Taken from a newspaper from 1908 in Lincoln County, West Virginia:
The following cure for smallpox
and scarlet fever is being used in
Lincoln county, and has cured
every case within a few hours after
the first dose. It is a prescription
of an eminent French doctor, a grad-
uate of the Paris School of Medicine.
The Dr. says: "Here is the recipe
as I have used it. and cured my
children of scarlet fever. here it is
as I have used it to cure the small-
pox; when learned physicians said
patient must die, it cured; Sulphate
of zinc, one grain; Foxglove, (dig-
italis) one grain; half a teaspoonful
of sugar; mix with two tablespoons-
ful of water; when thoroughly
mixed, add four ounces of water.
Take a spoonful every hour.
For a child, smaller doses accord-
ing to age. Either disease will dis-
appear in 12 hours. If counties
would compel their physicians to
use this there would be no need of
pest houses. If You Value Advice
And Experience, Use This for that
terrible disease."