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Boise Weekly

December 14, 2011 Features
Idaho's Epidemic of Fear: Vaccination Liberation Movement Takes a Shot at Public Health
The war over vaccinations heats up in North Idaho

A reprint from the BoiseWeekly...
by George Prentice
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  1. Comment:
    " Dr Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, a senior government scientist from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta facing multiple child molestation and bestiality charges only months before, was quietly allowed to return to her high-powered post at the US gevernment agency.

    Dr Lindsey and her live-in boyfriend, 42-year-old Thomas Westerman, who was a resource management specialist with the CDC, were both charged with ‘immoral and indecent’ sex acts with a a six-year-old boy, along with an additional charge of bestiality for Ms. Quinlan – derived from incriminating photographs revealed to local police.

    The alleged incidents took place between Jan. 1, 2010, and Aug. 22 at Dr Lindsey’s Decatur, Georgia residence. Both were allowed to go free on bail in October this year. Oddly, there is little or no mention to date as to who this six-year old boy is, or any statement alluding to his legal guardianship.

    According to a recent report in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Dr Lindsey has returned to work as deputy director for the Laboratory Science Policy and Practice Program Office – overseeing the Office of Surveillance, Epidemiology and Laboratory Services.

    In the past she has also received a number of awards and commendations, and received her post-graduate degree from next door Emory University.

    In most cases, professional persons facing such serious charges would be suspended from work pending the outcome of a trial, particularly if they are employed in a public office or agency. Not in this case however, and the public agency in question did not feel it had to justify its decision to reactivate Dr Lindsey to the CDC:

    “Calls to Westerman’s attorney, Reid Thompson, and to a CDC spokesman seeking comment were not returned. The agency typically does not discuss personnel matters.”

    It is unclear what this means in terms of her relationship with the CDC, but the protocol is unusual. Questions from skeptics may be asked about what programs Dr Lindsey is involved with at the agency.

    It is common knowledge to many Americans already that the CDC works in collusion with the world’s major pharmaceutical corporations to roll out various vaccine products, most notably the notorious Swine Flu scare in 2009, and a clandestine programs to track ‘flu vaccine compliance’ at the local level..."

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 4, 2012 at 5:39 PM
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    Read here about fraud in the NHS, (National Health Service.)

    Doctors were advised by the UK GMO, (General Medical Council) to temporarily remove the names of un-vaccinated child patients from the patient list and file (false) returns of numbers of patients who had received the MMR vaccine.

    (All this to (falsely) meet target levels for vaccinations for 'bonus payments'!)

    My question: If there are doctors who will falsify (any) medical document, how can it be determined that the reporting of adverse effects and deaths from vaccines is accurate or reliable?

    GMC is the organization which, (also falsely) found Dr. Wakefield guilty of crimes, (it comes to the light of truth,) he did not commit. Complaints of these fictitious crimes, filed by the true criminal, Brian Deer, who himself, should be stripped and hung.…
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    Posted by ChristyAnn on January 4, 2012 at 5:48 PM
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    CDC vaccine scientist who downplayed links to autism indicted by DOJ in alleged fraud scheme

    "CDC researcher Poul Thorsen, who famously headed up the “Denmark Study” that many claim disproved any link between autism and vaccines, has been indicted in Atlanta by a federal grand jury on charges of wire fraud, money laundering and defrauding research institutions of grant money.

    Poul Thorson is a scientist who formerly worked for the CDC, and over the last several years, he oversaw millions of dollars in grant money that was used to conduct research to “prove” that vaccines have no link to autism. Dr. Thorson’s research papers include the famous “Danish Study” entitled Thimerosal and the occurrence of autism: negative ecological evidence from Danish population-based data. (

    This paper concludes that thimerosal, the mercury-based preservative used in vaccines around the world, has no statistically significant link to autism. It is one of the key papers used by vaccination proponents who argue that thimerosal is safe to inject into young children. That Poul Thorson’s credibility is now being called into question by a federal indictment of fraud and money laundering will, of course, have ripple effects throughout both the vaccine industries and autism support groups (more about that below).

    Be sure to see our “Web of Alleged Fraud” chart which accompanies this article:

    Follow the money According to the official announcement of the indictment, Thorsen was awarded grant money by the CDC as far back as the 1990s. He arranged for the grant money to be awarded to an entity in Denmark, where he provided “input and guidance” for the research projects.

    From 2000 to 2009, the CDC awarded $11 million in grant money to two Denmark government agencies to study, among other things, the possible link between vaccines and autism. In 2002, Thorsen moved to Denmark and became the “principal investigator” for the grant money, responsible for administering the research money that the CDC awarded.

    But here’s where things get interesting: According to the Dept. of Justice, Thorsen began allegedly stealing grant money by submitting fraudulent expense documents that we re supposedly related to the Danish study. These fraudulent expense documents were given to the Danish government, Aarhus University and Odense University Hospital, the institutions involved in the research.

    From February 2004 through June 2008, says the DOJ indictment, Thorsen allegedly submitted over a dozen fraudulent invoices requesting reimbursement for expenses that were fabricated. Interestingly, these allegedly fraudulent invoices were signed by a laboratory section chief at the CDC, indicating that someone inside the CDC was either duped by Thorsen or potentially involved in the alleged fraud.

    What was Thorsen claiming in these allegedly fraudulent invoices requesting reimbursement? He claimed that a CDC laboratory had conducted work in conjunction with the research and was owed funds out of the grant money. These invoices were then handed over to Aarhus University, where Thorsen held a faculty position. Aarhus then transferred “hundreds of thousands of dollars to bank accounts held at the CDC Federal Credit Union in Atlanta,” says the DOJ.

    But here’s the clever part: Those bank accounts were not official CDC accounts at all. They were allegedly private bank accounts belonging to none other than Dr. Poul Thorsen.

    Once the money was transferred into Thorsen’s private accounts, Thorsen “allegedly withdrew it for his own personal use, buying a home in Atlanta, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and Audi and Honda vehicles, and obtaining numerous cashier’s checks, from the fraud proceeds,” says the DOJ.

    According to government documents, Dr. Poul Thorsen, one of the key researchers in “disproving” any link between vaccines and autism, allegedly defrauded the scientific research community of over one million dollars.

    See the chart we’ve assembled for this to help show you the web of money and influence at work here:

    Aarhus distances itself from Thorsen More details are revealed through a statement issued in January by Aarhus University, which sought to sever its ties with Thorsen. It says, “Unfortunately, a considerable shortfall in funding at Aarhus University associated with the CDC grant was discovered. In investigating the shortfalls associated with the grant, DASTI and Aarhus University became aware of two alleged CDC funding documents as well as a letter regarding funding commitments allegedly written by Randolph B. Williams of CDC’s Procurement Grants Office which was used to secure advances from Aarhus University. Upon investigation by CDC, a suspicion arose that the documents are forgeries.” (

    This letter goes on to state that Dr Thorsen was essentially hoodwinking others into thinking he was still a faculty member at Aarhus University:

    In March 2009, Dr. Thorsen resigned his faculty position at Aarhus University. In the meantime, it has come to the attention of Aarhus University that Dr Thomsen has continued to act in such a manner as to create the impression that he still retains a connection to Aarhus University after the termination of his employment by the university. Furthermore, it has come to the attention of Aarhus University that Dr Poul Thorsen has held full-time positions at both Emory University and Aarhus University simultaneously. Dr Thorsen’s double Full-time employment was unauthorised by Aarhus University, and he engaged in this employment situation despite the express prohibition of Aarhus University.

    The federal indictment against Thorsen Today, Thorsen is facing 13 counts of wire fraud and 9 counts of money laundering. NaturalNews spoke with the Department of Justice and confirmed that extradition proceedings are under way to bring Thorsen to the United States from Denmark, although no particular timetable for that extradition has been announced.

    Thorsen now faces up to 260 years in prison from the wire fraud charges, and up to an additional 90 years in prison for the money laundering charges, plus a total of $22.5 million in possible fines. In addition, the federal indictment also contains a so-called “forfeiture provision” which seeks the forfeiture of the personal property Dr. Thorsen allegedly purchased with money he stole from the CDC’s grant activities: A house in Atlanta, two cars and a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

    The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Stephen H. McClain and Michael J. Brown, both out of the Northern District of Georgia (Atlanta). This Atlanta office has a well-known reputation for going after crooks, regardless of the political implications. This is the same office, for example, that indicted Atlanta’s own mayor for corruption and tax charges in 2004 (

    The prosecuting attorney for that case, Sally Quillian Yates, is the same attorney contributing to this case. She said of Thorsen: “Grant money for disease research is a precious commodity. When grant funds are stolen, we lose not only the money, but also the opportunity to better understand and cure debilitating diseases. This defendant is alleged to have orchestrated a scheme to steal over $1 million in CDC grant money earmarked for autism research. We will now seek the defendant’s extradition for him to face federal charges in the United States.”

    Understand what is being alleged here: That Thorsen stole taxpayer dollars intended for medical research, then pocketed them in his own private bank accounts and used the money to buy luxury items for his personal use. This is a man with a history of strong ties to the CDC, research universities and medical journals. This is a person whose research has been widely quoted by the vaccine apologists who say vaccines are safe. And now, in the midst of all this, how many mainstream newspapers do you see covering Thorsen’s indictment and his ties to the CDC? Virtually none.

    This is the great untold story of an alleged criminal ring operating inside the CDC, with the purpose of falsifying research that would “disprove” any links between vaccines and toxic side effects..."


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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 4, 2012 at 5:51 PM
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    Smoking Gun Aimed at Vaccines: CDC Study Shows 1 in 6 Children Developmentally Disabled.

    What causes autism? The CDC would have us believe that we just don't know. But, their own study seems to hold a smoking gun aimed directly at vaccines.

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 4, 2012 at 5:59 PM
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    CDC caught in blatant lies about pandemics and vaccines

    "The CDC relies on an authoritative presence to influence not just USA health policy, but world health policy. This prestigious presence also demands more federal funding, which is being questioned. It seems that the CDC's research, practices, and expenditures have been under scrutiny lately.

    Although very few know of what has been hidden from public view regarding CDC investigations, there may soon be too much dirt for the White House to cover up completely.

    Remembering the 2008 swine flu hoax Remember all those pandemic forecasts from the CDC when different high numbers of swine flu outbreaks were reported? A CBS News program called "Washington Unplugged" wanted to know more details on how those figures were derived, but the CDC stonewalled that reporter.

    To his credit, he went around the CDC by surveying each individual state's health agency, and he discovered that very few swine flu cases reported by the CDC were confirmed as swine flu. Most were actually a normal "seasonal" flu.

    The discrepancy between CDC swine flu statistics and actual confirmed cases was too large to considered sloppy record keeping. Upon further pressure from "Washington Unplugged" news producer, the CDC clamped down more and decided they couldn't track swine flu cases anymore because "it was too difficult."

    The CDC quit doing what they're supposed to do because they got caught cooking the swine flu stats.

    This was a rare case of kudos for the mainstream media. For those paying attention, it flagged the CDC's bogus promotion of swine flu shots for a flu that hardly existed and that many considered less dangerous than a normal seasonal flu.

    CDC lies about mercury in vaccines From investigative reporter Tim Bolen of The Bolen Report's two part article "The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are - And Has Covered It Up" (sourced below). As early as 1998 the CDC knew that there were problems with using thimerosal mercury in vaccines.

    This was especially true with the ever increasing childhood vaccination schedule. Their own researchers turned in a internal draft stating this. The CDC decided to cover this up by hiring fake studies to explain away those mercury links to the rising autism rates.

    The earliest misleading study was the "Danish Study," masterminded for the CDC by Kreesten Madsen, whose partner Paul Thorsen has recently been indicted for fraudulent funding activities. This epidemiological study became the cornerstone for the foundation of lies "proving" thimerosal was not a factor for causing autism or other childhood developmental disabilities.

    Bolen adds, "Even the US Congress began to smell the CDC stink and investigated." A congressional committee released a 2003 report called Mercury in Medicine - Taking Unnecessary Risks. The report pdf can be seen here:

    Congressman Dan Burton headed the investigation. He had a grandchild who was vaccinated then became autistic, and he was ruthless with vaccine industry and CDC representatives while he presided over hearings. The appropriate findings and excellent suggestions were ignored by the Bush administration and the CDC.

    Bolen wondered where anti-vaccination activist Bobby Kennedy, Jr. got a one in six figure for developmentally challenged children. Then he came across a bulletin from the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics issued in 2004 entitled Autism A.L.A.R.M. (source below) which stated that one in six children had developmental/behavioral issues while one in 166 were diagnosed with an autistic disorder.

    Tim Bolen estimates that from 1998 to 2011, close to 12 million children worldwide have been afflicted with autism, making the worldwide autism ratio one out of 111 children. The CDC claims they don't understand how this is all happening. They just know it is.

    The full title of the CDC is Center for Disease Control and Prevention. They're very heavily funded but clueless about autism and developmental disorders on the rise?

    Ten billion and asking for more In 2007 Senator Tom Coburn issued a report titled CDC Off Center (source below). The report cites huge mismanagement of funds for non-disease related expenses, generous payrolls, overly lavish facilities, and trips wasting funds on frivolous disease control issues while unable to explain how they are preventing disease.

    CBS did a special report on Coburn's report, and mentioned that even then (2007) the CDC was asking the US Government for an additional billion dollars to its $10 billion dollar budget. See where the money goes on this TV report here:

    David and Goliath A Ph.D biochemist, Brian Hooker, whose son became autistic after a series of vaccinations, has recently filed a suit against the CDC for violating the Freedom of Information Act by not releasing data he has been requesting since 2005 regarding CDC studies that dismissed mercury vaccine dangers.

    According to Bolen, Hooker is going in with top gun lawyers in the Washington, DC loop. He has given the CDC an ultimatum to release the documents he wants by late October 2011. This could be interesting.

    Sources for this article include:

    Bolen Reports CDC thimerosal cover up part 1

    Bolen reports CDC thimerosal cover up part 2

    CBS 2008 CDC Swine flu investigation

    Senator Tom Coburn's CDC Off Center report

    Autism A.L.A.R.M.

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 4, 2012 at 6:12 PM
  6. Comment:
    Here is some very interesting reading!

    Vaccines Did Not Save Us - 2 Centuries of official Statistics…


    Read the text of the May 5, 2008 email from US HRSA to Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News



    Secret British MMR Vaccine Files Forced Open By Legal Action…


    Vaccination Causes Autism - Says US Government & Merck's Director Of Vaccines…    report 4 of 4 [Not updated]people like this.
    Posted by ChristyAnn on January 4, 2012 at 6:42 PM
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    Crimes at the CDC

    "A study published in March of 2006 shows that the rate of neurodevelopmental disorders (NDs) in children has decreased following removal of thimerosal, a preservative containing the neurotoxin mercury, from American childhood vaccines. The study, published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, a peer reviewed journal, by Dr. Mark Geier and David Geier examined two independent databases maintained by the government – one national and one state. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and the Californian Department of Developmental Services (CDDS) database each showed the same downward trend for the period from 2002 through 2005. According to the study “[t]he results indicate that the trends in newly diagnosed NDs correspond directly with the expansion and subsequent contraction of the cumulative mercury dose to which children were exposed from [thimerosal-containing vaccines] through the U.S. immunization schedule.” Find full study at this address: %20Downward%20Trends%20JAPS%203-1-06.pdf

    Also today Robert F. Kennedy Jr. published some devastating evidence that implicated the CDC in a terrible scandal in regards to the unnecessary injection of millions of children with thimerosal. Correspondence newly obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveals a medical monstrocity made manifest at the very center of the medical world. Soon after the CDC in July 1999 recommended that the nation’s vaccine makers eliminate Thimerosal as a preservative, “as soon as possible,” they themselves (the CDC) secretly discouraged Thimerosal’s removal in effect deliberately exposing millions of infants to continued mercury poisoning.

    According to Kennedy, in a July 1999 letter, vaccine producer SmithKline Beecham tells CDC that it is ready to produce non-Thimerosal DTP (Diptheria/Tetanus/Pertussis) vaccines immediately and has sufficient inventories to supply the entire U.S. market during the remainder of 1999 and the first half of 2000, by which time other vaccine manufacturers would have their Thimerosal-free DTP vaccines on line. Thimerosal-laden DTP vaccines containing 25 micrograms of mercury apiece (75 thousand trillion atoms of mercury) were then being administered to American infants at two months, four months and six months — far exceeding EPA’s recommended safe level for mercury. Had CDC accepted SmithKline’s offer, it could have immediately reduced the mercury exposures to vaccinated six-month-old children by 40%.

    Kennedy continued, “However, in November, CDC mysteriously sent a letter back rejecting SmithKline’s offer. Then, on July 14, 2000 CDC published a deceptive press release promising to require that all vaccines be Thimerosal-free as soon as “adequate supplies are available.” This was a full 12 months after the agency had denied SmithKline’s proposal.”

    CDC has allowed an entire generation of children to be injured.

    “If CDC were basing its decision on safety alone, it would have taken SmithKline up on its offer. That’s a no-brainer,” said a federal health official to Kennedy anonymously. “So there were other considerations beside safety that were guiding their decision making.” “Among these “other considerations” were CDC’s important concerns for the preservation of the vaccine program, a bureaucratic impulse for self-preservation, and protecting the economic interests of its vaccine industry friends.”Immediate withdrawal would send a strong message; ‘We messed up!’” the health official told Kennedy. “And I don’t think they wanted to send that message to parents, the public or those considering legal action.” “There was also concern,” says the federal official, “that an immediate withdrawal might discredit the international vaccine programs for which CDC is an important partner.”

    Why will CDC inject millions of minority kids in America’s poorest neighborhoods with poison proven to kill brain tissue and cause learning disorders when child-safe vaccines are available?
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    Will the CDC get away with this crime? Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. today joined Advocates for Children Health Affected by Mercury Poisoning (A-CHAMP), in demanding Senate investigations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) actions in obstruction of rapid removal of mercury from childrens vaccines. “How sad for my son and other innocent children like him that he was born beautiful and perfect just a few months after the CDC could have pulled those toxin vaccines off of the market and out of pediatrician’s offices. Instead, they sacrificed his future and the financial future of our family. They’ve altered our lives forever and left me with heartbreak like no other,” wrote Sheila Ealey, who wishes she could sue the CDC and local officals for destroying the fabric of her family.

    One can only experience a deep indignation knowing that CDC officials knowingly exposed millions of kids to neurological poisons AFTER it was announced in 1999 that children were being exposed to ILLEGAL and very dangerous amounts of mercury via the childhood immunization program. For anyone to extend this disasterous mistake a day longer than necessary is both a tragedy and a serious crime.

    With health officials like these, who needs terrorists?
    Mother of an autistic child

    The CDC childhood immunization department should be hauled before a Nuremberg type investigation and YES have the entire world’s childhood immunization program dragged through the mud. What is the difference between a Nazi doctor injecting toxic substances in humans at the concentration camps and the CDC deciding it was ok to leave in mecury in the vaccines when it did not have to? And now the CDC’s decision to reintroduce mercury bearing thimerosal flu vaccines in 2004 to six month old babies takes on new meaning now. It is devastating to the medical profession to have to admit that we are trusting the wrong people with the care of our children.

    The evidence of harm is conclusive; these documents are evidence of crimes against humanity, crimes against the children, crimes that will be remembered for many years. Officals at the CDC at a minimum have displayed a lack of knowledge, skill, and judgment. They have shown inconceivable disregard for the welfare of the public and have demonstrated that they are unfit to continue their medical responsibilities to the nation and the world. They are guilty of professional misconduct and have disgraced, dishonoured and corrupted the medical and scientific communities.

    I would really love to see Dr. Marie McCormack and Dr. Julie Louise Gerberding from the CDC in orange jumpsuits.
    Mother of an autistic child

    Kennedy also reported that “The World Health Organization has urged CDC against the banning of Thimerosal in U.S. vaccines since that prohibition might discredit WHO’s third world inoculation programs. WHO, with U.S. funding, is now injecting children in developing countries with the same amounts of Thimerosal we were giving American kids at their highest exposures, but in a shorter time period.” Here in Brazil, where I am writing from, the information blackout is complete about these subjects and not even the doctors have knowledge about the mercury in the vaccines and the grave danger they are putting kids in.

    We now know who the real terrorists are in the world but will we spend billions and start wars to eradicate them from existence? Thimerosals presence in childhood vaccines represents a true weapon of mass destruction. How is it that President Bush had no intelligence on this weapon already trained on the younglings of his own nation? Could it be his familes deep intimacy and history with the Eli Lilly Company has clouded his vision? Eli Lilly is the company that developed Thimerosal in 1929 and lied about its safety ever since. I call them most appropriately the company that kills babies.

    The list of scandals is a long one and nothing fundamental seems to be changing. Eli Lilly also introduced genetically modified insulin for diabetes use after only 3 months of clinical trials without long term safety profiles. FDA colluded in the approval, and many were harmed. Add the Baycol story to the list, the antidepressants, statins, vaccines, and the list of wrongs goes on and on. More recently, Vioxx has proven to be deadly with documents of knowledge of cardiac harm revealed and information that this was known long ago, while people still taking it died.

    Yet we sit quietly by, or mired in the “correct” manner of complaining. And they get away with murder over and over again. Without consequence, without liability they get away with it. And we find each of the regulatory agencies protecting each other instead of the public. The CDC, FDA, medical professionals, even Congress is involved with allowing medicine to turn away from its basic principle of doing no harm.

    And why do we the public allow this to happen, allow this to continue, despite the evidence that is given to us by the media and whistleblowers who sometimes tell the sordid truth? Congressional investigations are called for, but where will it all go? Is there something inside us, buried deep that prevents us from taking action? Some long buried conditioning that we can’t go against? Some fear of retribution from the powers that seem to hold such an ax over our heads and our bodies if we dissent too loudly?

    We had to pass by the CDC on Wednesday on our way to Egelston. I told my husband “Look, there’s the tower of evil.”

    - Rachel Gary

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 4, 2012 at 6:57 PM
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    CDC Cover Up of Vaccine Dangers    report 4 of 4 [Not updated]people like this.
    Posted by Health Freedom on January 4, 2012 at 7:20 PM
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    I'd like to weigh in on this conversation, since I guess the Boise Weekly only posts letters to the editor on line.

    I was shocked by the hit piece against Vaccination Liberation director Ingri Cassel because of the inaccuracies in this article as well as the unscientific “proof” of Prentice’s theories.

    First, the article did not mention that it was, in fact, the "study" of the study connecting vaccinations to autism that turned out to be fraudulent, according to several autism research sites. False stories were published by London Sunday Times reporter Brian Deer against former Royal Free Hospital gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who drew worldwide attention to a possible link between MMR vaccinations and autism in 1998. Deer was the chief instigator and secret complainant who opened the General Medical Council (GMC) investigation and then profited from “the developing story” without ever divulging his involvement in the investigation. The National Autism Association stated after the “verdict” of 2010, that the findings against Wakefield were unjust and a threat to researchers investigating autism as a medical condition. The journals, Pediatrics and Autism Insights both published articles in 2010 confirming Wakefield’s findings.

    Second, regarding the measles spikes in Prentice’s graphs, why weren’t the readers informed that the vaccinated had the same percentage of measles cases as the unvaccinated? Wouldn’t the graphs have been more useful if they presented a comparison of vaccinated vs unvaccinated measles cases? And why didn’t Prentice offer a graph showing the number of cases of autism since 1983 as they relate to the number of vaccinations required by children in order to attend public school? Or the percentage of autism cases among the vaccinated vs those who have waivers and have had few or zero vaccines? Why didn't the Prentice mention that 100,000 is actually the number of people who die each year from properly administered pharmaceutical drugs (98,000 in hospitals alone, according to the 2012 Blue Cross Blue Shield Program Guide) instead of an undocumented quote by software giant Bill Gates that lack of vaccination “has killed thousands of kids.” Why didn’t Prentice note that childhood diseases are not a problem if one has a healthy immune system, which comes from eating vitamin and enzyme-rich raw fruits and vegetables, not from taking pharmaceutical drugs, which is what vaccines are? And why didn’t Prentice present the other reasons behind parents’ decisions not to vaccinate, which include a desire to keep formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, and the DNA of aborted fetuses, chickens and cows out of the bloodstream of their young children?

    Finally, why was there nary a mention of the fact that the Gardasil vaccine was removed from the mandated vaccines list in the state of Texas - the first state to mandate it to protect their 10-year-olds from a sexually transmitted disease that "might" cause cancer 15 years later - and which has NEVER been proven to actually prevent cervical cancer in lab tests or clinical trials? The reason for this is because the Gardasil vaccine has caused the death of 68 little girls and boys as of June 2011 according to the VAERS, and the Texas legislature was pressured to remove it after financial ties of Texas governor Rick Perry to Gardasil manufacturer Merck Pharmaceuticals became public.

    I would like to see Christine Hahn, who refuses to debate the vaccine issue with an educated opponent, at least come up with the above data, instead of some graph about the number of measles cases in Idaho vs US, which could have been the result of any factor, such as the weather.

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    Posted by Anne Chamberlain on January 4, 2012 at 10:44 PM
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    Can anyone find, and post, Simon Chapman's challenge that prompted this challenge by Dr. Scheibner? (And any updates to this?) Thanks!…

    Vaccination Challenge

    This letter by Dr Viera Scheibner, Principle Research Scientist (Rtd) and now prominent public campaigner, was sent to and published in the Medical Observer, an Australian medical newspaper, in February 1999.

    Medical Observer Pty Ltd
    Level 2, 100 Bay Road,
    Waverton NSW 2060

    19 February 1999

    Dear Editor,


    On February 19, 1999, the Medical Observer published an article by Simon Chapman, in which he issued a challenge to the anti-vaccination movement in Australia.

    My response to his provocative article is as follows:

    If vaccines are such a blessing I challenge Simon Chapman to appear on television and allow himself to be injected with all baby vaccines, adjusted to his body weight by a doctor of my choice and in my presence.

    The vaccines to be administered to Simon are as follows:

    DtaP: 3 doses within 4 months
    Hib (any conjugates): 3 doses within 4 months
    OPV or IPV: 3 doses within 4 months
    Hep B: 3 doses within 1 month of each other.

    The time of the first dose represents month 0.

    There isn't a better way to demonstrate to us that vaccines are safe and effective than by Simon taking his own medicine.

    After every lot of vaccines an independent medical doctor and myself would assess Simon's reactions and the general state of health. Long-term reactions will be followed up for 3 years.

    If you do not publish my letter and/or Simon does not agree to this easy and safe demonstration, then it will show us all that vaccinators are dishonest and are afraid of their own medicine. In other words: put up or shut up.

    I will publicise this proposition and your response on the Internet to ensure that my response to Simon's challenge is widely known.

    Yours very sincerely,
    Viera Scheibner Ph.D

    Simon Chapman has been pretty quiet since this challenge and still is as of today.

    We issue the same challenge to all others in trusted positions of "authority" who actively promote the injection of these substances into humans, or indeed any other living creature.

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    Posted by ChristyAnn on January 4, 2012 at 10:45 PM
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    "With health officials like this, who needs terrorists?" For sure!!

    One thing: The spokesman posting here for the interests of big pHARMa is certainly persistent. Is his ideal world that depicted in "Brave New World," by Aldous Huxley--with no thoughts or actions except those approved by the elite?

    We need to wake up to the fact that this mindset has nearly destroyed every last bit of medical freedom in America. We now have government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations. American medicine is fascist medicine, a collusion of big government and big pHARMa.

    Have we lost our freedom for ever?

    To again quote a great defender of liberty:

    "When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies." --U.S. Rep. Ron Paul

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    Posted by Idaho Spud on January 4, 2012 at 11:02 PM
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    @Ann Chamberlin. "The journals, Pediatrics and Autism Insights both published articles in 2010 confirming Wakefield’s findings."

    Can you point us to these articles please?
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    Posted by Rick on January 4, 2012 at 11:25 PM
  13. Comment:

    Busted! Scientists leave out data to produce bogus findings by S. L. Baker posted at:…

    Clinical trials of drugs and other medical therapies are carefully carried out and are the very gold standard of scientific proof, right? According to an in-depth review of this question just published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ,) the answer is no. In fact, the BMJ is sounding the alarm that data reported by scientists is too often not the truth -- because the researchers leave out inconvenient evidence. The result of facts-gone-missing could well be harming patients, spiking up healthcare costs by the selling of medical treatments based on bogus findings, and threatening the very integrity of medicine.

    These warnings come from multiple papers released by the BMJ. The whistle-blowing authors of these articles examined the extent, causes, consequences of hidden facts, figures, and other data scientists discover as they do human trials. It turns out this is no "once in a while" kind of problem, either. The BMJ claims a "large proportion of evidence from human trials is unreported, and much of what is reported is done so inadequately."

    In an editorial, Dr. Richard Lehman from the University of Oxford and BMJ Clinical Epidemiology Editor, Dr. Elizabeth Loder, nail the current state of medical research as a "culture of haphazard publication and incomplete data disclosure." They call for full access to raw trial data to allow better understanding of the benefits and harms of many treatments.

    Bottom line: when data is left out, the missing facts distort the scientific record and published results of a study. This then leads doctors to make potentially dangerous clinical decisions about what drugs or procedures patients need because the docs are relying on skewed and even bogus "evidence."

    Conveniently missing facts left out of drug trials and more Papers in the current issue of BMJ include a study by Dr. Beth Hart and colleagues, which document how unpublished data is "conveniently missing" from many published meta-analyses of drug trials. That's right. Big Pharma's pills and potions are often pushed based on studies that simply ignore and leave out major data about what was really discovered about a medication lacking of benefits, potential dangers, side effects and more. Dr. Hart's team argues that access to full trial data is necessary to allow drugs to be independently assessed.

    Two additional studies show the requirements for mandatory trial registration and timely sharing of results are poorly followed, if at all. For example, it turns out that less than half of US National Institutes of Health funded trials are published in a peer reviewed journal within 30 months of completion and only 22 percent of trials that are supposed to be subject to mandatory reporting had results available within one year of completion.

    "When the word mandatory turns out to mandate so little, the need for stronger mechanisms of enforcement becomes very clear," the researchers report.

    And what happens when ethical, dedicated scientists try to assess true harms vs benefits of Big Pharma drugs and other interventions? It's not a pretty picture for their careers, apparently. Additional studies published in the special BMJ issue highlight the many difficulties these researchers face when they try to buck the system.

    Dr. Lehman and Dr. Loder, however, are bravely speaking out and directly saying that a concealment of data in clinical trials is anything but unusual. They label this "a serious ethical breach" and demand that clinical researchers who fail to disclose data "should be subject to disciplinary action by professional organizations. These changes have long been called for, and delay has already caused harm. The evidence we publish shows that the current situation is a disservice to research participants, patients, health systems, and the whole endeavor of clinical medicine."


    Makes you wonder about the alleged placebo given to the Argentina babies. How do we know that it was even a placebo?
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    Posted by ImmunizeWizely on January 4, 2012 at 11:59 PM
  14. Comment:
    Anne was mistaken regarding a journal article in Pediatrics. The citations follow:

    Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders in Individuals With ASDS: A Consensus Report, Timothy Buie, MD, et al, Department of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School Pediatrics, Vol. 125 Supplement, January 2010

    Clinical Presentation and Histologic Findings at Ileocolonoscopy in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Chronic Gastrointestinal Symptoms, Arthur Krigsman, MD, et al, New York University School of Medicine, Autism Insights, 27 Jan 2010

    Endoscopic and Histological Characteristics of the Digestive Mucosa in Autistic Children with gastro-Intestinal Symptoms.Gonzalez L, et al. ArchVenez Pueric Pediatr, 2005;69:19-25.

    Panenteric IBD-like disease in a patient with regressive autism shown for the first time by wireless capsulenteroscopy: Another piece in the jig-saw of the gut-brain syndrome? Balzola F, et al. American Journal of Gastroenterology. 2005. 100(4):979-981.

    Childhood autism and eosinophilic colitis. Chen B, Girgis S, El-Matary W. Digestion. 2010;81:127-9. Epub 2010 Jan 9.

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    Posted by ImmunizeWizely on January 5, 2012 at 12:32 AM
  15. Comment:
    @Rick Oops! a bit late over here. I missed the first citation not having a comma --

    Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders in Individuals With ASDS: A Consensus Report, Timothy Buie, MD, et al, Department of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, Pediatrics, Vol. 125 Supplement, January 2010

    So Anne was correct. My apologies to Anne!
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    Posted by ImmunizeWizely on January 5, 2012 at 12:40 AM
  16. Comment:
    The claim that Wakefield and his supporters have made is that his retracted Lancet study has been independently verified.

    Looking at the citations provided:

    Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders in Individuals With ASDS: A Consensus Report, Timothy Buie, MD, et al, Department of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School Pediatrics, Vol. 125 Supplement, January 2010…

    A single paragraph of this report (which did not involve any attempt to replicate the findings of previous studies) addresses Wakefield:

    "In 1998, Wakefield et al reported an association between ileocolitis and developmentalregression in 12 childrenand coined the term “autistic enterocolitis.” From the same uncontrolled study they reported NLH of the ileum and colon as an abnormal finding in most children with ASDs. However, similar findings are known to be present in children with typical development, as well as children with food allergies and immunodeficiencies. The significance of these findings, therefore, is unclear. Wakefield et al also proposed a causal relation between measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccination and autism, a suggestion that was later retracted by many of the original authors.

    Other study-design limitations in these reports included flawed control groups, lack of validated and standardized definitions, and speculative interpretation of results. In summary, published reports have not established the presence of a unique gastrointestinal pathophysiology specific to ASDs."

    So - this paper clearly does not support or replicate the findings of Wakefield et al.


    Clinical Presentation and Histologic Findings at Ileocolonoscopy in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Chronic Gastrointestinal Symptoms, Arthur Krigsman, MD, et al, New York University School of Medicine, Autism Insights, 27 Jan 2010

    This paper wasn't listed on PubMed, but is available here:…

    Given that Arthur Krigsman was a colleague of Wakefield's at Thoughtful House at the time of this research I would question whether this non-peer-reviewed paper could be classified as independent. However, the findings are as follows:

    "Patients with autism or related disorders exhibiting chronic gastrointestinal symptoms demonstrate ileal or colonic inflammation upon light microscopic examination of biopsy tissue. Further work is needed to determine whether resolution of histopathology with appropriate therapy is accompanied by GI symptomatic and cognitive/behavioral improvement."

    So this paper does not replicate Wakefield's findings of a specific autistic enterocolitis either.


    Endoscopic and Histological Characteristics of the Digestive Mucosa in Autistic Children with gastro-Intestinal Symptoms.Gonzalez L, et al. ArchVenez Pueric Pediatr, 2005;69:19-25.…

    Their conclusions:

    "Conclusions: Children with autism have a high incidence of gastrointestinal disease with abnormal endoscopic, histological and immunological diseases. We observed immunological and immunohistochemical digestive biopsies compatible with the immune response found in patients with food allergy. Findings: HNL, eosinophilic infiltrate, prevalence of CD4> CD8 speaks in favor of Th 2-type allergic reaction, a smaller proportion CD8> CD4 Th1 suggests allergic reaction. The allergic reaction by this group of autistic patients is of mixed type."

    There is no replication of Wakefield's findings (that is of a distinct autistic enterocolitis) though they do report a higher incidence of gastrointestinal problems in the autistic group.


    Panenteric IBD-like disease in a patient with regressive autism shown for the first time by wireless capsulenteroscopy: Another piece in the jig-saw of the gut-brain syndrome? Balzola F, et al. American Journal of Gastroenterology. 2005. 100(4):979-981.…

    This is a case report of an adult autistic patient with inflammed bowels.

    It therefore cannot replicate Wakefield's findings.


    Childhood autism and eosinophilic colitis. Chen B, Girgis S, El-Matary W. Digestion. 2010;81:127-9. Epub 2010 Jan 9.…

    As the abstract reveals, this paper reports a rare association between autism and eosinophilic colitis in 2 children (through retrospective chart review).

    Their conclusions:

    "This report suggests the possibility of either impaired intestinal barrier function or an aberrant immune system that predisposes autistic children to sensitization to environmental antigens. Large controlled studies are needed to examine this hypothesis."

    So, once again, this study fails to replicate Wakefield's findings.
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    Posted by James Gavin on January 5, 2012 at 2:39 AM
  17. Comment:
    (copied and pasted as is)

    Logic dictates...Common Sence on Vaccines!

    Logic One. . .

    LOGIC dictates that you research a subject before you comment on it.

    LOGIC dictates that you do not base arguments on unfounded assumptions (such as the training, knowledge and intelligence of 22 year old public servants).

    LOGIC dictates that you don't assume a claim is true when it is supporting one of the biggest and most powerful industries in the world.

    LOGIC dictates that no matter how often a claim is repeated, it does not make it true, though as Hitler knew, if you repeat it often enough, the masses will believe it (and ardently so).

    Bronwyn Hancock

    To be continued................................................................
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    Posted by ChristyAnn on January 5, 2012 at 2:41 AM
  18. Comment:
    (copied and pasted as is)

    When you do some research and discover that vaccines contain some of the most poisonous compounds and elements known to man (and foreign organic material that is also toxic when injected into anything), i.e. formaldehyde, mercury and aluminium compounds, phenol (carbolic acid), borax (ant killer), methanol, dye, acetone (solvent, polish remover),disinfectant, glycerine, antifreeze, MSG and several other poisons, plus also toxic when injected, animal organ tissue and blood (e.g. monkey, cow, chicken, pig, sheep, dog, etc), contaminant animal viruses (e.g. SV40, which causes cancer in humans), aborted human foetus cells, large foreign proteins, mutated (more virulent) human viruses in high doses, bacterial endotoxins, antibiotics, bacteria, genetically modified yeast, latex, and animal, bacterial and viral DNA, which, when injected, can be incorporated into the recipient's DNA, then LOGIC dictates that you question whether violent poisons, which by definition are very harmful, are really going to be good for any living creature's immune system(?), let alone your tiny infant with its very immature immune and neurological systems.

    Bronwyn Hancock

    To be continued............................................................
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    Posted by ChristyAnn on January 5, 2012 at 2:44 AM
  19. Comment:
    (copied and pasted as is)

    LOGIC also dictates that man was not created with an immune system designed not to be able to work until the twentieth century when it only could do so by man's intervention (particularly when the intervention was to poison it!).

    Some people will have enough LOGIC to stop there, but if you want to go further (or have missed discovering the above) and delve into medical research, then LOGIC dictates that you study the pro-vaccination articles properly and not rely on unsupported conclusions of authors paid by vaccine manufacturers.

    LOGIC dictates that if a vaccine was introduced AFTER a decline in the disease, then it was not responsible for that decline.

    LOGIC dictates that because outbreaks occur amongst fully vaccinated populations (often with those not vaccinated not even contracting the disease), vaccines are not protecting people against disease.

    LOGIC dictates that if you have "no previous vaccination" as a guideline in disease diagnosis, supported with teaching doctors that vaccinated people just don't get the disease, then you are likely to get low reported figures of disease cases in vaccinated people, no matter how ineffective, or rather counterproductive, vaccination actually is.

    Bronwyn Hancock

    To be continued................................................................

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    Posted by ChristyAnn on January 5, 2012 at 2:47 AM
  20. Comment:
    (copied and pasted as is)

    LOGIC dictates that since the documented effect of vaccines is to "SENSITISE" the immune system, and "sensitise" means "anaphylaxis", which is the opposite of "prophylaxis", which means prevention, then vaccines do the opposite of prevention.

    LOGIC dictates that since sensitisation is such a big problem in highly vaccinated populations (and the problem is confined to these, by the way), asthma alone killing 800 people in this country every year, then without doing any more research, one would already be able to guess that vaccines are quite likely killing a large number of people.

    LOGIC dictates that since only the vaccinated can get the new, more dangerous, atypical forms of diseases (e.g. atypical measles), then vaccination is not terribly protective!

    Bronwyn Hancock

    To be continued..................................................................
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    Posted by ChristyAnn on January 5, 2012 at 2:50 AM
  21. Comment:

    You claim that: "There are several (very common), yet potentially very serious, even life threatening and life ending adverse effects as well. This fact seems to keep being swept under the some."


    Firstly you need to explain what you mean by 'very common' (and provide evidence to support it).

    The risk of severe adverse events is calculated at between 1 in 100,000 and 1 in 1.1 million doses.…

    Then you need to compare the risks associated with the vaccine to the risks associated with the disease (because, contrary to the opinions of some commentators, even otherwise healthy people can succumb to infectious disease).

    Such an exercise is undertaken here:

    The adverse effects of vaccine are not being swept under the rug, (but I would contest that the adverse effects of vaccine-preventable diseases are).
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    Posted by James Gavin on January 5, 2012 at 2:52 AM
  22. Comment:
    (Conclusion, copied and pasted as is)

    LOGIC (and indeed medical policy) dictates that if you administer any vaccine or other procedure to a healthy person and a serious event immediately occurs, you have to consider that procedure as the cause of the event, particularly when it is biologically extremely plausible, based on the contents of what is administered (not to mention the invasive mechanism of injection, which, unlike normal skin grazes and cuts, bypasses important defence levels in the body).

    LOGIC dictates that since doctors are refusing to report cases of adverse events, then we cannot rely on government figures telling us how "rare" these events are supposed to be.

    LOGIC dictates that if senior pharmaceutical executives themselves candidly tell us that "natural enthusiasm" in the marketing department causes the companies to exaggerate (i.e. lie) when informing (doctors and others) about threat and occurrence of diseases (BMJ Apr 13, 2002), then it is probably true.

    LOGIC dictates that since whenever doctors go on strike the death rate drops, you can't really rely on anything they do or tell you about how to save lives!

    Bronwyn Hancock
    (Vaccination Information Service)

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    Posted by ChristyAnn on January 5, 2012 at 2:55 AM
  23. Comment:
    Viera Scheibner discusses Bronwyn Hancock's contributions in this 60 minutes interview:…

    "BRONWYN: There are benefits of diseases. Now I say that with qualification, because obviously diseases have to be well managed and going through a disease is like us getting exercise. This is one of the reasons why it’s good to get rubella as soon as possible, so that you have immunity to it. And um…

    ELLEN FANNING: But what about the risk of rubella to pregnant women who can have babies suffering terrible birth defects?

    VIERA: Don’t answer things that you don’t know enough about, OK – don’t answer them. You were drowning. So let’s call a spade a spade.

    ELLEN FANNING: Why would she be drowning?

    VIERA: Because she hasn’t got the extent of knowledge that I have.

    ELLEN FANNING: If she hasn’t got the extensive knowledge, why on earth is she writing these articles on the website?

    VIERA: Maybe you have a point then, yes. That’s right. Maybe you have a point there, okay. "

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    Posted by James Gavin on January 5, 2012 at 3:47 AM
  24. Comment:
    Just a quick note to Health Freedom:

    The case of Paul Thorsen has already been raised on this thread. He was not the lead author of the Danish Study:

    Madsen KM, Hviid A, Vestergaard M, Schendel D, Wohlfahrt J, Thorsen P, Olsen J, Melbye M. A population-based study of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination and autism. N Engl J Med. 2002 Nov 7;347(19):1477-82.

    Madsen KM, Lauritsen MB, Pedersen CB, Thorsen P, Plesner AM, Andersen PH, Mortensen PB. Thimerosal and the occurrence of autism: negative ecological evidence from Danish population-based data. Pediatrics. 2003 Sep;112(3 Pt 1):604-6.

    Neither was he the corresponding author: this was, in fact, Kreesten M. Madsen, MD

    The case is discussed in detail here:…


    The most important point to understand, however, is that even if these two studies (which include Thorsen as a co-author) were completely discredited, (and there has been no evidence presented to suggest they should be), the weight of evidence would still support the conclusion that neither MMR nor thimerosal in vaccines are associated with autism.…

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    Posted by James Gavin on January 5, 2012 at 4:11 AM
  25. Comment:
    Since there has not been one iota of credible fact or evidence presented anywhere in this thread that vaccines are safe and/or effective we can all safely assume that they are not. When one or two toddlers die as a result of unsafe manufacturing of cribs, child safety seats, swings etc - the manufactured items are recalled. There is more than ample evidence by way of official court records that reveal that vaccines do kill and maim. Why is this same logic not applied to the manufacturing of vaccines? It seems that only one or two persons in this thread can't understand the reason why. Shooting the toxic elements contained in vaccines into the veins of innocent children is absolute insanity and anyone who proposes otherwise may be mentally imbalanced or challenged at best or has some vested interest in Big Pharma. The love of money is the root of all evil and it is sheer greed that perpetuates the vaccine hoax on a population that blindly believes the mainstream medical propaganda supporting the insanity of vaccines.

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 6:39 AM
  26. Comment:
    Busted! Scientists leave out data to produce bogus findings

    "Clinical trials of drugs and other medical therapies are carefully carried out and are the very gold standard of scientific proof, right? According to an in-depth review of this question just published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ,) the answer is no. In fact, the BMJ is sounding the alarm that data reported by scientists is too often not the truth -- because the researchers leave out inconvenient evidence. The result of facts-gone-missing could well be harming patients, spiking up healthcare costs by the selling of medical treatments based on bogus findings, and threatening the very integrity of medicine..."

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 6:46 AM
  27. Comment:
    Impact of document type on reporting quality of clinical drug trials: a comparison of registry reports, clinical study reports, and journal publications

    "A prerequisite of evidence based healthcare is that medical interventions are analysed in clinical trials and the findings from these trials are used to inform decision making in the healthcare system. The selective publication of clinical trials (publication bias) and their outcomes (outcome reporting bias) have been identified as major problems distorting the scientific evidence available. As a result, perception of the effects of healthcare interventions based on published literature is biased towards overestimating benefits and underestimating harms. This problem of distorted public record is widely prevalent..."

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 6:53 AM
  28. Comment:
    Research misconduct in the UK

    "Research misconduct can harm patients, distort the evidence base, misdirect research effort, waste funds, and damage public trust in science. Countries all over the developed world are now recognising the need to set up systems to deter, detect, and investigate research misconduct..."

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 6:57 AM
  29. Comment:
    Assessment of publication bias, selection bias, and unavailable data in meta-analyses using individual participant data: a database survey

    "Meta-analysis combines the quantitative evidence from related studies to summarise a whole body of research on a particular clinical question, such as whether a treatment is effective. A known threat to the validity of meta-analysis is publication bias, which occurs when studies with statistically significant or clinically favourable results are more likely to be published than studies with non-significant or unfavourable results. Other related biases exist on the continuum towards publication, such as time lag bias (where studies with unfavourable findings take longer to be published), language bias8 (where non-English language articles are more likely to be rewritten in English if they report significant results), and selective outcome reporting9 (where non-significant study outcomes are entirely excluded on publication). All these biases lead to meta-analyses which synthesise an incomplete set of the evidence and produce summary results potentially biased towards favourable treatment effects..."

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 7:02 AM
  30. Comment:
    "Documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) show that CDC officials were aware of Danish data indicating a connection between removing thimerosal (49.55% mercury) and a decline in autism rates. Despite this knowledge, these officials allowed a 2003 article to be published in Pediatrics that excluded this information, misrepresented the decline as an increase, and led to the mistaken conclusion that thimerosal in vaccines does not cause autism.

    Kids who received 100 micrograms of thimerosal were over ten times more likely to have autism than the kids who received no mercury-containing vaccines. - Dr. Mark Geier

    So you can understand why I think these people should be lined up against a wall. Actually there is no punishment that could possibly compensate for the suffering of autism and the tragedy of vaccine deaths. There is a sizable community of scientists and concerned parents who have tried to sway the government away from its use of a neurological poison like thimerosal but it has not listened or cared.

    In Denmark, thimerosal, a controversial mercury compound used as a preservative in certain vaccines, was removed from all Danish vaccines in 1992. The well-publicized Danish study published in Pediatrics (2003) claimed that autism rates actually increased after thimerosal was phased out. This study subsequently became a cornerstone for the notion that mercury does not cause autism. However, one of the FOIA documents obtained from CDC clearly indicates that this study omitted large amounts of data showing autism rates actually dropping after mercury was removed from Danish vaccines.

    One coauthor from Aarhus University, Denmark was aware of the omission and alerted CDC officials in a 2002 email stating, “Attached I send you the short and long manuscript about Thimerosal and autism in Denmark… I need to tell you that the figures do not include the latest data from 2001… but the incidence and prevalence are still decreasing in 2001.” (emphasis added)

    We know the article’s lead author was aware of the missing autism data because he stated in an email reply, “I am not currently at the university but I will contact you tomorrow to make up our minds.”

    Nevertheless, in the final draft version of the publication submitted to Pediatrics, the data from 2001 showing a decline in autism was not mentioned. Ignoring this omission, the CDC continued to endorse the article and in a December 10, 2002 recommendation letter to the editor of Pediatrics encouraged expedited review and publication of the article. The misleading Danish article was published by Pediatrics in 2003.

    Dr. Poul Thorsen, one of the co-authors and “scientist in residence” at the CDC 2000-2002, was subsequently terminated by Aarhus University and indicted in Atlanta for embezzlement in relation to his $11 million grant from the CDC.

    CoMeD has demanded that the CDC launch an immediate investigation of the CDC officials involved based on scientific fraud. CoMeD is also calling for the full retraction of the deceptive article that appeared in Pediatrics. “This type of malfeasance should not be tolerated by those who are entrusted with our children’s health and wellbeing,” stated Lisa Sykes, President of CoMeD.

    The newest study about thimerosal from the University of Brazil warns that while vaccines are essential to the wellbeing of children around the world (which of course is utterly untrue), the use of thimerosal should be banned. The author, Dr. Jos� D�rea, reviews the published science that demonstrates that infant exposure to the amount of thimerosal in vaccines is toxic to human brain cells.

    A number of recent studies have further suggested that the mercury used in everyday medical products, such as flu shots and amalgam, or “silver” dental fillings, contributes to causing a wide variety of illnesses, including autism and other developmental diseases in children and Alzheimer’s disease in adults.

    Vera Hassner Sharav writes: “Public health officials on both sides of the Atlantic have lost the public trust because they have been in alliance with vaccine manufacturers in denying that safety problems exist. If vaccines posed no safety problems, why has the U.S. Vaccine Court awarded more than $2 billion dollars to settle 2,500 cases involving vaccine-related debilitating injuries in children?”

    There have been numerous reports of miscarriages occurring shortly after receiving flu vaccines but so great is the pressure to promote swine flu shots, it is being offered for free to any pregnant woman even though the shots are loaded with mercury![2]

    Dr. Richard Halvorsen, author of the book, The Truth About Vaccines, said: “Thimerosal is an extremely toxic substance and a known poison to the brain. There is enough convincing evidence linking thimerosal with developmental disorders and learning problems in individual children to warrant its removal from any childhood vaccine.” Eli Lilly developed thimerosal and sponsored its use for many decades even though they knew it was dangerous from the very beginning after everyone in the first medical study died. Mercury, a heavy metal and a potent neurotoxin, can compromise the health of anyone—adult or child.

    My daughter Lyla Rose Belkin died on September 16, 1998 at the age of five weeks, about 15 hours after receiving her second Hepatitis B vaccine booster shot. Lyla was a lively, alert five-week-old baby when I last held her in my arms. Little did I imagine as she gazed intently into my eyes with all the innocence and wonder of anewborn child that she would die that night.[3]

    So what should society do to punish the doctors and medical scientists who have deliberately set the conditions for babies to either die or live a life of dire stress with autism and other neurological conditions? If we make them the stars of society and worship them like the priests of old, we doom ourselves, our children, and our civilization. Some say we get what we deserve, but are we so bad that we deserve being abused by a class of madmen who, without any sense of guilt, inject poisons into our children while getting paid for it?

    Let’s face it, most people really do not care who gets hurt unless it’s themselves or their loved ones. What else explains why we have allowed this without much complaint?

    There are a few men and women in this area who deserve special mention in that they throw their full weight into lying to the public about vaccines and make a lot of money doing so. I do not want to mention names and I really do not want to get angry but there is a fire in my belly that rose high when I saw the latest in the thimerosal saga.

    They say that the clergy from the Church during the Inquisition truly believed in their mission as they tortured innocent men, women and children and there is no doubt that most pediatricians truly believe in their vaccines no matter how many children they hurt. As a group they continue to wear blinders and follow everything their medical superiors say. These superiors are corrupt down to their very bones so no wonder the practice of medicine is no longer really the practice of medicine. I am not sure what to call it but certainly the profession is loaded with oath breakers doing so much harm even when they have sworn to do none.

    [1] Colebeck, Christine. Death By Lethal Vaccine Injection.


    [3] Michael Belkin Testimony to Congress. Tuesday, May 18,1999 Lyla Rose Belkin died on September 16, 1998"

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 8:27 AM
  31. Comment:

    For years I wrote about vaccines and many other issues surrounding pediatric care and most of this is evident in my new book Humane Pediatrics. I wrote an essay about the Multiple Cause of Autism Spectrum disorders quite a few years ago and it seems that medical science is beginning to understand how our civilization has contributed to this major epidemic.

    The New York Times reported that a new study of twins suggests that environmental factors, including conditions in the womb, may be at least as important as genes in causing autism. Mathematical modeling suggested that only 38 percent of the cases in the study could be attributed to genetic factors, whereas environmental factors appeared to be at work in 58 percent of the cases.

    Experts are saying that this new research will mark an important shift in thinking about the causes of autism, which is now thought to affect at least one percent of the population in the developed world. In some places in the United States and in South Korea, for example, the numbers are considerably more terrifying.

    The Times said, “As recently as a few decades ago, psychiatrists thought autism was caused by a lack of maternal warmth. And while that notion has been discarded in favor of genetic explanations, there has been growing acceptance that genes do not tell the whole story, in part because autism rates appear to have increased far faster than our genes can evolve. “I think we now understand that both genetic and environmental factors have to be taken seriously,” said Dr. Joachim Hallmayer.

    Medical scientists have been more than a little bit closed-minded on the autism issue and are now just discovering what many of the rest of us have known for years. Researchers are finally waking up but have little or nothing to say about which environmental influences might be at work. That is more than strange!

    But another recent study found an elevated risk of autism in children whose mothers took a popular type of antidepressant during the year before delivery. Drugs like Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa and Lexapro increase the risk of autism in children whose mothers used them in the year before delivery.

    When researchers tell us that environmental factors are playing a significant role in the cause of autism they are talking principally about poisons in the environment including poisons to which fetuses are exposed from existing contamination of the mother that comes through the umbilical cord.

    They are talking about chemicals, thousands of them. They are talking about heavy metals like mercury, and one day they will talk about how radiation contamination from internally-absorbed particles also cause severe neurological problems in the young.

    The conclusions coming from this most recent study are not new. A 2009 study[1] advocated a nationwide shift in autism research to focus on environmental factors such as pesticides, viruses and chemicals in household products. Throughout the U.S., the numbers of autistic children have increased dramatically over the past 15 years. More than 3,000 new cases of autism were reported in California in 2006, compared with 205 in 1990.

    Autism is upon us because it’s the outcome of the 50-year experiment of dousing every living being with an overload of toxic substances, including vaccines. Dr. Gregory Ellis

    The official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics[2] disagrees adamantly with Dr. Ellis but sooner or later they will have to get off their high horses and begin the process of learning how to understand the price the human race is paying for exposing pregnant woman, their fetuses and their young infants to intolerable levels of chemicals, heavy metals and now radiation exposure.

    According to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), 60,000 American children are born every year with neurological problems caused by prenatal exposure to methyl mercury compounds from fossil fuel and industrial air pollution.[3] The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that air pollution kills approximately 3 million people annually.[4] Air pollutants are known to produce arterial constriction and reduce blood flow and oxygen supply to the heart and thus to the brain. Importantly, the chemical pollutants found in the air have no safe level; they damage humans even at very low levels.[5]

    The field of pediatrics and the medical media with it are hopelessly lost when it comes to pinning down the cause of anything that is happening to the children. It is as if they are totally deaf and blind to the toxic threat that they themselves promote with their vaccines, antibiotics, radiological testing, and with chemo and radiation treatments.

    Children with autism disorders in the San Francisco Bay Area were recently found to be 50% more likely to be born in neighborhoods with high amounts of several toxic air contaminants, particularly mercury, according to a first-of-its-kind study by the California Department of Health Services. The new findings, which surprised the researchers, suggest that a mother’s exposure to industrial air pollutants while pregnant might increase her child’s risk of autism.[6] (See IMVA document “It Matters Where You Live.”)[7]

    “Clearly this suggests that there may be correlations between autism onset and environmental exposures, especially as it relates to metal exposures,” said Dr. Isaac Pessah, a toxicologist who heads UC Davis’ Center for Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention. Pessah, is a researcher at the university’s MIND (Medical Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders) Institute, which studies autism.

    According to Dr. Garry Gordon, one of the founders of chelation therapy, “There are children getting autism who did not receive injectable mercury.” Dr. Raymond Palmer, of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, has studied the contribution of the huge tonnage of mercury being put into the atmosphere and found, in studying school districts in Texas, that, “On average, for each 1,000 pounds of environmentally released mercury, there was a 43 percent increase in the rate of special education services and a 61 percent increase in the rate of autism.”

    Sustaining all of this research is a Harvard University study paid for by the EPA, co-authored by an EPA scientist and peer-reviewed by two other EPA scientists. The Harvard study concluded that mercury controls, similar to those the EPA proposed, could save nearly $5 billion a year through reduced neurological and cardiac harm to the general population.[8] Here we have one of the most reputable medical centers in the world quantifying the damage from mercury in the air.

    We have just reached the crisis level on mercury. Now, we’re finding it in our food, our water, our soil, our babies, everywhere. Marie Steinwachs University of Missouri

    Sounds like Steinwachs is talking about the radiation from Fukushima for it too is finding its way into our food, our water, our soil, our babies, everywhere.

    Mercury alters biological systems because of its affinity for sulfhydryl groups, which are functional parts of most enzymes and hormones. It induces a change in cell structure while disrupting critical electron transfer reactions leading to cells being perceived as foreign by the body’s immune defense and repair system. Dr. Rashid Buttar

    What stands out in severe cases of autism is its similarity to symptoms found with mercury poisoning. “Thousands of parents have seen the regression of skills in their children following thimerosal-containing vaccines,” says Jo Pike, President of the National Autism Association. “Many of these same children are progressing rapidly with biomedical interventions addressing mercury poisoning.”[9] Dr. Sidney Baker, author of six medical books, treats hundreds of autistic patients each year from around the country. He suspects that about half of the children he sees have been affected by thimerosal from their vaccines.[10]

    The statement indicating “mercury has been phased out of most childhood vaccines” is a gross distortion of the truth. The flu vaccine contains mercury and the number of flu shots given to children has increased dramatically since 2004. Dr. David Ayoub Vaccine Damages in the News

    The vaccine question remains key sticking point as everyone who is paying attention to the news knows. U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann was the target of harsh criticism last week after she asserted that the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine could cause mental retardation. Bachmann made her remarks immediately following Monday’s (Sept. 12, 2011) CNN/tea party debate. She had dogged Texas Gov. Rick Perry on the issue of the vaccine during the debate because she disagreed with Perry’s past attempts at mandating it for public school children.

    “The problem is, it comes with some very significant consequences,” Bachmann said of the vaccine on FOX News following the debate. “There’s a woman who came up crying to me tonight after the debate. She said her daughter was given that vaccine. She told me her daughter suffered mental retardation as a result of that vaccine. There are very dangerous consequences. It’s not good enough to take, quote, ‘a Mulligan’ or you want a do-over. Not when you have little children’s lives at risk.” On Tuesday morning Bachmann repeated the same story on the Today Show, alleging that the vaccine can have “very dangerous side effects” and that “people have to draw their own conclusions.”

    There happens to be a lot of parents crying for what pediatricians’ vaccines have done to their children. But vaccines are the holy grail of these doctors and they will defend themselves and their sometimes-lethal vaccines to their last dying breath.

    Dr. O. Marion Burton, the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics released a statement criticizing Bachmann’s statements. “The American Academy of Pediatrics would like to correct false statements made in the Republican presidential campaign that HPV vaccine is dangerous and can cause mental retardation,” Burton said. “There is absolutely no scientific validity to this statement. Since the vaccine has been introduced, more than 35 million doses have been administered, and it has an excellent safety record.”

    No matter how many children are harmed by a vaccine, they will say they have an excellent safety record. Vaccines are one among many toxic insults children must face. Those who administer them and speak in favor of them need to be seen as terrorists who specialize in attacking children. Even as civilization is threatened with collapse they keep up their relentless attack and the cries are heard in heaven. My first vaccine book was called Cry of the Heart and my second, which is available as a free download, is entitled The Terror of Pediatric Medicine.

    I have written many vaccine essays since the publication of this vaccine book and someday I will update it. The basic reasons to be against vaccines have not changed and neither has the nature of the people who promote them. Every parent should study the issue and decide for themselves.

    Doctors and medical officials though are not comfortable with informed choice on the vaccine question and would rather have them mandated even at the point of a gun. Medical fascism is alive and well, carrying on a tradition that will be remembered in the far future as the dark ages of medicine and pediatric care.

    [1] Epidemiology January 2009, Volume 20(1) pp 84-90

    [2] PEDIATRICS Vol. 118 No. 1 July 2006, pp. e139-e150 (doi:10.1542/peds.2005-2993)

    [3] Andersen, Glen. Finding the Causes of Childhood Diseases. June 2001 State Legislatures magazine

    [4] World Health Organization. Air pollution kills an estimated 2.7 million to 3.0 million people every year–about 6% of all deaths annually

    [5] Public Health and Economic Consequences of Methyl Mercury Toxicity to the Developing Brain Leonardo Trasande; Philip J. Landrigan; Clyde Schechter; Environ Health Perspect. 2005; 113 (5): 590-596. �2005 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.




    [9] National Autistic Association news bulletin in response to Institute of Medicine Report Spring 2004

    [10] Williams, Valeri. Vaccine preservative’s effects may have been known.

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    Vaccine Baby Deaths

    The greatest lie ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective” - Dr. Len Horowitz

    "The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society recently issued a position statement that “opposes any legislation or regulation that would allow children to be exempted from mandatory immunizations based simply on their parents, or, in the case of adolescents, their own secular personal beliefs.”

    In the statement, Infectious Diseases in Children, editorial board member Paul A. Offit, MD and others said any legislation being considered should contain certain provisions; notably, that parents who are claiming exemptions be given counseling about the importance of immunization to their own children, as well as to the community overall. Unfortunately they are not talking about genuine counseling but instead forced propaganda brain conditioning sessions.

    These are the terrorists I wrote about in my free e-book The Terror of Pediatric Medicine and now also in Humane Pediatrics. It was sad for me, tragically so, that Fukushima happened the week I launched both my pediatric site and this new book, which creates a new paradigm for the practice of pediatrics and the care of the very young. Most of the officials and pediatric organizations are staffed with human beings of questionable character and integrity for they cherish their poisonous vaccines more than life itself. Dr. Offit and all these others are the ones who need counseling about how to return to a humane state of consciousness. That really is, for all practical purposes a real impossibility, so I am not sure what should be done with the lot of them.

    “The primary reason cited by parents who are reluctant or who refuse to vaccinate is concern over safety and efficacy of vaccines. Lack of trust in the government, the perception that their children were not at great risk and that vaccine-preventable diseases were not severe are additional reasons often given by parents,” goes a vaccinationist’s propaganda article.

    The total award paid as of August 6, 2008 was $1,804,415,262.35. - National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

    On May 4, 2011 a new study by Neil Z. Miller and Gary S. Goldman was published online by SAGE, entitled “Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?” This study is another in a long line of studies revealing evidence showing the more vaccines a baby receives, the more chance they have of dying from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

    “Crib death” was so infrequent in the pre-vaccination era that it was not even mentioned in the statistics, but it started to climb in the 1950s with the spread of mass vaccination against diseases of childhood.
    Harris L. Coulter, PhD

    Newborn babies are the most vulnerable of all beings. Vulnerability says it all when it comes to a newborn infant. It is easy to hurt most beings but little babies are the most vulnerable and the easiest to hurt. Parents are of course vulnerable to their infants vulnerability but most pediatricians would just squash both parents and their infants in their mania to vaccinate—to inject poisonous substances and heavy metals directly into their bloodstreams.

    Children deserve the best medical treatment from the best form of medicine human intelligence can implement. What they get is the worst. Pediatricians start attacking babies almost the minute they come out of the womb. They are monstrous beasts and perhaps that label is too kind. One of the reasons civilization needs to crash hard is that these arrogant ones need to be extinguished from the human experience, purged from civilization so we can regain our humaneness.

    The Pastoral Medical Association (PMA), to which I belong, finds that modern, conventionally-prepared immunizations do not conform to scriptural rules for hygiene. The PMA thus is “unable to support the application of conventional immunizations. We believe and support the God-given right of every individual to choose or refuse conventional ideas that conflict with their sincerely held religious beliefs as so ordained in the Supreme Law of the Creator.” Since there is something unhygienic about vaccines, meaning something wrong with them, we should not be surprised by the following chart:

    Who Knows Best?

    Many pediatricians refuse to offer services to parents who only want partial vaccines or who refuse them altogether, according to Infectious Diseases in Children editorial board member and practicing pediatrician, Richard Lander, MD. “At issue is the parents’ rights vs. that of the community or that of the minor,” Lander said in an interview. Lander thinks he knows what is best for the community and for minors but his assumptions and perceptions are based on a cruel arrogant type of medical consciousness. Doctors like Lander have both closed hearts and closed minds and cannot entertain the possibility that they have been terribly wrong about the vaccine question.

    Dr. Stan Block says, “All of us in pediatrics know the routine for the two-month-old checkup. Perform the routine history and physical examination. Dispense routine advice. Administer routine vaccines. Then the impasse begins. About 75% of parents are totally respectful of and adhere to our immunization recommendations.” The remaining 25 percent are scared witless of the dangers and side effects that pediatricians insist are not there but actually are there according to formal statistics in the government’s vaccine damage database. After all, the government pays out billions of dollars to parents whose children have been severely hurt by vaccines that your local card-carrying pediatrician will swear to his or her last breath are safe.

    Dr. Ari Brown writes, “Suspicious parents can be reassured of vaccine safety with proper communication strategies, openness and empathy. There are four types of parents when it comes to vaccines: 1) believers—those who believe vaccination is safe and necessary; 2) relaxed—those who are cautious but still trust their physicians; 3) cautious—those who don’t really have a problem with vaccines until seeing media coverage or speaking with friends; and 4) the unconvinced—those who staunchly believe that not getting vaccinated is in the best interest of their child. Pediatricians should target the cautious parents, who are typically scared but respond to education efforts. Many parents have been put off by physicians whom they felt were condescending. Physicians must maintain proper and sensitive communication habits despite time constraints with each patient. Break down their fears and see where they’re coming from. Fewer and fewer parents are asking about specific vaccines and instead have this global, vague mistrust. If you ask them to specify their fears, you can respond appropriately.”

    Many doctors sink to the level of using openness and empathy to try to manipulate and trap parents into doing something against their child’s best interest. If they are fooled they might then have to regret that for the rest of their lives if their child suffers harm. There is no appropriate response to vaccine fears because they are too be greatly feared. Only an absolute animal of a person would inject ethyl-mercury or aluminum directly into the bloodstream of an infant. Parents who are fooled are not to be blamed for mostly they are mislead by their pediatricians who need the money more than they need integrity, honesty, and humility—all humane qualities being deliberately thrown out the window in medical school.

    Dr. Brown continues saying, “The most effective pitch for a vaccine is one that is emotional and personal. You can throw out all the science and data and research, but at the end of the day, what really makes families comfortable is that you yourself are vaccinated and that you vaccinate your own kids. You must reassure your patients that you wouldn’t do anything different.” I have heard many stories through the years about doctors who do not vaccinate their own children but do it to other people’s kids.

    The vaccine controversy seems to be a never-ending one. It is obvious from how pediatricians write that they are 100 percent sure that they are absolutely and undeniably right. If one studies the question hard enough it becomes evident that they are terribly wrong. To test that, all you have to do is present some hard evidence to your pediatrician and see how hard he or she hits the ceiling or bounces up against a wall. Confronting an oncologist or a pediatrician with solid information against something they adamantly promote immediately dissolves their smiles and empathetic nods, and they get downright mean. Their dark side surfaces and you can see they are not to be trusted with your children’s lives.

    In England

    “‘Sixteen jumbo jets crash killing everyone on board, 6,500 lives lost.’ Can you imagine that headline—everyone would be talking about it there would be a public outcry. Well, in the UK, at least 17 babies die every day; that is every day; almost 6,500 babies die every year. Where is the public outcry? There is none because they are babies; there are only platitudes and promises the next time will be different,” write Colette Murphy and Jo Hart.

    Malnutrition, lead poisoning, vaccines, inappropriate medical care, violence, drugs, incarceration, HIV, and poverty wreck many postindustrial U.S. cities, all leave tiny victims in their wake. I don’t know how many children around the world die or are damaged by vaccines every year but we know that number to be quite substantial.

    Vaccines Cause Cancer and Other Diseases

    The steady escalation in the number of vaccines administered has been followed by an identical rise in the incidence of autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, subacute lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, asthma) seen in children. While there is a genetic transmission of some of these diseases, many are probably due to the injury from foreign protein particles, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and other toxic agents injected in vaccines.

    In the early 1900s an astute Indiana physician, Dr. W. B. Clarke, stated, “Cancer was practically unknown until compulsory vaccination with cowpox vaccine began to be introduced. I have had to deal with 200 cases of cancer, and I never saw a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person.”

    Interestingly this week the U.S. National Institutes of Health said that the strong-smelling chemical formaldehyde causes cancer. The NIH said Friday that people with higher measures of exposure to formaldehyde are at increased risk for certain types of rare cancers, including those affecting the upper part of the throat behind the nose."


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    Autism & Vaccination Quotes

    I was the first to announce the "autism epidemic", in 1995, and I pointed out in that article that excessive vaccines were a plausible cause of the epidemic. As you know, an enormous amount of clinical laboratory research (as opposed to epidemiological research), has been accumulated since that time, supporting my position. (I did not know then that the vaccines contained mercury, although I had been collecting data since 1967 from the mothers of autistic children, on any dental work they may have had during their pregnancy.) The evidence is now overwhelming, despite the misinformation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Institute of Medicine. The (Pretending to) Combat Autism Act By Bernard Rimland

    I would also be particularly interested to learn of any documented cases of completely unvaccinated children who have later dramatically and inexplicably regressed into autism after a normal infancy. To date, no such case has ever been identified to me.[pdf March 2006] MMR Vaccine, Thimerosal and Regressive or Late Onset Autism A Review of the Evidence for a Link Between Vaccination and Regressive Autism--David Thrower

    CDC officials, who maintain autism is a genetic disorder and irreversible, cannot tolerate the existence of children whose autistic behaviors have disappeared after chelation therapy removes vaccine-related mercury and other toxins from their bodies.[NVIC 3/2006] Chelation for autism

    Several of the participants tried to imply that autism was a genetic disorder and therefore could have nothing to do with vaccines. Dr. Weil put that to rest with this comment, "We don't see that kind of genetic change in 30 years." In other words, how can we suddenly see a 300% increase in a genetically related disorder over such a short period? It is also known that there are two forms of autism, one that is apparent at birth and one that develops later in childhood. The former has not changed in incidence since statistics have been kept; the other is epidemic. THE TRUTH BEHIND THE VACCINE COVER-UP By Russell Blaylock, M.D.

    Searching for children who had not been exposed to mercury in vaccines -- the kind of population that scientists typically use as a "control" in experiments -- Dan Olmsted scoured the Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, who refuse to immunize their infants. Given the national rate of autism, Olmsted calculated that there should be 130 autistics among the Amish. He found only four. One had been exposed to high levels of mercury from a power plant. The other three -- including one child adopted from outside the Amish community -- had received their vaccines.----Deadly Immunity By ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR.

    "The fact is that sooner or later, Andrew Wakefield will be exonerated, his theory will be accepted and a vaccine-autism connection will be proven. As the New Year comes around, Wakefield's research is being duplicated in prestigious centers in the United States. In addition, viral culture results are expected soon from the National Institutes of Health laboratories. "--[letter BMJ 2005] F. Edward Yazbak,

    Recently, my VACCINATED DPT autistic child came down with PERTUSSIS (which he lived through just fine). While in the ER, I came across four other nurses with a child with autism, who in secret meetings to me between doctors and tests, revealed that they too felt their children were vaccine induced autistic. [Letter BMJ 19 July 2004] Cathy Blanco

    "In my view, this is not a scientific issue. This is about as proven an issue as you’re ever going to see, and what’s occurring here is a cover up under the guise of protecting the vaccine program. And I’m for the vaccine program. You keep covering it up and your not going to have a vaccine program," Geier

    [2004 jan] In conclusion, for those who have a decreased ability to excrete mercury, as has been demonstrated for several different genotypes, there can be little doubt that mercury concentrations once administered to children as part of the childhood routine vaccination schedule resulted in a significant number of children developing autism. This is especially true following a sudden increase in the amount of mercury administered, as occurred in the United States in the early 1990s when the amount of mercury administered to children in the first six months of life more than doubled as part of the routine childhood immunization schedule (i.e. from 75 micrograms of mercury from three DTP immunizations to 187.5 micrograms from three DTP, three Hib, and three hepatitis B immunizations).....It is also clear that if somehow, despite the over whelming evidence, the IOM determines, that either thimerosal did not cause or that they are not sure that it caused the current epidemic of autism and other neurological disorders, that the IOM must demand the immediate expenditure of billions of dollars as part of an all out effort to immediately determine what is causing this epidemic before it totally destroys our society. [jan 2004] A Review of the Relationship between Thimerosal and Autism. David A. Geier and Mark R. Geier, MD

    "There are many studies that seek to deny an MMR/autism link, but it is possible to demonstrate that each is flawed in several ways. These studies are also statistical/epidemiological-type studies - not studies of the actual children involved. They are also based upon small (for statistical-type studies) samples. There are strong grounds for believing that the safety studies of MMR were cursory, that the potential for damage was not recognised, and that subsequent safety follow-up has been conspicuously lacking. There are many papers that point - some of them powerfully - to an MMR/autism link. Some of these studies involve analysis of samples of the actual children involved. Putting the above conclusions together, there appears to be strong grounds for believing that children have been damaged, and are still being damaged, by MMR, and probably by other vaccines. No alternative credible explanation has been put forward for these children's condition. The explanation that their degeneration into autism is biologically linked to MMR or thiomersal, or both, is also supported by the consistent accounts of the parents of the actual children."--David Thrower 2003 Jan

    "Dr. Singh reported his own anecdotal survey of apparently vaccine-injured children with regressive autism. He found that 93% of cases had autistic symptoms shortly after vaccinations. Of these, 52% were post-MMR, 8% post MMR and DPT, and 33% post-DPT. Just 7% were not linked by the parents to any vaccination. He acknowledged that the survey was non-scientific."--David Thrower

    " We have learned that a majority of parents whose children have late-onset or acquired autism believe it is vaccine-related. They deserve answers. We have also learned that the parents have been our best investigators in looking for both causes of autism and for treatments. "--Dan Burton

    "The evidence that vaccines are a major cause of the increase comes from a number of directions. One direction that's been largely ignored are the laboratory studies. There are at least seven laboratory studies, clinical studies, of blood, cerebral, spinal fluid, biopsies of autistic children which show huge differences between autistic children and normal children in terms of the presence of things like measles vaccine virus in their intestinal tract, for example, or their neurons. So, there's one line of evidence. Another, of course, is that we have data from thousands of parents who testify, often with videotapes and photographs and eyewitness reports, that their kid was perfectly normal. And they can demonstrate it, as I say, very conclusively with tapes until after the vaccine. The kid retreated into autism. There's just converging evidence from many, many directions."-- (Nov 2002) Bernard Rimland PhD

    "We are in the midst of an international epidemic. Those responsible for investigating and dealing with this epidemic have failed. Among the reasons for this failure is the fact that they are faced with the prospect that they themselves may be responsible for the epidemic. Therefore, in their efforts to exonerate themselves they are an impediment to progress. I believe that public health officials know there is a problem; they are, however, willing to deny the problem and accept the loss of an unknown number of children on the basis that the success of public health policy - mandatory vaccination - by necessity involves sacrifice. Neither I, nor my colleagues subscribe to the belief that any child is expendable. History has encountered and dealt with such beliefs. You, the parent's and children, are the source of the inspiration and strength for our endeavours; our quest for truth through science - a science that is compassionate, uncompromising and uncompromised. I do not mean to stir you to mutiny, but be assured that armed with this science it is in your power to force this issue, in your pediatricians office, in Congress, in the Law Courts. Keep faith with your instincts - they have served you well."---Andy Wakefield (April 22, 2002 "POWER of ONE - IDEA" Rally, Washington DC)

    "The conclusion of the research report was: Children who received all of the AAP recommended vaccinations were 14 times more likely to become learning disabled and 8 times more likely to become autistic compared with children who were never vaccinated. Donald Meserlian, P.E., VOSI Chairman & ASTM Member March 2002

    "Bernard Rimland, Ph.D., has provided the statistics that, in their experience, from 50 to 60% of parents with autistic children believe that their children were damaged by vaccines. In our own office we have seen many autistic children in recent years, and our own experience has been very similar, many parents reporting that deterioration of their children took place following vaccines."--Dr Buttram MD

    "Dr. Ed Yazbak, a pediatric infectious disease specialist from Boston, said research will not find a chromosome responsible for autism. He is a former professor at Brown University now studying the medical histories of children with autism in an effort to determine what triggered their condition. "Research will show there is a genetic predisposition to autism. What we have to find is the environmental insult," he said."--Experts: Redefine Autism as Systemic Illness

    "As a clinician, my current belief which guides my practice with these children is that any child given the HepB vaccination at birth and subsequent boosters along with DPT has received unacceptable levels of neurotoxin in the form of the ethyl mercury in the thimerosal preservative used in the vaccine. In any child with a genetic immune susceptibility (probably about one in six) this sets off a series of events that injure the brain-gut-immune system. By the time they are ready to receive the MMR vaccination, their immune system is so impaired in a great number of these children that the triple vaccine cannot be handled by the now dysfunctional immune system and they begin their obvious descent into the autistic spectrum disorder."---Jaquelyn McCandless, M.D

    "Children who receive all of the 22 vaccines and 35 vaccinations currently recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) are 14 times more likely to become learning disabled and 8 times more likely to become autistic compared with children who were never vaccinated!!"---Voices of Safety International, Donald C. Meserlian, P.E., Chairman.

    "I have hundreds of new friends who know their child's autism is from vaccines. They as parents know their children better then anyone and watched their children slip into the autism world after a vaccine. And no not all of them were MMR vaccines. Some were DTP vaccines."---Danielle Sarkine

    "Vaccination programs were instituted in the late 1930s, and the first handful of autistic babies were noted in the early 1940s. When vaccination programs were expanded after the war, the number of autistic children increased greatly."---Harris Coulter Ph.D.

    "Dr Kenneth Aitken, a specialist in the treatment of autism, believes there is a clear link between autism and the MMR jab. "When I was training, one in 2,500 [children were autistic]. Now it is one in 250. At the moment, the only logical explanation for this is MMR," he said."--Media

    Disintegrative psychosis is recognized as a sequel to measles encephalitis. Viral encephalitis can give rise to autistic disorders, particularly when it occurs early in life. *Wing L, The autistic Spectrum London Constable, 1996 pg 68-71

    "Take this classic sequence from the Senate hearing on April 6th this year about MMR and autism. Professor O’Leary from Ireland was confirming that his evidence proved that Dr Andrew Wakefield was right. Our friendly Dr Paul Offit showed his true colours with this response: "He cannot have found something that suggests a link between autism and vaccines, because of the possible consequences of such a finding." Consequences to what? Paul Offit’s cushy job flying around the world teaching doctors vaccines are safe? …… Paul Offit’s pharmaceutical shares?…….. Paul Offit’s professional reputation? Paul Offit’s self-esteem? ……… Paul Offit’s……… vaccine patent? What is worse, he, and most others representing the pharmaceutical companies which keep their families well heeled, have no knowledge or interest in the hundreds of vaccine disasters previously written up in their own skeleton ridden history books. If you showed them, they either wouldn’t believe it, or they would laugh and say "But that was then…. We know everything now.""---Hilary Butler

    "At this point, it is believed that about 10% of cases of autism can be accounted for genetically."--B.J. Freeman, Ph.D.

    "Despite the fact that the CDC's Davis et al methodology was fatally flawed in regard to autism and thimerosal, the CDC's rogue team and their U of Washington allies seem quite willing to continue diverting attention away from the substantial likelihood that physician-injected ethylmercury has been an etiologic factor in many cases of autism and related disorders."---Teresa Binstock

    "V. Singh,MDM, a specialist from Utah State who has studied over 400 cases of autism, found that these children had experienced an autoimmune episode, in which their own bodies had been made to attack the linings of their nervous systems. Dr. Singh characterized the epidemic as a "hyperimmune response to the measles virus." He stated that 55% of the families said that autism appeared soon after an MMR shot, and that 33% of families said it appeared soon after a DPT shot. Such neurologic damage is a well-established side-effect of the mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde used in these vaccines."---Tim O'Shea, DC

    "John O'Leary, PhD, a world-class researcher and molecular biologist from Ireland, using state-of-the-art sequencing technology, showed how he had found the measles virus in the gut of 96% of autistic children, compared to 6.6% in normal children. This virus did not come from the natural disease, but from the measles vaccine. Dr. O'Leary found measles virus present in 75% of children with Crohn's disease. Crohn's has traditionally been an intestinal disease of adults, following years of dietary abuse. Its appearance in children is a new event, and Dr. O'Leary's work points to the measles virus from vaccines as the likely cause."---Tim O'Shea, DC

    "Much attention has been focused on the MMR shot itself, whereas in all probability it is a combination of the three factors listed above: the increasing number of vaccines, the large amount of mercury, and the inherent danger of the triple vaccine.....The MMR vaccine is also especially suspect because laboratories in England, Ireland, and Japan have found evidence of MMR vaccine viruses in the intestinal tracts of autistic children, but not in control group, non-autistic children."---Dr Rimland

    "Dr. Michael Goldberg, a California pediatrician and researcher, explained how it was impossible to have an epidemic based solely on genetics. That's the standard excuse the CDC and the NIH have been using to explain how autism has grown from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 300 in just 22 years."--Tim O'Shea, DC

    "Autism may be a disorder linked to the disruption of the G-alpha protein, affecting retinoid receptors in the brain. A study of sixty autistic children suggests that autism may be caused by inserting a G-alpha protein defect, the pertussis toxin found in the D.P.T. vaccine, into genetically at-risk children."---Mary N. Megson, M.D., F.A.A.P.

    "Asking the public health community to investigate the role of vaccines in the development of autism is like asking the tobacco industry to investigate the link between lung cancer and smoking,"----Rick Rollens

    "When the link between the use of unsafe, mercury-laden vaccine and autism, ADHD, asthma, allergies and diabetes becomes undeniable, mainstream medicine will be sporting a huge, self-inflicted and well-deserved black eye. Then will come the billion-dollar awards, by enraged juries, to the children and their families. I can't wait."--Dr Rimland MD

    "Without hesitation, everyone except Dr Taylor said yes. Dr Taylor refused. You would think that if he was as certain as the others that his science was absolutely rock solid, there would have been no hesitation. But with this issue, we are not talking about medicine or children’s lives – we are talking about politics. And I would go further and say that in my opinion those vehemently denying any association between MMR and autism have scant regard for the children involved – they seem to fixate solely on the percentages vaccinated, and their own self-defence – the impact of negative articles on their reputation, prestige, and validity of previously published comments, and Wall Street shares."--Hilary Butler

    "I observed that my unvaccinated children were healthier, hardier and more robust than their vaccinated peers. Allergies, asthma and pallor and behavioral and attentional disturbances were clearly more common in my young patients who were vaccinated. My unvaccinated patients, on the other hand, did not suffer from infectious diseases with any greater frequency or severity than their vaccinated peers: their immune systems generally handled these challenges very well."--Incao's Hepatitis B Vaccination Testimony

    "In 1993 Vijendra Singh, PhD University of Illinois, published a study in which they found antibodies to myelin basic protein in 50 to 60% of autistic children tested. Recently at a public meeting Dr. Singh presented information on an unpublished, preliminary study of 27 autistic children in which he found nearly 50% correlation between MMR antibodies and antibodies to myelin basic protein in serum drawn from the children. Dr. Singh emphasized that this study was very preliminary and that no conclusions could be drawn from it. However, it does raise a higher index of suspicion that the MMR vaccine may result in encephalitis and its various complications on a fairly large scale."---Harold Buttram, MD

    "This report describes six mothers who received live virus vaccines and one who received a Hepatitis B vaccine during pregnancy after having received an MMR booster five months prior to conception. All the children who resulted from these pregnancies have had developmental problems, six out seven (85%) were diagnosed with autism, and the seventh seems to exhibit symptoms often associated with autistic spectrum disorders."---F Yazbak MD

    "Dignazio's daughter Sarah became autistic from the DPT vaccine. They didn't mention that they spent $100,000 of their own money to go to the Mayo Clinic and to Philadelphia to see a pediatric neurologist to get a diagnosis-- "post vaccination encephalitis".--- Rose Stevens The Association for Vaccine Damaged Children and the Eagle Foundation Sara Dignazio

    "Every day new parents are ringing us. They all have the same tragic story. Healthy baby, child, teenager, usually a boy, given the DPT (diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus) or DT (diphtheria and tetanus), MMR or MMR booster followed by a sudden fall or slow, but steady decline into autism or other spectrums disorder."--The Hope Project

    "They claim that autism naturally occurs at about 18 months, when the MMR is routinely given, so the association is merely coincidental and not causal. But the onset of autism at 18 months is a recent development. Autism starting at 18 months rose very sharply in the mid-1980s, when the MMR vaccine came into wide use. A coincidence? Hardly!"--Dr Rimland
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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 8:52 AM
  34. Comment:
    Why Don’t Children Regress Before They Turn One?

    by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

    Jan 2011

    Bernard Rimland PhD was a remarkable researcher and a national & international expert on autism. His interest in the subject started very abruptly, three years after he obtained his Doctorate Degree in Experimental Psychology, when his son Mark was diagnosed with “Early Infantile Autism”, at a time when autism was rare.

    Bernie’s passion about autism, its causes and its treatment never waned and he remained a fierce campaigner for affected children and their families until his last breath.

    We had many long and interesting discussions over the years, in person and by phone and I learned a lot from him. One day, I asked him about “Regressive Autism” and its recent relative increase. He beamed, looked at me over his glasses and started searching among the many papers he usually carried in his brief case. He appeared relieved when he found a graph he had hand-drawn and that was based on thousands of records he had personally reviewed and tabulated for the Autism Research Institute huge database.

    That very simple graph was remarkable. It showed two intersecting lines: A dotted line representing the Regressive Autism cases, with onset of symptoms at 18 months, running for years below the Early Onset Autism solid line and suddenly taking off in the late seventies / early eighties and steadily rising until it intersected the solid line by the mid eighties. By the late nineties, the dotted line was much higher than the other line and Regressive Autism cases represented around 80% of the ARI’s total case-load.

    Bernie, clearly very pleased with his graph added: “You are a pediatrician so I don’t need to tell you when the MMR vaccine became widely used in the United States.”

    On another occasion, Dr. Rimland [i] discussing his favorite subject again stated:

    “As a full-time professional research scientist for 50 years, and as a researcher in the field of autism for 45 years, I have been shocked and chagrined by the medical establishment’s ongoing efforts to trivialize the solid and compelling evidence that faulty vaccination policies are the root cause of the epidemic. There are many consistent lines of evidence implicating vaccines, and no even marginally plausible alternative hypotheses.”

    "As the number of childhood vaccines has increased 700%, from 3 in the 70s to 22 in 2000, the prevalence of autism has also showed a parallel increase of 700%.”

    "Late onset autism, (starting in the 2nd year), was almost unheard of in the 50s, 60s, and 70s; today such cases outnumber early onset cases 5 to 1, the increase paralleling the increase in required vaccines.”

    "Thousands of parents report and demonstrate with home videos – that their children were normal and responsive until suffering an adverse vaccine reaction.”

    On April 6, 2000, I was seated just two rows behind Dr. Rimland when he testified in front of the United States Congress House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform [ii] and stated: “Let me dispel several myths promoted by those who deny the autism-vaccine connection:

    1. They claim the vaccines are safe, but physicians are indoctrinated to disbelieve claims of harm …

    2. They say that the suspected linkage between the MMR vaccination and autism has been disproved by a study conducted by Brent Taylor and his colleagues in London, and published last year in The Lancet. The Taylor study is seriously flawed in many ways…

    3. They say that autism has a large genetic component, and therefore vaccines must play a minimal, if any, role in the causation of autism…However, genes do not begin to account for the huge increase in the incidence of autism, ranging from 250% to 500% in various places…

    4. They claim that autism naturally occurs at about 18 months, when the MMR is routinely given, so the association is merely coincidental and not causal. But the onset of autism at 18 months is a recent development. Autism starting at 18 months rose very sharply in the mid-1980s, when the MMR vaccine came into wide use. A coincidence? Hardly! See the graph below…”


    Researchers outside the United States also reported that Regressive Autism was being diagnosed in increasing numbers. In a 1998 study from Italy, De Giacomo and Fombonne examined data of 82 consecutive children referred for evaluation and diagnosed with a pervasive developmental disorder and reported that the mean age of children was 19.1 months when the parents first became concerned about their speech and development. [iii]

    Two years later, Baird et al published the results of their testing of 16,235 children in London [iv] and reported that four out of five children subsequently diagnosed as having an autistic disorder appeared normal at 18 months, exhibiting good eye contact, fantasy play and pointing.


    Early on, the first dose of MMR vaccine was administered at the 15-month check-up, usually alone.

    Worried about vaccination being blamed for Regressive Autism, the health authorities and vaccine promoters quickly circulated the idea that autism, supposedly a purely “genetic disorder”, manifested itself between 18 and 24 months of age. In time, that somewhat preposterous idea became an accepted scientific fact, even though the syndrome was originally called “Infantile Autism” or “Kanner’s Infantile Autism” and an infant is, by definition, a child under the age of 12 months.

    The CDC recommendation was later changed and the first dose of MMR vaccine was administered, most often alone, at age 12 months. As time went by, other vaccines were added. Presently, a 1-year-old boy may receive his first dose of MMR vaccine plus vaccines for Varicella, HIB, PCV, IPV and Hepatitis A. [v]

    Not to be outdone, the UK Chief Medical Officer [vi] recently recommended to NHS that Hib/MenC, MMR and the pneumococcal vaccines be administered at the 12-month visit starting January 1, 2011. A DOH spokesman promptly reassured the nation by stating that "Independent scientific research has shown that providing these vaccines at the same time is safe, effective and more convenient for parents."


    Of the many parents I have personally interviewed over the last few years, the majority describe the changes in their children very much the same way: The baby who is normal at birth achieves expected milestones until his first birthday. When prompted to try hard to recall, some parents report minor deviations from the norm in some tasks. Sometime after his 12 or 15-month visit (depending on the vaccination schedule), the busy toddler stops acquiring new words and doing new things, either abruptly or gradually. He (or she) then starts losing words he knew and is unable to do things he did well, just a month or two earlier. The change is particularly noticeable to relatives and friends who do not see him every day.

    Many if not most of the children who regress also have reactions to their vaccination: High fever, febrile seizures, irritability, a rash or diarrhea. A large number of children develop intercurrent infections such as persistent colds and ear infections, as their immune system is affected.

    Parents often also describe the child as being “out of it” a week or so after vaccination.

    The acute reaction phase is usually followed by behavioral changes: Constant crying, head banging, rocking and toe-walking. Within two or three or four months, the regression is severe and another family is devastated.

    In a recent Canadian study (2009), Meilleur and Fombonne [vii] compared children with “an apparently normal early development, followed by a loss of verbal and/or non-verbal skills prior to 2 years of age” with other children on the autistic spectrum. They reported that children who regressed “spoke at a significantly earlier age” and had a “more severe autistic symptomatology profile.”

    When one hears the same story twice or three times, it is permissible to attribute it to a coincidence; when one hears it 50 or a 100 times, it is less likely to be a coincidence; and when hundreds and thousands of reliable people report the same events time after time, one cannot say they are all wrong and the whole thing is nothing but a coincidence.

    It is both cruel and insulting to insist that hundreds and thousands of parents do not know what they are talking about because they do not have letters behind their names. It is also unacceptable, inhuman and outrageous to maintain, for years and years, that all of them are wrong.

    In any case… a huge question remains:


    ***** Most babies born in the United States presently receive a hepatitis B vaccine in the nursery (God only knows why). They then receive several vaccines at age 2, 4 and 6 months of age and then … they get a break until they are one.

    Babies do not all achieve developmental milestones at the same time. Some are precocious and already walking at ten or eleven months and some only walk at 15 months or later. Some “talk” constantly and some, silently, just look at their moms with bright eyes. In general, many if not all 9 to 12 month-old children listen when spoken to, know their names, understand “no”, recognize the meaning of gestures, react to voice inflections, babble, say few words, use and repeat sounds, “pet” the dog like their parents do and clearly “communicate”. They walk around their playpen or the living room, some get up by themselves and they all keep their parents busy.

    So why don’t any of those little ones ever regress - really, really regress - at 11 months of age and why do they all wait and regress all together, just after their first birthday and their “one-year” check-up whether they are in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Egypt or Australia?

    Why don’t we ever, ever hear of babies regressing into autism during the vaccine break period, between 6 and 12 months of age or more specifically between age 9 and 12 months, when they are doing all those wonderful exciting things we need to call the neighbors, friends and family to witness or quickly find the movie camera to record?




    It would have been very easy to destroy Andrew Wakefield’s suggestion that more research was required and justified, in order to investigate and rule out an MMR-Autism connection (or in fact, any “vaccine-autism connection.”) All that Wakefield’s critics and enemies had to do in order to prove him wrong was to document that children profoundly regressed into autism during the “vaccine-break period”, between 6 and 12 months of age and not only in the second year of life.

    They would have saved a lot of money and they would have saved a lot of effort.

    But they did not, because they could not:





    To Dr. Bernard Rimland who has done so much for so many children with autism!


    The help offered by a researcher who prefers anonymity is deeply appreciated


    [i] Accessed 01/06/11

    [ii] Accessed 01/07/11

    [iii] De Giacomo A, Fombonne E. Parental recognition of developmental abnormalities in autism. Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 1998 Sep;7(3):131-6. Accessed 01/07/11

    [iv] Baird G, Charman T, Baron-Cohen S, Cox A, Swettenham J, Wheelwright S, Drew A. A screening instrument for autism at 18 months of age: a 6-year follow-up study. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 2000 Jun;39(6):694-702

    [v] Accessed 01/07/11

    [vi] Accessed 01/08/11 [vii] Meilleur AA, Fombonne E. Regression of language and non-language skills in pervasive developmental disorders. J Intellect Disabil Res. 2009 Feb;53(2):115-24. Accessed 01/07/11

    F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP Falmouth, Massachusetts

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 8:56 AM
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    Dr. Rimland discussing his favorite subject again stated:

    “As a full-time professional research scientist for 50 years, and as a researcher in the field of autism for 45 years, I have been shocked and chagrined by the medical establishment’s ongoing efforts to trivialize the solid and compelling evidence that faulty vaccination policies are the root cause of the epidemic. There are many consistent lines of evidence implicating vaccines, and no even marginally plausible alternative hypotheses.”

    "As the number of childhood vaccines has increased 700%, from 3 in the 70s to 22 in 2000, the prevalence of autism has also showed a parallel increase of 700%.”
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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 8:59 AM
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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 9:03 AM
  37. Comment:
    Health Freedom:

    Just to interupt your copy and pasting:

    The argument: "I can debunk all your arguments, I just choose not to... therefore I win." is not one that can be supported. I assume you know this, (and that you would not accept the same argument aimed at you), therefore I can only wonder at your motivation for offering it in lieu of evidence.


    It is always bizarre when proponents of non-evidence-based medicine try to use science's attempts at self-correction, (through legitimate research), to advance their own agenda.

    This is a fallacy, as even imperfect evidence-based research trumps imperfect non-evidence-based research.

    The latest edition of the BMJ is an excellent example of evidence-based medicine and I encourage all readers to look at the original here:

    And the editorial by Fiona Godlee:

    "Research misconduct is widespread and harms patients"


    Allegations of CDC Misconduct, (such as those raised in Robert F Kennedy Jr's 2005 Salon magazine article which was retracted last year due to factual errors), lead to an 18 month Senate investigation by the HELP Committee:…

    Their findings were as follows:

    "The Committee’s investigators concluded that allegations that autismresearchers were clouded by conflicts of interest, that the CDC interfered in vaccinestudies, and that public health agencies covered up evidence linking vaccines to autism,could not be substantiated."

    "Our investigation shows that public health officials conducted thorough, sciencebasedstudies on autism and vaccines."


    And remains an unreliable source of medical information.

    Kathleen Seidel dug rather more deeply into madness there than I have:…

    But I do have to ask, is a site that claims there are shape-shifting reptoid aliens among us, the best place to find objective scientific information?

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    Posted by James Gavin on January 5, 2012 at 9:47 AM
  38. Comment:
    Health Freedom:

    Interesting that you mention David Geier in the same copy pasta as Paul Thorsen, here's a copy of the court order that revoked his medical license.…

    "Based on the foregoing facts, the Board concludes that the public health, safety or welfare imperatively require emergency action in this case, pursuant to Md. State Gov’t Code Ann. � 10-226 (c) (2) (i) (2009 Repl. Vol.)."

    [The decision was subsequently upheld on appeal and his license was also suspended in Washington, Virginia and California.]


    The AAP's response:…

    And Paediatrics:…

    "The evidence reviewed here indicates there is no association between thimerosal-containing vaccines and NDDs, including autism."
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    Posted by James Gavin on January 5, 2012 at 10:42 AM
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    I found these quotes interesting from what Health Freedom quoted from one Dr. Yazbak. Interesting, and misinformed.

    "When one hears the same story twice or three times, it is permissible to attribute it to a coincidence; when one hears it 50 or a 100 times, it is less likely to be a coincidence; and when hundreds and thousands of reliable people report the same events time after time, one cannot say they are all wrong and the whole thing is nothing but a coincidence. "

    This is absolutely not true. How likely something is to be a coincidence depends upon the size of the population that the event is occurring in. In this case, we are talking about millions of children being immunized annually. Since symptoms of autism, including regressive autism, are usually recognized during a certain time frame, it is in fact expected that you would see "hundreds and thousands" (which is it, by the way) of events in which autism is recognized at some point after administration of a vaccine, including the MMR.

    In addition, one can say they are mistaken when numerous studies look at whether or not children immunized with the MMR are more likely to develop autism. They are not.

    Then he asks:

    "In any case… a huge question remains:


    Well, because that is not the timeframe in which symptoms of autism, particularly regressive autism, usually develop or are recognized. Just like it is not the timeframe in which Parkinson's develops, or how adulthood is not the age at which Tay-Sachs develops.
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    Posted by Nate Boonstra on January 5, 2012 at 11:26 AM
  40. Comment:
    One name stood out from the usual suspects in the long list of vaccine quotes that were presented instead of evidence:

    John O'Leary, PhD (described as a "world class researcher and molecular biologist from Ireland").

    He is perhaps better known from the Autism Omnibus Trials because John headed up the team at Wakefield's laboratory in Ireland (Unigenetics).…

    There's a lot of information there, but in reference to O'Leary's expertise, Stephen Bustin (who actually is one of the world's leading authorities on PCR techniques - details of his experience begin on pg. 1933) said as follows:

    "Now, Professor O’Leary’s own controls tell us that this should have been shifted upwards because this is much poorer quality RNA. The evidence from his own data is completely clear. There’s no such shift. This must mean that whatever this is is a contaminant that has been introduced after the sample has been formalin-fixed.

    So by definition this cannot be part of the original biopsy because if it had been it will have shifted upwards."


    "...if you have a reference gene in that sample that is a cellular reference gene you should detect it if the RNA is of good quality.

    If you don’t detect it there’s something wrong with the RNA. As Professor O’Leary’s SOP states, if we can’t detect the GAPDH we shouldn’t use the sample for analysis, which makes perfect sense.

    Now, it happens that Professor O’Leary did use those samples for his analysis, and that’s why I was able to then hopefully identify what the contaminant is."


    "So all of this evidence suggests very, very strongly that what they are detecting is DNA and not RNA. Because measles virus doesn’t exist as a DNA molecule in nature, they cannot be detecting measles virus RNA. They are detecting a contaminant. All of the additional evidence, from the nonreproducibility by Professor Cotter of the same samples that Unigenetics analyzed to the analysis of the data where there are discordant positives, where the negatives came up positive, suggests very, very strongly to me that there is a lot of contamination in the laboratory, which is not unusual, but they have not handled it very well in how they have troubleshoot their problems.

    So I have very little doubt that what they are detecting is a DNA contaminant and not measles virus, and I do not believe there is any measles virus in any of the cases they have looked at."

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    Posted by James Gavin on January 5, 2012 at 1:16 PM
  41. Comment:
    Flu Vaccine Insert Admits it Causes Deadly Nerve Disease, Paralysis, and Death

    "Experts have asserted that the H1N1 vaccine, now having been added to the regular seasonal flu shot, can lead to a killer nerve disease known as Guillain-Barre Syndrome and even death. The link has been confirmed by studies, anecdotal evidence, and even the vaccine insert itself. The insert, detailing information about the Influenza A (H1N1) Monovalent Vaccine, details risks far beyond Guillain-Barre Syndrome. For all of the details you can read the insert yourself in PDF form.

    Here are some of the conditions associated with the H1N1 vaccine, according to the insert:

    Facial edema.
    Immune system disorders
    Hypersensitivity reactions (including throat and/or mouth edema)
    In rare cases, hypersensitivity reactions have lead to anaphylactic shock and death
    Cardiovascular disorders
    Vasculitis (in rare cases with transient renal involvement)
    Syncope shortly after vaccination
    Digestive disorders
    Abdominal pain
    Blood and lymphatic disorders
    Local lymphadenopathy
    Transient thrombocytopenia
    Metabolic and nutritional disorders
    Loss of appetite
    Nervous system disorders
    Febrile convulsions
    Guillain-Barr� Syndrome
    Myelitis (including encephalomyelitis and transverse myelitis)
    Neuropathy (including neuritis)
    Paralysis (including Bell’s Palsy)
    Respiratory disorders
    Chest pain
    Stevens-Johnson syndrome
    Rash (including non-specific, maculopapular, and vesiculobulbous)

    All of these conditions are associated with a vaccine that has been found to be 1% effective.


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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 1:37 PM
  42. Comment:
    Exposed: CDC deliberately manipulated, covered up scientific data showing link between vaccines containing mercury and autism

    "Deniers of the link between mercury-laden vaccines and autism are going to have a hard time denying the latest findings by the Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMeD). The nonprofit group has obtained critical documents via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that exposes the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) role in deliberately lying about and manipulating a key Danish study that showed a clear link between vaccines containing mercury and autism.

    In 2003, the journal Pediatrics published a study conducted in Denmark that observed a significant decline in autism rates following the country's elimination of Thimerosal, a mercury-based component, from vaccines. But thanks to the CDC's corrupting influence, the published version of the study in Pediatrics actually claimed the opposite, and alleged that removal of Thimerosal brought about an increase in autism rates.

    According to the documents, CDC officials removed large amounts of data from the study that showed a decline in autism rates following the removal of Thimerosal. The agency then twisted the remaining data to imply an increase in autism rates following the removal of Thimerosal, and suggested that there was no link between Thimerosal and autism.

    Upon submission of the CDC's tainted version of the study to Pediatrics, the study's authors contacted CDC officials to let them know that the agency had incorrectly interpreted the data. They tried to tell the CDC that its figures and conclusions were wrong, and that corrections needed to be made.

    The CDC allegedly responded by saying that it would take a look at the incorrect data, but proceeded to submit the corrupted version of the study to Pediatrics anyway. After encouraging the editors of Pediatrics to perform an expedited review of the corrupted study, the CDC ended up convincing the journal to publish the fraudulent study, which it did in 2003.

    Now that this critical information has been officially released for the world to see, CoMeD is pressing the CDC to conduct a full criminal investigation into the matter, and make a formal declaration about whether or not scientific fraud was involved. CoMeD is also calling for a full, immediate retraction of the corrupted study from Pediatrics.

    "This should not be tolerated by those who are entrusted with our children's health and well-being," says Lisa Sykes, President of CoMeD.

    To learn more, visit:

    Sources for this article include:

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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 1:43 PM
  43. Comment:
    Government Secretly Settled 83 Vaccine-Autism Cases in the Last 20 Years

    "The Federal Government has always denied the link between autism and mercury-laced vaccines. Yet, it has secretly paid off over 83 families with autistic children in Federal Vaccine Courts, therefore admitting the correlation between autism and mercury-laced vaccines. Here’s a study on this issue.

    For over 20 years, the federal government has publicly denied a vaccine-autism link, while at the same time its Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has been awarding damages for vaccine injury to children with brain damage, seizures and autism. A new investigation, based on verifiable government data, breaks ground in the controversial vaccine-autism debate. The investigation found that a substantial number of children compensated for vaccine injury also have autism and that such cases have existed since 1989, the year after the VICP was formed.

    SafeMinds’ Executive Director, Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN comments, “This study dramatically shifts the debate on autism and vaccines. The question is no longer, Can vaccines cause autism? The answer is clear. Now, we have to ask, How many cases of autism have vaccines caused and how do we prevent new injuries from occurring?” The government has asserted that it “does not track” autism among the vaccine-injured. SafeMinds responds that not looking is the easiest way not to find something. SafeMinds is calling for immediate federal research into the mechanisms of injury in these children in an effort to protect other children from harm and Congressional action to reform the VICP.

    The peer-reviewed study looked at cases of vaccine injury that have been monetarily compensated by the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. It was published today in the Pace Environmental Law Review. The study investigated approximately 1300 cases of childhood brain injury as a result of vaccines in which the Special Masters ruled for the plaintiffs, looking for references to autism, symptoms of autism or disorders commonly associated with autism. It reports that twenty-one cases actually stated “autism or autism-like symptoms” in the court records. The researchers then identified and contacted 150 more compensated families to find out whether the children had autism. They were able to find an additional 62 cases (greater than 40% of their sample) for a total of 83 cases of autism. In 39 cases (47%) there was confirmation of autism beyond parental report.

    The federal government has called autism a “national health emergency,” conservatively affecting 1 in 110 children and costing the country billions of dollars each year. If a portion of autism cases are vaccine-induced and there is evidence that officials have been “looking the other way,” this cannot be tolerated. The VICP’s recent attempt to dismiss the over 5000 cases in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings is suspect in light of these new findings based on its own records."


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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 1:47 PM
  44. Comment:
    Vaccines are Dangerous - The Government Says So!

    "According to the first comprehensive safety review in 17 years (required by law) the side effects that doctors long have known about, such as fever-caused seizures and occasional brain inflammation are risks parents take every time they take their kids in for shots.

    “All health care interventions, however, carry the possibility of risk and vaccines are no exception,” said pediatrician and bioethicist Dr. Ellen Wright Clayton of Vanderbilt University, who chaired the institute panel.

    The Institute of Medicine found convincing evidence of 14 side effects:

    – Fever-triggered seizures, which seldom cause long-term consequences, from the measles-mumps-rubella, or MMR, vaccine.

    – MMR also can cause a rare form of brain inflammation in some people with immune problems.

    – The varicella vaccine against chickenpox sometimes triggers that viral infection, resulting in widespread chickenpox or a painful relative called shingles. It can also occasionally lead to pneumonia, hepatitis or meningitis.

    – Six vaccines—MMR and the chickenpox, hepatitis B, meningococcal and tetanus-containing vaccines—can cause severe allergic reactions known as anaphylaxis.

    – Vaccines in general sometimes trigger fainting or a type of shoulder inflammation.

    There’s suggestive evidence but not proof of a few other side effects, including anaphylaxis from the human papillomavirus, or HPV, vaccine and short-term joint pain in some women and children from the MMR vaccine.

    The AP report and the government’s review mentioned a hundred other possible side effects that they just couldn’t find enough evidence to decide about.

    On Monday I will publish a very important essay on infectious control. The age of antibiotics is about to end; we have come close to compromising our biological existence with the reckless overuse of these pharmaceuticals. Now we have antibiotic-resistant strains of pathogens encroaching on our biospheres and it is getting increasingly dangerous to set foot anywhere near a hospital.

    Many people, including children, who die in the hospital after surgery die not from the surgery itself but from infections that get out of control. Infections cause 68 percent of child deaths even after our mighty white-coated pediatricians have vaccinated over 90 percent of them.

    Please read the AP essay from which the information for this essay comes. You will find it an exercise in being able to see the power of a writer to skew information in any direction desired. Through the adding and deleting of a few commentarial words one can shift the perceptions of the readers greatly.

    Vaccines were the earliest exercise in one-world government and they succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. The pharmaceutical terror masters who sit in their plush boardrooms are monsters targeting children everywhere. Vaccines, like antibiotics, have dragged children’s health into the gutter—into chronic diseases and a life of dependency on doctors who have no idea of how they’ve been hoodwinked by really bad people..."

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  45. Comment:
    BMJ admits that fraud claim against Dr. Andrew Wakefield has no basis in fact

    "Big Pharma, the FDA, AMA and other medical associations falsely accuse conscientious healers of crimes that they themselves routinely commit or cover up. Unfortunately, they get away with it since they are the "authority", and the mainstream media (MSM) usually favors authority's version of events. Dr. Andrew Wakefield was a victim of the BMJ's (British Medical Journal) injustice, which also helped hide vaccine injury science from public awareness.

    What Wakefield Actually Did

    Dr. Wakefield was organizing clinical research on Crohn's disease, colitis and gastrointestinal disorders in young children. The research intended to determine if there was a link between those disorders and measles at the Royal Free Hospital in England. Dr. Wakefield published the results of this clinical study in the U.K. medical journal Lancet in 1998.

    Children were brought to him because of his interest, but contrary to all accusations, he never treated them. He described himself as "the thinker" when Health Ranger Mike Adams recently interviewed him. In this particular study, he was the thinker for the team of doctors directly involved with the treatment.

    Another accusation, that Dr. Wakefield asserted a definite link of MMR vaccines to autism was never published. He never made that claim. Some of his team colleagues put forth their interpretation that MMRs were linked to autism, but that was not part of Wakefield's Lancet paper. Dr. Wakefield was looking into the possible link of those commonly experienced gut disorders in children under five years old as a precursor to their autism related behavior.

    That link to MMRs was actually made by the parents of those 12 participating children. They were doing fine until they received MMR vaccinations, and the parents reported this to Dr. Wakefield's team. Dr. Wakefield included the parents' reports in the case study findings. Including parents' observations in case study reports is highly appropriate.

    Dr. Wakefield's only conclusion was the measles/gut disorder connection to autistic behavior possibilities merited further study.

    Other Discoveries that Corroborate Wakefield's Findings

    According to a Mike Adams article, fourteen months before Dr. Wakefield's paper was published, two other researchers discovered the same problems of gut disorders and autistic behavior in seven children. Their 1996 presentation was called "Entero-colitis and Disintegrative Disorder Following MMR - A Review of the First Seven Cases." Those seven cases became part of the final twelve cases in Dr. Wakefield's 1998 Lancet paper. This and other facts disprove accusations that Wakefield fabricated the twelve reports.

    A more recent Wake Forest University study determined that 70 of 82 autistic children they studied had measles virus in their guts. Interestingly, the measles virus strain they discovered was not a wild virus -- it was the same strain used in MMR vaccines.

    A Russian born U.K. pediatrician, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, has not only established the connection of gastrointestinal tract disorders among the very young to autistic and other behavioral problems, she cures them with proper diet and supplementation. She learned how the hard way, by curing her own autistic son.

    Dr. McBride coined the acronym GAPS for her book Gut and Psychology Syndrome. She describes the dietary solutions to her explanations of how the gut and the brain are connected. This relationship has been known by traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

    In a recent U.S. lecture, she mentioned that her colleagues were afraid to mention Dr. Wakefield due of the witch-hunt conspired against him earlier. But she acknowledges his research efforts as accurate contributions to her practice.

    The U.K. government refuses to compensate cases of encephalitis (brain disease) due to vaccine injury. Here we may have one motive for a conspiracy against Dr. Wakefield.

    There Really Was a Conspiracy

    There are other motives from the usual suspects. The allegedly corrupt Murdoch empire's Sunday Times is run by Rupert Murdoch's son James. The Murdoch family is heavily invested in GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a vaccine manufacturer. James Murdoch is even on GSKs board of directors.

    James hired a freelance hack journalist, Brian Deer, to fabricate the Wakefield fabrication. It created a firestorm in London that ignited another vaccine promoter, Dr. Fiona Godlee, who happens to be the editor in chief for the British Journal of Medicine (BMJ). She propagated Deer's lies officially.

    This pincer move encircled the U.K. Government's medical establishment and forced a five member GMC (General Medical Council) hearing on Dr. Wakefield. Perhaps the hearing intended to defend the U.K.'s stance on not awarding vaccine injury victim?

    The Sly Admission: Too Late; Damage Done

    Private admission of wrong doing by the BMJ to newsletter Age of Autism, spoken evasively out of both sides of Dr. Fiona Godlee's mouth, is insufficient for the public damage done to Dr. Wakefield's integrity. But it has served to inspire a stronger alliance among medical professionals and aware parents of vaccine injured children on both sides of the Atlantic.(7)"

    Sources for this article include:


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    Posted by Health Freedom on January 5, 2012 at 2:05 PM
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    Vaccines Reduce Natural Immunity

    "An old medical acquaintance of mine Dr. Harold E. Buttram wrote many years ago about a little-noted letter-to-the editor in the New England Journal of Medicine, in 1984, about an interesting German study. In the study, a significant though temporary drop of T-helper lymphocytes was found in 11 healthy adults following routine tetanus booster vaccinations. “Special concern rests in the fact that, in 4 of the subjects, the T-helper lymphocytes fell to levels seen in active AIDS patients. The implications of this study are enormous. In regards to this German study, if this was the result of a single vaccine in healthy adults, it is sobering to think of the possible consequences of multiple vaccines (18 vaccines within the first six months of life at latest count) given to infants with their immature and vulnerable immune systems,” wrote Buttram.

    The New England Journal of Medicine study showed that tetanus vaccines cause T-cell ratios to drop below normal, with the greatest decrease after two weeks. Though the altered ratios were found to be similar to those found in AIDS victims the important information from this study has never seen the light of day. “I consider it one of the most flagrant examples of negligence in the area of safety testing in childhood vaccines, the fact that this study has never been repeated,” wrote Buttram.

    Literally billions of people around the world have been given tetanus toxoid processed with formaldehyde (as anthrax vaccine is). This might seem incredible when one looks at the fact that during World War Two the American Army reported only six cases of tetanus of which two of the cases were vaccinated. Vaccines in general are medicines against boogie men viruses and it was a dark day when institutionalized medicine fell down this black whole.

    Dr. Buttram has been gracious enough to agree to write a forward to my upcoming book Humane Pediatrics. Through the years I have written about pediatrics starting with my books on the dangers and terrors of vaccines and pediatric medicine. It is simply terrible how pediatricians think and how hurtful they act. For instance:

    If T helper and other similar types of immune cells have their activity reduced by vaccines then we have a stupendous medical disaster on our hands. And that is exactly what we have. One of the main functions of the T helper cell is to augment or potentiate immune responses by the secretion of specialized factors that activate other white blood cells to fight off infection. Then we have specialized T cells that are important in directly killing certain tumor cells, viral-infected cells and sometimes parasites. Some of these T cells are called natural killer cells and they directly attack and kill cancers such as melanomas, lymphomas and viral-infected cells, most notably herpes and cytomegalovirus-infected cells.

    How can medical officials and doctors turn a blind eye to such things and not schedule studies to increase our knowledge of this important area of medicine? Well you know it is impossible for the medical establishment to come up with any study or information that would directly threaten the entire childhood and adult vaccination program. It would be suicidal, so necessary and honest research is deliberately not done. Thus honest medicine was and still is being completely thrown out the window. It’s the same people who justify using neurotic mercury in vaccines as a preservative that are at the heart of this terror. They would rather attack kids and adults’ causing increased incidences of cancer with all the suffering and death implied then be honest and look at the truth.

    We certainly think it strange when we read of Americans and now Chinese breaking into schools to stab and shoot at little children but we don’t think so when we read about what is happening to our children at the hands of modern pediatrics.

    Many years ago I wrote a chapter called The Rape of Vulnerability. It was an adaptation of an even earlier and most important work of mine from HeartHealth called the Vulnerability of Being. The essence wisdom expressed in that chapter tells us to treasure vulnerability and to do so is the mark of and first law of a pure heart. The following is from The Rape of Vulnerability:

    On the day of our birth doctors and nurses, with the willing acceptance and surrender of our parents, plunge cold steel into our flesh and inject a foreign fluid laced with poison and other modified genetic materials that assaults our immune and other critical systems of our bodies. By the time a baby is born their ultra sensitivity keeps them alert to the total environment surrounding their birth. They can feel, and their beings remember in terms of conditioned fear and trust all the attitudes that surround them. It does make a difference to them how they are treated, how they are welcomed into this world. It matters when the doctor becomes impatient and cuts open the mother’s belly, thinking more about money and time than the natural rhythm of mother and infant.

    It matters on a being level when cold steel penetrates our tender young body injecting something alien that we are totally defenseless to. It matters the arrogance of the minds of others who violate us in the name of false assumptions, judgments and rationalizations about what is and what is not best for our young lives and what they think is best for society.

    There are many things doctors and nurses have traditionally done to rip us away from the pure vulnerability of the moment of our birth, they have hung us upside down and spanked us, taken us away from our mothers before we could bind with them, and shined bright lights in our faces. Making it cold and clinical in operating rooms as opposed to warm and natural in settings that facilitate feelings of safety and security.

    But what waits is a quantum level more disturbing to our vulnerability. At the moment of our birth we are confronted with something that holds a threat to our life, with a potential for an early death (for some) for we are injected with nerve toxins that can quickly accumulate and lead to severe neurological damage.

    Certainly it is a stress and a hurt that makes us scream to the high heavens but the doctors and nurses smile it off as being normal. Their base line of normality is thrust on our vulnerabilities and often sets the stage for much disruption of health in our very young lives. Babies and young children are totally at the mercy of their environment, they are totally vulnerable."


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    Health Freedom:

    Decisions on the use of vaccines depend on an assessment of both risk and benefits:……
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    Posted by James Gavin on January 5, 2012 at 3:26 PM
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    Health Freedom:

    "Some people worry that vaccines weaken or overwhelm the immune system, particularly when given to babies or when multiple vaccines are given at the same time. Vaccines do not weaken the immune system. They strengthen it by inducing protection against specific diseases and viruses.

    Children are exposed to many foreign antigens (a substance that causes the production of antibodies in the body) on a daily basis through activities such as routine eating, drinking and playing.

    Children’s immune systems are very robust and are designed to respond to multiple challenges. Vaccines only contain a small number of antigens in comparison to what children encounter every day in their environment and do not overwhelm or ‘use up’ the immune system."

    May I refer you once again to Mark Crislip's article addressing the vaccine schedule vs. the infection schedule?…

    tl:dr version - vaccines don't overload or weaken the immune system, but some vaccine-preventable diseases do.
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    An attempt has already been made to claim that Wakefield has somehow been vindicated: this is not true.

    (it will be interesting to see what comes of his current legal action against the BMJ, Brian Deer and Fiona Godlee).…

    From the BMJ's statement:

    "Following the findings of the British General Medical Council's Fitness to Practice Panel and Mr Wakefield's history of pursuing unfounded litigation, any action brought against the BMJ and Mr Deer in London would have been immediately vulnerable to being struck out as an abuse of process."

    The statement continued: "Despite the findings of the GMC's Fitness to Practice Panel and his co-authors having publicly retracted the causation interpretation put forward by the Lancet Paper, it would appear from the Claim filed at court that Mr Wakefield still stands by the accuracy of the Lancet paper and his conclusion therein, thereby compounding his previously found misconduct.

    "While we await formal service, unsurprisingly the BMJ and Mr Deer stand by the material published in the BMJ and their other statements and confirm that they have instructed lawyers to defend the claim vigorously."…


    Some of the claims that Wakefield still needs to address are:

    •Prior to publishing the “study”, Wakefield had been engaged by lawyers involved in a lawsuit to find exactly the bowel-brain problem that he “discovered” in his paper, netting him �435 643 (over $600,000 US dollars) plus expenses. The study was commissioned and funded for planned litigation

    •The children were handpicked for the “study”. According to an internal newsletter the lawyers representing the families sent out they were looking for children with developmental disorders from the pool of parents, and contacts, involved with the lawsuit. This coupled with the omission of the three children as explained above helped sharpen the much sought after temporal association between the MMR vaccine and the developmental disorder.

    •Misrepresented the timing of the onset of developmental issues in order to create the appearance of temporal association with the MMR vaccine. For example, one child’s medical records show the symptoms started at least 1 month before receiving the MMR vaccine, and two others had developmental delays, and also facial dysmorphisms, noted before MMR vaccination.

    •Only 1 of 9 children described as having “regressive autism” clearly had it and 3 of the 9 didn’t.

    •Despite the paper claiming that all 12 children were “previously normal,” five had documented pre-existing developmental concerns

    •The parents of 11 children blamed the vaccines for their childrens’ developmental delays, yet only 8 were reported to blame the vaccines in the paper. Why? The three that were left out reported problems months after the vaccine and including them with the other 8 would have considerably affected the temporal association that Wakefield was after. With them the time from vaccine receipt and onset of alleged symptoms was 4 months. Without them it was a maximum of 14 days with a mean of about 6. He picked the 8 that gave him the lowest number of days.

    •8 months prior to publishing his paper in The Lancet he filed his patent for a measles only vaccine

    •Constipation was the most consistent feature among the 12 childrens’ symptoms and signs but, being the opposite of an expected finding in inflammatory bowel disease,it was not mentioned anywhere in the paper.

    •In nine cases, unremarkable colonic histopathology results—noting no or minimal fluctuations in inflammatory cell populations—were changed after a medical school “research review” to “non-specific colitis”

    •Refused to join 10 of his co-authors in retracting their paper in 2004
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    Health Freedom:…

    "This assessment of compensated cases showing an association between vaccines and autism is not, and does not purport to be, science. In no way does it explain scientific causation or even necessarily undermine the reasoning of the decisions in the Omnibus Autism Proceeding based on the scientific theories and medical evidence before the VICP. Nor does this article have anything to say about state childhood immunization mandates in general."

    This study conflates "autism" and "autistic-like features" in order to falsely elevate the prevalence of autism in the VICP compensated from 1.6% (39/2500) to 3.3% (83/2500)

    The problems with this legal (rather than scientific paper) are further discussed here:…
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    Posted by James Gavin on January 5, 2012 at 4:12 PM

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