Vaccine Autoimmune Project for Research and Education (VAP)
  Archived on 2Apr09


Public Letters

  To IOM President Fineberg, MD, PhD - Re:  Denouncing Madsen's Thimerosal Study
March 23, 2007
VAP President Barbara Labrecque urges IOM President, Harvey Fineberg, MD, PhD to denounce the Madsen Thimerosal study and pressure the editor of PEDIATRICS to withdraw it based on VAP's recent publication "How Mercury Was Absolved: Creativity, Collusion and Censorship, by Jeffrey Allen Trelka, M.Ed.
To PEDIATRICS Editor Jerold Lucey, MD, FAAP - Re: Requesting Clarification by Fombonne
March 7, 2007

VAP President Barbara Labrecque admonishes PEDIATRICS Editor Jerold Lucey, MD for refusing to publish a letter to the editor by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP, about an epidemiological study by Eric Fombonne, MD et al that was published in the July 2006 issue of PEDIATRICS.  Read Yazbak's justified critique and Lucey's response in VAP's recent publication "A Tale of Two Cities: Flawed Epidemiology".

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