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Oct. 11,2005

Press Release

AIDS and Avian Flu,

Plagues, Made in America?

Researchers and scientists recommend an emergency restraining order on MedImmune Vaccines, Inc., FLU MIST

According to researcher team, Dr. Mark and David Geier, the current flu vaccines are not only ineffective against the expected Avian Bird Flu pandemic but that “the FDA Approved thimerosal/mercury-free FLU MIST (MedImmune Vaccines, Inc., Gaithersburg, MD) vaccine may create a super strain virus plague”, warns Dr. Mark Geier.

The well respected research team has already alerted members of the medical community in Washington, DC recommending that any support for the FluMist vaccine be withdrawn immediately and a restraining order be issue to the vaccine manufacturers. The immediate and present danger lies in the suspicion that the FluMist contains 2 key genetic sequences needed for efficient human-to-human transmission that the avian flu is missing.

FluMist is a live cold-adapted trivalent nasally administered vaccine, which is currently being recommended for individuals between the age of 5 and 49 years. According to the 2005 Physicians Desk Reference (PDR), the probability of acquiring a transmitted vaccine virus following close contact with a single FluMist inoculee was estimated to be 2.4% (95% CI: 0.13-4.6) [31]. Because of the possible transmission of this vaccine’s viruses, vaccine recipients are advised to avoid close contact with immuno-compromised individuals for at least 21 days. Additionally, persons with conditions such as human immunodeficiency virus infection, malignancy, leukaemia, or lymphoma, and patients who may be immunosuppressed or have altered or compromised immune status as a consequence of treatment with systemic corticosteroids, alkylating drugs, antimetabolites, radiation, or other immunosuppressive therapies, may be at significant risk if exposed within 21 days to a FluMist vaccine inoculee. Other individuals who might be at high risk if exposed within 21 days to FluMist inoculees, include, but are not limited to, adults and children with chronic disorders of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, including asthma (which up to 25% of today’s children seem to have); pregnant women; and adults and children who required regular medical follow-up or hospitalization during the preceding year because of chronic metabolic diseases (including diabetes), renal dysfunction, or hemoglobinopathies. Additionally, because FluMist contains live influenza viruses, there is the possibility with the widespread use of FluMist, that an individual might have a second concurrent viral infection with another influenza strain (such as the avian bird flu), with the possibility that the live viruses from the FluMist recombine/re-assort with the second viral infection to produce a super virus. It is obvious from the extensive list of persons who might be at risk if exposed to a FluMist vaccine recipient within 21 days of vaccination, along with potential ability of the live influenza viruses within FluMist to recombine/re-assort with other viruses, that the continued use of FluMist presents a significant potential danger to the health and well-being of a wide segment of the population. This raises major concerns about the wisdom and ethics of recommending the use of FluMist for use in the general population.

Etiology of the Avian bird flu

According to Dr. Boyd Graves, who has been marginalized over the years by “official” government medical communities for speaking up about the possibility that AIDS was purposefully designed to be a ethnic specific virulent, genocidal agent, Avian flu pandemic could be science run amuck. “Amidst the current Centers for Disease Control media orchestrated public panic over the Avian Flu Pandemic, more and more scientists are beginning to look at the appearance of these lethal virulents as being adapted by science, genetically recombined as biowarfare agents, made in America,” says Graves.

The historical trail traces itself back to the 1843 discovery of the infectious agent (MYCOPLASMA) for the “SPOTTED LEAF DISEASE”, also known as the “TOBACCO MOSAIC VIRUS.” “At the core of human (cancer) disease”, says Graves, is this ‘mycoplasma’ entity that has been weaponized over time realizing lethal and incapacitating conditions for humanity”.

The development of the mycoplasma from plant to animal to human is clear”, asserts Graves. “By 1898 the United States had realized the mycoplasma in cows, bovine spongiform encephalitis (BSE). By 1902, they had realized it in horses, equine infectious anemia virua (EIAV), in 1904, they realized it in goats, caprine arthritic encephalitis virus (CAEV). By 1910, they had realized it in fowl, Rous Sarcoma Virus (RSV)”, reports Graves after years and years of committed research into the subject.

According to page 14 – 15 of the 1978 progress report of the U.S. Special Virus program, the 1910 RSV is a product of recombinant genetics. Further review will show the 1918 Spanish Flu was a recombinant bird virus. “The same is true of the 2005 Avian flu’, comments Graves.

Is “recombinant” a natural occurrence in Nature or man made or both?

In 1918, the pandemic began not in a port city of this country, but in the Midwest. Tom Rogers, a whistleblower, working in the field of virology in the 1990s explains that the scientists who are “in the know” look towards the mid west, in specific, Missouri, to read the pulse of bird carrying plagues. “Birds from Asia and Europe converge at this spot due to the convergence of the Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri river. Various viruses recombine organically”, says Rogers. Rogers tells the story about the Missouri birthplace of the USA born deadly Flu of 1918 claiming that it was purposefully misnamed “Spanish Flu” as a distraction. He tells how A.J. Cohen, a veterinarian in Missouri in 1918 warned meat packers and distributors that a super virus was killing off pullets and piglets. However, Cohen was not only disregarded but his life was threatened by industry. “These meats were sent throughout the nation and ultimately over seas”, claims Rogers. American soldiers were exposed first to the recombinant and their war travels spread the virus to wherever they went. In fact, more soldiers died from the Spanish Flu than those who died in World War I. Rogers claim is that there is no such thing as “jumping species” as might have been designed and refined by biotechnology techniques as claimed by Dr. Boyd Graves and Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a popular lecturer on the subject and author of AID, EBOLA and other viruses. Rogers claims that the virus passes amongst species due to “wrapping your lips” around it, as he likes to phrase it. As a result of his research into the etiology of non specific species transferred plagues Rogers is now a deeply committed Vegan…that is no meat, no milk. He says the only way you can get the Avian Flu is by “eating” the infected species, or via fluid exchange, like blood transfers, sex, and close saliva contacts, like in AIDS.

Although one can usually find an originating template for bacteria, viruses and drugs in nature, Dr. Boyd Graves claims that US government purposefully brought these lethal viruses to a dangerous new level through biotechnology and laboratory recombinant technologies.

When the United States began the Tuskegee syphilis experiments in 1932, they also began the testing of the infectious agent of HIV, the sheep virus VISNA. HIV contains sequences from a 1932 strain of VISNA, strain ks1514. However, in the 1971 progress report (#8) of the U.S. Special Virus program (1971), the United States concedes that VISNA had not yet been associated with human disease.

The United States cannot explain how VISNA is the “etiological agent” of HIV, as they report in 1985, 1986 and 1995. See, Science Vol 227, pp. 173 – 7, January, 1985, see also, PROC NAS Vol 83, pp.4007 – 11, June 1986 and PROC NAS Vol 92, pp. 3283 – 87, April 11, 1995.

I believe we can have a much better understanding of medicine and science if we review the U.S. Laboratory of Hygiene (circa 1878), the 1902 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, the 1904 Station for Experimental Evolution and the 1926 MIT “Virus Cancer” Conference”, says Graves. In addition, the May 1946 Appropriations Hearing addresses a ‘synthetic biological agent’ in “useable shape”. “This is the recognition of the VISNA agent, which now wreaks havoc across the biomedical world”, comments Graves. Dr. Boyd Graves is certain, that if we review and investigate the U.S. Special Virus program, we will solve not only HIV and AIDS, but we will answer many of the unknown origins of human disease.

Meanwhile, Eileen Dannemann, director of the National Coalition of Organized Women spearheading the collection of the various data wonders if the US government has been recently testing their virus collection on the greyhound dogs…hence the new canine flu epidemic causing CDC concerns about it “jumping species” and infecting humans. Tom Rogers would say don’t kiss your dog. Dr. Boyd Graves and Dr. Len Horowitz would say…just another covert clinical trial. Dr. Mark and David Geier would say, in any case take Tamaflu, a prescriptive drug that biomedically short circuits the progression of flu disease. “Unfortunately”, Dannemann concludes, “Congress is so invested in spending millions of dollars stockpiling ineffective vaccines, there is no room at the CDC Inn for Tamaflu, a proven product that may save millions of lives. Perhaps the CDC doesn’t share patent royalties on Tamaflu”, she sighs. “But in any case, I am a Vegan”, she winks as she dabs biblical “essential oils” in her ears.

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Dr. Horowitz's most recent book is DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, a reference text on the electro-genetics of biology, disease therapy, and human spirituality. This work also details links between the anthrax mailings and human genome project heist, and leading intelligence agency, genetics industry, and pharmaceutical company officials.

For more information about Dr. Horowitz's books, videos, CDs and DVDs link to and, or by calling 1-888-508-4787. His official website is

This article was provided courtesy of Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Tetrahedron Publishing Group. It's copyright is relinquished for widespread distribution.


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Flu 'Oddities'
Last updated: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 23:18:46 GMT

Bush wants  <>
right to use military if bird flu hits 04 Oct 2005 Dictator George W.
Bush asked Congress on Tuesday to consider giving him powers to use the
military to enforce quarantines in case of an avian influenza epidemic.
[This is why CLG has been busy as a bee, working on this page: Pay particular attention to
the article which reveals that researchers went to the UK in 2004 to
exhume a body from the 1918 flu pandemic. And, no one asked 'Why.']

08a7ee1b> proposes using military to enforce quarantines where avian flu
breaks out Dictator George W. Bush said Tuesday that any part of the
country where the avian flu breaks out could likely be quarantined, and
he's considering using the military to enforce it. [Right. New Orleans
and the FEMA camps were the 'dry run.' They are going full-court press
soon, the day the Plame investigation concludes.]

N.H.  <>
officials training for possible flu pandemic 04 Oct 2005 In New
Hampshire, public health officials begin training sessions Wednesday on
the roles and responsibilities of police, the courts, prisons and public
health in handling an outbreak, and any quarantine that might be
imposed. Public Health spokesman Greg Moore said so many jurisdictions
would be involved because public health would have to issue a quarantine
order, which could be appealed to the courts. Those who don't comply
could be jailed. [Oh, the courts. Yeah, the 'courts' are sure going to
help. LOL! Bush just installed Damien Thorn as Chief Justice of the
Supreme Court and a silent sicko is warming up in the bullpen. Do you
really think Bush's *personal lawyer* - with twenty years of loyal
service to (and obsession with) Bush - is going to rule against *any* of
his edicts? Gag me with a chainsaw! Everybody needs to start worshipping
Amendment #2. And I mean *everybody* and I mean *now* - while we still
can. --Lori Price]

emia.html> agent found in DC air 03 Oct 2005 In a Sep 30 message to
health agencies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
said environmental air monitors in the Capitol Mall [Sep 24, 25]
"signaled the low level presence of Francisella tularensis," the
bacterium that causes tularemia. The microbe is one of the six agents
considered most likely to be used by [Bush's] terrorists as a biological

Did Bush  <>
administration attack peace movement with military grade biological
bacteria? By Bob Fitrakis October 4, 2005 "What do we make of the
Saturday, October 1 Washington Post headline 'Poison Found in Air During
Anti-War Protest'? ...Coincidence theorists. You gotta love 'em and
their great faith in believing in the statistically improbable
occurrence of events, rather than an alternative hypothesis: that
friends of Bush (FOBs) planted the tularemia bacteria, just as most
likely sent anthrax to Democratic senators and the media."

CDC locks
<> up flu
data 03 Oct 2005 Amid growing concerns that avian influenza will develop
into a deadly pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
is under fire by some in the scientific community for hoarding data
crucial for vaccine development. The allegations come as CDC has issued
new and controversial rules on what data, documents and other
information it will ­ and will not ­ share with the public. Open
government advocates are critical of the CDC's "Information Security"
manual, the 34-page document that gives officials 19 categories to
shield data from public scrutiny without obtaining a "secret"

34047d86c12622e600c7.html> grows over secrecy at CDC 03 Oct 2005
Scientists are accusing the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention of hoarding crucial data that could help vaccinations at
a time when there is growing concern about a possible influenza
pandemic. The nation's disease control center is also under fire from
open-government advocates for recently issuing a guide on how to keep
data, documents and information from public inspection.

Bird flu jumps
<> transmission
barrier in humans 01 Oct 2005 Bird flu has broken the transmission
barrier and jumped from human to human, according to the World Health
Organisation. Most cases have been bird to human but transmission
between people increases fears of a global pandemic.

Colo.  <>
prairie dogs hit with bubonic plague 29 Sep 2005 Health officials have
issued a warning concerning bubonic plague-infected prairie dogs in the
Boulder, Colo., area.

Rare Germ Found in
<> D.C. on Sept. 24,
25 (DC Protest Days) Tularemia Is Highly Infectious; Can Cause Pneumonia
and Systemic Infection 30 Sep 2005 A relatively rare biological agent
has been detected in air filters serving Washington D.C. in recent
weeks, ABC News has learned -- but current evidence does not show any
indication whatsoever of terrorism [?!?]. The federal government found
six air filters around the nation's capital checked on Sept. 24 and 25
contained "trace amounts" of tularemia, a type of bacteria. No
additional traces have been detected since Sept. 24 and 25. [Gee, how
blatant can they get? We need to start fighting back. Tolerating their
terrorism is becoming the greater crime. --Lori Price.]

93001775.html> Sensors Triggered 01 Oct 2005 Biohazard sensors showed
the presence of small amounts of potentially dangerous tularemia
bacteria in the Mall area last weekend as huge crowds assembled there,
but health officials said they believed the levels were too low to be a
threat. Health authorities in the Washington area were notified
yesterday that the bacteria were found in and near the area between the
U.S. Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, where crowds gathered Saturday
for an antiwar rally and a book festival.

Pandemic 'could
<> kill 150m
people' 30 Sep 2005 A leading United Nations official has warned there
could be a new influenza outbreak at any time which could kill up to 150
million people.

50 Indonesia bird flu cases  <>
suspected 29 Sep 2005 Indonesia faces more than 50 suspected cases of
deadly bird flu, Indonesian health ministry officials said on Thursday,
while lowering their figure on deaths from the disease to five from an
earlier estimate of six.

approves $4 bln to fight bird flu 29 Sep 2005 The Senate passed
legislation on Thursday to add $4 billion to the U.S. fight 'against'
deadly avian flu by stocking up on anti-viral drugs and increasing
global surveillance of the disease.

50  <> Indonesia bird flu cases
suspected 29 Sep 2005 Indonesia faces more than 50 suspected cases of
deadly bird flu, Indonesian health ministry officials said on Thursday,
while lowering their figure on deaths from the disease to five from an
earlier estimate of six.

Avian Influenza A
<> (H5N1) Infection
in Humans --The Writing Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO)
Consultation on Human Influenza A/H5 (The New England Journal of
Medicine) 29 Sep 2005 "An unprecedented epizootic avian influenza A
(H5N1) virus that is highly pathogenic has crossed the species barrier
in Asia to cause many human fatalities and poses an increasing pandemic

2005/09/28/1127804549589.html> over bird flu pecking order 29 Sep 2005
(AU) The Federal Government should roll back the "culture of secrecy"
surrounding how life-saving drugs will be rationed in the event of a
bird flu pandemic, Labor says.

flu: 54 Indonesians ill 28 Sep 2005 At least 54 people were being
treated on Wednesday for suspected bird flu in Indonesia, where the
disease had already claimed six lives, said officials.

Indonesian dies of bird flu - hospital official 26 Sep 2005 A fifth
Indonesian has died of bird flu, a hospital official said, one week
after the country declared it was facing an 'extraordinary' outbreak of
the virus.

%255E3102,00.html> bird flu fear sparks alert 24 Sep 2005 The Torres
Strait and Cape York have been put on high alert for deadly bird flu
ahead of widespread testing of migratory birds in the region.

ewsflu24.xml&sSheet=/travel/2005/09/24/ixtrvhome.html> warned about bird
flu deaths 24 Sep 2005 Health officials in Indonesia have warned that
the country could face a bird flu epidemic after the deaths this week of
two girls suspected of contracting the disease.

A New Deadly,
<> Contagious
Dog Flu Virus Is Detected in 7 States 22 Sep 2005 A new, highly
contagious and sometimes deadly canine flu is spreading in kennels and
at dog tracks around the country, veterinarians said yesterday.

Indonesia says 16
<> under
observation for bird flu 23 Sep 2005 The number of Indonesians under
observation for bird flu symptoms has risen to 16, the Health Ministry
said on Friday, but added that tests confirmed a five-year-old girl who
died this week did not have the virus.

92100638.html> Braces for Bird Flu Epidemic --Health Minister Issues
Warning as Two More Suspected Cases End in Death 22 Sep 2005 Indonesia's
health minister warned Wednesday that the country could face a bird flu
epidemic if the number of suspected cases of the virus continued to

Ten under bird flu
<> watch in
Indonesia hospital 22 Sep 2005 Indonesian doctors are observing 10
patients with bird flu-like symptoms, a senior health official said on
Thursday, amid fears a deadly avian influenza outbreak is spreading.

Deaths spark  <,10117,16683475-2,00.html>
epidemic fears 22 Sep 2005 The suspected bird flu deaths of two young
girls in Jakarta has set off a flurry of political activity. Health
Minister Siti Fadillah Supari called the re-emergence of bird flu "a
sporadic epidemic", adding to concerns that the virus could mutate into
a deadly human-to-human form.

SCH016489.html> has slim chance to stop flu pandemic 20 Sep 2005 The
initial outbreak of what could explode into a bird flu pandemic may
affect only a few people, but the world will have just weeks to contain
the deadly virus before it spreads and kills millions.

flu epidemic could kill millions worldwide: experts 18 Sep 2005 Millions
of people could die around the world if bird flu spreads out of control,
and most countries are totally unprepared for such an event, the UN's
World Health Organisation says. [No worries - FEMA will take care of us.

Two more
<> human
bird flu cases suspected in Indonesia as Jakarta closes zoo 18 Sep 2005
Two more Indonesian children are suspected of having been infected with
bird flu as authorities closed the Jakarta zoo after 19 birds there were
found to be carrying the deadly virus, officials said.

0c.html> flu's human transmission high on agenda at WHO meeting 18 Sep
2005 Stemming a possible deadly outbreak of bird flu in humans will be
high on the agenda during a World Health Organization meeting this week
in the South Pacific nation of New Caledonia.

Avian Flu:
<> Is the
Government Ready for an Epidemic? 16 Sep 2005 Already, officials in
London are quietly looking for extra morgue space to house the victims
of the H5N1 virus, a never-before-seen strain of flu. Scientists say
this virus could pose a far greater threat than smallpox, AIDS or

ml> Mice infected with deadly plague are missing in N.J. 15 Sep 2005
Authorities are searching for three mice infected with bubonic plague
that disappeared from a research laboratory about two weeks ago. The
mice went missing from the lab of the Public Health Research Institute,
which is located on the UMDNJ campus and conducts bioterrorism research
for the federal government. [Oh, I'm sure they'll emerge in a Blue state
pretty soon.]

Australia joins
<> global fight
against bird flu 16 Sep 2005 Australia has joined a new international
partnership set up by the United States to try to 'prevent' [foment] an
avian flu pandemic.

html> Buys $100 Million of Bird Flu Vaccine 15 Sep 2005 Mass production
of a new vaccine that promises to protect against bird flu is poised to
begin, as the government on Thursday agreed to stockpile $100 million
worth of inoculations. The new contract with French vaccine maker
Sanofi-Pasteur marks a major scale-up in U.S. preparation for the
possibility that the virus could spark an influenza pandemic.

sia_bird_flu_1> Reports 4th Human Bird Flu Death 15 Sep 2005 Indonesia
on Friday confirmed its fourth human death from the bird flu virus, and
warned that more cases in the sprawling country were inevitable.

Warnings on
<,10117,16599740-29277,00.html> bird flu
pandemic 14 Sep 2005 A bird flu pandemic in Australia could be more
deadly for the nation than almost any sort of terrorist attack, Health
Minister Tony Abbott has warned.

Europe races to
<> shore up bird
flu defences 12 Sep 2005 Europe is racing to bolster its defences
against bird flu, fearing it could be winging its way to the continent
with migrating wildfowl via countries too poor to check its spread.

5/09/12/1126377255789.html> bird flu death in Jakarta 13 Sep 2005 An
Indonesian woman is almost certainly the first known bird flu fatality
in densely populated Jakarta...

Police focus on bird flu and
<> disasters 12 Sep 2005
Being prepared to manage a crisis such as bird flu or natural disasters
are areas police must see they have proper skills for, says (Fiji)
Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes. The conference will see the adoption
of a Pacific framework for natural disasters where police form a
regional network where help can be procured when any big natural [or
Bush-engendered] disaster strikes anywhere in the region.

Indonesian  <>
authorities suspect bird flu outbreak 12 Sep 2005 Health officials in
Jakarta suspect there has been another deadly outbreak of bird flu in
the Indonesian capital. Preliminary tests show a woman who died in
hospital overnight was infected by the H5N1 virus which killed three
others in the city two months ago.

"Very strange bird flu" or is bird flu -
<> American bio-weapon? By Vladimir
Ivanov 22 Aug 2005 "In view of all this the fact of unexpected even for
US allies refusal in 2001 by the administration of George Bush to sign
the draft of new multilateral agreement on toughening the prohibition of
bacteriological weapons, already signed by 140 countries, must not be
ignored. And in 2002 the group of prominent scientists-microbiologists
of the USA and England publicly accused authorities of the USA of
development of the new generation bacteriological weapons, in particular
special cluster bombs which represents a gross violation of
international agreements."

Bird flu  <>
pandemic inevitable, says WHO 08 Sep 2005 The World Health Organisation
(WHO) yesterday warned that a pandemic of the bird flu strain lethal to
humans is inevitable, and would likely kill between one and seven
million people worldwide, Reuters reports. [We really need to eliminate
the Bush regime before bird flu 'mysteriously' arrives, as a Weapon of
Mass Distraction for Bush's Katrina and Iraq. Outside of forced
quarantines and utilizing FEMA's concentration camps on a grand scale, I
really can't foresee any other actions that Bush and Halliburton will
take during the pandemic. --Lori Price]

Bird flu pandemic
<> a question of
when, not if -WHO 07 Sep 2005 The world is going to face a pandemic of
the bird flu strain lethal to humans and Thailand is the only nation in
South and Southeast Asia ready to deal with it, the World Health
Organization (WHO) warned on Wednesday.

Europe races to
<> shore up bird
flu defences 06 Sep 2005 Europe is racing to bolster its defences
against bird flu, fearing it could be winging its way to the continent
with migrating wildfowl via countries too poor to check its spread.

Bird flu confirmed in 45
<> Russian villages --
report 05 Sep 2005 The bird flu virus has been confirmed in 45 Russian
villages, and 80 villages are still being tested for the virus as of
September 5, Russia's Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary
Inspection reported Monday.

Bird flu
<,10166,16495785-31037,00.html> risks
spreading to Europe 05 Sep 2005 The bird flu virus that had leapt to
Russia and Kazakhstan after causing deaths and huge economic losses in
Asia risked spreading further, borne by migratory birds criss-crossing
the globe, experts said today. Wild birds are widely credited with
spreading avian influenza far beyond its epicentre in the backyard farms
of Asia, where the mingling of species gives virologists nightmares
about the risk of mutation into a far deadlier form.

Nations on alert as
<> bird flu likely
to spread around globe 01 Sep 2005 The bird flu virus that has hit
several Asian countries is likely to spread to Europe, the Middle East,
and Africa, the U.N. food agency warned on Wednesday, urging nations at
risk to step up surveillance and prepare emergency plans.

U.N. warns deadly  <>
bird flu is likely to migrate west 01 Sep 2005 The bird flu virus that
has hit several Asian countries is likely to spread to Europe, the
Middle East and Africa, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization
warned Wednesday, urging nations at risk to step up surveillance and
prepare national emergency plans.

France reinforces
<> defences
against bird flu 30 Aug 2005 France said on Tuesday it would toughen
defences against the potential arrival of bird flu in the country,
reinforcing checks at airports and building stockpiles of vaccines in
the event of a human pandemic.

Ministers leave '2m  <>
lives at risk from bird flu' --University professor accuses government
of creating 'new BSE' in bird flu --Professor dismisses government
claims that bird flu threat to UK is remote -- 29 Aug 2005 Government
complacency over the risk of the Asian bird flu epidemic reaching
Britain is endangering the lives of up to two million people, according
to Professor Hugh Pennington. The emeritus professor of microbiology at
Aberdeen University, who is Britain's leading expert on the H5N1
sub-virus, yesterday accused health officials of creating "the new BSE".

<> bird
flu hits Finnish gulls 28 Aug 2005 Finland reported Friday its first
case of bird flu, found in gulls in the northwest of the country, but
said the strain did not carry any risks for humans.

<,,2087-1753892,00.html> elite get
pills to survive bird flu 28 Aug 2005 Members of Britain's elite have
been selected as priority cases to receive scarce pills and vaccinations
at the taxpayers' expense if the country is hit by a deadly bird flu
outbreak. Workers at the BBC and prominent politicians ­ such as cabinet
ministers ­ would be offered protection from the virus.

Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=1125094213295> flu: 'The only question is
when' --Avian's arrival called inevitable Experts fear global pandemic
--Not if, but when for outbreak of disease: Experts Avian flu virus is
possible candidate for global infection 27 Aug 2005 The deadly avian flu
virus is slowly but surely making its way around the world.

82601748.html> Case of Bird Flu First in Finland 26 Aug 2005 Finnish
authorities said Friday they had found a suspected case of bird flu in
the north of the country. An Agriculture Ministry official said it was
unlikely to be a case of the H5N1 strain, which scientists fear might
spark a human pandemic.

Flu: Intensified Checks At Fiumicino 27 Aug 2005 The morning after the
urgent order signed by Health Minister, Francesco Storace, checks on
passengers and baggage have been intensified at Fiumicino for passengers
coming from (China, Russia, and now also Finland), for bird flu, HSN1.

6/BNStory/International/> Flu Spreads to New Species 26 Aug 2005 Bird
flu has killed three rare civets born in captivity at a national park in
Vietnam, marking the first time the virus has been reported in the
species, officials said Friday.

,4439450.story> Flu Discovered in Vietnamese Civet Cats 27 Aug 2005 Bird
flu has killed three rare civet cats at a national park in Vietnam,
officials said Friday, the first time the virus has been reported in the
species. The Owston civets died in late June at Cuc Phuong National
Park, about 75 miles south of Hanoi.

Fears  <> grow over arrival
of bird flu in UK 26 Aug 2005 Britain's public health experts are losing
sleep over the threat posed by bird flu to Britain's health and economy,
one of them revealed yesterday.

Spread of
<,,13509-1749943,00.html> bird flu
virus is a 'national emergency' 25 Aug 2005 Veterinary experts from
across Europe are meeting today to develop a strategy to stop the spread
of a deadly strain of avian flu, which one British scientist has
declared a national emergency.

ml&sSheet=/portal/2005/08/25/ixportaltop.html> flu "undoubtedly" will
hit UK 25 Aug 2005 Avian flu will "undoubtedly" be carried to Britain by
migrating birds, the president of the British Veterinary Association
warned today.

Britain on
<> alert
as bird flu heads towards Europe 25 Aug 2005 Britain is to begin testing
wild birds for avian flu as EU officials meet today to discuss the
growing health threat from a deadly strain of the virus. Scientists fear
that a lethal form of bird flu that can infect humans may be brought
into the country this autumn by migrating waterfowl.

Bird Flu Again Detected
<> in Japan Poultry
--Bird Flu Again Detected in Japanese Poultry, Agriculture Ministry Says
22 Aug 2005 Authorities have detected another outbreak of bird flu at a
poultry farm near Tokyo, the Agriculture Ministry said Monday.

jsp?id=585> measures urged for UK 22 Aug 2005 The government is under
pressure to bring in emergency measures to protect poultry in this
country from bird flu.

id=89488&headline=lock-up-your-chickens--name_page.html> Up Your
Chickens [LOL!!] 23 Aug 2005 Warning as bird flu spreads west
--Britain's chickens should be kept indoors to stop them catching bird
flu, it was claimed yesterday. The warning came as Holland told farmers
to move their flocks inside - with Germany set to follow next month. A
strain of the H5N1 virus - which infects poultry and has been linked to
the deaths of 57 people - has spread into Russia and could soon reach

guards against bird flu 20 Aug 2005 The Rome-Fiumicino international
airport has begun implementing precautionary measures involving
passengers and merchandise originating from regions affected by bird
flu, the airport said on Saturday. Passengers travelling to the Rome
airport from China or Russia may be immediately hospitalised in an
infectious diseases clinic if they shows signs of respiratory problems,
airport authorities said in a statement.

xml&sSheet=/portal/2005/08/21/ixportal.html> H5N1 is approaching
Britain. Brace for impact 21 Aug 2005 Some scientists are already
drawing parallels with the so-called Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918, in
which another bird flu virus - code-named H1N1 - hit the right genetic
combination needed to trigger human-to-human transmission. The resulting
pandemic led to at least 20 million deaths, double the number of people
killed in the First World War. "The population is higher now, so we
could be talking about 100 million deaths or more," says Prof Neil
Ferguson, an expert on virus epidemics at Imperial College, London. "The
1918 scenario is within what people should be planning for."

birds could bring deadly flu to UK this winter 21 Aug 2005 Migratory
ducks and waders could bring bird flu to Britain this winter, experts
have warned, after the disease was found in wild flocks in Russia.

82001152.html> Flu Suspected at Big Russian Farm --Presence of Deadly
Virus, if Verified, Would Be the Nation's Biggest Outbreak 21 Aug 2005
Russian officials have quarantined a large poultry farm in Siberia
because of a suspected outbreak of bird flu, news reports said Saturday.
If confirmed, it would be the first major occurrence of the lethal virus
among birds in Russia, and international health officials expressed
concern that the disease had spread closer to Western Europe.

<> flu
virus: A crisis waiting to explode It is spreading fast and nations are
stockpiling antidotes 20 Aug 2005 Health experts claim bird flu is a
ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Initially, it was seen as a few
isolated cases in South-East Asia, may now be the beginnings of a global

> flu may cause global economic mayhem' [We've got Bush already doing
that] 19 Aug 2005 Canadian financial analysts predicted that an avian
flu pandemic would have dire consequences on the global economy, its
impact comparable to the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Progress of bird
<> flu across
Russia tracked by European scientists 19 Aug 2005 A highly infectious
form of bird flu which appears to be moving westwards across Russia
towards Europe is being tracked by teams of scientists in Germany and
the Netherlands.

Germany  <>
considering measures to prevent bird flu 18 Aug 2005 Germany is
considering special measures to prevent bird flu entering the country,
Agriculture and Consumer Protection Minister Renate Kuenast said on

Bird flu
<> case
detected at chicken farm in east Japan 18 Aug 2005 Chickens at a farm in
Konosu, Tokyo's neighboring Saitama Prefecture in east Japan, have
tested positive for bird flu virus, the Ministry of Agriculture,
Forestry and Fisheries said Thursday.

2236.htm> Bird flu deadly to humans 16 Aug 2005 Russia says an outbreak
of bird flu in Chelyabinsk is dangerous to humans, as teams of sanitary
workers destroy birds in Siberia in an attempt to prevent the westward
spread of the deadly virus.

told to keep birds indoors over fear of flu 16 Aug 2005 Dutch farmers
are being ordered to keep poultry indoors in the toughest measures yet
imposed by a European Union country against bird flu.

Deadly bird flu
<,,3-1736294,00.html> virus is
closing in on Europe 16 Aug 2005 An outbreak of avian flu among wild and
domestic birds in Russia is spreading west and starting to approach
Europe, public health officials said yesterday.

World on alert
<> as bird flu
reaches the Urals 16 Aug 2005 Russia warned the world yesterday that
migrating birds could export the bird flu virus to Europe and the Middle
East within months.

=2005-08-15T142624Z_01_MCC546466_RTRUKOC_0_UK-BIRDFLU-RUSSIA.xml> says
bird flu may spread to Europe 15 Aug 2005 Russia, which is scrambling to
contain a bird flu outbreak in Siberia, warned the world on Monday that
migrating birds may export the deadly virus to Europe and the Middle
East in coming months.

Bird flu may spread to
<> southern Russia -
physician 15 Aug 2005 Bird flu may spread to the Astrakhan, Rostov and
Volgograd regions, Stavropol and Krasnodar territories in southern
Russia this fall, the country's chief sanitary doctor said Monday.

pandemic just 'plane ride away' --Officials watch state for signs of
outbreak 14 Aug 2005 Though avian flu has been confined to Asia so far,
public health officials in Washington state are taking the threat
seriously. They're preparing for the worst even as the Bush regime has
proposed cuts in federal funding for agencies already cash-strapped
because of 'bioterrorism responsibilities' in the wake of Sept. 11.

Asian  <,14207,1547689,00.html>
doctors attack western hoarding of key bird flu vaccine 12 Aug 2005
Doctors in Asia fear western countries will grab the lion's share of
vaccines and other drugs needed to fight an avian flu pandemic.

WHO Warns  <>
Global Bird Flu Pandemic 11 Aug 2005 A World Health Organisation
official warned of a possible global bird flu pandemic on Thursday, and
urged governments and health workers around the world to prepare for a
possible worst-case scenario.

811.XML> bird flu strain spreads in Kazakhstan 11 Aug 2005 A deadly
strain of avian influenza that can infect humans has spread to three
more Kazakh villages, a senior official at the Central Asian state's
Agriculture Ministry told Reuters on Thursday.

Bird flu
<> virus
found in Kazakhstan could kill humans 11 Aug 2005 The recent bird flu
outbreak found close to Kazakhstan's northern border with Russia was
caused by the deadly H5N1 strain that can be transmitted to humans, a
statement by Kazakhstan's Agricultural Ministry read on Thursday.

Britain  <,,2087-1724318,00.html>
prepares for bird flu death toll of thousands 07 Aug 2005 The government
is to mount an exercise to help emergency services prepare for any
potential bird flu pandemic that could kill thousands of people in
Britain. Estimates of deaths in the first six weeks of the outbreak
range from 20,000 up to 710,000, after which the disease would begin to
subside... Officials are looking for sites for mass mortuaries.

08aug08,0,1314468.story> Successful Vaccine Alone Is Not Enough to
Prevent Avian Flu Epidemic 07 Aug 2005 Health officials, who over the
weekend announced success in an initial test of a human vaccine against
avian influenza, cautioned Sunday that the existence of a vaccine in
itself would not be enough to avert a worldwide pandemic. [Dictator Bush
will *still* give billions to the pharma-terrorists.]

U.S. to  <> order millions of bird flu
vaccine doses --Government says mass distribution of drug could start by
mid-September 08 Aug 2005 The government is optimistic about a new
vaccine to protect against [sic - *foment*] an outbreak of potentially
deadly avian flu, and distribution could start as soon as mid-September,
a senior federal health official says.

t/2005/08/05/1123125905789.html> warned as bird flu heads west 06 Aug
2005 Russian authorities, struggling to contain an outbreak of avian flu
that has killed thousands of birds in Siberia, have admitted that a
spread of the virus into Europe seems inevitable.

Russia finds  <>
more bird flu cases 06 Aug 2005 Russian authorities say they have found
evidence of the bird flu virus in two more regions of the country. The
disease has been confirmed in wildfowl in the regions of Kurgan and

80201319.html> Flu Spreads to Another Russian Region 02 Aug 2005 Russian
veterinary officials said Tuesday that an outbreak of an avian flu
strain that can infect humans has spread to another region in Siberia,
while authorities were struggling to contain the virus.

Man  <>
hospitalized with bird flu symptoms in Kazakhstan 31 Jul 2005 A
20-year-old man showing bird flu symptoms has been hospitalized in
Kazakhstan's Pavlodar region, where 600 domestic geese died between July
20 and July 30 as a result of an outbreak of the disease in the area.

Bird flu moves
<> towards
Europe --Migratory birds may have caused outbreaks in Russia and
Kazakhstan. 01 Aug 2005 The H5NI avian influenza virus has broken out in
poultry flocks in Russia and in Kazakhstan, where a suspected human case
is also being investigated.

baffled as pig-disease toll rises --The World Health Organization
suggested that the rarely seen bacterium may have mutated if it was
indeed responsible for the death toll in China, now up to 31 29 Jul 2005
A mysterious pig-borne disease has spread to six more towns in southwest
China and the number of people killed has risen to 31, the Chinese
government said yesterday as it scrambled to reassure the public.

3ac707bf7c.html> Outbreak of Bird Flu Confirmed In Siberia 27 Jul 2005
Russia's chief epidemiologist, Gennadii Onishchenko, confirmed at a
Moscow news conference on 25 July what had been suspected for several
days: the first cases of bird flu ever recorded have now hit Russia...
Authorities say the virus was probably brought to Russia by migratory
birds from Asia.

s-to-24/2005/07/27/1122143888222.html> bird flu, pig bug human toll
rises to 24 27 Jul 2005 The death toll from infection with a bacteria
commonly found in pigs has reportedly risen to at least 24, with 21
people in critical condition and nearly 40 new cases in south western
China's Sichuan province.

<> flu
linked to bird feces 26 Jul 2005 Three family members who died of bird
flu earlier this month were infected by chicken droppings that contained
the deadly H5N1 strain of the virus, Indonesia's agriculture ministry
has said.

Health  <>
experts still bracing for deadlier bird flu strain 26 Jul 2005 Medical
experts are bracing for a new and deadlier virus mutating from bird flu
and the common human influenza, according to a top official of the
Department of Health.

%255E1702,00.html> Chinese disease toll now 17 25 Jul 2005 death toll
from an unidentified disease has risen to 17 with 41 other people
affected in southwest China's Sichuan province, state media said

72401146.html> Flu Deaths Sow Panic In Wealthy Jakarta Suburb
--Officials Have Not Found Source of Outbreak 25 Jul 2005 When Iwan
Siswara Rafei, a government auditor, and his two young daughters died
suddenly this month, there was panic in their middle-class suburb along
with reports that they were Indonesia's first casualties of bird flu.

72300936.html> Illness Kills Nine Chinese Farmers --Deaths Could Be
Linked to Outbreaks of Bird Flu in Nine Asian Countries 24 Jul 2005 An
unidentified disease has killed nine farmers and sickened 11 others in a
rural part of China's western Sichuan province, prompting the government
to dispatch an emergency team of researchers to investigate whether the
deaths are related to bird flu, a Health Ministry spokesman said

fp/whohealthflu_050722181422> flu outbreak could happen at any moment,
WHO warns 22 Jul 2005 The world could at any time be faced with a
massive flu outbreak like those in 1918 or 1968 that killed tens of
millions of people, the World Health Organization warned, urging
countries to be prepared.

Signs  <> point to
global influenza outbreak--WHO warning 22 Jul 2005 Indonesia's first
human bird flu case, coupled with more birds dying elsewhere including
Russia, are signs a long-dreaded global influenza pandemic may be
approaching, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Friday.

Indonesia on
<> alert after
bird flu deaths 22 Jul 2005 Indonesia is preparing 44 hospitals across
the archipelago for treatment and detection of bird flu after the
country recorded its first deaths from the virus.

tml> Catastrophic H5N1 Bird Flu Pandemic in 2005 (Recombinomics
Commentary) 17 Jul 2005 "The latest boxun report describes 10 strains of
H5N1 circulating in China. Eight of the ten have some evidence
l>  for human
infections, but there is no direct independent confirmation of the data.
The data suggest that the 2005 pandemic is well underway and a wide
range of catastrophic events will continue to make news. The report also
suggests H5N1 in China is diverse and evolving, expanding a trend that
will likely culminate in an event that may make the 1918 flu pandemic
look tame."

Bird flu a  <>
national security issue, Rudd says 16 Jul Opposition foreign affairs
spokesman Kevin Rudd (AU) says avian influenza represents a national
security challenge. He says he agrees with world health experts who say
the bird flu will cause a pandemic if it mutates, allowing human to
human transmission.

Fresh  <>
fears over spread of bird flu 16 Jul 2005 A man and his two daughters
have died of suspected bird flu in Indonesia, and initial investigations
showed they had no contact with poultry, raising concerns of possible
human-to-human transmission.

.html> defence against bird flu' 14 Jul 2005 Assurances from South
Africa's Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang that South Africa has
well advanced plans to contain a bird flu outbreak are not backed up by
the facts, says official opposition Democratic Alliance (DA)
spokesperson Diane Kohler-Barnard.

Vietnam bird flu
<> toll hits 40,
more infected 14 Jul 2005 Bird flu has killed another Vietnamese and
infected three more, taking the country's toll to 40 -- half of them
killed since the H5N1 virus returned in December, the media reported on

Defense  <>
Logistics Agency Spends $58m on Tamiflu 12 Jul 2005 --Roche Laboratories
Inc., Nutley, N.J., is being awarded a maximum $58,000,000 firm fixed
price contract for Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps for
Oseltamivir Phosphate Capsules [Tamiflu, which is used to treat
Avian flu]. This is a requirements contract with a base year and one
option period. Performance completion date is Feb. 28, 2006.

Killer bird flu
<> virus erupts
again in Thailand 11 Jul 2005 The deadly bird flu virus which has killed
55 Asians has erupted again in Thailand despite a major campaign to
eradicate it, the government said on Monday.

Japan finds fresh
<> case of bird flu
11 Jul 2005 A fresh case of bird flu has been confirmed on a chicken
farm neighbouring earlier outbreaks discovered in eastern Japan late
last month, a local government official said on Monday.

birdflu09.xml&sSheet=/travel/2005/07/09/ixtrvhome.html> flu could spread
to Europe, say scientists 09 Jul 2005 A virulent outbreak of avian flu
among migrating geese at a wildlife refuge in China has raised fears
that the disease could spread to India and Europe, according to studies
published this week by the journals Science and Nature.

Flu virus confirmed in migratory  <>
birds 07 Jul 2005 China has confirmed the deadly avian flu virus was
found for the first time in migratory birds, raising fears the disease
could spread to other regions.

450> flu 'global threat' 08 Jul 2005 Asia's bird flu may be poised to
spread through migrating birds to India, Australia, New Zealand and
eventually on to Europe, scientists warned yesterday.

Bird flu: World is on
<> the edge 05 Jul 2005
Asia's bird flu outbreak is at a critical stage where it could easily
become a human pandemic, health experts warned yesterday, urging mass
poultry vaccinations to prevent a crisis.

flu pandemic 'just a matter of time'; nations must be better
prepared-WHO 06 Jul 2005 A World Health Organization (WHO) scientist
said it is 'probably just a matter of time' before a bird flu pandemic
breaks out among humans.

Health Experts at  <>
Bird Flu Summit Call for Urgent Measures 04 Jul 2005 Health and animal
experts Monday called for the mass vaccination of poultry in Asia to
stop the spread of the virulent H5N1 bird flu virus, which has claimed
dozens of human lives in the region.

<> to
plan bird flu strategy 04 Jul 2005 Health, food and animal experts plan
to hammer out a strategy this week to ensure that the bird flu virus
does not spread from humans to humans -- a possibility that has raised
fears of an influenza.

U.S.  <>
bird flu effort lags, Congress told 01 Jul 2005 Although avian flu may
be only "a few mutations away" from becoming a pandemic that could kill
500,000 Americans, the United States lags behind other countries in
planning for the disease, health officials told Congress on Thursday.

ID=157454> detects new bird flu outbreak 01 Jul 2005 Another outbreak of
bird flu, H5N2 strain, has been found near a farm proven infected
earlier this week, the Ibaraki prefecture authorities announced on July

Vietnam  <>
confirms 60 bird flu patients 28 Jun 2005 Vietnam Health Ministry on
Monday confirmed 60 human bird flu cases in the country in the latest
outbreak since late December 2004, including 18 fatalities, local Tuoi
Tre newspaper reported.

Bird Flu Outbreak in  <>
Japan 27 Jun 2005 Bird flu has been detected in chickens at a farm in
north-eastern Japan, and restrictions have been imposed on shipments of
poultry and eggs from the area, the government said yesterday.

Bird flu
<> virus
detected in Japan 27 Jun 2005 The H5N2-type avian influenza virus has
been detected in chickens at a poultry farm in Mitsukaido, east Japan's
Ibaraki Prefecture.

flu 'as grave a threat as terrorism' 26 Jun 2005 Bird flu is now as much
of a danger to Britain as terrorism, ministers have been told by the
Government's official emergency body. Plans are being made to close
schools and cancel sporting fixtures in an attempt to limit the spread
of the virus, and official advice on how to try to avoid being infected
will be ready for publication this summer. [Looks like the deaths
of the forty-plus microbiologists (since 9/11) are about to pay off
big-time for the Bush junta: the quarantines and the tag-along
full-blown police state, all managed by Vice
-into-vail-h.html> President Bill Frist. Bush's approval rating for the
Iraq war just hit
21D77.DTL> 28% in California... even Rove and Diebold can't pull this
one out of the sewer. When the ('expected') avian flu pandemic hits, do
you think we will all be sitting around, discussing the Downing Street
Memo? Bush now needs his bioterror chickens to come home to roost.
Remember, you read it here first. --Lori Price]

Chance of bird flu
<> between humans
increases-Vietnam 25 Jun 2005 Vietnam's agriculture ministry was quoted
as saying on Saturday that the mutation of a bird flu virus was
increasing the infection possibility between humans. State-run media
cited a ministry report as saying laboratory test results overseas and
at home showed the antigen structure of the virus is changing.

health_flu_dc> pandemic could kill half million in U.S.-report 24 Jun
2005 Half a million Americans could die and more than 2 million could
end up in the hospital with serious complications if an even moderately
severe strain of a pandemic flu hits, a report predicted on Friday.

933e17c8> could create serious and sustained food shortages, expert
warns 20 Jun 2005 An influenza pandemic would dramatically disrupt the
processing and distribution of food supplies across the world, emptying
grocery store shelves and creating crippling shortages for months, an
expert warned Thursday.

Indonesia says has
<> 50 polio cases,
one bird flu 20 Jun 2005 Indonesia has found 50 polio cases since the
disease re-emerged in the country last month [right along with the
presence of the US], and one human carrier of the bird flu virus after
an outbreak hit the nation's fowl in March, the health minister said on

Oops! It's dead scientist #78... Russian
<> Investigators
Probe Biological Weapons Link to Hepatitis Outbreak 9 Jun 2005 An
investigation is checking whether the mass outbreak of hepatitis A in
the Tver region near Moscow could be linked to the biological weapons
sector. At the moment 363 people are in hospital, NewsRu.Com reported
Thursday. Some newspapers have linked the outbreak to the recent murder
of Russia's leading specialist in bio weapons. Some sources link
Wednesday's murder of Anti-Microbe Therapy Institute director Leonid
Strachunsky, who specialized in creating microbes resistant to
biological weapons, to the hepatitis outbreak, NewsRu.Com added. [See:
Steve Quayle's List
of Dead Scientists.]

61701214.html> Flu Drug Rendered Useless 18 Jun 2005 Chinese farmers,
acting with the approval and encouragement of government officials, have
tried to suppress major bird flu outbreaks among chickens with an
antiviral drug meant for humans, animal health experts said.
International researchers now conclude that this is why the drug will no
longer protect people in case of a worldwide bird flu epidemic.

Where they'll
<> bury us if
bird flu hits Bay 18 Jun 2005 Burial grounds have been earmarked in
Hawke's Bay (NZ) for a deadly flu epidemic that could kill thousands of
the region's people. The nightmare scenario is part of health
authorities' planning for an event they say is "a matter of when - not
if". The first suspected case of human-to-human transmission of bird flu
was reported in Vietnam two weeks ago.

Vietnamese bird
<> flu doctor has
bird flu 17 Jun 2005 A Vietnamese doctor who treated bird flu patients
has contracted the disease himself, a state newspaper reported on

How pigs  <,7369,1509437,00.html>
could be launchpad for bird flu pandemic 18 Jun 2005 A virologist from
Hong Kong has warned that pigs could provide a launchpad for bird flu,
even if birds carrying the virus, which is causing havoc in Vietnam,
Cambodia and Thailand, failed to do so.

WHO confirms new
<> bird flu
cases in Vietnam 15 June 2005 The World Health Organisation (WHO) says
three more cases of bird flu have been recorded in Vietnam.

61500617.html> Reports Human Bird Flu Case 15 June 2005 A farm worker in
eastern Indonesia has tested positive for bird flu, marking the
country's first human case of the virus that has already killed at least
54 people elsewhere in Southeast Asia, health officials in Indonesia
said Wednesday.

New Asian Flu  <>
Outbreaks in China Raise Fears of a Mutant Virus 11 June 2005 -- Two
reported new outbreaks of avian flu among birds in western China have
raised fears that the virus is being spread widely by migrating birds
and mutating rapidly. [Avian flu will finish mutating and become a
full-blown pandemic the day the hearings begin on the 'Downing Street
Minutes' (i.e., the beginning of the end of the Bush regime). Forty-plus
microbiologists dead since 9/11 . . . cui bono?]

As the 'Downing Street Memo' heats up: WHO urges bird flu
<> vigilance, warns
virus unstable 10 June 2005 The World Health Organisation urged
vigilance against a deadly strain of bird flu on Friday, warning that
the disease scientists say could cause a global pandemic was moving in
new and unpredictable ways. [Gee, it sure looks like the mysterious
deaths of over forty-plus microbiologists since 9-11 is about to pay off
*big time* for the Bush regime.]

Three more  <>
contract bird flu in Vietnam 09 June 2005 Vietnam has reported three new
human cases of bird flu, bringing the total number of cases in the
country since late 2003 to 79.

856B252> virus has claimed more than 350 lives 08 June 2005 The death
toll in the Marburg outbreak in Angola has climbed past 350 since it
broke out last October, with a dramatic rise since March, the health
ministry and the World Health Organisation said on Tuesday.

Bird flu: we're all  <>
going to die --by Charles Arthur 02 June 2005 "But if - when - a flu
pandemic comes, and millions of people die around the world over a
period of months, the reality will be one of two alternatives... Or else
governments will impose a police state that will make all the ID cards
and airport checks look like a tea party. You'd not be allowed to move
anywhere without showing off a vaccination certificate. (Sure, you'd get
those on the black market, and they'd cost more than £300, but would you
really want them? If you're not vaccinated would you really want to
travel among people who might be carriers?)" [a must read]

ird-flu/2005/06/03/1117568371370.html> exercise prepares for bird flu 03
June 2005 --Australia's preparedness for a bird flu outbreak will be
tested in a national exercise between 29 November 29 and 01 December,
2005. Agriculture Minister Warren Truss and Health Minister Tony Abbott
announced that Exercise Eleusis will involve a hypothetical scenario [we
hope] to test how well agriculture and health departments can work
together to identify, contain and 'eradicate' an animal disease which
can be transferred to humans.

Bird flu  <>
endemic in Indonesia, says World Health Organization 31 May 2005 While
the Indonesian government talks about eradicating bird (avian) flu by
the year 2007, WHO has stated that bird flu is endemic in the country.

New Mexico  <>
preparing plan for potential flu pandemic 31 May 2005 The state
Department of Health is devising a plan to deal with any potential flu
pandemic. State epidemiologist Mack Sewell says the plan probably should
be in place by late this summer.

52701473.html> Pledges Not to Pursue Human Vaccine for Bird Flu on Its
Own 28 May 2005 Vietnam has promised it will not unilaterally develop a
human vaccine for bird flu, abandoning plans that international health
experts had complained were hazardous and could themselves trigger an
epidemic, the World Health Organization said Friday.

China's bird flu
<> outbreak
worse than thought 28 May 2005 New figures from authorities in China
show that an outbreak of the deadly bird flu in the west of the country
is five times bigger than originally thought. Chinese officials say more
than 1,000 migratory birds have been found dead from the H5N1 virus in a
remote area of Qinghai province, which is on the edge of the Tibetan

U.S. Criticized Over
<> Bird Flu Plans 26
May 2005 U.S. efforts to counter a possible influenza pandemic,
including an outbreak of bird flu, are moving slowly and may be
inadequate in an emergency, several witnesses told lawmakers Thursday.

Medium level
<> flu
pandemic could kill up to 207,000 in USA, says CDC Director 27 May 2005
Julie Gerberding, CDC Director, said a mere medium-sized flu pandemic
could kill up to 207,000 people in the USA and place nearly
three-quarters of a million people in hospital. Experts fear we may be
sitting on a flu-pandemic time bomb. The culprit - the bird flu H5N1

US braces
<> for flu
pandemic 27 May 2005 US health authorities are taking urgent precautions
against a 'flu pandemic' that experts warned could erupt at any time and
claim tens of thousands of lives.

Bird flu
<,14207,1492463,00.html> virus
'close to pandemic' 26 May 2005 Expert warns estimate of 7.5m global
deaths is optimistic --A leading scientist warned yesterday that the
avian flu virus is on the point of mutating into a pandemic disease and
says that current estimates that such a pandemic could cause 7.5m deaths
may understate the threat.

05/26/BIRDFLU.TMP> pandemic looms, experts warn world --Many millions
will die if Southeast Asian bird virus mutates to lethal form, spreads
26 May 2005 A lineup of leading infectious disease experts warned
Wednesday that the world is unprepared for the health and economic
consequences of an outbreak of pandemic influenza that could spring from
a lethal strain of bird flu now ravaging poultry flocks in Southeast

Bird flu  <>
threat urgent, medical journal says 26 May 2005 --In an attempt to draw
attention to what it believes is an underappreciated threat, the
scientific journal Nature is devoting most of today's issue to the
likelihood that the avian influenza circulating in Southeast Asia could
spawn an international epidemic that would kill millions.

Flu  <,14207,1492072,00.html>
pandemic 'could hit 20% of world's population' 25 May 2005 --A global
taskforce should be urgently formed to tackle a potential influenza
pandemic that could affect 20% of the world's population, trigger
economic disaster and kill millions, experts warned today.

Bird flu plan calls
<> for airport
screening --Hawaii officials want to test people arriving at Honolulu
Airport 25 May 2005 --As nations prepare for a possible avian flu virus
pandemic, state and federal health officials are working on a proposal
to screen travelers who arrive at Honolulu Airport with influenza-like
illness. The state Health Department began developing the proposal a few
months ago with the federal quarantine office [?!?] at the airport, said
Dr. Paul Effler, state epidemiologist.

Bird-flu  <>
crisis plan --City sees lethal bug's arrival as inevitable 22 May 2005
--Convinced it's only a matter of time before a new flu strain capable
of killing millions reaches New York, city health officials have started
drawing up a crisis plan, the Daily News has learned. Infectious-disease
experts at the Health Department have been meeting every two weeks to
prepare a strategy for protecting the city against diseases such as the
Asian bird flu, or H5N1.

Vietnam Bird Flu Death
<> Toll Reaches 53 20
May 2005 --Bird flu has killed another person in Vietnam bringing the
regional death toll to 53, the World Health Organization said as it
continued to warn of a potential pandemic.

767> flu death toll up to 37 20 May 2005 --Vietnam's death toll from
bird flu since January 2004 has risen by one to 37, bringing to 17 the
number who have died since a surge in mid-December, according to the
World Health Organisation (WHO).

Biologists Advocate Study
<> On Marburg Origin [Uh,
Fort Detrick?] 20 May 2005 --The Association of Biologists of Angola
today in Luanda defended the need to carry out a thorough study to find
out the agents which favour the appearance of the haemorrhagic fever by
the Marburg virus in the country, which already claimed 311 deaths in a
universe of 337 cases registered.

<> flu
early warning system planned 19 May 2005 --The European Union will
tomorrow take another step towards creating an early warning system to
prevent, or at least to limit, an influenza pandemic by the launch of a
new continent-wide monitoring system.

Bird Flu Could Be Capable
<> of Human-to-Human
Transmission 19 May 2005 --Bird flu may be capable of human-to-human
transmission, the World Health Organization is warning. A strain of bird
flu in Southeast Asia is blamed for more than 50 deaths, and so far the
virus has only jumped from animals to humans, but the health agency says
"the viruses are continuing to evolve and pose a continuing and
potentially growing pandemic threat."

Bird flu virus  <>
mutating, posing bigger threat -WHO 19 May 2005 --The spate of human
bird flu cases in Vietnam this year suggests the deadly virus may be
mutating in ways that are making it more capable of being passed between
humans, the World Health Organisation said.

0a89fe70> report charts disturbing changes in avian flu virus, urges
preparations 18 May 2005 --The World Health Organization urged countries
to make full haste with pandemic influenza preparations Wednesday as it
released a report outlining disturbing changes to the H5N1 virus
circulating in Asia.

lions/2005/05/19/1116361643612.html> chiefs fear flu may kill millions
19 May 2005 --Health chiefs warn they may be unable to detect and tackle
a more deadly flu strain before it causes millions of deaths worldwide.

Bird-Flu Pattern Suggests Virus Is Evolving, WHO Says 18 May 2005 --The
pattern of human bird flu infections in Vietnam, the nation hit hardest
by the disease, suggests the H5N1 virus that causes the illness is
evolving in ways that make it more contagious, according to the World
Health Organization.

80R131> milestone shocks Angolans 18 May 2005 --The world's worst
outbreak of the Ebola-like Marburg virus has claimed 311 lives in
Angola, a joint statement by Angola's health ministry and the World
Health Organisation said on Wednesday.

Threat of Bird
<> Flu Pandemic
Dominates World Health Assembly 17 May 2005 --Avian influenza is the
most serious known health threat the world is facing, World Health
Organization Director-General Lee Jong-wook told opening of the 58th
World Health Assembly on Monday.

Indonesia tests
<> more pigs for
bird flu virus 16 May 2005 --Indonesia is testing pigs in several
regions for bird flu after discovering the virus in swine on densely
populated Java island, an official said on Monday.


reports 2 more bird flu patients 17 May 2005 --Two men from Vietnam's
northern region have fallen victim of bird flu virus strain H5N1,
Vietnam News on Tuesday quoted a doctor at the Institute of Tropical
Diseases as saying.

33b835e.htm> Marburg outbreak not under control 16 May 2005 --As the
death toll from the Marburg virus in Angola creeps up to the 300 mark,
the World Health Organisation (WHO) has expressed concern at the current
situation and is warning that the outbreak is not yet over.

Bush's bioterrorists running amok:
<,11381,1484797,00.html> US
scientists push for go-ahead to genetically modify smallpox virus 16 May
2005 --US scientists are awaiting World Health Assembly approval to
begin experiments to genetically modify the smallpox virus, one of the
most lethal organisms the planet has known.

d-flu,1,6138944.story> Finds Bird Flu in Pigs 14 May 2005 --Indonesian
researchers have found a strain of bird flu in pigs on the densely
populated island of Java, raising fears the virus could more easily
spread to humans, the government and scientists said Saturday.

&version=1&template_id=45&parent_id=25> reports its second bird flu
patient in two days 15 May 2005 --Doctors have confirmed a case of the
deadly avian flu in a man, the second human case reported in the last
two days in northern Vietnam, hospital officials said yesterday.

New Outbreak of  <>
Deadly Ebola Virus Is Feared in Congo Republic 16 May 2005 --Nine people
have died in the Congo Republic since late April from what appears to be
an outbreak of the Ebola virus, the second episode of a deadly
hemorrhagic fever to strike the region this year, a spokesman for the
World Health Organization said Friday.

Vietnamese man tests
<> positive to bird
flu 13 May 2005 --Initial tests by doctors from the Institute of
Tropical Diseases in Hanoi have found that a man in northern Vietnam has
the H5N1 virus, the first human case in more than three weeks.

RPT-Cambodian bird
<> flu suspect
hospitalised in Vietnam 13 May 2005 --A young Cambodian woman has been
hospitalised in Vietnam after showing symptoms of the bird flu virus
that has killed 52 people in Asia since 2003, a doctor said on Friday.

Tamil Nadu  <>
orders probe into bird flu virus report 12 May 2005 --The Tamil Nadu
government has ordered an inquiry into reports that a strain of bird flu
was found [planted? ] in this south Indian state by an American
laboratory. A media report said two days ago that the Atlanta-based
Centre for Disease Control and Prevention had confirmed that it found
the H5N1 bird flu virus in samples sent by the Indian Council for
Medical Research (ICMR) when the disease was raging in many Asian
countries last year.

b5daaa99> of cases of deadly Marburg virus in Angola climbs to 316 12
May 2005 --The number of cases from an outbreak of the rare Marburg
virus in the northern province of Uige, Angola, has climbed to 316, the
World Health Organization said.

tures+-+Health+&+Science&Topic=-162> flu strain found in three Chennai
poultry workers 11 May 2005 --Scientists from a partner laboratory of
the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have found the first signs
of an Avian influenza virus in three workers from a poultry farm near
Chennai. Only specific protein signatures of the "highly pathogenic"
H5N1 strain were spotted at ICMR's influenza referral laboratory in
Chennai's King Institute of Preventive Medicine-the disease itself has
not been detected.

Marburg outbreak now  <>
devastating all age groups 10 May 2005 --The outbreak of the deadly
Marburg haemorrhagic fever sweeping across northern Angola is now
devastating all age groups - and no longer predominantly young children
- say epidemiologists on the ground.

<> Toll
in Angola Rises to 327 (Recombinomics Commentary) 09 May 2005 --The
Marburg toll in Angola rose to 327 on Friday when 8 new cases were
recorded in the Ministry of Health's daily report.

fear over smuggled bushmeat 08 May 2005 --Diseases that pose a threat to
humans, such as Ebola, may be entering UK through the illegal food trade
--Seizures of illegal meat smuggled into the UK from 'high-risk'
countries where infectious animal diseases can pose a risk to human
health have spiralled by almost 20 per cent, according to new figures.

flu tests out-of-date, may have missed cases 08 May 2005 --A diagnostic
test designed by Canadian researchers and used in Vietnam to detect H5N1
avian flu is out of date, scientists from the National Microbiology
Laboratory admit -- raising the possibility some human cases may have
been dismissed in error.

Less  <> lethal bird
flu more likely to become pandemic 08 May 2005 --Vietnamese doctors are
reporting that the mortality rate from avian influenza in their country
has dropped substantially. But while this is good news for survivors, it
could mean the outbreak of bird flu in Southeast Asia is taking an
ominous turn. If a disease quickly kills almost everyone it infects, it
has little chance of spreading very far, according to international
health experts. The less lethal bird flu becomes, they say, the more
likely it is to develop into the global pandemic they fear, potentially
killing tens of millions of people.

ml> get Marburg warning 08 May 2005 -- Zimbabwe is warning its citizens
against travelling to Angola following the outbreak of the Ebola-like
Marburg virus which has claimed 280 lives, the health minister said on

8e80065b> sends 3rd team to help combat Marburg outbreak, readies 4th
rotation 06 May 2005 --Canada has sent a third team of scientists to
Angola to help contain the worst outbreak of Marburg fever on record and
is readying a fourth team to go later in the month if needed.

Bird flu
<> virus
in Vietnam has not mutated yet: newspaper 06 May 2005 --Bird flu virus
strain H5N1 has yet to change into a new form that allows human-to-human
transmission, but there is still a risk of mutation, according to local
newspaper Saigon Liberation on Friday.

ver_avian_flu_threat.html> needed over avian flu threat 05 May 2005
--Governments around the world must stop burying their heads in the sand
as the threat of a global avian flu outbreak grows, GP Nigel Higson,
writing in the British Medical Journal, said today.

Indonesia to vaccinate 5
<> million children
against polio outbreak 06 May 2005 --Indonesia was yesterday struggling
to contain its first polio outbreak in a decade. ...The latest reports
came as the government announced plans for a mass immunisation programme
in which about 5.2 million children will be vaccinated against [sic] the
virus in a single day.

confirms fourth bird flu death 04 May 2005 --Cambodia's health ministry
on Wednesday officially confirmed that the woman died in Vietnam last
month was killed by bird flu.

Indonesia finds
<> second polio
case, more suspected 04 May 2005 --Indonesian health officials said on
Wednesday they had found a second case of polio and feared more would be
uncovered on Java island, amid fears of an outbreak of the deadly

<,2763,1475987,00.html> alarm
as virus spreads to Indonesia 04 May 2005 --Outbreak a blow for global
eradication programme [But, a financial windfall to Bush's
pharma-terrorists - and more deadly vaccines paid for by U.S. taxpayers]
--The battle to eradicate polio from the globe received another serious
setback yesterday with news that the disease has spread to Indonesia as
well as Yemen, both of which had been polio-free for nearly 10 years.
[Yeah, until the U.S. showed up to 'help' after the tsunami.]

BNStory/International/> virus has fatality rate of 89%, officials say 03
May 2005 --The rare Marburg virus has killed 280 people in Angola over
the past six months, at a fatality rate of 89 per cent, authorities

kills 280 03 May 2005 --The death toll from the outbreak of the
Ebola-like Marburg virus in Angola has reached 280, most of whom
succumbed to the disease in the northern Uige province, the health
ministry and the World Health Organisation said late on Monday.

Polio Detected
<> in
Indonesia, Indicating It Crossed an Ocean 02 May 2005 --A case of polio
has been detected in Indonesia [Gee, right after the U.S. military
showed up to 'help,' in the aftermath of the tsunami. Holy coincidence,
Batman! (But, not at all unexpected...)], World Health Organization
officials said today. The virus, found in a village in Java, is most
closely related to a strain that was found in Saudi Arabia in December,
they said, and the most likely explanation is that it was brought back
either by an Indonesian working there or by a pilgrim [?!?] who went to
Mecca in January.[Yeah, the pilgrim from Fort Detrick.]

Mutated  <>
virus raises bird-flu danger level 03 May 2005 --Deadly bird flu is
mutating to spread from person to person, bringing a disastrous global
pandemic closer, experts fear. The bird flu virus - codenamed H5NI - has
crossed the first two barriers, and experts fear it is now about to
breach the third.

Avian  <> flu
pandemic could be massive disaster - and few are noticing 01 May 2005
--by Tom Saler "Experts are unsure if the bird flu virus will mutate
enough to facilitate easy person-to-person transmission. ...According to
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, even a 'medium-level'
pandemic in the United States could infect about one-third of the
population and cause up to 200,000 deaths. If that same infection rate
were applied globally, roughly 2 billion people would fall ill; assuming
a mortality rate of just 1% (down from the current 67%), that translates
to 20 million fatalities."

057> 'prepared' for flu pandemic 02 May 2005 --Preparations for any
potential flu pandemic were not perfect but the federal government was
doing all it could, Health Minister Tony Abbott said today. Speaking at
an Communicable Diseases Control Conference in Sydney, Mr Abbott said
the next flu pandemic could be a "worldwide biological version of the
Indian Ocean tsunami".

flu mutates and now more infectious 01 May 2005 --Deadly bird flu is
mutating to spread from person to person, bringing a disastrous global
pandemic closer, experts fear. Evidence from South-east Asia suggests
that the virus, which could kill tens of millions of people worldwide,
is becoming less virulent, but at the same time more infectious to

Flu 'Oddities'  <>
Breaking News Archives



Rare Germ Found in
<> D.C. on Sept. 24,
25 (DC Protest Days) Tularemia Is Highly Infectious; Can Cause Pneumonia
and Systemic Infection 30 Sep 2005 A relatively rare biological agent
has been detected in air filters serving Washington D.C. in recent
weeks, ABC News has learned -- but current evidence does not show any
indication whatsoever of terrorism [?!?]. The federal government found
six air filters around the nation's capital checked on Sept. 24 and 25
contained "trace amounts" of tularemia, a type of bacteria. No
additional traces have been detected since Sept. 24 and 25. [Gee, how
blatant can they get? We need to start fighting back. Tolerating their
terrorism is becoming the greater crime. --Lori Price.]

UK  <> flu
pandemic contingency plan (pdf) March 2005

Bush Authorizes
<> Use of
Quarantine Powers in Cases of Bird Flu 02 Apr 2005 Dictator President
Bush signed an executive order on Friday authorizing the government to
impose a quarantine to deal with any outbreak of avian influenza now
found in Southeast Asia.

2> Order Allows Isolation of Those with Bird Flu 01 Apr 2005 Dictator
Bush issued a directive on Friday allowing authorities to detain or
isolate any passenger suspected of having avian flu when arriving in the
United States aboard an international flight. The Bush order added
pandemic influenza to the list of diseases for which quarantine is
authorized. Under the directive, the Health and Human Services
Department is given legal authority to detain or isolate any passenger
suspected of having the avian flu.

U.S. to
create a bird flu virus mutation 24 Mar 2005 The U.S. Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention has begun a series of experiments to see
how likely the bird flu virus could result in a human pandemic. The
six-month series of experiments seeks to simulate the mixing and
matching of genes from the H5N1 avian flu virus that has plagued Asia
and a common human flu virus that public-health experts fear could turn
avian flu into a pandemic, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.
CDC scientists inside an ultra-secure laboratory [?!?] have started
swapping the genes of the H5N1 avian virus with the genes of an H3N2
virus, the strain behind most recent human flu outbreaks.

Gene From 1918 Virus Proves
<> Key to Virulent Influenza
(University of Wisconsin News Release) 10/6/2004 Contact: Yoshihiro
Kawaoka "Using a gene resurrected from the virus that caused the 1918
Spanish influenza pandemic, recorded history's most lethal outbreak of
infectious disease, scientists have found that a single gene may have
been responsible for the devastating virulence of the virus. Writing
Oct. 7 in the journal Nature, virologist Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the
University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Tokyo, describes
experiments in which engineered viruses were made more potent by the
addition of a single gene. The work is evidence that a slight genetic
tweak is all that is required to transform mild strains of the flu virus
into forms far more pathogenic and, possibly, more transmissible...
Using a comparatively mild form of influenza A virus as a template,
Kawaoka's team added the two 1918 genes that code for hemagglutinin and
neuraminidase and infected mice with the engineered viruses."

Kofi Annan expresses hope of "containing the spread of new infectious
diseases, whether natural or man-made" --
<>  Transcript of
Press Conference by Secretary-General Kofi Annan At United Nations
Headquarters, 21 Mar 2005 "...[I]f governments take the decisions that I
am suggesting in this report, I believe we will have a much better
chance of turning the tide against HIV/AIDS and malaria in the next 10
years; a much better chance of containing the spread of new infectious
diseases, whether natural or man-made; ... -- through a strengthened
Security Council and a new and authoritative human rights council, both
working closely with regional organizations -- to put a stop to major
crimes against innocent people, such as those we are witnessing in

Birdflu pandemic
<,2106,3214301a10,00.html> may mean some
stay home to die 11 Mar 2005 New Zealand medical authorities may tell
some people likely to die from a birdflu pandemic to stay home and not
clog up hospitals. Research published today in the latest New Zealand
Medical Journal predicts up to 3700 deaths in New Zealand from a first
wave of pandemic influenza and up to a million people infected. "It is
likely that some difficult decisions will be required in limiting
hospital care to those where it would most likely affect final health
outcomes," the researchers said.

tml> intelligence warns that avian flu could be used as weapon: report
08 Mar 2005 The military's intelligence arm has warned the federal
government that avian influenza could be used as a weapon of
bioterrorism, a heavily censored report suggests. It also reveals that
military planners believe a naturally occurring flu pandemic may be
imminent. The report, entitled Recent Human Outbreaks of Avian Influenza
and Potential Biological Warfare Implications, was obtained under the
Access to Information Act by The Canadian Press. It was prepared by the
J2 Directorate of Strategic Intelligence, a secretive branch of National
Defence charged with producing intelligence for the government. [Is this
why 40+ microbiologists have died, mysteriously, since 9/11?]

Coroner Wants to Shrink-Wrap
<> Bodies --Coroner Wants to
Shrink-Wrap Bodies in the Case of a Natural Disaster or Terrorist Attack
19 Feb 2005 In the case of a natural disaster or terrorist attack, some
emergency officials in Western Washington plan to be prepared with a
large, shrink wrap machine. The Thurston County Coroner's Office
recently won approval to purchase a machine able to shrink-wrap human
remains. The process would make it easier to transport a large number of
bodies. The coroner's office has already started a bidding process to
find a company to build the machine. A Homeland Security grant will pay
for the machine, which will cost an estimated $50,000.

Killer flu recreated in the
<> lab 07 Oct 2004, 05:02
GMT 06:02 [Why?] UK Scientists have shown that tiny changes to modern
flu viruses could render them as deadly as the 1918 strain which killed
millions. A US team added two genes from a sample of the 1918 virus to a
modern strain [Why?] known to have no effect on mice. Animals exposed to
this composite were dying within days of symptoms similar to those found
in human victims of the 1918 pandemic.

1918 killer flu secrets  <>
revealed 05 Feb 2004, 19:00 GMT Scientists have worked out how the virus
which caused the world's worst flu epidemic infected man. They believe
the virus, which claimed the lives of up to 50m people around the world,
jumped from birds to humans. The breakthrough, published in Science,
should help doctors identify which future bird viruses pose a threat to
man at an earlier stage.

Flu victim
<> exhumed
after 85 years 30 Jan 2004, 20:08 GMT Scientists are preparing to exhume
the body of a woman who died of flu 85 years ago to find out how the
virus killed millions across Europe. [Why?] Phyllis Burn died aged 20 in
1918, a victim of the 20th Century's worst flu epidemic, which killed
more than 50 million people. She was buried in a lead coffin, thought to
be virtually airtight, in Twickenham, south-west London. Scientists
wearing protective clothing will remove lung samples from the body.

Live Dangerously: Be a  <>
Scientist By Whitley Strieber 11 May 2005 "Another scientist involved in
disease control has been killed. David Banks was the principal scientist
with Biosecurity Australia and was involved in containing pest and
disease threats. He died along with 15 other people when the commuter
plane he was traveling in went down in Queensland, Australia... His
primary mission was protecting livestock and plants in the country, and
keeping diseases from crossing into Australia... Since January of 2004,
more than twenty scientists are known to have died in accidents, under
suspiious circumstances, or been murdered."

of Dead Scientists (

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