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Frequently asked Smallpox Questions

Q1: Is it possible this madness will pass if we quickly educate people on this issue?
To bring about a quick cessation of this madness is the reason Vaccination Liberation put the Smallpox Alert! together. We feel that it has been effective along with countless other voices in the healthcare community. In our library is a videotape that came from the CDC concerning smallpox vaccine. In it, they tell public health officials that the smallpox vaccine will accelerate any cancerous or precancerous condition. Our local paper reported that to date [March 2003] only a small percentage of health care workers have so far agreed to receive the vaccine. The excuse for delay is liability but there are obviously many other issues here as we raised in the Smallpox Alert! which can be read here. []

2. Will colloidal silver help prevent or reduce the side effects of the smallpox vaccine?
This is uncharted territory. We simply do not know how the vaccine will react on numerous different biochemically imbalanced individuals with diverse genetic profiles. Nor do we have records of what benefit colloidal silver will give in this use. Our advice? Avoid the smallpox vaccine like the plague. Even the CDC has said that by taking this vaccine, it will accelerate precancerous and cancerous conditions -- and nearly the entire population fits into this category! One fairly standard estimate is that 60 million people in the USA should not receive the smallpox vaccine. There is no evidence that the vaccine contributed anything to the decline or control of smallpox. The phrase "Sanitation, Nutrition and Hygiene" is a catch-all to describe what really 'conquered' smallpox.

3. Will they really incarcerate us if we refuse the vaccine?
Not likely, especially in light of the already mass resistance among healthcare workers and of course the large number of people for whom it is recognized that smallpox vaccination is contraindicated. Keep writing your senators, representatives and newspaper editors. Consider joining the effort to impeach Bush.

4. Which is the lesser of two evils -- vaccination or being arrested?
Are we not going to be forced to take the vaccine anyway if we are detained?
Experiences in a crisis situation typically run the gamut of possibilities. If we can not determine what goes into our bodies then we are already in 'prison'. We believe that there is a mass awakening at this time and that WE are part of it. This is what grassroots efforts like VacLib is all about. Duplicate our flyers, share the Smallpox Alerts! with key people in your community who are part of the infrastructure implementing your state's smallpox plan. Focus on a positive outcome and then there will not be a need for such a "tough" decision.

5. Why would the government want thousands brain damaged, blind, seriously ill, etc. Do they, and if so, Why? Security? Control? Wealth? Power? Smaller population? Sincere but ill-informed beliefs?
The motives behind promotion of vaccines varies from well intended but ill-informed belief in the necessity and/or benefits of vaccination to monetary and political gain to population control. Have your son read Len Horowitz's Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism, and Toxic Warfare. See for more information on this book and efforts to curb global population.

Faced with a smallpox vaccination?
Answer the questions below before deciding!

What percentage of decrease in mortality occured for each of the following diseases before introduction of a vaccine for that disease?
Measles________? Polio________ ? Diphtheria----________? Pertussis________? Tetanus_________?

Vaccine has been available for how long, 3500 years, 1000 years, only 200 years?

Is 'sanitation, nutrition and hygiene' collectively a
PRIMARY, SECONDARY or INSIGNIFICANT factor in infectious disease control?

Is vaccination a PRIMARY, SECONDARY or INSIGNIFICANT factor in infectious disease control?

Is the 'Germ Theory of Disease' 100% true, Zero percent true, or slightly true?

Is smallpox disease contagious? Is smallpox disease deadly? Under what conditions are your answers true?
See the Smallpox Alert!    or The Index of Smallpox articles.

How close to smallpox virus is vaccinia (the vaccine) virus?
See Virus Issues at:

Do you have any of the following contraindications to accepting the smallpox vaccine? Package INSERT.
You have had an organ transplant, cancer, HIV, eczema or other skin condition.
You are allergic to any component of the vaccine, including polymyxin B sulfate, dihydrostreptomycin sulfate, chlortetracycline hydrochloride, and neomycin sulfate.
You under 12 months age! You are pregnant.
Someone in your house hold might be at risk catching Vaccinia disease from you.
You are informed. You are breathing. You are allergic to cow pus.
Your religion and/or your science forbids the practice of superstition.

How much decline in mortality occured BEFORE the introduction of vaccines?
                                USA				England
Measles		1900 - 1955     99.7%		1915-1958   	98%
Polio		1923 - 1953	47%				55%
Diphtheria	1900 - 1930	85%
Pertussis	1900 - 1935	79%				82%
"During the mid-1800s, there were 205 cases of tetanus per 100,000 wounds amoung U.S. military personnel. By the early 1900s, this rate had declined to 16 cases per 100,000 wounds--a 92 percent reduction. During the mid-1940s, the incidence of tetanus dropped even further to .44 cases per 100,000 wounds. (123) Some researchers attribute this decline to an increased attention to wound hygiene. (124,125) [from:]
Page 24, of Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? by Neil Z. Miller, New Edition Copyright 2002.


(For larger graphs see:

"The death rates from infectious diseases have fallen constantly and substantially since the mid 1800's. Most of the 'success' was achieved well before vaccination was even introduced... the introduction of vaccination had no observable effect on the declining death rates" Population figures are available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
From: Vaccination, A Parents Dilema, Greg Beattle, c 1997, Oracle Press, Queensland, Australia, p. 36-57

See: for original article

Typical attitudes helt by both sides of the Vaccination Controversy
Pro man-made VaccinePro Nature's methods
Believes vaccination has saved millions of lives. Believes sanitary reforms and nutritional changes saved millions. Knows vaccination had an insignificant effect on disease decline.
Believes vaccination is a necessary and highly important part of public health measures. While sanitation and nutition are seen as being of little or no importance. Believes sanitation and nutrition vitally important and vaccination is of little or no worth.
Believes vaccination is a 'safe' procedure. Accepts fact that injection of foreign matter into a body can never be safe.
Believes vaccination is so beneficial that keeping knowledge of vaccine adverse reactions from the public is justified. Believes that exercising 'informed choice' is more important than any seeming or alleged 'value' of mandatory vaccine programs.
Believes that vaccination makes fundamental improvements in health. Immunity can only come after disease or vaccination. Believes that fundamental health improvements can only come from 'life style' activities. (sanitation, good nutrition, moderate attitudes, etc.) Believes immunity is a state of health and does not depend upon either prior disease or vaccination.
Believes that the best health comes as a result of vaccination. Unvaccinated healthy individuals are just 'lucky and rare'. Knows that unvaccinated children have fewer colds, visits to Emergency room, ear infections, etc. The introduction of vaccine ingredients does burden and reduce the bodies ability to remain healthy.
Fears nature and natural disease;
believes in man made concoctions.
Fears man made concoctions;
trusts nature and typically gives little fear to disease threat.
Believes in 'Germ Theory of Disease', gives little thought to causes for susceptability. Believes in the power of disease to kill. Believes that disease is caused by a chemical imbalance, typical of toxic tissue. Knows that people die from a 'failure to heal' due to a nutritional deficiency not 'big, strong germs.' Fatal nutritional deficiency is often a lack of vitamin A or C.
Reasons for the decline of smallpox incidence and mortality
Major reasonsDetails
Cleaner Water Protection of water source from pollution.
Care in protecting delivery system from sewer and other contamination.
Cleaner Air Cleaning stables.
Cleaning streets.
Putting sewers underground.
Covering Cesspools/septic tanks.
Less crowded housing.
Nutrition Sanitary food habits.
More variety.
Quicker farm to market transit.
Year around fresh foods.
Hygiene People started bathing more often than once a year, 'whether or not they actually needed a bath.'
Insect ControlDecline of Bedbugs.
Medical Reforms Learned how to be more sanitary, washing hands, etc.
Learned sick need fresh, cool air.
Learned sick benefit from water during recovery from disease.
* Vaccination ? ? *
* Vaccination is listed here only for 'completeness' in our list.

"How do we know that vaccination was of any benefit to the decline of smallpox?"

Do we know that injecting 'cow pus', yes, the running matter from the sores on cows, when innoculated into humans made them immune to smallpox? Does anyone say yes? 'Vested interest' individuals who have not studied both sides of this controversal question promote smallpox vaccination and claim its "benefits" all with little or no help from sanitation, nutrition or hygiene! The fact that an abundance of evidence shows that the vaccination practice was based on superstition, spread disease and was associated with the largest smallpox outbreaks of the period with a large number of deaths has not deterred the proponents from proclaiming, "The medicinal value of cow pus is one of the 10 Greatest Medical Discoveries of All Time ." Such a revelation, makes one wonder what the other 9 discoveries are? Induced Bleeding? Using hot irons to cauterize flesh? Keeping patients in very hot rooms and denying them water? No matter, Vaccination has been in existence for about 3500 years and soon will go the way of other outdated ideas.

History of Smallpox
The history of smallpox shows that little smallpox typically occured in the countryside. Somewhat more occured in the city, and most cases were in the 'slums', that is where proverty, filth and malnutrition 'guided' the smallpox.

With the increase of external sanitary reforms, came a cooresponding decline in internal toxic conditions, (less internal posion in effect) and a decline in incidence of many diseases.

With an increase in year around better nutrition, the severity of many diseases, including smallpox, declined greatly as did the mortality rate. Death was not 'from the disease' but actually from the lack of sufficient nutritional support to accomplish the 'acute, beneficial and vigorous healing episode' which is typically called the 'disease symptoms.' As mentioned above, fatal nutritional deficiencies in connection with disease are often due to a lack of vitamins A and C.

Vaccine-free health care
by Ingri Cassel
Our world appears to be on the brink of disaster as governments around the globe grapple with the terror being wrought upon us by chemical/military/pharmaceutical industrialists.
We have been led to believe that pathogenic germs and viruses cause disease when the opposite is actually true; pathogenic germs and viruses must have a "dis-eased" medium in order to thrive. The key to dis-ease prevention, as Pasteur's colleague Dr. Antoine Bechamp so clearly showed, is to keep the terrain of the human body healthy. Germs no more cause dis-ease than flies cause garbage.
By taking pharmaceutical drugs to kill germs, reduce a fever and suppress an acute inflammatory response, we have defeated the very purpose of the symptoms of dis-ease—to bring the body back into balance.
Always remember that the symptoms of dis-ease are the body's attempt to remove unhealthy material and restore balance. During a time of sickness we should promote—not suppress—the body's attempts to remove such material.
So what do we do to maintain our health before a planned biological or chemical exposure, and what can we do after the fact? We follow the 5 basic principles of good health. Though we will only outline them here, the principles have been explored at length in my monthly columns which appear in The Idaho Observer (

Source: Smallpox Alert! Read rest at:

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