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Here are some of the most common questions I am asked at my vaccination seminars and my answers to them.

Question: You say childhood fevers are beneficial. Can't fevers be dangerous and cause convulsions?

Answer: Let me answer that question by quoting the words of Dr Robert Mendelsohn, a Professor of Paediatrics and a man who treated tens of thousands of children in his lifetime. From his book 'How To Raise A Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor' he writes "If your child contracts an infection, the fever that accompanies it is a blessing not a curse…..A rising body temperature simply indicates that the process of healing is sped up. It is something to rejoice over not to fear." Regarding convulsions, Dr Mendelsohn writes "High fevers do not cause convulsions. They result when the temperature rises at an extremely rapid rate……only 4% of children with high fever experience fever-related convulsions. There is no evidence that those who do have them suffer any serious after effects as a result. One study of 1,706 children who had suffered febrile convulsions failed to disclose a single death or motor defect."

According to Australian Hygienist Dr Alec Burton, fever is not potentially dangerous unless it is suppressed with antipyretics (fever reducing drugs) or the patient is forced to do physical or mental work. As a footnote to all this, there was an article in The British Medical Journal a few years back on the treatment of fevers in hospitalised children. The article stated that the primary reason why children were given fever-reducing drugs was "to calm down anxious parents".

Question: Medical Authorities claim that the benefits of vaccination far out way its risks. What do you think?

Answer: What benefits? How can vaccination convey any benefits when it doesn't work? The injection of biological poisons (vaccines) into the human bloodstream does nothing to strengthen the body but everything to weaken it. In my opinion, vaccination has never been of benefit to so much as one single human being, on the contrary, in its two hundred year history, vaccinations have contibuted towards the deaths of millions because of its poisonous and destructive effects. The risks of vaccination can never be justified because vaccines should never be employed in the first place.

Question: What's your opinion of Homoeoprophylaxis (often referred to as Homoeopathic Vaccination)?

Answer: I reject Homoeoprophylaxis for the same reasons that I reject medical vaccination. Neither of these methods do anything to remove the true causes of childhood infection, nor do they promote or restore the physiological health of the body, which I believe, is the only means of preventing childhood infection and other diseases.

Question: What can be done to help a child who has been vaccine damaged?

Answer: The human body is self-cleansing, self-repairing and self-healing. At all times, the body strives to repair cellular and tissue damage and remove harmful foreign material including residual vaccine poisons. As long as the vaccine damage is reversible and not beyond repair, and as long as the body has sufficient vitality, then the body can heal itself. Therefore, parents with a vaccine damaged child, should do everything they can to support and enhance the child's vitality.

This involves improving the quality of the child's diet with emphasis on fresh organic fruits and salads, ensuring the child gets plenty of fresh air and sunshine, giving the child pure unfluoridated water, ensuring that the child gets adequate rest and sleep, and above all else, being as loving and caring towards the child as they can be. It is also advisable for parents to have their children checked out by a reputable Chiropractic/Osteopathic physician who can help detect and correct any spinal or muscular imbalances which can interfere with the free flow of nerve force and the repair of bodily tissues.

These are the measures which most strengthen and fortify the vitality of the child, thus giving it the best chance of recovery from vaccine damage or any other illness. The body has tremendous powers of regeneration and restoration but it is wholly dependent upon adequate vitality and whether or not the damage is reversible.

Question: The reality is that many parents are not yet ready to take on the demands and disciplines of Natural Health, particularly in regard to the treatment of a sick child. Do you think that herbal medicines and homoeopathic remedies are a good alternative for such parents?

Answer: As any Herbalist or Homoeopath will tell you, herbal medicines and homoeopathic remedies will do nothing to cure a sick child if the child continues to poison itself by eating a diet of junk and chemically processed food, if the child continues to drink chemically laden tap water, if the child continues to spend all of its time indoors sitting in front of a TV or computer screen, or if the child continues to be exposed to the emotional traumas of stressed-out parents. Regardless of the modality parents adopt in the treatment of a sick child, be it herbal, homoeopathic or whatever, it must be accompanied by those measures outlined above, for these are the measures which most serve to raise and strengthen the vitality of the sick child, thus optimising its chances for complete recovery and restoration of physiological health.

Question: You say that germs are not the cause of disease. How do you explain then the epidemics that wiped out native populations when exposed to the coming of European white settlers?

Answer: When a nation of people are enslaved and terrorised, when their basic freedoms are removed, when their natural food sources are depleted and replaced with white man's foods, when their cultural possessions are destroyed, and when they are forced to abandon their spiritual beliefs, then the people of that nation will gradually perish. These were the sorts of things that happened to those native populations who were wiped out by smallpox, plagues and other epidemics. It was not the white man's germs that killed them, but the white man's cruelty, greed and religious intolerances.

Question: Do you believe that vaccines are the cause of asthma, autism, leukaemia, cot death or any other diseases?

Answer: I have no doubt that vaccines are a contributing factor towards these diseases and others, but I do not see them as the sole cause, for asthma, autism, leukaemia, cot death and other diseases can also occur in unvaccinated children.

I believe that the causes of disease are not singular but multiple, and include not only vaccines, but also other poisons that enter the child's body including pesticide residues, chemical poisons from food and tap water, atmospheric and industrial pollutants, medical drugs and antibiotics. Other factors which can contribute to childhood illness, include poor parental health, prenatal and perinatal trauma, traumatic childbirth, impoverished or polluted breastmilk, infant formulae, faulty diet, lack of fresh air and sunshine, insufficient rest and sleep, physical and emotional abuse, and over-exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

In the study of disease, the most important requirement is to correctly identify its true causes, for only then does the means of both prevention and cure become known.

Question: For what conditions do you believe medical treatment is justified?

Answer: According to Natural Hygienist, Dr Robert Sniadach, the following conditions warrant medical or surgical attention;

  • Splinting/casting of severe bone fractures.

  • Cardio-pulmonary emergencies.

  • Organ failure emergencies: liver, kidney, etc.

  • Severe shock; hypovolemic, anaphylactic, etc.

  • Extended anoxia due to severe acute asthma, grand mal seizure, pneumothorax, etc.

  • Severe dehydration due to vomiting, diarrhoea, etc.

  • Reconstructive surgery - cleft palate, defects or patent ductus arteriosis of the heart, other congenital defects, injuries, etc.

  • Elective surgery - cataracts, unstable chronic hernias, late stage prostatic hypertrophy, unresolved abscesses.
  • Obstetrics - life or death emergencies.

  • Traumas/bites/wounds causing life or death emergencies.

    With regard to the acute and chronic diseases like colds and flu, asthma, skin eruptions, inflammatory conditions like bronchitis, sinusitis, arthritis, etc, chronic fatigue, rheumatism and other common diseases, the use of medical drugs, although offering short term relief, will ultimately worsen health. This is because drugs both deplete vitality and suppress the body's own healing efforts, and also, because of the toxic effects of the drugs themselves. As one medical writer comments;

    "Under the drug treatments of modern medicine, sufferer's from chronic disease will deteriorate to a state of morbidity (a state of medicated survival)."


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