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by Frank Hartman

The lack of understanding in medicine of colloid chemistry has created a void that is not answered by the action of mercury. The implications are far wider and deeper.

by Frank Hartman

The medical reviews in journals and on the web belittle the anti vaccination sites as based only on emotion and anecdotal evidence.

The Anti Vaccination sites are dealing with results of toxicity without understanding the method. There is no common ground for understanding between the two sides.

What has not been understood is the method of action that can cause vaccination toxicity. The following is a simplification of the underlying cause, method of action and remedial measures to reduce the damage with references.

1. The introduction of any bacteria or bacterial filtrate alive or dead (vaccine) causes a reaction of the body that results in blood clots from intense microbial action reducing zeta potential. These clots may be small adhesions that attach to the blood vessels or organs impairing their function or complete obstructions resulting in organ death. They are particularly common in kidney, lung, liver and brain.The introduction of radiopaque contrast media used in medical diagnosis creates the same effect (ref g) This intravascular coagulation is readily apparent in an examination of the blood vessels in the sclera (whites) of the eyes from vaccines or other infections . This is known as the Sarannelli/Schwartzman phenomena. There are several hundred references to its occurrence in the National Library of Medicine. It is called phenomena because the cause has not been understood.

2. Intense microbial action (infection) or microbial agents cause a reduction in zeta potential* which changes blood to "sludge"

3.The administration of more than one vaccine at a time multiplies the effect increasing the amount of intravascular coagulation and risk of blood clots.

4.The use of aluminum salts to stabilize vaccines exacerbates the clotting effect by a multiple of 6000 times. (See explanation below)

5. In summation: infection whether by vaccine or other disease agents lowers zeta potential causing clots. In a person with high zeta potential of the blood, it may cause only local reduction and aggravation. In other cases, it can result in micro capillary clotting destroying or impairing organ function or death. This accounts for the wide range of mental and emotional disorders as well as physical reactions since the site of the clot is unpredictable. The effect of the injection may start out as only an adhesion and through further reduction of zeta potential may change to a clot or hemorrhage. A simple change to a single vaccine at a time later in life not at birth, eliminating aluminum salts and monitoring of the blood vessels of the white of the eyes for intravascular coagulation would greatly reduce risks of vaccinations. However due to environment and aluminum accumulations, zeta potential tends to reduce with age. Thus vaccinations of the elderly or those with severe intravascular coagulation may reduce zeta potential close to the phase change point so that even an emotional upset can trigger a clot. Skin reactions can occur immediately and continue for seven or eight years or may not appear until one to six years later. The reason for the delayed effect is beyond the scope of this paper but also is a function of zeta potential.


There are over 7000 references to the toxicity of aluminum. See the following URL far a small sampling of reported effects.and documented toxicity and death from aluminum.
- toxic for some of the documented effects of aluminum and vaccination.
By making a flour water mixture and adding a drop of deodorant one can easily observe the coagulation effect of aluminum. The flour will immediately clump and settle to the bottom.
As an alternative, rub oil on the arm and apply a small amount of deodorant. The oil will immediately coagulate and roll up in little balls. Aluminum is the primary ingredient in most antiperspirants as it causes sweat to coagulate and block the pores in sweat glands.


* All trace minerals, metals, inorganic materials, proteins and amino acids are held in suspension in liquids as microscopic and sub microscopic particles like dust particles in the air. These very small particles are called colloids. Since colloids in suspension form chemical compounds like ions in solution, the non-chemical/electricalproperties of colloids are generally not understood in medicine. This was not always the case. In the late 1930's, research and use of colloids resulted in the publication of a number of articles in medical journals pertaining to healing of conditions that are almost untreatable in medicine today. The advent of World War 2 rationing system and reduction of personnel and resources with the emphasis on trauma medicine and antibiotics caused a loss of the information.

Colloids are held in suspension via a very slight electro-negative charge on the surface of each particle. This charge is called Zeta Potential. The ability of a liquid to carry material in suspension is a function of these minute electrical charges. As the electro-negative charge increases; more material can be carried in suspension.

As the charge decreases, the particles move closer to each other and the liquid is unable to carry the same amount of materials. Heavy metals and calcium drop out first adhering to the wall vessel wall or organ surface. There is a point where the ability to carry material in suspension is becomes so low the small particles begin to clump together with the heavier particles materials coagulating or attaching to the adjacent surface first.

This phase change is quite similar to temperature variation in water.

A 10 degree temperature drop in water has no significant effect at 70 degrees F, but a major effect at 35 degrees; so it is with colloids in suspension. Each liquid suspension has a phase change point where very slight changes in the electro-negative charge can change liquid to gel. This discipline is known as Colloidal Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Surface Charge, or Zeta Potential. It is a mixture of both physics and chemistry. There is virtually no understanding in medicine of this area of chemistry and no collod scientists that work in the medical research. Because of the narrowness of scientific disciplines, there is no funding available for this research nor would any existing journal publish work in this area as it is beyond the normal bounds of both disciplines.

The following table correlates negative charge reduction to degree of clotting.

Stability of Solution Zeta Potential
From "Control of Colloidal Stability" by Thomas Riddick
Average Zeta Potential
(In milli-volts)
Extreme to very good stability -100 to -60mv
Reasonable stability - 60 to -40
Moderate stability - 40 to -30
Threshold of light dispersion - 30 to -15
Threshold of agglomeration - 15 to -10
Strong agglomeration and precipitation - 5 to +5

The quantity of positive and negative charges from chemical elements in suspension as colloids has a major effect on carrying capacity. Electropositive ions decrease carrying capacity while electronegative ions increase it.

Elements with only one excess positive or one negative ion have little effect on suspensions.

Elements with two positive or two negative ions (divalent) such as magnesium and beryllium (+2) oroxygen and selenium (-2) have 3,000 times more effect on coagulation or dispersion than elements with single ions.

Elements with a valence of 3, such as Aluminum (+3) and nitrogen and phosphorus (-3) have 6,000 times more effect on carrying capacity than an element with a single positive or negative ion. A single colloid of aluminum has massive clotting capability due to the three extra positive charges.

Vaccinations contain aluminum salts which greatly exacerbate coagulation.

A few references on zeta potential (more technical)"

Vaccination Toxicity
(Sanarelli/Schwartzman Phenomena)

... "Certain biological sequences for more than a hundred years have been recognized in the medical field as leading to morbidity and mortality. The cause of these sequences has been little understood. Before presenting these curves, we will briefly quote several pertinent passages from the first chapter of a book by Hans Sale (1966) entitled":
Thrombohemmorragic Phenomena. (Courtesy Chas. C. Thomas, Publisher.)

(1 Thrombohemmorragic, thromboses, thrombi -a clot in the cardiovascular system formed during life which may block an artery or heart wall or attach to the blood vessel without totally blocking it.)

"Certain microorganisms and even extracts prepared from them are especially prone to produce thromboses and hemorrhages in the micro circulation, particularly in the renal (kidney) glomeruli.

The Sanarelli phenomenon (is) induced by two properly spaced intravenous injections of microbes or their products. The Schwartzman phenomenon (is) induced by a "preparatory" intracutaneous injection of bacterial filtrates followed after a proper time interval by intravenous "provocation" with the same or some similar material.

(2 Intracutaneous- Within the skin)

The Bordet phenomenon (is) the production of hemorrhages and necroses by killed E. coli cultures in tuberculous (but not in normal) guinea pigs.

More than a century ago the Russian investigator Botkin (1858) discovered that, following application of irritating fluids to the frog mesentery, the capillaries become maximally dilated and packed with agglutinated erythrocytes so that the circulation stops. These observations were confirmed and greatly extended by Hueter (1874) who claimed that erythrocyte agglutination is caused by toxic substances, many of which make the surface of the red blood corpuscles irregular and adhesive. *
(Agglutinated erythrocytes- clotted red blood cells.)
Klebs (1876) apparently first observed multiple hyaline thrombi in the smallest blood vessels in patients with extensive burns. Then Flexure (1902) noted that both bacterial and nonbacterial pathogens can produce so-called "agglutinative thrombi" which appear to consist almost exclusively of conglutinated erythrocytes....

Subsequently, micro thromboses were seen in intravenous administration of foreign blood, snake venom, placental extracts and many other substances.

Finally, Siegmund (1925) observed the development of minute fibrin nodules attached to the walls of the small veins or the endocardium in guinea pigs repeatedly infected with various microorganisms. In the course of their classic studies on diphtheria, Roux and Yersin (1888) found that single intravenous injections of diphtheria toxin can produce multiple hemorrhages, particularly in the lung, kidney, adrenal and heart of various experimental animals... It became evident, furthermore, that even killed microbes or microbial filtrates are active in this respect and that the predominant localization of the Thrombohemmorragic lesions varies, depending upon the type of pathogenic material used. The kidney, lung, heart and adrenals are most commonly affected but,under certain cirumstances, typical lesions may also be found in the gastrointestinal tract or on the hairless parts of the animal body. In 1894, Sanarelli noticed that, in the monkey, a first injection of typhoid toxin causes only transient manifestations of disease, but if, two days later, a second injection of the same product is administered, the animal dies with a generalized purpuric eruption.

In 1928, Schwartzman discovered that, if a rabbit is given a B.typhus filtrate intracutaneous, followed by the intravenous injection of the same material 24 hours later, a hemorrhagic necrosis results at the prepared skin site.

(Necrosis- Death of one or more cells or a portion of the tissue or organ or the complete organ)

Paul Bordet (1931)...observed that a suspension of killed E.coli. microorganisms, which is normally well tolerated by guinea pigs, kills them with hemorrhages in the peritoneal lymph nodes, if they have received BCG vaccine intraperitonealy 2-3 weeks earlier. E. Coli injected subcutaneously into guinea pigs thus prepared, produced topical hemorrhages with necroses.
Live microbes and microbial products (filtrates, extracts) occupy a particularly important place among the agents capable of eliciting the thrombohemmorragic phenomenon.

It has long been known that thrombohemmorragic phenomena can be produced by spontaneous or experimental infections, as well as by treatment with bacterial filtrates and extracts. The endotoxins of Gram negative bacteria proved to be especially effective in this respect.

Both local thrombohemmorragic reactions at the injection site, and generalized manifestations of the thrombohemmorragic phenomenon (including thrombi in the renal glomerular capillaries, lung, liver and other organs) can be produced in this manner either by single or by variably spaced, repeated injections of suitable microbial products."

"In summation, Selye's thesis is that a microbial culture of dead or alive filtrates of such cultures result in thrombosis (or hemorrhage) when they are suitably and in proper sequence injected into test animals.

The writer holds that the Sanarelli and Schwartzman "phenomena" are no longer phenomena but instead are simple, straightforward, thoroughgoing manifestations of a natural law. And this law is delineated by fundamental principles of Zeta Potential. This physiochemical sequence is encountered so often and in so many different forms that it virtually constitutes a rule: The end result of vigorous and sustained microbial activity on any aqueous (including blood, kidney and lymph) colloid system is a lowering of Zeta Potential. This lowering leads to agglomeration resulting in sedimentation.

One may paraphrase and apply this to Sanarelli / Schwartzman thus....
Appropriate injections into a test animal of the end product of vigorous and sustained microbial activity leads to a lowering of Zeta Potential which leads to agglomeration and thrombus formation; and thrombosis; and disseminated intravascular coagulation then results in death.

This physiological sequence is of the greatest biological importance ..and it can only be considered fantastic that thus far this facet of nature has not been properly regarded, understood, accepted or employed in the evaluation of and alleviation of disease."

From "Control of Colloidal Stability through Zeta Potential by Thomas Riddick" pp 126-137

11-12. Human Blood Coagulation-Biggs and Mcfarlane-F.A. Davis Co.Philadelphia 1962

11-13 The Chemical Prevention of Cardiac Necroses- Hans Selye-Ronald Press-New York, N.Y-1958

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11-15 The Stress of Life- Hans Selye-Mcgraw Hill-1956

11-16 Selected Papers by Melvin Kinisely and associates on Intravascular Coagulation.

Kinsley injected monkeys with Knowles malaria. He found that at a level of only 5 to 30% invasion of red cells, the blood coagulated into a thick sludge. Death occurred in as little as three hours. There were no survivors in twelve hours. He then identified the 65 cases of severe intravascular coagulation in patients on his ward stemming from 12 different diseases.

a)The Settling of Sludge during Life-Acta Anatomica, Supplement 41`1 ad Vol 44-S. Karger-New York-1961

b)Ante Mortem Settling -Angiology, Vol 9, No. 6, Part 2-Dec.1960

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g) Intravascular Agglutination of Flowing Blood following the injection of Radiopaque Contrast Media- Neurology-. Vol. No. 8, Aug. 1962. Minneapolis.
Note the injection of this material commonly used in a number of medical tests including thyroid produces the same effects.

h) Knowles Malaria in Monkeys-II-Angiology-, vol.15, no. 9, Sept.1964

i) Intravascular Erythrocyte Aggregation (blood sludge) - Handbook of Physiology-Section 2: Circulation, Vol. III, 1965.

This material may be freely reproduced and distributed in its entirety with proper credit to the contributors

Smallpox vaccine better, tests indicate - Improved version appears not to carry risk of encephalitis

Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002

THE NEW VERSION also live.
"In recent tests, Acambis scientists injected the old and new vaccine into the brains of mice. Three of the six mice injected with the old Dryvax died, but none of the six injected with the new ACAM 1000 died, Monath said.",1299,DRMN_15_1547011,00.html

Smallpox vaccine better, tests indicate

Improved version appears not to carry risk of encephalitis

By Bill Scanlon, Rocky Mountain News
November 15, 2002

The smallpox vaccine being readied for the American population in case of a bioterrorism attack is less likely to cause encephalitis and other major complications than earlier vaccines, animal tests indicate.

"Our vaccine should be safer," said Thomas Monath, chief science officer at Cambridge, Mass.-based Acambis, which won a government contract to produce 195 million doses.

Acambis officials described the vaccine, ACAM 1000, to the annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene in Denver on Thursday.

Acambis bases its vaccine on the old, reliable New York Health Department smallpox vaccine, Dryvax - which many baby boomers received as children - except the new vaccine is produced in a cell culture, not in calfskin.

ACAM 1000 will be a seventh-generation clone of Dryvax, purified, filtered and tested against the presence of numerous other accidental viruses.

The goal is to create a vaccine similar to Dryvax, with its reliability, but with much fewer complications.

One side effect of Dryvax was that it caused encephalitis, a serious swelling in the brain, in about three of every 1 million Americans vaccinated.

In recent tests, Acambis scientists injected the old and new vaccine into the brains of mice. Three of the six mice injected with the old Dryvax died, but none of the six injected with the new ACAM 1000 died, Monath said.

"There's no way to tell for sure until you've tested a lot of human subjects," Monath said. "But with previous smallpox vaccines, complications in humans closely mimicked complications in animals."

Animals also were less likely to develop edema or meningitis with the new vaccine, he said.

The vaccine is from a live virus, so it still poses a small risk. Vaccines could be made safer - such as using just the DNA of the virus - but their effectiveness has been disappointing.

The world's scientists thought they had rid the globe of smallpox in the 1970s when the last of the outbreaks were squelched by vaccines.

But Americans were shocked in 1998 when a Russian defector said his country had weaponized smallpox. Now, the world's leaders worry that ruble-starved Russian scientists may have sold some of that weaponized smallpox to regimes such as Iraq or to terrorists.

Symptoms of smallpox, one of history's deadliest diseases, include fever, headache, diarrhea, a rash that turns to lesions, excessive bleeding and delirium.

The Bush administration is considering whether to call on all Americans to be vaccinated before a smallpox bioterrorism attack or to stockpile the vaccine and deliver it on hours notice to the site of an outbreak.

If they choose the latter, there are about a dozen sites around the country that will store "push packages" of vaccine ready to arrive anywhere in the United States within 12 hours.

Within 24 or 36 hours, the National Pharmacy Stockpile would deliver more of the specific vaccine to the outbreak site.

The vaccine triggers antibodies that take a few days to develop and protect the body against smallpox. The virus itself takes a couple of weeks to be symptomatic, so public health officials think that inoculating people even four days after an outbreak would offer some protection.

In Colorado and elsewhere, local health departments would administer the vaccines.

The federal government this year awarded slightly more than $1 billion to health departments and hospitals to boost bioterrorism preparedness.The United States was uninterested in the bioterrorism risk until the late 1990s, when President Clinton read a novel about bioterrorism, said Jim Hughes, director of the National Center of Infectious Diseases.

Clinton pushed for a smallpox vaccine, but only small companies, such as Acambis, bid on the project because money was lacking. It wasn't until after Sept. 11 that bioterrorism became a national security issue, and with that came the money that spurred the large pharmaceutical companies to get involved.

Acambis joined with pharmaceutical giant Baxter when the federal government asked for another 155 million doses. Acambis' vaccine should be ready to use sometime next year, Monath said. Total cost: about $650 million.

Listen to Bill Scanlon at 8 a.m. today on "The State of Colorado" on KNRC-AM (1510).

Copyright 2002, Rocky Mountain News. All Rights Reserved.

Smallpox and Anthrax Frights Planned

Years Before 9-11:
Government and Drug Industry Collusion Cited
Tetrahedron Publishing Group
Health Science Communications for People Around the World

Release: No. DITA-90

Date Mailed: Sept. 25, 2002

For Immediate Release

Contact: Elaine Zacky—208/265-2575; 800/336-9266

Author Reports Smallpox and Anthrax Frights Planned Years Before 9-11:

Government and Drug Industry Collusion Cited

Sandpoint, ID —There's more to the current smallpox fright than meets the eye according to public health authority, Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Cipro, anthrax vaccine, and the current smallpox vaccine "sales campaigns " were planned years before the 9-11 terrorist attacks on America. The only realistic explanation, he argues, involves government and drug industry collusion.

The parent companies that produce these favored elixirs for anthrax and smallpox bioterrorism are linked, strangely enough, to an infamous history involving contaminated blood, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and even the Nazis of World War II, according to the research findings of this Harvard graduate and independent investigator. These historic, well documented, associations Dr. Horowitz says, seem to be tabooed subject matter for even the F.B.I. whose investigators he hounded for six months before they finally consulted with him regarding the mysterious anthrax mailings. The doctor's warning to the bureau regarding a developing "anthrax scam" came one week before the first mailings were announced by the press.

CIPRO, Dr. Horowitz recalls, is produced by Germany's Bayer AG, while the smallpox vaccine's newly formed producer is the British firm Acambis (previously OraVax), owned by Aventis—created in 1999 by parent companies Hoechst and Rhone-Poulenc. The Merck pharmaceutical company, recipient of a large share of the Nazi war chest at the end of WWII, is are partnered with these entitites in Europe and thus involved in the smallpox and West Nile Virus vaccine trade. The only other smallpox and West Nile Virus vaccine producer is Baxter Corporation, a subsidiary of American Home Products—another direct progeny of the decartelized German drug and chemical combine known as I.G. Farben. All have jaded, if not blatant genocidal, histories.

Bayer, Baxter, and Rhone-Poulenc are infamously known for having infected more than 7,000 American hemophiliacs with the AIDS virus during the early 1980s. They admitted foreknowledge in selling HIV-tainted blood clotting products and settled the class action case for $100,000 per claimant.(1)

Bayer and Hoechst were formed following World War II from the "decartelization" of Germany's leading industrial organization and Nazi economic engine—I.G. Farben. The CIA immediately took over their vacated corporate headquarters which had curiously escaped allied bombings. Historians explain that the Farben complex had been protected by officials of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company—half owner of the Farben cartel. Many believe that Rockefeller lawyer and Standard Oil business manager, Allen Dulles, among the CIA's first directors, military-command-protected Farben headquarters from allied bombings. In the current age when past CIA Director James Woolsey lectures on "industrial espionage" as a primary function of modern intelligence organizations, this history portends serious ramifications, particularly in-so-far-as America's "New War on Terrorism" is concerned.

So on after the CIA formed, Bayer and Hoechst were reorganized in 1951 under the direct ion of the Allied High Commission, largely influenced by U.S. High Commissioner John J. McCloy—a lawyer and banker from Philadelphia, with intimate ties to Rockefeller banking and oil interests. After "decartelization," the I.G. Farben plants, including all the labor camps involved in the mostly Jewish genocide were consolidated into three main holding companies: Bayer, Hoechst, and BA SF for the benefit of all the stockholders.

Hermann Schmitz, president of Bayer A.G and I.G. Farben during WWII, who also largely directed the Deutsche Bank, "held as much stock in Standard Oil of New Jersey as did the Rockefellers," according to former CBS News war correspondent Paul Mannin g. Acknowledging CIA director Dulles for his information, Manning reported that on August 10, 1944, the Rockefeller-Farben partners moved their "flight capital" through affiliated German/French, American, British and Swiss banks "for the new Germany." This secured "the sophisticated distribution of national and corporate assets to safe havens" throughout the world, and assured the continuation and further development of the "Neuordnung" (new order or "New World Order") for both the global petrochemical pharmaceutical industry and banking cartels.(2)

More recent revelations exposing the Bush family's involvement in this Euro-American conspiracy, and war economy profiteering, were advanced by John Loftus, a former U.S. Department of Justice Nazi War Crimes prosecutor, and the President of the Florida Holocaust Museum. Attorney Loftus is also the co-author of The Secret War Against the Jews, and has published extensively on the Bush-Rockefeller-Nazi political and economic connections . Quoting from Loftus:

The Bushes knew perfectly well that Brown Brothers was the American money channel into Nazi Germany, and that Union Bank was the secret pipeline to bring the Nazi money back to America from Holland. The Bushes had to have known how the secret money circuit worked because they were on the board of directors in both directions: Brown Brothers out, Union Bank in. . . Moreover, the size of their compensation [was] commensurate with their risk as Nazi money launderers. . . The bottom line is harsh: It is bad enough that the Bush family helped raise the money for [Fritz] Thyssen [arguably Germany's wealthiest industrialist] to give Hitler his start in the 1920's, but giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war is treason." (For Loftus's complete report go to:

Given this generally unknown history, is it surprising that Bush administration Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Tommy Thompson, and other Bush cabinet members met secretly (that is, illegally) with officials of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) to develop plans for their Emergency Preparedness Task Force? The group is said to have prepared enough drugs and vaccines to protect every American against the threats of anthrax and smallpox. PhRMA task force officials, directed by Aventis executive Richard Markham, and representing a number of other Farben-Rockefeller progeny and beneficiaries including American Home Products, Abbott Laboratories, Merck, Pfizer, and more, according to the New York Times (Nov. 4, 2001), have met regularly with Bush cabinet members. According to Dr. Sidney M. Wolfe, a director at Ralph Nader's public Citizen Health Research Group, the meetings violated a federal law for transparency of such decision-making committees.(3)

Apparent illegalities did not deter Secretary Thompson from ordering more than $100 million worth of CIRPO from Bayer at the "bargain price" of $.90 per tablet, when other companies offered equally effective and lower risk substitutes for a few pennies each, and then for free. No one ever questioned the unprecedented FDA selection of this single, largely untested, extraordinarily expensive, antibiotic called CIPRO for anthrax. Incredibly, according to the Physician's Desk Reference and American Medical Association, the drug is contraindicated for conditions resulting in pneumonia, which is how anthrax kills. The end result of this "scam" was predictable. By January 2002, after more than 32,000 people in Metropolis (i.e., Washington to Boston) consumed CIPRO in the wake of the anthrax mailings, thousands had become seriously ill, many died, as a result. This death toll has never been counted in assessing the damage brought about by the mailings.

On October 25, 2001, health czar Thompson also asked Congress for another $500 million to order enough of Acambis's smallpox vaccine "so every American will be assured there is a dose with his or her name on it if it is needed," even though CDC officials admitted that people already vaccinated probably be revaccinated, and the new remedy would require extensive testing.(4,5)

CDC officials met on June 8, 2002 to discuss the ramifications of mass smallpox vaccinations. At this meeting in St. Louis, Dr. Joel Kuritsy, the CDC's director of Preparedness and Early Smallpox Response Activity, stated that "smallpox is not explosively contagious," and not suited for use as a biological weapon since its person-to-person spread depends on "droplet contamination." Since "coughing and sneezing are not part of the disease," he noted, the disease is "transmitted slowly and only after prolonged, direct, face-to-face contact." He additionally clarified "prolonged contact" to mean "more than 7 days," and "face-to-face" to mean "contact that is within 6-7 feet."(6)

"The scenario in which a terrorist infects himself and walks through a city spreading the disease just wouldn't happen, even in population-dense areas," Dr. Kuritsky explained. "In the 1970s, we were able to control the spread of the infection even in highly dense settings such as India and Bangladesh," using standard means of prevention and treatment other than mass smallpox vaccination. In fact, experts have unanimously cited isolation, ideally in the comfort of one's own home under care by family members who use standard infection control (OSHA) methods and materials (such as safe waste disposal, gloves and masks, and surface disinfectants) as the best way to arrest a smallpox outbreak. One would never know this according to the media propaganda surrounding the smallpox and anthrax frights.(6)

On September 24, 2002, the day the Bush administration announced its national smallpox vaccination plan, William Broad of the New York Times covered the drawbacks of this operational program. "The new guidelines for states on mass smallpox vaccinations are most notable for what was omitted, " he wrote. Omissions included "unanswered and often unaddressed questions like timing, costs, feasibility and multiple problems of preparing health care workers to conduct vaccinations, [and] communicating the plans to the public." Broad neglected to mention the varied and even severe side effects of smallpox vaccination—another taboo subject. Apparently, the Bush administration, with its secreted links to the pharmaceutical industry, feels that they can simply neglect the experimental and risky nature of smallpox vaccinations by requiring "informed consent" statements be signed by recipients. This, of course, places the burden(s) of harmful, and even fatal, outcomes entirely on the shoulders its victims—the mass vaccinated American public.(7)

Meanwhile, smallpox vaccine maker Acambis's sudden suspicious evolution from OraVax Corporation has left few suitably outraged.(8) The OraVax firm had been likewise linked to shady backroom dealings with Clinton administration officials in 1998 regarding government orders for a yet to be tested West Nile Virus vaccine. Dr. Horow provided extensive details in this regard in Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare (Tetrahedron Publishing Group; 1-888-508-4787). His prophetically-titled book was published three months before the 9-11 terrorist attacks. The text explained that the West Nile virus and smallpox vaccine deals evolved from a stealth meeting between Dr. Thomas Monath, the Vice President of OraVax (now Acambis/Aventis), President Clinton, Janet Reno, CIA Director John Deutsch, and American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) curator Dr. Joshua Lederberg, a former Rockefeller University President and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) bioterrorism study group leader. The CFR is well known to be among the most politically influential organizations in America, if not the world.(9)

According to the U.S. Congressional Record, the "official meeting" to discuss what had already been predetermined regarding the government's nearly half-billion dollar smallpox, anthrax, and West Nile virus vaccine purchases took place before a joint meeting of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and the Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies of the Senate Appropriations Committee, on March 16, 1999. Here, the sole American anthrax vaccine maker—British-owned BioPort Corporation—sent representation in the person of scientific director, Dr. Robert C. Myers. The vaccine industrialist, referencing his work with the Battelle Memorial Institute—the CIA contractor for project "Clearvision" under which the hyper-concentrated anthrax weapon that was later mailed was initially developed—testified concerning the urgent need to stockpile both the anthrax and smallpox vaccines. Given the earlier official assessment of smallpox's less than optimal use as a biological weapon, Myer's precise manipulative words to senators included:

BioPort manufactures the only FDA-licensed anthrax vaccine in the world. We are also making and testing vaccine . . . to protect against five different types of botulism, . . . It is probably next on the threat list behind anthrax and the rapidly emerging threat of smallpox. . . . [B]ecause smallpox is highly contagious and probably most of the world is now susceptible, it is a potential biowarfare agent of serious concern. . . . There exist similar challenges to the further development and manufacture of new vaccines for anthrax, smallpox, and, for that matter, any other biodefense vaccine. . . . Suppose we have a smallpox vaccine stockpile and a manufacturing capability. Suppose a terrorist group has smallpox as a weapon. . . . there should be two or more geographically separate manufacturing facilities and two or more facilities for storage of the manufactured vaccine.(10)

It might be asked, how Dr. Myer's derived his assessment that smallpox was a "rapidly emerging threat?" The fact is, smallpox had been eradicated from the planet decades ago. It was not officially considered a very good biological weapon as Dr. Kuritsky explained. It was widely known that the only remaining stores of smallpox were in Russian and American military–pharmaceutical labs. So aside from using a crystal ball , Dr. Myer's statement implies he was privy, as an "inside trader/traitor" might be, to a conspiracy to either release the germ from these labs or simply create a fright in this regard. Suffice it to say, the current fright, predicted three years earlier by Dr. Myers and his vaccine industry cohorts, significantly influenced the purchase and rapid consumption of his company's products.

It should also be questioned, "Why, with more than two dozen potential biological weapons in the arsenals of the super-powers and "terrorist states," would America be simply focused on two such threats—anthrax and smallpox?"

For any intelligent rational person, if this smells like a skunk, it is most likely a skunk. This entire smallpox "scam" as Dr. Horowitz prefers to call it, represents a classic example of what he calls "white collar bioterrorism, reflecting on standard Machiavellian theory in practice. That is, inside traders create the problems for which they have already prepared profitable solutions."

Currently, what concerns Dr. Horowitz most is that these same dirty dealings and industrial powers are involved in the Bush administration's justification to wage its ongoing war on terrorism, and invade Iraq later this Fall. Dr. Horowitz notes powerful Rockefeller interests represented by Dr. Lederberg's presence among the inside traders who had met with Clinton administration officials in 1997. This Rockefeller and ATCC administrators had falsely assured the American public that no biological weapons were used during the Gulf War despite his knowledge that the ATCC, under his watch, sent nineteen shipments of various strains of anthrax, suitable for weapons production, to Saddam Hussein in the years leading up to Desert Storm. The U.S. Congress' Don Reigle investigation concerning biological and chemical weapons used during the Gulf War exposed this fact. Their report cited the ATCC as commercially supplying Iraq with anthrax. Other biological weapons were shipped from the United States to Iraqi labs, including two shipments of the West Nile Virus in 1985.(11) So much for the accuracy in main stream media's reporting of the sudden "first time" north American arrival of the West Nile Virus in 1999!

Regarding last Fall's anthrax mailings, in defense of the ATCC, its vice president, Nancy Wysocki, said, "We have a very close working relationship with many of the federal agencies, including the F.B.I."(12) This might best explain why the FBI's investigation of the anthrax mailings has stalled.

Dr. Horowitz, in fact, hand delivered a memo to his regional F.B.I. office on October 1, 2001, almost two weeks before the first anthrax letter was sent from Trenton, New Jersey to the American media building in Boca Raton, Florida. His action was prompted by reading, The Final Report—the Oklahoma City bombing grand jury investigation commissioned study by then State Representative Charles Key. It stated that German-based neo-Nazi's were known to have "masterminded" both airline hijackings and U.S. military installation bombings by the PLO. This matched what the F.B.I. reported, and what Dr. Horowitz knew about the German-based Bayer Corporation. The news reinforced his concerns about the Nazi-German connection to what was obviously a "CIPRO sales scam" linked to the anthrax mailings.(4)

The F.B.I. also reported that the silica-mixed anthrax powder required expensive equipment, as well as a bioweapons savvy microbiologist, to produce. They had ruled out Islamic terrorist groups, but not "state-sponsored" crimes. This likewise suggested to Dr. Horowitz a "white collar" crime involving drug companies most likely to benefit from the mailings and ensuing fright.(12)

Then the New York Times (November 11, 2001) reported that F.B.I. agents were denied access to "some pharmaceutical companies in New Jersey." These ill-defined companies demanded "agents to present a subpoena before they would grant access to their files."(12) Dr. Horowitz found this additionally suspicious, if not seriously incriminating, especially since smallpox vaccine maker Aventis, his primary suspect, had two plants within forty-five minutes drive from Trenton.

"I should think that any company with nothing to hide would welcome the bureau's inquiry especially at this time of dire national urgency," Dr. Horowitz's aid. To him the drug firms' response "exhibited a Gestapo-like attitude."

"I've repeatedly asked the F.B.I. to thoroughly investigate the possibility of an industrial conspiracy in regard to this year's threats of bioterrorism and mass vaccination. I've urged an inquiry into ATCC curator Dr. Joshua Lederberg , and the financial interests he represents, including Rockefeller pharmaceutical and banking interests," Dr. Horowitz said. "According to every expert, terrorism is always conducted to express a political motive. When you consider the targets of the anthrax mailers—the mainstream media and two Democratic senators who have vigorously opposed the Bush administration's appointements and big business efforts—a most plausible motive appears: frighten the public, along with legislators, to support a long-time-evolving agenda that includes drug and vaccine racketeering."

"The trouble is," Dr. Horowitz concluded, "Elliott Ness and dependable federal agents are long gone. This level of investigation may be impossible for the F.B.I. to adequately conduct, especially given the level of corruption and the Bush administration's recent bureaucratic shuffle for heightened "homeland [in]security."

That is probably why Dr. Horowitz has made little headway in his efforts to direct the F.B.I. where he believes the evidence has suggested they go. "The president, and his highest level cabinet officials are implicated in this—a conspiracy that is most reasonably," he said, "a deadly pharmaceutical sales scam."

1) Massie RK. Blood feud: A mother takes the hemophilia tragedy to court. The New Yorker. June 16, 1997, p. 98.

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3) Wolfe SM. Letter to HHS Secretary on Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America Emergency Preparedness Task Force (HRG Publication #1600). Public Citizen. Available at .

4) O'Meara KP.
Investigative Report: Government ripoff on the Cipro deal. Washington Times, Insight Magazine, Nov. 26, 2001. Available at .

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Rules relaxed in rush for a new smallpox vaccine. The Guardian, Thursday, Oct. 25, 2001.

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8) See:

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10) Prepared Statement by Robert C. Myers, DVM, Chief Operating Officer and Director, BioPort Corporation, To a joint meeting of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and the Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies of the Senate Appropriations Committee, March 16, 1999.

11) U.S. Senate, 103rd Congress, 2d Session. U.S. Chemical and Biological Warfare-related Dual Use Exports to Iraq and Their Possible Impact on the Health Consequences of the Persian Gulf War: A Report of Chairman Donald W. Riegle, Jr., et. al. May 25, 1994, pp. 39-47.

12) Broad WJ, Johnston D, Miller J and Zielbauer P. Experts see F.B.I. missteps hampering anthrax inquiry. New York Times, Nov. 9, 2001. Available at

Should children be tested with Dryvax smallpox vaccine?

Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002
From: "Susan Pearce" [Wyoming Vaccination Liberation]

The FDA is soliciting public review and comments about whether or not children should be tested with the Dryvax smallpox vaccine. I'll include my comment here. In fact, I'll include some of my favorites that I read that other people wrote.
The NVIC notice that led me to comment is at the bottom. Most comments were pretty short. I would say about 95% or more of the comments were against children being tested with it.
Susan Pearce

This one on top is mine.

I am against a study of smallpox vaccine on children, or on anyone. Some good reasons we are heading in the wrong direction in this regard are below.

1. The authors of a study published in 1980 by "Mutation Research" came to the conclusion that smallpox vaccination has a "mutagenic effect" on human chromosomes. [Neil Z. Miller's 1999 book Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?, p. 46] "Viruses and viral vaccines are agents for the transfer of genetic imprints from one host to another. In other words, because they contain pure genetic material (DNA and RNA) from a foreign organism, once injected into a human recipient, the new genetic material is incorporated into the invaded cells." [Miller, p. 48] In the 1960s, Joshua Lederberg, Dept. of Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine, said that "live viruses are ... genetic messages used for the purpose of programming human cells". Lederberg said that "we already practice biological engineering on a rather large scale by use of live viruses in mass immunization campaigns." [Miller, p.49] "No one knows the long-term effects of tampering with the genetic codes and delicate structure of the human organism. However, the physical invasion of the human body by foreign genetic material may have the immediate effect of permanently weakening the immune system, setting in motion a new era of autoimmune diseases. For example, research indicates that psychotic disorders may be caused by viral infections. The incidence of schizophrenia is on the rise compared to earlier times, and studies now indicate that about one-third of all cases are autoimmune in nature. Once again, some authorities implicate the childhood vaccine programs." [Miller, p. 49]

2. Bismarck, Germany's Chancellor 131 years ago, stated after there were 124,948 deaths in highly vaccinated people (96%), "the hopes placed in the efficacy of the cowpox virus as preventative of smallpox have proved entirely deceptive". [Isaac Golden's 1998 book Vaccination? A Review of Risks and Alternatives, p. 89]

3. Charles Campbell, M.D., of San Antonio, TX, a century ago, found that the bedbug is the carrier of smallpox and that if the premises are kept free of that insect, smallpox will not spread to persons living with the patient. He said that this was the case in all stages of the disease. His experiments showed that the commonly held belief that smallpox is an airborne disease is not true. He also found that fomites (bedding, clothing, hangings) are not contagious, as long as they are free of the bedbug. He also said that smallpox is a disease of people in poor health due to lack of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.
Type smallpox bedbug into your Google or other search engine to see an article about the smallpox bedbug connection. Although such a connection was not commonly known, there is an interesting story about it from about 1914. The people involved probably were not aware of the connection, either, but I think you'll enjoy reading it.

4. Pure water, Vitamin C, raw fruits, raw vegetables, and their juices are what is needed to have a strong enough immune system to be able to safely get through smallpox without any lasting effects, such as scarring or pitting of the sores.

5. Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano tells how to cure smallpox and how not to do it at Dr. Vetrano takes you through all the stages of the disease, telling you what is the cause behind every single part of it. She tells what to do to get through it safely. She also knows what NOT to do in the care and treatment of the patient. It was written November 2, 2002, and is one of the most important articles you can read about this.

6. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O., knows what you can do in a smallpox outbreak. Her very informative article was written soon after the June 20, 2002, Center for Disease Control meeting of the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP). It can be found at We are so lucky that someone of her stature was willing to take the time to write about that meeting because two weeks had passed and the media had not reported on that historic event. She wanted people to read her report so they would have the proper perspective on smallpox so that if there is an outbreak, they would see that there is NO NEED TO PANIC.

Susan Pearce
Wyoming Vaccine Information Network
Wyoming Chapter of Vaccination Liberation

Mrs. Kathy Ratkiewicz 2002-11-01 18:07:31 # 59

I believe that the best children to try the new vaccine on would be the children of the people who develop/market the vaccine. Only a small group is needed,the issue of *informed consent* would be fully satisfied,and it would be an ideal situation,because the child would be able to be closely observed first hand for signs of any side effects. In fact,I believe that ALL new vaccines should first be tried on the children of the officers of the company who develop/manufacture/market the product.The children of the people who lobby Congress to get the vaccine mandated for universal use should also be included in the trials. Then,once *they* are completely satisfied that it is safe,once they have not observed any untoward reactions in their own children/grandchildren,then and only then could they ethically recommend the use of that particular vaccine for other children.

Ms. Susan Kreider Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Health Professional #97

Do NOT use children as guinea pigs to test safety and efficacy of this 40 year old vaccine based on 18th century technology. As a direct result of all the other vaccines you have permitted them to be contaminated with, our children now have more immune deficiencies and chronic illnesses as compared to children who received this vaccine 30 years ago. Even assuming the vaccine is safe, why would you suppose a terrorist would choose to unleash a virus against which our people have been vaccinated, when they have many other biological agents to choose from? If the terrorist can weaponize it, then they can also bioengineer to alter it. If you do go through with this, I predict a widespread lack of public trust and outcry that will far surpass the Swine Flu fiasco of 1976. Then you'll have on your hands a whole lot of kiddie and so-called 'adult formulae' (meaning mercury-laden) vaccines that you won't be able to peddle to anybody. ENOUGH ALREADY!!

Dr. Sara Klein Health Professional #55

I strongly DISAGREE with the rationale and the morality and ethical issues of this study. A. You don't use children as guinea pigs for a live virus that already has been shown to cause damage. B. Fear of bioterrorism is the (supposed) reason for this study. Fear based, hasty thinking has always produced more damage than the object of that fear... C. There are several well proven (though not 'double blind'...) modes of preventing Small Pox other than injecting yet more viruses into children. D. No 'Informed Consent' on the part of the parents sacrificing their kids for this experiment will really be informed, as the FDA is not informed enough about this vaccine. Listen to the public, the rational and not fear-based public, that is. Sara

Dr. Yvonne Villanueva-Russell Texas A&M University-Commerce Academic #48

I strongly oppose this study as the risks to young children far away any supposed benefits. If smallpox were a deadly disease with no known cure, and one that absolutely no one could survive after having contracted it, and if the threat of smallpox were imminent (and more serious than a veiled attempt to manipulate the public's view of terrorism and create support for a politically motivated agenda, then I might be more persuaded to condone a study of this nature. Unfortunately, this is another in a horrid history of medicine where the poor, the powerless, and the not-fully educated (via informed consent) are victimized, experimented upon and used a guinea pigs in the name of science.

Dewey Ross Duffel # 189

TO: Dockets Management Branch (HFA-305),
Docket Number 02N-0466, Food and Drug Administration,
5630 Fishers Lane, Room 1061,
Rockville, MD 20852.
FM: Dewey Ross Duffel,
841 Blue Slide Rd.
Thompson Falls, MT 59873-9410 1-406-827-4451 email:
Organization: Self. Category: Individual.
Reference: Docket Number 02N-0466 A Multicenter, Randomized Dose
Response Study of the Safety, Clinical and Immune Responses of Dryvax Administered to Children 2 to 5 Years of Age
Reference, the four questions you wish comments on:
(1) What are the potential benefits of the research, if any, to the subjects and to children in general;
(2) what are the types and degrees of risk that this research presents to the subjects;
(3) are the risks to the subjects reasonable in relation to the anticipated benefits, if any, to the subjects, and the importance of the knowledge that may reasonably be expected to result; and
(4) does the research present a reasonable opportunity to further the understanding, prevention, or alleviation of a serious problem affecting the health or welfare of children?

Comment on question 1: Little benefits are expected for the study subjects. However, the potential benefits for children in general can be obtained only by proving or disproving one or more of the assumptions which underlie the study.
The following assumptions are widely believed, but have never been proven by double blind, placebo controlled studies. There is considerable evidence to call each one of these assumptions into doubt.
Assumption: vaccine is the primary, if not the only, protection against smallpox.
Assumption: milkmaids were protected from smallpox by exposure to cows sick with cowpox.
Assumption: smallpox is a random striking disease caused by a virus.
Assumption: smallpox is a highly contagious disease.
Assumption: smallpox is a highly dangerous/severe disease.
Assumption: 'scarification' following vaccination is an adequate guide to smallpox immunity.
Assumption: antibody count following vaccination is an adequate guide to smallpox immunity.
Assumption: smallpox would make a nearly ideal bioterrorist weapon.
Assumption: the population of the USA has little or no current immunity to smallpox.
In response to these assumptions, consider the following:
A. The near disappearance of smallpox incidence, occurred simultaneously with several co-factors:
sanitary and water purity reforms, improvements in nutritional factors, reforms in hygiene, improved transportation, moving from animal power to mechanical power, medical reforms, and of course vaccination.
B. In 1800, when Jennier introduced the vaccination procedure, milkmaids were said to be largely immune to smallpox.
At what age did milkmaids become employed? What protected the milk maids before exposure to diseased cows? What really protected the milk maids after exposure to diseased cows?
It should be remembered that smallpox was not a random disease but occurred with the highest rates in those who lived in slums where poverty, filth, malnutrition and overcrowding were greatest. Medium smallpox rates occurred in the greater metropolitan areas. The least numbers of people affected by smallpox were dwellers in rural countryside and small villages. These low rates were probably due to relatively less polluted water, greater home to waste seperation, quicker transportation of vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy products from farm to rural table versus the long transit time from farm to city tables. So it was not only dairy maids who enjoyed low smallpox rates but most individuals who lived in rural and small town environments. The primary cause of smallpox is not virus but filth. The severity of smallpox is related to three primary factors: the amount of toxicity within the body, the nutritional status of the body and the treatment given the patient. Under conditions of sanitation and nutrition such as enjoyed today, smallpox would be mild in most of the rare cases of development.
C. Large smallpox epidemics occurred in highly vaccinated populations. No large smallpox epidemics have occurred in highly sanitary populations which have good nutrition.
D. Less than 10 percent of children in developing countries were vaccinated in the WHO smallpox eradication campaign.
E. Records do exist of smallpox scabs covering smallpox vaccine scars to the point where it was impossible to determine if an individual had been vaccinated. No study ever proved that 'antibodies' correspond to long term smallpox immunity.
F. When both sanitation and nutrition are common, all contagious diseases, including smallpox, become less frequent and more mild.

Given the facts listed above, the protocol of any smallpox study needs to give scientific answers to the following questions:
Was smallpox vaccine a significant factor in the control of smallpox?
Did smallpox vaccine produce a significant increase in immunity versus the immunity conferred by sanitation, nutrition and hygiene?
Was scarrification and/or smallpox 'antibodies' adequate indications of smallpox immunity?
In a modern society, is smallpox either highly contagious or a severe disease?
Does smallpox truly provide a near ideal bioterrorist weapon or is it only a weapon of terror not destruction?
Is immunity to smallpox in the general population of the USA low or actually quite high?
There is sufficient information to justify stating that vaccine had little or no impact on the declining incidence of smallpox. Smallpox is not highly contagious, or greatly severe (in a society with adequate sanitation and nutrition) and would make an extremely poor biowarfare weapon. The US population currently has an extremely high percentage of individuals who are immune to smallpox.
The Dryvax vaccine has been classified as a IND, Investigational New Drug. This classification needs to taken very seriously, literally and the study protocol should be based on the concept that we need adequate, valid and scientific procedures to answer the basic questions outlined above. The current protocol will not answer any of the above questions. Further, the testing protocol relies on assumptions which have been brought into serious doubt. Many of the statements made in both the application and 'informed consent form' for parents makes statements which are 'sales concepts' but have no place in a scientific document.

Comment on question 2:
Potential side effects include those in the Dryvax Package Insert. And also include potential weakening of the immune system as well as adding a burden to the total body health which will increase chronic diseases. Long term adverse effects can range from an increase in cancers and chronic fatigue to a host of other known and unknown side effects.

If there is no smallpox disease, either natural or due to biowarfare, then the vaccine can not be of benefit. If the smallpox vaccine does little or nothing to immunize against smallpox then the adverse side effects will greatly outweigh the questionable benefits even if there is an attempt to reintroduce smallpox.
If we take the attitude that sanitation, nutrition and hygiene are the key factors to immunity to smallpox, the vaccine is unnecessary even in the event of an attempted bioterrist attack using smallpox or similar virus. A large amount of data on historical smallpox incidence and the failure of vaccine to prevent epidemics proves there is NO justification for any large scale vaccination campaign. Given these facts, it is certain that the vaccine will prove to be a detriment to individuals and to public health in any modern setting.

comment on question 4:
The protocol of the present study is designed to answer only the questions of scarification, antibody production, and superficial 'safety' in a small and healthy population. Clinical effectiveness will be impossible to test much less prove. Serious underlying flaws in the study protocol allow assumptions to go untested and even unquestioned. It is likely that this small number of healthy children will be used to create a smokescreen of seeming positive results for both effectiveness and safety, neither of which will be adequately tested. The reality is that this vaccine is not needed, is not effective and can not be anything approaching safe. Since the study is not designed to either prove or disprove the above contention or any of the underlying assumptions, it is clearly unethical and unscientific to conduct the study as outlined in the protocol.
Sincerely yours; Dewey Ross Duffel

National Vaccine Information Center message from Nov. 23, '02 :

Smallpox Trials on Children: Comments Needed

(October 31, 2002) The Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are soliciting public review and comment on a proposed research protocol entitled "A Multicenter, Randomized Dose Response Study of the Safety, Clinical and Immune Responses of Dryvax Administered to Children 2 to 5 Years of Age" as announced in Federal Register Vol. 67, No. 211 Thursday October 31, 2002 Page 66403, available for review on the OHRP website at:
"". This proposed research would include children as research subjects. Experts in relevant disciplines have reviewed the protocol, but prior to the Secretary, HHS, and Commissioner, FDA, making a final determination on whether this clinical investigation may proceed, public review and comment are hereby solicited pursuant to HHS regulations at 45 CFR 46.407 and FDA regulations at 21 CFR 50.54. Materials are available for review on the OHRP website at: Public comment on the proposed research protocol should be submitted to: Received comments may be viewed on the FDA website at:

============================================ is a free service of the National Vaccine Information Center and is supported through membership donations. Learn more about vaccines, diseases and how to protect your informed consent rights

Smallpox vaccine unsafe - says expert

Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2003,1299,DRMN_15_1653697,00.html

Local story in Denver news.

Dr. Vincent A. Fulginiti was quoted as saying, "President Bush said that any civilian who wanted it could have it. I think that was a mistake, frankly," This Dr. worked with Dr. Kempe in the 60's on the treatment for adverse reactions to smallpox.

Kempe and Fulginiti treated 23 children with progressive vaccinia at Colorado General in the 1960s. Only two of them survived.

Utahns a Crucial Weapon in U.S. Smallpox Defenses

Sat, 04 Jan 2003
References: Utahns a Crucial Weapon in U.S. Smallpox Defenses


How close can Utahns get to protecting America from bioterrorism? Roll up your sleeve and find out.

Smallpox vaccinations are now available to hundreds of residents willing to sign up for a government-run program to extract human plasma containing antibodies to the virus. But to have the antibodies, program participants must be freshly vaccinated for smallpox.

So far, more than 500 Utahns are walking around with new vaccination marks on their upper left arm -- the first time fresh smallpox vaccine scars have appeared on nonmilitary personnel in 30 years.

Participants, who receive between $500 to $1,000 for their service, began receiving the vaccinations in May, according to vaccination provider Serologicals Corp. Few serious side effects have been reported.

"We've had a couple of participants end up in the emergency room after they reported pain in the lymph nodes . . . so we sent them to get checked out," said Jolette Franco, Serologicals' administrator for plasma-donor operations in Utah. The Atlanta-based company has two plasma centers in Utah, one in Salt Lake City and one in Provo, where the smallpox vaccinations are being given. All of those who were hospitalized have been treated and released, Franco said. No other serious smallpox-vaccine side effects have been reported in Utah or in Serologicals' 11 other clinics in a half-dozen states.

The company is using the plasma to create a drug to treat those who suffer adverse reactions to the vaccine.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, through the direction of President Bush, has been working with state and local health departments and hospitals to further develop their smallpox response plans. Up to now, this included identifying health care workers and emergency responders to serve on Smallpox Response Teams who will be given pre-bioterrorism-attack vaccinations. The inoculations could begin as early as this month; they are likely to be performed on 500,000 health workers and 500,000 military personnel during 2003. But those smallpox vaccinations cannot go forward until the CDC produces enough antidote to the vaccine's side effects. That's where Serologicals and Utah comes in; the company has the go-ahead to inoculate area residents and then collect their antibody-filled plasma to make vaccinia immune globulin, or VIG. The antidote must be made from the plasma of people vaccinated in the last two months, when the antibodies are strongest in the bloodstream.

Routine smallpox vaccinations for children ceased in 1972 and the military stopped doing it to troops in the 1980s. Those who now have the vaccination scar, a button-sized skin indention on the upper arm, lost the vaccination protection about five years after they got it -- usually while they were still children.

Donors are usually paid $50 for each time their plasma is drawn, which is approved after a screening interview and a physical with a Serologicals staffer. After a two-week post-vaccination wait period, donor plasma is drawn twice a week for about eight weeks, which means donors can earn upward of $1,000. The CDC said Friday its VIG stockpile is larger than 2,700 doses, enough to cover adverse reactions in 27 million inoculations. Another drug called cidofovir also is being stockpiled to treat vaccine complications, but only the most severe reactions. Production of both drugs continues today, the CDC said. Serologicals (through the Canadian company Cangene) and the Maryland-based DynPort Vaccine Company were given stocks of smallpox vaccine to help make VIG.

The most typical risks from smallpox vaccine, which is made from a cousin virus to smallpox and harvested from livestock, include some soreness or swelling of the upper arm and a mild fever and nausea.

The vaccine-related symptoms usually subside within a week or two and can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers. Among adults who are vaccinated, one in three people will feel nauseated or feverish enough to miss work or maybe have trouble sleeping, according to CDC statistics. Deaths from vaccinations are rare: about one person per 1 million inoculations.

Infection with the smallpox virus itself is fatal in 30 percent of cases. Franco said the criteria for being a VIG donor are strict: Volunteers must be in good health, weigh at least 110 pounds and must be able to pass blood tests for communicable diseases like hepatitis, HIV or other conditions.

Sufferers of the skin disease eczema are being excluded.

And since touching the vaccination site or the bandage can infect someone else with the vaccine virus, potential VIG donors cannot live with anyone at high risk for complications: pregnant friends or family members, children under 1 or people with unexplained rashes or weakened immune systems. "If you're under a doctor's care for any reason, donors also have to have a note" from the physician to pass the donor screening process, Franco said.

For more information about the smallpox vaccine program, log on to or call Serologicals in Utah at 801-583-0488.

� Copyright 2003, The Salt Lake Tribune. All material found on Utah OnLine is copyrighted The Salt Lake Tribune and associated news services. No material may be reproduced or reused without explicit permission from The Salt Lake Tribune.

News Release ........Smallpox Gunmen Deptized to Secure Vaccine Areas

Date: Fri, 03 Jan 2003

Tetrahedron Publishing Group
Health Science Communications for People Around the World
Sandpoint, ID 83864
208-265-2575: Fax 208-265-2775
Released Dec. 19,2002
Contact: Elaine Zacky--208-265-2575: 800-336-9266

Sandpoint,ID��..Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials are directing police chiefs nationwide to search local gun owner records to identify and train civilian deputies to secure smallpox vaccinations sites. According to documents forwarded to civil rights groups by police chief's engaged in a growing smallpox vaccination resistance movement, the plan calls for armed civilian security guards to maintain the peace in every room the vaccine will be given.

The FEMA directive is aimed to prevent violence at smallpox "vaccination areas." It also effectively removes law enforcement officials who oppose vaccination." Police chiefs are now being pressured to comply, get vaccinated, then promote the smallpox vaccine," said one chief who requested anonymity. "They expect us to follow the 500,000 military personnel that began to receive the vaccine this week."

FEMA officials were unavailable for comment regarding their involvement in ordering one armed civilian "security staff" to defend every two "vaccinators," including one "preferred" registered nurse. These civilian volunteers are expected to administer thousands of vaccines per day.

"Authorities will claim this availability of lethal force is meant to reduce risks and protect volunteers," said Inri Cassel, the director of Vaccination Liberation. "We are seeing increasingly coercive policies, allegedly for "public health" and national security," that dangerously restrict civil rights and religious freedoms."

Clinical trials on the largely unproven smallpox vaccine are ongoing at Baylor University and three other sites. "That proves the experimental nature of this entire program," said Dr. Leonard Horowitz , a public health authority and bioterrorism expert who helped establish a public information website all about smallpox. (

Many medical and public health officials have serious doubts about the expected benefits versus known health risks of this hurried plan. A scientific consensus voted against this plan last summer, Dr. Horowitz explained, referring to a series of governmental hearings that concluded in June. "Forcing military & emergency personnel to receive a 50 year old mixture of cow pus,mercury and fetal calf serum, to adequately protect against modern strains of smallpox, including those weaponized for mass destruction, grossly violates common sense and medical ethics."

"I've been vindicated," said Jack McLamb, a retired military and police officer, and publisher of AID & Abet, a police and military periodical. Officer McLamb has been persecuted for years for openly criticizing the government while predicting that law officers would be used to enforce coercive public health policies that attack civil liberties and undermine religious freedoms. "My detractors laughed when I said, `Tyranny can not come to the home of any American unless it comes in uniform.' Now no one is laughing anymore."

For additional information go to ,,

PLEDGE TAKEN BY Health care workers to oppose smallpox vaccinations

Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002

Two major hospitals have refused to comply and Jeffrey Koplan (former CDC director) has spoken against mass smallpox vaccinations.

Here is the pledge:

The Bush program to vaccinate all health care workers against smallpox is unscientific, unethical, and most importantlydangerous. The program seems designed to validate his war agenda rather than to protect the public's health. Vaccinations are appropriate when the benefits clearly outweigh the risks of side effects. This is not the case with the smallpox vaccine.

Adverse effects from smallpox vaccine can include painful swelling, infection, rash, joint pain, malaise and fever. Perhaps a third of those inoculated may have to stay home one or more days, as with flu-like illness. Severe rashes, blindness, inflammation of the brain, and even death are possible though rare. Serious complications were reported at the rate of 49-900 per million and life threatening ones at 14-52 per million. Some 50 million people in the U.S. with eczema, HIV/AIDS, cancer, lupus, other immune disorders, and atopic dermatitis are at higher risk of more serious reactions. Since it is a live virus vaccine (vaccinia: a cowpox virus) people who get the vaccination can transmit it unwittingly to others for 3 weeks after inoculationincluding to family members and high-risk patients. Smallpox vaccinations have so many adverse side effects that the drug companies have insisted on legal exemption from civil suits for illness and death arising from the vaccinations. Bad experiences from unwarranted mass inoculations could undermine public confidence in all immunization programs and in the competence of health workers to protect the public's health.

In the very remote chance that an outbreak was to occur, the former plans for quarantines and ring vaccinations might be appropriate. But there has not been a single case of smallpox in the world for over 20 years and even the Bush administration admits that there has been no evidence of any danger of an outbreak. Why, then, carry out mass vaccinations?

Generating fear and hysteria over smallpox may be an effort to gain public support for an unjust and unpopular war against Iraq, for spending even more billions on the military, and for eroding civil liberties. Let us remember the anthrax outbreak in 2001 that killed 5 people was initially blamed on "foreign terrorists." Federal investigators admitted months later that the evidence points to a scientist from a U.S. military laboratory. Expanded research on smallpox and vaccines could increase the number of individuals handling smallpox virus and thus actually increase the risk of some terrible accident or crime from a similar source. Clearly the risks of the smallpox vaccination campaign far outweigh any presumed benefit. We don't have to go along with it.


As a health worker, my responsibility is to prevent disease, treat illness and promote health. My obligation is to help, and above all, do no harm.

Smallpox vaccination has known and potentially serious side effects. In the absence of any evidence of exposure or risk of exposure to smallpox virus, it is unethical and a threat to my health and the health of the patients and public that I serve to administer unnecessary vaccine.

Military personnel are unfairly being forced to get the vaccine and this should be stopped. As a health worker I am being given a choice, and I choose NO!

I will not be pressured to risk my health and the health of patients. I will not participate in a campaign that is against the best interests of the public I serve. I hereby pledge that, in the absence of evidence of exposure, I will not get and will not give smallpox vaccinations.

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