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Autism and Asperger's
James Perloff
Excerpts below are from Truth is a Lonely Warrior: Unmasking the Forces Behind Global Destruction.
Appendix V of Lonely Warrior is in the back of the book and titled: "A Stolen Life--My Personal Story: A Note of Encouragement (I Hope) to Those with Asperger's."
He says that after he was investigating the vaccination issue he was having lunch with a friend who told him, "My son has Asperger's." When Perloff asked what that was, the friend said, "It's a mild form of autism."

Perloff wrote, "Curious, when I went home I Googled 'Asperger's.' As I read about the disease, shock and sorrow came over me. The symptoms were an exact description of my youth--everything from the inability to ride a bike to abnormal fixation on a topic that becomes an area of 'expertise.' I didn't have every symptom--nobody does--but I had enough to strongly overqualify as an 'aspie.' "

When he'd received the DPT shot and the boosters, he got skin problems and eczema. He wrote,

"Of course, people can see a rash, so they will move to treat it. But something else was happening they could not see. Inside, my nervous system was being fried. With each shot, I drifted further into withdrawal, clumsiness, and sickliness. Of course, no one connected it to the shots. Somehow, the rather athletic seven-year-old had mysteriously become a dork. My life, and its potential, were stolen by injections....."

"In my experience, I was inevitably blamed for everything that went with my condition. My parents scolded me, my classmates ridiculed me, and my teachers rebuked me. In seventh grade, my social studies teacher bawled me out in front of the class for being so quiet. In retrospect, the words he used to describe me--basically comparing me to slime--could probably have gotten him fired. But I didn't even have the wherewithall to report something like that. And when the guys in my gym class played a particularly cruel prank on me, the gym teacher joined in with their scornful laughter. I guess he figured I deserved to be made fun of. Such things hurt me a lot--but I figured I deserved it too.

"As a young adult, it was the same. Co-workers and supervisors at jobs blamed me for my inability to work swiftly and competently. Unfortunately, the first Christian church I attended as an adult wasn't much better. I was full of hope after newly coming to Christ, but I was still a quiet person. One day the pastor lit into me in front of the whole congregation. He bawled me out as 'aloof' and unfriendly. He made the mistake of confusing mild autism with sin. I didn't stay at that church much longer...."

More Excerpts
"Maybe, like me, you're someone who gave it his or her best, failed, and then...everyone came down on you and said "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!

"Well, maybe it's not your fault. If it is somebody's fault--try that Big Pharma CEO, who's lying right now on an Aruba beach--countless millions in his bank account, made from vaccines that he knew would cripple and kill multitudes of children. Don't get me wrong--I'm all for forgiveness, but my temper runs a little short with people who knowingly injure children for profit."

"How did I overcome my Asperger's? To a great degree, I still suffer from it. However, I learned coping mechanisms."

He ends with "Seek God, and seek to overcome."
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