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A recent letter to the editor criticized my statements about avoiding vaccination.

Addressing the vaccination controversy requires answering several questions. Did vaccines save millions of lives and make a major contribution to the well being of society? Are vaccines safe? Do vaccines work by correcting a deficiency, removing an excess which would have led to disease, or simply not at all?

Until mid 1800's, towns had little sanitation, garbage including household waste, urine, feces and even fetuses were thrown in the streets. Water was often polluted, poorer housing was crowded, personal hygiene virtually unknown, and nutrition was poor. Epidemics were common and typically hit cities harder than the cleaner, better nourished countrysides.

Following the reforms in sanitation, nutrition, and hygiene, ninety percent of the decline in death from infectious disease occurred before vaccines were used. Mortality decline after vaccine introduction was essentially the same as before vaccine introduction.

Was injection of cow pus (smallpox vaccine) into human beings "one of the ten greatest medical discoveries of all time?" No, but aggressive and misleading vaccine propaganda takes credit for what reforms in sanitation, nutrition and hygiene accomplished.

Did 'monkey juice' from the rotting kidneys of diseased monkeys eradicate polio? Polio incidence declined greatly before the introduction of polio vaccines. Polio vaccine ineffectiveness is well described by doctors Salk and Sabine.

"Jonas Salk, inventor of the IPV, testified before a Senate subcommittee that nearly all polio outbreaks since 1961 were caused by the oral polio vaccine."

"Official data shows that large scale vaccination has failed to obtain any significant improvement of the diseases against which they were supposed to provide protection" - Dr. Sabin, developer of Polio vaccine.

The two greatest vaccines (smallpox and polio), upon which general public acceptance of vaccines depend, are worthless. So scratch the 'saved millions of lives...'

In 1975, Japanese doctors went on strike by refusing to vaccinate. When the dust settled, the vaccination minimum age was raised from 3 months to 2 years. The result was a dramatic improvement in infant mortality. Japan saved lives by stopping vaccination under age 2, why does the USA not follow suit?

The CDC states that following the introduction of Hepatitis B vaccine in 1981, Hepatitis B incidence rose. Sometime later when fewer cases were reported among homosexual men and among injecting drug users the incidence decline was likely related to behavioral changes ... rather than to vaccine use.

Obviously that vaccine formula had to change. It did. However, testing occurred in a relatively small number and follow-up was for only 5 days. Such testing can not demonstrate effectiveness and is flawed for safety.

A former researcher at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), reported that juvenile diabetes increased 60 per cent following a massive hepatitis B vaccination campaign for babies six weeks or older in New Zealand from 1988 to 1991.

The 24,775 hepatitis B adverse event reports (USA) from 1990 to 1998 show 439 deaths and 9673 serious reactions involving emergency room visits, hospitalization, disablement or death.

Many believe 'antibodies' indicate immunity, and a lack of antibodies indicate susceptibility to disease. However, individuals with high antibody levels may and do acquire the very disease supposedly protected against. Individuals with no or few antibodies typically remain immune. Cell toxicity, not antibodies, is the key to predicting immunity. It is essential to keep the body internally clean and well nourished in order to obtain health, the only immunity.

Vaccines do not correct nutritional imbalances. Vaccines do not immunize, but do pollute the blood thus contributing to both acute and chronic diseases.

Sincerely, Dewey Ross Duffel

Five Minute talk by Jock Doubleday [Volume 7, Nov 14, 2003]

NWNM Today, Vol. 7: "Vaccination"

Recently I gave the below talk on vaccination at a local California high school. I had only five minutes at morning assembly, so the material had to be highly condensed . . .

"Does Science Tell Us that Vaccination Is Effective?"
by Jock Doubleday

Five years ago I founded the 501(c)3 California nonprofit corporation Natural Woman, Natural Man, which advocates various natural living philosophies and practices, such as natural immunity.

Natural immunity comes from eating the right foods, drinking pure water, loving a lot, laughing a lot, getting good exercise, etc.

Researching natural immunity, I found myself also researching artificial immunity--aka vaccination.

Vaccination science, it turns out, takes two forms:
1) controlled studies and
2) epidemiology.

Epidemiology: study of disease in populations.

Controlled study: You take two large groups of people, match them by age and other factors, vaccinate one group and don't vaccinate the other. Then you compare incidence of disease over a period of several years. That's a long-term study. Short-term studies don't give us any relevant information about vaccination efficacy.

Now, I'd like to ask you how many long-term controlled studies you think there are for all vaccines for all diseases in the world, since the beginning of science.

That's not a rabbit, it's a zero.

We live in an age of scientific studies. Governments and private organizations study anything and everything. Recently, the National Endowment for the Humanities spent $25,000 to study why people lie, cheat, and act rudely on Virginia tennis courts.

The National Institute of Neurological and Communicative Disorders and Stroke spent $160,000 to study whether or not someone can "hex" an opponent by drawing an "X" on their chest. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism spent over a million dollars to find out if drunken fish are more aggressive than sober fish.

The National Science Foundation recently awarded a grant to study the history of the fax machine.

Everything is being studied all the time. Everything, that is, except vaccination.

So . . . if we don't have any long-term controlled studies on vaccination, we're left with epidemiology to tell us whether or not vaccines work.

Epidemiology looks back into history at the rise and fall of disease. It is the science of body count.

I have charted mortality rates for the most famous diseases in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia. The numbers on which these charts are based are the unaltered, raw government numbers from 1900 to the present.

[show charts from]

You see, natural immunity takes care of the disease in every case. Incidence of disease is falling, falling--then the vaccine is introduced at the very end of the disease's decline. Time and time again, vaccination takes credit for the eradication of a disease it didn't eradicate.

Sometimes, as in the case of scarlet fever and typhoid fever, no vaccine is introduced before disease incidence declines to virtually zero.

I have talked to many doctors about these numbers. Not one of them has seen t hese numbers, or the charts based on them, in medical school. When I email them the graphs, they say, "These numbers must be wrong." But the numbers are not wrong. These are the only numbers we have. These are the government numbers. There are no other numbers.

A question: If vaccination doesn't work, why have mortality rates fallen at the same time (1900 to late 1960s /early 1970s) and in so many different countries?

An answer: Public sanitation measures. Cleaner water, better nutrition, better living conditions.

I won't go into vaccine hazards right now. Let's just say that I wouldn't put vaccination high on my list of things to do.

Fortunately, each of you is allowed three kinds of exemptions for any vaccination, for yourself and for your children. These three exemptions are religious, medical, and philosophical. Many vaccines are "mandated," but no vaccine is mandatory. You can always get out of receiving any vaccine, even when you are traveling to another country. The government gives its citizens an out, not because citizens' health is at issue, or because the government wants its citizens to have freedom of choice, but because the government doesn't want continually to be sued for vaccine adverse events. It's simply a question of money.

Further, Edward Jenner, inventor of vaccines, and Louis Pasteur, creator of the germ theory of disease, were the Barnum & Bailey of medicine. They weren't scientists. They were, quite unfortunately for us, showmen and hucksters. They were salesmen.

For the scoop on Pasteur's massive hoax, read Ethel Douglas Hume's book, "Pasteur Exposed: The False Foundations of Modern Medicine." Regarding Jenner, read Neil Z. Miller's book, "Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?"

Real scientists and real science tell us that artificial immunity, aka vaccination, is an emperor with no clothes on. As far as real science is concerned, there is no evidence that you should vaccinate yourself or your children, ever, for any reason.

Disease exists. Vaccination is not the answer.

Thank you.

2004 Flu ad in Nickel's Worth (Northern Idaho)

The preservative used in 92 percent of flu vaccines administered this year is thimerosal which is nearly 50% ethyl mercury by weight. Mercury is the most toxic substance on earth next to plutonium. Each adult dose contains 25 micrograms of mercury; each pediatric dose contains 12.5 micrograms. According to EPA guidelines, you need to weigh 551 pounds to safely ingest, NOT inject, 25 micrograms of mercury or 275.5 pounds to safely ingest 12.5 micrograms. How much do you or your child weigh? If you suffered any of the following symptoms following your flu vaccine, call 407-672-6144 and we will help you report your reaction to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System: stroke, kidney problems, severe abdominal pain, skin irritation/dermatitis/eczema, irritation of eyes and mucous membranes, irritation of upper respiratory tract, pain or numbness in extremities, or jaundice. These are all symptoms of mercury poisoning.
Go to

Flu and FluMist 2003

Dear Editor:

After reading about the panic people are in over the lack of flu shots, I thought it was time folks hear the rest of the story.

Last year's flu viruses (3 of them) are in this year's influenza vaccine. Since the CDC estimates there are over 300 different influenza related viruses "out there", it's not too likely you will be "protected" from this year's strain. You also need to know that vaccines stay active in the body for 3 to 10 years and that vaccines stress the immune system; they do not enhance it. I'm sure you know people who became sick immediately after being vaccinated. The excuse used is that they were already getting sick. If that's the case and the shot stimulates the immune system then they should not have become ill. Are you starting to see the double talk the drug industry is using?

FluMist, a new intranasal LIVE virus vaccine, is being administered in public places such as drug and grocery stores. The package insert warns recipients that they will be contagious for 21 days and to avoid being around immune compromised people. Since roughly 50 percent of the U.S. population is indeed "immune compromised", getting the FluMist shot is certainly an unwise gamble. And going to any of the stores that are administering it is an even worse gamble.

Selling the Flu

Dear Editor -

After noticing the flood of advertising encouraging every man, woman and child to get one of this year's flu vaccine, I decided to do a bit of research.

What I found out was shocking.

1. Last year's flu viruses (3 of them) are put into this year's influenza vaccine. Since the CDC estimates there are over 300 different influenza related viruses "out there", it is not too likely you will be "protected" from this year's strain.

2. The recommendation for infants 6-23 months of age was suspended due to a complete lack of any studies done on infants. And yet we hear advertisements encouraging parents and pediatricians to administer flu shots to infants, our most vulnerable. When did a study involving infants with the flu vaccine become complete and where is it published? How did the "suspension" become lifted just in time for this year's flu vaccine?

3. FluMist, a new intranasal LIVE virus vaccine, is being pushed right here in Maricopa County at several pharmacies (such as Basha's) and doctor's offices. The package insert warns recipients that they will be contagious for 21 days and to avoid being around immune compromised people. Since roughly 50 percent of the U.S. population is indeed "immune compromised", getting this year's flu vaccine is certainly an unwise gamble. And it is administered right there in the aforementioned chain of grocery stores with pharmacies, with a "protective screen" which they believe will keep this mist contained. However, each recipient can spread the live virus from sneezing and nasal discharge, for three weeks, to everyone around them.

4. 20-30% of flu vaccine recipients get the flu anyway. This number is higher than the percentage of un-vaccinated people who get the flu.

Does anyone remember the swine flu vaccine fiasco?
History certainly appears to be repeating itself.

I've been a door to door salesman. In this job, we are taught the four "impulse factors" we're supposed to use to get people to buy. I advise everyone to watch out for these:

1) Fear of loss: Make the person think that if they don't pick up the deal now, they'll miss their chance and it will be gone forever.

2) Indifference: make the person believe that you don't care whether or not they buy from you.

3) Greed: Playing on peoples' desire to have what their neighbors have; "keeping up with the Joneses"; coveting thy neighbors' goods

4) Sense of Urgency: If they don't buy your product now, it will be lost forever (pretty much the same as one as far as I can tell)

Example where this is being used in the media: The Flu Vaccine!

1, 3, and 4: We're running out of Flu Vaccine! The Flu is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You! If You Don't Act Now, You'll Never Get The Flu Vaccine! Why? Because Everyone Else Has Gotten One!

Number two is covered by the indifference of the pharmaceutical companies about people's health.

To find out where the FluMist is being administered, so that you can avoid being exposed by recipients (not to mention the stray molecules from something which is no more complicated than a nasal spray), go here:

Thanks-- MaryK Croft

Vaccine Facts

Hepatitis B is an adult disease of the liver spread through contact with the blood and body fluids of an infected person. Symptoms are generally mild and most infected individuals recover quickly with life long immunity. Cases are rare. Yearly hospitalizations are about 1 adult in 20,000 according to the CDC.

In children, hepatitis B disease is of almost zero concern, but reported serious adverse reactions to the hepatitis B vaccine far outnumber hepatitis B cases.

In 1999, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, with more than 10,000 members, called for an immediate moratorium on mandatory hepatitis B vaccine.

Will parents exercise their constitional rights to refuse this harmful vaccine? For more information visit:
or request a Hep B Info sheet from:

Vaccine Facts II

Vaccines: Perfect products? If so, why are they sold "over the barrel of a gun"? (Legal mandates, social pressure, propaganda favored over informed choice.)

Between 1840 and 1955, decrease in infectious disease mortality saved millions of lives. Ninety percent (90%) of this decline occurred before vaccine introduction!

The mortality decline after vaccine introduction was essentially the same as before vaccine introduction.

To find out more about this controversial subject see: or call ...

Vaccine Facts III

Regarding smallpox disappearance, Scientist, Glen Dettman, Ph.D., said that "only 10% of the [worlds'] population was ever vaccinated."

Sanitation, not vaccination was the true protection against smallpox.

Forced vaccination and consent to vaccination based on mistakes and lies constitutes bio-terrorism.

To find out more about this controversial subject see:

Vaccine Facts IV

Polio outbreaks were associated with industrial and agricultural pollution, intense vaccination against smallpox and diphtheria plus nutritional factors including excess refined sugars.

Polio incidence declined greatly before polio vaccines were used. Polio incidence temporarily nearly doubled after 1958 when polio vaccines became widely used. At no time was the decline in incidence after polio vaccine usage more rapid than before polio vaccine usage.

To find out more about this controversial subject see:

Vaccine Facts V

If you or your child suffers or is supected to suffer an adverse reaction to vaccines, to whom should you report? Vaccine Adverse Event Report System.

How many reports does VAERS receive per year? 11,000-12,000. What percentage are serious? About 75%. What percentage of adverse events are reported. FDA says 10%, other estimates are as low as 1%. Typical estimates are that 300,000 adverse vaccines reactions occur per year in the USA including 3000 deaths.

To find out more about this controversial subject see: or call ...

Vaccine Facts VI

Who is the insurance company for vaccine damage? The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program run by the U.S. Government. Each dose of vaccine has a 'tax' which goes into NVICP.

Since its inception in 1986, the NVICP has paid out only somewhat over one billion dollars. True liability is much higher. About three out of every four claimants are denied compensation. Many parents of vaccine damaged children are never told their child's injuries are vaccine related.

To find out more about this controversial subject see: or call

Vaccine Facts VII

Want a second opinion? Dr. Michael Odent has written a letter in the JAMA (1994) where his figures show a five times higher rate of asthma in pertussis immunised children compared to non-immunised children. In another source he said, "Immunised children have more ear infection and spend more days in hospital."

"Vaccination is not necessary, not useful, does not protect. There are twice as many casualties from vaccination as from AIDS." --Dr. Gerhard Buchwald, West Germany, specialist of internal diseases and participant in about 150 trials of vaccination victims.

More quotes: or call

Flu Vaccine Fact Advertisement

Again its time to consider being injected with rotten eggs in the illusive search for a flu free Winter. If you have not already decided to avoid the flu shot like the plague, then you may be interested in the following:

In 1997 the Associated Press stated that about 70 percent of doctors and nurses do NOT get annual flu shots.

The Maine (US) Lung Association says, for the USA, "Over the past twenty years, age specific death rates for pneumonia and influenza have increased in the older adult populations [over age 65]..."

However, since 1980, death rates in the over 65 age group from influenza have been increasing, while flu vaccination rates since 1987 also increased from 33% to 65%. These figures show that vaccination is the wrong approach for achieving improved health or reducing the number of deaths.

In fact, studies of large scale compulsory flu vaccination in Japanese school-aged children showed the vaccine to be ineffective and conducive to law suits due to adverse side effects.

See for more information.

Subject: Vac Letters to Editor in Wyoming
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 10:25:51 -0800
A letter to the editor in yesterday's Sheridan Press:

Parents do not have right to endanger child

...I do not believe parents should have the right to endanger the health and life of minor children.
The children do not have the maturity to make such important health decisions.
Susan's letter points out that only one-half (sic) of 1 percent of Wyoming children would be affected by Bill 5. If there are 100,000 children in Wyoming, that means 500 children are not protected from disease. In my opinion, that's child abuse. ...

Reply from a informed mother

Dear Editor, After reading Richard Sinclair's letter, stating that in his opinion, leaving your child unvaccinated was child abuse, I was compelled to write.

Upon finding that my husband and I were expecting our first child, we took it upon ourselves to try to be as educated in the ways of childhood health as we possibly could, what we as parents should do to ensure the health, safety and happiness of our child. We had a lot to learn, but we felt up to the challenge and consumed ourselves with all of the available information that we could find; books, periodicals, Internet, medical professionals and through talking with other parents. We questioned everything from circumcision, breastfeeding, the Continuum Concept and lastly Pandora's box, Childhood Immunizations. We had no idea the struggle we were in for.

I do not believe that it takes a community, nor state, nor a government to raise a child; I believe that it is the parent's responsibility and honor to do so. I believe that the best way a parent can make a decision regarding the well being of their child is to be informed. It is every parent's duty to their child to make these decisions, whether it pertains to the school they attend, the kind of food they eat, what they watch on TV, the friends they have, and the type of health care they receive.

In past generations, people were taught that the advice of a medical professional was taken, no questions asked. Still today many parents will tell you that immunizations are something that you do because you have to. I have long thought that there is a balance between nutrition, natural and conventional medicines. I am not naive enough to think that multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies have my family's best interest or mine at heart. Hey, if everyone else is doing it, we should too.but wait! Why would you consider questioning vaccinations? Why are there even such things as medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions for them in some states? Why is there a victim's compensation fund from the Federal Government for vaccine-damaged children? Do vaccines cause autism, retardation or other dehabilitating disease like the exact ones that they are supposed to protect my child from? Why is the occurrence of SIDS so low in Japan compared to the US? Could it be because they wait to inoculate their children until they are two years? Is there a correlation between all the behavioral problems in children with all of the chemicals that we ingest and inject into them? If my child must have over 20 vaccinations, what exactly are the ingredients? Known poisons, formaldehyde, alum, acetone, mercury derivatives, to name a few? What about the religious debate about them containing aborted fetal tissues? Have you ever known a child who was damaged or killed because of them? Statistics is all they are until your child becomes one of them.

These are just a few of the points that we are concerned with in the search for information about our child's health. We do believe in God and think that vaccination is a sin but the only thing that we are fanatical about is our child. We are just two people trying to do the best job as parents that we can. A mothers love for her child is a fierce thing and it was never something that I understood until I became one. She will do anything and everything in her power to protect her child. I guess if that is child abuse to you, Mr. Sinclair, I have to wonder, do you have children? How well educated are you on the vaccination debate, and do you have knowledge of both sides? If you can make an educated decision after weighing all of the risks and the gains, please enlighten me, as I would be more than happy to listen. Not making my child my number one priority or taking chances with his health and subjecting him to those risks, on either side, is child abuse to me.

Bonnie Gregory

EMT letter #1

Dear "First Responders",

Please take a few moments and read this letter.
There is a lot of information on the history of smallpox, the smallpox vaccine, and the current smallpox vaccine purchased by our government that the media and health departments have not made available to the public. In fact, Florida's Post-Event Smallpox Response Plan that is our state's guidelines for mass vaccination of the populace against smallpox is not available to the public. The smallpox vaccine is considered so dangerous that 80 hospitals across the country have refused to subject their staff to it. We need your help in educating your friends, co- workers, parents, grandparents, children, teachers, mailmen, emergency healthcare workers, fire fighters, and police. It is essential for you to have this information since you won't be hearing the full story through the media. We are about to start spreading smallpox disease via the vaccine in this country. There is no guarantee the vaccinia virus in the vaccine will protect us against a bio-warfare attack with an aerosolized form of smallpox (variola virus). If you have an adverse reaction to this injection, you are on your own since your insurance company and the federal government will not accept liability for injuries the vaccine is known to cause. If you take the shot you will be contagious to anyone you come into contact with for the first 21 days after the injection. Your family and loved ones can get a form of smallpox from touching the injection site of a smallpox vaccinated person. If you decide to take the vaccine you will not be able to be around family members, babies under 18 months of age, pregnant women, nursing moms, elderly people, or anyone with a weakened immune system (a vast majority of the current population).
  And regarding smallpox from the variola virus, Dr. Joel Kuritsky admitted during a public forum on smallpox that in order to catch smallpox you would have to spend 6-7 days in constant close contact with an infected person. This "secret" mass vaccination program and the current line-up of first responders for the smallpox shot is a health disaster waiting to happen. I urge you to please read the literature enclosed in this envelope and help stop the spread of smallpox in this country.

Wendy Ramos

EMT letter #2

January 2003
An open letter:
Dear Medical Officials, Law Enforcement and EMTs,

Your life, health and performance is important to our community. Soon many emergency workers across the county will be challenged with the smallpox vaccine. You may be called upon to decide if you will accept this treatment.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the smallpox vaccine program for the US National Institutes of Health, has stated that the smallpox vaccine will be offered to adults on a voluntary basis. It will not be available for children except in the event of a "smallpox" attack, an unlikely event because smallpox makes a very poor weapon of destruction. Currently it is considered unethical to test this vaccine in children.

The highest health official in the land, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson does not plan to be inoculated with the smallpox vaccine and recommends that Cabinet members also not request the inoculation.

According to USA Today, 1/21/2003, "More than 80 hospitals in 22 states have decided to forgo the Bush administration's voluntary smallpox plan." The American Nurses Association has advised its 2.7 million members to wait until various issues are clarified. These issues include insuring vaccinations are voluntary without fear of reprisal, cost of side effects including lost work days and legal liability. Anticipated problems include vaccine side effects in recipients of the inoculations as well as the possibility of transmitting a serious smallpox-like contagious disease to patients and even family members.

In Montana's Post-Event Smallpox plan, unvaccinated emergency personal who respond to a 'confirmed smallpox case', will supposedly be protected if vaccinated within 3 days.

So what happens to those inoculated with this vaccine? Healthy college aged adults who received old stocks of this vaccine in recent trials had somewhat mixed results. Approximately 70% walked away from the inoculation with little more than sore arms. Another 10% missed one day of work or school with a flu-like illness. Another 15% missed two or more days of work or school with high temperatures and flu-like illness. Perhaps 5% suffered somewhat more serious reactions. So what does this level of reaction in healthy college aged people tell us? First, the number of serious reactions warns against vaccinating the general population. Secondly, the live virus in smallpox vaccine is a 'near relative' of smallpox, yet most individuals under age 30 do not experience a smallpox like illness following vaccination. Does this prove the population of the USA already has an existing high degree of immunity to smallpox? If so, this would be fortunate for there is NO historical proof that vaccination immunized but rather reforms in sanitation, nutrition and hygiene were the primary causes of better community health including the decline in smallpox incidence.

Recent news articles state that the responsibility for compensation for missed work, medical treatment and accidental transmission of vaccinia disease to those in contact with vaccinated individuals will not be paid by a government compensation fund nor by the administrator of the vaccine but rather out of the recipient's insurance (if any). But will private insurance companies pay for vaccine damage? The U.S. Government insures vaccine damage from childhood vaccines because private insurance has refused to cover vaccine products since the 1970's.

I urge all emergency personal to feel free to refuse this dangerous, ineffective and unneeded vaccine. Both you and our community will be healthier. Find out more at:

Dewey Ross Duffel

Dear Doctor:
In our effort to make informed and intelligent decisions about our children's health care, we would like you to please consider the following points about childhood vaccines:

- It is impossible to claim with any seriousness that the medical business is free from politics. Vaccine history is full of doctors and officials who broke away from the political machine, always to great professional peril, to speak out against vaccines and the claims of policy makers. The development of vaccines has consistently followed (and not preceded) the dramatic decline of infectious diseases. As you well know, multi-billion dollar sales are at stake every time a national recommendation is made (was the chickenpox vaccine really important?). More importantly, the health policy makers obviously win a political victory when the public is told that the government can now control another infectious disease.

- The efficacy of vaccines has always varied so wildly in studies that there's almost no element of science left in the vaccine business. The same whole-cell DPT vaccine showed efficacy of 36%, 48% and greater than 80% in different CDC trials (many excuses followed). Since most of us made it into the 20th century without vaccines, it seems obvious that we have natural mechanisms that offer at least as much protection as the aforementioned products. The "efficacy" of different immune systems may be just as varied.

- Even extremely pro-vaccine doctors have admitted that vaccinated kids seem to have a greater incidence of annoying childhood illnesses (colds, ear infections, etc.) than unvaccinated kids. If vaccines were benign, one could possibly consider a risk/benefit analysis. However, these products generate nearly 11,000 adverse reaction reports (with over 100 deaths) annually with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Since this is a passive physician reporting system, you can easily understand why the FDA's director once said that only 10% of the reactions are ever reported. The formaldehyde, mercury derivatives, phenol, aluminum salts, antibiotics and many other stabilizers and adjuvents obviously make vaccines potent and toxic drugs.

- Worst of all, however, is the new and mysterious area of zoonotic virus contamination. Monkey, chicken, cow, horse, pig and dog tissue has always been hard to implicate in chronic disease. The CDC in 1996 admitted contamination of the early polio vaccines with Simian Virus-40 (SV-40). Despite SV-40's presence in humans with chronic illnesses, including its concentration in cancer tumors, the CDC denied a causal relationship. More disturbing, however, is the discovery by W. John Martin in California of a "Stealth Virus," which shows identical DNA to the Simian Cytomegalovirus (SCMV) found in African green monkeys used for polio vaccines. Dr. Martin has isolated the viruses in extremely varied neurological illnesses, including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and ADD. His pioneering research is also proving that virus fragments can still damage human brain cells. Virus fragments have been appearing in vaccines for decades but the CDC has always maintained that fragments were never a danger.

- While there's no denying that better diagnoses are enabling us to discover a lot of new illnesses, there's no explanation for the dramatic increase in chronic illnesses that do not require high-tech diagnostic equipment allergies, ear infections, autism, ADD, leukemia. epilepsy, and juvenile diabetes are just a few. The truth is, no government or private source is ready to conduct any studies that address the obvious and enormous pressure that zoonotic viruses may be putting on the immature immune systems of our children. The study of slow-acting toxins is neither profitable nor important to the "instant results" American mindset.

In light of these arguments in this emotional and controversial subject, we would request your tolerance of our decision not to vaccinate. We are prepared to provide studies and documentation to support the arguments provided here. We think that you will agree that as guardians of our children, we need to educate ourselves in a balanced manner. You will also agree that as parents, politics or profits don't fit into our decisions; only our genuine concern for the well-being of our children.

Thank you for your time, and the high-level of care you provide.

Letter to the Editor —

Re: Tuesday, April 29, 2004,

Reader's View: Do your part to ensure all kids get their vaccinations, by Kathy Holley

It is clear from Kathy Holley's guest opinion piece in your April 29th paper that she is simply doing her job as spokesman for the CDC. Their pro-vaccination stance is due to the revolving door between those on the CDC's Immunization Advisory Committee and pharmaceutical industry representatives. Parents need to ask pertinent questions regarding this push for herd immunity. Afterall, if vaccines actually produce true immunity, the vaccinated should be protected from the diseases they are purported to prevent. The truth is that there has never been a field study conducted proving that vaccinated children have stronger immune systems and are healthier than their unvaccinated counterparts. The lack of studies proving both vaccine safety and efficacy should concern every parent — especially in light of the release of Autism A.L.A.R.M. by the CDC, AAP, and IAC. This shocking flyer states that 1 in 166 children suffer from an autism spectrum disorder while an astounding 1 in 6 children now suffer from some developmental disorder amd/or a behavioral problem. What the flyer neglects to mention is the likely cause of this epidemic. The April 2004 edition of Mother Jones magazine contains a revealing article, Toxic Tipping Point, which points to a likely cause of this epidemic — mercury-containing vaccines. It appears that in the CDC's zeal to continually add more and more vaccines each year to their recommended vaccine schedule, the Immunization Advisory Committee had neglected to take into account the cumulative amount of thimerosal (50% ethyl mercury and the preservative of choice) used in these vaccines. Does Holley realize that the symptoms of mercury poisoning and the symptoms of autism spectrum disorders are nearly identical?

Furthermore, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out over $1 billion to families of vaccine injured children who are either dead or permanently injured as a result of an adverse vaccine reaction. Parents need to know that less than 10% of all claims are compensated. Parents also need to know that there are batches of vaccines that are cited over and over again in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System database as causing death or permanent injury and yet there is no system in place for removing these toxic vaccines from the marketplace. In our current draconian system, these same vaccines are still being injected into our children causing untold suffering and misery.

So how do we protect our children's health? By avoiding injections of formaldehyde, thimerosal, aluminum hydroxide, pathogenic viruses cultured in diseased tissue of both human and animal origin and other known carcinogens — all ingredients in today's modern vaccines. We teach parents to immunize their children using organic foods, purified water, basic naturopathic healthcare, and providing a loving home environment. It is clear from our experience that toxic vaccines actually damage the normal functioning of our immune system. The proof is in the vital health of the unvaccinated versus their vaccinated counterparts. For more information, parents are encouraged to go to Vaccination Liberation's website, .

Ingri Cassel, director

Vaccination Liberation

P.O. Box 457

Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869