against the perpetrators. For two decades, Dr. Martin has kept close track of patent filings in the US and abroad. The patent records provide clear evidence that the development of the SARS-Cov2 ‘gain of function’ virus has been ongoing for 20 years. He says that

“In 1990 Pfizer started work on a ‘spike protein’ vaccine….[and]…In 2002, the weaponization of coronavirus was completed. We did not have SARS until they weaponized the virus.”

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Top Pathologist Says Coronavirus is “The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public”
November 19, 2020
Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a top pathologist and an expert in virology, who is the CEO of a company that manufactures COVID tests, told government officials in Alberta that the coronavirus crisis is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.” Dr. Hodkinson said that social distancing is useless and he condemned mandatory mask mandates. He slammed the unreliability of PCR tests, noting that positive test results do not mean a clinical infection and that all testing should stop because the false numbers are “driving public hysteria.”

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Pfizer vaccine destroys T cells, weakens the immune system – study
August 22, 2021 by: Arsenio Toledo
(Natural News) A study from the Francis Crick Institute in the United Kingdom has found that the Pfizer-BioNTech Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine destroys T cells and weakens the immune system. But pharmaceutical corporations are trying to suggest that the only way to prevent this from happening is for people to get third or booster doses of their vaccines.

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Report: Plastic Barriers Ineffective Against Coronavirus, Possibly Making Spread Worse
by Paul Bois, 20 Aug 2021
Those plastic shields propped up in restaurants, classrooms, and office buildings around the country may be ineffective against the coronavirus and might even possibly be making the spread worse, according to a report from the New York Times.

Though scientists and researchers could not conclusively state whether or not plastic barriers had any impact on the coronavirus, the evidence currently shows that plastic barriers were shown to be disrupters of airflow and ventilation to the point that the virus becomes more transmissible. The barriers were also shown to give people a false sense of security.

In normal circumstances, air typically replenishes within a room every 15 to 30 minutes, but with plastic barriers, research showed a rupture in the airflow that would “create ‘dead zones’ where viral aerosol particles can build up and become highly concentrated.” From the Times:

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Visual Display of How mRNA Vaccine Affects Cells
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, August 20, 2021
Story at-a-glance
* Dr. Charles Hoffe, a family physician from Lytton, British Columbia, told health officials that his patients were suffering adverse effects from the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines

* Hoffe was quickly accused of causing “vaccine hesitancy” and local health authorities threatened to report him to the licensing body

* The spike protein in the vaccine can lead to the development of multiple, tiny blood clots because it becomes part of the cell wall of your vascular endothelium; these cells are supposed to be smooth so that your blood flows smoothly, but the spike protein means there are “spiky bits sticking out”

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“BREAKTHROUGH” update: Vast majority of people hospitalized with COVID in Israel are jabbed
by: Sara Middleton, staff writer | August 14, 2021
Israel sees ALARMING rates of breakthrough cases, where majority of population is jabbed
In a recent interview on the country’s Channel 13 News, Dr. Kobi Haviv, the medical director of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, admitted some shocking statistics:

* 9 out of 10 people getting admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 are fully vaxxed (mostly with Pfizer shot)

*95% of all “severe” cases of COVID-19 are occurring in fully vaxxed individuals

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Preeminent European physicians, scientists push back on claim that children must be vaccinated for COVID: “Unnecessary” and potentially “catastrophic”
August 09, 2021 by: JD Heyes
(Natural News) Scores of top, European senior scientists and physicians are railing against plans by leaders to vaccinate children and adolescents for COVID-19 because they say there is no evidence it is necessary and plenty of reason to believe mass inoculation of youth could be “catastrophic” in terms of health outcomes.

LifeSite News notes:
Eminent European physicians and scientists this month co-authored an expert statement regarding Comirnaty–COVID-19 mRNA vaccine for children, outlining their expert opinions that “vaccination of adolescents for COVID-19 is unnecessary, claims demonstrating efficacy are misleading, and the safety profiles are catastrophic.”

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“The Virus Is Fictitious.” CDC Sued by 7 Universities’ Scientists for Huge Fraud
April 20, 2021, By Enza Ferreri
In a previous post we have reported how Dr. Stefano Scoglio, Ph.D., B.Sc., Italian 2018 Candidate Nobel Prize in Medicine came to the conclusion that it’s not sure this virus exists, and that he’s one of the increasing number of medical prestigious professionals who question the reality of the claimed “isolation” of the SARS-Cov-2 virus and the validity of the RT-PCR test supposedly able to detect it.

No Trace of This Virus at All. Found Only Type A and B Influenza Viruses

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Statement from CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH on Today’s MMWR
Friday, July 30, 2021
Today[July27], some of those data were published in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), demonstrating that Delta infection resulted in similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people. High viral loads suggest an increased risk of transmission and raised concern that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus. This finding is concerning and was a pivotal discovery leading to CDC’s updated mask recommendation. The masking recommendation was updated to ensure the vaccinated public would not unknowingly transmit virus to others, including their unvaccinated or immunocompromised loved ones.

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Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Says COVID Shots Risk Millions of Lives
August 2, 2021
Dr. Paul Kempen, MD, who leads the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), responded to mandatory COVID vaccines for health-care workers by pointing out that 30-million people have recovered from COVID-19 in the US and now have natural immunity. For them, the shots confer only risk with no benefit. It is absurd that they are not exempt from these mandates. A statement from AAPS warns that COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths have increased at the same time that half of the US population was taking the inoculation. Long-term effects are unknown and may cause autoimmune disorders, antibody-enhanced disease, infertility, cancer, and birth defects. The benefit to the public is mythical, because uninfected people cannot transmit COVID. but vaccinated people can.

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Who Spiked the Shot?
America's Frontline doctors
Now that COVID-19 vaccinations are in full force, clinicians are observing many unusual illnesses that require further investigation. Oftentimes, doctors, practitioners and nurses must put on their private investigator hats when searching for the root of a condition. Here is an example. I am currently investigating a group of 4 girls in a military academy that have been on strict lockdown since January 2020. They are only allowed to socialize in their tiny cohort and live in a 4-bed dormitory. None of the girls had COVID-19 in the past nor have tested positive for antibodies. One of the girls opted to get the Pfizer mRNA vaccine due to pressure from her parents. Within 45 minutes of receiving the injection, she returned to the dorm feeling unwell, and had to lay down. Within 24 hours, 2 of her roommates spiked fevers. One of them had additional respiratory symptoms consisting of shortness of breath and dry cough, and the other, headaches and extremity pain. These symptoms persisted for 5-6 days. On day 7 one of the non-vaccinated girls presented with a full-blown shingles outbreak, and the other with chest pains and acute leg pain, warranting a visit to the emergency department. She was later diagnosed with pericarditis and a blood clot in her leg.

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Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Warns of Dangers 'Make the Virus More Dangerous'
Cooter August 2, 2021
Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., M.S., a renowned physician, recently spoke publicly on the topic of vaccines. Throughout the course of his career, he has been recognized for his accomplishments in the medical field.

Dr. Malone is credited with the discovery of RNA transfection. He also invented mRNA vaccines. The doctor recently appeared with Steve Bannon on Bannon's show The War Room.

Dr. Robert Malone released new data about the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. He reported that the individuals who have been vaccinated with these vaccines are at a greater risk of getting COVID than non-vaccinated people. The show aired on Wednesday of last week.

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Real world data reveal risks of allergic reactions after receiving COVID-19 mRNA vaccines
Julie Cunningham, Mar | 9 | 2021
Key Takeaways
* Among 52,805 health care employees who received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, 2% experienced allergic reactions, and anaphylaxis occurred at a rate of 2.47 per 10,000 individuals.

* All vaccine recipients who experienced anaphylaxis recovered without going into anaphylactic shock or requiring a breathing tube.

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57 Top Scientists and Doctors: Stop All Covid Vaccinations
9 mai 2021
A group of 57 leading scientists, doctors, and policy experts has released a report calling in to question the safety and efficacy of the current Covid-19 vaccines and are now calling for an immediate end to all vaccine programs.

This article was previously published on (feel free to share this report)

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BREAKING DISCOVERY! What COVID Injections Do To Your BLOOD! Doctor Releases Horrific Findings!
By Ty & Charlene Bollinger, July 21, 2021
A UK doctor has released horrific blood analysis which proves that the Moderna COVID vaccine changes red blood cells from round to tubular and makes them stick together, which may be the reason for all the blood clots. You don’t have to be a doctor to see the difference!

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FDA reverses itself: rejects COVID antibody test results; insanity reigns
by Jon Rappoport, June 29, 2021
Even a robot programmed to “follow the science” would throw up his hands in despair while reading the latest FDA COVID pronouncement.

After untold numbers of people have been given antibody tests to determine their COVID status, the FDA now states:

“Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a safety communication informing the public that results from SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests should not be used to evaluate immunity or protection from COVID-19 at any time, and especially after the person received a COVID-19 vaccination.”

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RESEARCH: Dandelion leaf extract blocks spike proteins from binding to the ACE2 cell surface receptor
By LJDevon // 2021-06-28
The engineered spike proteins from SARS-CoV-2 can be STOPPED by a common “weed” that is exterminated from lawns every year. A German university study found that the common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) can block spike proteins from binding to the ACE2 cell surface receptors in human lung and kidney cells. The water-based dandelion extract, taken from the plant’s dried leaves, was effective against spike protein D614 and a host of mutant strains, including D614G, N501Y, K417N and E484K.

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Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Floats Inconvenient Question About Possible 'Safety Issues' with Genetic Jab
June 17, 2021 By Taylor Penley, The Western Journa
Trust the science: The phrase has echoed across the world throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, a supposed safeguard against questioning what mainstream “science” feeds us — or even injects into us.

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Blaylock On Vaccines: What You Need To Know For Informed Consent
Posted By: Dr. Russell Blaylock June 3, 2021
Prior to taking any unapproved drug, you have the right to receive a broad and complete spectrum of information about the potential effects of those drugs on your body, in order for you to give “informed consent” or to refuse. Dr. Blaylock wrote this especially for this purpose.

There are four major companies offering the COVID-19 “vaccines” (biological bioengineered agents); Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca. Two (Pfizer and Moderna) use a technology never before approved or used “vaccine” called a messenger RNA (mRNA) biological.

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The Smoking Gun?
Dr. Tom Cowan, June 10, 2021
Study: ‘Virus’ Is Identical to Normal Cell ‘Structures’
Many of you have probably seen the electron-micrograph pictures of SARS-CoV-2, the ones in black and white, with the black dots within the faint outline of the circle. I have attached two such images from papers that claim these photos show direct evidence of the existence of the virus. These are the pictures that virologists show us, not the computer-generated, colorful images that you see in magazines and on the internet. These are the “real” pictures of the virus, and they are offered as “proof” that the virus exists.

However, it turns out these photos are actually NOT corona viruses, and the CDC, among others, has known this fact since at least 2004. The above paper examines the evidence used to claim that these images represent viruses, rather than normal “structures” within a cell, particularly sick cells. Here is what the paper says:

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Ivermectin obliterates 97 percent of Delhi cases
By Justus R. Hope, MD Jun 1, 2021 Updated Jun 7, 2021
A 97% decline in Delhi cases with Ivermectin is decisive - period. It represents the last word in an epic struggle to save lives and preserve human rights. This graph symbolizes the victory of reason over corruption, good over evil, and right over wrong. It is as significant as David’s victory over Goliath. It is an absolute vindication of Ivermectin and early outpatient treatment. It is a clear refutation of the WHO, FDA, NIH, and CDC's policies of "wait at home until you turn blue" before you get treatment.

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Another Blow To Fauci: Hydroxychoroquine Study Debunks ‘Experts’ Cites His Research Showing It ‘Worked As An Anti…
By Alex Miller - June 12, 2021
Last year, President Trump was excoriated by Dr. Fauci and other experts for suggesting hydroxycholorquine (HCQ) could be used to treat COVID-19 patients. Well, a new study busts the Left and found that when used correctly HCQ “reduced the probability of Covid positivity by 34 per cent, 48 per cent and 72 per cent.”

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What We Know — And May Never Know — About COVID Vaccines
05/14/21 By Children's Health Defense Team
The animated video, “COVID Vaccine Secrets,” walks viewers through a long list of questions about the COVID vaccines, including many for which we may never have answers.

Is the COVID vaccine safe? Has it been thoroughly tested? What are the long-term side effects? Is it even effective?

According to the video below, “COVID Vaccine Secrets,” the government, the media and even celebrities tell us we must all get the vaccine, that it’s the only way to stay safe from COVID-19.

But missing from those conversations is an open and honest discussion about the potential health risks of the vaccine. How many people have died or been injured after getting the vaccine? And why is it making some people sick? Is it because of the vaccine’s ingredients

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Scientist Shows Cell Death in Lab Experiments Is Not from the COVID Virus, But from Toxic Additives
June 10, 2021, Dr. Stefan Lanka, PhD
The COVID-19 pandemic has been built upon the lie that the SARS-CoV-2 virus causes cell death. Dr. Stefan Lanka, PhD is a German virologist who did a control experiment, which had not been performed since 1954, that showed that the substances that were added in laboratory test tube experiments were the cause cell death, not the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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Dr. Janci Lindsay, PhD, Top Doc Tells the CDC to STOP the Shots
May 27, 2021
A top microbiologist and vaccine expert with 30 years’ experience in toxicology told the CDC they need to STOP all COVID shots immediately.

The CDC limited presenters to only three minutes, but we have the full written statement Dr. Lindsay submitted. Read on to see what the CDC refuses to tell you.

Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay holds a doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Texas. She has over 30 years of scientific experience focused primarily on toxicology and mechanistic biology.

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Probable Link Found Between Pfizer’s COVID Shot and Heart Inflammation
by TVR Staff, Published June 6, 2021
On June 2, 2021, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced that it believes there is a “probable link” between Pfizer/BioNTech’s experimental messenger RNA (mRNA) BNT162b2 biologic for COVID-19 and dozens of cases of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) in Israel—mostly in males between 16-30 years of age. According to an epidemiological study undertaken by a team of researchers lead by Dror Mevorach, MD of Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, one out of 5,000 young men who receive the shot may experience this heart condition after getting the shot.

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‘We Made a Big Mistake’ — COVID Vaccine Spike Protein Travels From Injection Site, Can Cause Organ Damage
06/03/21 By Megan Redshaw
Research obtained by a group of scientists shows the COVID vaccine spike protein can travel from the injection site and accumulate in organs and tissues including the spleen, bone marrow, the liver, adrenal glands and in “quite high concentrations” in the ovaries.

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Don’t Use Antibody Tests Post Vaccine to Determine Immunity
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, June 03, 2021
Story at-a-glance
* The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a safety communication in May 2021, warning both the public and health care providers not to use SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests to gauge immunity, especially after COVID-19 vaccination

* There's a significant difference in the immune response triggered by natural infection and vaccination

* In the case of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, such as those produced by Pfizer and Moderna, antibodies to the spike protein are induced; in the case of natural SARS-CoV-2 infection, nucleocapsid proteins are detected by antibody testing

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COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Hesitancy’ and Vaccine Mythology vs. Data
by Jeremy R. Hammond, May 28, 2021
A New York Times article claiming to explain why many people won’t get a COVID-19 vaccine fails to do so but provides a useful illustration of the real problem.

[some great graphs that debunk the "saved millions of lives" claims.]

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How COVID Vaccines Can Cause Blood Clots and More
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, May 28, 2021
Doctors for COVID Ethics have been warning about the potential for gene-based COVID-19 “vaccines” to cause blood clots, cerebral vein thrombosis and sudden death

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Genetically engineered 'Magneto' protein remotely controls brain and behaviour
Mo Costandi, 24 Mar 2016 modified on Tue 9 May 2017
“Badass” new method uses a magnetised protein to activate brain cells rapidly, reversibly, and non-invasively

Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for controlling the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviours, using genetic engineering to create a magnetised protein that activates specific groups of nerve cells from a distance.

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The origin of COVID: Did people or nature open Pandora’s box at Wuhan?
By Nicholas Wade | May 5, 2021
In what follows I will sort through the available scientific facts, which hold many clues as to what happened, and provide readers with the evidence to make their own judgments. I will then try to assess the complex issue of blame, which starts with, but extends far beyond, the government of China.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Drugs and Miscarriage

1. The study was designed so that 86.1% of the final study population (712 women) could not possibly have had a miscarriage during the study period!

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File# 7336corsci.php

Restrictions are falling left and right at this point.

Vegas casinos are back to 100%, and with no mask requirements. Huge sporting events, and even concerts, are coming back (Foreigner performed in Orlando last week, for example).

And yet, even though the scolds' predictions of "superspreader" effects failed to materialize from the Super Bowl, the college football national championship, or that packed Texas Rangers game we were all warned about, they're still predicting it, and they're still wrong.

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Mike Yeadon, ex VP And Chief Scientist of Pfizer For 20 Years: 'You do not vaccinate people who aren't at risk for a disease'
By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum 4-13-21
Michael Yeadon's exact words...

"There is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I've never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines. You do not vaccinate people who aren't at risk from a disease."

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File# 7339corsci.php
A REUTERS SPECIAL REPORT, The ex-Pfizer scientist who became an anti-vax hero

If You've Had COVID, Please Don't Get Vaccinated
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, May 24, 2021
Story at-a-glance
* An international survey of 2,002 people found that people who had previously had COVID-19 experienced “significantly increased incidence and severity” of side effects after the COVID-19 vaccine

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Posted on May 16, 2021 by State of the Nation
See Each National Graph Below Showing How Covid Vaccines Are Increasing Mortality Rates And Reversing Downward Death Trends

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File# 7342corsci.php

How Many Have Died From COVID Vaccines?
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, May 22, 2021
Story at-a-glance
* Each year, more than 165 million Americans get the flu shot. There were 85 reported deaths following influenza vaccination in 2017; 119 deaths in 2018; and 203 deaths in 2019

* Between mid-December 2020 and April 23, 2021, at which point between 95 million and 100 million Americans had received their COVID-19 shots, there were 3,544 reported deaths following COVID vaccination, or about 30 per day

* In just four months, the COVID-19 vaccines have killed more people than all available vaccines combined from mid-1997 until the end of 2013 — a period of 15.5 years

* As of April 23, 2021, VAERS had also received 12,618 reports of serious adverse events. In total, 118,902 adverse event reports had been filed

* In the European Union, the EudraVigilance system had as of April 17, 2021, received 330,218 injury reports after vaccination with one of the four available COVID vaccines, including 7,766 deaths

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UPDATED 8:21 AM WEDNESDAY -- Connecticut Publishes Moderna COVID Vax Ingredients: DEADLY POISON "SM-102 - Not for Human or Veterinary Use"
17 May 2021
The Connecticut Department of Public Health has published the Ingredients list for the Moderna COVID "Vaccine" and that data sheet confirms it contains a chemical "SM-102."

The SM-102 Material Safety Data Sheet describes this chemical as "NOT FOR HUMAN OR VETERINARY USE"

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File# 7346corsci.php

More Good News on Ivermectin
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, May 21, 2021
Story at-a-glance
* Ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug that may be even more useful against COVID-19 than hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). However, like HCQ, use of ivermectin has been globally suppressed, discouraged and even warned against, despite decades of safe use for other ailments

* In the U.S., the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) has been calling for widespread adoption of Ivermectin, both as a prophylactic and for the treatment of all phases of COVID-19

* What makes ivermectin particularly useful in COVID-19 is the fact that it works both in the initial viral phase of the illness, when antivirals are required, as well as in the inflammatory stage, when the viral load drops off and anti-inflammatories become necessary

* A scientific review funded by the WHO found ivermectin reduced COVID-19 deaths by 75%. It also increased viral clearance. A meta-analysis of a greater number of studies found a 68% reduction in deaths

* Despite robust scientific support for ivermectin, the WHO, the U.S. FDA and NIH all refuse to recommend the drug on grounds of insufficient evidence

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Analysis Indicates there Is No Correlation Between Masks and Lockdowns to Covid Deaths
May 7, 2021,
Contrary to what the public health experts have been telling us for more than a year, there is no correlation between the strength of a state’s lockdown measures and total covid-19 deaths. Notorious lockdown states such as New York and New Jersey have some of the worst mortality numbers to date. States with no restrictions, such as Texas and Florida, have fewer deaths than New York and New Jersey. In fact, every state that has either removed its mask mandate or all Covid-19 restrictions entirely is outperforming New York and New Jersey in terms of deaths. Since early February, the ten states with the highest rate of mask usage have been doing worse in both cases and deaths than the ten states with the lowest rate of mask usage.

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Could Smallpox Vaccine Success Be The First Vaccine Lie? Look At The Evidence
Saturday, 8 May 2021
Smallpox was the first disease ever to be vaccinated against, and it was the first and only human disease to have been declared “eradicated”, supposedly thanks to the WHO’s global vaccination campaigns.Therefore, it’s a favorite “success story” that vaccine proponents love to brandish around.

But what if I tell you this is a major deception? Before you laugh it out of the water, check out the verifiable evidence below.Shockingly, smallpox vaccines killed millions around the world, giving them smallpox, septicaemia, syphilis, tetanus, leprosy, tuberculosis, erysipelas, aggressive cancers…

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File# 7353sci.php

Vaccine propagandists infiltrated vaccine skeptics group, found that the skeptics are MORE scientific and rigorous in their thinking compared to obedient, dumbed-down mask wearers
May 14, 2021 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) infiltrated a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “skeptics” group recently and discovered that those questioning the official story are more scientific than those accepting it hook, line and sinker.

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File# 7355corsci.php

May 12, 2021
ICAN sued the FDA in November 2019 in order to obtain copies of the clinical trials relied upon to license the varicella vaccine in 1995. Over 9 months later, the FDA completed production of the documents, many of which contained numerous unnecessary redactions. ICAN pushed back on the agency and, except for 12 dates of death, the FDA lifted all of the challenged redactions demonstrating a tendency by the agency to over-redact information that should be available to the public.

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File# 7359scileg.php

CDC Embarks on New COVID Cover-Up
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, May 13, 2021
For many months, experts have warned that COVID-19 is not so much a viral pandemic as it is a “casedemic” — a pandemic of false positive tests — and the thing that kept the fraud going was the fact that laboratories were using excessively high cycle thresholds (CTs) when processing the PCR tests

I detailed this scheme in “COVID-19 Testing Scandal Deepens” and “Astonishing COVID-19 Testing Fraud Revealed.” Tests recommended by the World Health Organization were originally set to 45 CTs,and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend a CT of 40, yet the scientific consensus has long been that anything over 35 CTs renders the test useless, as the accuracy will be a measly 3%. The remainder, 97%, are false positives.

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File# 7363corsci.php

NVIC Seeing Through the COVID Spin
Analysis by Barbara Loe Fisher, May 11, 2021
Story at-a-glance
* The COVID-19 spin is reaching dizzying new heights every day, with fundamental facts about the experimental vaccine’s risks and failures getting lost in the hard sell

* At dinner time, if you turn on any major television network in the U.S., you will see that the evening news has turned into one long COVID vaccine commercial infused with a heavy dose of fear mongering

* On April 1, 2021, the U.S. government announced a $3 billion COVID vaccine ad campaign paid for with taxpayer dollars

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File# 7364corsci.php

The Deadly COVID-19 Vaccine Coverup
Virginia Stoner Writing & Art, May 4, 2021
FACT: There has been a massive increase in deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) this year. That’s not a ‘conspiracy theory’, that’s an indisputable fact. You can try to explain it or justify it, or even argue it doesn’t matter, but you can’t deny it.

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File# 7372corsci.php

Halt Covid Vaccine, Prominent Scientist Tells CDC

In a public comment to the CDC, molecular biologist and toxicologist Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D., called to immediately halt Covid vaccine production and distribution. Citing fertility, blood-clotting concerns (coagulopathy), and immune escape, Dr. Lindsay explained to the committee the scientific evidence showing that the coronavirus vaccines are not safe.

On April 23, 2021, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices held a meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. The focus of this ACIP meeting was blood clotting disorders following Covid vaccines. Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay spoke to the CDC during the time set aside for public comment.

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File# 7377corsci.php

Health Experts Admit Outdoor Mask Wearing Is Ridiculous
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, May 07, 2021
Story at-a-glance
* According to an expert on viral transmission mechanics, brief outdoor encounters present a “very low risk” for transmission of COVID-19. Viral particles quickly disperse in outdoor air, so the risk of inhaling aerosolized virus from passersby is negligible
* Other research has shown your odds of transmitting COVID-19 are 18.7 times greater indoors than in an open-air environment

* Several investigations looking at SARS-CoV-2 RNA concentrations in air have come up empty. No detectable RNA was found in air samplings from various locations in Wuhan, China, Venice in northern Italy, or Lecce in southern Italy, during the pandemic

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File# 7378corsci.php

Vaccinated people now being tested at 28 PCR cycles, which almost guarantees a “negative” covid result
May 06, 2021 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) New evidence has emerged to suggest that people who get injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are being administered a different PCR test than people who are not injected, making it appear as though the “vaccine” was “effective.”
“More fraud,” tweeted constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati about the news.

“Test the unvaccinated at 43-45 cycles = 96.5% FALSE positives. But now they will test VACCINATED people at 28 cycles and poof! The vaccine magically works because the false positives come down. Really? Born yesterday but very early in a.m.”

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File# 7379corsci.php

Denmark PERMANENTLY BANS Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine over blood clot deaths
May 06, 2021 by: Ramon Tomey
(Natural News) Denmark announced that it will no longer use the Johnson & Johnson Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine after more reports linking it to blood clots. The Scandinavian country previously dropped the AstraZeneca vaccine because of blood clots in some vaccinated citizens. Denmark’s decision contrasted that of U.S. health authorities who lifted the suspension on the J&J vaccine.

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File# 7380corlegsci.php

New Report Sheds Light on Vaccine Doomsday Cult
Mike Whitney • May 3, 2021
“The risk-benefit calculus is therefore clear: the experimental vaccines are needless, ineffective and dangerous. Actors authorizing, coercing or administering experimental COVID-19 vaccination are exposing populations and patients to serious, unnecessary, and unjustified medical risks.” Doctors for Covid Ethics, April 29, 2021
Now there is solid evidence that:
1. Covid-19 is primarily a disease of the vascular system (The vascular system, also called the circulatory system, is made up of the vessels that carry blood and lymph through the body.) and not the respiratory system.

2. The main culprit is the spike protein. (Spike protein–“a glycoprotein that protrudes from the envelope of some viruses” Merriam-Webster “Like a key in a lock, these spike proteins fuse to receptors on the surface of cells, allowing the virus’s genetic code to invade the host cell, take over its machinery and replicate.”
Bruce Lieberman)

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File# 7381corsci.php

BOMBSHELL: Pfizer’s own documents admit covid vaccines will shed infectious particles to others
May 03, 2021 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) The latest “conspiracy theorist” to come forward and warn about particulate shedding from those who were recently “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is none other than Pfizer itself.

The pharma giant’s own documents openly admit that people who were recently jabbed for the Chinese virus can transmit whatever is contained in the syringe to others, including through skin contact.

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File# 7391corsci.php

CDC Violated Law to Inflate COVID Cases and Fatalities
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, May 02, 2021
Story at-a-glance
* Dr. Henry Ealy and his team started looking at CDC data on COVID-19 cases and fatalities in mid-March 2020, quickly realizing the agency was vastly exaggerating fatalities

* Over-reporting of fatalities was enabled by a March 2020 change in how cause of death is reported on death certificates. Rather than listing COVID-19 as a contributing cause in cases where people died from other underlying conditions, it was to be listed as the primary cause

* As of August 23, 2020, the CDC reported 161,392 fatalities caused by COVID-19. Had the long-standing, original guidelines for death reporting been used, there would have only been 9,684 total fatalities due to COVID-19

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7393corlegsci.php

Document Shows Pfizer Anticipated That Those Injected with mRNA Might Transmit Infection to Those who Are Non-Injected
April 30, 2021 | Health Impact News and New England Journal of Medicine
A document published by Pfizer during trials of their COVID-19 mRNA shots appears to warn participants against contact with those who are not part of the trial, including pregnant women. It defines SAE (Secondary Adverse Event) as an adverse event in someone who was exposed to someone who received the mRNA shot. The document lists ‘abnormal pregnancy outcomes’ such as ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, intrauterine fetal demise, neonatal death, and congenital anomaly as SAEs. It then says that exposure during breastfeeding can occur through inhalation or skin contact. The paper instructs investigators to “report exposure during breastfeeding to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of the investigator’s awareness, irrespective of whether an SAE has occurred.” -GEG

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File# 7394corsci.php

Dear Mr. Trump....
April 27, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz
We read your announcement saying that "refusing vaccination" in the current situation was "deranged pseudo-science".

Perhaps you would care to explain how injecting monkey fetal cells, cells culled from long-dead human baby tissue cultures, human lung cancer cells, and bits and pieces of the HIV virus, all mashed up and macerated together, and then killed using industrial organic solvents and injected into anyone's arm is "science" of any kind? Ever?

We might as well throw dead snakes in a barrel full of mineral oil, let them decay and strain off the decoction as a miracle tonic.

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File# 7395corsci.php

German Judges Intimidated - House Warrant Executed on Weimar Judge for Political Reasons
Giraffe, 26 April 2021
As 2020News has just learned, the judge at the Weimar District Court, Christian Dettmar, had his house searched today. His office, private premises and car were searched. The judge’s cell phone was confiscated by the police. The judge had made a sensational decision on April 8, 2021, which was very inconvenient for the government’s anti Coronavirus measures policy.

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File# 7406corsci.php

New AFLDS Issue Brief Uncovers Major Concerns Among COVID-Vaccinated Patients
April 26, 2021, by Dain Pascocello
AFLDS identifies five major areas of concern for patients who have already received one of three experimental COVID immunizations or those considering getting the injection. These include long-term health effects, neurological issues, menstrual challenges among women, and “shedding” potentially harmful particles to unvaccinated adults and children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s early warning system for vaccine side effects, its 30-year-old Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, has captured thousands of other “adverse events” since the COVID-19 vaccination effort began in late 2020.

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File# 7407corsci.php
Continue Above Page:
An AFLDS Issue Brief for Citizens, Policymakers and Physicians

no jab for me
Updated April 26, 2021
[Summary of covid situation april 2021] Statements in this site are substantiated with facts that will stand in a court of law. Informed Consent requires a flow of information. Click on the hyperlinked sections to direct you to primary sources such as CDC, WHO, FDA documents.

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File# 7408corsci.php

Top Scientists Debunk COVID Lockdowns and Masks with DeSantis
by Alex Newman April 26, 2021
In this episode of Behind the Deep State host Alex Newman highlights a the findings of top scientists from around the world debunking the lock downs mask mandates, and other abusive measures imposed by governments under the guise of COVID. Popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis convened the prestigious panel of medical experts from Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, and more— and was promptly censored by YouTube and other Big-Tech companies.

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File# 7410corsci.php

Over 200 doctors call for global vitamin D distribution because it inexpensively reduces covid infections, hospitalizations and deaths
April 25, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson
(Natural News) Over two hundred doctors and scientists have come together in support of worldwide distribution of vitamin D to help treat covid infections and reduce hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths. The doctors are calling on all governments and healthcare systems around the world to immediately recommend and distribute vitamin D to adult populations.

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File# 7415corsci.php

Spike Protein 101: A Primer from Dr. Larry Palevsky
Posted by Age of Autism on April 22, 2021 By Laura Hayes
Transcript of Dr. Larry Palevsky:
When studies are done on injections that are thought to be vaccines, we sometimes need 7, 10, or even 15 years, to understand what the injection does to the body, and what it does to those around us.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7419corsci.php

Vaccine Makers Destroy COVID Vaccine Safety Studies
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, April 20, 2021
Story at-a-glance
* Makers of COVID-19 vaccines are now destroying long-term safety studies by unblinding their trials and giving the control groups the active vaccine, claiming it is “unethical” to withhold an effective vaccine

* In so doing, they make it virtually impossible to assess any long-term safety and effectiveness, and the true benefit versus cost

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File# 7421corlegsci.php

Johns Hopkins University confirms: You can be vaccinated with a PCR test, even without knowing
April 13, 2021 in News by RBN Staff, posted by Weaver
In January 2019, the WHO defined the growing number of vaccination critics as one of the top ten threats to global health, and since the unprecedented Corona vaccination fiasco, the number of vaccination refusers has truly multiplied.

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File# 7422corsci.php

Tinnitus reports grow amid COVID-19 vaccinations
By Brian Buntz | March 11, 2021
A handful of patients in Johnson & Johnson’s Phase 3 COVID-19 clinical trial complained of tinnitus, or ringing in the ears.

After reporting on the subject, we’ve received a steady stream of reports from Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine recipients who experienced tinnitus.

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File# 7423corsci.php

CDC Says Sanitization Efforts are ‘Theater’, and a Waste of Resources
By Andrew West on April 6, 2021
Thirteen months into a two-week lockdown meant to “flatten the curve”, and the CDC is just now telling us the best way to keep ourselves from getting infected with the coronavirus.

Well, that’s not entirely true. The organization has taken a buckshot approach to preventing the spread of COVID-19, giving Americans all manner of advice that seems to have worked in previous viral outbreaks, hoping that this would cover all of their bases.

But now, after a year’s worth of research, they are finally ready to make some less-smothering suggestions, like stop wasting our time with surface disinfectants.

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File# 7431corsci.php

Blood Clotting Needs to Be Watched with All COVID Vaccines, States the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)
News provided by Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), Apr 05, 2021
TUCSON, Ariz., April 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- More than a dozen countries worldwide temporarily stopped administering the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine, notes the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), because of deaths from blood clotting disorders, with either clots or excessive bleeding. Some patients experienced the extremely rare event of clots in the veins that drain blood from the brain (venous sinus thrombosis).

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File# 7432corsci.php

STUDY: Chemical That Causes Penises To Shrink Found In Face Masks
by Gabriel Keane, March 25, 2021
Phthalates has been linked to genital shrinkage, decreased fertility rates, and less masculine behavior in young boys

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File# 7435corsci.php

Documentaries that Include 100’s of Health Professionals WARNING The Public About The Dangers of Vaccination

[34 links to videos on vaccines. And a list of 110 Books about the dangers of medical injections.]

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File# 7436sciautrigleggarsbsfluwak.php

Covid-19 vaccine concerns
We are not being told the truth
08/April/2021 – by Ted Kuntz –
Canadians are not being told the truth about the COVID vaccine products which have only been given emergency use authorization. Those lining up to participate in this human experiment are not given sufficient information to make an informed decision.

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File# 7439corscileg.php

Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests As Unreliable & Unlawful To Quarantine People
November 18, 2020
A Portuguese appeals court has ruled that PCR tests are unreliable and that it is unlawful to quarantine people based solely on a PCR test.

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File# 7441corscileg.php

Dr. Ryan Cole Blows The Whole COVID-19 Propaganda Away
By Bill Sardi, April 7, 2021
* Coronavirus infections are seasonal

* Average COVID-19 age of death 78.6 years. Average annual US age of death historically 78.6 years.

* Face mask wearing outdoors is absolute insanity. No study shows any super-spreader event outdoors. The best mask of all is your immune system.

* There is no such thing as cold and flu season. There is only low vitamin D season.

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File# 7442corsci.php

Is there any BENEFIT to vaccines at all? Death rates very similar in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated regions

Heavily vaccinated Israel currently has same mortality rate as unvaccinated South Africa

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7454corsci.php

13 Studies Reveal How Social Distancing (i.e., Social Isolation) Can Increase Mortality
April 3rd 2020, Written By: GMI Reporter
Social distancing, also known physical distancing, is defined as a set of non-pharmaceutical interventions taken to prevent the spread of presumably communicable diseases by maintaining a physical distance between people and reducing the frequency people come into close contact with each other.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7456scileg.php

Synthetic mRNA Covid vaccines: A Risk-Benefit Analysis
Sadaf Gilani, eb 22, 2021
Synthetic mRNA Covid vaccines: A Risk-Benefit Analysis With a “vaccine” based on untested technology, and safety trials still ongoing, is it safe to take the shot? And does it even work? And does a disease with an IFR of 0.2% even justify that risk?
[IFR =Infection Fatality Rate]

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7458corsci.php

AstraZeneca presented US with OUTDATED and CHERRY-PICKED vaccine trial data, concludes independent monitoring board
March 25, 2021 by: Arsenio Toledo
(Natural News) AstraZeneca may have cherry-picked its data and included “outdated” information when the company published the results of its U.S. trial for its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. This is according to independent experts monitoring the pharmaceutical company’s work.

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File# 7460corsci.php

Fifth International Public Conference on Vaccination
October 16-18, 2020
Session 1, Show Us the Science
Session 2, U.S. and International Vaccine Choice Advocacy
Session 3, The Paradigm Shift To Health & Liberty
[NVIC has released about 50 videos of the 2020 conference On Vaccination.]

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File# 7463corscileg.php

Houston physician warns Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines don’t provide immunity against coronavirus
March 28, 2021 by: Nolan Barton
(Natural News) A physician in Houston, Texas aired his concerns over the mRNA technology used to make the Pfizer and Moderna Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. In a video posted to Rumble on March 15, Dr. Steve Hotze asserted that the first two jabs made available to the Americans don’t really provide immunity against COVID-19.

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File# 7470corsci.php

Rejecting Rockefeller Germ Theory once and for all
by Jon Rappoport, March 25, 2021
Note: In a number of articles, I’ve offered compelling evidence that the deaths attributed to COVID-19 can be explained without reference to a virus. Furthermore, whatever merits “alternative treatments” may have, I see no convincing evidence their action has anything to do with “neutralizing a virus.”

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File# 7471corsci.php

Women Are at Higher Risk for COVID Vaccine Reactions Than Men
by Kate Raines, March 21, 2021
Women are reportedly at greater risk of experiencing side effects from the experimental COVID-19 vaccines compared with men. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) looked at the breakdown of adverse reactions reported in the first month following the granting of an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for distribution of Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.

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File# 7476corsci.php

Top Eight COVID Lies
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, March 20, 2021
Top Eight COVID Lies
Kendrick’s post takes aim at widespread COVID-themed disinformation, highlighting six top inconsistencies. I’ve added two more as well.

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File# 7482corsci.php

BOMBSHELL: Stats Canada claims lockdowns, not COVID-19, are now driving ‘excess deaths’
Mar 11, 2021
OTTAWA, Canada, March 11, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Canada’s national statistical agency stated in a report released yesterday that there are “excess deaths” in the country when compared to previous years, but those deaths are not due only to COVID-19, but are due increasingly to what it calls “indirect consequences of the pandemic,” citing as examples “delayed medical procedures” due to lockdowns and “increased substance use.”

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File# 7484corsci.php

CDC Reports 1,637 Deaths Following COVID-19 Vaccinations
by Celia Farber | Guest Writer | March 13, 2021
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told The Epoch Times in an e-mail that as of Mar. 8, 2021 over 92 million doses of mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 have been injected, with 1,637 deaths occurring following the injections. The CDC claims the vaccines are safe, but a comparison between the rates of deaths following the vaccines for COVID and those for influenza raises questions.

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File# 7487corsci.php

Top Reasons Not to be Afraid of Covid
Canadian Doctors Speak Out
Dr. Stephen Malthouse, MD – British Columbia
We were so inspired by these courageous Canadians doctors who have spoken out, that it compelled us to write out a complete transcript of their video. Sometimes it helps to read what is being said when the truth is being spoken.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7490corsci.php
VIDEO to go with text article linked above.

germ theory is killing us
it's the terrain, not the virus
Kyle Young, Jan 1, 2021
As mentioned in the previous article, the argument that took place in the latter half of the 1800’s between Luis Pasteur and his followers and Antoine Bechamp and his followers, is taking on new meaning today.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7499corsci.php

Why is Death After COVID-19 Vaccination Always Assumed to Be Coincidental?
by Marco Cáceres, Published March 1, 2021 | Opinion
There appears to be a pattern developing when deaths are reported shortly following COVID-19 vaccinations, in that all deaths are assumed to be only “coincidentally” associated with vaccination before all the evidence is in. This raises an obvious question: Is the assumption that the experimental COVID-19 vaccines are never the cause of death scientifically justified or is it a symptom of bias?

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File# 7504corsci.php

Study Shows How Masks Are Harming Children
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, February 27, 2021
Data from the first registry to record children's experiences with masks show physical, psychological and behavioral issues including irritability, difficulty concentrating and impaired learning

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7511corsci.php

Switzerland REJECTS AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, citing lack of sufficient data to prove effectiveness
February 25, 2021 by: Arsenio Toledo
(Natural News) The main medical regulator of Switzerland has rejected the Oxford-AstraZeneca Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. According to the regulator, there is a lack of available trial data to prove that the vaccine is safe to use.

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File# 7514corsci.php

Vitamin D Supplementation Reduces COVID-19 Deaths by 64%
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, February 22, 2021
Story at-a-glance
* A Spanish study found giving supplemental vitamin D3 (calcifediol) to hospitalized patients with PCR-confirmed COVID-19 — in addition to standard care — reduced ICU admissions by 82% and mortality by 64%

* People who already had higher vitamin D at baseline were 60% less likely to die

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7519corsci.php

Statement On Virus Isolation (SOVI)
February 2021, Sally Fallon Morell, MA, Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD
Isolation: The action of isolating; the fact or condition of being isolated or standing alone; separation from other things or persons; solitariness.
- Oxford English Dictionary

The controversy over whether the SARS-CoV-2 virus has ever been isolated or purified continues. However, using the above definition, common sense, the laws of logic and the dictates of science, any unbiased person must come to the conclusion that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has never been isolated or purified. As a result, no confirmation of the virus’ existence can be found. The logical, common sense, and scientific consequences of this fact are:

* the structure and composition of something not shown to exist can’t be known, including the presence, structure, and function of any hypothetical spike or other proteins;

* the genetic sequence of something that has never been found can’t be known;

* “variants” of something that hasn’t been shown to exist can’t be known;

* it’s impossible to demonstrate that SARS-CoV-2 causes a disease called Covid-19.

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File# 7520corsci.php

Unmasking COVID-19:
Vaccines, Mandates, and Global Health
Friday, 2/19 at 10 am EST
Video Tapes, 5 discussions on COVID vaccine and related issues.

Read/watch rest of original story here:
File# 7521corscileg.php

Sweden Bans Masks: ‘No Scientific Evidence’ They Prevent COVID
February 16, 2021 by
Officials in Halmstad municipality, Sweden, recently forced a teacher to remove their mask and prohibited the use of masks and all forms of PPE in schools. The municipality said there was no scientific evidence for wearing masks, citing the Swedish public health agency.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7525corlegsci.php

The Insanity of the PCR Testing Saga
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, February 19, 2021
Story at-a-glance
* Curative offers a PCR test using spit rather than swabs from the back of your nasal cavity. Initially only authorized for use on symptomatic patients, the company has requested the U.S. Food and Drug Administration expand its authorization for use on asymptomatic individuals

* According to company data, the spit test accurately identifies about 90% of positive cases when compared against a nasopharyngeal PCR test set to 35 CT

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7527corsci.php

Mindless Mask Mandates Likely Do More Harm Than Good
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, February 17, 2021
Story at-a-glance
* While the media claims mask mandates are based on science and will “save lives,” science is actually ignored wholesale and recommendations are primarily pushed based on emotional justifications and triggers

* Recommendations have fluctuated wildly from initially admonishing people to not wear masks, to mandating universal mask wearing by all, including the healthy, to wearing two, three and even four masks, plus goggles and face shields

* The logical reason for all this flip-flopping is because actual science is being ignored. From the start, the available research has been rather consistent: Mask wearing does not reduce the prevalence of viral illness and asymptomatic spread is exceedingly rare, if not nonexistent

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7530corsci.php

Doctors Poisoned Test Patients to Falsely Show that Hydroxychloroquine Is Not Safe and Effective
February 15, 2021 by Edward Hendrie
Dr. Claus Kohnlein, the author of Virus Mania, reveals how the World Health Organization (WHO) has scammed the public into thinking that hydroxychloroquine is unsafe and ineffective as a therapy for COVID-19. Dr. Kohnlein explains how the WHO published a medical study during which they gave the study participants toxic dosages of hydroxychloroquine to falsely show it is unsafe and ineffective. The study can be downloaded from the link below.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7532corlegsci.php

How COVID-19 'Vaccines' May Destroy the Lives of Millions
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, February 14, 2021
Story at-a-glance
* The COVID-19 vaccine really isn’t a vaccine in the medical definition of a vaccine. It’s more accurately an experimental gene therapy that could prematurely kill large amounts of the population and disable exponentially more

* Since mRNA normally rapidly degrades, it must be complexed with lipids or polymers. COVID-19 vaccines use PEGylated lipid nanoparticles, and PEG is known to cause anaphylaxis

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7534corsci.php

The Troubling Role of Glyphosate in COVID-19
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, February 14, 2021
Story at-a-glance
* Your body substitutes glyphosate for glycine, and in so doing, poisons your body’s machinery for creating proteins

* In normal physiology, processes in your mitochondria ensure deuterium depletion. If your mitochondria are damaged by glyphosate, they’re not going to be able to eliminate the deuterium properly and the buildup of deuterium may contribute to chronic disease

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7535corsci.php

Could Spike Protein in Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines Cause Blood Clots, Brain Inflammation and Heart Attacks?
Dr. J. Patrick Whelan, a pediatric rheumatologist, warned the FDA in December that mRNA vaccines could cause microvascular injury to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys in ways not assessed in safety trials.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7536corsci.php

Peer-Review Study Finds that CDC Inflated Covid Deaths by 1,600%
February 12, 2021, Gateway Pundit and National File
The CDC inflated the COVID fatality number by at least 1,600%, according to a peer-reviewed study, “COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective.” The 25-page study exposed testing inaccuracies and unscientific procedures that resulted in enormous false-positive spikes.

Examples of the fraud include the CDC’s quiet admission that people can test positive on an antibody test if they have antibodies from a family of viruses that cause the common cold.

Read rest of original story here:
File# 7537corsci.php

China’s Chief Epidemiologist Admits COVID-19 Virus was Never Proven to Exist
February 12, 2021, NBC News and Dr. Andrew Kaufman
FIRST VIDEO: Dr. Wu Zunyou, the Chief Epidemiologist of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention was interviewed by a reporter last month who asked why the data from the Wuhan market has not been released for public examination, and he replied: “They didn’t isolate the virus, that is the issue.”

SECOND VIDEO: Dr. Andrew Kaufman explains that, if the virus was never isolated, it cannot be said with certainty that it is not something else, which means it cannot be proven that it even exists.

Read/watch rest of original story here:
File# 7538corsci.php

DR. SHERRI TENPENNY, published 7 Feb 2021
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny gives VERY important information! Hyper-immune response in test animals for previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines, like SARS and MERS, has been a persistent problem. All is well for awhile, until the animals are exposed to the wild mutated virus.

Watch rest of original story here:
File# 7543corsci.php
Dr. Tenpenny’s Blog, various articles covid related. Science to Politics.

NY Doctor Proved Everyone Wrong About Hydroxychloroquine

As early as March 2020, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko boasted a near-100% success rate treating COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), azithromycin and zinc sulfate for five days

Zelenko has now treated 3,000 patients with COVID-19 symptoms and only three high-risk patients have died

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CDC: Over 500 Deaths Now Following mRNA Experimental Injections – “Vaccine Hesitancy” Increasing
February 5, 2021, by Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News
The CDC has done another data dump into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a U.S. Government funded database that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines.

The data goes through January 29, 2021, with 11,249 recorded adverse events, including 501 deaths following injections of the experimental COVID mRNA shots by Pfizer and Moderna.

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Rubella vaccine inventor admits dozens of babies were strategically aborted to establish a suitable cell line for vaccines
February 05, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson
(Natural News) One of the most repugnant, depraved aspects of vaccination is that many vaccines were developed using strategically harvested organs from aborted babies. The original scientist, who helped develop the first human diploid cell line for vaccine development, admits that dozens of babies were strategically aborted to find a suitable cell line for virus replication

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Top pathologist: ‘NO ONE has died from the coronavirus!’
July 11, 2020, by Rosemary Frei and Patrick Corbett
A high-profile European pathologist is reporting that he and his colleagues across Europe have not found any evidence of any deaths from the novel coronavirus on that continent.

Dr. Stoian Alexov called the World Health Organization (WHO) a “criminal medical organization” for creating worldwide fear and chaos without providing objectively verifiable proof of a pandemic.

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Temperature Scans Are Unreliable in Detecting COVID
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, February 01, 2021
Scanning for fever at public events is likely not a reliable method of determining if a person is sick since temperature can fluctuate based on exercise, ambient temperature, alcohol intake, blood pressure and more

Not all people with mild COVID-19 have a fever. Studies vary ranging from 11% of people without fever, to 11.6% of people with fever

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Journal of Medicine Says HCQ + Zinc Reduces COVID Deaths
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, February 01, 2021
Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors around the world reported high success rates using an inexpensive treatment protocol of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and zinc, typically in combination with an antibiotic to treat secondary bacterial infections

A medical review in the January 2021 issue of The American Journal of Medicine now urges early use of HCQ and zinc to reduce hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19

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Merck Scraps Its COVID Vaccine; Says it’s More Effective to Get the Virus and Recover Naturally
January 27, 2021
Vaccine manufacturer Merck has abandoned development of two coronavirus vaccines, saying that, after extensive research, it found that the shots were less effective than contracting the virus and allowing the body to naturally produce antibodies. Merck is instead planning to produce oral antiviral drugs. It is hoped that the drugs will protect patients from the damage of an overactive immune response to the virus. Merck will receive around $356-million from taxpayers to fast-track these drugs.

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SARS-CoV-2 has not been proven to exist: the shocking research of Christine Massey
by Jon Rappoport, January 26, 2021
You can view the work of Christine Massey at her site, (also, twitter: [1]). She deserves the thanks of every thinking person.

Quoting Massey [2]: “I (CM), along with some anonymous helpers, have submitted Freedom of Information requests to various Canadian institutions seeking records that describe the isolation of ‘SARS-COV-2’ (the alleged ‘COVID-19 virus’) from an unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient.

“My requests were intentionally worded to weed out the fraudulent, illogical and unscientific claims of having ‘isolated SARS-COV-2’, of which there are many…”

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Can vitamin D protect against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)?
William F. Marshall, III M.D.
There isn't enough data to recommend use of vitamin D to prevent infection with the virus that causes COVID-19 or to treat COVID-19, according to the National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization.

Several recent studies have looked at the impact of vitamin D on COVID-19. One study of 489 people found that those who had a vitamin D deficiency were more likely to test positive for the virus that causes COVID-19 than people who had normal levels of vitamin D.

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We Need More Details and Raw Data on Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines
by Peter Doshi, PhD, Published January 24, 2021
On Nov. 26, 2020, when I raised questions1 about the results of Pfizer’s and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine trials, all that was in the public domain were the study protocols2 and a few press releases.3 Now, two journal publications4 and around 400 pages of summary data are available in the form of multiple reports presented by and to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)5 prior to the agency’s emergency authorization of each company’s mRNA vaccine. While some of the additional details are reassuring, some are not. Here I outline new concerns about the trustworthiness and meaningfulness of the reported efficacy results.

“Suspected COVID-19”
All attention has focused on the dramatic efficacy results: Pfizer reported 170 PCR confirmed COVID-19 cases, split eight to 162 between vaccine and placebo groups. But these numbers were dwarfed by a category of disease called “suspected COVID-19”—those with symptomatic COVID-19 that were not PCR confirmed. According to FDA’s report on Pfizer’s vaccine,6 there were “3410 total cases of suspected, but unconfirmed COVID-19 in the overall study population, 1594 occurred in the vaccine group vs. 1816 in the placebo group.”

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Head of Pfizer research: covid vaccine is female sterilization; December 10, 2020
The vaccine contains a spike protein called syncytin-1, vital for the formation of human placenta in women. If the vaccine works so that we form an immune response AGAINST the spike protein, we are also training the female body to attack syncytin-1, which could lead to infertility in women of an unspecified duration.

Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon request a stop of all corona vaccination studies and call for co-signing the petition.

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Can Carrots Help Combat COVID?
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, January 23, 2021
Scientists studying the relationship between nutrition, your immune system and COVID-19 have found that carrots have a compound that is stable against SARS-CoV-2 proteins

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Identifying the Vaccinology-Illiterate among Us
Gary G. Kohls, MD, 25 Jun 2019
Vaccine Literacy is defined as the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand the information that underlies the enormously complex data involved in vaccine science.

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Increased risk for COVID-19 in patients with vitamin D deficiency
Joseph Katz, Sijia Yue, Wei Xue, Nutrition. 2020 Dec 4
Objective: The 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has disproportionally affected a variety of patients with underlying risk factors such as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and black race. Vitamin D deficiency, which can result in a compromised immune response, has been also linked to increased risk and increased morbidities associated with COVID-19.

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Watch Out for the Internet of Body (IoB): How Implantable Devices Can Connect Your Body to the Internet
January 19, 2021, by Truth Muted
The RAND Corporation, the think tank behind some of the world’s most influential and frightening ideas, has released a report titled The Internet of Bodies: Opportunities, Risks, and Governance. RAND defines the Internet of Bodies (IoB) as a growing industry of devices that monitor the human body, collect health and other personal information, and transmit that data over the Internet. Big Tech is moving from wearable devices to devices embedded within our bodies.

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Could Most COVID-19 Deaths Have Been Prevented?
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, January 18, 2021
* More than 100 doctors, scientists and leading authorities have signed an open letter calling for increased use of vitamin D in the fight against COVID-19

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Doctor Reveals the Corona Effect – Claims COVID is Blood Coagulation
uly 16, 2020 By Makia Freeman
THE STORY: What if COVID has nothing at all to do with a virus?

THE IMPLICATIONS: Has this fake pandemic capitalized on people's ignorance of the true nature of acidosis, disease, viruses and terrain theory?

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Why Did a COVID Vaccine Turn HIV Tests Positive?
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, January 02, 2021
In the race to produce a viable vaccine for COVID-19, one developed at the University of Queensland, Australia, was scrapped when scientists found participants developed a false positive test for HIV after vaccination

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32 Doctors from 11 Countries Warn against Taking the COVID-19 Vaccine
2020-12-20, G. Edward Griffin
There is reason to believe the COVID-19 vaccine is dangerous. Only those who who know nothing about the criminal record of vaccine manufacturers or the history of vaccine injuries would agree to accept it into their bodies.

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Masks are neither effective nor safe: A summary of the science
Colleen Huber, NMD, July 6, 2020
A review of the peer-reviewed medical literature examines impacts on human health, both immunological, as well as physiological. The purpose of this paper is to examine data regarding the effectiveness of facemasks, as well as safety data. The reason that both are examined in one paper is that for the general public as a whole, as well as for every individual, a risk-benefit analysis is necessary to guide decisions on if and when to wear a mask.

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A More Honest Perspective of the Covid-19 Pandemic
Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD, Progressive Radio Network, December 23, 2020
Since the first cases of the new coronavirus strain outside of China, every aspect of the pandemic’s ever-changing amoebic narrative has been carefully controlled by the World Health Organization and major government health agencies. High officials within a syndicate of institutions, including the CDC, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and the UK’s National Heath Service, have largely dictated government responses to lessen the pandemic. The Sars2-Cov19 pandemic is not the first time unelected medical bureaucrats, who the average person assumes to possess an enduring expertise, have guided global policies against pandemics and serous infectious outbreaks. The most recent example was the 2009-2010 HIN1 Swine Flu pandemic that never truly happened according to plan. Subsequently that effort revealed a surprising incompetence in the international medical hierarchy that can be blamed on the entire system rather than a few inept individuals.

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FDA Investigates Allergic Reactions to Pfizer COVID Vaccine After More Healthcare Workers Hospitalized
December 22nd 2020 Written By: Children's Health Defense
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) told reporters late Friday the agency is investigating "about five" allergic reactions to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in "multiple states."

The announcement followed Friday's news that an Illinois hospital temporarily shut down its COVID vaccination program after four healthcare workers there experienced allergic reactions -- one of which was severe -- to the vaccine.

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Coca Cola Tests Positive for COVID-19 in Austrian Parliament
HAF - December 14, 2020
An Austrian parliamentary member exposed the defectiveness of the government’s COVID-19 tests by demonstrating in the parliament how a glass of Coca Cola tested positive for COVID-19.

In footage from the meeting in Vienna Friday, FPO General Secretary Michael Schnedlitz brings a glass of Coca Cola to the podium, from which he proceeds to collect drops to use on an antigen rapid test being used on a mass scale.

After going to the lectern and starting his speech, the politician sprinkled few drops of cola on corona rapid test. Three minutes later the test showed a result: Coca Cola was COVID-19 positive.

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COVID-19 Testing Scandal Deepens
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, December 18, 2020
Experts are now coming forward in growing numbers denouncing mass PCR testing as foolhardy and nonsensical if not outright criminal

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Drunk Man Dies with Astronomically High Blood Alcohol Content, Gets Labeled As COVID-19
Cooter, December 18, 2020
A heavy drinker recently died from alcohol poisoning, but they labeled the death as COVID-19 because he tested positive for it.

The man's BAC was 0.55. That's not a typo. It was 0.55, which is nearly 7 times the legal driving limit, and almost double the amount that is considered lethal.

However, the state of Colorado says the person died of coronavirus, not alcohol poisoning.

“County Coroner George Deavers said the person tested positive for COVID-19, but an investigation by him and the pathologist determined the cause of death was ethanol toxicity,” The Durango Herald wrote. “‘COVID was not listed on the death certificate as the cause of death. I disagree with the state for listing it as a COVID death, and will be discussing it with them this week,'” Deavers said.

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Several COVID-19 Vaccines Are Made Using Aborted Fetal Cells
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, December 15, 2020
The claim made by some citizen journalists is that certain COVID-19 vaccines “contain cells from an aborted fetus.” One video headline stated: “CONFIRMED — aborted fetus in COVID-19 vaccine”

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Vaccine Safety and the Precautionary Principle
December 1, 2020, Written by John O'Sullivan
Vaccine safety expert, Dr. Judy Wilyman publishes a compelling analysis today in Science, Public Health Policy & the Law. The article establishes that the burden of proof of vaccine injury has been misplaced by what she calls a “Misapplication of the Precautionary Principle“.

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Asymptomatic People Do Not Spread COVID-19

* A vast majority of those testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 are asymptomatic. They simply aren’t sick. The PCR test is merely picking up inactive (noninfectious) viral particles

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Landmark Study Finds Masks Are Ineffective
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, December 03, 2020
* The first randomized controlled trial of more than 6,000 individuals to assess the effectiveness of surgical face masks against SARS-CoV-2 infection found masks did not statistically significantly reduce the incidence of infection

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Is there an association between covid-19 cases/deaths and 5G in the United States?
Dr. Magda Havas, PhD.
April 22, 2020 (updated May 7, 2020). People are questioning whether there is a relationship between the rollout of 5G and the number and severity of covid-19 cases in various countries. Claims have been made that the highest number of deaths attributed to covid-19 are in those places that deployed 5G during the past 2 years. So I decided to look into the matter but found it difficult to get accurate and consistent data about 5G globally so I decided to narrow my range to the United States.

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Is COVID-19 Being Blamed for 5G Radiation Sickness?

Understanding PCR Tests for Coronavirus
by Joseph Mercola, DO | Guest Writer, Published November 30, 2020
Opinion | From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the clarion call has been to test, test and test some more. However, right from the start, serious questions arose about the tests being used to diagnose this infection, and questions have only multiplied since then.

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Vaccine Fundamentalism―War Metaphors in the COVID-19 Response, Vaccine Policy and Public Health, Part 1
November 24, 2020, Organic Consumers Association by Nate Doromal
The metaphor of war has long been a part of public health. In responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world’s public health agencies mobilized and shut down entire parts of society under the utilitarian goal of stopping the spread of COVID-19.

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Study Fraudulently Claims SARS-CoV-2 Is Mainly Airborne
by Jeremy R. Hammond, Jul 10, 2020
A recently published study has concluded that the airborne route is the primary mode of transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and that extreme lockdown measures, including stay-at-home and universal mask-wearing orders, have been effective at reducing the spread of the virus. However, the conclusions that the authors draw do not follow from their findings but are arrived at through fallacious reasoning and dependent on a fraudulent premise.

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IPAK Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed Study

We have completed the first phase of the IPAK Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed Study.

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Leading Canadian Health Expert Outraged at Government Response to COVID
11/18/20 By Children's Health Defense Team
“I would remind you all that using the province's own statistics, the risk of death under 65 in this province is one in 300,000. One in 300,000. You’ve got to get a grip on this.”

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, MA, MB, FRCPC, FCAP, CEO and medical director of Western Medical Assessments, spoke at the Edmonton City Council Community and Public Services Committee meeting on Nov. 13 about the city’s move to extend its face-covering bylaw. He was listed as speaker number 95 on the meeting agenda.

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“Portuguese Appeals Court Deems PCR tests unreliable” & deemed the forced confinement of people in quarantine centres “unlawful
November 17, 2020 by IWB
Another big win for the People & warning for all Western govts grossly abusing their powers without any scientific evidence

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First COVID-19 Vaccine 90% Effective?
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, November 18, 2020
With more than 180 COVID-19 vaccines currently in development1 — 53 of them undergoing clinical trials in humans — manufacturers are racing to be the first to reach the market. Pfizer, in a joint venture with Germany-based BioNTech, may have just taken the lead, with an announcement that their mRNA-based vaccine candidate, BNT162b2, was “more than 90% effective” in a Phase 3 trial.

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Leading COVID Vaccine Candidates Plagued by Safety Concerns
By Alix Mayer, MBA, 11/13/20
Unproven technologies, unsafe ingredients and inadequate testing — fortunately, current law prohibits mandating unlicensed vaccines approved for “emergency use.”

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CureVac’s COVID-19 Vaccine Produces Grade 3 Adverse Events
by TVR Staff, Published November 9, 2020
Biopharmaceutical company CureVac NV of Tübingen, Germany has released the interim results of its Phase 1 clinical trial on its experimental CVnCoV vaccine COVID-19. The vaccine, which was given to more than 250 healthy adults 18 to 60 years of age, is based on messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) technology.

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The COVID-19 Experiment
August 7, 2020 by Khris Krepcik
It’s a Fear Campaign.

Almost 50,000 people die from cardiovascular disease — every day. [World wide.] Around 26,000 people die from cancer — every day. Around 11,000 people die from respiratory diseases — every day. Around 7,000 people die from lower respiratory infections — every day. Around 3,800 people die from diabetes — every day. And around another 63,000 people die from a number of other diseases and causes — every single day.

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Vaccination May Raise the Risk of Meningitis
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, November 03, 2020
Story at-a-glance
* The CDC's recommended schedule of vaccines include 50 doses of 14 vaccines for children between day of birth and age 6, some of which may increase the risk of meningitis; six were found to increase the risk of mortality

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Anthony Fauci: 40 Years of Lies From AZT to Remdesivir
As the planet’s “Virus Tsar” since 1984, he has spread misinformation and ignored critical questions. The consequences could hardly be more fatal.
Torsten Engelbrecht & Konstantin Demeter
Last week, US president Donald Trump committed a kind of blasphemy by attacking Anthony Fauci, his pandemic consultant and practically the spokesperson for the White House regarding COVID-19, saying that:

"People are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots. He’s been here for 500 years.  Fauci is a disaster. If I listened to him, we’d have 500,000 deaths.“

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Brazilian Doctor Dies Participating in AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial
by Kate Raines, October 25, 2020
A 28-year-old physician volunteer in Brazil, who was participating in a Phase 3 clinical trial of the experimental AZD1222 (formerly ChAdOx1 nCoV-19) for COVID-19 developed by AstraZeneca plc and Oxford University, died on Oct. 15, 2020. Early reports did not specify whether he had received the AZD1222 vaccine or a meningitis vaccine used as a “placebo.” It has since been reported that the man did receive the meningococcal vaccine used as a placebo in the trial instead of the experimental coronavirus vaccine, although no official confirmation has been released by AstraZeneca, which has cited privacy concerns for not making more information available to the public.

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How CDC/WHO will fake the effects of the COVID vaccine to make it look like a success
by Jon Rappoport, September 22, 2020
Making a vaccine look like it’s a champion isn’t difficult for public health agencies. There are a number of strategies.

Of course, these fraudulent strategies would be serious crimes. But when has that stopped the CDC or the World Health Organization?

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“Serious adverse event” in AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine trial revealed as spinal inflammation disorder caused by toxic adjuvants
September 10, 2020 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) It has finally been revealed that the participant in AstraZeneca’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine trial who suffered a “serious adverse event,” causing a global shutdown of the company’s entire phase-three trial, developed a spinal inflammatory disorder known as transverse myelitis.

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Correlation Coefficient COVID Deaths & QIVc Flu Shots
By PAUL MUADDIB, July 2020
The correlation between COVID-19 deaths per million of population and 65+ year olds that have received influenza vaccines is real. Dr. Allan S. Cunningham presented the challenge and here are the results.

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Bulgarian Pathology Association Says COVID-19 PCR Tests Are Scientifically Meaningless
August 10, 2020, Bulgarian Pathology Association
The Bulgarian Pathology Association published a paper concluding that PCR tests are meaningless as a diagnostic tool for SARS-CoV-2, yet these are the tests used to determine case numbers and death statistics to justify lockdowns, masks, social distancing, contact tracing, and more. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology, said PCR as inappropriate to detect a viral infection.

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Same adjuvant in swine flu vaccine that caused narcolepsy also being used in coronavirus vaccine
July 22, 2020 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) Numerous drug giants, including GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Sanofi, are busily working to develop new vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). And we have learned that an adjuvant created by GSK that was linked to causing narcolepsy during the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic is also slated to be used in these upcoming Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

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CDC Study Based on 14 Clinical Trials Shows Face Masks do Not Work!
July 22, 2020 Jon Rappoport and CDC 0
A new study that reviewed 14 randomized controlled trials, appeared in the Emerging Infectious Diseases journal published by the CDC. The abstract reads, “Although mechanistic studies support the potential effect of hand hygiene or face masks, evidence from 14 randomized controlled trials of these measures did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.’ This means that, despite use of face masks, there was no proof that it stopped the spread of influenza. -GEG

Alert to citizens, governors, mayors, presidents, prime ministers, and public health officials—

You want science. You always state that. Well, here is your very own science.

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A Grade 3 Vaccine-Related Adverse Event is Serious
by Marco Cáceres, Published July 26, 2020
When Moderna, Inc. announced on May 18, 2020 the results of a Phase I human clinical trial for its experimental mRNA-1273 vaccine for COVID-19, the biotechnology company said the vaccine had produced no “serious adverse events” (SAEs) among the 45 people who participated in the trial and that it considered the vaccine to be “generally safe” and “well-tolerated.” Moderna acknowledged that four (nine percent) of the trial participants suffered Grade 3 adverse events to its vaccine.

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“The Misconception Called Virus”. Dr. Stefan Lanka 2020 Article
Global Research, July 24, 2020
The virus misconception is at the heart of Operation Coronavirus, because without the concept of germ theory and without the horror story of the killer virus, most people would not buy the NWO-directed official narrative of COVID propaganda.

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PDF with diagrams

The Gates / Fauci Vaccine Developed by Moderna. Video Featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Andrew Kaufman
First published on May 29, 2020
This is a four-minute video featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Andrew Kaufman that explains exactly what is in the Gates/Fauci covid19 vaccine currently being developed by Fauci’s own vaccine company, Moderna.

Most of the vaccines currently under process by big pharma are likewise mRNA vaccines, a type never before used on humans.

The Gates/Fauci vaccine against covid-19 is no ordinary vaccine. It uses three needles, two of which are electrodes that will alter the DNA of every cell in the body.

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“No One Has Died From the Coronavirus” – Respected Veteran Bulgarian Doctor
By Makia Freeman | Last Updated on July 7, 2020
* THE STORY: More evidence is in: a Bulgarian doctor shares how many European pathologists state (after conducting autopsies) that COVID is not causing the deaths. Additionally, they cannot find any evidence of a COVID (SARS-CoV2) antibody.

* THE IMPLICATIONS: This is more proof exposing the trick of re-classifying deaths WITH the virus to FROM the virus. If no COVID antibody exists, how do we know a new virus SARS-CoV2 100% exists, when it has failed Koch's postulates and has never been isolated?

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Busted: 11 COVID Assumptions Based on Fear not Fact
Last Updated on July 16, 2020 By Makia Freeman
* THE STORY: So many people are walking around with their head full of unfounded COVID assumptions.

* THE IMPLICATIONS: Flaw after flaw, assumption after assumption, official COVID testing and the official COVID narrative are just a house of cards.

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Facts about Covid-19
Updated: July 2020 | Swiss Policy Research
Fully referenced facts about Covid-19, provided by experts in the field, to help our readers make a realistic risk assessment. (Regular updates below)


1. According to the latest immunological studies, the overall lethality of Covid-19 (IFR) is about 0.1% and thus in the range of a severe influenza (flu). For people at high risk or high exposure (including health care workers), early or prophylactic treatment is essential.

2. In countries like the US, the UK, and also Sweden (without a lockdown), overall mortality since the beginning of the year is in the range of a strong influenza season; in countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland, overall mortality is in the range of a mild influenza season.

[Followed by 28 more Overview summary points, plus graphs and discussion.

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WHO Experimenting on African Children without Informed Consent
by Jeremy R. Hammond | Mar 1, 2020
The World Health Organization (WHO) is sponsoring a malaria vaccine study in African children without obtaining informed consent from parents.

The World Health Organization (WHO), a pair of articles recently published in The BMJ have revealed, is sponsoring an experimental study of a controversial malaria vaccine among African children without obtaining informed consent from parents.

Data from prior clinical trials of the vaccine, manufactured by the British multinational pharmaceutical corporation GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), have shown it to be associated with an increased risk of clinical malaria after four years, a tenfold increased risk of meningitis, an increased risk of cerebral malaria (in which the parasitic organisms block the flow of blood to the brain, causing swelling and potential brain damage), and an increased risk of death that was disproportionately higher for female children.

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Vaccine Trial Catastrophe: Moderna Vaccine has 20% ‘Serious’ Injury Rate in High Dose Group
May 22, 2020 By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense
Despite Moderna’s cheery press release this week, the clinical trial results for its groundbreaking COVID vaccine could not be much worse.

The vaccine, developed and championed by Anthony Fauci and financed by Bill Gates, used an experimental mRNA technology that the two men hoped would allow rapid deployment to meet President Trump’s ambitious “warp speed” time line. Dr. Fauci was so confident of his shot’s safety that he waived ferret and primate studies (Moderna suspiciously reported no specific health data from its mouse studies). That appears to have been a mistake.

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Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy
May 21, 2020, Posted By: Russell Blaylock, MD
Dr. Russell Blaylock warns that not only do face masks fail to protect the healthy from getting sick, but they also create serious health risks to the wearer. The bottom line is that if you are not sick, you should not wear a face mask.

As businesses reopen, many are requiring shoppers and employees to wear a face mask. Costco, for instance, will not allow shoppers into the store without wearing a face mask. Many employers are requiring all employees to wear a face mask while at work. In some jurisdictions, all citizens must wear a face mask if they are outside of their own home. ⁃ TN Editor

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'Plandemic' Documentary
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, May 20, 2020
The 26-minute documentary “Plandemic,” part 1, by Mikki Willis, features Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., a cellular and molecular biologist1 whose research showed that many vaccines are contaminated with gammaretroviruses, thanks to the fact that they use viruses grown in contaminated animal cell lines.

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COVID-19 Had No Impact on US Death Rate So Far in 2020
May 11, 2020, Gateway Pundit
The CDC website says the average US death totals since 2015 from all causes has remained unchanged so far in 2020. That means the huge numbers of reported COVID-19 deaths either never happened or they were deaths from other causes mislabeled as COVID-19. Hospital records show that almost all the COVID deaths were attributed to people with other medical condition. In New York, the 86%. of those who allegedly died of COVID-19, had other conditions that could have been the cause of death. The fact that the overall death rate did not increased proves that the pandemic is a hoax. [Incidentally, the same thing happened with the grossly false reporting of HIV deaths in Africa.] -GEG

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A Book Review of Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits at Our Expense
By Etienne de Harven, MD., May 9, 2020
The authors of Virus Mania, journalist Torsten Engelbrecht and doctor of internal medicine Claus Köhnlein, show that these alleged contagious viruses are, in fact, particles produced by the cells themselves as a consequence of certain stress factors such as drugs. These particles are then identified by antibody and PCR tests and interpreted as epidemic-causing viruses by doctors who have been inoculated for over 100 years by the theory that microbes are deadly and only modern medications and vaccines will protect us from virus pandemics.

In this book is discussed the decades-old recipe for profiteering in viral epidemics:

1] inventing the risk of a “disastrous” epidemic;

2] incriminating an elusive pathogen;

3] ignoring alternative toxic causes;

4] manipulating epidemiology with non-verifiable numbers to maximize the false perception of an imminent catastrophe; and

5] promising salvation with vaccines.

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Dr. Birx Lambaste CDC ‘There Is Nothing I Can Trust’
Jim Satney, May 11, 2020
White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx is making waves this morning after conveying her distrust for the Center for Disease and Control and Prevention’s coronavirus mortality statistics, according to a new report.

During a meeting with the CDC director Robert Redfield, Birx expressed that she can’t trust the program’s statistics.

“There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust,” she said, according to the Washington Post.

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COVID-19 fraud: Researcher Jim West rides again
by Jon Rappoport April 23, 2020
“Air pollution correlates with COVID-19 epicenters. The only pollutant that could have a worldwide timeline correlation with these coinciding epidemics would be fracking fuel, its global implementation timing and toxicity dependent upon its formulation. Apparently new toxics were added to fracked fuel directly or by relaxing the rules for cleaning fracked ‘natural’ gas. Fracked fuel exhaust, toxic earth gas vapors, and epidemic locations correlate with the record-high measles epidemics of 2019 and the present COVID-19 epidemics.”

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Jim West's Website for this study

High-dose vitamin C could combat the coronavirus
March 10th 2020 author: Bryan Hubbard
Chinese researchers are testing high-dose vitamin C as a therapy for combatting the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

They are giving mega-doses—up to 24g—intravenously to coronavirus patients to see if it reduces the symptoms and speeds recovery. The dose is 400 times the dose recommended for maintaining general health and preventing scurvy.

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Is it a scarefest or a real concern?
11 March 2020, Cumberland Times-News
Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, who is a retired neurosurgeon and nutritionist coined the term immunoexcitotoxicity in the medical literature almost a decade ago.

Since then, scientific studies have shown that certain environmental impacts and medical treatments can first prime the microglial cells and then with repeated exposure create a cytokine storm within the central nervous system, which can be fatal or neurologically debilitating to the patient with this repeated exposure.

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Six of 10 Vaccines Studied Increase Mortality
By Joseph Mercola, March 11, 2020
The December 27, 2019, Science News DK article,1 “Vaccines — An Unresolved Story in Many Ways,” touches on one of the crucial talking points of vaccine safety and informed consent advocates, which is the intentional cover-up of real-world vaccine injuries and deaths.

While the vaccine industry and most public health organizations insist vaccines are universally safe and effective and that the science on this “is settled,” much of the actual data tells a very different story.

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Immunization with SARS coronavirus vaccines leads to pulmonary immunopathology on challenge with the SARS virus.
PLoS One. 2012;7(4):e35421. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0035421. Epub 2012 Apr 20.
Tseng CT1, Sbrana E, Iwata-Yoshikawa N, Newman PC, Garron T, Atmar RL, Peters CJ, Couch RB.

Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) emerged in China in 2002 and spread to other countries before brought under control. Because of a concern for reemergence or a deliberate release of the SARS coronavirus, vaccine development was initiated. Evaluations of an inactivated whole virus vaccine in ferrets and nonhuman primates and a virus-like-particle vaccine in mice induced protection against infection but challenged animals exhibited an immunopathologic-type lung disease.

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SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Recommended Readings
UPDATE – 2/9/2020 by

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How do we test for coronavirus, anyway?
A rundown of the biology behind testing for a virus we hadn't seen before.
John Timmer - 2/3/2020
As the recently discovered coronavirus has rapidly spread beyond its origins in China, health authorities around the world have needed to quickly develop testing capabilities. In the United States, that task has been performed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which has published its methodology and is currently in the process of applying for an emergency waiver to allow medical-testing facilities to perform these tests.

But if you're not familiar with the tools of molecular biology, the CDC's testing procedure might as well be written in another language. What follows is a description of how to go from an unknown virus to a diagnostic test in less than a month.

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DNA sequencing part 2: ligases and PCR

Labs Find Problem With US-Issued Coronavirus Test Kits
By Zachary Stieber, February 12, 2020
Multiple state labs found problems with coronavirus test kits issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) centered on inconclusive lab results, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of one of the CDC’s centers, said on Feb. 12.

Kits were sent to all 50 states, some of which already tested them as part of a normal procedure. Some state labs reported some “inconclusive lab results,” Messonnier told reporters on a phone call.

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New science proves that vaccines SPREAD infectious disease, causing up to 15 times MORE infections among fully vaccinated children
01/09/2020 / By Ethan Huff
A new peer-reviewed scientific paper published in the journal Tropical Diseases, Travel Medicine and Vaccines has found that the DTaP vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (whooping cough) is causing children who receive it to become more prone to contracting whooping cough later on in life.

According to the study, children who receive the entire DTaP series of vaccinations are up to 15 times more likely to contract whooping cough at the five-year mark following these jabs compared to unvaccinated children, completely obliterating the myth that whooping cough outbreaks are the result of “anti-vaxxers.”

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More: [PDF]
Another Commentary: May 31, 2019 -- Pertussis: Vaccine Failure, Not Failure to Vaccinate

New York Measles 2019: Environment Omitted
by Jim West, April 10, 2019
Worldwide, measles incidence has risen 300% for 2018-2019. (WHO)

The major U.S. epicenters are in New York State.
    Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY)
    Borough Park (Brooklyn, NY)
    East Ramapo (Rockland County, NY)

No science supports virus causation for measles. [ref]

What else could cause the epidemics? Chen (2017) suggests air pollution.

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The Root of Autoimmune Disease can be Found in the Gut
November 8th 2019 Posted By: GMI Reporter
The following excerpt is from Dr. Cowan's book Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness (Chelsea Green Publishing, September 2018) and is reprinted with permission from the publisher

Thanks to the Human Microbiome Project, we know that the human body contains about two to six pounds of microorganisms and that according to some estimates these microorganisms out-number our own cells by as much as ten to one. Other estimates put the number lower, but the fact remains that we are home to trillions of microbes, the largest number of which are found in our gut. And while the mapping of the microbiome is complex and not yet finished, we know that diversity is everything. As in agriculture, diversity tends toward a state of health and balance; monoculture tends toward one of sickness and disease.

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American Academy of Pediatrics Refuses to Back Vaccine Claims with Science
by Jeremy R. Hammond, Mar 28, 2017
When asked whether it could provide studies to support specific claims it made about vaccine safety, the American Academy of Pediatrics ultimately declined.

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Acute exposure and chronic retention of aluminum in three vaccine schedules and effects of genetic and environmental variation
Like the mechanisms of action as adjuvants, the pharmacodynamics of injected forms of aluminum commonly used in vaccines are not well-characterized, particularly with respect to how differences in schedules impact accumulation and how factors such as genetics and environmental influences on detoxification influence clearance. Previous modeling efforts are based on very little empirical data, with the model by Priest based on whole-body clearance rates estimated from a study involving a single human subject. ...

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CDC Petitioned to Stop Lying About Pharma Funds
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola, November 19, 2019
Story at-a-glance

The fact that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention accepts millions of dollars from drug companies and vaccine makers may be at the heart of many harmful and nonsensical health recommendations

The CDC has long fostered the perception of independence by stating it does not accept funding from special interests. In reality, it receives millions of dollars each year from commercial interests through its government-charted foundation, the CDC Foundation, which funnels those contributions to the CDC after deducting a fee

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Bombshell: After finding of hundreds of cancer genes in MMR vaccines, FDA researcher admits viral cells in vaccines may “activate” genes and spread more disease
November 13, 2019 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published the results of an eye-opening investigation which found that the cellular matter used in the manufacture of many childhood vaccines is often contaminated with serious disease-causing viruses.

Conducted by Arifa S. Khan, PhD, the study looked at viral-based vaccines like seasonal flu shots that are made from living cells, or replicable cell substrates. As it turns out, these continual growth cells are oftentimes contaminated with hidden viral fragments that are tumorigenic in nature, meaning they have the potential to cause cancer.

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Gardasil vaccine linked to INCREASED cervical cancer rates
by Dr. Nicole Delépine, Oncologist, Surgeon
Era of vaccination: reversal of the trend. Gardasil’s prevention failure erases the beneficial effects of the smear and accelerates the onset of cervical cancer.

Since vaccination, in all the countries implemented with a large vaccination program, there is a reversal of the trend, with a significant increase in the frequency of invasive cancers in the most vaccinated groups.

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‘Unethical’ clinical trials of vaccines pose threat to human lives
Jacob Puliyel, Published: November 11, 2019
Primum non nocere—“first, do no harm”—is a basic tenet of medical ethics. That is about to change in India. “Controlled Human Infection Method” (CHIM) studies are planned to be introduced here. Humans are to be deliberately infected with diseases to test the efficiency of experimental vaccines. It will provide a shortcut to vaccine licencing and reduce costs to manufacturers.

At Hotel Taj Palace, from 19 -21 November, under the rubric of the “World Conference on access to medicinal products”, the ICMR and the DBT plan to introduce CHIM studies. According to the Economic Times, even vaccine manufacturers are advising caution before allowing such a radical departure from standard practice.

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Vaccination Adverse Reactions Removed from Nursing Manuals … WHY?
October 21, 2019, posted by TLB Staff, By TLB Contributing Partner: Christina England, BA, Hons
Over the last couple of years, the general public have been prevented from learning the truth about vaccinations. Many of the websites that we have come to rely on to provide us with the truth about the possible dangers of vaccinations have been completely erased from search engines such as Google, making the truth very difficult for the public to discover.

Websites such as Health Impact News, VacTruth, Vaccine Impact, Learn the Risk, Natural News, and Greenmedinfo are becoming more and more difficult to find and many emails that we have been regularly receiving from these websites have been relegated to our spam folders, in the hope that we will not find and read them.

In a further bid to try to prevent us from learning about any possible dangers of vaccinations, YouTube and social media platforms such as Facebook have also joined in the war to hide any information that they deem to be anti-vaccination from their websites.

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Electronic Support for Public Health–Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (ESP:VAERS)
Inclusive dates: 12/01/07 - 09/30/10
... Of these doses, 35,570 possible reactions (2.6 percent of vaccinations) were identified.

... Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but underreported. Although 25% of ambulatory patients experience an adverse drug event, less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of “problem” drugs and vaccines that endanger public health. New surveillance methods for drug and vaccine adverse effects are needed.

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M-M-R® II: Contraindication Specificity Matters
May 4, 2019, Ghost Ship Media
The following are comments from Dr. Bernadine Healy, former Director of the National Institutes of Health, during a 2008 CBS News interview:

“This is the time when we do have the opportunity to understand whether or not there are susceptible children, perhaps genetically, perhaps they have a metabolic issue, mitochondrial disorder, immunological issue, that makes them more susceptible to vaccines plural, or to one particular vaccine, or to a component of vaccine….”

“The government has said in a report by the Institute of Medicine, and by the way, I’m a member of the Institute of Medicine, I love the Institute of Medicine, but a report in 2004, it basically said, do not pursue susceptibility groups, don’t look for those patients, those children who may be vulnerable.”

“The reason why they
[government and certain government officials] didn’t want to look for those susceptible groups was because they’re afraid that if they found them, however big or small they were, that that would scare the public away.”

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Wakefield New Angle / Old Story
by Jim West
The word "antibiotic" is mentioned early, yet only once in the entire study.

   [Subject four] developed recurrent antibiotic-resistant [middle ear infections] and the first behavioural symptoms...

This is revealing.

Wakefield is bent on avoiding toxicology!

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11/1/2019, By Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D.
Does measles suppress your immune system via immune amnesia? Let’s do some ‘fact-checking.’

In 2002, Dr. Peter Aaby and co-authors published a study conducted in rural Senegal, in the area which had an outbreak of measles. According to the study: "No index or secondary case of measles died in the acute phase of infection nor did any of the children exposed to measles die in the first 2 months after exposure." (And given what we know from the 2015 Lancet Global Health publication, identifying vitamin A deficiency as a risk factor for mortality from measles, we can safely assume that perhaps children in this area were not as deficient in vitamin A, as children in other parts of Africa and Asia, where measles infection is known to result in high mortality.)

Dr. Aaby and co-authors were testing a commonly held assumption that after surviving measles, children would have a higher mortality rate from other infections due to long-term immune-suppression, which is thought to follow measles. But they got the opposite results. In fact, they found that "exposed children developing clinical measles had lower age-adjusted mortality over the next 4 years than exposed children who did not develop clinical measles.”

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Five Dangerous Dog Vaccine Ingredients
By: Dana Scott
Pet owners have two choices: allow their vet to decide how often their pets are vaccinated, or research vaccine safety and take an active role. For pet owners who wish to protect their pets from unnecessary vaccination, here are five vaccine ingredients they should know.

1. Aluminium
Aluminum is the most common adjuvant in veterinary vaccines. Aluminum is linked to the degeneration of the brain and nervous system. ...(more)
2. Thimerosal
... In 1967, a study in Applied Microbiology found Thimerosal killed mice when added to vaccines. In 1972, Eli Lilly found Thimerosal to be “toxic to tissue cells” in concentrations as low as one part per million (PPM), 100 times weaker than the in a typical vaccine. ...(more)
3. Contaminants
Contaminants found in vaccines are also behind many of the adverse reactions we see in dogs. ...(more)
4. Animal Protein
Disease micro-organisms are often cultured on animal tissue including embryonic chickens or cow fetuses. When a vaccine is manufactured, it is impossible to divide the wanted virus from the unwanted animal tissue. It all gets ground up together and injected into your dog’s body. ...(more)

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One out of every 39 children vaccinated with government-mandated vaccines suffers serious injuries
October 18, 2019 by: Ethan Huff
(Natural News) If vaccines are really so safe and effective that everyone has to be forced to get them essentially at gunpoint, then why do nearly three percent of all vaccinated children end up suffering serious injuries or death due to getting jabbed? ...
The vast majority of vaccine injuries never even get reported, which means these figures are much higher in reality

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The Real Reason for Vaccine Mandates
by Ted Kuntz, Published October 16, 2019
The argument made for denying a public education to children who are selectively vaccinated or unvaccinated is the risk they pose to the immune-compromised who can’t be vaccinated. It’s a heart-warming story motivated out of compassion for those children who are medically fragile. Or is it?

If we take these pro-mandate advocates at their word, then it would follow that we also cannot allow any child or adult to attend our public schools and daycares who isn’t fully immunized. This means not just being vaccinated, but rather genuinely immunized against infectious diseases.

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NEW VAX VS. UNVAX DATA: Autism Rates Show Unvaccinated At 1 in 715, Partially Vaccinated 1 in 440
It was in late February when Oregon officials heard testimony on House Bill 3063 (HB 3063), a new bill seeking to eliminate all non-medical exemptions to vaccination in the state. At the time, much of Oregon was still reeling from a historic winter storm that caused an airport closure, brought cities to a standstill due to massive snowfall, and caused the Oregon Department of Transportation to shut down several highways. Despite the weather conditions, the bill’s hearing was moved up a full week and residents were given only two days notice to attend. Nevertheless, the hearing drew hundreds of parents as wrote, “Normally sedate hallways were packed with giggling kids…Two overflow rooms quickly filled with people — many wearing stickers opposing House Bill…”

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File# 7975autsci.php

New Data Shows Aborted Fetal Cells in Vaccines
Vaccinegate MRC-5
October 03, 2019, By The Corvelva Team
The Italian vaccine research and advocacy organization Corvelva recently released new data regarding the use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines. The research reports the results produced from the MRC 5 cell line analysis, particularly the one contained in GlaxoSmithKline’s tetravalent measles-mumps-rubella-chickenpox (MMRV) vaccine.

The Corvelva team summarized their findings as follows:

1- The fetal cell line was found to belong to a male fetus.

2- The cell line presents itself in such a way that it is likely to be very old, thus consistent with the declared line of the 1960s.

3- The fetal human DNA represented in this vaccine is a complete individual genome, that is, the genomic DNA of all the chromosomes of an individual is present in the vaccine.

4- The human genomic DNA contained in this vaccine is clearly, undoubtedly abnormal, presenting important inconsistencies with a typical human genome, that is, with that of a healthy individual.

5- 560 genes known to be associated with forms of cancer were tested and all underwent major modifications.

6- There are variations whose consequences are not even known, not yet appearing in the literature, but which still affect genes involved in the induction of human cancer.

7- What is also clearly abnormal is the genome excess showing changes in the number of copies and structural variants.

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Vaccine vs. Virus: Which Is the Bigger Threat?
Monday, 23 February 2015
Mainstream media clamor for mandatory vaccines, ignoring official statistics that show the drug is more dangerous than the disease. Should government force parents to vaccinate their children?

The deaths of more than 100 children have been officially linked to receiving a measles vaccine during the past decade, according to the federal government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Yet the childhood measles mortality count over the same period remains at zero, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Put another way, in the last 10 years an American child would have been highly more likely to die after receiving a measles shot than from contracting the disease itself. Thousands more have suffered from adverse reactions to the measles inoculation and other vaccines. The explosive numbers have massive implications for public health efforts, analysts say.

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Well-child visits linked to more than 700,000 subsequent flu-like illnesses
February 12, 2014
New research shows that well-child doctor appointments for annual exams and vaccinations are associated with an increased risk of flu-like illnesses in children and family members within two weeks of the visit. This risk translates to more than 700,000 potentially avoidable illnesses each year, costing more than $490 million annually.

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Vaccines Will be Made from Human Cancer Tumors
November 30 2014
Unbelievably, the method of producing vaccines using cells that are derived directly from human cancer tumors has been approved even though the vaccines may induce cancer in recipients. This method is cheaper and faster than breeding animals for the culture media – and human cancer tumors are readily available.

At a meeting of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in September 2012, the discussion which led to approval was no less than a scandal. [1]

The health authorities and vaccine manufacturers blatantly revealed their uncertainty regarding the safety of vaccines made from cancer tumors. Some of the incredible statements from the meeting are quoted directly. A more detailed account is given in this article. [2]

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As vaccination rates go up, so does infant mortality - could injecting newborns with toxic chemicals be behind SIDS?
December 05, 2014
(NaturalNews) Evidence continues to mount that points to vaccines as the "mystery" trigger behind SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome. A recent study published in the journal Acta Neuropathologica, as well as extensive data on vaccination rates and the timing of SIDS cases, suggests that vaccines may be inhibiting the proper development of the hippocampus in some babies, resulting in the various breathing and cardiac failures that lead to SIDS.

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Measles vaccine in powdered form will change vaccination as we know it
November 28, 2014
Measles vaccine in powdered form will change vaccination process completely as we know it

Vaccines have been injected through needles all those years. But things are fast changing and in the coming years we may be getting vaccinated by just a few drops or even through powered vaccines.

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More - - -
Powdered measles vaccine, safe in PhI, could aid vaccination in developing world

Stop unnecessary vaccination: eminent doctors, scientists to the PM
There have been 76 deaths till August 2014 from Pentavalent vaccination. This is unacceptable and the PMO must intervene and stop this unwarranted vaccination, instead of promoting it, says a letter sent by a group of academicians, practitioners and teachers of pediatrics and public health

Several eminent doctors and scientists have requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi's immediate intervention to stop unwarranted vaccination in public interest.

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Margaret McCartney: What use is mass flu vaccination?
20 October 2014
It’s flu vaccination season again. People over 65 and those aged six months to 65 years who have a clinical risk factor (such as heart disease, asthma with regular inhaled steroid use, or chronic kidney disease) are eligible for the vaccine, along with people who live in residential care homes, pregnant women, and carers. Health and social care workers in direct contact with patients are also being encouraged to have the vaccine. But does it work?1 2 3 4

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Measles and measles vaccines: fourteen things to consider. ~by Roman Bystrianyk (co-author Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History)
June 24, 2014
“For over 100 years, there has been a strong association with vitamin A deficiency and adverse measles outcomes, especially in young children. Has the time come for the medical community to recognize that any child presenting with measles complications should be given vitamin A and evaluated for overall nutritional status? If not, what has history taught us?”
– Adrianne Bendich, 1992

Measles – it’s a highly infectious disease we don’t think much about today. After all, a vaccine was developed 50 years ago that “defeated” the problem. [1] But wait… despite a measles vaccine being around for half a century, measles is still considered a major threat by health authorities.

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This is How Doctors are Puppets for Vaccine Manufacturers
November 21 2014
Manufacturers hide information from doctors about ingredients and conceal their sinister plans for vaccine production so that doctors will continue to feel comfortable recommending vaccines.

Doctors have no possibility whatsoever of knowing the complete composition of vaccines, nor do health authorities – or, in fact, anyone else.

Here are some of the methods manufacturers use to conceal the presence of ingredients in vaccines:

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5 Seniors Die after Flu Shot at Assisted Care Center in Georgia

Health Impact News

Health Impact News has just received urgent information from health care workers at Hope Assisted Living & Memory Care in Dacula, Georgia. According to our informants, on Friday November 7, 2014, all the residents received flu vaccinations. They all reportedly developed a fever immediately, and within one week, five of the residents died.

According to its website, Hope Assisted Living & Memory Care specializes in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. Our sources indicate that 5 fatalities in one week is extremely unusual, as the center “maybe loses a couple of people every 6 months or longer to Alzheimers.” One source stated to Health Impact News:

The facility is not saying they are related to the flu shot but we all know they are, and they know they are.

Healthcare workers across the U.S. fear to speak out against injuries due to vaccines, as it usually costs them their job. If you know anyone with family members at this facility near Atlanta Georgia, please demand an investigation immediately.

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The Vaccine Court by Wayne Rohde [Book]

A hard look at the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and the families desperately trying to navigate their way through it.

The Vaccine Court looks at the mysterious and often unknown world of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), the only recourse for seeking compensation for those who have been injured by a vaccine. The NVICP, better known as the ”Vaccine Court,” however, is not without controversy.

Established by Congress as a direct result of the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, the NVICP was supposed to offer a no-fault alternative to the traditional injury claims filed in state or federal courts and was to provide quick, efficient, and fair compensation for those who have been injured by vaccines. The reality, however, is that many cases take several years or longer to complete and require tremendous commitment from families already pushed to the brink of bankruptcy caring for the vaccine-injured family member, only to discover that the end result is manipulated by the government in defense of the US vaccine policy.

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Russian Scientists Link H1N1 to GMO Foods
April 7, 2011
The alarming news that Russian scientists have made a direct link of the H1N1 Virus to Genetically Modified Foods is more disturbing than the US government allowing such contaminants in the American food supply. Most consumers are aware that GMO foods now unlabeled may have more of a punch in store when they consume these highly chemically altered foods.

The Russian Ministry of Health has issued the alert that US potato ( a favorite of the fast foods chains serving – french fries by the millions of pounds per day) are genetically modified amylopectin potatoes.

This report indicates the protease enzyme GMO potato was engineered to protect against virus X, but the real reason for this GMO is to spread the H1N1 influenza virus and release the H1N1 RNA into the host cells.

Prior to 2008 it was the flu, then the influenza flu, then the Type A Influenza flu then in 2009 it was the H1N1 Swine Flu that combined a bird flu, human flu and swine flu all rolled into one big Swine Flu manufactured in a laboratory with the Human Spanish Flu of 1918 which was stored in a laboratory had not been seen for over 100 years. Now the specimens have branched out like never before morphing into all types, subtypes, variations and are alphabetized.

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‘A mass sterilization exercise’: Kenyan doctors find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine
Nov 6, 2014
UPDATE (Nov. 12): Kenya's government has launched an investigation into the Catholic Church's allegations. See follow up article here.

Kenya’s Catholic bishops are charging two United Nations organizations with sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus inoculation program sponsored by the Kenyan government.

According to a statement released Tuesday by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, the organization has found an antigen that causes miscarriages in a vaccine being administered to 2.3 million girls and women by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. Priests throughout Kenya reportedly are advising their congregations to refuse the vaccine.

“We sent six samples from around Kenya to laboratories in South Africa. They tested positive for the HCG antigen,” Dr. Muhame Ngare of the Mercy Medical Centre in Nairobi told LifeSiteNews. “They were all laced with HCG.”

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Followup: Kenyan gvmt launches probe into claim UN is using vaccines for ‘mass sterilization’

More: Monday, 10 November 2014
Doctors: UN Vaccines in Kenya Used to Sterilize Women

23 Seniors Died After Receiving This Year’s Flu Shot Sold by Pharmacies

While this year’s flu shot is already being aggressively marketed to seniors at the nation’s chain drug stores, what is not being reported is that 23 seniors died after receiving this vaccine during the drug trials, as is revealed in the drug manufacturers’ package insert. During drug trials, there were 249 serious adverse events, including 23 deaths, out of only 3833 participants.

If this does not constitute a dangerous drug that should probably not even be on the market, then I don’t know what does. And yet, this high-dose flu vaccine with 4 times the antigens of the regular vaccine, is sold to unsuspecting seniors and others like candy at these drug stores.

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Genocide Against Our Children Continues: Media Says Nothing, CDC Lies
By Dr. David Brownstein September 20, 2014
I can’t believe that I am still writing this, but the genocide of our children continues. This is the fourth blog post about the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, who co-authored the adulterated 2004 study which claimed the MMR vaccine was not associated with autism. Dr. Thompson has admitted that the paper’s data was altered to hide a 240% increase in autism in African American children who were vaccinated before 36 months of age when they were compared to those vaccinated later. Furthermore, there was a 69% increase risk in autism in all male children who received the MMR vaccine before 36 months. (1) Under emotional and mental distress over what happened, Dr. Thompson contacted Brian Hooker, PhD who has a son with autism caused by vaccine injury. Dr. Thompson gave Dr. Hooker the missing 2004 data which Dr. Hooker recently published in the Translational Neurodegeneration Journal. (2)

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Article: Abstract
Age at First Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination in Children With Autism and School-Matched Control Subjects: A Population-Based Study in Metropolitan Atlanta

Belgium: Live polio virus solution accidentally released into local water
September 12, 2014
UPDATED report 9-26-14: The Netherlands issue shellfish warning following Belgium polio incident

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014, following a human error, 45 litres of concentrated live polio virus solution were released into the environment by the pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), in Rixensart city, Belgium. The water from the treatment plant in question is not discharged to the supply network for drinking water, according to a press release last Friday (computer translated). dcs Read rest of story here:

Are Vaccines Right for Your Child? Debunking the Myths of the DTaP Vaccine
August 17 2014
Families with new babies who query vaccinations in Arizona are being given a wad of paperwork assuring them that vaccinations are safe and effective. Reading through this information, I was shocked to see exactly what these vulnerable parents are being told, because, as usual, they are only being told half the story.

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Germ Theory and Depopulation
by Jon Rappoport, June 8, 2012
I want to straighten out the thinking of many people who look at germs as the primary vehicle for reducing the global population. These are the people who continue to say, against all evidence, that the “pandemics” of the last few decades stemmed from deadly bio-engineered germs launched to kill massive numbers of people.

First and foremost, the “pandemics” were duds. West Nile, SARS, bird flu, swine flu. Even overblown estimates of swine flu deaths, worldwide, eventually settled in at about 20,000.

By comparison, according to the same organization that pegged the swine flu death total, the World Health Organization (WHO), annual deaths from ordinary non-pandemic seasonal flu range from 300,000 to 500,000.

Odd that swine flu is called a pandemic, while ordinary flu is ignored. Odd? Absurd.

In the spring of 2009, as documented by Peter Doshi in the BMJ, two very curious things happened at WHO: with only 20 confirmed cases of swine flu, that’s 20, WHO declared swine flu a level-6 pandemic, which is the highest threat level possible; and at the same time, in Orwellian fashion, WHO revised its definition of “level-6 pandemic,” so that it no longer required severe devastation and large numbers of deaths. WHO could declare a germ was a horrible global threat, regardless of whether it was causing any real harm.

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Haley vs Offit: A Virtual Debate re The Greatest Medical Controversy of our Time

Bio-chemist Dr. Boyd Haley disputes the claims of vaccine proponent Dr. Paul Offit point by point in our pilot video.

Dr. Offit appears often on national television as an expert on vaccination. By not inviting any of his many critics, the mainstream media gives the impression that he has none. This false impression leaves the public uninformed on the very real threats posed to children’s health through an overly aggressive vaccine program that now recommends children receive an astounding 48 vaccines by the age of six.

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Vaccine safety and aluminium – a challenge to The Cochrane Collaboration
8 July 2014
ee below my recent letter to Professor Peter Gøtzsche, co-founder of The Cochrane Collaboration and Director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre, challenging a systematic review prepared by members of the Cochrane Vaccines Field, i.e. Adverse events after immunisation with aluminium-containing DTP vaccines: systematic review of the evidence. I suggest this review has facilitated poorly evidenced acceptance of the safety of aluminium-adjuvanted vaccines.

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'Miracle drug' called junk science
May 21, 2009
Desperate to help their autistic children, hundreds of parents nationwide are turning to an unproven and potentially damaging treatment: multiple high doses of a drug sometimes used to chemically castrate sex offenders.

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CDC Whistle Blower News ******
Beginning August 2014
Many articles coving MMR vaccination and CDC whistle blower William Thompson as well as other related whistle blower news.

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The Color by Numbers Epidemic: Formerly Low Autism Rates among Ethnic Groups Skyrocketing After Massive, Coercive Campaign to Vaccinate “Underserved” Minorities
June 30, 2014
A recent study in Pediatrics reports that autism rates now appear to be higher among the children of American born Hispanic and African American mothers and among children of mothers within certain immigrant groups:

The researchers found an increased risks of being diagnosed with autism overall and specifically with coexisting mental retardation in children of foreign-born mothers who were black, Central/South American, Filipino, and Vietnamese, as well as among United States-born Hispanic and African American/black mothers, compared with US-born Caucasians. Compared to children of US-born Caucasians, children of US African American/black and foreign-born black, foreign-born Central/South American, and US-born Hispanic mothers were at higher risk of autism, characterized by both severe emotional outbursts and impaired language skills.

This report is a dramatic turnaround from only a few years ago, when the CDC reported an entirely different pattern among ethnic groups in the US:

Non-Hispanic white children were approximately 30% more likely to be identified with ASD than non-Hispanic black children and were almost 50% more likely to be identified with ASD than Hispanic children.

What’s also bitterly fascinating—and not mentioned in media coverage of the recent study on high rates of autism among ethnic groups— is that there had also been a radical shift in ethnic and economic demographics regarding vaccine uptake. At one time, for instance, African Americans were the least compliant and most “under-vaccinated”:

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Pertussis found in one fifth of vaccinated children
25th Jun 2014
PERTUSSIS can still be diagnosed in up to one fifth of fully-vaccinated school-age children who present to their GP with a persistent cough.

In a study of 279 children aged 5-15 years who presented with a persistent cough, defined as lasting two to eight weeks duration, to 22 general practices in the Thames Valley in the UK, researchers from the University of Oxford and Public Health England found 56 children had evidence of recent pertussis infection, including 39 of the 215 children who were fully vaccinated against whooping cough.

The researchers also calculated cough frequencies for six of the fully-vaccinated children diagnosed with laboratory confirmed pertussis and found that four of the children coughed more than 400 times in 24 hours.

Furthermore, the risk of pertussis was more than three times higher in children who had received the pertussis booster less than seven years previously.

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Junk Science Week: Vaccinating the ‘herd’
Lawrence Solomon | June 19, 2014
Mass vaccination advocates rely on ‘herd immunity’ to make their case. But it doesn’t exist

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Dr. David Lewis at AutismOne: An Insider’s View of Scientific Integrity in a State of Crisis
June 9, 2014
On Friday, May 23, Dr. David Lewis delivered a powerful talk entitled: Science For Sale: How the U.S. Government Controls Science to Support its Policies. Dr. Lewis is an internationally recognized research microbiologist, formerly with the EPA’s Office of Research and Development. Now retired from government service, Dr. Lewis has written of his research and the ensuing change in policies at the EPA and other federal agencies in the last 30 years that have led to a mass exodus of microbiologists, engineers, and scientists from government agencies. Dr. Lewis has chronicled this in his newly released book, Science for Sale: How the US Government Uses Powerful Corporations and Leading Universities to Support Government Policies, Silence Top Scientists, Jeopardize Our Health, and Protect Corporate Profit.

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Revelations ~ by Shawn Siegel
October 19, 2013
There are 8,000 different adverse vaccine reactions listed in the complete CDC’s VAERS database. (1) The majority of them are what we would expect; nausea, swelling at the injection site, crying, fever, and the like. Though such reactions are universally characterized as normal by the medical community, they are not . They may be typical vaccine reactions, but they’re the body’s response to the noxious ingredients; they’re not normal. In most folks, a temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is normal; fever is not. A limber arm is normal; one pained by a hot, hardened lump, the result of aggregated aluminum from a vaccine adjuvant, is not. (2) Moreover, though vaccine reactions vary in severity, a reaction at any level is often a harbinger of more severe reactions to subsequent vaccinations.

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Vaccination and Renal Patients: A critical examination of assumed safety and effectiveness
October 4, 2011
Nephrologists are in the position of overseeing the health of patients with inflammatory kidney diseases of unknown origin, autoimmune disorders, and acute and chronic kidney diseases of many etiologies. A nephrologist is a specialist consultant and the patients we see are often referred by family doctors and internal medicine physicians. Several doctors who routinely refer patients to me have unquestioningly accepted the idea that “vaccines are safe for everyone” and the “benefit outweighs the small risk.” They inquired about my reasoning to withhold vaccinations in sick kidney patients.

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Vaccine-induced immune overload now affects majority of US children, study finds
May 29, 2014
(NaturalNews) Immunity is crucial. But the artificial kind brought about by vaccines can be extremely damaging, especially when the body's immune response is too strong. A groundbreaking new study published in the peer-reviewed journal Molecular and Genetic Medicine highlights the consequences of this vaccine-induced immune overload, stating that the majority of American children now suffer from the often debilitating condition.

Dr. J. Bart Classen, M.D., an immunologist with extensive knowledge about vaccine adverse events, recently investigated the current epidemic of inflammatory diseases among children. Cases of type-1 diabetes, type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune disorders, asthma and food allergies have been steadily increasing over the years, corresponding directly with an increase in the number of vaccines on the official vaccination schedule for children.

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Neurobehavioural effects of developmental toxicity
The Lancet Neurology, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 330 - 338, March 2014
Neurodevelopmental disabilities, including autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, and other cognitive impairments, affect millions of children worldwide, and some diagnoses seem to be increasing in frequency. Industrial chemicals that injure the developing brain are among the known causes for this rise in prevalence. In 2006, we did a systematic review and identified five industrial chemicals as developmental neurotoxicants: lead, methylmercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, arsenic, and toluene. Since 2006, epidemiological studies have documented six additional developmental neurotoxicants—manganese, fluoride, chlorpyrifos, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, tetrachloroethylene, and the polybrominated diphenyl ethers. We postulate that even more neurotoxicants remain undiscovered. To control the pandemic of developmental neurotoxicity, we propose a global prevention strategy. Untested chemicals should not be presumed to be safe to brain development, and chemicals in existing use and all new chemicals must therefore be tested for developmental neurotoxicity. To coordinate these efforts and to accelerate translation of science into prevention, we propose the urgent formation of a new international clearinghouse.

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Polish study says vaccines have no historical benefits, continue to cause neurological damage
May 18, 2014
(NaturalNews) The public health benefits commonly attributed to vaccines are greatly overblown, and the science shows that vaccines actually obstruct normal immune development rather than enhance it. These are among the multiple inconvenient findings of a Polish research study that was published in the journal Progressive Health Sciences back in 2012, which exposes the fraud of vaccines by highlighting how their risks far outweigh any perceived benefits.

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Measles virus infection without rash in childhood is related to disease in adult life.
Lancet. 1985 Jan 5;1(8419):1-5.
The presence of measles specific antibodies is usually taken as evidence of typical measles in the past; in the present study it was regarded as evidence of infection with measles virus, but not necessarily of the common disease accompanied by a typical rash. The association between a negative history of measles in childhood and certain diseases later in life was investigated by a historical prospective method, based on school health records combined with self-reporting in adulthood, and tests for specific IgG measles antibody. There was evidence of association between a negative history of measles, exposure in early life (possibly injection of immune serum globulin after exposure), and development of immunoreactive diseases, sebaceous skin diseases, degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, and certain tumours. It is suggested that the presence of measles virus specific antibodies at the time of acute infection interferes with development of specific cytolytic reactions, and enables intracellular measles virus to survive the acute infection. If this hypothesis is verified, use of immune serum globulin after measles exposure has to be of immune serum globulin after measles exposure has to be reconsidered.

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[Comment/Rapid Response] Which MMR?
in reply to MMR vaccine is not linked with autism, says Danish study
May 2014
The debate about MMR-autism rages on and the Danish study is but another weak link in the chain promoted by those who, it appears, would vaccinate and be damned. Neville Goodman quotes a site that I suspect he opines will bring disrepute on anti-vaccine authors – perhaps he and Tony Floyd could look at the “critical analysis “ of the Danish Study by Ulf Branell (1) and comment. They might throw light on the validity of Branell’s statistical appraisal of the Danish study.

The Danish study does nothing to alter my view that MMR is probably a cause of autism, but the authors have perhaps unwittingly identified an important avenue of investigation (assuming their values are sound) that may lead us to the proof that MMR causes autism. ...

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Intussusception Risk after Rotavirus Vaccination in U.S. Infants
May 1, 2014
Yih et al. (Feb. 6 issue) report that a rotavirus vaccine was associated with approximately 1.5 excess cases of intussusception per 100,000 recipients of the first dose among infants in the United States.

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The Vaccination Hate Debate
April 15, 2014
I am sick of it – this vaccination debate. My convictions not to vaccinate have been firm for six years now and I was comfortable living a low-profile life and letting other more notable activists carry the torch; and then I started seeing misleading t.v. interviews, news stories, and backlash against parents and unvaccinated children. I saw reputable medical professionals get crucified and reputations destroyed for questioning the mainstream norm. I saw laws passed in other states removing freedoms that rightfully belong to parents and individuals as a whole. I saw fear, blame, finger-pointing, lies, and flat out hate being propagated and encouraged by people, physicians, and popular media avenues towards parents who don’t vaccinate, and their children.

This isn’t a vaccination debate, it’s a hate debate, so let’s call it what it is. And when it got personal, I got involved. Most importantly, I felt the need to clear a few things up:

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Herd Immunity: Myth or Reality?
April 5th 2014
There is no question that a disease outbreak can happen in a non-immune community, if a virus gets there. The real question is, how well can high-vaccination compliance ensure herd immunity and protect a community from an outbreak?

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Multiple Infant Vaccines Linked To Dramatically Increased Mortality
December 19th 2013
A new study published in the journal Vaccine has brought to light an extremely disturbing though still virtually unreported dark side to immunization campaigns within low-income countries, namely, the observation that infant mortality sometimes increases when the number of co-administered vaccines increases; a finding diametrically opposed to the widely held belief that vaccination is always a life-saving intervention, and that the more vaccines administered to infants the better.

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One in six children have a developmental disability
The number of children with developmental disabilities has increased by 17% in 12 years, driven largely by big jumps in diagnoses for autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, research shows.

More than 15% of school-age kids — about 10 million children — had a developmental disability in 2006-08, according to a study released Monday in the journal Pediatrics. That's up from 12.8% in 1997-99.

The study suggests that three or four children in a typical elementary school classroom have development disabilities. Some of the increase may be the result of the rise in premature birth, which leaves some babies with lasting impairments, says study author Sheree Boulet of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One in eight babies today are born prematurely, according to the March of Dimes.

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HPV Vaccine Maker’s Study Proves Natural HPV Infection Beneficial, Not Deadly
March 23rd 2014
If, in fact, the HPV vaccines do not work as widely advertised, and natural HPV infectious exposures actually protect against the progression of HPV linked cervical changes to cancer, then taken together, both these findings challenge the most fundamental assumptions within vaccine science (aka vaccinology), and render highly dubious the oft repeated rhetoric that natural HPV infection is juggernaut –like deadly force the best defense against which are universal immunization campaigns.

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Vaccine-Induced Tissue Scurvy Globally Misdiagnosed as Child Abuse
March 19 2014
The father of the child in our published photo was jailed for life for child abuse. Many of you looking at the terrible injuries on this small child will immediately assume, as did the doctors who examined him, that he was viciously attacked and it was right to jail his father.

However, what if I told you that it was later proven that this child had in fact been suffering from Kawasaki disease, otherwise known as tissue scurvy, and that his father was innocent?

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Biased reporting: a vaccination case study
28 January 2014,
On Tuesday 28 January 2014, The Australian newspaper published a news story by journalist Rick Morton titled "University paid for anti-vaccine student to attend conference." It provides an illuminating example of how to construct an article that is misleading in several different ways.

Here, I offer a critique of Morton's story, pointing out a number of its shortcomings and biases. I first give some context about journalistic codes and practices, and my own involvement. After providing some background about the vaccination debate, I go through Morton's text, presenting information to highlight how it is misleading. In the conclusion, I summarise the types of bias involved and comment on how readily they can be detected.

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GBS is Not Rare After Vaccinations: Here’s How Vaccine Pushers Conceal the Truth
March 15 2014
We know that statistics may be twisted into the realm of absurdity, but most of us seem to accept them when considering the safety of medicines.

Here’s a typical example: We ask a doctor who recommends a vaccine about the risk of contracting Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a serious autoimmune condition which may evolve into paralysis. The doctor may assure us that the risk is “probably only one additional case in each million persons vaccinated.”

Why should we accept this statistic without question?

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42% of Drug Reactions Are Vaccine Related, Groundbreaking Chinese Study Finds
March 8th 2014
A groundbreaking new drug safety study published in the open access journal PLoS and titled, "Adverse Drug Reactions of Spontaneous Reports in Shanghai Pediatric Population," has revealed for the first that that 42.5% of all reported adverse drug reactions occurring in 2009 in a Chinese pediatric population (Shanghai, pop of 17 mil) were caused by vaccines, with reactions as severe as anaphylaxis and death.

The report carries unique gravitas insofar as the data was gathered through spontaneous reports of physicians (52.03%), pharmacists (24.27%) and other health care practitioners (15.46%), with only 2.52% coming from 'consumers.' Presumably, the clinical training of those reporting gives the study additional credibility.

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Delayed acquisition of neonatal reflexes in newborn primates receiving a thimerosal-containing hepatitis B vaccine: influence of gestational age and birth weight.

This, in turn, indicated that lower BW and/or lower GA exacerbated the adverse effects following vaccine exposure.

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Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Peers

A study from the 1990s has come to light, proving that compared to unvaccinated children, vaccinated children were more likely to suffer from asthma, eczema, ear infections, hyperactivity and many other chronic conditions. Furthermore, the study identified that there was a ten-fold increase in the incidence of tonsillitis in the children who were vaccinated, and a total lack tonsillectomy operations among the children who were unvaccinated.

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Vaccine-Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks
Dr. Tru Ott, PhD, ND
Profits from vaccines and drugs were spiraling. Something had to be done, and done immediately. False, faux epidemics of smallpox were created to solve the problem, and keep the Medical Mafia's cash registers ringing.

We know this dastardly plan actually happened, thanks to a citizen's WATCHDOG GROUP in Kansas City, Missouri named "The Advertiser's Protective Bureau", who filed, and successfully prosecuted criminal charges against the Missouri state chapter of the AMA ­ the Jackson Medical Society. The 'Protective Bureau's" official report of this cold-blooded plot reads as follows:

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FDA study shows pertussis vaccination spreads pathogenic bacteria
March 04, 2014
(NaturalNews) In a failed attempt to explain away why vaccinated individuals seem to be the only ones contracting and spreading whooping cough during major outbreaks, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently launched an inquiry aimed at better understanding how the controversial vaccine works. But what the agency ended up discovering is that the vaccine for whooping cough, also known as pertussis, spreads the very same pathogenic bacteria that causes whopping cough in the first place, which in some people can lead to serious infections.

Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the new FDA study claims to demonstrate that vaccines for acellular pertussis are effective at preventing the disease in those who are vaccinated. But at the very same time, the agency admits that, based on its findings, the vaccine itself spreads Bordetella pertussis, the bacteria responsible for triggering the highly contagious respiratory disease.

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Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Peers

A study from the 1990s has come to light, proving that compared to unvaccinated children, vaccinated children were more likely to suffer from asthma, eczema, ear infections, hyperactivity and many other chronic conditions. Furthermore, the study identified that there was a ten-fold increase in the incidence of tonsillitis in the children who were vaccinated, and a total lack tonsillectomy operations among the children who were unvaccinated.
In September 2011, German researchers carrying out a longitudinal study surveyed a total of 8000 unvaccinated children from the ages of 0 –19. As with the New Zealand study, researchers collected their data by conducting a survey using questionnaires. [2]

Results showed that vaccinated children were up to five times more likely to suffer from a variety of diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children.

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Killer Pentavalent ...? 54 infants died after vaccination in just two years, Finally govt admits three death casually associated with Pentavalent Vaccination
Tuesday, 11 February 2014
Pentavalent Vaccine, that was introduced in India’s Universal Immunization Program (UIP) in December 2011, has claimed 54 lives so far. Union Health Ministry that had denied any role of Pentavalent vaccine in infant deaths for two years, finally- in reply of an RTI, has admitted Pentavalent's association in three deaths. While one of the three deaths has clearly been classified as ‘vaccine reaction’. Now when vaccines' role in babies’ deaths has proven, it is for all to see what government decides next... discontinue vaccine use in UIP or scale it up at national level..?

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Secondary Transmission: The short and sweet about live virus vaccine shedding.
February 24, 2008 by generic
Shedding is when the live virus that is injected via vaccine, moves through the human body and comes back out in the feces, droplets from the nose, or saliva from the mouth. Anyone who takes care of the child could potentially contract the disease for some time after that child has received certain live vaccines. This was a huge problem with the oral polio vaccine, and was one of the reasons why it was taken off the market in the US.

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Can Unvaccinated Children Stay Healthy?
Judy Converse MPH RD LD on Feb 20, 2014
Want to clear a room fast? Tell people your kids aren’t vaccinated. Then say, “Not only is that why they’re so healthy – it helps your kids stay healthier too.” Wait. What? Unvaccinated kids, healthier?

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This Study Reveals Children are Being Vaccinated With Toxic Levels of Aluminium Causing Neurological Damage and Autism

A recent study conducted by Canadian scientists Professor Christopher Shaw and Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic revealed that the more vaccines that children receive containing the adjuvant aluminum, the greater their chance is of developing autism, autoimmune diseases and neurological problems in the future.

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Comparison of VAERS fetal-loss reports during three consecutive influenza seasons: was there a synergistic fetal toxicity associated with the two-vaccine 2009/2010 season?
2013 May
The aim of this study was to compare the number of inactivated-influenza vaccine-related spontaneous abortion and stillbirth (SB) reports in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database during three consecutive flu seasons beginning 2008/2009 and assess the relative fetal death reports associated with the two-vaccine 2009/2010 season. The VAERS database was searched for reports of fetal demise following administration of the influenza vaccine/vaccines to pregnant women. Utilization of an independent surveillance survey and VAERS, two-source capture-recapture analysis estimated the reporting completeness in the 2009/2010 flu season. Capture-recapture demonstrated that the VAERS database captured about 13.2% of the total 1321 (95% confidence interval (CI): 815-2795) estimated reports, yielding an ascertainment-corrected rate of 590 fetal-loss reports per million pregnant women vaccinated (or 1 per 1695). The unadjusted fetal-loss report rates for the three consecutive influenza seasons beginning 2008/2009 were 6.8 (95% CI: 0.1-13.1), 77.8 (95% CI: 66.3-89.4), and 12.6 (95% CI: 7.2-18.0) cases per million pregnant women vaccinated, respectively. The observed reporting bias was too low to explain the magnitude increase in fetal-demise reporting rates in the VAERS database relative to the reported annual trends. Thus, a synergistic fetal toxicity likely resulted from the administration of both the pandemic (A-H1N1) and seasonal influenza vaccines during the 2009/2010 season.

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Articles of Health
Stillbirths Caused By Flu Vaccination

CDC cover up-links

Quick links to entire story and documents…your choice:

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Study: Vaccine adjuvant aluminum hydroxide causes neurological disease
January 22, 2014
(NaturalNews) For years following the first Gulf War (1991), scores of returning American and Western military personnel suffered through a set of mysterious symptoms that doctors and scientists eventually described as "Gulf War Syndrome" (GWS), if for no other reason than because they simply could not identify a core set of causes for a variety of different symptoms.
In 2009, a study published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry posited that that the substance aluminum hydroxide could be the primary GWS culprit, as documented at

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Co-administration of live measles and yellow fever vaccines and inactivated pentavalent vaccines is associated with increased mortality compared with measles and yellow fever vaccines only. An observational study from Guinea-Bissau

Studies from low-income countries indicate that co-administration of inactivated diphtheria–tetanus–pertussis (DTP) vaccine and live attenuated measles vaccine (MV) is associated with increased mortality compared with receiving MV only. Pentavalent (DTP–H. Influenza type B–Hepatitis B) vaccine is replacing DTP in many low-income countries and yellow fever vaccine (YF) has been introduced to be given together with MV. Pentavalent and YF vaccines were introduced in Guinea-Bissau in 2008. We investigated whether co-administration of pentavalent vaccine with MV and yellow fever vaccine has similar negative effects.

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The Flu Vaccine, Molecular Mimicry, Narcolepsy: Clues to Gardasil Injury
January 15th, 2014
What do molecular mimicry, the H1N1 Flu vaccine and the HPV vaccines Gardasil or Cervarix have to do with the brain neurons involved in narcolepsy or hypersomnia? Plenty. Researchers are learning that vaccine induced immune reactions can destroy innate cells via molecular mimicry and in the case of the flu vaccine, the hypocretin/orexin neurons responsible for maintaining wakefulness are attacked. Idiopathic hypersomnia, a derivative of narcolepsy is one of the many side effects reported by post Gardasil girls and women. Could the HPV vaccine be attacking those same neurons? Is molecular mimicry at play in the HPV vaccine too? The answers are yes and possibly, but with the HPV vaccine, the molecular mimicry is more widespread and the research only beginning to delineate its effects.

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Coming Soon: "On-Demand" Nano-Vaccines Funded by Bill Gates
January 7, 2014
According to a press release recently posted by the University of Washington, a new type of vaccine may soon be created that will allow for its immediate creation and application. This new vaccine, however, will be formed by using nanoparticles created from genetically engineered proteins.

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Why the Press Shouldn't Dismiss Vaccine Skeptics
01/06/2014 12:41 pm
Those who question vaccination programs are kooks or quacks, the press repeatedly tells us. The Globe and Mail, CBS News, Mother Jones and even scientific journals like Nature label skeptics as "vaccination deniers," much as global warming skeptics are called "deniers."

Slate magazine, citing the medical journal Vaccine, deplores "the global anti-vaccination movement [as] a loose coalition of rogue scientists, journalists, parents, and celebrities, who think that vaccines cause disorders like autism - a claim that has been thoroughly discredited by modern science." Commentary, a serious publication that covers politics, refers to skeptics as "vaccination truthers."

This wholesale demeaning of vaccine skeptics defies explanation. Granted, kooks and quacks exist in the vaccination field, just as they exist elsewhere. But why taint the skeptics as a whole, and fail to respectfully report dissenting views? No journalist would have had any difficulty finding dozens of distinguished skeptical scientists for the very few "rogue" scientists that the press has vilified.

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Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine Recipients Can Pass the Flu to Everyone Around Them for Up to 21 Days
Jan 4, 2014
Did you know that when a person receives the “FluMist” flu vaccine that anyone around them becomes exposed to the flu as the recipient “sheds” the viruses contained within the vaccine? With all of the propaganda about how you MUST be vaccinated in order to protect those around you, you’d think that they would warn people who receive this vaccine that they’ve just become the most contagious person in the room, particularly if the person has been browbeaten into receiving the vaccine to “protect” a loved one with a lowered immune system.

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Oral cholera vaccine loaded with GMOs to be tested on babies worldwide
January 03, 2014
(NaturalNews) California-based vaccine manufacturer PaxVax has reportedly submitted an application to begin international trials of a novel oral cholera vaccine that contains live, genetically modified (GM) bacteria. reports that the new vaccine is set to be tested on more than 1,000 individuals, many of whom are young children, in a three-part clinical trial series to take place throughout Australia.

In a recent application filing with the Australian Government, PaxVax makes plain its intent to administer the live, GM bacteria in both young and old and in every region of the country. Participants will be instructed to literally consume a cocktail of mercury-resistant, GM Shigella flexneri NR1 bacteria derived from the Vibrio cholera bacterial strain, which is recognized as the causative agent of the gastroenteritis disease known as cholera.

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Administration of aluminium to neonatal mice in vaccine-relevant amounts is associated with adverse long term neurological outcomes.
Epub 2013 Jul 19.
Our previous ecological studies of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has demonstrated a correlation between increasing ASD rates and aluminium (Al) adjuvants in common use in paediatric vaccines in several Western countries. The correlation between ASD rate and Al adjuvant amounts appears to be dose-dependent and satisfies 8 of 9 Hill criteria for causality.

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B-lymphocytes from a population of children with autism spectrum disorder and their unaffected siblings exhibit hypersensitivity to thimerosal.
Epub 2013 Jun 9.

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Autism, Vaccination and Immigrants - Yet Another Clear Correlation by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) seem more common among young Somalis in Minnesota and among immigrant communities in several western countries. At least as late as 2003, Ethiopian-born immigrants to Israel had no recorded cases of autism. [That is correct: Not a single one!]

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Volume 32, Issue 5, 23 January 2014, Pages 598–605
Co-administration of live measles and yellow fever vaccines and inactivated pentavalent vaccines is associated with increased mortality compared with measles and yellow fever vaccines only. An observational study from Guinea-Bissau

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Optimizing Immunization Systems: Delivering Vaccines with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

... have received a Round 8 Global Challenges Exploration Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The team will be using this $100,000 grant to develop unmanned aerial vehicles for developing world countries that can be deployed by health care workers via cell phones to swiftly deliver vaccines to hard-to-reach locations."

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Yet another vaccine researcher caught faking research; vaccine industry riddled with scientific fraud
December 27, 2013
(NaturalNews) Yet another vaccine researcher has been caught faking research on a bogus AIDS vaccine, adding to the pattern of scientific fraud and criminality that characterizes the modern-day vaccine industry. Dr. Dong-Pyou Han from Iowa State University has resigned this week after admitting he spiked rabbit blood samples with healthy human blood to falsely show the presence of antibodies that would "prove" his AIDS vaccine worked.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) was so convinced by the fraud that they gave Han $19 million in research funding. The NIH later found the fraud after attempting to replicate Han's work and figuring out something was terribly wrong with the research.

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Young woman's ovaries destroyed by Gardasil: Merck 'forgot to research' effects of vaccine on female reproduction
August 06, 2013
(NaturalNews) A newly-published study has revealed that Merck & Co., the corporate mastermind behind the infamous Gardasil vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV), conveniently forgot to research the effects of this deadly vaccine on women's reproductive systems. And at least one young woman, in this case from Australia, bore the brunt of this inexcusable failure after discovering that her own ovaries had been completely destroyed as a result of getting the vaccine.

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Vaccine lies: Whooping cough outbreaks being triggered by vaccinated children
December 26, 2013
(NaturalNews) It is a common myth perpetuated by both the entrenched system of monopolistic medicine and the mainstream media that unvaccinated children are the social scourge responsible for triggering outbreaks of rare diseases like pertussis (whooping cough), measles and shingles. But the scientific literature suggests otherwise, showing in many cases that vaccinated children are the ones largely responsible for triggering and spreading disease. ...

"[W]e show that aP [whooping cough] vaccination impedes host immunity against B. parapertussis-measured as reduced lung inflammatory and neutrophil responses," wrote the authors. "[W]e conclude that aP vaccination interferes with the optimal clearance of B. parapertussis and enhances the performance of this pathogen. Our data raise the possibility that widespread aP vaccination can create hosts more susceptible to B. parapertussis infection."

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Dorit Rubinstein Reiss and the Weakness of Vaccine Science
December 20, 2013 by John Stone
One of the problems that the phenomenon of Dorit Reiss points to is the fundamental lack of solidity of vaccine science: we are not talking about something like the laws of thermodynamics, the periodic table, the theory of relativity – instead it is something that has to be defended by a sequence of dodgy manoeuvres and obfuscations. The claims for the vaccine program which are being made are politically absolutist but there is no unchallengeable super-theory behind any of it, only a multitude of industrially manufactured products which may be neither as effective or as safe as their advocates claim, have usually not been as well tested as they should have been, and can only be defended by a bulwark unbalanced legislation backed up by endless institutional malfeasance. Pubmed, the index of peer review medical studies, is testament to this: even if there are many studies which are favourable to products it does not make anything about their findings immutable evidence, or proof of anything. They can only be provisional.

Nor is the quality of all that evidence necessarily high despite sentiment that vaccines are a good thing. The 2005 Cochrane Review of MMR vaccine safety, concluded after having sifted 5,000 studies :

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Do You Believe More Vaccines or Better Nutrition Prevents Disease?
The National Institute of Health recently announced an expansion of its funding of nine Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Units with an annual budget of $135 million dollars of government money. Each of the nine research centers can compete with each year for the next seven years for a portion of this funding. [1]

The effort to decrease disease outbreaks by increasing the funding of vaccine studies is misguided. Financial and medical resources could be better spent focusing on the underlying causes of illnesses. Functional medicine has established that most diseases are caused by nutritional deficiencies and toxic overload, which together suppresses the immune system, making one susceptible to disease. [2]

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Dogs And Cows And Toxic Vials, That’s What Vaccines Are Made Of!
On December 3, 2013, UK newspapers reported that in the future, doctors will be given the power to lecture any parent who refuses to have their child vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. This move is a part of a government campaign to boost falling vaccination rates in the UK. [1]

Critics argue that the move will intimidate parents, stating that parents want more choice. They feel that instead of bullying parents and making them feel as if big brother is watching them, the government should reintroduce the single vaccinations as an alternative to the MMR.

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Vaccines: A descent into madness
[Yellow Fever vaccine reaction]
October 17, 2013
Until April 15th 2011, I was a great believer in vaccines. My son was born prematurely and very ill and in order to protect him he had every vaccination available because I trusted the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies when they told me that vaccines are safe and prevent diseases and death.

Now I know better – because on that April afternoon disaster struck. My husband, BBC Correspondent Malcolm Brabant, went across a busy road to a vaccination-centre in a suburb of Athens, Greece, where we lived, to have a yellow fever vaccination in order to go on a business trip to the Ivory Coast in Africa.

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The 2013 Measles Outbreak: A Failing Vaccine, Not A Failure To Vaccinate
Thursday, September 19th 2013
Are the recently reported measles outbreaks in the U.S. being caused by the failure to vaccinate, or the failure of the vaccine? Shockingly, clinically confirmed reports of measles vaccine failure in fully vaccinated populations stretch back a quarter of a century from around the world.

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A Shot Never Worth Taking: The Flu Vaccine ~ by Kelly Brogan, MD
November 27, 2013
Deep into my 6th year of researching and investigating the damning science that condemns vaccine efficacy and safety – yes, all of them – I am beginning to turn my attention more to the societal memes and the individual belief systems that protect and perpetuate tragically flawed and unacceptably dangerous collective behaviors.

The information is OUT THERE, brilliant scientists, physicians, and researchers without financial ties and agendas have weighed in and presented their concerns about vaccine safety and efficacy, however, the average citizen resists and clings to a hyper-simplified, seemingly “safe” stance.

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Doctor Offers Vaccines to Starving Children

A doctor from the Children’s Hospital in Colorado is working on a bold new initiative to improve the lives of children in Guatemala who struggle with poverty and hunger each day. Unfortunately, his ambitions do not include plans to provide clean water or education.

Instead, he plans to implement a mobile short message service (SMS) to send text messages to parents to remind them to vaccinate their children, in a nation where beans have become a luxury rather than a daily staple, and farmers must sell their eggs and vegetables to provide for their families. [1]

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Your Children to be Used as Guinea Pigs for New GMO Vaccine
A US vaccine company has applied for permission to infect up to one thousand individuals, including children, with genetically modified live bacteria contained in an oral vaccine. PaxVax recently submitted their application for permission to begin the first of three international clinical trials for the new oral cholera vaccine “via oral ingestion of the GMOs”. [1]

PaxVax claims to have several safeguards in place to “restrict the spread and persistence of the GMOs and their introduced genetic material” during this clinical trial. That precaution itself should lead any parent to question the wisdom of administering genetically modified live bacteria to their child.

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Historical data shows vaccines are not what saved us
October 31, 2013
(NaturalNews) Do vaccines actually protect against the viruses and illnesses that they claim to? If you only get your news and information from mainstream news and educational sources, then the question about whether vaccines are effective is never even raised. However, if you look at the historical data on vaccination efficacy, you'll see that they are not responsible for the decline in disease in the last hundred years at all.

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A collection of mainstream news reports and studies exploding the whooping cough vaccine myth
[article titles]
The current whooping cough epidemic could mean that the vaccine is not working
Vaccine a dud, says city doctor
"District Dealing With Outbreak Of Whooping Cough In Schools"
Grand Island has whooping cough outbreak
Number of whooping cough cases on the rise in La Crosse Co.
Whooping cough in school age children with persistent cough: prospective cohort study in primary care
Whooping cough outbreak puzzles Lincoln officials
More kids' hospital doctors get whooping cough
Vaccinated People Getting Whooping Cough In San Diego:
Acellular pertussis vaccination enhances B. parapertussis colonization

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Effect of handwashing on child health: a randomised controlled trial.
2005 Jul 16-22
FINDINGS: Children younger than 5 years in households that received plain soap and handwashing promotion had a 50% lower incidence of pneumonia than controls (95% CI (-65% to -34%). Also compared with controls, children younger than 15 years in households with plain soap had a 53% lower incidence of diarrhoea (-65% to -41%) and a 34% lower incidence of impetigo (-52% to -16%). Incidence of disease did not differ significantly between households given plain soap compared with those given antibacterial soap.

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7 Most Disgusting Ingredients Used to Make Vaccines

Disgusting Ingredient #1: Cells From Aborted Fetus
Disgusting Ingredient #2: Serum From Aborted Calf Fetus Blood
Disgusting Ingredient #3: Cells From Armyworms
Disgusting Ingredient #4: Cells From Monkey Kidneys
Disgusting Ingredient #5: Cells From Dog Kidneys
Disgusting Ingredient #6: Mouse Brain
Disgusting Ingredient #7: Chicken Embryos

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The unfortunate story of 37 deaths from a 'good vaccine' (Comment, Special to IANS)
Oct 19, 2013
On October 11, two children died in Kashmir after receiving the Pentavalent vaccine, taking to six the total deaths there in one week and to eight the deaths over the last three weeks. According to reports appearing in local newspapers, the deaths were said to be an allergic reaction to the vaccine. These deaths come on the heels of a press release from the health ministry on October 10 that a committee that looked into the 15 deaths in Kerala after vaccinations has said they were not caused by the vaccine but were coincidental deaths. The press release also announced that the Pentavalent vaccine is to be rolled out nationwide. A week earlier, another ministry spokesperson had admitted there had been 29 deaths all over the country following the vaccine. The figure has now ballooned to 37.

The 29 deaths had happened when 82 lakh doses have been administered (and about 27 lakh children have been immunized). This works out to more than one death per 100,000 vaccinated and that 300 children would die each year from the vaccine when the birth cohort is vaccinated. It must be borne in mind that the adverse events are picked up by a system of passive surveillance which according to the US FDA picks up only a tenth of the real number of adverse events.

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More here:
INDIA: 37 deaths from The Pentavalent vaccine (5 strains)

Risky Business
10-16-2013 by Sandy Gottstein
It’s not easy to fool Mother Nature. Really.

And it would seem that until the modern Medicine Men get that simple fact, really get it, there will be no end to the grief caused by their unabashed tinkering with her complex system.

The most recent example of the harm that can come from modern hubris arrives in the guise of mutations due to Hepatitis B vaccination. It is no small irony that the spread of hepatitis B in Asia, where the mutations have been discovered, was largely due to the W.H.O.-acknowledged use of re-usable needles in vaccination campaigns there. It is also no small irony that the solution to this vaccination-induced outcome was further vaccination.

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VRM: First Strike – The Dark Side of The Vitamin K Shot
4th December 2010 - By Joel Lord
Apart from the emotional & psychological trauma inflicted on a newborn from getting the Vitamin K shot, the actual amount of Vitamin K injected into a baby’s bloodstream/deep muscle tissue is 20,000 times the needed dose; which represents the first strike undermining capacity for natural immunity.

The injection also contains a toxic preservative, Benzyl alcohol, that can be especially harmful on your baby’s delicate, young immune system.

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Also see the package insert:

The strangest thing about vaccines
October 3, 2013 by Jon Rappoport
I didn’t say the worst thing. I said the strangest.

Here it is: Proponents claim a vaccine stimulates a person’s immune system to produce antibodies, which are immune-system scouts.

This is supposedly a rehearsal. The immune system gets a chance to respond to a “test run,” so that when the real disease hits, the immune-defense will be ready and will knock out the disease quickly.

Except there are many diagnostic tests for disease that look for antibodies, and if antibodies show up, the doctor tells the patient he has the disease.

It’s absurd.

Antibodies from a vaccine=immunity. Same antibodies produced by the body in response to a germ entering the body=illness.

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Let there be sunlight! Is sunscreen implicated in the development and rise in the incidence of autism?
Date: 10-3-2013 by Sandy Gottstein
In the past year some interesting information has “come across my desk”, which suggest to me a very interesting possibility. These findings are as follows:

1. Vitamin D deficiencies have been found to be related to auto-immune disorders, autism, and cancer and cardiovascular disease.

2. The recommended dose for vitamin D is thought by some to be way too low.

3. Fish at lower depths in the ocean accumulate higher levels of mercury.

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U.K. gov makes U-turn on link between GSK vaccine and narcolepsy
September 24, 2013
Evidence linking GlaxoSmithKline's ($GSK) swine flu vaccine to narcolepsy has mounted this year, with new findings from Finland, Sweden and the U.K. emerging. Now, having previously knocked back compensation claims, the data has prompted the U.K. government to accept the link.

The U-turn comes 7 months after a paper published in the British Medical Journal found a link between GSK's vaccine, Pandemrix, and increased risk of narcolepsy in English children. Data from the English children added to evidence from Finland and France. The U.K. study is one of several published in 2013 that has strengthened the link between the vaccine and narcolepsy.

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Highly toxic squalene MF59 adjuvant that caused Gulf War syndrome in military servicemen now being added to some civilian flu vaccines
September 27, 2013
(NaturalNews) Compulsory vaccination has long been a requirement to serve in the U.S. armed forces, and it is well documented that many of the vaccines administered to servicemen over the years have been experimental in nature, meaning they contained untested adjuvants and other questionable additives. But it has recently come to our attention that the highly toxic vaccine adjuvant squalene MF59, which was first given to servicemen back during the first Gulf War and later linked to causing Gulf War syndrome, is now being added to some civilian flu vaccines.

At a 2010 gathering of the American Rally for Personal Rights in Chicago, registered nurse and retired Air Force Captain Richard Rovet warned his listening audience about the dangers of squalene MF59, the devastation and horrors of which he witnessed first hand during his time in the service. The experimental oil-in-water adjuvant, which was forced on all servicemen beginning in 1999 via the mandatory anthrax vaccine, caused many of Capt. Rovet's comrades to suffer severe and permanent side effects. One of Capt. Rovet's closest friends, in fact, was actually killed as a result of squalene MF59.

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BMJ-UK Govt. will cover one in the 55,000 children developed Narcolepsy from Glaxo Smith Kline Pandermrix vaccine

he UK government has told parents whose children developed narcolepsy after receiving the swine flu vaccine that it will reconsider their compensation claims, after previously rejecting them on the ground that no causal link had been proved. The move follows a study commissioned by the Health Protection Agency, which indicated that one in around 55 000 children aged between 4 years and 18 years who were given Pandemrix (AS03 adjuvanted pandemic A/H1N1 2009 vaccine) developed the rare condition.

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The CDC Buys and Distributes Heavy Metal Mercury Preserved Flu Vaccines for Children
August 28, 2013
In 1999 the U.S. Public Health Service issued a joint statement with the American Academy of Pediatrics and vaccine manufacturers agreeing that the heavy metal mercury, a known neurotoxin, used in Thimerosal vaccine preservative should be removed from vaccines “as soon as possible.”

However the U.S. Public Health Service is failing to meet the terms of this agreement. According the following CDC web sites, the U.S. Public Health Service, 14 years after the agreement to remove Thimerosal, still allows the CDC to buy and distribute preserved multi-dose flu vaccines for children that contain the heavy metal mercury.

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Price list here. Scroll down to Pediatric Influenza Vaccine Price List

Fatal varicella due to the vaccine-strain varicella-zoster virus.
2013 Aug 27;10(1). [Epub ahead of print]
We describe a death in a 15-mo old girl who developed a varicella-like rash 20 d after varicella vaccination that lasted for 2 mo despite acyclovir treatment. The rash was confirmed to be due to vaccine-strain varicella-zoster virus (VZV). This is the first case of fatal varicella due to vaccine-strain VZV reported from the United States. The patient developed severe respiratory complications that worsened with each new crop of varicella lesions; vaccine-strain VZV was detected in the bronchial lavage specimen. Sepsis and multi-organ failure led to death.

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New Minnesota State Law Bans Cancer-Causing Formaldehyde in Children’s Products, Stays in Vaccines
Sep 8th, 2013
Lawmakers in the state of Minnesota have decided formaldehyde, a known cancer-causing agent, is too dangerous for children’s products. According to section 325F.175 of HF458, products containing formaldehyde are banned from being sold starting August 1st, 2014, for manufacturers and August 1st, 2015, for retailers. [1]

Finally, an answer to one of the many toxic ingredients being injected into your child?

Not so fast.

At first blush, it appears Minnesota is addressing at least one of the many toxic chemicals found in vaccines. However, a carefully crafted paragraph creates a loophole for excluding vaccines from this ban.

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[Part of the news article above]
Lastly, as a starting reference point, I recommend you read an older but brutally honest review of what happens when formaldehyde is injected into animals by Martin H. Fischer entitled The Toxic Effects of Formaldehyde and Formalin. [6]

Autism linked to deficiency in healthy gut bacteria: Research

(NaturalNews) Parents and caregivers of autistic children have been saying it for decades, and now the scientific community is finally catching up with reality: gastrointestinal abnormalities are a common marker associated with the diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). And a new study recently published online in the journal, PLoS One, has specifically identified imbalanced and deficient gut flora as a major symptom, and potentially even a primary cause, of autism in many of the children diagnosed with the condition.

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NIH stops HIV vaccine clinical trial

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the NIH, has discontinued the HVTN 505 clinical trial of an investigational HIV vaccine regimen because the vaccine did not prevent HIV infection nor reduce viral load among vaccine recipients who became infected with HIV, according to a NIAID statement.

An independent data and safety monitoring board (DSMB) found that 41 cases of HIV infection occurred in the volunteers who received the investigational vaccine regimen and 30 cases of HIV infection occurred among the placebo vaccine recipients.

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Declaring a Truce With Our Microbiological Frenemies

Mar. 28, 2013 — Managing bacteria and other microorganisms in the body, rather than just fighting them, may be lead to better health and a stronger immune system, according to a Penn State biologist.

Researchers have historically focused on microbes in the body as primarily pathogens that must be fought, said Eric Harvill, professor of microbiology and infectious disease. However, he said that recent evidence of the complex interaction of the body with microbes suggests a new interpretation of the relationship.

"Now we are beginning to understand that the immune system interacts with far more beneficial bacteria than pathogens," said Harvill. "We need to re-envision what the true immune system really is."

Harvill said that this reinterpretation leads to a more flexible approach to understanding how the immune system interacts with microbes. This approach should balance between defending against pathogens and enlisting the help of beneficial microbes.

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Gut Bacteria Regulate Happiness

Can We Trust the CDC Claim that There is No Link Between Vaccines and Autism?
By Brian S. Hooker, Ph.D., P.E.
Health Impact News Editor Comments:

The CDC released a “new” study on “Good Friday” just before the Easter holiday weekend that supposedly showed there was no connection between vaccines and autism. One has to wonder on the timing of the announcement of this study, considering the fact that the CDC just released statistics about two weeks ago stating that the rate of autism among school children in the U.S. has now risen to one out of 50.

So I contacted Dr. Brian Hooker and asked him to respond to this “new” study that the mainstream media is reporting has ended the vaccine-autism debate. According to Dr. Hooker, the study is not so new, as it is based on data from 2010 and is basically a rehash of a “fraudulent” study published then.

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WHO Suspends Vaccine After 26 Children Die in the Developing World
Tuesday, April 2, 2013
According to reports, at least 26 children have died and many more have been seriously injured after they were given the 5 in 1 vaccine, Quinvaxem. [1] Newspapers have reported that all of the victims suffered adverse reactions including fevers, vomiting and the appearance of bruises all over their bodies. [2]

Quinvaxem, being offered at no cost to recipients by UNICEF, is a pre-qualified vaccine on trial in developing countries. Currently being given to babies as young as eight weeks of age, this pentavalent vaccine is said to protect infants and young children against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B, and Hib (haemophilus influenzae type b).

According to reports, local authorities have suspended all the controversial batches for testing. However, the Health Ministry said there are no problems with the vaccine’s quality, distribution, preservation or administration. [3]

Although deaths have been reported from Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan and India, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stood by the safety of Quinvaxem, stating that all their studies of the vaccine, made in South Korea, affirm its safety!+

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Research: From the Superb to the Questionable
by F Edward Yazbak MD

It is safe to say that in the last few years, researchers who dared question a vaccination policy or only mention vaccination and autism in the same sentence were certain to get a public and unrelenting flagellation.

I was therefore overjoyed when the accomplishment of a distinguished researcher in that venue was recognized. It was certainly wonderful to hear that the Briloff Committee at Baruch College very recently awarded The Briloff Prize for 2012 to Dr. Gayle DeLong for her magnificent exposé titled Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Safety Research”. In the citation, the Committee described Dr. DeLong’s publication as “an excellent exposition of ethical issues and biases in the examination of conflicts of interests related to vaccine safety research. The main thrust of this paper is the questioning of the ethics of industry sponsorship of vaccine use“

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How I Gave My Son Autism
Posted on February 20, 2013 by Thinking Moms' Revolution
So . . . how did I give my son autism? I wish I could say it was one thing – one thing that I could take back that would make things neat and easy, but it wasn’t. It was mistake after mistake, assault after assault. The following are the biggest mistakes I made to which I attribute my son’s descent into autism. I’m going to provide links that are easily readable and understandable that contain links to the research rather than providing links to the research itself. A simple Google search about any one of these topics will provide more information than you could ever want. Here goes . . .

[followed by 9 contributing factors.]

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Ethyl Mercury in vaccines: Was Hilleman right?
By F. Edward Yazbak MD, FAAP
Copyright 2013 by Vaccination News,

Dr. Hilleman advised several National Institutes of Health committees, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and the World Health Organization over decades. They all had complete faith in his knowledge and expertise except for once: When he wrote in a 1991 Memo that Ethyl and Methyl mercury salts were equally most toxic.

That confidential memo[5] on thimerosal in vaccines by Dr. Hilleman to Dr. Gordon Douglas, Head of Merck’s Vaccine Division at the time, was made public and reported in the LA Times in 2005.[6]

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Dr. Paul G. King’s rebuttal to propaganda that mercury is safe. Everything you need to know about Mercury
Posted on 02.11.13
In the format of responding to a propaganda article, Dr. Paul G. King tells us what we need to know about mercury (Thimerosal) in vaccines, in the environment, in dental amalgams

Excerpt: “The writer miscasts “thiomersal”, a trade name for sodium ethylmercury thiosalicylate, which is a human carcinogen, mutagen, teratogen, and reproductive toxicant at levels below 1 part per million, as if it were “a benign medicinal preservative. This reviewer knows of no toxicological study where doses of 25 micrograms or more of TM are administered to developing human children that have shown that that such doses of TM were “safe” (nontoxic) or “benign”. Deftly changing the focus away from the known toxicity of “thimerosal”, the writer next states, “there is no evidence that it is harmful” without providing any evidence to support her assertion.Factually, there are more than 150 case and toxicity studies which collectively have established that “thiomersal” is a bioaccumulative toxicant with long-term adverse effects in animals and humans”.

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Herd Immunity: Three Reasons Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Children… And Why Vaccine Supporters Shouldn’t Care

Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children are often chastised and stereotyped for putting their own kids at risk. But what is even stranger than this assault on individual freedom and informed choice, is that these concerned parents are attacked for putting vaccinated children at risk.

These attacks are based on the theory of “herd immunity.” This hypothesis was plucked out of an old college textbook. It states that the more people are immune to an infectious agent, the less likely an immune-compromised individual is to come in contact with it. In other words herd immunity serves as a human shield – a type of immunity – for “at-risk” individuals. But remember, it’s only a hypothesis.

When outbreaks arise among children, health officials are quick to state that it’s due to a breakdown in ‘herd immunity.‘ Doctors parrot it too, without even looking at the research. They say it’s happening more often nationwide as states make it easier for parents to opt out of vaccinations.

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Survey: Vaccinated children five times more prone to disease than unvaccinated children
Friday, January 11, 2013
(NaturalNews) An ongoing study out of Germany comparing disease rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated children points to a pretty clear disparity between the two groups as far as illness rates are concerned. As reported by the group Health Freedom Alliance, children who have been vaccinated according to official government schedules are up to five times more likely to contract a preventable disease than children who developed their own immune systems naturally without vaccines.

Released as its own preliminary study back in September 2011, the survey includes data on 8,000 unvaccinated children whose overall disease rates were compared to disease rates among the general population, the vast majority of which has been vaccinated. And in every single disease category, unvaccinated children fared far better than vaccinated children in terms of both disease prevalence and severity. In other words, the evidence suggests that vaccines are neither effective nor safe.

"No study of health outcomes of vaccinated people versus unvaccinated has ever been conducted in the U.S. by CDC or any other agency in the 50 years or more of an accelerating schedule of vaccinations (now over 50 doses of 14 vaccines given before kindergarten, 26 doses in the first year)," wrote Louis Rain back in 2011 for Health Freedom Alliance about the survey.

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What You Need to Know About the Different Forms of Mercury, the Next Generation of Mercury Testing, and How to Detox Safely
January 06, 2013
By Dr. Mercola

Dr. Christopher Shade, a former organic farmer, received his PhD from the University of Illinois. His education included the study of metal-ligand interaction in the environment, and for a long time, he specialized in environmental- and analytical chemistry of mercury.

About six years ago, he developed and commercialized technology for mercury speciation analysis — a process that separates and measures different forms of mercury. Shortly after starting this company, Quicksilver Scientific, he turned his focus to the clinical side, and the human body's ability to detoxify mercury

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Study: 97 percent of children affected by 2009 mumps outbreak were vaccinated for condition
Friday, January 04, 2013
(NaturalNews) More evidence has emerged showing the complete failure of modern vaccines to provide any real protection against disease. A recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) reveals that an astounding 97 percent of children affected by a mumps outbreak that swept the Northeast back in 2009 had already been vaccinated for the condition in accordance with recommended government guidelines.

According to the study, 3,502 children of primarily Orthodox Jewish upbringing developed mumps between June 28, 2009, and June 27, 2010, as a result of an unusual "face-to-face" educational method used at certain all-boys Jewish schools throughout the New York and New Jersey areas. Among those affected by the outbreak, 97 percent were said to be Orthodox Jewish persons, and nearly one-third were between the ages of 13 and 17.

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Pretty Damning Statistics: Hospitalizations and Mortality Rates Regarding Vaccines

Catherine J. Frompovich, Contributor
Activist Post

After Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (PL99-660) in 1986, a postmarketing safety surveillance program called Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was set in place in 1990 to collect information about adverse events or side effects attributed to vaccines licensed and administered in the United States.

Since VAERS' inception, over 350,000 adverse reports have been reported. However, only 13% of all reports were considered serious reactions that included life-threatening conditions, permanent disability, or even death, according to GS Goldman and NZ Miller who investigated and statistically analyzed the VEARS database for the years 1990 to 2010.

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Is There An Alternative to Toxic-Jab Vaccinations?
Monday, December 31, 2012
Catherine J. Frompovich, Contributor
Activist Post

Vaccines and vaccinations need to be examined for various reasons by everyone, I think.

First and foremost, all vaccines contain chemicals and neurotoxins that should not be injected into infants or adults, e.g., formaldehyde—an EPA-declared carcinogen; mercury in the form of Thimerosal (49.6% Hg)—one of the most toxic elements in chemistry; aluminum—a neurotoxin; polysorbate 80—a proven anti-fertility agent in animal studies; foreign DNA from bovine, pig, dog, chicken, monkey, insects, and aborted human fetal cells (diploid cells), plus a roster of toxic industrial chemicals.

If the premise and practice of medicine is first do no harm, then it is quite obvious that the medical profession apparently is not aware of, nor does it read, the informational literature that accompanies vaccines called vaccine package inserts.

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Study Shows Influenza Vaccines Cause Spontaneous Abortions and Stillbirths
04 Sep 2012
A comparison of fetal-loss reports in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) during three consecutive influenza seasons shows there was a synergistic toxicity causing spontaneous abortions (SAB) and stiillbirths (SB) following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations of pandemic and influenza vaccines administered to pregnant women.

An overwhelming majority of pregnant women who visit the doctor's office are now refusing the flu vaccine over fears it will harm their fetus and their fears are now scientifically justified. More than 90% of all expecting mothers will now say no to the flu vaccine due to fear of miscarriage and delivery of toxic byproducts to their unborn child.

In 2011, Dr. Alessandro Bertoucci who analyzed the practices of 256 physicians treating more than 600,000 patients, reported that a staggering 91% of pregnant women are declining influenza vaccines due to fears of miscarriage and suspected toxins in the vaccine itself.

A study published last year in the Human and Experimental Toxicology journal found a direct statistical correlation between higher vaccine doses and infant mortality rates. It was a confirmation that many anti-vaccine advocates have long awaited and further establishes and adds to preliminary evidence that vaccinations are toxic poisons having no place in the human body.

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Fact: Vaccinations are Killing Our Kids
August 12th, 2012
Every day we are told that vaccinations are the best defense against the killer diseases threatening our children. The governments, media and pharmaceutical industries dish out billions of dollars advertising the benefits of vaccination in an effort to convince us.

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At Last! Government Documents Locked Up for 30 Years Proving This Vaccine Unsafe Finally Revealed
By Christina England | August 30th, 2012
Many parents are opting to have their children vaccinated with the single measles, mumps and rubella vaccines due to growing concerns about the safety of the MMR, but are they jumping out of the frying pan into the fire? Hidden government documents have revealed that leading professionals have had serious concerns about the safety of the single measles vaccines for many years.

Secret government documents that have been under lock and key for thirty years have revealed that the UK government has known for many years that the single measles vaccine can cause the debilitating neurological disorder SSPE or Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis.

SSPE is a degenerative neurological condition, which affects a person’s behavior, memory and coordination, leading to fits, blindness and eventually death. The Disabled World News 2010 [1] says that the symptoms a person with SSPE experiences are subtle:

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Study Calls Into Question Primary Justification for Vaccines
June 28th 2012 Sayer Ji, founder
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "Immunity to a disease is achieved through the presence of antibodies to that disease in a person’s system."[i] This, in fact, is the main justification for using vaccines to "boost" immunity, and a primary focus of vaccine research and development. And yet, newly publish research has revealed that in some cases no antibodies are required for immunity against some viruses.

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Followup story: Vaccination Agenda: An Implicit Transhumanism / Dehumanism

Hep B Vaccine Damages The Liver It Is Supposed To Protect
March 6, 2012 By Sayer Ji
“According to Hippocratic tradition, the safety level of a preventive medicine must be very high, as it is aimed at protecting people against diseases that they may not contract.” ~ Marc Girard, Autoimmune hazards of hepatitis B vaccine.

Startling new research published in the journal Apoptosis indicates that hepatitis B vaccine, which is designed to prevent Hepatitis B virus-induced damage to the liver, actually causes liver cell destruction.

In the study titled “Hepatitis B vaccine induces apoptotic death in Hepa1-6 cells,” researchers set out to “…establish an in vitro model system amenable to mechanistic investigations of cytotoxicity induced by hepatitis B vaccine, and to investigate the mechanisms of vaccine-induced cell death.”

They found the hepatitis B vaccine induced a “loss of mitochondrial integrity, apoptosis induction, and cell death” in liver cells exposed to a low dose of adjuvanted hepatitis B vaccine. The adjuvant used was aluminum hydroxide, which is increasingly being identified as a contributing cause of autoimmune disease in immunized populations.

Another study published in the journal Hepatogastroentology in 2002, observed that Hepatitis B vaccination was statistically associated with gastrointestinal reactions including: hepatitis, gastrointestinal disease and liver function test abnormalities in comparison to other vaccine control groups.

This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg…

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Another source:

HepB Vaccine Causes Liver Disease: Science Documents & Shows How

Smallpox was declared eradicated, yet still infects humans today. By Viera Scheibner, PhD
April 2, 2012
In 1967, the World Health Organization(WHO) initiated a world-wide eradication campaign against smallpox. In that year, some 131,000 cases of smallpox were reported to WHO from 42 countries. It was understood that this number could have represented only some 5% of the total number of cases. What was the possible motivation for such an ambitious program?

Side effects and ineffectiveness of smallpox vaccination have been the main smallpox issue discussed in medical papers for a long time. In 1928, the British Medical Journal (14 January:74) published an article by Garrow showing that the fatality rate among the vaccinated cases of smallpox in England and Wales in 1923 and 1926, in those over 15 years of age, was higher than among the unvaccinated. This stirred a lively discussion, published on 21 January 1928 (BMJ; 115-116). Among the comments are those of Percy Stocks, who considered waning vaccine immunity the reason for increased mortality among those of 15 years of age. He tried to imply that although dying within 2 months of contracting smallpox, victims could have died of other causes.

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July 11, 2003 / 52(27);642-646
Update: Multistate Outbreak of Monkeypox --- Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin, 2003

Study: Chemicals In Great-Grandma’s Life May Promote Disease In You
May 3, 2012
The chance of a woman getting ovarian disease may be tied to the toxic chemicals her great-grandmother was exposed to. That’s according to a new study by researchers at Washington State University. The study could help explain the role of environmental factors in inherited diseases. Here’s how it works. Picture your great-grandmother. Now let’s say, while pregnant with your future grandparent, she was exposed to some toxic chemical. Pesticides, phthalates — that stuff in plastic — or maybe jet fuel. Those are some of the things the researchers looked at. It could be that something happens in your still-developing grandparent. Not in the DNA itself. This isn’t a genetic mutation. Rather, the toxic substance may alter the chemistry surrounding the DNA — that is, the programing that determines whether a gene is switched on or off. And researcher Michael Skinner found, at least in rats, a switch gets flipped that promotes ovarian disease for generations down the line. “This suggests that environmental compounds and what your ancestors were exposed to — might actually promote a disease in you. And you’re going to pass it on to your children,” Skinner says. Skinner says the same mechanism could also be contributing to rising cancer rates. The study was published in the journal PLoS One. Copyright 2012 Northwest News Network

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Source Story:
Environmentally Induced Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance of Ovarian Disease
The actions of environmental toxicants and relevant mixtures in promoting the epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of ovarian disease was investigated with the use of a fungicide, a pesticide mixture, a plastic mixture, dioxin and a hydrocarbon mixture. After transient exposure of an F0 gestating female rat during embryonic gonadal sex determination, the F1 and F3 generation progeny adult onset ovarian disease was assessed. Transgenerational disease phenotypes observed included an increase in cysts resembling human polycystic ovarian disease (PCO) and a decrease in the ovarian primordial follicle pool size resembling primary ovarian insufficiency (POI). The F3 generation granulosa cells were isolated and found to have a transgenerational effect on the transcriptome and epigenome (differential DNA methylation). Epigenetic biomarkers for environmental exposure and associated gene networks were identified. Epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of ovarian disease states was induced by all the different classes of environmental compounds, suggesting a role of environmental epigenetics in ovarian disease etiology.
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Half-Siblings of Those With Autism at Raised Risk for Disorder: Study
Research also suggests that fathers, mothers equally likely to transmit higher risk
Friday, April 20, 2012
FRIDAY, April 20 (HealthDay News) -- Half-siblings of children with autism are at increased risk for the disorder, according to a recent study that provides new genetic clues about autism.

Previous research has shown that full siblings of children with autism are also at higher risk for the developmental disability. The new finding may not be surprising -- given that half-siblings share about 25 percent of their genes -- but provides new clues to how autism is inherited.

The study included more than 5,000 U.S. families enrolled in a nationwide autism registry in which there was a child with autism and at least one other sibling. Included were 619 families with at least one maternal half-sibling, meaning the children shared the same mother but not the same father. The researchers compared autism recurrence among the half-siblings to the rate among the full siblings.

The findings also suggest that in many families, the transmission of autism from parents to children is the result of the effects of many genes, with each contributing a small proportion of the risk, he said.

The study was published online April 16 in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

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Peer Reviewed Study: Why are Nurses becoming Anti-vaccinists?
Posted on 04.22.12
Background: Background: In most countries rates of immunizations of health care workers with recommended vaccines are not satisfactory.

Objectives: To identify reasons behind the low rates of compliance of Israeli nurses in Mother and Child Healthcare Centers (MCHC) with an official request for pertussis vaccination.

Methods: Three focus groups were conducted. Qualitative analysis identified themes that could explain the nurses’ non-compliance.

Results: Trust in health authorities was low, mainly following the A/H1N1 purported influenza pandemic. In addition, nurses did not see the importance of being role models for the public and demanded the autonomy to decide whether to receive vaccinations. The nurses differentiated between their role asnurses and their personal life, expressed fear of new vaccines and exhibited low levels of risk perception. Misconceptions regarding vaccinations were expressed by the nurses.

Conclusions: Antivaccinationist ideas were expressed by MCHC nurses and these attitudes may have led to non-compliance with vaccination guidelines.

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Whooping cough vaccine fades in pre-teens: study
Tue Apr 3, 2012 2:13pm EDT
(Reuters Health) - During a whooping cough outbreak in California in 2010, immunized children between eight and 12 years old were more likely to catch the bacterial disease than kids of other ages, suggesting that the childhood vaccine wears off as kids get older, according to new research.

"We have a real belief that the durability (of the vaccine) is not what was imagined," said Dr. David Witt, an infectious disease specialist at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Rafael, California, and senior author of the study.

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Vaccine failure admitted: Whooping cough outbreaks higher among children already vaccinated
Mick Adams comments:

Baby receives cocktail of seven vaccines, loses ability to speak, recovers with homeopathic shock remedies
April 3rd, 2012
(HealthyTimesNewspaper) – Baby Irene’s dad agreed with his homeopathic physician, Hannah Eagle, about the dangers of vaccines. He certainly did not plan on vaccinating his 4-month old daughter. On December 4, 2011, however, under a tremendous amount of pressure from the family pediatrician, he and his wife acquiesced and allowed a single injection cocktail of seven vaccines, as follows: DPaT (3 vaccines: diphtheria, pertussis, tetnus), HIB, Pneumococcal, Polio, and Influenza.

Baby Irene stopped communicating

Once home, she had a fever that eventually passed. The parents then began to notice that the ordinary babbling, cooing, baby talking, and so forth had completely ceased. Their baby could no longer talk! She would open her mouth and appear as if she were trying to speak, but could only manage to stick out her tongue. “She is not talking at all,” reported her terrified father. “It seems to me when she tries to make noise, all she does is stick out her tongue. Her tongue is out a lot more now and she is chewing her thumb and moving her tongue around a lot in the process.”

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Introduction to book - Virology - the misnamed Science
Written by Janine Roberts Thursday, 14 August 2008
The word ‘virus' comes from the Latin for a poisonous liquid, and before that from the Sanskrit for the same. The hunt for them started when, towards the end of the 19th century, it was suggested that invisible living particles much smaller than bacteria might cause the epidemic illnesses for which no bacterial cause could be found. When the electron microscope found tiny particles in the blood serum of patients entering and leaving human cells, this was a Eureka Moment. The prediction was surely about to be proved true. These particles were assumed to be invading and hijacking our cells in order to reproduce. They were thus all condemned as poisons, as ‘viruses.'

As more of these were searched for and found in sick people, many illnesses became blamed on them. They became the invisible enemy, the nano-terrorist we must fear. We were instructed that one of our first duties for our newborn children is to vaccinate them against this dreaded foe. Thus was created an ever-growing multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry.

But, as I have travelled through the science that underlies this industry, I have gradually learnt to ask questions. I now realise that there is another way to see this story that fits all the data. I have learnt from biologists that our cells naturally produce viral-like particles without being invaded or infected, both when healthy and sick. Currently such particles are named by asking what illnesses they cause as if this is their raison d'être, their only importance, the sole reason for cells making them. They would be named far more positively and comprehensively by asking what cells produce them and for what purpose.

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CDC Report Finds 1 In 49 Children In NJ Identified With Autism
March 29, 2012
WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1 in 88 children in the United States, and 1 in 49 children in New Jersey, have been identified as having an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to a new study released today. Autism spectrum disorders are almost five times more common among boys than girls – with 1 in 54 boys identified.

The number of children identified with ASDs ranged from 1 in 210 children in Alabama to 1 in 47 children in Utah. The largest increases were among Hispanic and black children.

The report, “Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders – Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, 14 Sites, United States, 2008,” provides autism prevalence estimates from 14 areas. It was published today in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

“This information paints a picture of the magnitude of the condition across our country and helps us understand how communities identify children with autism,” said Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “That is why HHS and our entire administration has been working hard to improve the lives of people living with autism spectrum disorders and their families by improving research, support, and services.”

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CDC Says Autism Rate Rising
Thursday, 29 Mar 2012, 6:20 PM CDT
HOUSTON - From "Scary" to "Horrifying”: that's how many view newly released autism numbers from the Center for Disease Control. Five years ago, one out of 150 children was challenged with some form of autism.

Today, the number is one in 88.

"The way I view it, the CDC has abjectly failed our children. There has been a 78 percent increase in autism in this decade.

"Inevitably, if we don't do something different they are going to keep going up," said Leslie Phillips of Katy, mother of a son with autism and board member of the National Autism Association.

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How many children have to suffer from autism to call this an emergency?” Advocates Say HHS Secretary Must Declare Autism A Health Emergency
Wed 18 Apr 2012 07:26
Grassroots autism advocacy organizations representing over 100,000 autism families held a press conference Monday, April 2, 2012, World Autism Day, to push for official recognition of autism as a national public health emergency and to analyze the federal health authorities’ ongoing failure to respond.

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CDC to Announce New Autism Rate of 1 in 88, and Likely to Declare “No Public Health Emergency” and “No Epidemic”
Wednesday, 28 March 2012 10:22
This week, the Canary Party expects CDC to announce a new autism prevalence rate of 1 in 88. As boys are diagnosed with autism at more than four times the rate of girls, this translates to 1 in 54 boys. That new rate would be an increase from the previous 1 in 110 reported two years ago by the CDC’s ADDM (Autism Developmental Disabilities Monitoring) Network. This would only be the latest uptick in the autism rate reported by CDC, as the disorder was diagnosed in 1 in 10,000 in the 1960s, and the rate was virtually zero before 1930.

The Canary Party also expects federal health authorities to continue to downplay the seriousness of the skyrocketing autism rate, just as they have done for the past two decades since the rate began rising dramatically. Canary Party Chairman and autism father Mark Blaxill, drawing on his own experience working with federal agencies on autism for many years, commented, “No matter how high the autism rate soars, the CDC’s continued denial of an autism epidemic is certitude comparable to death and taxes.”

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Institute of Medicine adverse reactions report admits MMR vaccines cause measles, seizures, anaphylaxis and other health problems
August 28, 2011
(NaturalNews) The Institute of Medicine, which has long functioned as a front group for the pharmaceutical industry and receives tens of millions of dollars in annual funding from drug companies and global elitists (like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, etc.), has issued a report that declares the MMR vaccine is not linked to autism. This is now being widely reported in the conventional (controlled) media, which isn't telling you the real story behind this report.

What's the real story? That this IOM report, even though it goes out of its way to excuse vaccines and dismiss safety concerns, still openly admits that vaccines cause measles, febrile seizures, anaphylactic shock and other potentially fatal side effects. It also admits that other vaccines are linked to a whole host of bizarre side effects, including skin lesions, difficulty breathing and live virus infections (see complete list, below).

Furthermore, the conclusion that "vaccines do not cause autism" is erroneous, as the IOM did not interview even a single parent of an autistic child and did not conduct a medical review of any autistic children whatsoever. Instead, the IOM claims to have reviewed thousands of vaccine papers published in conventional medical journals -- yes, the very same medical journals that are practically run by pharmaceutical interests and have been caught publishing "scientific" articles that were really fraudulently ghostwritten by drug company hacks. (

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GSK lab fined over vaccine tests that killed 14 babies
January 5, 2012
GlaxoSmithKline Argentina Laboratories company was fined 400,000 pesos by Judge Marcelo Aguinsky following a report issued by the National Administration of Medicine, Food and Technology (ANMAT in Spanish) for the killing of 14 babies during illegal lab vaccine trials conducted between 2007 and 2008.

Likewise, two doctors -Héctor Abate, and Miguel Tregnaghi- were fined with 300,000 pesos each for irregularities during the studies.

The charges included experimenting with human beings, falsifying parental authorizations so babies could participate in vaccine-trials conducted by the laboratory from 2007 to 2008.

Since 2007, 15,000 children under the age of one from Mendoza, San Juan and Santiago del Estero have been included in the research protocol, a statement of what the study is trying to achieve. Babies were recruited from poor families that attended to public hospitals.

A total of 7 babies died in Santiago del Estero; 5 in Mendoza; and 2 in San Juan.

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$61 Million Dollar Settlement for a Child Injured by a Vaccine Negotiated by Attorneys at Maglio Christopher & Toale, PA
PRWeb – Fri, Jul 1, 2011
The U.S Federal Vaccine Court awarded a $61 million settlement for a child who suffered a severe adverse reaction after an immunization. Vaccine attorneys at the law firm of Maglio Christopher & Toale, P.A., believed that the case was clearly a result of a reaction to the DTaP immunization. Court documents show that only hours after the baby received a routine diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccination, she started to have seizures, abnormal breathing, irregular heartbeats, and at 6:05am the next morning, her heart stopped completely. It took 6 minutes of CPR to revive her. She has spent that last 6 years of her life suffering from cognitive delays, cerebral palsy, encephalopathy, and seizure disorder. The family's attorneys say the $61 million dollar award will pay for the child's around the clock medical care for the rest of her life.

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Mitochondrial Disorder and Vaccine-Injury: Stuff You NEED to Know.

Many children should NOT receive vaccinations because they have underlying mitochondrial disorders that make them exponentially more vulnerable to vaccine damage. Mitochondrial disorder results from alterations in DNA that damage the body’s energy system, including the ability to produce and utilize ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate). This changes the way the immune system responds to challenge and results in systemic damage rather than the child responding with increased immunity (which is the supposed goal of vaccinations).

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A Not-So-Perfect Vaccine: The Diphtheria, Tetanus And Acellular Pertussis Vaccine: An Investigation
By: Dr. F. Edward Yazbak
The Disease
Pertussis or Whooping Cough is an acute infectious disease caused by Bordetella pertussis. The disease has been described for centuries; the organism was first isolated in 1906. Whooping cough is transmitted through the respiratory route usually by droplets of secretions.
[Article is long, footnoted and well worth reading.]

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Special Report: The Vitamin C Treatment of Whooping Cough
December 20, 2011
This is important. If you think that a vaccinated person cannot get whooping cough, in the most severe manner, think again. Most babies over the age of 6 months who get whooping cough are fully and “appropriately” vaccinated. Pertussis is admittedly, even by the vaccine enthusiasts, primarily spread by vaccinated children, adolescents and adults, who have inadequate immunity. Regardless, they will still say the problem is not with the vaccine, but rather with too few doses of vaccine. However, conventional medicine’s own scientific studies demonstrate that bacterial clearance and immune response is not as efficient in the vaccinated, in particular with the acellular pertussis vaccine. When pertussis is left to take its normal course in the community, the supposedly vulnerable infants that the vaccinationists scream and yell about, are protected by maternal antibodies and mother’s milk until they are old enough to process the disease on their own. ...

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The Vitamin C Treatment of Whooping Cough by Suzanne Humphries, MD

Whooping Cough and Pesticide Programs
California Counties 2010 [DRAFT]
by Jim West

This is in response to unsupported mainstream media claims that vaccine exemptions caused the recent Whooping Cough ("pertussis") epidemic. Those claims were made by omitting the obvious toxicology of pertussis epidemics.

I have created a table (see below) with toxicological data included with pertussis data for California. The table demonstrates that pest quarantines (implicit pesticide spray programs) correlate well with the recent 2010 pertussis epidemic.

June, 2010, pertussis spiked in California. June-Aug is the season for pertussis epidemics, which is also the season for pesticide spray programs, quarantines, and peak outdoor air pollution.

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False Alarm Over Pertussis "Outbreak"
A Letter from Lawrence B. Palevsky
December 2011

In October 2011, the Suffolk County Health Commissioner published a Health Advisory stating that 179 cases of pertussis have been reported to the NYS Department of Health this year, compared with 54 cases in 2010 and 75 cases in 2009.

1) It is well known that the number of reported cases of pertussis is much lower than the number of actual cases of pertussis.

Pertussis bacteria live in the air. They get blown around along with the other trillions of bacteria that live in the air. Because pertussis bacteria live in the air, we breathe them in along with the other trillions of bacteria swirling around. They end up inhabiting our noses, airways, and lungs. We can be harboring pertussis bacteria in our airways simply by breathing the air.

Air is air. Air is free to breathe. We breathe in whatever is in the air. And, vaccinated and unvaccinated children are equally exposed to breathing in pertussis bacteria. Anyone who poses as science the idea that unvaccinated children pose a threat to the population because they are unvaccinated and are more likely to transmit a disease to the rest of the population, is misleading you, promulgating myth, and inaccurate. Vaccination with the pertussis vaccine does not exonerate anyone from carrying the pertussis bacteria, or prevent them from being exposed to the bacteria.

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Teenage Girl In Zombie-Like State After Vaccine!
New Cervarix Vaccine, Competing With Gardasil, Leaves 13 Year Old Girl in Daily “Waking Coma”

They were told the vaccine had few side-effects and would protect their daughter from cervical cancer. Now, Lucy Hinks is unable to walk or talk after having injections at school.

Her parents are convinced the controversial Herpes Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine is behind their daughter Lucy’s mystery illness. Lucy is now in a vegetative, semi-sleep state where she “sleeps” for 23 hours per day.

Tests have so far ruled out a brain tumor and/or glandular fever, and the 13-year-old’s pediatric consultant is investigating potential links with the vaccine Cervarix. The shot was part of a national vaccination program which started in September 2008 — but it has already been linked to several more recent cases of girls displaying severe side-effects.

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Truth About Gardasil Demands that the Department of Justice Investigate HPV Vaccines. Part 2 of 3
September 29, 2011
Activist group delves further into the HPV Vaccines and the questions and possible dangers surrounding them.

Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States of America ( September 29, 2011 -- In part 1, we outlined for you how limiting the participation in the clinical trials has the potential to impact the general population that the vaccine is administered to and raised our concerns about the composition of the placebo. With all of this data that has been accumulated, one has to go back to the ingredients of the vaccine and ask why they cause the reaction rates that they do. We are only going to concern ourselves with the carrier solution here because we feel that the HPV-VLP rDNA is of a lesser concern.
In essence, these vaccines have the very real possibility of causing allergies (42), hyper-IgE syndrome, and a myriad of other symptoms that Merck and GlaxoSmithKline either have a treatment for or have ongoing studies to treat these conditions and/or symptoms..

These vaccines are creating a new clientele for therapies manufactured by Merck and GlaxpSmithKline. It is our belief that this comes under your jurisdiction in regards to the anti-trust laws.

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Wakefield’s Autism Research Is Cited by Researchers Who Say They Can’t Replicate It
26 September 2011
Something rather strange is going on in autism research. Andrew Wakefield was smeared, his reputation trashed, his career torched, and his work labeled every negative thing conceivable—including fraud. The Lancet pulled his work off their site; they disappeared it. Everything conceivable was done to discredit Wakefield’s work and make it disappear. So why are researchers who have disavowed Wakefield and his work, and who have stated that it isn’t replicable, now citing his papers extensively? The only thing they don’t do is use the initials M, M, and R in one breath.

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SANE Vax to FDA: Recombinant HPV DNA found in multiple samples of Gardasil
September 2, 2011
At the request of medical consumers concerned about HPV vaccine safety and efficacy, SANE Vax Inc. has retained a private laboratory to test a number of samples of HPV 4 Gardasil™ (Merck) for possible contamination by human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA in the vaccine lots distributed to physicians.

The laboratory has informed SANE Vax Inc. that one hundred percent of thirteen (13) samples of Gardasil™ taken from lots #1437Z, #1511Z, # 0553AA, #NL35360, #NP23400, #NN33070, #NL01490, #NM25110, #NL39620, #NK16180, #NK00140, #NM08120 and #NL13560, currently being marketed in the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, and Poland have been found to be positive for HPV DNA.

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How the mouse brain is influenced by the gut
30 August 2011
Eating a strain of gut-loving bacteria reduces anxiety-like behaviour in mice - a finding that suggests a spoonful of microbes could help stress levels go down in people too.

The human gut is home to about 1000 trillion bacteria, which prevent pathogenic bacteria infiltrating our bowels. Once thought to simply prevent diarrhoea, gut bacteria have recently been linked to autism, reducing the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, and treating eczema. Now it seems these microbes can also reduce stress in animals and humans.

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High Incidence of Polio Among Vaccinated Pakistani Children
July 14, 2011
The health authorities have discovered that more than 78 per cent of confirmed polio cases in Pakistan involved children who had been administered polio drops. Officials at the National Polio Control Program said that the incidence of polio in the country had risen during the past three years, adding that they suspected that the vaccine may have lost its effectiveness after being stored at incorrect temperatures.

However, the CDC’s own data shows that it is possible for children to develop polio from the oral vaccine itself:

From 1980 through 1999, there were 162 confirmed cases of paralytic polio cases reported. Of the 162 cases, eight cases were acquired outside the United States and imported. The last imported case caused by wild poliovirus into the United States was reported in 1993. The remaining 154 cases were vaccine-associated paralytic polio (VAPP) caused by live oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV).

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Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults
Cochrane Library
Tom Jefferson, Carlo Di Pietrantonj, Alessandro Rivetti, Ghada A Bawazeer, Lubna A Al-Ansary, Eliana Ferroni

Authors' conclusions: Influenza vaccines have a modest effect in reducing influenza symptoms and working days lost. There is no evidence that they affect complications, such as pneumonia, or transmission.

This review includes 15 out of 36 trials funded by industry (four had no funding declaration). An earlier systematic review of 274 influenza vaccine studies published up to 2007 found industry funded studies were published in more prestigious journals and cited more than other studies independently from methodological quality and size. Studies funded from public sources were significantly less likely to report conclusions favorable to the vaccines. The review showed that reliable evidence on influenza vaccines is thin but there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions and spurious notoriety of the studies. The content and conclusions of this review should be interpreted in light of this finding.

More Excerpts:
Selective reporting
The harms dataset from randomised studies is small. The trial authors appear to regard harms as less important than effectiveness assessment. For example, in the trials by Beran et al (Beran 2009a; Beran 2009b) data collection on harms began at the receipt of the vaccine or placebo and continued until the end of the study. However, harms data were solicited from a subset of subjects and no mention of method used to select them and no justification for not collecting harms data from all participants were reported.

Other potential sources of bias
It is now known that industry funding of influenza vaccines stud- ies determines publication in high prestige journals and higher citation rates than other types of funding. In addition industry funding is associated with optimistic conclusions, but the quality of the majority of influenza vaccines studies is low, irrespective of funding. A previously cited review showed a complex web of interrelationships between these variables (Jefferson 2009a), but how this impacts on policy making is unknown.

Inactivated parenteral vaccines (Analysis 01)
Inactivated parenteral vaccines were 30% effective (95% CI 17% to 41%) against the symptoms of ILI if content matched WHO recommendations and circulating strain, but were not effective (RR 0.93, 95% CI 0.79 to 1.09) when these were unknown (Anal- ysis 1.1.2)

[Editors note: I believe that the 30% reduction of ILI under ideal circumstances is 30% of 20% annual ILI incidence (.3 x .2 = .06 which is 6%) AND constitutes a bias as studies typically do not include the approximately 6% ILI incidence which follows in the few days following an influenza vaccination. So even under ideal circumstances the value of the vaccine is zero or harmful.]

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Vaccines - The Emperor Has No Clothes...
August 26th, 2011
Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen
On Thursday, August 18th, 2011, a meeting was held in Washington, DC hosted by John Thompson - Deputy Director, Office of Environmental Policy, U.S. Department of State. It was very eventful.

The fact that the meeting happened at all cascaded shock waves through the vaccine promotional community. Why? Because the reality of this meeting, and where the vaccine situation is heading, shows that the carefully contrived world of vaccine promotion is crumbling - and, hopefully, it will never recover.

The official reason for the meeting, called a "US State Department Listening Meeting" was primarily about the presentation of several NGOs (Non Government Organizations) each of whom have a seat at the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) on mercury in the environment, alongside the US State Department.

Those NGOs take a completely different position, in fact in total opposition, to certain official US government agencies, and pharmaceutical trade groups, on the issue being addressed at the UN meeting - mercury in the world environment.

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Institute of Medicine adverse reactions report admits MMR vaccines cause measles, seizures, anaphylaxis and other health problems
Sunday, August 28, 2011
(NaturalNews) The Institute of Medicine, which has long functioned as a front group for the pharmaceutical industry and receives tens of millions of dollars in annual funding from drug companies and global elitists (like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, etc.), has issued a report that declares the MMR vaccine is not linked to autism. This is now being widely reported in the conventional (controlled) media, which isn't telling you the real story behind this report.

What's the real story? That this IOM report, even though it goes out of its way to excuse vaccines and dismiss safety concerns, still openly admits that vaccines cause measles, febrile seizures, anaphylactic shock and other potentially fatal side effects. It also admits that other vaccines are linked to a whole host of bizarre side effects, including skin lesions, difficulty breathing and live virus infections (see complete list, below).

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Leeds girl’s mystery illness breakthrough
Tuesday 28 June 2011
MEDICS have finally found answers over why a seven-year-old was struck down by a mystery illness which left her disabled.

... Melody, from Belle Isle, Leeds, picked up an infection as a baby which caused brain inflammation encephalitis.

... Now her mum is also questioning why Melody was given the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination.

The youngster’s deterioration started soon after she had the jab in 2008 and Mrs Brook has now found that her child’s medical records showed a doctor had recommended that Melody should not be given any live vaccines.

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Babies die after vaccinations
June 2 2011
A Cape Flats community [South Africa] is shocked and enraged after the sudden mysterious death of two infants.

Manenberg residents say the three-month-old babies died within a few hours of each other after receiving their routine vaccination injections at the local clinic.

... It’s still not clear what caused the infants’ deaths, but police spokesman November Filander says:”I can confirm two kids passed away, a boy and a girl. The causes of their death is still not known but police have opened up an inquest docket at Manenberg Police Station.” - Daily Voice

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Vaccines and Neonatal Immune Development
June 07, 2011
The Scientist recently published an article about Dr Douglas Wallace who is head of a new unit called the Center for Mitochondrial and Epigenomic Medicine, at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr Wallace believes that “Every one of the diseases we can’t solve is absolutely logical if we put energy at the center,” ... “I believed that in 1970 and I believe it now.”

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UK Government Documents on Aluminium in Vaccines
June 04, 2011
The shocking truth about aluminium (aluminum) in vaccines from UK government documents
by John Heptonstall

In September 2010 the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, MHRA, which is the government agency responsible for regulating medicines and medical devices in the UK, reported that there was a risk of aluminium exposure caused by calcium gluconate injection 10% in 10ml glass containers. Calcium Gluconate is licensed for use in certain acute conditions such as hypocalcaemia and cardiac resuscitation. It has been found that Calcium Gluconate solution in glass vials contains almost 200 times more aluminium than Calcium Gluconate in plastic vials; this is due to the solution leeching aluminium from the glass.

... Examples of vaccine containment include Pluserix vaccine, manufactured by Smith-Kline Rit, SA, gained Product License No. 002/0166 in 1988 under the Medicines Act 1968 and is described on the Part 1 Schedule as being contained in neutral type 1 glass vials with bromobutyl rubber stoppers, aluminium overcaps and flip-off tops, along with the diluent in neutral type 1 glass ampoules or vials with butyl rubber stoppers and aluminium overcaps. Immravax, manufactured by Institut Merieux, received Product Licence No. 6765/0020 in 1989 which describes the vaccine as being contained in single or multidose glass vials. Infanrix, the Hib DTP-IPV vaccine of GlaxoSmithKline uses glass vials. Meningitec manufactured by Wyeth is also stored in glass vials. The recently hyped H1N1 vaccine issued in millions of doses prepared in glass vials each containing 10 individual patient doses; in Chicago alone more than 100,000 persons were inoculated with that vaccine; will Chicago experience an associated increase in mental deterioration as neurological effects take hold amongst that vaccinated group?

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Vaccines and Brain Inflammation
Harold E Buttram, MD and Catherine J Frompovich
June 1, 2011

Inflammation is a biochemical process resulting from pathogens, irritants, or damaged cells. It should not be compared to infection, although inflammation can result from infection. A cascade of biochemical events propagates and matures the inflammatory response, involving the local vascular system, the immune system, and various cells within the injured tissue. Several diseases have their origin in the inflammatory process: Alzheimer’s [2], coronary artery disease [3-6], and cancer. [7-9] Other disorders with which inflammation is associated include acne vulgaris, asthma, autoimmune diseases, chronic prostatitis, glomerulonephritis, hypersensitivities, inflammatory bowel disease, pelvic inflammatory disease, reperfusion injury, rheumatoid arthritis, transplant rejection, vasculitis, interstitial cystitis. Inflammation, therefore, is well known in the etiology of disease.

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Pneumonia jabs for pensioners to be scrapped 'as they don't work'
31st May 2011
Pneumonia jabs for the over-65s are to be scrapped by the Government because they do not save lives.

Millions of pensioners have been vaccinated with a one-off jab that was supposed to give ten-year protection against an infection that causes pneumonia.

The vaccine programme is estimated to have swallowed up £100million – with jabs costing around £20 each including GPs’ time – since it was launched in 2005.

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The French Paradox: How A Nation with A 90% Vaccination Rate Has A Measles Epidemic.
Christopher Maloney, Naturopathic Doctor | May 27, 2011
The Journal of Internal Medicine reported that the U.S. had a bumper crop of measles cases this year. 118 cases. 89% of those were imported in from other countries. Evidently the French had about 10,000 cases already this year.

... The most disturbing article was on French adults who contracted the disease. The healthcare workers had overwhelmingly been fully vaccinated and still contracted the disease. (see my website for data). The Canadian experience of epidemics has been that the ability of the vaccine to protect ranges from 66-88% for two doses, which is consistent with other epidemics.

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UK Paediatrician and MSBP Expert Knew Babies Suffered Breathing Problems and Died After Vaccination
May 19th, 2011
Over the last two years I have seen two documentaries both entitled ‘A Very Dangerous Doctor’. Both featured the work and research of the now discredited Professor David Southall. It has puzzled me how these documentaries failed to mention the crucial evidence of Lisa Blakemore-Brown and instead both chose to focus their attention on the work and evidence of Munchausen by Proxy campaigner and Southall hater Ms Penny Mellor.

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Florida legislature refuses to regulate mercury in vaccines
May 18, 2011
(NaturalNews) An amendment to regulate the use of mercury in vaccines was voted down in Tallahassee, Florida, May 6. The amendment would have made it illegal to buy, sell, manufacture, deliver, import, administer or distribute any vaccine that contained more than 0.3 micrograms of organic or inorganic mercury per milliliter for children younger than age 7 or pregnant women.

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO - May 17, 2011
I grow weary of people who continually want “proof” that vaccines cause harm and can cause autism. Every year the insistence for “More research!! More research!” goes by, four million more children born each year are lined up to be injected with dozens of doses of 16 different vaccines. Many of these precious bundles will become chronically ill; some will become statistics.

Webster defines proof as "something that induces certainty or establishes validity." What level of "proof" yet needs to be demonstrated that will be described as definitive confirmation? Video of children the day before, and then the day after, vaccines have documented autistic regression; the recordings are even admissible in Court as evidence. Is that enough "proof"? Heart wrenching stories about side effects after vaccines – high pitched screaming, vomiting, seizures and even death – have been told by the thousands of parents. Is that proof, or all they all liars?

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Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders in a Total Population Sample
May 9, 2011 by autismsciencefoundation
A long-awaited study of autism prevalence in Korea came out today in the The American Journal of Psychiatry. Most of the information we have about autism prevalence comes from the US, the UK and Europe, so many were looking at this as the “Korean Study”. It is that, and very much more.
The results? A much higher prevalence estimate than previously found, along with a large fraction of the autistic students previously unidentified and being educated in regular education programs.

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Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?
4 May 2011
The infant mortality rate (IMR) is one of the most important indicators of the socio-economic well-being and public health conditions of a country. The US childhood immunization schedule specifies 26 vaccine doses for infants aged less than 1 year—the most in the world—yet 33 nations have lower IMRs.

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More information on infant mortality from the CDC:

Fractures believed to be child abuse may be metabolic bone disease
May 3, 2011
Pediatric Academic Societies’ Annual Meeting 2011

New data suggest that metabolic bone disease, not child abuse, may be the cause of multiple unexplained fractures in some infants.

“Classic metaphyseal lesions, posterior rib fractures and fractures in different stages of healing are thought to be pathognomonic for child abuse,” researchers wrote. “However, we believe these findings can also be seen in metabolic bone disease of infancy.”
“Careful review of the X-rays with attention to the predisposing factors that can impair fetal and infant bone mineralization is critical to avoid an erroneous diagnosis of child abuse,” they wrote. “We do not believe that most [classical metaphyseal lesions] are fractures, but rather are regions of non-mineralized osteoid in healing [metabolic bone disease in infancy].”

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US Government Concedes Hep B Vaccine Causes Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
April 25, 2011 by childhealthsafety
Here we present the US Federal Court’s decision and order in full below.

The claimant in this case was dead when the damages were awarded. Tambra Harris died on November 9, 2009. Tambra’s mother and Administratix of her estate, Louvonia Deniece Harris, was substituted as petitioner, and an amended petition was filed on October 15, 2010.

Hepatitis B vaccine is given to US infants at birth for a disease which they are not at risk of.

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Note: Other Hepatitis B vaccine articles are on this page.

Insanity Inc: How the CDC Disclaims Itself from Itself

Imagine that you are sitting at a restaurant counter and a waitress has brought you the menu. Below the various offerings you see the following disclaimer:
Sam’s Café makes no express or implied promises or warrantees that any of the information contained in this menu is accurate; and will not vouch for any meal delivered. If you suffer stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, or hallucinations, seek medical treatment immediately. Sam’s Café assumes no responsibility if you become sick or die from the meals or drinks delivered.
Although we’d think twice before ordering, people who seek reliable information about diseases and treatments from federal and state agencies generally believe what’s on the menu even when they receive similar disclaimers.

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Trial, and many errors
Rema Nagarajan, TNN, Apr 23, 2011 The Times of India
About 14,000 girls, aged between 10 and 14 years in the Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh were vaccinated with the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine as part of a study on the efficacy of the vaccine against cervical cancer last year. These girls were mostly tribal children whose parents were agricultural labourers. The public outcry following the death of six of the girls led to the government suspending the study. It was later found that there were several violations of existing protocols. The parents of the girls, who were staying in hostels , were never informed. Instead , consent was taken from the wardens.

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Seth Mnookin walks away without answering awkward questions on US government concessions regarding autism and vaccine
April 19, 2011
Panic Virus’ author Seth Mnookin closed his blog the other week entitled ‘More embarrassing reporting from CBS News’s Sharyl Attkisson’ (HERE) without responding to fundamental criticisms. ...

CHS summarised the points on Mnookin’s blog:-

- The US HRSA has confirmed vaccines can cause autistic conditions.

- Merck’s current Director of Vaccines Division confirmed vaccines can cause autistic conditions – and that was when she was the Head of the US Centers for Disease Control.

- Autistic conditions can be caused by multiple vaccines as was conceded by the US Department of Health and Human Services in the Hannah Poling case.

- Autistic conditions can result from acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) following MMR vaccination as held by the US Federal Court in the case of Bailey Banks.

- The increase in autistic conditions, diabetes, childhood asthma and obesity can only be caused by enviromental factors as was confirmed by the current Director of the US National Institutes of Health and leading geneticist Dr Francis Collins in evidence to Congress when he was head of the Human Genome Project.

- the rate in the USA is approximately 1 in 100 and in the UK it is 1 in 64

- the cost to the UK has been estimated to be £28 billion per annum.

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Indicted Researcher Poul Thorsen: Autism Speaks' Original Trailblazer
April 19, 2011
Poul Thorsen, indicted last week (HERE) by US Attorneys for embezzling tax payers money via the Centers for Disease Control, also received $1 Million in funding through an Autism Speaks grant in 2008 (HERE). Now Autism Speaks is trying to hide their Thorsen affiliation. Why is that?

Families across the country work diligently to raise money for Autism Speaks at over 80 walks per year, despite the knowledge that Autism Speaks' research approach has always been to supplement projects currently underway by the CDC and NIH. This arrangement between Autism Speaks and the CDC/NIH amounts to a supplemental federal tax. However, walkers are willing to contribute, and individuals can light their money on fire by contributing at walks if they want.
Poul Thorsen crafted the plan to use Denmark vaccination data despite the fact that CDC, Thorsen and the NAAR board all knew that Denmark's vaccine schedule then, and now, is not remotely similar to the US vaccine schedule. The results of the Denmark studies helped the CDC out of a tough spot and over the past decade, Thorsen's studies were utilized by the CDC repeatedly to falsely reassure the American public about the safety of vaccines. CDC certainly owed Thorsen.

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Is Autism Speaks Giving Poul Thorsen the Old Huck Finn Treatment?
April 19, 2011
In 2008, Autism Speaks reported on their epidemiology grants on their web site. They let supporters know that they were funding a one million dollar international autism registry with CDC and several international researchers including:
"Poul Thorsen, MD, PhD, University of Aarhus, Denmark and Emory University, USA.

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Dr. Peter Gerhardt on the Needs of Adults with Autism
April 10, 2011
As you'll read, Dr. Gerhardt is among the growing community of autism experts who is concerned that we will soon be overwhelmed by a "wave" of adults with autism spectrum diagnoses. In his view, available resources are already swamped - and are unlikely to improve quickly in the present economic environment. Gerhardt outlines the issues, and then presents a challenge, paraphrasing Hubert Humphrey: "For generations of adults with autism and their families, this is a test we cannot afford to fail."

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Unicef child-death campaign in Africa 'failed'
12 January 2010
A UN programme to combat child deaths from disease in West Africa has failed, a Johns Hopkins University study says.

Unicef spent $27m (£17m) rolling out vaccinations, vitamin A pills and bed nets to protect against malaria from 2001 to 2005 in areas of 11 countries.

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Japan halts Pfizer and Sanofi vaccines after four die
Mar 7, 2011
The infants died shortly after receiving the vaccines. While it was unclear if there was link between the deaths and vaccines, use of Pfizer's Prevenar and Sanofi's ActHIB will be suspended while the deaths are investigated, the ministry said in a statement.

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Deadly choices - Paul's porkies.
March 03, 2011
Paul Offit’s book called, “Deadly Choices How the anti-vaccine movement threatens us all”
A publication called American Medical News, August 12, 1991, page 6, ran an item on a paediatrician survey conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Academy President, Dr Antoinette Parisi Eaton was quoted as saying that
the 10% of American children not vaccinated for measles, represented 8 million children at risk of contracting the disease.
(So where does that leave Paul Offit’s claim that the numbers of unvaccinated has doubled since then?)

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Paul Offit's Science Friction
April 25, 2011
The subject of a previous blog on Paul Offit, was his porkies in his new book "Deadly choices" Dr Offit has authored another document, where, amongst various dictatorial objectives, he wants to force yearly "exemption reviews" by a "state-approved counselor" (inquisitor/brainwasher), to brow-beat parents who chose not to vaccinate - who will no doubt then be billed by the state.

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Viruses and the GM Insect “Flying Vaccine” Solution
December 13, 2010
While it is generally clear, even to the relatively uninformed, that government and corporations have become one and the same, the extent to which this is the case is still largely unknown amongst the general public. Likewise, the extent to which this merger is affecting public health is also not widely known. In recent years (aside from their other horrific projects) government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), think tanks, and corporations have all banded together to combine two of the biggest scourges on the environment and human health — genetic modification and vaccines — into one entity.

While “scientists” have been genetically modifying insects for years, only in the last few have they begun to openly discuss releasing them into the environment. As always, the fact that public discussion has just now begun to take place on the issue means that the project has already been initiated. This much has been borne out by the facts in that the release of the insects has already been announced.

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Suspected measles–mumps–rubella vaccine-related encephalitis: Two cases
[publication Issue] January 2011, Vol. 43, No. 1 , Pages 75-78 (doi:10.3109/00365548.2010.513067)
The cases of 2 infants who developed acute encephalitis in close temporal proximity to receiving measles–mumps–rubella vaccination are described. One developed modified hypsarrhythmia and recovered completely with adrenocorticotrophic hormone protocol, while the other remains severely neurologically handicapped. The timing between vaccination and symptom onset raises suspicion of the vaccine as the possible cause.

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SafeMinds Comments on Pediatrics Study on Thimerosal and Vaccines
September 20, 2010
This study was funded by CDC and conducted by several parties with an interest in protecting vaccine use: ... The CDC and AHIP overruled the external consultants. The paper published this week in Pediatrics reported the curious finding that increased mercury exposure from thimerosal in vaccines actually decreased the risk of having an autism diagnosis.

Study Limitations
There are two primary deficiencies in the study methodology which would lead to the curious finding of a protective, rather than a harmful effect of early thimerosal exposure found in the study. The first deficiency concerns the variables used for stratification and the second concerns the low participation rate leading to sample bias.

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Placebo fraud rocks the very foundation of modern medical science; thousands of clinical trials invalidated
October 28, 2010
(NaturalNews) You know all those thousands of clinical trials conducted over the last few decades comparing pharmaceuticals to placebo pills? Well, it turns out all those studies must now be completely thrown out as utterly non-scientific. And why? Because the placebos used in the studies weren't really placebos at all, rendering the studies scientifically invalid.

This is the conclusion from researchers at the University of California who published their findings in the October issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine. They reviewed 167 placebo-controlled trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals in 2008 and 2009 and found that 92 percent of those trials never even described the ingredients of their placebo pills.

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More kids' hospital doctors get whooping cough
Mon Oct 18, 2010
Two more Women's and Children's Hospital doctors have been confirmed with whooping cough in Adelaide.

Two more Women's and Children's Hospital doctors have been confirmed with whooping cough in Adelaide.

There have now been three cases in recent weeks.

... The hospital says the doctors have contracted the infection despite keeping their vaccinations up to date.

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Factors Affecting U.S. Manufacturers’ Decisions To Produce Vaccines
Health Affairs, 24, no. 3 (2005): 635-642 doi: 10.1377/hlthaff.24.3.635 [2005]
To understand how manufacturers perceive production incentives and disincentives, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) met with the four pharmaceutical firms that sold vaccines through CDC-negotiated contracts during 2002 and 2003.

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The Not-So-Crackpot Autism Theory
By ARTHUR ALLEN Published: November 10, 2002
Neal Halsey's life was dedicated to promoting vaccination. In June 1999, the Johns Hopkins pediatrician and scholar had completed a decade of service on the influential committees that decide which inoculations will be jabbed into the arms and thighs and buttocks of eight million American children each year. At the urging of Halsey and others, the number of vaccines mandated for children under 2 in the 90's soared to 20, from 8.

And then suddenly in June 1999, during a visit to the Food and Drug Administration, a squall appeared on the horizon of Halsey's confidence. Halsey attended a meeting to discuss thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative that at the time was being used in several vaccines -- including the hepatitis B shot that Halsey had fought so hard to have administered to American babies.

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Vaccine Court: Autism Debate Continues
Court Again Concedes Vaccines Cause Autism
Jun 10 2009
This week, in aHuffington Postexclusive, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and investigative journalist David Kirby reveal that in the recent case of Bailey Banks vs HHS, the Vaccine Court has ruled vaccines caused Bailey’s autism and ordered compensation for his family.

Banks is the second case where the government could not deny the overwhelming evidence showing vaccines caused a child’s autism. The first was the case of Hannah Poling in March 2008. The government conceded the case and awarded her family compensation.

Small victories for these children, but what about the hundreds of thousands of other families struggling with autism? Who and what can they believe in this continuing vaccine-autism controversy?

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