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Classic Rotary Club Talk, by Patricia Aiken

Note from Patricia: this is the full 30 minute talk. At Rotary I’ve always had between 20-30 minutes. I recommend people just get as far as they can. If I only have 20 minutes, I end on Mother Theresa. I’ll put what I’d edit out for a shorter talk down in RED.
Words in Brackets indicate a PowerPoint slide.

Today I’m going to be presenting some challenging information about vaccines. So we need to ask ourselves, are we going to believe what we see or are we going to see what we believe. That’s our BS- our Belief System. I had a difficult time overcoming my own BS- I designed a public health program for refugee camps in a third world country and felt very strongly about the importance of vaccines.

Before we discuss vaccines, let’s take a brief stroll back through medical history. Let’s start in 1847 Vienna. Dr. Semmelweis is working at the Vienna Laying in Hospital when a colleague of his cuts his hand performing an autopsy. That colleague developed a fever and died the same as many of the mothers in his maternity ward. So a light went on for Dr. Semmelweis and he started foolishly insisting that doctors wash their hands after they perform an autopsy and before they run down the hall and deliver that baby.

The foolish notion caused the maternal death rate to drop from 30% to 2%. Was Dr. Semmelweis hailed for his brilliant achievement? No, actually, he was dismissed from the hospital staff because his discovery did not line up with the medical dogma of his day. He spent the next 12 years furthering his research and wrote a book confirming his findings. He was still ridiculed and died in an insane asylum- and frankly, that would have driven most of us crazy too.

In the 1950’s the AMA said that not only was cigarette smoking not harmful to your health, but it could actually be beneficial. The American Cancer Society has a videotape of a cigarette commercial with a doctor smoking at his desk, extolling it’s virtues and saying that he recommends Pall Mall’s or whatever brand to his patients who smoke.

Right on through to the 1980s the American Cancer Society ridiculed anyone that dared say that cancer had anything to do with the foods we eat. But when I took my seat as an executive director in 1991, there was a huge fruits and vegetable poster up in the office.

I’ve got 50 more examples, but let’s move on to vaccines.

I used to agree that Vaccines were the
[#1 Public Health Achievement of the 20th Century.]

But are they?

[Scarlet Fever] Let’s take a look at Scarlet Fever. How many people here have had Scarlet Fever? So what happened to the rest of us- did we get a vaccine against Scarlet Fever? There is no vaccine for scarlet fever. So where did the disease go? My dad was quarantined as a child with Scarlet Fever. Well all the infectious diseases that vaccines like to take credit for eliminating were all in significant declines decades before vaccines became popular. For instance, measles had declined by 97%. Why? Improvements in public health- better sewage, clean water, better food distribution.

["Official data shows that large scale vaccination has failed to obtain any significant improvement of the diseases against which they were supposed to provide protection" - Dr. Sabin, developer of Polio vaccine. ]

[Thousands of Serious Vaccine Injuries, Death and Permanent Disablities, FDA 10%]

And the former head of the FDA says only 1% of serious adverse events are ever reported. In NYC a study showed that even though they are required by law, only 2.4% of doctors report any adverse event.

[Research now indicates that vaccines are responsible for many chronic immunological diseases and neurological disorders]

[How does the immune system work?] The first question I love to ask physicians is how does the immune system work? I give them maybe 45 seconds to pontificate - we think it has something to do with the bone marrow etc. Then I say, well, in other words, you don’t know. The reason I know you don’t know is because you only had two weeks of immunology in second year med school. I have emails from someone that just turned in his PhD after five years of immunology and he doesn’t know.

Let’s look at a list of some of the ingredients in vaccines. [mercury, aluminum, formedahyde...]

You can see none of these ingredients are health giving. But let’s take a closer look at mercury first.

New Info
[Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive heavy metal] It is more toxic than arsenic or lead.
[Neurotoxin- kills brain cells. Cytotoxin- kills cells throughout your body]

The mercury burden in adults is from their amalgam fillings. [Adults- Amalgam Fillings]. Those so-called silver fillings are 50% mercury and give off mercury vapor 24-7. The Government did a study of over 1,100 servicemen in the Washington, DC area and found their mercury burden wasn’t from fish, or the environment or industrial exposure- but directly correlated to how many amalgam fillings they had.

The mercury burden in children [Children- mother’s amalgams, vaccines]. Mercury from the mother actually passes to the child through the placenta and breast milk.

[Mercury Poisoning Mad Hatters Minamata Bay, Japan]
The symptoms of acute mercury poisoning have been known for centuries. In the 1800’s hatmakers in England made felt hats using mercury vapor. Their neurologic disorders were so well know, people used the expression- Mad as a Hatter. You all remember the character from Alice in Wonderland. Incidently, it took three quarters of a century for mercury to be banned in hatmaking in the US.

In the 1950’s a large industry moved into the small fishing village of Minamata, Japan and started dumping chemicals including mercury into the bay. Initially birds started dropping from the sky, cats developed all kinds of weird behaviors and started drowning themselves. Next, people in Minamata started having strange symptoms including terrible tremors. Now the symptoms of mercury poisoning had been well known for a least a century. Yet it took doctors in Japan 11 months to diagnose acute mercury poisoning. What do you think the chances are of having a doctor spot symptoms of chronic, low dose mercury poisoning? I’d say zero to none.

[Thimerosal and Autism]
Let’s look at mercury in vaccines. Thimerosal is 50% ethyl mercury. No one knows for sure just how toxic it is combined with aluminum for instance.

A study was conducted on Autism rates in California.
[1970- One in every 250,000]
[1980- One in every 2,500]
With steep pressure from the pharmaceutical companies in 1991, the CDC rapidly expanded the vaccine schedule.
The rate went to [One in every 250]
Today, the rate is [One in every 166]
The true prevalence in boys is actually one in every 100.

Dr. Mark Geier , a PhD geneticist and MD, expert in thimerosal, has said that by 2014, the rate of Autism will be 1 in every 15 [2014 One in every 15]. He also has said this will bankrupt our country since their autistic children will not die at age 35 like AIDS patients, but live to be 70 and require millions of dollars of care per child.

The rate of children in special ed when I first started looking at this in the beginning of ’04 was one in every 8. By March it was reported as 1 in 6. Dr. Geier has said that in 10 years, if we continue this insanity, the rate will be 1 out of every 2. Which is great news for my friends that teach special ed- job security. But terrible news for parents and grandparents.

Anedoctally, [50% of Autistic children’s mothers received RhoGam shots]. Rho Gam is used for rh negative pregnancies- women typically get up to 4 shots that each contain 50 micrograms of thimerosal. I witnessed an ob/gyn getting a very severe case of “deer in the headlights” when I mentioned this to him.

So you can see the hypocrisy of telling pregnant women not to eat fish then injecting them with mercury.

A report about thimerosal came out in 1999. The CDC held a closed door meeting at a retreat center in Georgia called Simpsonwood. I don’t have time to share quotes from that report today- but the gist it of was “we are in a bad position from the standpoint of defending lawsuits and I am concerned.”

But here’s a lovely email from
[Internal FDA email
former FDA scientist Peter Patriarca

[thimerosal report] will raise questions about the FDA being asleep at the switch for decades, by allowing a potentially hazardous compound to remain in many childhood vaccines and not forcing manufacturers to exclude it from new products. We must keep in mind that the dose of ethyl mercury was not generated by rocket science: conversion of the % of thimerosal to actual micrograms of mercury involves 9th grade algebra. What took the FDA so long to do the calculations? Why didn’t the CDC and the advisory bodies do these calculations while rapidly expanding the childhood immunization schedule?]

Someone actually answered that very astutely this past May.
[In a recent interview, Roger Brenier of the CDC’s national immunization program explained why the cumulative amount was never figured.

“Vaccines tend to be evaluated on an individual basis, the requirement for safety and efficacy on an individual basis. This holistic view of safety was not part of the review.”]

That’s great news if you had dessert today. Since that dessert is on a separate table you don’t have to count it in your calorie count for lunch!

Now here’s a green stamp bonus I’m going to throw in today. Have you been following the Vioxx story? This is the whistleblower at the FDA.

[All this because he testified before a Senate panel Nov. 18 that the FDA, his employer for 20 years, is incapable of protecting the public from dangerous drugs once they come on the market. "What I'm painting is a picture of an FDA that is completely insensitive to drug safety.“- Dr. David Graham reported in USA Today

He went on to say [Graham says he has heard concerns similar to his from counterparts who monitor medical devices and biologics, such as VACCINES, but they're reluctant to come forward. "They are absolutely afraid for their jobs," Graham says. "We've got families to support."]

So what’s being done about thimerosal? In February of ’04 the Institute of Medicine, an arm of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences [Institute of Medicine February 2004] invited 16 scientists to come and testify about thimerosal. Seeing the list, a group insisted they poll the scientists for their bias.

[Vaccine manufacturers’ scientists ]

Four scientists who worked for the vaccine manufacturers said they couldn’t find any connection whatsoever between thimerosal and autism. Other scientists present were quick to point out the flaws in their studies.

Two other scientist said they had no conflict but others disagreed said their findings were inconclusive.

The other ten scientists who had no conflicts of interest all stated that the autism epidemic is directly related to thimerosal. [ten scientists]

[May 2004 Institute of Medicine Report] In May the Institute released their report saying that based on a few well designed studies- the vaccine mfg., they not only found no link between autism and thimerosal, but recommend that no more funding be given in this area and that scientists look elsewhere. Our tax dollars at work.

[“I find it stunning. I don’t know why they invited biologists to the study. They should have just listened to the [CDC’s] epidemiologist and gone home. This is a cover-up.” Jeff Bradstreet, MD]

[“The report released from the IOM clearly indicates the complete absence of any desire to discover scientific truth at the supposed highest levels of medical academia. The individuals responsible for the IOM report either severely lack any intellectual integrity or, are suffering from neurological impairment due to mercury toxicity themselves. There is NO other explanation for the IOM report," states Dr. Rashid Buttar. ]

[“poorly designed cover-up” “insane” “just short of criminal” Professor Boyd Haley, PhD biochemist University of Kentucky] Someday I’m going to ask Dr. Haley just where they missed criminal.

So that’s the mercury story. As you can see though, just taking mercury out of the vaccines will in no way make them safe. So let’s look next at whether vaccines actually work.

[Pertussis] This is whooping cough. If you read the insert on the vaccine, you’ll find out that your child has one in several million chances of dying from pertussis naturally. Death from the DTP vaccine used to be 1 in 1750. They are now using a less deadly version but still there are many deaths. For instance, the rate of seizures from the DTP vaccine were 1 in 300. Now with the DtaP- the acellular version they are 1 in 1700. Las Vegas would close up with these kinds of odds.

When you extrapolate the new figures, we find that the [Vaccine is actually 100 times more deadly than the actual disease].
[Pertussis outbreaks
1986- 90%
1993- 72%]

In the ’86 outbreak in Kansas, 90% of the cases had been adequately vaccinated. In the ’93 outbreak in Kansas, 72% were fully vaccinated. So we can clearly see that it doesn’t prevent disease- just like Dr. Sabin said.

[A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed...When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and it’s speaker, a raving lunatic.” -Dresden James] This would indicate that I’m your raving lunatic today.

[Polio ] Let’s take a few minutes and look at Polio since I know that’s what’s on the minds of Rotarians.

["Jonas Salk, inventor of the IPV, testified before a Senate subcommittee that nearly all polio outbreaks since 1961 were caused by the oral polio vaccine." ]

(The chart actually is labeled Los Angeles County Health Index)

Before 1955 doctors guidelines for diagnosing polio stated that the symptoms only had to last for 24 hours. Any muscle fatigue was called polio- even if you just had a cold. They called everything polio. In 1955 when the vaccine was introduced, they changed the requirements. Now the symptoms had to last 60 days. Perhaps you’ve noticed that most colds clear up within 60 days. They also acquired the ability to diagnose aseptic meningitis- which is a Xerox illness to polio. So if you get polio and haven’t been vaccinated, it’s called polio. If you get polio and have been vaccinated, it’s called meningitis. So looking at this chart, do you see that any disease has been eliminated? . Someone made the comment that they didn’t just move the goal posts, they moved the entire stadium.

You might also be interested to know that polio rates went up so obviously in the late 50’s that staff at the FDA refused to vaccinate their families. It was so obviously causing cases of polio that Europe, with the exception of Denmark, said a big “no thank you” to the polio program.

The official numbers just don’t square with the official story What percent of people in Africa do you think have been exposed to HIV? A huge percent, right? Well, if you read the insert on the oral polio vaccine- that’s the one that we no longer use in the US because it caused polio, you’ll see that it’s contraindicated in anyone who’s been exposed to HIV. It kills them. So why are we giving out this vaccine in Africa? I have the testimony on this from the National Vaccine Information Center’s Conference in 2002 if you’d like a transcript. [Note: also has this transcript of Uganda’s Kihura Nkuba’s talk at this conference. Also go to ]

Measles The MMR also causes autism. You can research the work of Dr. Andrew Wakefield on this. Incidently, China has 100 percent measles vaccination and still had a measles outbreak. How many people here have had measles? How many people had measles twice? No one. That’s interesting. If vaccines worked like your immune system you would only need one injection instead of 4 rounds and booster shots before college. Not only does having the measles give you immunity to measles, but several other types of cancer as well.

[SV#40] [Simian virus #40] is a monkey virus that was part of the polio vaccines. They couldn’t get rid of it. [The National Institutes of Health -- 61% of all new tumors now have SV40]

[85% of Colon Cancer] is caused by a simian cytomegalovirus. [Epstein Barr Virus, Hodgkins Disease, Herpes, Medullablastomas] Epstein Barr virus associated with Chronic Fatigue is the forerunner to Hodgkins. It is a monkey virus. Herpes- another “latent” virus that actually is compliments of your polio vaccine as well. Medullablastomas are an aggressive brain tumor. (If I have time I tell Alexander Horwin’s story).

It’s no surprise that [Cancer is now the #1 Killer of Children]- we’ve been injecting them with cancer causing viruses.

Bernice Eddy is the scientist at the NIH who discovered SV40 and testified before Congress. [ 'If you continue to allow these contaminated [polio] vaccines to go out, I guarantee you that over the next 20 years you will have epidemics of cancer unlike the world has ever seen'. Bernice Eddy's testimony to the U.S. Congress in 1972." ]

Was she right on the money? Was she rewarded for her efforts? No, she was defunded and demoted. They took her lab away.

This is all I have time for today. Many of you are wondering ‘but don’t children have to be vaccinated to go to school?’ [NO]. Waivers are available and simple to obtain. (Except in Mississippi and West Virginia)

In closing, I know this has been a tremendous amount of shocking information today. If you will take the time to check it out, you will find it does stand up to the 4 Way Test.

Even if you still want to think that vaccines are good, let’s look at Mother Theresa. We’d all agree she was a wonderful woman who did a tremendous amount of good for a huge number of children, would we not? How would you feel about her if I told that once in a while, just every so often, Mother Theresa killed one of those children. Not very often- but every now and then and once in awhile disabled a few more. How would you feel about her then? Would she still be wonderful? No, she’d be a killer and in every culture she would go to jail.


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