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Whooping Cough and Pesticide Programs
California Counties 2010
by Jim West

This is in response to unsupported mainstream media claims that vaccine exemptions caused the recent Whooping Cough ("pertussis") epidemic.  Those claims were made by omitting the obvious toxicology of pertussis epidemics. 

I have created a table (see below) with toxicological data included with pertussis data for California.  The table demonstrates that pest quarantines (implicit pesticide spray programs) correlate well with the recent 2010 pertussis epidemic.

June, 2010, pertussis spiked in California.  June-Aug is the season for pertussis epidemics, which is also the season for pesticide spray programs, quarantines, and peak outdoor air pollution.

Legend for Table

    Quarantine programs
        These implicity require pesticide applications. 
        Produce cannot be moved unless it is certified pest-free.

        [lbam]= light brown apple moth; [egm]= euro grapevine moth; [mff]= medfly;
        [kb]= karnal bunt; [acp]= asian citrus psyllid; [off]= oriental fruit fly

    Spray programs
        These explicitly require pesticide application.

        [chp2 = chp2_Prog Desc.pdf map]

    Light Blue= Counties with zero pertussis incidence and no quarantine programs.
    Yellow= Counties with quarantine programs.
    Light Blue-Green= Counties with no quarantine programs listed.

Disease incidence is cases per 100,000 population.  Other environmental factors are included.



County [And Spray Related Info]



Environment Rating 1-100
(Other Than Pesticides) With Comments

All Counties With ZERO Pertussis
Have NO Quarantine Programs and Minimal Spray Programs
AMADOR 0 0.00 90 small airport
BUTTE 0 0.00 100 remote
GLENN 0 0.00 85 remote, small airport, freeway
INYO [chp2 minimal spray] 0 0.00 100 remote
LASSEN [chp2 partial spray] 0 0.00 100 remote
MARIPOSA 0 0.00 100 remote, but small airport
MODOC 0 0.00 100 remote
MONO [minimal spray] 0 0.00 100 remote
NEVADA 0 0.00 100 remote but freeway
PLUMAS 0 0.00 100 remote
SIERRA 0 0.00 100 remote
TEHAMA 0 0.00 90 remote but freeway
TRINITY 0 0.00 95 remote, some traffic
TUOLUMNE 0 0.00 100 remote
All Counties with Pertussis
Have Spray Programs
SANTA BARBARA [lbam] 1 0.23 85 airport, some traffic
LOS ANGELES [lbam, acp, mff] 43 0.41 50 large area, diverse environment
VENTURA [egm] 4 0.47 100 remote
SAN JOAQUIN [lbam] 4 0.55 80 far freeway
SAN BERNARDINO [acp, chp2 min spray] 14 0.66 30 multiple freeways, med airport
SOLANO [lbam, egm] 3 0.69 70 minor freeway, airport
YOLO [lbam] 2 0.99 40 freeways
LAKE [egm] 1 1.50 100 remote,
SAN BENITO [lbam] 1 1.60 100  
SACRAMENTO [off] 23 1.60 30 multiple freeways, med airport
SANTA CLARA [lbam] 30 1.64 60 freeways
RIVERSIDE [acp, kb, chp2 min spray] 37 1.70 60 freeways
SUTTER [chp2 spray] 2 2.00 80 minor freeway,
SHASTA [chp2 spray] 4 2.12 100  
ALAMEDA [lbam] 37 2.40 70 freeways
EL DORADO [chp2 spray] 5 2.68 60 freeway, small airport
IMPERIAL [acp, chp2 min spray] 5 2.71 70 freeway
KERN [chp2 partial spray] 25 2.93 40 multiple freeways, med airport,
CONTRA COSTA [lbam] 35 3.29 70 some freeways
MENDOCINO [egm] 3 3.24 100  
ORANGE [acp] 108 3.39 70 freeways
NAPA [lbam,egm] 5 3.55 90 lbam pesticides
YUBA [chp2 spray] 3 3.82 60 some freeways
SAN DIEGO [acp, mff, spw] 122 3.85 50 multiple freeways, med airport
SAN FRANCISCO [lbam] 32 3.93 50 multiple freeways, med airport
MONTEREY [lbam] 18 4.18 60 airport
CALAVERAS [chp2 spray] 2 4.24 70 small airport,
SISKIYOU [chp2 spray] 2 4.27 100  
COLUSA [chp2 spray] 1 4.29 85 small airport, freeway
SAN MATEO [lbam] 46 6.27 40 airport, freeway
TULARE [chp2 spray] 30 6.57 60 airport, freeway,
HUMBOLDT  [chp2 spray] 9 6.72 75 freeway, two airports,
PLACER [off] 23 6.75 80 freeway, two airports,
KINGS [chp2 spray] 14 8.69 85 freeway,
MERCED [egm] 24 8.97 85 small airport, freeway
STANISLAUS [chp2 spray] 60 10.92 90 small airport,
SONOMA [lbam, egm] 55 11.19 85 small airport
SANTA CRUZ [lbam] 36 13.49 85 small airport, freeway
FRESNO [egm] 177 18.35 90 freeway
MADERA [chp2 spray] 46 29.07 80 small airport, freeway
DEL NORTE  [chp2 spray] 16 52.23 100 remote
SAN LUIS OBISPO [lbam] 193 72.03 80 small airport, freeway
MARIN [lbam] 195 76.92 85 small airport


All zero-incidence counties are not quarantined.

All pertussis counties are quarantined or have explicit spray programs.

What about claims of bacterial causation?

Diagnostics can include tests for B. Parapertussis bacteria, however, "Because the symptoms during the catarrhal stage are nonspecific, pertussis is usually not diagnosed until the appearance of the characteristic cough of the paroxysmal stage."  [wiki pertussis]  The diagnosis for pertussis is usually based on symptoms, not germ diagnostics.

The bacteria is said to be infectious.  The bacterial paradigm deserves critical investigation due to the problems often found with other germ paradigms, because for example, poliovirus and HIV isolations have not actually been demonstrated.  Apparently the pertussis paradigm originated as a Petri-dish disease, and such bacterial cultures obviously cannot exhibit the symptoms of asthma-like coughing, in order to fulfill Koch Postulate 3, that requires symptoms to establish a germ paradigm.  Aside:  Wiki claims 2 (isolation) can be dispensed with if the germ cannot be isolated, but that is false.  xxx  "With Octave Gengou, he [Bordet] isolated Bordetella pertussis in pure culture in 1906 and posited it as the cause of whooping cough."  [wiki gengou] Vaccines were devised and immunization programs soon followed.

Pertussis bacterial paradigm was 'declared' by laboratory researcher Bordet around 1906, and then vaccine programs

Three Postulates

On the basis of the table and a distrust of the bacterial paradigm, we can postulate three revisions:  1) Pertussis is a seasonal pesticide disease, although it possibly can occur any time due to indoor air pollution, such as stove exhaust, indoor pesticide application, etc., or other sources.  Pertussis could also occur due to outdoor air pollution, mining, refineries, vehicular, etc.  Pertussis is a respiratory disease and its symptoms are the body's attempts to avoid breathing polluted air.  The symptoms are a call for help and community alert.  2) Pertussis is not germ caused.   3) The bacterial paradigm is misinfo to confuse pesticide and other pollution diagnostics and to exploit the resulting confusion and disorders. 

This research

This article is a response to recent mainstream propaganda from The New York Times, The Bay Citizen, and California Watch, which promotes the idea that vaccine exemptions cause pertussis, utilizing manipulative titles such as, "Are 10,000 kindergartners driving whooping cough epidemic?" and "Vaccination Rate Lags As an Epidemic Spreads".

Journalist Cristina Jewett, or California Watch, wrote 7/20/2010,

"Last month, I reported on the high rate of cases in Marin County, where the county’s health officer pointed to personal-belief vaccine exemptions as a possible culprit.  The Bay Citizen expanded on my piece in an article in the New York Times, talking to Marin parents who declined to immunize their kids.  The controversy over kids and vaccines tends to pit public health officials, who favor vaccines, against jittery parents uncertain about the role that shots play in unexplained increases in autism and similar disorders."

"Researchers took a global look at how personal-belief waivers drive whooping cough in a 2006 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. They found that states – like California – that have easy-to-obtain-vaccine waivers saw a 90 percent higher incidence of whooping cough than other states."

I wrote Jewett on 7/21/2010, twice, to inform her of the association of pesticides and pertussis, and have received no reply to date.

Jewett's "researchers" omitted the obvious toxicology of pertussis. 

Jesse McKinley, of The New York Times, wrote, 6/23/2010:

"After the deaths of five infants, California health authorities declared an epidemic of whooping cough in the state on Wednesday, urging residents particularly those of Latino background – to get vaccinated against the disease."

With regard to NY Times', "particularly those of Latino background", obviously, Latinos in California are often agricultural workers, i.e., those who are maximally exposed to pesticide spray programs.

Such literature, that advocates germ-theory and omits toxicology, is, at best, moot, since the character of the germ cannot be known in the absence of toxicology.  Obviously, the treatments, prescribing poisons (antibiotics) would be disastrous if pertussis is a toxicological disease.  That is, most pertussis deaths could be the result of antibiotics exacerbating a toxicological disease.

Wikipedia, an example of mainstream medical norms, avoids toxicology and advocates antibiotics (poisons) while claiming that bacteria are causative.  See

Map:  California Counties Thumb nail map from; full sized map was not found.


1) Quarantine data:  
2) Spray program data:  See above, other pages xxx.
3) Pertussis data:
4) Pertussis data:
5) "Quarantine" defined:


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