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The U.N. and Parental Rights
Fri, 17 Aug 2001 08:24:08 -0700

Although VacLib does not take sides in the pro-life/pro-choice debate, we do feel that a society that condones abortion does not value children and the family unit. The following is being shared so you will understand how your parental right to raise your children in the manner you feel is best for them: medically, spiritually, emotionally, etc., is under attack by the power of International Planned Parenthood Foundation through the United Nations. If you are wondering how you AND your children will be forced to receive an experimental AIDS vaccine, wonder no more. These organizations wield enough power to make this a reality.


IPPF urges EU to fight against parent's rights
By Austin Ruse

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has called upon its European allies to put pressure on European governments to ratify sexual rights for children. In a memo sent to IPPF contacts in the European Union, IPPF also warns of the anticipated effectiveness of "right-wing governments and groups" at the September UN Special Session on Children. IPPF criticizes the activities of pro-family groups at the preparatory meetings for the Special Session, and worries that the final document that emerges in September will not establish sweeping enough reproductive rights for children.

The memo reveals that IPPF is particularly angry at the presence of pro-life non- governmental organizations (NGOs) at the UN. "Indeed, during the recent Preparatory Committee meeting, a number of representatives from right-wing organizations were present. Furthermore, they were more disruptive than ever before," wrote Karin Helsecke of the IPPF European Network, who is the author of the memo.

The principal point of the memo is that IPPF believes parents are the potential enemies of children's rights. The memo says, "Right-wing governments and groups are attempting to insert language in the outcome documents that would strengthen parental authority and control to the detriment of established children's rights. For instance, they are calling for language to be included to the effect that HIV/AIDS counseling for children and adolescents would only be available with the 'knowledge of parents', and generally oppose providing information, education and services to adolescents with respect to their sexual and reproductive health and rights, without parental consent. Clearly, the adoption of such language must be fought against"

IPPF also criticizes the traditional understanding of family as "based on a man and woman united by marriage and their children", because such institutions "are neither safe, particularly for young girls, nor models of gender equality." Indeed, IPPF was upset that, during the recent preparatory committee meeting in New York, the US delegation emphasized "the vital role the family plays in the upbringing of children." Most major UN documents include similar language about the family. The UN Declaration on Human Rights, for instance, states "the family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the state." IPPF would object to this language.

IPPF, the largest abortion provider in the world, is one of the most influential NGOs at the UN. At the UN, IPPF enjoys 'category one' consultative status, which means that it works in close conjunction with UN agencies, including the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank. Some UN observers believe this status implies UN endorsement of IPPF's "reproductive rights" agenda. IPPF personnel also routinely serve as official representatives on governmental delegations to UN conferences. At Beijing+5 last year, at least one delegation was composed mostly of IPPF employees.


Austin Ruse is the Director of Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute,
866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 427
New York, New York 10017.
Phone: (212) 754-5948;
Fax: (212) 754-9291

Austin Ruse is the Director of Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, and has worked with me on UN issues, particularly with my plans to attend the United Nations Millennium Summit held in New York City Sept. 6-8 of 2000, as an Eagle Forum NGO rep. He worked very closely with Wilkins in the Pro-Family World Congress efforts a couple of years ago. He knows where of he speaks.

Dani Hansen
Idaho Citizens Eagle Forum  (WEB-SITE)
Idaho Citizens Eagle Forum
Ingri Cassel, President
Vaccination Liberation - Idaho Chapter