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Vaccination Debate - Guidelines and Parameters

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Vaccination Debate - Guidelines and Parameters

1) Two Panels - each panel comprised of three people of their choice. The choice of panelists for each side needs to be public information for promotion of this event.

2) Each panel will submit 5 questions for the debate by July 15. As soon as the questions are received, all ten questions will be compiled and forwarded for each panel to review and prepare to answer at the debate.

3) The Pro-Vaccination Panel will have the opportunity to choose a moderator of their choice. If the Pro-Vaccination Panel does not have a preference, the mayor of Sandpoint, Paul Graves, will be asked to perform the function of moderator for the debate.

4) Each panel will be given 3 minutes to answer each question. The moderator will have a stop watch so all panelists should prepare their answers ahead of time. It is okay to read responses and cite sources of information.

5) Each question will be alternated between the two panels for their responses. For example, the odd numbered questions will be answered first by the Pro-Vaccination Panel and second by the Anti-Mandatory Vaccination Panel. The even numbered questions will be answered first by the Anti-Mandatory Vaccination Panel and second by the Pro-Vaccination Panel. The order of the questions will be "shuffled" by the moderator into another order from the order given to each panel soon after July 15.

6) Inflammatory language, shouting or derogatory comments will not be tolerated. The moderator will be asked to interrupt and cut-off any panelist who gets out-of-hand and have another panelist continue answering the question.

7) After the 10 questions are answered by each panel, the moderator will request that the audience address questions to either panel or both panels. The moderator will be in charge of selecting from the audience people to ask questions. This will last no longer than 30 minutes and will also be timed. Each question from the audience must be answered within three minutes, unless both panels are addressed in which case each panel will have three minutes apiece.

Questions for Community Vaccination Forum - Friday, April 21, 2000

1. Why are Hepatitis B immunizations given to newborns? If the mother tests negative for Hepatitis B, shouldn't this vaccine be postponed to a later date or not given at all?

2. Is it true that newborns receive 1/2 the adult dose of Hepatitis B vaccine even though adults are 15 to 25 times the weight of a newborn?

3. Since so many adults and children have reacted adversely from Hepatitis B vaccine, --remember the class action lawsuit against France's Ministry of Health by 1,200 Hep B vaccine injured adults and children? -- why is this vaccine still being recommended? Are there other ways to treat and prevent Hepatitis B?

4. When did chicken pox become a deadly disease? Isn't it better to acquire chicken pox naturally and have lifetime immunity than to get the varicella vaccine? A friend of mine just got chicken pox as an adult after watching a neighbor's children who had just received their varicella shots. Can you explain how this can happen?

5. Is there any connection between autism and the MMR vaccine? Has there ever been a recorded case of autism among unvaccinated children? This concerns me since the dramatic rise in autism cases parallels the rise in mandatory innoculations.

6. Thimerosal, a mercury derivative used as a preservative in most vaccines, was banned by the FDA in all over-the-counter medications. It was not banned in vaccines and was present in all four strains of the influenza vaccines used this past flu season. This disregard for our safety concerns me. Can you please address this?

7. Why is the health department so concerned with more of us receiving vaccinations since, if they work, the vaccinated would be protected from the unvaccinated? If I choose not to vaccinate my child, our school tells me that my child will not be able to attend school in the event of an epidemic. Why is this their policy if the vaccinated children are indeed protected?

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