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Trouble in Paradise - Autism Epidemic
"Have you had a Vaccine Reaction?"

Subject: Trouble in Paradise - Autism epidemic
Sat, 25 Aug 2001 22:08:22 -0700

Dear Members and Friends -
This is from Rick Rollens whose son was on the cover of Time magazine last summer when they did a cover story on autism. Couldn't imagine a more appropriate story for reminding us that God continually puts us in situations that provide teaching/learning experiences....and confirmation!

>From Rick Rollens

Having just returned from a short trip to Hawaii with my son Matthew, I feel compelled to share with you an experience I had on the remote, sparsely populated East Shore of Oahu, an experience that documents and illustrates that there is serious trouble in paradise too.

My 15 year old son Matthew and I decided to go bodysurfing last Friday on a remote, and secluded beach on the eastern shore of Oahu. We arrived on a pristine beach, where only about a half dozen island people were there enjoying the beach, waves, and sun. During a break from bodysurfing, I made my way back to our towels to rest for a moment. As I was approaching the towels, I noticed a large group of people, kids and young adults, maybe 15-20, coming my way. As they approached I thought "Gee, this big long beach with so few people here right now....well...". As the group arrived they parked their blankets, chairs and stuff right next to mine. I thought "This huge long secluded beach, and they have to move in right next to me !!".

As I was getting ready to go back into the water I heard a sound that is all too familiar to a parent of a child with autism. A little boy about 8 years old had let out a loud "Eeeeeeee". I looked over at the boy who was now flapping his hands and recognized in a moment what so-called autism experts say they are now just recognizing...a child with autism. The young tutor had just asked the little boy "What's your name?" He answered "Andrew" which caused a tutor response of "Good job!".

Well, it turns out that the group in part consisted of 12 young Hawaiian children with regressive autism, all suffering from gastrointestinal problems (chronic diarrhea and/ or constipation), sleep disorders, gluten and casein food problems, lots of autoimmune problems, and absolutely no family history of autism or any other developmental disability.... the whole nine yards of what we all have come to know as regressive autism.

According to the tutors who were from a Center in the area that deals only with autistic children, these children, aged 3-12, were all of Hawaiian decent and were only a few of the autistic children from the small towns and villages of the East shore of Oahu. I asked the tutors about the numbers of children in the area with autism. They said they had no idea what was going on, but only that there were more and more of these kids all the time.

I was shocked to hear that none of these children were from the populated areas of Honolulu or Waikiki, but all were from one small area on the East shore of this one island. I stopped and thought to myself "Gee another autism cluster...first Brick Township and now rural Hawaii !!" (Knowing all too well that where ever you look in the United States and the developed world you will find the exploding autism epidemic).

I tried to think of what in the world Brick Township, New Jersey, Granite Bay, California (1-132 kids with autism), and rural, pristine, Hawaii had in common? I was quickly reminded when I returned to my hotel room, turned on the TV, and watched an aggressive public health sponsored commercial to "vaccinate your child," and within two hours saw three times what I call the "quack commercial," the one showing the sad little yellow duck, you know the Merck commercial for the chickenpox vaccine. Yes, there is trouble in paradise, trouble everywhere we look.

[No place is immune from the blind belief in vaccines. Share this with a friend and continue to plant seeds in people's minds.]

Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA
Vaccination Information & Choice Network, Nevada City CA & UK
530-740-0561 Voicemail in US
     "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil  is that good men (&
women) do nothing"...Edmund Burke

Subject: Response to "Have you had a Vaccine Reaction?"

Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 19:52:51 -0700

This was sent in response to our inquiry for documentation on the numerous vaccine reactions that effect all of us. Ingri

RE: Re: [odpositive] re: Fwd: Have You Had a Vaccine Reaction???

Hi Gorden,

I have 11 grandchildren ranging from the oldest being 12 years old to the youngest being 9 months old.

Our daughter has a set of identical twins at the age of 10 years old. The oldest twin(Autumn) had the first series of immunizations at a very early age and when she was able to talk complained about her legs always hurting and her eye sight was bad. Our daughter took her to a specialist about her eyes and the specialist's first question to Tricia was asking her if the twins had their immunizations. Tricia told her the truth, yes she did start the immunizations on both of the girls but with the first batch they both became ill and she refused to take them back and told their Doctor why. This specialist told Tricia that the immunizations that the girls had was what caused damage to Autumn's liver which caused the problems with the eyes. Now that was 3 years ago and Autumn was fitted for a byfocal for the right eye and a tryfocal for the left eye. The specialist said that in time that the liver would cleanse its self and that her eye would improve. Yes, that did happen, but we had a homeopathic tincture made for her to help push the toxins out of the liver which is where the toxins from anything that enters the body end up. This same family has a younger sister that was greatly effected by her first batch of immunizations. Her speach was greatly effected. Their 4th child has no immunizations and of course has no side effects of them. We operate a Wholistic Health Center where we keep up on the immunization info and we also pass out exemption forms for them. Here in the state of Pennsylvania schools do have to recognize the choice of the parents. There are also side effects with our last born grandchild who is now 9 months old. She has been sick ever since she had her first series of shots. She has been in and out of the hospital with high fevers and bacteria infections which all came about since her shots. She was really healthy before hand.
Am I against immunizations????
You bet I am!!
FROM: "Leona K Hamilton"
TO: "Gordon Emmert"
DATE: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 15:38:54 -0400

Subject: [Survey] Have You Had a Vaccine Reaction???

             Fri, 24 Aug 2001 16:13:35 -0700

Please share with anyone you know that has contact with
anyone who has experienced an adverse vaccine reaction.

From: INVESTIGATE Magazine
In the News: Health
Date: 8/19/01
Time: 4:26:24 PM
Remote Name:

The website address to post responses is [And also to see the postings of many replys] and then click through to healthtalk

The New Zealand immunisation authorities, specifically IMAC, have filed a formal complaint with the New Zealand Press Council over our coverage of the immunisation issue in this magazine. They want the Press Council to rule that vaccines don't cause nasty side effects.

Please can all people who have suffered harm from a vaccination, or their children, please post a message to this messageforum detailing in 150 words or less what happened to them, and if you would be good enough to include an email address that I can contact you on that would be appreciated.

We plan to dump a thick wad of cases on the Press Council's desk to illustrate the point. I don't care from where in the world the cases come from as long as they are genuine and I can email you if needs be. This is a unique opportunity to show regulatory authorities not just in New Zealand but everywhere the size of the problem.

The other aspect of course is that all the case studies will be available in this message forum for parents everywhere to read, so it will become a great resource base for you all.

Please cut and paste this message...I need these responses as quickly as possible.

The website address to post responses is and then click through to healthtalk

Thank you for reading this. Let's make a stand for people-power worldwide.

Ian Wishart Editor Investigate Magazine

Ingri Cassel, President
Vaccination Liberation - Idaho Chapter