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Guestbook Comments

Entry: 499
Name: Everett
Time: 07/18/2009 12:15 AM
City: Winnipeg
Thank-you for your site and the info within. Caught your guest appearance on Evident Footprints with Mr. Don Nicoloff. Great info.
Entry: 498
Name: Dean
Time: 07/18/2009 01:23 AM
City: Collinsville IL
Nice site. We have an autistic 9 yr old nephew, thanks to vaccinations. His mom is an RN and feels betrayed by the medical system.
Entry: 497
Time: 07/14/2009 09:35 AM
I was handed a blue flyer listing the rare occurances of reactions caused by immunizations 4 years ago. Most clinics and Dr's offices do hand this out, but never tell you that you should research it further to make that life changing decision. You never think that it will happen to you or your child. Of the reactions that are reported, the general public is not alerted as they should be. You think you are being a good parent and protecting your child's health by having them immunized.

However. I know differently now. Unfortunately my daughter suffered residual brain damage and her immune system was compromised. In less than 24 hours, I lost the little girl I once had known. She was changed forever and so many oppurtunities lost to her, because I wasn't made to feel I was risking my childs life. It is quite the contrary, we are made to feel that it is mandatory and we are bad parents if we chose to explore other options. They shout about how good something is, and quitely slide you what little inormation they have that contradicts what there are shouting. Their intent in doing so is clearly not out of concern, but merely to protect themselves. I am so proud of the people who do question the benefits, you are truly saving lives.

And yes it is in litigation and they have admitted liability. But that will not give my daughter back the life she once knew. The NCVIA is in place for a reason, because vaccines damage lives. I only wish the people who financially and politically benefit from the administration of these harmful vaccines would take all the money they are so afraid of losing and invest it in a reform of the system, research, and create vaccines that will not cause harm. I wish there was a screening test in place to determine if a reaction is likely to certain individuals. Then, perhaps some of this debate could be put to rest. There is a bigger picture to see, rather than point fingers. I would like to believe that we care about each other, and if something isn't working, you fix it, simple as that. I'm sure there is evidence supporting both claims. Arguing about it isn't doing something about it.
Entry: 496
Name: Mary
Time: 07/12/2009 01:55 PM
City: Frederick, OK
I am happy to know there are places I can send family and friends to to read and inform themselves about the vaccines. To show them they can opt out if they choose to. A place to show people truth about what can happen when vaccines are used. This grand mother warns everyone who will listen to me. I give out cards and information to help people learn the truth. Keep up the great work. Together we may save a childs life.
Entry: 495
Time: 07/10/2009 03:18 PM

Entry: 494
Name: Bonnie
Time: 07/02/2009 02:54 PM
City: Starks
What a great website with a wealth of information. I just received 100 postcards to hand out. Can't wait for the Tea Party on the 4th to hand them out.
Entry: 493
Name: tamatha
Time: 06/16/2009 08:28 PM
City: greenwich

Entry: 492
Name: Mags
Time: 06/16/2009 04:33 PM
City: Spain
What a wonderful website. Thanks for putting it out there. Keep up the good work in fighting against unnecessary vaccinations. So much damage has been done through these and so many trillions made by the unscrupulous pharmaceutical industry. May they die by their own swords.
Entry: 491
Name: Marsha
Time: 06/16/2009 09:25 AM
City: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Hello Ingri & thank you for your long time dedication to this issue.

I'd like to invite you & everyone reading here, to a very important debate at

There have been quite a few discussions going on & escalating, a few currently & simultaneous.

We could use your input.
You, Ingri, were brought into the matter at one point further back in the thread but we need you up front adding anything you feel important, if you could please find the time.

My position is that, I do believe there's a connection between vaccinations & autism, knowing full well there's a soup of toxins that enter into the equation, too.

I don't think vaccinations are exclusively to blame for death, autism or any other type injury or disease but they do factor in.

I beleve vaccinations are the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back.

As far as the question of vaccinations actually preventing disease or saving lives, I don't really know.

I want to think we are in good hands & they benefit our children but am beginning to doubt they even do any good.

We have reason to believe past studies & reports are biased due to untrustworthy individuals who may have vested interests & conflicts.

Especially with this latest news that relates & connects to our suspicions;

"Medical Journal studies are being written by Eli Lilly & Co. and then asked doctors to put their names on the articles"

What else have we been deceived about & what other studies are ghostwritten by Eli Lilly?

Then there's this;
"SCIENTISTS were allegedly recruited by a pharmaceutical giant to put their names on research done by the drug company to promote the safety of its anti-arthritis drug Vioxx."
Entry: 490
Name: Chris
Time: 06/10/2009 10:39 AM
City: Minneapolis
Keep up the good work!
Entry: 489
Name: Oliver
Time: 06/06/2009 01:57 PM
City: Common Sense
I would just like to say, that there is some incorrect information on your site regarding smallpox. The smallpox vaccine is not, as many of you would believe a watered down version of smallpox, but a NATURALLY weakened version of smallpox, e.g. Cowpox. The smallpox vaccination (forced exposure to cowpox) rendered the smallpox virus naturally extinct, and was a landmark moment in science, when the experiment proved a success after the test subject (a little boy with consent from the mother) did not show signs of smallpox further than the initial symptoms. He gave them their own cottage, rid the world of smallpox, and so paved the way for vaccinations against POLIO, a disease which many of your still able-legged children, could get if not vaccinated, and lose the functionality of their legs. The statistical chance of a child with autism is much less than that of a child with polio losing their legs, and so through using the precationary principle, would you rather your child VERY NEARLY DIES several times through their lives, and maybe suffers a crippling disability for the rest of it, or the 1/500,000 chance of a child with autism, with NO PROVEN links to vaccination-autism anyway.

Mind you, having said this, i do live in the UK, and we get our vaccinations free. You Americans deserve the right to national healthcare, which for some reason, is denounced as "Socialist". The nation has a responsibility to care for its citizens, does doing this make it socialist? You essentially pay the governments salaries, yet the people supporting a minority of elected officials is similar to feudalism, yet no one complains about that? Where do you draw the line? One minute you will be sporting the banning of vaccines, the next, doctors will be restricted to methods used to cure the bubonic plague, that is blessing, pyres and discrimination. There's a reason medical science is a hard profession, the culmination of knowledge that has lead to you not getting sick or dying of sickness, is taught to doctors, who in turn devote their lives to treating YOU. To refute this is just a case of biting the hand that feeds, it's your own choice to refuse avaccination, or medical procedure, but i implore you all to reconsider when it comes to your children. At least protect them in the earliest, most vulnerable years of their lives with vaccines, let them make their own decisions on vaccines when they're older. Do seatbelts kill more than they save? Statistically, no, yet would you let your child sit in your car without a seatbelt? This is the very same argument as the one against vaccines.

[Ed Note: Please see our Vaccination 101]
Entry: 488
Name: Wirawan
Time: 05/15/2009 09:48 PM
City: Newport News, VA
I wonder if you have ever been aware about the requirements on vaccination forced upon prospective immigrants who are adjusting their status to "Legal permanent resident" (greencard holder). Some examples:



and so on and so on (google them, you'll find abound). Now this does not make sense: while US citizens have some rights to NOT be vaccinated, the USCIS, standing on unequal footing with future immigrants, are basically saying: either you receive these poisonous shots or not receive the green cards! If possible, please also put a section on your website about this issue.


[Ed. Note: Our Immigration page is here:]
Entry: 487
Name: Martha
Time: 04/29/2009 08:03 AM
City: Ventnor
How many of you would submit yourself and/or your family, kids, etc... to a vaccine for the "swine flu" if it were to be "mandated" due to this current scenario?

Just curious to hear some opinions. Thank you.
Entry: 486
Name: Andrew
Time: 04/24/2009 07:50 PM
City: up north
Thank you so much for all your hard work,its such a wealth of knowledge for anyone who wants to make an informed decision.
Gratefully, Andrew

Entry: 485
Name: Martha
Time: 04/23/2009 10:30 AM
City: Ventnor
Now, J. Lo is promoting adult whopping cough vaccines because the "babies are catching it from their parents."

Hello out there?! If the shot worked in the first place, there would be no need to have the parents, who have already had the vaccine in childhood (since the 50's)re-vaccinated. They call them "booster shots." Wake up Jennifer!!! Wake up world!!!

Entry: 484
Name: Mary
Time: 04/15/2009 02:50 AM
City: Seattle
Message: My son was damaged in 1982 and we were never compensated for this.(we missed the 1191 deadline.) He is now almost 27 and has severe disabilities. Several other of my family have some form of autism. My nephew was saved after we noticed small seizures after his vaccination because my son had had the same kinds of seizures. My nephew was injected with a powerful hormone that stopped the reaction and is now a healthy and happy 24 year old. The doctors at the time said that they never get the kids that early and when they do see them it is too late and they end up disabled (like my son.)

When I questiioned the nuerologist about the vaccines when my son was little, he said "You lose a few for the good of the herd." I will never forget that statement. When my Aunt had her first child in the late 1940s she kept a very sweet baby book. On the last entry was "little Johnny doing great! smiling and cooing, taking him to the dr for his vaccinaions." Next day Johnny is very ill, next day Johnny is gone.

I try to be calm when I explain what I know about the vaccine culture, but even among educated folks in the Master's program I'm in, they look at me like I am an awful mother when I tell them that my daughter is not vaccinated. Oh well, I can take it.

Thanks for the site and the chance to vent. I've never written this all down before.

Entry: 483
Name: [Anon]
Time: 03/16/2009 08:40 PM
Thank You!!

Entry: 482
Name: Sally
Time: 03/05/2009 12:54 PM
City: Traverse
The Amish do not vaccinate and they have no Autism. My granchild was not vaccinated and she is learning 3 languages before age 2.

[Ed. Note: stories of Amish are here.]

Entry: 481
Name: Anonymous
Time: 03/04/2009 02:40 PM
Thanks so much for the info. If only more parents would question the norm. They would find out the truth about vaccinations.

Entry: 480
Name: Wil
Time: 02/20/2009 11:42 AM
City: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Entry: 479
Name: Stephen
Time: 02/09/2009 09:37 AM
City: Comox B.C.
Great site! I've printed off some of the information, especially the studies showing that vaccinations didn't cure the major "diseases" of past eras. In case we ever lose freedom of internet it's good to have hard copy on hand to pass to people.
Thank you.

Entry: 478
Name: Amy
Time: 02/07/2009 09:11 PM
City: City: Minneapolis, MN
Thank you! I am starting a new website to help promote vaccine awareness and to teach people the truth about vaccines. Maybe someday, with the help of us all, vaccines will cease to exist.

Entry: 477
Name: Sabrina
Time: 02/07/2009 09:34 AM
City: Pagosa Springs, CO
I just wanted to say GO PARENTS!!
I have felt so alone in my quest for the truth. I have been researching for months and never came across this site. What an amazing web site! I was thinking of creating my own site for parents AGAINST vaccines because I thought there were none. I have been saying to my husband over and over "it's the biggest conspiracy of our time" I am so relieved to find some support. Spread the word parents, as hard as it can be. I believe most parents have at some point questioned the safety of vaccines, that means they could be open to seeing the truth.
Our children's lives depend on it!!

Entry: 476
Time: 01/01/2009 03:21 PM
City: Baton Rouge Louisiana

Entry: 475
Name: Victoria
Time: 12/30/2008 02:36 PM
City: Cincinnati
Heard your GCN Nutrimedical report on GCN and decided to check out the website. I'm an activist and happen to work in the medical field and I've been warning people for a long time about these vacinations! The information is great.

Entry: 474
Name: Autumn
Time: 12/02/2008 03:48 PM
City: Jackson
Just thought I would let you all know what's going on here in Ohio! I've been printing up hundreds of fliers, hanging them up on bulletin boards, handing them out to new parents, etc.

I know first hand that these have gotten people to stop vaccinating their kids in my area. :)

I was at an anti-abortion rally and we saw an old friend of my husband's. We asked him if he was aware that aborted fetal tissue is used in the production of some vaccines. He said yes..and went on to say he doesn't vaccinate his daughter anymore. My hubby asked if he had seen the fliers in the grocery store (which was right behind us) and he said that he has, and that's actually what sparked his interest!

I also have a good friend who is going to nursing school that decided not to vaccinate after a couple of talks with me on the subject! I'm also on a very popular forum where there are tons and tons of moms and have gotten quite a few of them to stp vaccinating as well. I honestly don't feel like I've lived my day to the fullest unless I do one thing for the cause. I always give your website out as one of the many places for concerned parents to go.. especially the exemption page! That has been so useful!

Entry: 473
Name: Rivkah
Time: 12/01/2008 03:29 PM
City: Des Moines
Thanks for all the great information. I am going to be here quite a bit learning all I can.

Entry: 472
Name: Chris
Time: 11/11/2008 06:23 PM
Thank you

Entry: 471
Name: Christine
Time: 11/10/2008 04:45 PM
City: San Antonio tx
My children are 18 and 20 now. they both have the basic immunization. they got it in germany and part in the us. i am from germany and i was shocked how you are treated here when it comes to your children and immunization. I refused all these "nonsense" vaccines and was harassed by school officials for month. i educated myself on my rights and found out about the exemption law. I wish every new parent here would have a choice and not be forced . it is very sad and scary that this is happening in a country like (free) america but , hey, somebody is getting rich out of this!!

Entry: 470
Name: Elizabeth
Time: 10/22/2008 06:13 PM
City: Boston
Heart breaks at these parents' helplessness in the world of "Modern" medicine. How can any of us refuse what our doctors advise and keep in their good graces? I will need comfort at the end (getting old) and fear I'll be labeled as uncooperative.

Entry: 469
Name: Tom
Time: 10/17/2008 10:09 PM
City: Bangor, Maine
Very informative, keep up the good work. Thank you.

Entry: 468
Name: Martha
Time: 10/15/2008 11:28 AM
City: Ventnor
Has anyone heard about the connection between HPV and throat cancer via oral S-X? Within the article I just read, they suggest that men start to get the new vaccine against HPV. Is there really a connection or is this just another ploy to get more people to have more vaccines?!

Entry: 467
Name: Jerylyn
Time: 10/14/2008 09:45 PM
City: MESA
I had a flu vaccine last October 2007. I knew something wasn't right, as when I was being injected a painful sensation went across my chest (left to right) up my neck and down my left arm. I was sick the rest of the day. About a week later I returned to my doctor thinking I was getting well. He stated that actually I was getting worse. I then began Physical Therapy, which I was in for 2 times a week for 5 months as my left side (arm, shoulder, neck) were getting weaker. During this time I also went in for massage therapy 2 times. In these sessions, the therapist focused on the left arm, chest and shoulder. Finding that there were many "knots". Sometimes when these "knots" would break I could actually taste the vaccine. I would tell my doctor this. I also explained to him that it felt like there was something stuck inside my shoulder joint. I have had an exray which revealed nothing. A week ago I had an MRI for this shoulderpain. Today I received the results and they are "Degenerative Tissue rotator cuff and should without fullness." What does that mean? I now need to schedule an appointment with an Orthopedic Specialist.
Needless to say I will not be getting a flu shot this year.

Entry: 466
Name: Missy
Time: 10/10/2008 09:28 PM
City: Lafayette
I love this site!!! It has been very helpful to my family and I!!!

Entry: 465
Name: Thomas
Time: 10/05/2008 01:30 AM
City: North Braddock
Thanks for the info

Entry: 464
Name: Bob
Time: 10/01/2008 05:29 PM
City: Berlington
I found your website very insightful and I'm glad you created it

Entry: 463
Name: Anthony
Time: 09/16/2008 10:02 PM
City: White Pine
There is something very wrong, very broken, very evil going on.

Entry: 462
Name: Lowell
Time: 09/15/2008 05:54 PM
City: Sioux Falls, SD
Stop the for profit madness of BIG PHARMA! Stop the decades of lies about vaccinations preventing these diseases! Allow our kids to retain the natural immunity they have and live healthy lives without govt intervention!

Entry: 461
Name: Stuart
Time: 09/05/2008 09:40 AM
City: Northumberland UK
I have two perfectly healthy unvaccinated kids with no problems my whole family believes in natural things the medical teams try to force vaccinations for my kids on me but I will never let them win thankyou for your very informative website long may it continue

Entry: 460
Name: Shelley
Time: 08/27/2008 11:14 AM
City: Portsmouth, NH

Entry: 459
Name: Monica
Time: 08/14/2008 12:03 AM
City: Central Valley, CA
Dear Ingri,
I just heard you on The Power Hour and want to thank you for this website and all you are doing to protect my twins and my sisters boys.

Only two years ago, when my twins were infants, did this information about vaccines hit a chord. I had to do something and stop these vaccines quickly. My twins, while preemies, were given a Hep-B shot. At that time, I was not aware of the dangers. Since then, my twins have had several Hib shots, some other shot and a chicken pox shot. I would not allow my twins to get the MMR as I know this shot causes autisim, right?

God Bless you for all your efforts. You are an angel!

Entry: 458
Name: Terence
Time: 08/04/2008 07:24 AM
City: London Uk
have you read the Abolitionist anti vaccination by Dr Walter Hadwen 1854 to 1932 He is the seminal authority on ALL vaccinations

[Editor's Note: See: VACCINATION ABSURDITIES AND CONTRADICTIONS. and Dr. Hadwen's: Sanitation Vs. Vaccination - The Origin of Smallpox. Both are posted on]

Entry: 457
Name: Martha
Time: 08/04/2008 02:08 PM
City: Ventnor
I had gotten that information from a study that announced that there were no cases of Autism in the Amish Community, which chooses not to vaccinate. From there, I concluded, incorrectly of course, that that there are no cases of Autism in the non-vaccinated community. Very interesting obviously. I wish more studies could be conducted on the matter and of course, I wish that all kids could be totally healthy, the way that god intended. Thank you.

Entry: 456
Name: Martha
Time: 08/04/2008 02:03 PM
City: Ventnor
My bad.... so sorry... did not know that there are cases of Autism in the non-vaccinated community. That might affect my opinions, however, not the opinion to choose not to vaccinate! Thank you for enlightening me. Peace Out.

Entry: 455
Name: Cheryl
Time: 07/29/2008 11:47 PM
City: Palm Bay
I have a 7 yr old boy who has aspergers and he has never been vaccinated. I had Rhogram shots and amalgam fillings though. If I would have vaccinated him he would be......gone.

Entry: 454
Name: John
Time: 07/29/2008 05:15 PM
City: Russell Island
Spare a thought for your Australian friends. We are uninformed puppets under a duplicate medical system. Everybody thinks it works and then they die. I am assembling a free natural health information program at

Entry: 453 (posted late)
Name: Michelle
Time: 07/25/2008 02:24 AM
City: Dallas, TX

Entry: 452
Name: Robert
Time: 07/29/2008 12:49 AM
City: Sandpoint
The Experts Speak On Autism, Mercury, Vaccines And Thimerosal

In 1999, studies began to surface showing that multi-dose vial vaccines, such as the MMR and hepatitis B vaccines, contained enough thimerosal to expose vaccinated children to 62.5 ug of mercury per visit to the pediatrician. This is one hundred times the dose considered safe by the Federal Environmental Protection Guidelines for infants! Worse yet, some infants will receive doses even higher; because thimerosal tends to settle in the vial. If it is not shaken up before being drawn, the first dose will contain low concentrations of mercury and the last dose will contain enormously high concentrations. If your baby is the unlucky one that gets the last dose, serious brain injury can result

Health And Nutrition Secrets
By Russell L Blaylock MD,
page 166

Thousands of families say they can demonstrate with videotapes and photos that their children were normal rior to being vaccinated, reacted badly to the vaccines, and became autistic shortly thereafter. The number of vaccines given before age two has risen from 3 in 1940, when autism occurred in perhaps one case per 10,000 births, to 22 different vaccines given before the age of two in the year 2000.

Building Wellness With DMG
By Roger V Kendall PhD
page 104
Here is the link for the rest of the TRUE story:

Entry: 451
Name: Tamra
Time: 07/28/2008 01:49 PM
City: Cumberland
I am so excited to see this website. I have 3 children whom I never vaccinated, back in the 80's when there wasnt the internet to turn to, you had to go to the library. A registered nurse gave me the tools I needed to make the best decision I ever made...Not to vaccinate. Keep up the good work and spread the news.

Entry: 450
Name: Karen
Time: 07/26/2008 02:57 PM
City: Sacramento

Where are you getting you information on the no Autistic Cases in the Non- Vaccinated community. I know of at least 4 just in my small Mom's of Autistic Children group. Not trying to start a fight just wanted to let you know your info is flawed. I am all for people choosing not to vaccinate or do an alternate schedule

[Editor's note: info on health of unvaccinated children and MMR's contribution to autism can be found here:

Entry: 449
Name: Cameron
Time: 07/14/2008 01:22 PM
City: Millbury

Entry: 448
Name: Yvonne
Time: 07/14/2008 01:42 AM
City: Beirut, Lebanon
I wish I knew about the effects of vaccinations, somehow my kids are doing well. For sure this is only a money making racket and the simple people are affected by the greedy WHO

Entry: 447
Name: Aaron
Time: 07/14/2008 01:21 AM
City: New Zealand
Hi, I have no doubt that there are risks associated with vaccines and I would like to express my sorrow for all parents whose children have been adversely affected. There is however a proven risk in not vaccinating your child, or yourself for that matter. It's a matter of making an informed choice.

I understand that better hygiene makes us healthier, but you lose my confidence in your website when you relate better immunity to cleaning out horse stables. Better environmental hygiene doesn't increase our immunity, it just eliminates a source and therefore spread of a disease. The reality is we live in a dirty and crowded world, where travel is easy and we mix with people from all around the world. The pandemic spread of disease is a greater threat today than ever before, except we have organisations like the WHO for example to stop it. Have a look at the WHO/UNICEF Global Immunization Vision and Strategy (GIVS) for more inforation on a global consensus of disease prevention.

Your definition of immunity (in What is immunity?) is incorrect. Period. You can't just "define" a term anyway you want to strengthen your case. A suitable definition for immunity when debating vaccinations would be "a state of having sufficient biological defenses to avoid infection, disease, or other unwanted biological invasion - Wikipedia". Pseudoscience doesn't help people, and I am sure that you will agree with me that only honesty does.

I do value that you choose not to immunise yourself or your children, that is your personal choice. I hope you live in a small, isolated community with good food and clean water (and plenty of cinnamon oil and clove oil as Eric the farmer mentioned (sounds like a good remedy, might try it)). If you happen to live in an international metropolis, good luck to you. I'm not a doctor, and my only interest in this topic is that I am a parent and I frequently travel internationally to "less than lucky cuntries" aka the 3rd world.

Oh, thank you for putting the various schedules of vaccination up, valuable information.

Kind regards

Entry: 446
Name: Ernie
Time: 07/10/2008 12:01 PM
City: Alberta Canada
I think this site is great and I am impressed with what you are doing. GAVI is the true and global power behind vaccinations and I still shake my head to the fact to date no double blind study has ever been done. It is interesting that even though adverse events may not be high for vaccinations or immunizations the true effects are tough to measure. Toxic materials still have negative effects on the body wheather there are symptoms or not. I have felt within myself for years that these shots are not at important or helpful as claimed. There is so much propaganda behind them that it is nearly impossible to convince your health professional their true effects on the body. Keep fighting the good fight

Entry: 445
Name: Pamela
Time: 07/02/2008 03:49 PM
City: Cleburne
We have our grandson covered under Medicaid and it was extremely hard finding a doctor that didn't insist that we must vaccinate him.Thank the Lord we found that doctor today.

Entry: 444
Name: Autumn
Time: 06/20/2008 11:42 PM
City: Jackson OHIO
I just wanted to update you on what I've been doing! Still handing out the's become a family ritual to do it every weekend. =) Tomorrow I'm going to a health fair picinic type thing at a local hospital, \ and I'm wearing my anti-vaccine shirt that I had made today! Lastly, my myspace has really come along way! I have over 300 friends now, getting new ones every day. People are really looking to me for advice and I'm happy to give it to them. Thanks again for having such a great website to refer to when I don't have the answers to the tough questions I'm asked.

Note: Autumn's MySpace: (

Earlier posting (letter to editor) by Autumn

Entry: 443
Name: C
Time: 06/18/2008 07:19 PM
City: Phoenix
Love the site. Thank you for caring about us fellow Americans. I love you all and it feels good that there are others standing up against the evil medical industry.

Entry: 442
Name: Michael
Time: 06/18/2008 05:18 AM
City: Bamgkok, Thailand
I am proud to say that our new born is vaccine free and will continue to be. Thanks to the dedication of the people of this website im addition to a few others we made the choice for our child.
Thank You,
Michael , Nok and our 8 1/2 Lb son Namo

Entry: 441
Name: Janet
Time: 06/17/2008 11:52 AM
City: Greenville, SC
I was so happy to find your site. I have a 17 year old son who has been diagnosed with autism. He was born in 1991 when the dose of vaccines was increased. I recently attended the Green our Vaccines rally in DC. I just want the word to get out to parents. Vaccines are dangerous, and the more I research the topic, the more I realize that this has been known for a while, yet each day new babies, young children, and the elderly (not to mention the military - who feel they have NO voice) are subjected to toxic vaccines which cause way more damage than the diseases ever would.

Entry: 440
Name: Amy
Time: 06/14/2008 01:20 AM
City: Castaic, Ca
Stumbled across your website. Another excellent anti-vaccination site. So glad when I find others who know the truth! My daughters are five and seven and are vaccine free and healthy and intelligent. No allergies, asthma, autism. Why doesn't anybody do a study on the prevalence of autism in the unvaccinated community? They think we don't exist? Or could it be that they are afraid of what it will prove? I just thank God I found out the truth about vaccines right before I had my children!

Entry: 439
Name: Pablo
Time: 06/13/2008 04:25 PM
City: Southport
Thank you for your call of support today. It was greatly appreciated. It is great to know I'm not alone.

Entry: 438
Name: Annie
Time: 06/08/2008 07:02 PM
City: Ritzville
My daughter was left brain damaged w/ an uncontrollable seizure disorder from the DPT @ age 4 months. Research and inform yourself before vaccinating your child. This really does happen. My daughter took the brunt like so many others for the government only to turn their back on her and so did the medical system years ago. Don't let them fool you with the "politics" of vaccine.

Entry: 437
Name: Anna
Time: 06/03/2008 11:58 PM
City: Tucson
I was raised w/o vaccines and always thought I was the "weird" kid. Now that I have a son, I couldn't stand the idea of injecting him w/ foreign substances from the day of his birth. I decided to finally educate myself on this topic so I have facts to support my beliefs. I am elated to learn that my views aren't so weird after all! Thanks for the info and support.

Entry: 436
Name: Martha
Time: 05/30/2008 01:18 PM
City: Ventnor
Bravo Autumn!!!

Entry: 435
Name: Autumn
Time: 05/30/2008 08:44 AM
City: Jackson Ohio
I have copy and pasted my letter to the editor of our local paper. My first letter to the editor was stating some of the ingredients in vaccines and some other info that I have gotten from your website. Right below my letter was a nurse stating how important it was to get vaccines. That's why I wrote this reply. So many people saw this and have talked to me about it. Along with writing to the editor, I make up tons of fliers on my computer and hand them out or post them up in stores whenever I go out. This 4th of July, my husband and I are going to have a huge flier handout event! I've asked the people on my website ( to participate.

Think before you vaccinate your child

To the Editor:

I am writing again in response to Mary Shook, the Public Health Nurse. You quoted the WHO, stating how many people died from such and such a disease, yet you did not state how manychildren die or are negatively impacted by vaccines.

I believe that you, along with some other health care professionals, use "scare tactics" to get people to vaccinate their children. An example of this would be of you saying that a parent of a non-vaccinated child could be prosecuted for another child getting a disease. How could that happen if it's not a law to be vaccinated?

You also seemed to "brush-off" the fact that there are so many poisonous substances -fillers for the vaccines.

I would much rather have been inflicted with measles, mumps or rubella, than have arthritis so severe as a child that I could barely walk, which was caused by the MMR shot.

My purpose for writing to the paper is really to let parents know that there are other options. They won't be breaking the law if they choose not to vaccinate. I want people to know that there are serious side effects to vaccination. I urge you all to visit and There is so much great information there.


Entry: 434
Name: Walter
Time: 05/20/2008 11:25 PM
City: Honolulu
recently celebrated my birthday thanks to no drugs and especially no dangerous vaccines that are promoted by the american medical association . I am a senior citizen who works 40 hrs/wk and everyone is amazed by my energy and cheerful disposition.

Entry: 433
Name: Robyn Hembry
Time: 04/15/2008 11:10 PM
City: Hamilton New Zealand
Is there anyone out there in New Zealand who could contact Health Freedom New Zealand we are needing support urgently. Health Freedom NZ contact Nicola Grace: or myself.
Thank you Robyn
[Robyn's and Nicola's email is posted in this JPEG image: Type their addresses into your email program: Robyn and Nicola email graphic
[Note: Web address:

Entry: 432
Name: Julia
Time: 04/13/2008 03:27 AM
City: Cali
I love your website. My kids are not immunized. If I ever win the lotto I will donate $ to your organization!

Entry: 431
Name: Autumn
Time: 04/05/2008 01:01 PM
City: Jackson OHIO
Thanks for sending me the link to this website through my e-mail when I purchased the business cards! I'm just starting up a grass routes effort..or trying to.. here in southeast, Ohio. I printed up 100 fliers at the library stateing the ingredients of vaccinations, a great quote from a Dr., and it also states that children don't have to be vaccinated here in Ohio.. philosophical reason.
I'll definatly use some of the info from this page on my next set of fliers!!!!

Entry: 430
Name: Melissa
Time: 04/04/2008 02:59 AM
City: Vernon, BC
I am so relieved that I can go online and find indefinate support for my choice to not vaccinate my daughter. With so many people being for vaccinations only because they don't know any better sometimes makes me question my own sanity sometimes. So thank you for backing me up and giving me back my confidence when other people bog me down.

Entry: 429
Name: Mauri
Time: 03/27/2008 12:27 PM
City: Hernando
I am glad there are more moms like me in the world, who want the best for our kids, but not at their expense.

Entry: 428
Name: Alex
Time: 03/11/2008 03:01 AM
City: Fiumicino
hi everyone,from Italy. It is very good a site like this.
We need to know the truth, WE WANT THE TRUTH!

Entry: 427
Name: Keith
Time: 03/10/2008 02:44 PM
City: Salt Lake City
Look at your great work!
Thank you and keep looking up at the SKY

Entry: 426
Name: Martha
Time: 03/08/2008 03:11 PM
City: Ventnor City
Does anyone happen to know or know where I might look for the answer as to which presidential candidates are in support or non-support of the mandated vaccines? Recently I caught the end of a quote by McCain asserting that he did indeed think there was a link between the shots and the damage occuring in the generations behind us.

[Editor note: RonPaul Issues Health-Freedom |
McCain - autism - "It's got to do with a preservative in vaccines"]

Entry: 425
Name: Roberta
Time: 03/07/2008 08:08 PM
City: Appleton, Wi
Thank you for trying to educate people of the dangers of vaccinations for young and old.

Entry: 424
Name: Martha
Time: 03/06/2008 09:47 AM
City: Ventnor City
Also, if the vaccines worked in the first place then there would be no reason to include later booster shots. Will, please do some better research to back up your comments.

Entry: 423
Name: Martha
Time: 03/06/2008 09:36 AM
City: Ventnor City
Well, Bill, yes better nutrition does make a difference.
In fact, better nutrition has been sighted as one of the top reasons for a decline in the diseases that we vaccinate for. Of course the government would like us to believe that the shots were the reason but that is simply not true. Also, adults do repeat the chicken pox virus- it's called shingles. Often parents will have a Shingles outbreak when caring for a child with chicken pox. You may choose to pollute your own body or that of your offspring.
We choose otherwise.

Entry: 422
Name: Marianne
Time: 03/04/2008 11:03 AM
City: Fairbanks AK
thanks for doing all that work! I heavily appreciate it

Entry: 421
Name: Will
Time: 03/03/2008 02:13PM
So when you get chickenpox as a kid, you usually don't get it as an adult, correct? The scientific reason is because you increase the number of IgG ("memory" antibodies) after your 1st exposure, that recognize the virus and destroy it before it can cause systemic effects the 2nd time around. This same strategy is applicable to vaccines.

Also, do you really think that if everyone in a 3rd world country was on a multivitamin (the argument of better nutrition,) they would have a decline in their diseases?? No of course not.
[Editor's note: Actually, some children get all the "communicable" diseases once, other children get few or none of the childhood diseases, while yet other children get the communicable diseases more than once and then again as adults. Antibodies are an inadequate explanation for any of these cases. The science of epidemiology proves that vaccines do not work. In some countries in Africa, vitamin A capsules costing pennies lower the Under Five Mortality Rates (U5MR) by 25 percent or more. That nutritional improvement requires only 1 capsule each 6 months. More fundamental improvements in nutrition and clean water produce greater health gains and lowering of childhood mortality.]

Entry: 420
Name: Bartholomew
Time: 02/22/2008 11:19 AM
City: Kaduna Nigeria
I love what you are doing kept it up. The greatest gift to humanity is love, and that you are showing by spreading vital info about the dangers of vaccination

Entry: 419
Name: Zarinah
Time: 02/21/2008 07:40 PM
just wanted to guys have truly been very helpful for me and my son. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for the information I received from this website.

Entry: 418
Name: Sandra
Time: 02/20/2008 12:14 PM
City: Boaz Al
Concerned that refusal to give vaccines may bring on CPS investigation

Entry: 417
Name: Mary
Time: 02/19/2008 02:43 PM
City: Hannacroix
Please keep me up to date on all vaccine news. I have 11 healthy children who do not get vaccinated or take antibiotics.
17 years of nothing more than a runny nose.

[Ed. Note: Mary your email address was incomplete.]

Entry: 416
Name: Artafia
Time: 02/18/2008 10:43 PM
City: Philadelphia
I asked my daughters not get the children vaccinated but they believed what is told to them fearing the children will get the disease. I know better and will share this website with them.
thank you

Entry: 415
Name: Lynette
Time: 01/25/2008 12:07 AM
City: Australia
Excellent information, we have a 3 1/2 year old son who has no vaccines + never been to the doctors. I wish more parents could get informed.

Entry: 414
Name: Trinity
Time: 01/18/2008 08:08 AM
City: Lake View
I'll leave this country before I let somebody inject my children with poison. Actions need to be taken ASAP regarding the governments need to control choices we make regarding our health. I'm really sick of people thinking I'm crazy because I choose not to vaccinate my two girls.

Research + Common Sense

Entry: 413
Name: Scott
Time: 01/16/2008 08:15 AM
City: Collingwood, Ontario Canada
Good information. Our children have not been vaccinated. They are the healthiest kids in their class.
They never have need for antibiotics, they have virtually no sick days.

Entry: 412
Name: Terri
Time: 01/06/2008 07:37 PM
City: Fitzgerald, GA
My 19 year old son received a Tdap vaccine on Aug. 14, 2007, as required for college. He developed red bumps on his back and chest within 24 hours and has lost his central vision. Four months later and tons of tests, and nothing is showing up as being wrong with him. All test results come back normal. We have had IgG treatments and steriods by IV - I keep thinking if we can get the toxins from the shot out of his system, his vision will return. Doctors are calling this optic neuropathy, caused by his autoimmune system attacking his optic nerve. I beleive this was stimulated because of the antigens in the vaccine.

Has anyone heard of anything similiar to this? Please let us know. He had to drop out of college; he can not drive, read, or even watch TV. Please contact me ASAP as we desperately seek to restore his vision.

Entry: 411
Time: 01/01/2008 03:30 PM

Entry: 410
Name: Eric
Time: 01/01/2008 12:36 PM
I read your site with great interest. I work on a ranch with barbed wire that gets rusty and lots of rusty nails. I even have to dig this stuff out of a pile of manure from time to time. Though I wear gloves, I do get slashed from time to time, especially when animals are with me.
I have never gotten tetanus! I'm not saying the shot is bad, but we have a simple and painful remedy. We apply pure, alcohol-free cinnamon oil and clove oil on the cuts/gashes. Then we go back to work. The injuries always heal without infections. God gave us what we need to take care of ourselves. We just need to utilize it.

Entry: 409
Name: Cactus
Time: 12/20/2007 01:27 PM
I am just happy I found your page, and one that doesn't primarily sell me books etc. What a relief? A friend of mine is trying to immigrate into the US and is so scared of the attack officials will try to make on her immune system. She is even afraid to give her e-mail address in case immigration gets information on her critical position on the subject. Maybe we will read something here to disperse our paranoia and we can openly comment the situation here without risking retaliation.
Thank you for your brave work!
Cactus - no stings!

[Ed. note: Cactus and others, see, scroll down for links to Immigration waiver to vaccination requirements.]

Entry: 408
Name: Ralph Fucetola JD
Time: 12/08/2007 02:01 PM
City: Newton, NJ
Thank you for your excellent web site with it important messages about vaccination.
The Maryland mass forced vaccination atrocity of 11/17/07 is a real "line drawn in the sand". If Americans do not react strongly to this assault on basic human rights, we can expect more such incidents.

The weekend after the "shooting" of all those children, an emergency meeting of health and freedom advocates was held in Tiburon Californian.

The people there adopted The Tiburon Declaration against compulsory vaccination and forced drugging, agreeing to press their grassroots and netroots groups to take up the compulsory vaccination issue and demand that all state legislatures adopt mandatory voluntary vaccination laws allowing anyone to be a conscientious objector to vaccination.

You can read the Declaration at:

Ralph Fucetola JD
Trustee, Natural Solutions Foundatin

Entry: 407
Name: Martha
Time: 12/04/2007 01:47 PM
City: Ventnor
I just read an article on-line stating that many vaccines are "duds" due to improper refrigeration. Apparently many kids and adults around the country are being notified of this issue and that they must now submit to even more vaccines since those that were not stored properly have been deemed ineffective. So, now they are blaming the refrigerator for the shots not working or the fact that due to the faulty storage, people are even more at risk for getting the actual disease from the tainted shots?

How long till they realize that the refrigerator is an innocent party (like our children) and that the only entity to blame is their misperception regarding all of the propaganda with the shots in the first place. And, what do they do with the shots that are being used overseas in third world countries in terms of refrigeration? How can you refrigerate in a locale without any electricity. Oh, yeh, I forgot... "those people" over there in other third world countries get the really "special shots."

Entry: 406
Name: Kim
Time: 1/28/2007 10:08 AM
City: Walkerville
Great source of information, I can't believe the number of people who just give this junk to thier kids without even reasearching it. Keep it up!

Entry: 405
Name: Georganna
Time: 11/26/2007 05:39 PM
City: Montezuma
Great web site! I am so blessed to have found you! Keep up the good work and God Bless You!!!!

Entry: 404
Name: Robert
Time: 11/25/2007 04:03 AM
City: Sandpoint
Message: To Andie and Adam.
Here is a list of actual vaccine damaged children and Adults that were under a Doctors care and followed Doctors orders and as you will see many of them are now suffering for life and in some cases Death was inevitable.
Sudden infant death syndrome
Shaken baby syndrome
Cerebral bleeding
Auto-immune disease(s)
Bowel blockagettp://
Crippling arthritisttp://
Mercury poisoningttp://
Chronic fatigue syndrome

Entry: 403
Name: Martha
Time: 11/20/2007 08:24 AM
City: Ventnor
Oh yes, I have taken two University Stastics Courses, since I do hold a Masters Degree from an accrediated institution. I also know of at least a dozen parents who had totally "normal" children BEFORE the shots. Now they have brain damaged children. Research that.

Entry: 402
Name: Martha
Time: 11/20/2007 08:22 AM
City: Ventnor
Andie & Adam,
I say the same thing back to you but only reversed! Don't believe the hype! Don't fool yourselves. There are reasons why people are drawn to this site. I do not believe this site alone will make or break anyone's decision regarding vaccination. Hey, Adam... do you know anyone who has had Tetanus recently? One doesn't just get it randomly you know. You have to have the bacteria cultivated and injected into your body via a nail that has been laying around in some cow dung. I know of more people affected with those symptoms you mentioned from the actual vaccine NOT the disease. My daughter had an accident on the boardwalk and pieces of wood were impailed into her feet. Never had a shot and did not give her a Tetanus shot when the accident occured. The Podiatrist said that he has NOT seen ONE case of Tetanus in the thirty years he has been practicing. If the shot worked in the first place they would not rquire so many boosters later. And as far as your statistics and research go... why not talk to the parents of vaccine damaged children first hand since they are the best "research" around. NOT ONE case of AUTISM in the NON-Vaccianted community. That speaks for itself. Wake up.

Entry: 401
Name: Sylvia
Time: 11/20/2007 05:33 PM
City: Chicago
I'm choosing not to vaccinate my third child. I became informed about the dangers of vaccines this year through research. I always questioned the safety of vaccines and wished I would have followed that inner voice. I always thought people who did not vaccinate their children were a bunch of fanatics, until I did my research. I was appauled upon reading all the toxins that are injected into our bodies in one single dose (image all the doses one child recieves.)

As a child I had the measles, mumps, and the chicken pox and I was vaccinated people. I don't feel comfortable letting our government make health choices for myself or my children. All I can say to those who don't believe what they are reading go to your doctor's office and ask for a copy of the ingredients in the MMR shot. Good luck getting a copy most doctors don't like to share that info. Mine did't she said "not to worry it's completely safe."

Entry: 400
Name: Susan
Time: 11/18/2007 05:52 PM
City: Joelton, TN
One son vaccinated, who has been sick (colds,etc.), on occasion. One son not vaccinated who is virtually never sick.....and has never been to the doctor once for any illness, in his 5 years

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